SB 100 Amendments to Design Criteria Guidelines and Standards(1) by hcj


									II. A.Fences.7.: All new fencing shall be three rail, cedar, split rail fencing with the
following specifications:
    1. Posts will be 6” x 6”;
    2. Rails will be 2” x 6”;
    3. Distance between posts is 8’ on center;
    4. Distance between ground and top of top rail is 48 inches;
    5. Distance between top of top rail and top of fence post is 6 inches;
    6. Distance between rails is 10 inches; and
    7. Gates will follow the dimensional characteristics of the main fence, i.e., gate slats
       are horizontal at the same height as the slats of the fence, and the top rail shall not
       exceed 48 inches.


         Design Criteria, Guidelines and Standards amended 5 October 2005

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