Methods of Geographic Inquiry

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					                     Methods of Geographic Inquiry
                  Summative Evaluation - Sketch Mapping
You will be evaluated on your mapping skills learned this unit based on a scale map you will
create showing an area of the school grounds.

Step 1: In a group, measure and do a rough sketch of the area assigned. Include all trees and
other landmarks. Use a compass to find North.

You will be using the following equipment:
Paper and pencil, clipboard, trundle wheel, measuring tape, compass

Step 2: On your own, use graph paper to draw a good copy of your map. Your map must be
drawn to scale – the scale will be determined with your teacher in class.

You will need: Graph paper, ruler, protractor, pencil, pens

Your finished map must include:

           Title
           Date
           Border
           Legend with appropriate symbols
           Scale (shown in all three ways – Direct Statement, Line scale, RF)
           Accurate compass rose
           An accurate scale drawing of all features in your study plot, necessary labels

Hand in your group's rough map as well!

Category                 Level 4            Level 3           Level 2           Level 1 or less      Mark
 Communication           Map includes all   Map is mostly     Map is            Map is missing
Title                    necessary          neat, includes    somewhat          multiple features,          /10
Legend                   features and is    all but one key   messy or hard     hard to read or
Border                   attractive and     feature           to read,          messy
Date                     easy to                              missing two
Overall neatness and     understand                           key features
Application              Compass is         Compass is        Compass rose      Compass rose is
Accurately drawn         accurate,          accurate,         shows north       missing,
compass rose             located            somewhat          accurately but    inaccurate
                         correctly and      neat and          is not                                        /5
                         very neat and      decorative        decorative, or
                         decorative                           messy

Accurate use of scale    All map            Map distances     Map distances     Several
to show map distances    distances are      mostly            usually           inaccuracies in
                         drawn to scale     accurate, two     accurate, only    map distances,
                         precisely, three   forms of scale    one form of       missing or                   /10
                         forms of scale     used correctly    scale used        inaccurate forms
                         used for map                         correctly         of scale
Accurate use of          Appropriate use    appropriate       Some              Insufficient or
symbols                  of colours and     use of colours    appropriate use   unclear use of               /5
                         symbols, clearly   and symbols,      of colours and    symbols or
                         explained          explained         symbols           colours
TOTAL:                  /30

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