Movers Shakers Contract and Commitment

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					                                    Movers & Shakers Contract and Commitment

As a volunteer for Movers & Shakers, you serve as a representative of Longwood University. In some cases you
may be one of the first people to meet and greet our incoming students and their parent(s). For this reason, there
are certain expectations that you must meet while you are serving as in this role.

Those expectations are as follows:

   •   If you choose to move in prior to the designated time/day you have been assigned to arrive or you move in early
       and you do not volunteer as a Mover and Shaker you will be charged $75 per night.
   •   If you choose to eat in the dining hall prior to the scheduled meal indicated on the enclosed schedule, you will
       need to pay for this out of your own pocket.
   •   You MUST attend all training and preparation sessions AND be there ON TIME.
   •   You must attend all briefing sessions before your assigned shift begins.
   •   Be on time at your assigned location on Thursday.
   •   You are expected to be available to help students move in on Thursday, August 20 2009 from 7am-5pm.
   •   You must stay at your assigned location unless given permission to leave by your building coordinator, or the
       Assistant Director of Volunteer & Service-Learning.
   •   Lunch and breaks will be assigned.
   •   While at your assigned location, you are to help with the move in of students into the residence halls (not solely to
   •   Walkie Talkies will be assigned to Building Coordinators and used for official business only.
   •   Hours spent moving and shaking can count either towards a group/organization’s total service hours or your
       individual service hours.
   •   You must wear your Movers & Shakers t-shirt and name tag at all times on Thursday while volunteering. Do not
       make modifications to your Movers & Shakers t-shirt! You will be allowed to wear Greek letters or any other
       club/group signage (i.e. Lancer Productions, Chi Alpha,) ONLY in the form of pins, hats, etc.
   •   You are expected to be on your best behavior during the opening weekend of school which means following all
       the policies and procedures outlined in the Longwood University Student Handbook (this includes the noise,
       guest, and alcohol policies).
   •   Once you arrive on campus all Longwood University policies and procedures are in effect.
   •   As a role model to new students, you are encouraged to take part in the activities during New Lancer Days. All
       activities are open to all students.

   Any violation of the above expectations, school policies/procedures, and/or failure to show up for your
   assignment will result in one or more of the following sanctions:
   • A monetary fine of $75/day for moving in early and not volunteering
   • Possible Judicial/Honor action & sanctions
   • Educational Sanction
   • Restriction for participating in future Movers & Shakers
   • Other sanctions as determined by the Mover & Shakers advisor and/or judicial process

I, (print your name) _____________________________________________ have hereby read and understand the
expectations placed on me as a member of Movers & Shakers. I also understand and accept the possible
consequences of failing to meet those expectations.

Signed: ___________________________________________________________                        Date: __________________

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