Certified ArbitrAtion ProgrAms by mmcsx


									                                                                             c a l i f o r n i a’ s

many manufacturers offer an arbitra-
tion process that is certified by the    Arbitration Certification Program
department of Consumer Affairs’          1625 north market blvd.
                                         suite n-112
Arbitration Certification Program.       sacramento CA 95834
these manufacturers have agreed to
comply with the arbitrator’s decision,
                                         tel: (800) 952-5210
if the consumer accepts it.              fax: (916) 574-8638
                                         e-mail: acp@dca.ca.gov


                                                                                 Arb i trAti on C erti f i ed ProgrAm
What is arbitration?                                  •	 You	have	the	option	to	present	your	case			          I bought my vehicle used with
                                                         orally. The oral presentation is open to the
arbitration is a free and relatively simple way of       public, so you can bring a family member or          no warranty. Does California’s
resolving warranty disputes. Both you and the            friend for support.                                  Lemon Law still apply to my
manufacturer agree to allow a neutral third party
                                                      •	 You	can	accept	or	reject	the	decision.	If	you		      vehicle?
(an arbitrator) to decide whether a reasonable
number of repair attempts have been made and             accept it, the manufacturer must also accept it.
                                                                                                              no. The lemon law applies only to disputes in-
what relief will be ordered.                                                                                  volving the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty.
                                                      •	 If	you	reject	the	decision,	you	can	still	pursue		
                                                         your rights in court. However, before you
What are the possible results of                         decide to sue, you should consider consulting        california Department of consumer affairs
                                                                                                              arbitration certification Program
arbitration?                                             with an attorney.
                                                                                                              1625	North	Market	Blvd.,	Suite	N-112
                                                                                                              Sacramento	CA	95834
Decisions in the arbitration process are made on
a case-by-case basis. Possible decisions include:     What other kinds of problems
•	 An	additional	repair	attempt.                      qualify for arbitration?                                (800)	952-5210
•	 A	replacement	vehicle.
•	 A	refund	of	the	purchase	price.                    The manufacturer failed to honor the terms of
•	 Reimbursement	for	incidental	expenses	             your new car warranty; and you are still within
   (towing, rental car, etc.)                         your original warranty period.
•	 No	award.
                                                      What problems do not qualify
What are some advantages of                           for arbitration?
                                                      •	 Sales	disputes	between	consumers	and	
•	 It	is	free,	faster,	and	less	complicated	than	        dealers.
   going to court.                                    •	 Equipment	or	defects	not	covered	by	the	
                                                         manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty.
•	 Decisions	are	made	within	40	days	after	the		      •	 Service	contract	or	extended	warranty	issues.
   program receives your application.                 •	 After-market	(non-manufacturer)	parts.
                                                      •	 Certain	consequential	damages.
•	 An	arbitrator	may	request	an	inspection	and		      •	 Personal	injury	claims.
   written report on your vehicle’s condition by an   •	 Cases	in	litigation.	
	 independent	expert	at	no	cost	to	you.	              •	 In	most	cases,	disputes	regarding	the	“living”		
                                                         portion of a motor home.

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