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					                                                                                VOL. 35 No. 4, FALL 2001

OF AMATEUR FILM & VIDEO                                           SUR LE FILM ET VIDEO AMATEUR

    Executive Panel            1999 - 2000 ISSN 1187-8207                                           PRESIDENT’S
    Honorary President                           Contest Chairman                                    MESSAGE
    Christopher Chapman, C.M.                    Keith Gloster
    President                                    10 Seneca Cres.
    Fred Briggs, FSCCA                           Brantford, Ontario N3R 1K2
    3 Wardrope Ave. S.                           (519) 752-5745
    Stoney Creek, Ontario L8G 1R9                sccacompetition@canada.com
    (905) 662-4406 scca@canada.com               Membership
    Past President                               Thom Speechley
    Jon Soyka                                    #19-295 Wilkins St.
    P Box 60554 Mountain Plaza Outlet            London, Ontario N6C 5C1
    Hamilton, Ontario L9C 7N7                    (519) 685-6197
    (905) 388-5840 Fax (905) 388-5840            sccamembership@canada.com
    Eastern Vice-President                       Publicity Officer
    Jan Bekooy FSCCA                             Fred Briggs FSCCA
    274 Alexandre Rache Blvd.                    3 Wardrope Ave. S.
    Hull, Quebec J9A 1L7                         Stoney Creek, Ontario L8G 1R9
    (819) 777-5078                               (905) 662-4406 scca@canada.com
    Western Vice-President                       Film Library
    Margaret Chamberlain ASCCA                   Fred Briggs FSCCA
    19-901 Kentwood Lane                         3 Wardrope Ave. S.
    Victoria, British Columbia V8Y 2Y6           Stoney Creek, Ontario L8G 1R9
    (250) 658-0439                               (905) 662-4406 scca@canada.com
    Secretary                                    Honours Chairman
    Thom Speechley                                                                                         Photo by Joseph Bochsler Jr.
                                                 John J. Carey FRPS FSCCA
    19-295 Wilkins Street                        632 Ellengale Rd.
    London, Ontario N6C 5C1                      Burlington, Ontario L7T 3N8
                                                                                                    Fred Briggs, FSCCA
    (519) 685-6197                               (905) 637-3025
                                                 sccahonours@canada.com                          Excuses, Excuses ...
                                                 PANORAMA Editor
    Carolyn Briggs FSCCA                         Joan Bochsler
    3 Wardrope Ave. S.                                                                           It seems that we can't get
                                                 475 Caithness St. E.
    Stoney Creek, Ontario L8G 1R9                Caledonia, Ontario N3W 1E3
                                                                                              PANORAMA into your hands during
    (905) 662-4406                               (905) 765-5408                               the season marked on the cover! We
    scca@canada.com                              panorama@canada.com                          always start with good intentions, and
    Festival Director                            Video Librarian                              a deadline for submissions that is
    Please Note Change of Address                Stella Magic                                 sure to provide ample time for final
    Ben Andrews Hon FSCCA                        189 Park Home Avenue                         preparation. However, something, or
    Box 1010 Main Station                        Willowdale, Ontario M2R 1A1
    Barrie, Ontario L4M 5E1
                                                                                              rather many things, always go wrong.
                                                 (416) 221-0577                               This issue had to have a late start
    (705) 733-8232                               sccalibrary@canada.com
    ciaff@canada.com                                                                          because we were all very busy with
                                                                                              preparations       for     the    2001
Front Cover:                                   PANORAMA                                       Convention, and since much of the
Spirit Catcher, Barrie, Ontario                                                               issue would be devoted to reports
                                               is published four times a year by the
                                                                                              from the convention, and that was
                                               Society of Canadian Cine Amateurs, an
                                                                                              exceptionally late this year, we
                                               association of video and film makers.
                                                                                              couldn't even start until the beginning
                                               PANORAMA is devoted primarily to               of November.
                                               informing Canadian movie and video                Beyond that severe limitation, the
                                               makers of the activities of society and        rest of the story is the sum total of a
                                               developements in the realm of amateur          lot of little things affecting a lot of
                                               motion picture making. It aims to provide      different people. In my own case, the
                                               information about new equipment and            post-convention period requires a lot
                                               methods, and offers a forum for                more than simply unpacking. There
                                               discussion of topics affecting the interests   are accounts to settle, records to be
                                               of amateur and video makers.                   recorded, and equipment to be
                                                                                              returned. This is followed by about a
                                                                                              week of catching up on my own affairs
                                               Free to members of the SCCA                    that had been sidelined for at least a
Editorial Board                                Annual Membership Dues:                        couple of weeks.
Joseph and Joan Bochsler, Fred Briggs          Individual $30 — Family $35                       Adding to the confusion this month
Layout, Design and Typesetting                 Annually — Payable by May 31
Athens Printing - Tel: 1-888-549-6719                                                                           Continued on page 15

2      PANORAMA                                                                                                           FALL 2001
    NEWS          By Joseph Bochsler, F.P.P.O.

   I haven't made much headway in        up of people who try their best to
my quest for an editing computer         make our meetings enjoyable."                         Photo by Joseph Bochsler Jr.
since the summer issue of                   "At the October meeting we
Panorama. One of the advantages of       congratulated Frank Birch on his
belonging to a video club is it          90th Birthday. A birthday cake was      members, bringing our total
allows you to pick the brains of         enjoyed by all at the refreshment       membership to nearly forty
fellow members when it comes to          break. After the break, Don Hagey,      members. Donna Marie Vaughan is
looking for a new piece of               of Video Magic Productions, talked      a returning member, bringing back
equipment. I find that looking for a     to us about his video titled, "BCI-     a friendly personality and plenty of
computer is a little more involved:      The Early Years", a video on the        talent. Donna also wrote, directed
when I think I have found the right      early history of the Brantford          and co-produced the drama, 'In the
computer my next step is to go to        Collegiate Institute."                  best interest of the child'."
an expert or one who is familiar            "On Video Editing, all it takes to      "Meet retired ABC News
with it and I feel I can trust, with     turn your raw footage into an           cameraman, Bob Dutru. Bob
the best advice.                         interesting, exciting, or informative   learned about us via BM-VM
   The system I'm most interested        video is a little basic knowledge. By   Alumni, Harold and Mary Cosgrove
in at this time is the Pinnacle          means of clever editing, you can        and quickly became an informative
Systems, DV500 Plus, Native DV           also build tension in your video and    and inspiring source of knowledge
Editing with Real-time Effects, it       captivate viewers with interesting      from his overseas, camera-lugging
has Real-time Multi-track Audio          special effects. Just the ability to    relays in peace and war. Bob now
mixer for volume adjustments,            combine shots in different ways         plays with an 8mm Canon ES970
Real-time 16.9 widescreen effects,       makes it possible to produce            analog camera, shooting anything,
transitions and titles. Title Deco RT,   varying effects. The right sound        really, "as long as they don't shoot
Real-time image corrections for          (whether         original      sound,   back". He also edits with Premiere 6
colour and brightness controls.          commentary, ambient or music), if       and would enjoy talking to others
DV500 Plus combines analog and           used intelligently, can further         who use the same system."
digital video sources with a set of      supplement the selected sequence           "The BM-VM Film and Video
real-time features. I'll keep you        of cuts and support the intended        Festival will take place at the
posted as to my choice in the next       effect of the images.                   Screening Room Cinema and Café.
issue of Panorama!                          "Even if editing makes or breaks a   Congratulations to members John
   In the meantime I'm using the         video, you should consider how          Weiksnar and Jeff Stein, who
JVC Mini DV/S-VHS Video                  your video footage is going to be       grabbed first and second place
Recorder, the newer Model with           used while you are taping. Nothing      awards, respectively, in the 2001
more features (see the Summer            is more frustrating than discovering    Shorty Contest. The membership's
Issue for details).                      during editing that you are missing     voting ranked "A Day On Elmwood"
   Brant Videomakers, BRANT              an important sequence or that one       and "Pizza Delivery Man" the
CAMCORDER NEWS, Edited by                camera angle does not fit with the      winners out of a healthy crop of
Laurie Ross. "In the September           others."                                entries. "ADoE" featured puppets
newsletter it was mentioned that as         Buffalo             Movie-Video      "Pierce" and "Trache", created with
we open a new season we often            Makers, CAMERAMA, Edited by             Stephanie Hawkins, and "PDM"
speak of our video club and video        John P. Weiksnar. "We were              starred Rebecca Cukierman, Jeff
productions. But, the club is made       fortunate to gain a batch of new        and Phil. Thanks to all contestants

FALL 2001                                                                                           PANORAMA             3
and participants!                          The Toronto Film And                  video: have a good beginning and a
   Hamilton            Video/Film        Video Club SHOTS & ANGLES,              good ending - and keep them as
Makers, REEL NEWS, Edited by             Edited by Sam Spence. "The              close together as possible.
Dave Picco. "Contests for:               September issue of Shots & Angles         Borrowed from the LA8MM
September Making a Video…You can         welcomed the members to a new           Club: Tips that keep repeating
show the aspects of editing, behind      year and it will, as usual, be          themselves in club newsletters.
the scenes work going on for a           reporting on club happenings and        Here's the latest from LA8. Tilting
shoot for a video we have already        will continue to publish tips,          and excessive panning are often
seen, or anything else about             techniques etc. to aid us in taking     mentioned - so don't do it! Rather,
making a video by club members.!         our videos to greater heights.          choose a portion of the subject and
Time: Minimum 5 minutes,                   "This of course begs the              hold for 5 seconds. Then move to
Maximum 10 minutes.                      question, why do some videos            another spot, perhaps something
   October, Annual Visitors Night….      capture and hold the attention of       detailed. Sequential shots are
No Contest! It's the time we open        viewers while others beg to end?        usually more effective than a pan.
up to Sister Clubs and the public in     What are the secrets of creating          Zooming in and out - don't
a big way. (Over 75 attended and         truly spectacular footage, is it a      overuse this tool. If you must
enjoyed the videos and food.)            function of the equipment or is it      zoom, hold the final image at the
   November Kiddie Time…Make a           in the technique?                       end of the zoom for about 5
video designed to be viewed by             "Producing more striking video        seconds.      Think    about     the
children:     for    example,      an    footage means understanding how         composition before shooting.
educational bit or an entertainment      to manipulate the images being          That's when you can use your
video of special interest to them.       captured, in a more interesting and     zoom to fill the viewfinder with the
Time: Minimum 3 Minutes,                 pleasing way. This usually comes        subject interest.
Maximum 5 Minutes.                       with a great deal of effort and
   December, Fictitious Road Trip…a      experimentation; always keeping in        The       Vancouver       Video
road trip that never happened! Take      mind the effect you are after. It may   Production Club, REEL TALK,
footage from tapes and find a            mean setting out early to a location    Edited by Cathy Caravan. In Bryan
creative way to put them together        where the sun is just right, or the     Belfont's     What's     New      in
as if it was all one road trip! New      morning dew/mist is begging to be       Camcorders? he gives this
video can be shot to fill in the gaps    recorded.                               SUMMARY:
if needed but try to use as much           "This year we are encouraged to         " It seems like a daunting task to
existing stuff as possible. Time:        bigger and better video ideas .So       choose between 6 different
Minimum 3 Minutes, Maximum 10            look around and keep your mind          formats: 8mm/Hi8, VHS-C/S-
Minutes."                                open to ideas from everywhere.          VHS-C, DS/DV but my advice is to
   "Joe    Bochsler     invited    all     "Congratulations! The Toronto         forget the analog formats and
members to take part in                  Film and Video Club and all its         concentrate on digital.
videotaping the Caledonia Fair.          members would like to offer our         • If you have been using a 8mm or
They are running the contest again       best wishes to both Jack Carey and      Hi8 camcorder, the choice is easy:
this year-First prize is $100, with a    Charlie Woodley on their Ninetieth      go for the D8. It will play your
second and third prize. In addition      Year. They are both stalwart            8mm/Hi8 analog tapes and then
the Ontario Agricultural Society is      supporters of this club and its         record digital over your old tapes
also awarding prizes for best            successes and we hope they may          and therefore you can buy the
videos. All members would get free       continue for many years to come."       cheaper 8mm/Hi8 tapes.
admission for participating.               Winnipeg                Amateur       • Or you can upgrade to DV, you
   "Harold Cosgrove gave us a great      Moviemakers,            BULLETIN,       have the choice of mini DV
demonstration of a Non-Linear            Edited by Ron Braun. Borrowed by        recorders the size of a VHS
editing program, iMovie 2, using         the WAMM from the L.E.R.K.              cassette, a mid-size camcorder or a
his 'clamshell' portable iMac.           Movie Club: A couple of tips: Video     shoulder-mount if you want to
iMovie 2 runs on any modern Mac          tapes can leave a residue in the        look "professional". You can select
and costs only $50 US. (It comes         camcorder after extended use,           you lens from Canon, Carl Zeiss or
bundled with the more recent Mac         eventually causing video dropouts       Leica and you can choose a one-
models.) On more than one                during recording/playback. When         chip or three-chip camcorder. With
occasion, when queried whether it        dropouts and video noise become         DV, there are over 30 models
could do this or that, Harold            objectionable, it's time to clean the   priced from $1000 to $7000 to
replied, "What do you expect for 50      camcorder with a cleaning cassette.     choose from.
bucks?"                                    A surefire formula for making a       Bryan Belfont, the owner of VIDEO

4    PANORAMA                                                                                             FALL 2001
INSTRUCTIONS, is the video               not get interested in the show and       things as tight-editing, pacing,
instructor for Adult Education with      you concentrate on learning              continuity and, particularly, in
the Vancouver School Board. Email        something. Three things to look at       cutting dialogue. .
Belfont@telus.net                        are composition, audio and                      Magazine of the Society
   The October General Meeting           lighting. In composition there are       of Amateur Videomakers &
featured      the     Club's     first   many shots that can be made,             Cinematographers,               THE
competition of the season. It was        many as close-ups or wide-angle          AMMA MONITOR, Edited by
the     annual      One       Minute     shots and zoom lens adjustments          Bernard Wood. Malcolm Colditz,
Competition. Time limit strictly         from one to another. Watch for           President of SAVAC, says " … in a
limited to one minute (excluding         composition as this is what really       family history movie, we want to
credits), Maximum two entries per        tells the story.                         convey feelings that we had, and
member, no previously-seen or               Victoria Video Club, Edited           project those that others had at
professional footage. Top prize          by Sheila Perkins. "Comments from        various stages of their lives. This is
$25.00.                                  Dave,        for    what      they're    a critical aspect of the story.
   London Videography Club,              worth….'We've archived almost all           "So, let's all get busy on those
IT'S A WRAP, Edited by Hugh              of our 2000-2001 winning entries         personal and family memoirs! We
Pitts. From The Journals. Last           from our contests. Maybe we can          have the still photos, audio, and
summer's        video        oriented    coax the Clubs to swap videos with       Hollywood clips to supplement any
magazines have had the usual mix         us. Good idea? Please, your              home movies we may be fortunate
of new camcorder and editing             suggestions as how we try to do          enough to possess. Oh yes,
system reviews but the September         this, and feed back to the               continue to emphasize to your
issue of Camcorder and Computer          executive. (It seems to me that the      younger         generations       the
Video had an article called              more videos from other clubs that        importance of taking videos to
"Amazing Video Advances " this           we view and enjoy, the greater are       preserve the feelings of their own
review covers "Image stabilization       our       chances     "to     receive    generation. Good shooting!"
"AFTER" the shoot". It reviews a         inspiration")…' Dave"                       I.A.C. The Film and Video
software program that can take              "In my humble opinion, this           Institute, FILM AND VIDEO
your shakey video and remove the         year's 'crop' was distinguished by       MAKER. Edit by Liz Donlan. From
shakes. Sounds like what I need to       two significant 'moves': There were      the Chairman's Chat: "The UNICA
correct some shoots I made               proportionately fewer of the 'travel     2002 will be held in Luxenburg,
without a tripod. It was used on         and Documentary' genre, and more         from Friday August 23rd to Sunday
some jerky footage from the              attempts with 'storyboard/scenario'      September 1st. Do bear in mind
International Space Station that         and not least, a gorgeous 'Song'         that if you go you will have Euros
wound up being corrected and             video - ranked in the Ten Best. I        for traveller's cheques and currency
used in a Radio Shack commercial.        understand that this trend has           as national currency will cease for
This magic program is DynaPel            been observed at the Cotswold            many countries from January 1st,
($49.95 US) and I wonder who in          International Festival this summer.      2002."
the London Video Club will be the           The Judging of the "The Ten Best         Gerald Mee has been appointed
first to use it and to report their      of the West" The Vancouver Club          IAC Overseas Liaison by Council.
results.          More           info    hosted the event over the last           In addition to keeping in touch
www.dynapel.com.                         week-end in September. [There            with IAC members in other
   From       Co-President        Bill   were] 44 entries, 6 videos from          countries he hopes to have reports
Henderson's message, we have             British Columbia, including 5 from       from overseas representatives and
received word that Kim Brown's           Victoria. Louis Lanser's home            include these in Film & Video
entry in the SCCA Contest has            became a theatre with five judges        Maker from time to time. He feels
won two top awards. Now maybe            present and presided over by the         that this is one way which they can
we are not all as creative as Kim        Vancouver Club President, Greg           be of service to distant members.
but we all can still improve the         Caravan. Awards: Ten Best - One             As Past President of the
quality of our videos. How do we         award to Victoria Club, Honorable        International      Association     of
do this? One of our best teachers is     Mentions - two to Victoria Club,         Amateur Film &Video Festivals,
our TV set. A training video is          Most Humorous, to Victoria Club          Gerald Mee has numerous foreign
better because you can stop it              It is quite apparent that N.L.E. is   contacts and many movie friends,
when necessary to review a               the "norm". The advent of Non            and it is these overseas festivals
particular item of interest. What do     Linear Editing for hobbyist use has      that he wants to support and, and
we look for on the TV? First of all,     enhanced the ability for amateurs        of course, conversely receive
turn off the TV sound so you do          to focus in more intensely on such       support. n

FALL 2001                                                                                             PANORAMA        5
    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Society of Canadian Cine Amateurs
          held at the "Highland Cinema", Kinmount Ontario, October 27th, 2001.
            Meeting called to order at 1:40 pm by the president, Fred Briggs.

PRESENT: TrevelynBeard, Frank Birch, Joan Bochsler Joe                 Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa all failed to attract the support
Bochsler, Fred Briggs, Carolyn Briggs, Jack Carey, Keith Gloster,      necessary to cover the increasingly expensive event. The
Bill Henderson, Adam Houston, Agnes Houston, Joan Jacquemain,          Campbell River arrangement has finally become selfsustaining
Stella Magic, Robert Matthews, Shoko Matthews, Jim Small,              and this year probably broke even. Fred's major regret is our
Thom Speechley, Bill Williams, Sally Williams. There were 19           inability to attract significant attendance from the east. This
paid up members in attendance and the President held fifteen           present joint effort with the Barrie Festival is an attempt to
proxies. This is sufficient for a quorum under the constitution.       evaluate the possibilities of setting up a formal awards event in
MINUTES of the 2000 AGM: Adam Houston moved that the                   eastern Canada.
minutes be adopted as read. Motion seconded by Bill Williams.          PANORAMA: Joan Bochsler drew attention to changes in format,
Carried                                                                including an increase in technical articles and focusing on
MEMBERSHIP: Moved by Adam Houston that the membership                  prominent people such as the feature on Jack Carey. She also
report be adopted as read. Seconded by Ben Andrews. Carried.           commented on the "Connections" feature which is intended to
   From the Floor: Trev Beard asked for an explanation of the          stimulate thinking about potential or worthy subjects for video.
difference between the membership totals for May 31, 2000 and          The magazine has received attention from international contacts
the total to date. Fred advised that totals to date are awaiting       anxious to use some of "Panorama"'s articles.
2001-2002 membership renewals from tardy members.                         Fred commented on the enthusiastic job Joan has done in
TREASURER: Fred read the accountant's statement advising that          taking over the helm of "Panorama". Joe Bochsler thanked Kim
the latest report does not constitute an audit but that the books      Brown for agreeing to prepare a report on the present SCCA
are in order according to acceptable accounting practice. Fred         Convention for "Panorama".
then reviewed the numbers, giving a comparison of 1999 with            LIBRARY: Stella Magic reports that all SCCA contest videos have
2000 figures. He then explained the administrative costs and how       now been archived on digital tape. She is now ready and waiting
they relate to our efforts in performing "charitable" service, such    to receive CIAFF tapes for the same purpose. Stella wants to re-
as informing the public about amateur film activities through the      evaluate our present method of handling 'borrower' requests and
publication of "Panorama". Ben Andrews then moved acceptance           has also received an enquiry regarding exchange of club tapes.
of the Treasurer's Report which was seconded by Bill Williams          Fred suggested that both these topics be put on the agenda for a
and carried.                                                           future SCCA Board meeting.
CIAFF: Ben Andrews reported that more than 200 entries were            SCCA COMPETITION: There were 31 entries in the 2001
received for this year's competition. Thirty entries from a private    contest, a slight increase over the previous year. There was a
film school had to be rejected for failure to conform to the           significant increase in "senior" entries and NO student entries
established rules. He also noted that entries from former              were received. This is the first year we have accepted entries in
communist countries are also reduced in numbers due to the loss        DV format. For showing at this meeting, they have been
of support from their new governments. As a result of current          converted to VHS format. Keith suggested that we may have to
changes, there were 30-40 fewer entries than last year. In             be prepared to accept entries in DVD in coming years. He then
addition, donations from corporate and other sponsors were also        announced the 'theme' for the 2002 competition: "Been
down.                                                                  There....Done That".
   One notable change is that almost one-half of the entries this         Fred Briggs advised that he has now recovered all of the CIAFF
year were received via e-mail, not just a sign of the times but an     library and that it is safely in storage.
economic bonus because regular mail costs are avoided. Only one        ELECTION OF OFFICERS: All current executives have indicated
US entrant attended the festival in Campbell River this year, a        their willingness to stand for re-election. The floor was opened
situation attributed to concerns regarding air travel safety.          for nominations and as no nominations were received, the
Nevertheless, the event was well attended over the four days of        present board was therefore elected by acclamation.
showings at five different locations. More than 400 attended the       FLOOR OPEN FOR FURTHER QUESTION/REMARKS: Frank
festival "gala".                                                       Birch rose to express his concern for falling club and association
   From The Floor: Trev Beard asked why the festival could not         membership. He described his and the Brantford club's efforts,
be held in Toronto. Fred advised that there is no one in Toronto       which have resulted in the formation of a club in Kitchener and
acting on our behalf, to organize such an event. Bill Williams         significant growth of the Brantford club. He urged other
pointed out that former subsidies for this type of activity are also   members to be diligent in recruiting members and persuading
no longer available. (City of Toronto, Kodak, for example.) Bill       existing members to join and support SCCA.
Williams then congratulated and thanked Ben Andrews for his               Bill Williams and Joe Bochsler expressed the same concern and
efforts. Joe Bochsler asked that we acknowledge the contribution       an open discussion followed which attempted to identify the
of Jack Carey who hosted two of the judging sessions at his            problems and opportunities for improved membership. The
home.                                                                  general conclusion was that the present condition is the result of
   Fred then reviewed the historical record for the CIAFF from         inevitable changes in lifestyles and social interaction.
the 1970's. Previous attempts to establish a permanent venue in        MEETING CLOSED: The President closed the meeting at 2:55

6    PANORAMA                                                                                                               FALL 2001
                                                        LOOKING BACK ON

                                                         by Kim Brown

                                                         know if any of the others     Next morning, Sunday, it was
                                                         got the food supplied. I    breakfast again and off to Barrie for
                                                         found no food when I got    the Directors' Brunch and CIAFF, at
                                                         there. Then it was back     the MacLaren Art Centre. The meal
                                                         to Orillia for a night of   was great but the room temperature
                                                         rest.                       was so cold that I had to get out in
                                                             Bright and early        the middle of the presentation given
  After battling a snowstorm on our                      Saturday morning, we        by Mark Starowicz and Michael
way to Orillia Friday morning, we had      had a complimentary breakfast at the      Sweeney on the "Canada - A People's
lunch at the local Timmys and then         Stone Gate, and the van headed out to     History" series on which they had
checked in at the Stone Gate Inn. The      Kinmount.... a small village about 80
hotel rooms were very comfortable.         km east of Orillia and northwest of
  On our first afternoon in Orillia, we    Peterborough. Here we visited the
went in the excursion van to tour the      Highland Cinemas. A gentleman by
Huronia Museum at Little Lake Park         the name of Keith Stata gave us a tour
in Midland. I was quite taken by the       of the back end of his home. Here, he
museum and its artifacts.... especially    has built five small cinema theatres,
the old dentist's chair and ancient        attached to his house He spends eight
looking x-ray machine.                     weeks in the summer showing first
  From here, we traveled on to             run films to sell out crowds. In the
"Sainte-Marie-Among-the-Hurons".           lobby, he has many gigantic
As soon as the introductory movie          projectors, and film memorabilia
                                                                                     Michael Sweeney, Director of Cinematography,
was over, we headed out to see the         which he has gathered all over            speaking in the dark.
village.... and that snowstorm which I     Canada and the U.S. where cinemas
mentioned earlier finally caught up as     have closed down. After a great boxed
a heavy downpour of rain. Most             lunch at this place, we continued on
people grabbed an umbrella and             to the business part of the meeting
carried on.... but some were               for SCCA in one of the theatres. Fred
concerned about getting their              Briggs ended the afternoon with a
cameras wet and stayed behind.             demonstration of how to properly
Regardless, we all acquired some           transfer film to video.
different looking pictures of the            For dinner, we headed out to a local
village.                                   eatery in Kinmount, the Kinvale
  Dinner on Friday evening was held        Restaurant, where most of us enjoyed
at the King's Chinese Buffet on            their local special, "Fish and Chips".
Dunlop Street in Barrie, not far from      After dinner, it was back to the          Mark Starowicz, Producer of Canada,
                                           Theatres to view the winning entries.     A People’s History
the theatre at which we spent a
delightful two hours that evening.         I was a little disappointed that we did
The film shown was called                  not get a chance to see some of the       worked. Later that afternoon, we
"Innocence". It interestingly depicted     winning films in certain categories.      adjourned to a warmer room to view
how two young lovers had separated         We all need to have a benchmark to        the winning entries from this year's
their ways when they were younger          learn from, and for me, this was a        CIAFF competition. This was a great
and how they later tried to get back       downfall of the convention. Perhaps       experience, because we could see the
together in their senior years. It was a   the executive might address this          films and set our goals for improving
very moving film, ... without the          problem for another time. That            our own productions in the future.
violence which so plagues many of          evening, we returned to Orillia, and      Finally, the convention ended around
today's films. After the film, we          engaged in a party at the Briggs' hotel   5:00 P.M. and off we went with
attended a short party a few blocks        room before retiring. [We had an          another year of knowledge from the
away at La Costa restaurant. I don't       extra hour's party because the clocks     SCCA convention. n
                                           were turned back! - Ed]
FALL 2001                                                                                                    PANORAMA               7
                                                                      Keith Gloster
                                                                     presenting the
                                                                     trophy for the
                                                                      Most Original
                                                                      Movie to Kim

Some of our members at the Huron Village.

                                                                        Frank Birch
                                                                      accepting the
                                                                trophy for the Best
                                                                Senior Entry. Frank
                                                                has just celebrated
                                                                  his 90th Birthday.

L to R: Keith Gloster, Shoko Matthews and Robert Matthews
at an agricultural display at the Huronia Museum.

Keith Gloster presenting Trevelyn Beard with two Awards of   Receiving the award for Best Video are Joseph and Joan
Merit.                                                       Bochsler.

8    PANORAMA                                                                                                FALL 2001
                                      Jack Carey
                                      accepting the
                                      Garlick Film
                                      Trophy for the
                                      Video/Film Makers
                                      for Best Club Film
                                      of the Year.

                                                              Bill Henderson and Jack Carey looking at some of the old
                                                              cameras on display at the Huronia Museum.

                                      Fred Briggs
                                      accepting the
                                      Award of Merit for
                                      the Hamilton
                                      Video/Film Makers
                                      for “My Old

                                                              Some of the audience at the AGM.

Contest Chairman Keith Gloster with many of the trophies to   Fred Briggs, President (standing) and Thom Speechley,
be awarded.                                                   Secretary (sitting) during the AGM.

FALL 2001                                                                                               PANORAMA         9
        S C C A                              C O M P E
          CLASS "A" (ADVANCED)                   CLASS "B" (INTERMEDIATE)
     CALEDONIA FALL FAIR 2000                             TROPHY
       Joan and Joseph Bochsler                     UNSER ALLEN FARM
                                                        Stella Magic
             FIRST RUNNER-UP
             INSIDE PASSAGE                              FIRST RUNNER-UP
              Harold Cosgrove                            HALLOWEEN 2000
                                                           Peter Janssen
        WE WILL REMEMBER THEM                           SECOND RUNNER-UP
             James D. Town                             TRIBUTE TO CHARLES
                                                            Stella Magic
             THIRD RUNNER-UP
            THE MEMORY MAN                          THIRD RUNNER-UP
                Frank Birch                   ALCOHOL A THREE STEP PROGRAM
                                                        Stella Magic
               THE FISH                            HONOURABLE MENTION
              Kim Brown                                  HITCHED
                                                    Margaret Chamberlain
                                                   HONOURABLE MENTION
            BELOW THE RIM
             Eckhard Kries                      BONNIE AND THE TOWNCRIER
                                                       Keith Gloster
               PIES R US
             James D. Town
                                                       CLASS "C" (NOVICE)
                                                        THE EUMIG TROPHY
                                                          I'M PUZZLED
                                                         Trevelyan Beard

     CALEDONIA FALL FAIR          HALLOWEEN 2000                   Stella Magic
               2000                 Peter Janssen
     Joan and Joseph Bochsler                                THE TELECINE TRANSFER
                                 THE VANCOUVER CLUB                 TROPHY
      THE ST. KITTS TROPHY              TROPHY                    BEST EDITING
          I'M PUZZLED                  HITCHED                   James D. Town
         Trevelyan Beard          Margaret Chamberlain

     AMATEUR                MOVIE         CAPITAL               OF     CANADA
10    PANORAMA                                                              FALL 2001
    T I T I O N                                         2 0 0 1
                   FIRST RUNNER-UP                        HONOURABLE MENTION
                  ALCHOLICS UNITE !                    NIJMEGEN - MY HOME TOWN
                    Trevelyan Beard                       Brant Videomakers Club

               SECOND RUNNER-UP                             HONOURABLE MENTION
             MA, I NEED YOUR MONEY                                MY TOWN
                  Trevelyan Beard                           Brant Videomakers Club

                 HONOURABLE MENTION
                    Eleanor Haire
                                                              CLASS "E"
                                                        (COMPULSORY SUBJECT)
                                                            THE INTERCITY TROPHY
                      CLASS "D"                              MY HAPPY TORONTO
                 (CLUB COMPETITION)                            Trevelyan Beard
              THE GARLICK TROPHY                              FIRST RUNNER-UP
           CIVIL WAR RE-ENACTMENT                              MY OLD TOWN
           Hamilton Video/Film Makers                           James D. Town
                FIRST RUNNER-UP                              SECOND RUNNER-UP
              A TASTE OF OXFORD                                  MY TOWN
            Hamilton Video/Film Makers                          Peter Janssen
              SECOND RUNNER-UP
           Toronto Film & Video Club                         CLASS "F" (SCRIPT)
                                                             THE SCCA PLAQUE
                THIRD RUNNER-UP
                  MY OLD TOWN                           HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL
            Hamilton Video/Film Makers                      Trevelyan Beard

            TROPHY                     MEMORIAL TROPHY              BEST TRAVELOGUE
           THE FISH                   Not Awarded In 2001            Harold Cosgrove
          Kim Brown
                                  THE GERALD F. ROBINSON         ADAM HOUSTON AWARD
        HALLOWEEN 2000              ONE STORMY NIGHT                  Trevelyan Beard
          Peter Janssen                  Frank Birch

A     —            H a m i l t o n         V i d e o / F i l m           M a k e r s
     FALL 2001                                                                  PANORAMA   11
   THE 2001                                   desktops - how long might it be until
                                              DVD discs begin to arrive for judging?
                                                                                              Selected videos were shown to a
 SCCA CONTEST                                 The obvious quality and clarity make
                                              this something all videographers will
                                                                                            warm audience of 2001conference
                                                                                            attendees in Kinmount, Ontario, in
  Our 2001 SCCA amateur video                 soon come to appreciate.                      October of this year. The audience was
contest was a success from many points          The many special awards, certificates,      appreciative of the talent displayed
of view!                                      and plaques, were much appreciated by         through the videos, and gave warm
  Over 30 submissions were                                                                         rounds of applause to our
given this year to the panel of                                                                    winners. Be sure to check the
eager judges, and after much                                                                       pictures of our recipients that
deliberation, awards were                                                                          will appear in this issue of
decided based upon the various                                                                     Panorama.
merits of the entries, once again                                                                    Next year's, (2002), theme is:
recognizing the pool of talent                                                                     "BEEN THERE -- DONE
that we enjoy as members of the                                                                    THAT!", and I urge all the past
SCCA.                                                                                              winners - and future potential
  The creative ideas and                                                                           winners, to put on your video
implementations our members                                                                        thinking caps, write those
employed in their video entries,                                                                   scripts, plot those storyboards,
made judging a challenging                                                                         and start preparing your next
process. The quality of the                                                                        winning submissions.
videos and the use of original                                                                       A special thanks to the
sound made viewing the videos                                                                      dedicated judges! Their efforts
a decided pleasure, and the                                                                        and              professionalism
judges were quick to point out                                                                     demonstrated       during     the
the outstanding contributions.                                                                     judging activity made the task a
                                  Keith Gloster presenting the Ottawa Movie Makers Trophy for
  This year saw our first contest                                                                  pleasure to chair. n
                                    Best Cinematography to Stella Magic.
receipt of higher quality DV
tapes - something which certainly             the recipients, and as contest chairman,    Keith Gloster
points to directions for the future, and      I offer a heartfelt thank-you to our        Contest Chairman
with DVD creation now on some                 donors who make many of our awards          November 2001

     SurfSaver                                 SurfSaver installed you merely click
                                               Save and the Web page is copied to a
                                               database - it's that simple- it has
                                                                                         search capabilities I've found askSam
                                                                                         the fastest of all. Now click on any
                                                                                         one of the listed 'saves' and the
     by Trevelyan Beard                        advantages in Searching. You can          snapshot of the Web page pops up.
                                               save as many layers or pages as you       It's fully operational and is so fast
                                   If you      wish (I limit my preferences to a         that I often use this to browse
                               dabble in       maximum of ten). In fact some of          miscellaneous sites. To go to the
                               that great      the time I make separate Saves.           actual URL, it's one click away.
                               civilization        An Edit dialog box pops up. The           An interesting feature lets you
                               called the      title is already filled out but I often   save the Web page as an HTML file.
                               Internet        change this. Keywords is next, then       This allows you to view the page as
                               you'll find     Notes and Date. You have a choice of      the author wrote it - in case you are
                               SurfSaver       saving the Graphics or not (to save       an intended designer.
                               indispen-       resources in case you are strapped).          A powerful feature allows you to
                               sable. As           You also have a choice of saving      email your saved FILES subdirectory
     far as I'm concerned it's a MUST          everything to one folder (which I         to a colleague who can then enjoy all
     HAVE program and well within the          prefer) or making additional folders      the wonderful gatherings you have
     price range of even the most frugal -     and even cabinets to organize your        collected.
     because it's FREE. Why askSam give        categories.                                   To acquire the program, go to
     it away I'll never know, but they do!         The Search function is very fast      www.surfsaver.com and relax for the
         OK, so you are viewing a Web          and yields the results at the bottom      rest of your life. n
     page and like it, now what? With          in list form. Of all the programs with

12   PANORAMA                                                                                                           FALL 2001
                                          about $15.                               Equipment Requirements
   Video CD                                  However, there is close cousin of
                                          DVD which offers many of the disk's
                                                                                   - (For a PC. Requirements for "Mac"
                                                                                   will be comparable) Let's assume you
Poor Man's DVD?                           advantages and can be created on any
                                          current computer with an ordinary
                                                                                   are targeting for maximum quality
                                                                                   VCD. The processing requirements
                                          CD-R/W drive. (Burner) This is           are fairly high and these are only
                                          Video CD.                                suggestions based on my experiences.
                                             I became interested in VCD when it
                                          became obvious that some of the          Pentium III 450mhz or higher.
                                          advantages mentioned above, could        (Pentium IV 800mhz or more is
                                          meet my needs of converting my           preferable.)
                                          video and old film to a much more        ATA 100 EIDE hard drive or
                                          compact and long lived archive. I have   better. I am using an ATA66 and my
                                          already started to put my more           system has problems handling
                                          valuable still photos and slides on to   MPEG2 streams containing lots of
                                          CD-ROM for posterity. Here is a          action.
                                          method for preserving video. (Not        128MB RAM minimum, 256MB
                                          that I have any illusions about the      recommended. I upgraded from 128
         By Thom Speechley                immortality of my work but because       to 384 MB but it didn't
                                          it represent a considerable amount of    solve all my problems. I have only
  DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) is         effort, they should be saved for         100mhz memory. Newer equipment
rapidly becoming the format of choice     someone else's future use or             has 133mhz modules which would be
for home entertainment. It is             entertainment)                           preferable.
estimated that since it's introduction       Here are the important aspects of     CD-R/RW Drive - No special
only four years ago, one third of US      this alternative, which may help you     requirements for your "burner".
households now have DVD players.          decide if it has any value for you in    DVD Player - Of course there is no
Canadian figures are probably similar     your production of video.                point in creating VCD's unless you
because video rental chains (Jumbo,                                                have some way to play them. I will
Blockbuster) predict that within 2-3        First, here is a brief comparison of   deal with that subject separately.
years, they will only be offering         VCD and DVD, just so you
DVD's for rental! (What are the           understand the limitations.              The VCD Creation Process - At
implications for tape? The subject                                                 the present time, there are THREE
for another time, but don't throw out       DVD          DVD                       flavours of VCD. Here is a
your VCR yet.)                              >500 lines resolution                  comparison.
  The advantages of DVD are                                                        VCD1 - 352x240 @ 29.97 fps MPEG1
numerous. In addition to superior           4 hours recording
                                                                                            44.1 kHz audio
image quality (>500 lines of                Many interactive features plus                  Track selection - no playback
resolution) DVD offers interactive          multi-language capability                       control
features such as multi language             Cost ca. $4/hour                       VCD2 - 352x240 @ 29.97 fps MPEG1
tracks and the ability, on some                                                             44.1 kHz audio
productions, to actually change the                                                         Track selection forward/reverse
viewing angle of the action. DVD's                VideoCD
                                            VideoCD                                SVCD - 480x480 @ 29.97 fps MPEG2
take up much less space than tape           320 lines VCD1.                                 44.1 kHz audio
cassettes and are expected to outlast       Up to 400 lines SVCD                            Tracks, chapters, playback
tape. In addition, they are cheaper to                                                      controls
                                            One hour VHS quality
mail.                                                                              Don't be alarmed with the 480x480
                                            (30-40 min SVHS)
  In the past year, the ability to make                                            format. Your player renders it at the
your own DVD's has come down to             Menu, chapter and playback             correct 4:3 ratio.
the consumer level. If you are already      control only. Can add subtitles
editing video on a recently purchased       Cost ca. $1.60/hour                    CAPTURE - The first step is to
computer, by adding a DVD CD-R/W                                                   capture the video as in any other
drive and suitable software, you could    Note that there are other major          process. Many video cards are capable
save up to four hours of your work        advantages of having a DVD class         of capturing MPEG formats directly
on a single DVD. The cost is still        CD-R/W drive for mass data storage       to the hard drive. Select the best
rather high: about $1500 Ca for the       but we are only dealing here with CD     parameters offered by your video
burner, $500-1000 for software            storage of video.                        card. If MPEG is not supported, save
and a single recordable disk costs                                                 in AVI format and convert as follows.

FALL 2001                                                                                               PANORAMA        13
ENCODE - If capturing DV                    your DVD player will recognize it.         fact, they sell players which only play
(720X480 AVI) through a IEEE1394            This is also the stage where you can       VCD) and the manuals don't always
it will be necessary to convert (ie:        add any other features your software       tell the whole story. Best way is to
encode) the file to MPEG after              supports, such as "chapters", playback     burn a CDR-W and take it into a few
capture. Some editing programs will         control or subtitles etc. This step        stores and try it out. There is also a
"save as" or convert a project or file to   requires another program to create or      very thorough listing of compatible
MPEG. I am using "Media Studio 6            "author" the finished VCD.                 players at:
Pro" supplied with my "Pyro" 1394                                                      h t t p : / / w w w. d v d r h e l p . c o m /
card. It supports both MPEG1 and 2.            There are several commercial            dvdplayers.html
Two freeware downloads I can also           packages which are probably worth            Of course, you should also check
recommend are:                              their cost because they have user          the manufacture's North American
AVI2MPG2 available at                       friendly interfaces and can help avoid     website to make sure any particular
http://members.home.net/beyeler/            wasted time and/or blank CD's. I           model is available here. If you are
TMPGEnc from                                have used "Adaptec" (Roxio) "Easy          simply interested in archiving your
http://www.tmpgenc.com/                     CD Creator 5 Platinum" but find it         material and don't really want to
                                            only     handles     MPEG1.      Other     invest in a DVD player, your
A word of caution: because MPEG             programs worth looking at are              computer DVD drive, if you have one,
encoding is a complex arithmetical          "NERO" http://www.ahead.de/en/             will play VCD's with the appropriate
exercise, both these programs offer         index2.htm or Ulead Studio 5.              software. (I also understand that
several layers of settings for fine         These both can also be used author         there is a "plug-in" for "Sony
tuning your video. Neither has              DVD. However, my favourite is a            Playstation" if your kids are lucky
"default" settings for the uninitiated      program called "VCD Imager Easy"           enough to have one. Just try and get
but if you start at the opening screen      which is still a free download from:       the kids away from it !)
and make minimal changes, you will          delphi.stuff@vcdhelp.com. Simply             Support Despite the apparent
probably get satisfactory results. It is    open the program, add your MPEG            apathy of hardware makers, there is a
advisable to do some reading on the         file, select the VCD level you are         large body of user groups and forums
subject so that you can optimize your       aiming for, check the "burn" box and       on the internet where you can get
output. Another cautionary note:            click "start". It uses your burner's       excellent information and free
Even on a reasonably fast system, the       maximum speed so that a 30 min.            software. Try these.
encoding is the most time consuming         video will be finished in less than 7-8
part of the operation. Because of the       minutes on a 4X CD writer.
                                                                                       (thorough DVD VCD help site)
way MPEG compresses the video
data, it tries to conserve more or less       This has been a simplified tour of       http://www.labdv.com/en/index.php
of the information depending on             VCD but I can promise that within          (DVD and VCD information)
content. Therefore where there is a         these basic guides, it is a very easy      http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/
lot on action (ie: many changes in          learning curve, compared with much         q-and-a.tcl?topic=Video%20CD
information between frames of video)        of the editing software out there. So if   (a forum with links)
the program struggles to save what          you have come even close to
information is essential. I have had to     mastering "Premier" you are ready for      http://www.mnsi.net/~jschlic1/
wait 5 ½ hours to encode an 18 min.         VCD.                                       (free software links)
file from DV to MPEG2. I'm sure                                                        http://www.softlandindia.com/
though, that after I become more            Some final details                         VideoPlayers1.htm
familiar with the system, this will be      PLAYERS - I use a "Pioneer" Model          (software players for your computer)
reduced significantly. Note also that       DV343. I selected this model because
MPEG1 encoding takes less than one          it plays all varieties of DVD and VCD.     For DVD only:
half the time.                              In addition, I discovered an               http://www.digital-
AUDIO - It is important that the            undocumented feature: It will play         digest.com/index.html
audio portion of your video be              videos in CDR-W format! That means
44.1Khz format. Make sure it is             I can create a small sample of video,
correct before encoding to MPEG or it       burn it and view it and if I don't like
may be left out. This may require re-       it, I can then erase the disk and try      http://www.dvddemystified.com/
saving your AVI file.                       different settings. (Could have saved      dvdfaq.html
AUTHOR - Now that you have your             me about 8 CD blanks if I had known
video in the appropriate MPEG               in the first place!) Manufacturers         Thom Speechley
format (MPEG1 for VHS quality,              don't seem to be promoting VCD over        November 09/01
MPEG2 for S-VHS) it is necessary to         here (in Asia, it is virtually the         London Videography Club
add information to the file so that         dominant format for home video. In         speechley8505@home.com

14   PANORAMA                                                                                                          FALL 2001
President’s Message continued from page 2       week, almost all day every day, and        other people in your address book!
                                                most of many nights, with a friend         (So if you receive the virus by email,
was the sudden announcement by my               helping me for two of those days, to       you can't assume that it came from
internet service provider that because          finally defeat this scourge. Before this   the "sender's" computer - it came
of the precarious financial situation           happened I objected to the possible        from the computer of someone who
(Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection)              inclusion of computer hackers as           has both that name and yours in his
of     @home.com,          they      were       terrorists within the new terrorist        address book!)
terminating their contract with                 control laws that were being                  The only clue that you will have
@home for the provision of email                draughted, on the grounds that             that an email message might be
services. That meant changing my                categorizing vandals with terrorists       infected is that often there is no
email address. It was relatively easy           trivialized the September 11 death         "Subject". (There's also no message
to accomplish, and it was easy to               toll, but now I'm not so sure. I am        when you open it, but that's too late!
notify everyone in my email address             still maintaining my perspective and       And this one doesn't need you to
book of the change, but then the                won't even suggest that this virus         open an attachment!) So if you are
difficult part was still to come. It took       should even be included in a               one of the few people who
me four days of steady work to notify           discussion with the September 11           occasionally send me email with no
all the email subscription lists to             massacre or the Anthrax letters, but       subject, be advised that I won't be
which I belong, update the                      this worm/virus is particularly            opening that email! Previously I
registrations for much of my                    vicious and should awaken everyone's       would open it if I knew the sender,
software, change the records for the            recognition of what hackers can do.        but no longer will I trust that!
Registration (in Canada and the                    Some viruses are relatively benign         This isn't to say that Osama bin
U.S.A.) of our Web Site Domain                  and are merely an attempt by hackers       Laden is behind this virus, but if
Names, the URL Forwarding services,             to show off their skills to other          terrorist could be, they will be. A
the various Web Hosts on which our              hackers. Some are most destructive,        virus like this one may not cause the
sites reside, the many .com                     destroying data and or operating           loss of a lot of lives, but it could
companies who provide free services             software and rendering individual          seriously harm the economy of the
(site search, visitor statistics, etc.) for     computers unusable. This virus             developed nations who now largely
the S.C.C.A., and other services                (Nimda, in all its variations) is aimed    depend on the internet for
which had to be updated or be lost.             at the entire internet, with periodic      communications                 between
Each of these required a visit to their         attacks designed to bring down the         corporations and even within the
site and the entry of a username and            internet under the weight or volume        various      divisions      of    some
password, some of which were issued             of countless email messages being          corporations.     Before     you     are
as much as three or four years ago,             sent from every computer to every          victimized by Nimda, please go to
and haven't been used since. It's a             other computer. It proliferates five       http://www.curenimda.com were you
good thing I save almost all my email!          different ways: by email, through          can read more detailed descriptions
   Meanwhile,        other      S.C.C.A.        networks, by exploiting chinks in the      (by Kaspersky Labs and Symantec)
members with @home addresses                    defenses of home computers and             and      download       FIVE      FREE
were also notifying me of their                 network and internet servers, and it       PROGRAMS which remove the virus
change of addresses, but not all at the         can even infect your computer just by      and repair the damage. Print the
same time. Some where changed to                you visiting a web page which is           information for future use. Copy
cogeco.ca, some to shaw.ca, and some            infected. Once on your computer it         those five programs to a 1.44 Mb
to rogers.com, and I have no idea               replicates on all your hard drives,        floppy and keep it ready to quickly
when, and to which one, they will be            using the names of files it finds          clean up an infection. It shouldn't
changed, until I receive notification           already on your computer so that it        take 7 days if you're prepared!
from the members. This requires                 can hide undiscovered by the                  A few days ago I had no idea what
regular updating of our database, and           computer user, infects important           I would write about here. I thought I
in the case of the executive, with              operating system files and makes           would have to pointing out the
scca … @canada.com addresses,                   changes to your registry. It even          included list of Members In Good
updating of the redirect service for            attempts to infect other computers by      Standing, and point out that those
each one. (So, if your email address            sending out probes to computers            not on the list have just received their
changes, please let me know                     selected at random, and tries to           final copy of PANORAMA. (If this
at         scca@canada.com               or     penetrate their defenses. It also          applies to you, it will be brought to
fredbriggs@cogeco.ca.)                          installs a hidden "back door" which        your attention by the FINAL ISSUE
                                                hackers can exploit to invade your         sticker on your copy.) We simply
  Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.                  "I Love You, Panasonic"
                                                computer further, and do just about        cannot wait until the end of May for
                                                anything they want to do. Suddenly,        the 2001 membership fees as we did
  No sooner was this completed                  periodically, it springs into action,      in 2000!
(well, almost) when I was hit with              sending email to people it finds on
the Nimda worm/virus, on three                  your computer in your address book,          Been There! Done That!                   "I Lov
computers. It has taken a very full             masquerading as having been sent by

FALL 2001                                                                                                       PANORAMA        15
   Mercifully, I received a copy of the   were curious about video, but very           word video the way we used it then
November REEL TALK from the               wary. A resolution to the effect that        and now because the thing to which
Vancouver Video Production Club,          video was a suitable subject for             we are referring is really a
with an interesting article by Pat        discussion, guest speakers, and              combination of both audio and video.
Sheridan. Briefly, Pat raises the         demonstration, was carried with a            We couldn't adopt Audio-Video
question, for consideration by            clear majority. Another stating that         because that might be confused with
members of that club, of whether an       video would be accepted in the club          AV, which everyone knows is Audio-
animated         movie       generated    with rights equal to film, including         Visual, and usually refers to slide
completely on a computer, and which       the competitions, carried by only one        shows set to a tape-recorded
uses no footage (is that still an         vote! In the heated discussion leading       soundtrack. I was content to retain
applicable word?) shot on a               up to the vote several members               the name as it then was and pointed
camcorder, qualifies as a video           vowed to quit the club if video was          out that the Teamsters Union had not
production. The question was meant        allowed full rights. Again, as with 8        felt it necessary to change their name
for members, and not for me. I            mm. film, much of the resistance was         to Truck Drivers Union, even though
respect that, and I have always been      due to the inferior quality of video,        very few of them drive a team
quick to point out that the SCCA is a     but some was the high expense of the         anymore. In the end the assembly
Society or Association of Individuals     equipment,       especially    editing       approved Society of Amateur
Members and Member Clubs. The             equipment, and surprisingly, the low         Videomakers and Cinematographers
clubs are not branches, or franchises     cost of the video tape! We had learned       (SAVAC).
or chapters of the SCCA. They make        to live with boring ten-minute films            We have it on reliable authority
their own rules under their own           of baby-on-the-lawn. Now there was           that at their AGM in October they
constitutions, have their own             a fear, with cheap two-hour tapes and        changed       their    name      again.
histories, challenges, aims, practices,   out-of-reach editing gear, of hour-          Henceforth, they wish to be known as
and perspective. Nothing I say here       long boring baby-on-the-lawn. With           the Amateur Movie Makers Association
should be taken as direction to           the closeness of that vote and the           (AMMA). Sometimes we progress by
Vancouver, or even a suggestion, but I    heat generated, the Hamilton Movie           advancing to the rear. Perhaps if more
can't help being reminded of some         Club moved very slowly towards full          of our clubs replaced video with movie
similar controversies in the past. The    implementation of the resolution.            in our club names, constitutions, by-
question should be of interest to us                                                   laws, and contest rules we could
all, and the following are just one         A rose by any other name …               "I Love You, Panasonic"
                                                                                       avoid divisive discussions about the
man's thoughts!                                                                        definition of the word video, just as
   A few of our member clubs have            Eventually, however, a point was          our ancestors finally stopped arguing
been formed recently, since the days      reached when the camel had fully             about "How many angels can dance
of film, as video production clubs, but   introduced himself into the tent and         on the head of a pin?" after many,
most have long histories going back       began to try to push the Arab out.           many years of pointless animosity.
fifty or sixty years. Originally those    The new majority, all relatively new
clubs were exclusively 16 mm. film        members who had started their                  If it looks like a duck …                "I Lov
clubs - that's all there was (well, not   movie making on video, wanted to
really, but close enough). Sometime       limit the competitions to video, ban            Setting aside semantics, Pat
later, according to the stories I have    the entry or even the screening of           Sheridan has a strong point in his
heard from the more senior members,       film-to-video transfers, and change          contention that video production has
there was a real battle when 8 mm.        the name of the club to drop any             always begun with a camera.
film and cameras was introduced,          reference to film. But some of the           "Whether it was with film in the 'old'
between the 8 mm. fraternity and the      remaining ex-filmmakers, all now             days, or with videotape in this
l6 mm. stalwarts. The long time           converted to video, banded together          present age, a critical part of creating
members eventually accepted 8 mm.         and rallied to preserve the right to         a production is the acquisition, or the
into their clubs, though probably         use film in the club activities, even if     shooting       of     raw       footage.
none embraced it personally because       it was only symbolic, for old-time's         Cinematography (whether it be with
it was always inferior to 16 mm.          sake.                                        film or video) is such a difficult art
Super 8 was accepted more easily             The SCCA escaped the name-                form to master. It's been the
(though some complained about             change controversy (possibly because         challenge to master this art form that
planned obsolescence) and most 8          almost nobody knows what "Cine"              has been the backbone of this club
mm. users replaced their equipment        means), but SAC, the Society of              from day one. Day one was fifty years
with Super8, and eventually most of       Amateur Cinematographers, didn't.            ago with this club, so it's nothing to
the surviving 16 mm. users also laid      At a very heated Annual General              shrug off. Proper editing is important
down their big rigs and went Super8.      Meeting, their members wrangled              as well, but you can't make chicken
   Video, however, was another story.     interminably      over      semantics.       soup from chicken feathers! Or can
Speaking only from my own                 Someone introduced (or maybe                 you? Is it possible to edit and create a
experience in the Hamilton Movie          coined) a new word - Videography. I          production that has NO effort put
Club, I can tell you that movie makers    remember questioning the use of the          into the cinemagraphic challenge of

16   PANORAMA                                                                                                      FALL 2001
acquiring the raw footage? I'm afraid     exposure meters that set the               good marks for cinematography if the
that today this is not only possible,     exposure automatically, even if the        picture was in focus, properly
but its already been demonstrated by      light or scene changed during the          exposed, and avoided most of the
Randy with his animations. These are      shot. Film came light balanced (now        glaring pitfalls. I remember judging
animations which are done strictly        we would say white balanced) for just      an entry from a club in a western city
from within the computer. No 'real'       two different sources of light. If you     beginning with "V". (I'm not being
images have been captured first. This     were shooting indoors and went             coy: I really don't remember if it was
is entirely different from the            outdoors, or vice versa, you first had     from Vancouver of Victoria). A short
animations that club member Barry         to change the film. (Not an easy task      film (barely under 3' 20") that began
Moffat has produced. I've never had a     with roll film in the middle of the roll   with a title shot and ended with an
problem with Barry's animations           somewhere!) For more subtle                end-title shot. In between was a long
being entered in our video                variations in the light you needed a       (lengthy) shot taken at a kitchen
competitions. I feel quite differently    collection of glass filters, and guessed   table. The camera was placed in a
about        computer        generated    about which one to use, shot by shot.      fixed position (either on a tripod or
animation."                                  And if you were serious about           on the lend of the table) and the
   I want to state here again that I      cinematography, you always used a          actress or actresses sat at the other
have no intention of quarreling with      big, heavy tripod to support that big,     end of the table or around it a little.
Randy. This is their decision to make,    heavy camera, even lugging it              The camera never stopped except
but eventually we will all have to        through the bush or into the swamp.        after the opening title and before the
make a decision on this problem, as          Now we have a tiny lightweight          closing title. (There were no splices.)
well as some others that I won't bring    camcorder that holds an hour or so of      It was years ago and I don't remember
up in this issue. I quoted such a large   inexpensive tape, sets the exposure        what happened onscreen, but I do
piece of his argument because he puts     automatically, sets the white balance      remember that no one faulted the
the case so eloquently.                   automatically, and even focuses            cinematography. The exposure was
   Here are some other points for         automatically, and does all of this        good and it was in focus! Our
consideration. Cinematography was a       constantly even on a moving subject        problem was that there was no
very big challenge. Fifty years ago       or during a pan, or when shooting          editing! Should it get full marks for
your camera, besides being large and      from a boat or a car. And let's not        editing because there were no bad
very heavy, had one lens, or possibly     forget the optical stabilizers which       splices, or zero because there was no
three on a turret, or more likely, one    reduce the shake from hand-holding,        editing? If the film had been edited-
lens with a magnifier for telephoto       or riding in that car. Oh yeah, it also    in-camera we would have counted
and a reducer for wide angle, on a        records the sound automatically in         that as editing and judged the quality,
turret. Those who were really well-       sync and at a level which never fails to   even though it had no splices.
heeled could screw out the prime lens     be audible, in contrast to the                A question about editing and
and replace it with another. Focusing     challenge cinematographers used to         animated films has also arisen at
was a real pain before through-the-       face to record sound separately, but       judging sessions. Most judges seemed
lens-focusing. Some movie cameras         maybe this should be considered an         to accept the idea that "preplanned
were fixed-focus, some were focused       improvement in sound recording or          editing" that takes place in the
for each shot by either guestimating      editing and not counted as another         planning stage, in the drawing stage,
for scenics or measuring the distance     cinemagraphic challenge tamed.             and in the shooting stage, should
from the lens to the subject with a          So, now where's the challenge in        count as editing. After all, there is no
tape measure for closer subjects. The     cinematography? One that still             point in drawing some poorly
real fun part was allowing for            remains, and still trips up some           conceived or badly drawn frames just
parallax!                                 people (usually novices), is the           so they can be removed after
   Most cameras were hand-cranked         avoidance of jump cuts. Another is         shooting!
before electric motors and batteries      too many pans and/or zooms, which             In the 2000 CIAFF, in the Feature
were added. This made it very tough       still trips up too many people. Mostly     Film Division, we judged a film that
to leave your camera running in a tree    what remains is selecting the right        featured only extremely lengthy
waiting for the mother bird to return     focal length (there are a lot more         shots. There was a lot of talk and not
to the nest. Besides the cranking         choices available now), the angle and      much action, and often scenes carried
problem, you only had three or four       the distance from which the subject is     on when there wasn't enough
minutes of very expensive film in the     viewed, and changing them all often        happening to justify the screen time
camera and then you had to change         enough that the audience doesn't tire      (walking to the door, opening the
the film. You used to have to adjust      of the shot. We should also mention        door, greeting the visitor, inviting him
the exposure for each shot by setting     respect for the action line, or screen     in, taking his coat, etc., etc.). Soon
the iris opening on the lens, either      direction, but that's broken so often      some of the judges were calling out
guessing at the correct exposure, or      now by the pros that it's difficult to     "Cut! Cut!" After we all agreed that
using a hand-held light meter.            enforce among amateurs. More of the        this wasn't the winner, we fast-
Eventually we got meters on the           challenge gone!                            forwarded to see if anything ever
camera and then behind the lens              There was a time when judges gave       happened. No matter where we

FALL 2001                                                                                                 PANORAMA        17
stopped, it was carrying on in the        Set A to Set B, with the actors              you Rembrandt. The new camcorder
same way. In full agreement that the      engaging in conversation all the way,        with all the bells and whistles won't
editing was terrible for a feature film   they couldn't afford to hit even one         make you the next Spielberg. And a
we took it off. Suddenly it hit me that   stop light, so they had to plan a rather     computer Animation program just
this was all ONE SHOT! No one             tortuous route through the back              sits there, and it's a much bigger
could believe me, because they all        streets of the city!                         challenge to learn to use that tool
thought they had seen a few cuts. We         Poor Editing? No Editing! (Unless         than your new camcorder. Especially
put it back into the VCR and searched     you count the scripting, blocking, and       a camcorder locked down on a
for anything that might be a cut. The     many, many rehearsals) Poor                  rostrum, shooting animation cels.
things that we thought were cuts in       Cinematography?                Brilliant        How would I judge such
fast-forward were not. One I              cinematography!                              cinematography? Assuming the
remember was a man brushing his              The film lost because the script          fundamentals, (exposure, focus, etc.)
teeth and when he left the bathroom       was poor. Of course, it was poor             were satisfactory, I would be looking
there seemed to be a cut. We found        because it had to be written so that it      at long shots, medium shots, close-
that in order to keep the camera          could be acted in many locales in one        ups, and a variety of angles, with a
running on the man as he walked out       complete       and     perfect      run.     few pans and zooms incorporated
past the cameraman in the cramped         Nevertheless, it was a magnificent           into the "cinematography". An
bathroom, the shot used the               demonstration, and a lot of films fail       animated film which all take place in
reflection of the man in the mirror       because of a poor script.                    one long shot from one vantage point
until he passed the cameraman and                                                      would     get     low    marks     for
then the camera panned to pickup the        And quacks like a duck …                 "I Love You, Panasonic"
                                                                                       cinematography, and one which
actor again. At a higher speed the                                                     incorporated the above list of camera
man's suddenly disappearance as his          Very recently in Hamilton we had a        moves would get higher marks. I
image left the mirror appeared to be a    mini-contest for "…a video designed          would be inclined to give the highest
cut, but not at regular speed!            to be viewed by children …" It               marks to one that also incorporated a
   We watched some parts over and         featured one long (in time) shot of a        moving viewpoint or camera position,
over again, examining the techniques      woman reading a bedtime story to the         regardless of whether it is the result
used. One difficult scene was a couple    camera. There were no cuts, no               of drawing successive frames that
leaving the house and getting into the    change of angles -- just one very long       way, or setting up the camera moves
car, the man on one side and the          shot. This video maker, who is known         in a computer program. I might even
woman on the other, of course. The        for always supporting the club by            give that video the award for best
trickiest part was letting the woman      submitting a video in every mini-            Cinematography.
walk right past the cameraman,            contest, obviously made a deliberate
watching her open her door and get        choice and decided to keep the                 That's a wrap!                         "I Lov
into the car, and the cameraman           shooting very simple for very young
getting into the back seat with the       children. Nevertheless, there was a             The question is often asked "How
camera still running, keeping it on       lot of grumbling among the audience          can you judge a travelogue against a
the woman, without showing the rear       who didn't appreciate his viewpoint,         dramatic film, or a documentary
door opening. An assistant had to         or at least couldn't appreciate it for       against a music video?" The answer,
open the door that was closed when        that long. There were even                   of course, is "With great difficulty!"
she passed it, but open when the          comments, voiced and written, to the         That's why, in contests large enough
cameraman needed it open, without         effect "That wasn't a video!" But            to afford the opportunity, videos are
the camera showing it open.               under the criterion described above,         separated into categories, or classes.
   This was even more impressive          it is a video.                               You may have a category for Travel,
when you consider that this planning         Apparently, editing done before the       another for Documentary, one for
and rehearsal wasn't just a feature of    camera rolls can be considered as            Music Videos, and another for
this small shot (that would be tough      editing, and the tedious frame-by-           Animation. If there are enough
enough for most of us) but was just       frame shooting of claymation can be          entries, you can have separate the
one tiny piece of a ninety minute shot    considered cinematography. I assume          latter into categories for Animated
full of such moments. Rehearsals          the tedious frame-by-frame shooting          Art Work, Claymation, Pixillation,
were so complete that no actor (and       of hand drawn frames can also be             and even one for Computer
there were many, often half a dozen at    considered cinematography.                   Animation. Of course, in a small club
a time) was ever noticed to have             But what if the frames were not           competition with only a handful of
flubbed a line or miss his spot. The      hand drawn, but drawn on, with, or           videos, they all have to be judged
blocking was so well thought out that     by a computer, and does "on, with or         against one another. That isn't so bad
every camera move, actually one very      by" make a difference? Some people           in a good-natured competition among
long move, interacted smoothly with       who have never tried it confuse "done        friends, is it? n
all the actors and action. Now we         on a computer" with "Easy". Buying
knew the reason for that very long car    paints and brushes makes it possible                     Fred Briggs FSCCA
ride through the streets! Getting from    to begin painting, but it doesn't make

18   PANORAMA                                                                                                     FALL 2001
 CIAFF 2001: A Runaway Success!                                                                   Tinker's
By Bobbi Smith                                 Sony alarm clocks and a DVD
                                                                                             Tips and Tricks
   For the sixth year in a row,                     The afternoon was made
Campbell River BC hosted the                   complete with a workshop
Canadian International Annual                  entitled "Breaking into the
Film Festival. Events kicked off               Industry"    offered    by    Beth
during the week of Oct 9th with a              Walrond, a talent agent with Beth
                                               Walrond Talent. There, industry
                                               hopefuls were instructed in the art
                                               of finding work in the film world.
                                                    Finally the entire week
                                               culminated in an evening of glitz
                                               and glamour as the CIAFF hosted
                                               the "best ever" Gala Awards Night.
                                                                                                      Tips #3
                                               Coordinated by HRDC media                    A New Kind of Cushion
                                               interns and supported by the                   At your local dollar store you can
                                               CIAFF this year's evening was                buy thin but rough "rubber" matting.
                                               made possible by a myriad of                 Put about three layers on your dash,
Kevin Harrison, Assistant Director (Campbell                                                nestle your camera there, ready to
River) CIAFF, Master of Cermonies              volunteers, sponsors and catering            shoot. The matting will cushion the
                                               donations. With a flawless                   vibrations, and stop your camera
series of community screenings.                technical performance and an                 from sliding as you travel.
The Campbell River public was                  engaging line-up of MC's and
                                                                                            Tripod Spreader
invited to view this year's award              presenters, the 2001 Gala received              Some tripods will slide on a hard
winning films at free venues such              rave reviews from both delegates             smooth floor. This can damage your
as the local art gallery, different            and audience alike. n                        camera. Here is a low priced
coffee shops and the Campbell                                                               spreader you can make. You need
                                                                                            three dog choke chains and one key
River Museum.
                                                                                            ring. Slip one end of each chain onto
   Delegates began arriving for                                                             the key ring. Spread them out evenly
the weekend activities the                                                                  on the floor under the tripod. Put the
night of Friday, October                                                                    spike from the tripod leg into the last
12th. Local restaurant                                                                      link of each chain. Now you have a
                                                                                            spreader for your tripod.
Boston Pizza offered a                                                                         Suppose you don't have the time or
filmmaker's special and                                                                     the items to make the spreader, but
delegates from as far away                                                                  you NEED ONE RIGHT NOW!
as California came to be                                                                    Get a tablecloth, towel, T-shirt, or
                                                                                            any material that will lie flat on the
welcomed and to network.                                                                    floor. Use the tripod spikes to hold
   Activities for the day of                                                                the material in place, and you have
October 13th were initiated                                                                 an emergency spreader for your
with a special student workshop                                                             tripod.

called the "High-5". With the                                                               P.S. Need help to burn a Video CD? Go
guidance of various industry                                                                to www.vedhelp.com for all the
                                               Ben Andrews, Director of CIAFF, chats with
experts, students competed to                  Cam Hayes, Director of the Film Circuit, a   information to do just that on any
produce a film by 5:30 that                    division of the Toronto International Film   computer system.
                                               Festival Group.
evening. Prizes included several
FALL 2001                                                                                                       PANORAMA        19
                                                                              "I Love You, Panasonic"
                                                                                       by Trevelyan Beard

           Movie 2002                                                           This week, I had an 'All's Well That
                                                                             Ends Well' event. My three chip EZ30
        CALL FOR ENTRIES TO IAC'S 62ND ANNUAL                                camcorder had been giving trouble
      INTERNATIONAL FILM AND VIDEO COMPETITION                               ever since I bought it in 1998. The
                                                                             problem was intermittent with long
                                                                             stretches of good behaviour and short
        Films and videos produced by non-professionals are
                                                                             bouts of Hell. This last week: I
      welcomed from the UK and abroad. Entries can be of any                 happened upon a tape with the
                     length, format, and genre.                              evidence of 'malfuncionitus' plainly
             The closing date for entries is 6th January.                    visible on it and took it in again. Their
                                                                             chief surgeon, Chris Robinson, put
  Details of the competition and entry forms are obtainable from             the camera on the operating table and
                                                                             with help shown by the evidence,
          their website www.theiac.org.uk or Liz Donlan,
                                                                             after four hours work, finally found
  594a Bolton Road, Pendlebury, Swinton, Manchester M27 4ET                  the problem - a slightly loose ribbon
               Email Mikedonlan@compuserve.com.                              connection.
                                                                                 I don't know who was more
       Winning entries will be screened over 2 days at the Movie             delighted that the elusive gremlin had
      2002 Festival which will be staged at The Chesterfield Hotel,          finally been skewered, he or I. The
         Derbyshire, from 19 - 21 April, 2002. This showcase of              warranty had long since expired and I
                                                                             was suffering a little about the
     international amateur movies attracts visitors from abroad as           prospects of paying for the hospital
      well as the U.K. Previous competitions have attracted more             care. But
                   than 250 entries from 20 countries.                            Panasonic made my day by
                                                                             announcing there would be no charge
          For a local contact: Joe Bochsler 1-905-765-5408                   for the operation. Thank you Chris
                                                                             and thank you Panasonic. n

                                      the Huron Indians. We wandered         grass on the floor below the smoke
 The Last Word...                     among the buildings avoiding rain      which     filled   the    longhouse
                                      and puddles at the site of Ste.-       beginning four feet from the floor.
   Fred Briggs                        Marie-Among- the Hurons, rebuilt         Like other Indian tribes, the
and I both                            as it used to be more than two         Hurons survived for thousands of
blame a virus                         centuries ago when built by the        years in North America. But the
for keeping                           Jesuits in the style of 17th Century   Jesuits, who came to help, also
this     issue                        France. They built a church for        brought childhood diseases like
back. I had                           themselves, and then built another     measles and mumps and the
the kind that                         in which the Hurons would be more      Hurons succumbed to disease, and
knocks you                            comfortable, with no floor, and no     the Iroquois greatly reduced their
out for about                         pews, like a longhouse. They had       numbers. If ever you are near
a week, but                           expected to find a group of savages,   Midland, go to visit this tribute to
Fred       had                        but instead found a self-governing     the Huron people and to the Jesuit
t h r e e                             society, controlled by the women.      Mission. It is unforgettable, even in
computers with a really bad virus        In their longhouses we saw holes    the rain.
(read his President's Message), and   in the very high roof that acted as      On a lighter note, Keith Gloster is
that was much worse.                  chimneys, and warming fires            now an official Grandfather. His
   Joe and I didn't make it to the    (usually they had nine of them),       daughter (see the cover of the
West Coast for the CIAFF Gala --      down through the centre of the         Spring issue) had a son a few hours
maybe next year. Many expected        building. Family cooking fires were    ago!
California people didn't go either,   lit only for cooking meals. The wide   Have a wonderful Christmas, and
after the September 11th tragedy.     shelves on either side were not for    we'll be back early in the New Year.
   On the convention tour I learned   sleeping, but for storage. People
of another, older, tragedy: that of   slept on mats, woven from reeds or       Joan Bochsler, Editor.

20    PANORAMA                                                                                            FALL 2001