FAMILY ISSUE FACT SHEET
                                    No. 2011-14 (January 2011)

                         HB 2411 - CHILD PROSTITUTION
                                    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
Sexual exploitation of minors in Arizona needs to be addressed by strengthening state laws and
aggressively prosecuting those that rape children trapped in child prostitution. In 2010, the
Legislature revised the child prostitution statutes in order to better protect Arizona’s children and
to more effectively deter predators. However, an inadvertent drafting error removed the
requirement that perpetrators receive consecutive sentencing. HB 2411 returns to the previous
requirement of consecutive sentencing.

In 2010, Arizona passed HB 2238, a measure designed to crack down on those who engage in
child prostitution. By a unanimous vote, the Arizona legislature ensured that a predator was
unable to escape sentencing by claiming he did not know the age of the minor. In drafting this
key legislation, the mandatory consecutive sentencing requirement for child prostitution was
unintentionally removed. HB 2411 makes the correction necessary to reinstitute this provision.

                                       TALKING POINTS

      HB 2411 reestablishes the standard for sentencing predators which was
       inadvertently removed in 2010. This bill does not institute any new requirements.
      Consecutive sentencing strengthens Arizona law to help law enforcement protect
       vulnerable children. Just as Arizona’s tough DUI laws deter drinking and driving, tough
       child prostitution laws will deter predators from engaging in child prostitution.

To ensure that Arizona is able to prosecute predators to the fullest extent of the law and to
correct the error of legislation passed in 2010, HB 2411 explicitly requires that all child
prostitution sentences are to be served consecutive to any other related or unrelated sentence.

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