Study Abroad Student Responsibilities Contract

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                                  Study Abroad Student Responsibilities Contract

             This document is intended to guide and inform Carnegie Mellon University students and parents
                        of Carnegie Mellon’s expectations and conditions regarding study abroad.
                  It must be signed and the original returned to the Office of International Education
                 before study abroad may commence. Students, please make a copy for your reference.

A. Administrative Responsibilities: The undersigned is a student duly enrolled in a Carnegie Mellon University-
   approved study abroad program for which credit may be granted upon successful completion of the program. An
   “approved program” is defined by Carnegie Mellon as a program for which a student has received approval in the
   form of signatures on the SATC (Study Abroad Transfer of Credit) Form from their academic department or college.
   In other words, Carnegie Mellon has approved the foreign program from an academic standpoint; however, it should
   be noted that Carnegie Mellon does not oversee or manage the foreign study abroad program nor does Carnegie
   Mellon assess or guarantee the safety of students during study abroad and/or travel in a foreign country. The
   undersigned understands that, in addition to attending a pre-departure orientation and complying with other requests
   by Carnegie Mellon officials, he or she must deliver executed copies of this document as well as the attached Waiver
   and General Release to the University’s Study Abroad Office in the Office of International Education (3rd Floor
   Warner Hall), prior to the start of a study abroad program and before leaving the Carnegie Mellon campus to engage
   in study abroad.

    Note: Those students who can not confirm course registration abroad until they arrive in their host country must fill
    out the SATC Form with tentative courses and then notify their academic advisor(s) of any changes immediately upon
    enrolling in courses abroad.

B. Behavioral Expectations and Consequences: The undersigned must be aware of the behavior expected of him/her
   while participating in study abroad and the consequences of inappropriate behavior. The undersigned hereby assures
   Carnegie Mellon that he/she shall conduct himself/herself in a safe manner, without undue risk to personal rights,
   health and safety, and in an appropriate manner which does not infringe upon the customs and laws of the country in
   which the program is being conducted. To achieve personal safety and cultural sensitivity, students can and should:
    •   Read and carefully consider all materials issued by the sponsor that relate to safety, health, legal, environmental,
        political, cultural, and religious conditions in the host country(ies), including U.S. Department of State Travel
        Warnings and other communications.

    •   Understand, comply with the terms of participation, codes of conduct, and emergency procedures of the program.

    •   Be aware of local conditions and customs that may present health or safety risks when making daily choices and
        decisions. Promptly express any health or safety concerns to the program staff or other appropriate individuals
        before and/or during the program.

    •   Secure health insurance that will cover all study and travel abroad.

    •   Accept responsibility for your own decisions and actions.

    •   Obey host-country laws.

1                                                           Reviewed by Office of General Council 2/2005
    •   Behave in a manner that is respectful of the rights and well being of others, and encourage others to behave in a
        similar manner.

    •   Avoid illegal drugs and excessive or irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

    •   Follow the program policies for keeping program staff informed of their whereabouts and well being.

    •   Inform parents/guardians/families and any others who may need to know about their participation in the study
        abroad program, provide them with emergency contact information, and keep them informed of their whereabouts
        and activities.

        1. If the undersigned participates in illegal activity abroad, he/she will be solely responsible for any legal action
           that may be taken against him/her by local governments and authorities, for which neither Carnegie Mellon
           nor the U.S. government may provide assistance.

        2. The undersigned’s participation in the study abroad program may be terminated by the program if the
           undersigned engages in action endangering him/herself or others or jeopardizing the success of the study
           abroad program.

        3. The undersigned’s conduct abroad may be subject to disciplinary proceedings at Carnegie Mellon if his/her
           alleged conduct violates Carnegie Mellon expectations for student conduct and academic responsibility.

C. Academic Responsibilities: The undersigned agrees to the following relative to academic matters:

        Class Attendance: Students enrolled in a study abroad program are required to attend all regularly scheduled
        classes and fieldtrips.

        Course Registration: Sponsoring institutions and organizations will assume responsibility for registering the
        student at the host institutions for credit courses. Registration at Carnegie Mellon is accomplished via the SATC
        Form and it shall be the student’s responsibility to complete and obtain signatures from the student’s academic
        department. As mentioned above, any course changes must be reported to the academic advisor(s) once the
        student registers for courses abroad.

D. Financial Responsibilities: The undersigned agrees to pay tuition, fees and other debts related to the study abroad
   program in full and in a timely manner.

E. Medical Responsibilities & Health Insurance: The undersigned acknowledges that there are certain risks inherent in
   international travel and that Carnegie Mellon cannot and does not assume responsibility for the provision of medical
   services to its students or the payments therefore. The undersigned is expected to have consulted with a medical
   doctor, as necessary, with regard to any individual medical issues or needs.

    The undersigned must be aware specifically that, should he/she require hospitalization while in a foreign country,
    Carnegie Mellon cannot and does not assume responsibility for payment of such costs; rather, the undersigned hereby
    assures Carnegie Mellon that he/she assumes all risk and responsibility therefore and that the undersigned has
    adequate insurance to meet any and all hospital expenses during the course of the study abroad program.

    The Study Abroad Office requires study abroad students to have health insurance which will cover them abroad for
    the entire time of their stay. As a minimum, the health insurance should cover medical evacuation and repatriation of
    remains as well as emergency care. Students are also required to purchase the International Student Identity Card
    (ISIC) as a supplemental coverage. Participants in study abroad programs may also be required to enroll in a specific
    insurance plan as designated by the sponsoring institutions or organization.
    Participants should consider their physical and mental health, and other personal circumstances when applying for or
    accepting a place in a program, and make available to the sponsor accurate and complete physical and mental health
    information and any other personal data that is necessary in planning for a safe and healthy study abroad experience.
2                                                           Reviewed by Office of General Council 2/2005
 F.      Release of Carnegie Mellon University from Liability: The study abroad student, or his or her parents if he or
she is under age 18, must also sign and return the attached Waiver and General Release as a condition to the student’s
participation in study abroad.

I hereby accept and agree to the above stated terms for participation in study abroad from Carnegie Mellon. I certify
that I have attended a pre-departure orientation.

Student Name (please print)                               Student Signature*                  Date

Name of Program for Study Abroad                          Term of Study Abroad Program

* If a student participant is under the age of 18, the signature of a parent or guardian is required below.

Name of Parent of Guardian (please print)                 Signature of Parent of Guardian Date

3                                                           Reviewed by Office of General Council 2/2005