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					    Archdiocese of Washington
      Office of Youth Ministry
    Catholic Youth Organization



            Whats Inside…

   2005-2006 OYM/CYO Calendar

Important Information about this year’s
    Youth, Scouts & CYO Events

Comprehensive Youth Ministry Directory
   Youth Making A Difference

  Caring Manual


     Ph. 202-281-2460
     Fax 202-281-2470
       Mailing Address:
        P.O. Box 29260
    Washington, DC 20017

                            ARCHDIOCESE OF WASHINGTON
                                      Office of Youth Ministry/CYO
                                          145 Taylor Street, NE
                                         Washington, DC 20017

                                               August 2005

Dear Friends,

       What an exciting year ahead for all of us who are privileged to minister to and with the youth of the
Archdiocese of Washington. We begin our year celebrating World Youth Day in Cologne Germany. In
October we will gather with Cardinal McCarrick for our first annual Connect and then with youth from
across the United States at NCYC in Atlanta.

       As always it is you, the hands on ministers to our young people, who work on a daily basis to share
the Good News of our faith through parish youth ministry, coaching, and scouting. As professionals and
volunteers your dedications and commitment to our youth is what makes youth ministry happen in the

       This year we have many of the same activities and resources, we have a few new items, which focus
on adult leadership development and training. Through the efforts of our staff we continue to coordinate a
comprehensive CYO athletic programs, Youth Ministry programs and training, professional formation for
youth ministers and outreach to the particular needs of our Hispanic and African American Communities.
In addition, the scouting programs of the Archdiocese continue to grow. Our Lady of Mattaponi provides a
wonderful environment for many of our yearly activities.

       We hope that this new format meets your needs. We look forward to hearing your feedback and sug-
gestions. I look forward to ministering with you during this upcoming year.

                     God Bless,

                     Deborah A. McDonald
                     Executive Director, OYM/CYO

     Message from Theodore Cardinal McCarrick... ii

   Message from OYM Director, Debbie McDonald... iii

   Welcome to the Office of Youth Ministry/CYO... 1

                  OYM/CYO Staff... 3

OYM/CYO Boards of Directors & Champions of Youth... 5

      OYM/CYO 2005-2006 Calendar… 6-18

          OYM/CYO Information Night ... 19

Our Lady of Mattaponi Conference & Retreat Center... 20

                 Youth Ministry... 24

               Ministry Formation... 25

         Youth Events/Programs/Awards... 28

         African American Youth Ministry... 33

             Hispanic Youth Ministry… 39

                     Scouting... 42

                    CYO Sports...62

2005-2006 ADW Youth Ministry Directory... 76-93

                      Maps... 95
                                                  CARING PAGES
African American Youth Minister’s Think Tank… 34              Adult Leader Recognition - Scouting and Camp Fire...51
African American Youth Ministry Resource Team...33            Annual Arch. Emblems Presentation/Adult Recog. Day...60
Certification Guidelines for Adults Working with Youth...25   Archdiocesan Boy Scout Retreat Renewal...58
Information Night...19                                        Archdiocesan Boy Scout/ Girl Scout/ Camp Fire Sunday...59
National Youth Ministry Certification Program...28            Archdiocesan Girl Scout Retreat...58
                                                              Camp Fire Camp Opportunities...61
LEADERSHIP FORMATION                                          Cardinal’s Honor Guard...54
Hispanic Youth Ministry Leader’s Meetings ...39               Cardinal’s Honor Troop Award...54
Heart for Leadership 2006...28                                Cub Scout Experience with Jesus...57
NCCYM...31                                                    Girl Scout Camp Ministry...48
                                                              Goshen Boy Scout Camp...61
RETREATS/CONFERENCES                                          Mattaponi Service Project ...50
African American Youth Lock-in...35                           Pilgrimage to the Shrine...56
Encounter the Gospel of Life...30                             Religious Awards Catholic GS and Camp Fire B & G...53
Hispanic Youth Easter Celebration...41                        Religious Awards Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorers...52
National Catholic Youth Conference...31                       Religious Emblems Counselors’ Training...55
                                                              Scouting - Information Night...49
MATTAPONI                                                     Scouting and Camp Fire Event Coordinators...47
Confirmation Retreats...22                                    Scouting and Camp Fire Religious Emblems...46
Eighth Grade Pre-graduation Retreats...22                     St. George/St. Anne/St. Elizabeth Seton Dinner...57
Golden Harvest Bazaar...23                                    Vocation Awareness Weekend...55
Our Lady of Mattaponi Youth Retreat & Conference Ctr...21     World Youth Day...56

YOUTH EVENTS/PROGRAMS                                         CYO – ATHLETICS
AAYM Historically Black College Tour...36                     Baseball...66
Board of Director’s Poster Contest...32                       Basketball...65
World Youth Day - Parish Celebration...32                     Basketball Referees...69
                                                              Coaches Certification...65
                                                              CYO Individual and Team Registration Procedures...70
                                                              Fall Soccer...65
                                                              Scorekeepers/Timers - Sign-up...69
                                                              Spring Soccer...67
                                                              Sugg Parish Guideline CYO Team Eval/Tryout Sel...74
                                                              Sugg Parish Guidelines CYO Team Selection...71
                                                              Track & Field...68
                             OFFICE OF YOUTH MINISTRY/CYO
Welcome to the 2005-2006 CARING Manual and to a new year of opportunities to share the Gospel with young

The Office of Youth Ministry/CYO exists essentially to support your efforts of youth ministry in your parish. We do so by:

1. Effective ministry to adolescents and youth begins in parishes. We believe that next to the family, the parish is the
    most important environment where the Church ministers to youth. With the help of experienced Youth Ministers from
    our own parishes we offer: (1) comprehensive training and consultation to parish leadership; (2) specialized work-
    shops to enhance skills in adolescent youth ministry; and (3) diocesan-wide gatherings for information sharing.

2. Leadership formation strengthens parish ministry. This is one of the most crucial elements of any program. OYM/
    CYO offers leadership training for youth and adults through (1) leadership skills seminars; (2) program planning
    workshops; and (3) diocesan-wide opportunities in leadership for youth and adults.

3. Retreats enhance individual and community spiritual growth. Our Lady of Mattaponi Retreat Center was developed
    with this goal in mind. This beautiful setting is available for one day or overnight retreats. The staff of the retreat
    center also offers training in designing and leading retreats.

4. Diverse programs facilitate adolescent and youth development. Along with assisting you in parish work, we offer di-
    rect programming through (1) CYO athletics: (2) Scouting; (3) catechetical and evangelical conferences such as our
    Encounter Youth Rally, Gethsemane, National Catholic Youth Conference, Atlanta 2005, World Youth Day, Sydney,
    Austraila 2008, African American Youth Awareness Day, Hispanic Youth Vigil: and (4) other sporting, cultural, edu-
    cational and social outreach programs.

CARING also includes an Appendix, which provides maps and directions to the Office of Youth Ministry, the Archdioce-
san Pastoral Center and to Our Lady of Mattaponi Youth Retreat and Conference Center. A list of deaneries in the Arch-
diocese is also included to help identify parishes in geographic proximity, to facilitate networking.

Finally, we thank all of you for so faithfully and selflessly supporting youth ministry. We hope that our efforts will be of
service to you and that the CARING Manual will be a helpful guide. Your comments and evaluations of our programs
and services are important to us, so please feel free to make suggestions. Together, with the help of God’s grace, we
can do something great for God and youth.

                                               -Staff of OYM/CYO

                                            MISSION STATEMENT
 The Office of Youth Ministry/Catholic Youth Organization seeks to enable youth of all races and
  cultures to come to know and love Jesus Christ, to embrace their Catholic faith, and to develop
 their talents in the service of their family, parish and community. OYM/CYO does so by assisting
parishes and leaders in the Archdiocese of Washington in developing effective ministry, education,
                  leadership, athletics, scouting AND recreation programs for youth.

                                  LEADERSHIP FORMATION
                              STRENGTHENS PARISH MINISTRY.

                                                              RETREATS ENHANCE
                                                                INDIVIDUAL AND
                                                            COMMUNITY SPIRITUAL


                                               OYM/CYO Websites:
                                                    For information on
                                                   Youth Ministry Events:

                                          For information on CYO Athletics:

                            OFFICE OF YOUTH MINISTRY/CYO STAFF
Debbie McDonald– Executive Director
Oversees the day-to-day business of OYM/CYO. Works with the Board of Directors, Champions of Youth, Secretariat for Catholic Education,
and staff to plan and implement Archdiocesan youth programming. Works directly with pastors, coordinators of youth ministry, DRE.’s, and
youth ministry volunteers providing resources, training, and the implementation of archdiocesan youth programs and retreats. Work includes
consulting with pastors in the visioning and planning for parish youth ministry and planning for the hiring of youth ministers. Serves as an
advocate for coordinators of youth ministry and volunteers.

To contact Debbie:

Thomas J. Manco—Director of CYO
Oversees all CYO archdiocesan sports programming. Works with parish staffs, athletic coordinators, coaches, referees, scorekeepers, and
numerous volunteers to provide Catholic athletic opportunities for elementary, middle and high school youth. Sports sponsored by CYO include:
soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, track, and cheerleading.

To Contact Thom:

Mike Bond—Assistant to Director of CYO
Handles CYO registration and assists the director as needed.

To Contact Mike:

Liliana Palacio—Coordinator of Hispanic Youth Ministry
Serves as a liaison and advocate between OYM, parishes, and Hispanic young adult/youth, in conjunction with the Hispanic Leadership team.
Programs focus on evangelization, outreach, and faith development.

To Contact Liliana :

Darren Foster—Coordinator of African American Youth Ministry
Serves as a liaison and advocate between OYM, parishes, and African American youth, in conjunction with the African American Youth
Leadership team. Programs focus on outreach and ministry development.

To Contact Darren:

Nancy Herman—Secretary

John A. Foote—Mailing Supervisor

Our Lady of Mattaponi Retreat Center

Rev. Robert Mordino—Director of Our Lady of Mattaponi Retreat Center. Supervises all programs and activities and the overseer of mainte-
nance and development. Chaplain to groups that need a clergy presence as part of their Retreat programs and a Retreat Master for overnight and
single day programs for youth and adults. Provides retreat training programs.

To Contact Fr. Mordino
301-952-9074                                                         3
Joan Early—Responsible for all secretarial duties at the Retreat Center. She maintains the schedule and organizes all bookings. Additionally,
she provides meals, hospitality and upkeep services in the Manor House and Cardinal Hickey Center. She is also our public relations person.

To Contact Joan
Fax : 301-952-0609

Robert Campbell—Main chef. Prepares all the meals served in the Cardinal Hickey Center and assists with meals in the Manor House as well.
Maintains the kitchen and the dining room and also maintains the care of the residences used for our overnight facilities.

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Camp Fire Boys & Girls

Frank Rossomondo—Coordinator, Archdiocesan Catholic Committees on Scouting/Camp Fire
Oversees and coordinates the religious programs of all Catholic Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Camp Fire youth in the Archdiocese. This includes
reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of their activities in reaching out spiritually to our youth in these movements. Manages all subsidy
and donation funds to these programs, and all bills for approved activities such as religious emblems, retreats, pilgrimages, service projects,
adult training and all recognition ceremonies.

To Contact Frank

Richard Stevick—Chairman Catholic Committee on Boy Scouting
Serves on the Board of directors of OYM/CYO. Chairs the CCS and coordinates a series of activities throughout the year for Catholic (and
other) sponsored Cub and Boy Scout units throughout the Archdiocese. Appoints Chairs for the various activities and Chairpersons for each
BSA District to serve as liaisons within the BSA organization structure. Member of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting which re-
ports to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Provides assistance to individual Parishes and Catholic Sponsored Scout Leaders in orga-
nizing new units; providing guidance on the application of Archdiocesan and BSA youth protection programs; encourages Units and Leaders
to participate in the Religious Emblem programs of the NCCS and through staff provides training for Religious Emblems Counselors.

To Contact Richard:

Brenda Murtha—Chair, Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts
Coordinates the activities for the Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts. Promotes the Catholic Emblems for all level of Girl Scouting and
sponsers adult training for religious recognition counselors . Plans and coordinates the Religious Emblem Recognition Ceremony & an an-
nual Girl Scout retreat . Supports Archdiocesan activities such as the Pilgrimage to the Basilica and clean-up at Our Lady of Mattaponi, Works
on Youth Day celebrations and encourages participation in Scout Sunday observances.

To Contact Brenda:

Rosemary Pezzuto—Camp Fire Lay Coordinator
Executive Director for Camp Fire USA and represents Camp Fire on the National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts and Camp Fire USA.
Works with parishes and Camp Fire Leaders encouraging full participation of Camp Fire youth in Parish Activities. Conducts retreats for youth
using the Camp Fire USA and Youth Ministry Partnerships.

To Contact Rosemary:

                         OYM/CYO BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                       OYM/CYO CHAMPIONS OF YOUTH

OYM/CYO began in 1945 as the Parochial School Athletic League, with 40 men serving on its Board of Directors. To-
day, OYM/CYO continues to offer organized sports leagues, along with a comprehensive array of diverse youth minis-
try programs and services for parishes and young people.

Champions of Youth and Board of Directors, both composed of men and women from parishes across the diocese,
support OYM/CYO through volunteer work, financial contributions, and prayers.

Our OYM/CYO Champions of Youth is at the heart of OYM/CYO. Through their membership fees we can continue to
serve the young people of the Archdiocese. Please consider joining. Through the generosity of the Champions of
Youth over 20,000 youth were served in CYO sports and countless others through parish ministry. For more informa-
tion contact Deborah A. McDonald at 202-281-2466.

The CYO Board of Directors is a group of men and women selected from diocesan parishes. Each year the Board of
Directors sponsors an awards dinner and fundraiser at which they acknowledge outstanding coaches, athletic direc-
tors, athletes, youth ministers, and youth. The Board assists the OYM/CYO in establishing, supporting and evaluating
programs, and sponsors an annual poster contest for students in grades 6-12. Those interested in serving on the CYO
Board of Directors may ask their pastors to nominate them for an available position.

            2005-2006 OYM/CYO BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                  Chair: Maria Capobianco, St. John the Evangelist
                                 Treasurer: Daniel Barry, Church of the Little Flower
                                      Secretary: Lori Cramp, Our Lady of Mercy


                                         September 2005
       Sun                    Mon                Tue         Wed              Thu           Fri                    Sat
                                                                         1          2                      3
                                                                                    Soccer entries due     Soccer Season Begins
                                                                                                           V-MA / JV—MA
                                                                                    5 pm (OYM/CYO)
                                                                                    Reg I & II—

4                       5                   6          7                 8          9                      10
                        Labor Day                                                   Soccer Rosters Due     Soccer Season Begins
                        Offices Closed                                              5 pm (OYM/CYO)         Rookie-NT /Cadet-2-NT
                                                                                    Reg I & II

11                      12                  13         14                15         16                    17 Soccer Season Be-
                        HYM Youth & Young              Track Delegates              Soccer Rosters Closed gins, Cadet-1-NT
                        Adult Leadership               Meeting 7:30 pm              5 pm (OYM/CYO)
                                                                                                           Scouting Vocations
                        Meeting                        (OYM/CYO)
                                                                                                           Awareness Weekend

18 Basketball Sug-   19                     20         21                22         23                     24
gested In-parish CYO AAYM Think Tank                                                                       Mattaponi
Sign-up              Dinner TBA                                                                            Service Project

Scouting Vocations

25                      26                  27         28                29         30
Basketball Suggested
In-Parish CYO Sign-up
                                                      October 2005
        Sun                         Mon                      Tue                  Wed        Thu            Fri                   Sat
                                                                                                                         1 CONNECT Cardinal’s
                                                                                                                         Youth & Young Adult

                                                                                                                         Blessing of the Fleet

2                            3                        4                      5          6          7                     8
Blessing of the Fleet                                 Basketball Delegates                                               Golden Harvest Bazaar
                                                      Meeting 7:30 pm                                                    Our Lady of Mattaponi

9 Golden Harvest             10 Columbus Day          11                     12         13         14                    15
Bazaar at Our Lady of Mat-      Offices Closed
taponi/ Scouts Pilgrimage
to the Shrine of the Im-
                             HYM Leadership
maculate Concep.

16                           17                       18                     19         20         21                    22
                                                                                                                         Catechetical Day

23                           24                       25                     26         27         28 Basketball         29 Soccer City Play-offs
World Youth Day in           Basketball Entries Due                                                Deadline Exemptions   begin V-MA/JV-MA
                             V-MA, V-TR, JV-TR                                                                           Daylight Savings Ends
Parishes                                                                                           12 pm (OYM/CYO)

                                                                                                        NCYC , Atlanta
30                           31

     NCYC, Atlanta
                                       November 2005
       Sun                     Mon                   Tue             Wed                  Thu                  Fri                     Sat
                                              1                2                    3                  4                       5
                                              All Saints Day                                                                   HYM Archdiocesan
                                                                                                                               Encounter for Youth &
                                                                                                                               Young Adults

6    Soccer City Cham-   7                    8                9                    10                 11 Veterans’ Day        12
pionships Soccer-Plex,                                         Board of Directors                          Offices Closed
Georgetown                                                     Meeting 6:30 p.m.                       Soccer All-Star Games
St. George/St. Anne                                                                                    V1/JV-MA
Reunion 12 p.m.                                                                                        Soccer-plex

13                       14                   15               16                   17                 18                      19
                         Basketball Entries                                                                                    Scouting Youth Day
                         DVC                                                                                                   With Jesus
                         All Non-Tournament
                         Leagues 5 pm (OYM)

20                       21                   22               23                   24                 25                      26
                                                                                    Thanksgiving Day   Offices Closed
                                                                                    Offices Closed

27                       28                   29               30
                         Basketball Rosters
                         Due Reg I & II
                         V-MA, V-TR, JV-TR
                         5 pm (OYM/CYO)
                               December 2005
      Sun             Mon                 Tue        Wed          Thu                     Fri                   Sat
                                                           1                      2                     3
                                                                                                        Basketball Season
                                                                                                        Begins V-MA, V/JV-TR

4               5   Basketball       6          7          8                      9                     10
                    Entries Due                            Feast of the Immacu-
                High School Teams                          late
                Reg I & II                                 Conception
                5 pm (OYM/CYO)                             Offices Closed                        AAYM Lock-In

11              12                   13         14         15                     16                    17
                Rosters Due                                                       Basketball Rosters    HYM Advent Retreat
                All Non-Tournament                                                Close
                Leagues Reg I & II                                                V-MA, V/JV-TR
                5 pm (OYM/CYO)                                                    5 pm (OYM/CYO)

18              19                   20         21         22                     23                    24
                Rosters Due
                All High School
                Leagues Reg I & II
                5 pm (OYM/CYO)

25              26                   27         28         29                     30                    31
Christmas Day
                                           January 2006
       Sun                      Mon               Tue                   Wed                 Thu                  Fri                   Sat
1                         2                3                      4                    5                  6                    7
New Year’s Day                             Baseball/Softball                                                                   Basketball Season
                                           Delegates Meeting
                                           7:30 pm (OYM/CYO)

8                         9                10                     11                   12                 13                   14
Spring Sports Suggested                                           Board of Directors
In-Parish CYO Sign-up                                             Meeting 6:30 p.m.

15                        16               17                     18                   19                 20                   21
Spring Sports Suggested   MLK Birthday     Track Delegates Mtg.                                           Rosters Close
In-Parish CYO Sign-up     Observed         7:30 pm (OYM/CYO)                                              H.S. & Non-
                          Offices Closed                                                                  Tournament Leagues
                                                                                                          5 pm (OYM/CYO)

22                        23               24                     25                   26                 27                   28
                          March for Life

                                                                                       NFCYM, Las Vegas

29                        30               31
NFCYM Las Vegas
                                       February 2006
      Sun                Mon                Tue        Wed              Thu        Fri           Sat
                                                  1                2          3          4
                                                  Spring Soccer                          Basketball V-MA-Dist
                                                                                         Tour V/JV-TR
                                                  Entries Due
                                                                                         Play-offs Begin
                                                  5 pm (OYM/CYO)

5                  6                   7          8                9          10         11

12                 13                  14         15               16         17         18 “Faith & Human
                                                                                         HYM Retreat

                                                                                         AAYM Ministry

19 AAYM Ministry   20                  21         22               23         24         25
Gathering          Presidents Day                                                        Basketball City
                   Offices Closed                                                        Play-offs VB/VG—MA
Scout Sunday

26                 27                  28
                   Entries due
                   5 pm (OYM/CYO)
                                   March 2006
      Sun                Mon        Tue         Wed                   Thu                   Fri                  Sat
                                          1                    2                    3                     4
                                          Ash Wednesday                             Baseball/Softball
                                                                                    Deadline Exemptions
                                                                                    5 pm (OYM/CYO)

5                   6          7          8                    9                    10                    11
                                          Board of Directors                        Track Deadline        HYM Lenten Retreat
                                          Meeting 6:30 p.m.                         Exemptions
                                          (OYM/CYO)                                 5 pm (OYM/CYO)

12                  13         14         15                   16                   17                    18
City Championship                                              Roster Close Track   Rosters Due
Basketball                                                     (Diskettes)          Baseball/Softball
CUA DuFour Center                                              (OYM/CYO)            3 pm (OYM/CYO)

19                  20         21         22                   23                   24                    25

26                  27         28         29                   30                   31
                                                April 2006
       Sun                  Mon                   Tue                   Wed                 Thu               Fri                   Sat
                                                                                                                            Spring Sports
                                                                                                                            Season Begins

2                      3                  4                       5                   6               7                     8
Daylight Savings                                                                                      Track Rosters Close
Time Begins                                                                                           5 pm (OYM/CYO)

9                      10                 11                      12                  13              14 Good Friday        15
Palm Sunday                                                                           Holy Thursday   Rosters Close
                                                                                                      Spring Soccer

16                     17 Easter Monday   18                      19                  20              21                    22 Pascua Juvenil
Easter Sunday          Offices Closed
                                                                                                                            Boy & Girl Scout
                                                                                                                            Retreat at Mattaponi
                                               AAYM Historically Black College Tour

23 Pascua Juvenil      24                 25                      26                  27              28                    29
                                                                                                      Track Rosters Close
Boy & Girl Scout                                                                                      5 pm (OYM/CYO)
Retreat at Mattaponi

                                               May 2006
       Sun                    Mon              Tue                Wed                   Thu                    Fri             Sat
                        1                2                   3                   4                     5               6

7                       8                9                   10                  11                    12              13
Fall Soccer Suggested                    OYM/CYO Annual                          CMD Training          CMD Training    CMD Training
In-Parish CYO Sign-                      Awards Banquet
up                                       6:30 p.m.

14                      15               16                  17                  18                    19              20 Track & Field City
Fall Soccer Suggested                    Track Delegates                                                               Championship
In-Parish CYO Sign-up                    Meeting
                                                                                                                       HYM Vocations
                                         7:30 pm (OYM/CYO)
CMD Training                                                                                                           Retreat
                                                                                 AAYM Youth Revival

21                      22               23                  24                  25                    26              27
HYM Vocations
Our Lady of
Mattaponi                                                         HYM Regional Encounter “Tejiendo el Futuro Juntos”

28                      29               30                  31
                        Memorial Day
                        Offices Closed
                                                    June 2006
       Sun                    Mon                   Tue         Wed                      Thu                        Fri                       Sat
                                                                               1                           2                          3
                                                                                                                                      City Play-offs Begin

4                       5                     6           7                    8                           9                          10
Pentecost Sunday        Fall Soccer                       Board of Directors
                        Delegates Meeting                 Meeting 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                   National Encounter for Hispanic Youth Ministry, University of Notre Dame

11 Baseball/Softball    12                    13          14                   15                          16                         17
City Championship

HYM Young Adult

18                      19                    20          21                   22                          23                         24

                                                                                                                    Heart for Leadership Retreat

25                      26                     27         28                   29                          30
                        Entries due for Soccer
                        V-MA, JV-MA, R-NT,
                        Cadet 2-NT
 Heart for Leadership   5 pm (OYM/CYO)
                                       July 2006
     Sun           Mon                Tue                    Wed         Thu            Fri              Sat

2             3                4                      5            6              7              8
                               Independence Day                                                  HYM Day of
                               Offices Closed                                                    Evangelization

9             10               11                     12           13             14             15

                         Encounter The Gospel Of Life 2006

16            17               18                     19           20             21             22
                                                                   CMD Training   CMD Training   CMD Training

23            24               25                     26           27             28             29
CMD Traning                                                                                      HYM Day of

30            31
                      August 2006
     Sun        Mon        Tue        Wed        Thu        Fri           Sat
                      1          2          3          4          5

6          7          8          9          10         11         12

13         14         15         16         17         18         19

20         21         22         23         24         25         26

                                                                  HYM Day of
                                                                  Social Service

27         28         29         30         31
                                 Office of Youth Ministry/CYO
                                     INFORMATION NIGHT

PURPOSE:        To provide information on all of the programs that the OYM/CYO administers. Pick up materials
                and information that will make organizing your upcoming year of youth activities easier.
                Strengthen the bond between your parish and OYM/CYO and discover all of the resources and
                activities that are available to you.

DATE:           Wednesday, September 21, 2005

PLACE:          Pope John Paul II Cultural Center
                3900 Harewood Road
                Washington, DC 20017

TIME:           6:30 p.m. Cocktails & Heavy Hors d’oeuvres
                7:30 p.m. Break out Session

COST:           FREE!

                                                  SPECIAL NOTES
•   Cocktails & Heavy Hors d’oeuvres will be provided.
•   Dinner will not be served.
•   Come and exchange ideas and resources with your fellow athletic directors, youth ministers, and scout lead-
    ers from other parishes.
•   Information and materials will be available to ensure that your parish will not miss registration deadlines or
    important meeting dates and events.

                               For Registration Information call Nancy at 202-281-2462


   Conference Center Information
       Golden Harvest Bazaar
       Confirmation Retreats

                         OUR LADY OF MATTAPONI

                                                11000 Mattaponi Road
                                              Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
                                              (Map provided on page 98)

OYM/CYO, through Our Lady of Mattaponi Youth Retreat and Conference Center, offers (1) various retreat experi-
ences in a special facility designed for overnight programs. (2) a historic Manor House for day only conference, meet-
ing, and recreational activities; and (3) training in designing and leading retreats.

Day long or overnight group retreats: our 130 acre site is a multi-purpose facility. Overnight retreat programs and
services are available for groups, from 20 to 60 persons accommodated in a series of five cottages. Each cottage can
hold twelve retreatants in bunk beds (4 retreatants per bedroom) and two chaperones in a twin bedded room. Each
cottage has two full baths, kitchenette and sitting area. Programs can include days of recollection, confirmation re-
treats, eighth grade pre-graduation retreats, Huellas Retreats for Hispanic young adults, ECHO retreats for high school
and college students, family retreats, parish retreats and specialized retreats for adolescents, young adults, or parish
ministry teams. Groups provide their own bed linens and towels. Conference room has a large screen TV and video/
dvd player, plus chalk board and flip chart (you supply paper).

St. Raymond Chapel can accommodate 60 people and is fully equipped with all liturgical items. Visiting groups need
not bring customary Mass supplies.

Historic Manor House and grounds for day conferences, meetings, and recreational activities. The fully re-
stored historic Bowie mansion accommodates groups of up to 40 persons for planning days, conferences, training
workshops, or other programs needs. Meeting rooms, dining space, a chapel, buffet meals, audio-visual equipment,
and other amenities are available to parishes, schools, youth or young adult groups, and other organizations.

Training in designing and leading retreats is available. These workshops are offered to parish program leaders,
coordinators, and adolescent or young adult leaders interested in planning and guiding specific types of retreats for
young people. Call the OYM/CYO staff or the Retreat Center directly at 301-952-9074 to arrange a parish workshop.

See the following pages for more information on the Our Lady of Mattoponi Youth Retreat and Conference Center.

Please call Joan Early at the Retreat Center 301-952-9074 to reserve a date or to inquire about fees and meal
service. Business Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.

                               CONFIRMATION RETREATS

PURPOSE:     To provide Confirmation candidates the opportunity for guided reflection and prayer in a place set
             apart from the familiar home, school and parish surroundings.

PLACE:       Our Lady of Mattaponi
             Youth Retreat and Conference Center
             11000 Mattaponi Road, Upper Marlboro, MD

COST:        Please call 301-952-9074 for current fees for rental, staff services and meals.

                                                SPECIAL NOTES

         •   Can accommodate 35 comfortably, 50 tight.

         •   Staff available or you can bring your own team.

         •   Access to meeting space, chapel and A/V room.

         •   A/V equipment available as well as chalk board, stereo and VCR/TV.

         •   Lunch Options: Groups may bring their own individual brown bag and drink or the center will provide
             lunch for an additional fee.

         •   Site has large open fields for hiking, mowed areas for football and soccer, a four-acre lake and an
             outdoor basketball court.

                              EIGHTH GRADE PRE-GRADUATION RETREAT

A special program designed to help your students complete their grade school experience with an upbeat attitude
and to help them make the transition to high school. Call 301-952-9074 for further information.

                         GOLDEN HARVEST
                      CRAFT & ANTIQUE SHOW

PURPOSE:            Annual Fall Fundraiser to benefit Our Lady of
                    Mattaponi Youth Retreat and Conference Center.

DATE:               Saturday, October 8, 2005
                    Sunday, October 9, 2005

PLACE:              Grounds of Our Lady of Mattaponi
                    Youth Retreat and Conference Center
                    11000 Mattaponi Road, Upper Marlboro, MD

TIME:               Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
                    Sunday,    11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

                                    SPECIAL NOTES

•   Items for sale include Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas items, as well as Hal-
    loween costumes, handcrafted goods, religious goods, antiques, and baked goods.

•   Hot and cold luncheon food is served throughout the day.

•   White elephant/garage sale items in our large horse barn.

Youth Ministry


         Ministry Formation/Training
       Youth Events/Programs/Awards
       African American Youth Ministry
           Hispanic Youth Ministry

              Special Highlights…

  Guidelines for Youth Ministry Certification
               World Youth Day
National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry
       Board of Director’s Poster Contest

                                       PARISH YOUTH MINISTRY

Throughout the Archdiocese we are gifted with adult youth advisors who are committed to the following:

    •   Inviting youth to participate in God’s friendship
    •   Sharing God’s saving love
    •   Being protagonists of God’s transforming presence in the world

The youth of our Archdiocese have the right to trained and committed leaders. And it is our responsibility to prepare
ourselves to walk the road of faith with them.

We have but one aim in publishing these guidelines: that we as an Archdiocese might be better prepared to do that –
by our words, by our creative energy, and by our very presence.


Ongoing Training and Continuing Education:
(Required for all adults working in parish youth ministry, recommended for coaches, scout leaders and high school
campus ministers.)

Empowering Adults for Ministry with a New Generation of Catholic Youth
February 4, 2006
Mt. Calvary Parish
8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Training for Leaders, Catechists, Core Team Members, Clergy, and Volunteers In Youth Ministry…
•   Fundamental information about Catholic youth ministry, the millennial generation, and the role of adults in the lives
    of youth.
•   Practical skills to help adult leaders become more effective within a parish’s youth ministry.
•   Includes a keynote, closing session, and two workshop rounds.

Adults working Adolescent Catechesis grade 9-12 must complete the Core Courses of Hearts Aflame: Scripture,
Sacraments, Creed, Prayer, and Morality. * Course information is available at

*Required for those in Catechesis. See page 26.

Initiative for Protecting Children:

All adults over age 18 who have significant contact with you (Coordinators of Youth Ministry, chaperons, youth minis-
try advisors, core team members, youth ministry volunteers and catechists, coaches, scout leaders) MUST be in com-
pliance with the Archdiocesan Child Protection Policy. All must complete FBI Background check, fingerprinting,
and attend the Virtus, 3-hour session. Coordinators of Youth Ministry must do follow-up sessions on via Virtus on-line

Masters Certification - Certificate in Youth Ministry:

(Recommended for all paid staff and interested volunteers)

        The Center for Ministry Development awards a National Youth Ministry Certificate to all candidates who
        complete the eight courses over a two-year period. Up to 12 graduate credits can be earned and are applicable
        to an M.A. in Religious Education

Application forms are available through OYM/CYO

National Certification Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministers

All professional Coordinators of Youth Ministry must complete a self-assessment utilizing the document National Certifi-
cation Standards for Lay Ecclesial Minister, and create a personal plan for compliance with the core competencies.

                     Ongoing              Master                   National        Coaches         Hearts Aflame
                     Training             Certification            Certification   Certification   Core Courses

Paid Parish Staff    All                  Recommended              Required                        Required
                                          within five years

Coaches              Recommended                                                   Required

Adult Youth Minis- All                    Recommended                                              Recommended
Volunteers                                                                                         *Required for those
                                                                                                   in catechesis

Scout Leaders        Recommended

Campus               Recommended          Recommended              Recommended                     Recommended


                                    Catechetical Day: October 22, 2005
                                             Come as You Are
                                      Bishop McNamara High School
                                        For more information call 301-853-4506

February 4, 2006
8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Mt. Calvary Parish

    This day-long program from the Center for Ministry Development (CMD) is based on Renewing the Vision, the latest re-
    search on the new millennial generation, and on years of experience in Catholic youth ministry.
    This program will…
         provide parish youth ministry volunteers with fundamental, practical skills designed to help them become more effec-
         tive within their parish’s youth ministry.
         help parishes to implement Renewing the Vision by providing the practical, everyday skills and creative ideas for pro-
         create a hands-on, inspirational approach to youth ministry leadership development for adults.
         offer opportunities for the sharing of ideas, programs, and stories between participants.
         Keynote sessions and Workshops: Ministry with the Millennial Disciples, Called to Ministry, Praying with Youth,
         Building Community with Youth, Serving with Youth, Keys to Successful Youth Programs, Relating to Youth, Sharing
         Faith with Youth.

For All Youth Ministry Adult Leaders, Catechist, and Youth Ministry Volunteers.

The starting point to growth -- phenomenal growth of any youth program -- is evangelization. This seminar focuses on how
to effectively evangelize individual youth and how to develop programs that attract and evangelize many teens.

The four sessions include:
Session One:
       Dare to Share: Do Good Catholics Evangelize?
Session Two:
       Relation Sensation: Sharing Jesus Through Relationships
Session Three:
       The Glory of the Story: Communicating the Good News to Teens
Session Four:
       Just Do It!: Practical Evangelistic Ideas that Work

December 3, 2005
St. Elizabeth’s Parish
8:30 a.m.—4:00 p.m.

                                          MASTER CERTIFICATION

The Center for Ministry Development, Certificate of Youth Ministry provides a foundational background in youth ministry.
Course works offers practical hands-on ministry skills, leadership development, and integration of Youth Ministry principles
into day-to-day ministry.

Who should attend? Coordinators of Youth Ministry, Directors of Faith Development, Youth Ministry Advisors, Teachers,
Campus Ministers, Middle School Leaders, Pastors, Youth Ministry Volunteers

Courses are offered in a two-year – eight-session cycle. The Diocese of Wilmington and the Diocese of Arlington will cospon-
sor courses.
    Year 2: May and July 2006
    1. Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth Through Justice and Service
    2. Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth Through Evangelization and Catechesis
    3. Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth through Pastoral Care
    4. Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth through Prayer and Worship

    Year 1: May and July 2007
    5. Principles of Youth Ministry
    6. Developing Youth Ministry
    7. Foundations for Christian Leadership
    8. Skills For Christian Leadership

Cost: $200.00 per course


                                     HEART FOR LEADERSHIP 2005

Open to all Youth Ministry Teens and their Adult Leaders
June 23 - 25, 2006
Our Lady of Mattaponi Retreat Center
Cost: $60.00 per person

    •   Beginners, Intermediate and Advance levels
    •   Prepare teens to serve as Christian leaders
    •   Equip teens to lead prayer, meetings, and events
    •   Form parish teams
    •   Resource parish leaders

                                    Just Have Fun, Learn Lots, and Celebrate Our Faith!

                                        A Justice and Service Experience
                                                       July 2006!

Purpose: A unique six-day retreat/service experience where youth explore their Catholic faith, Catholic social teaching,
and connect to real life application through hands-on service. During the day, participants serve in homeless shelters,
soup kitchens, and day care centers, senior and special care facilities. In the evening youth hear fantastic speakers, mu-
sic, and join together in prayer, liturgy, laughter, and fun.

Parishes can obtain information, check out

This is not your typical service camp. Our focus is on “Direct-Relational” ministry opportunities, where you will actually
work with and get to know the people you serve. We believe that we will be served by the individuals that we came to
serve, as we encounter Christ in his ‘distressing disguise’.

Our sites will include places like homeless shelters, soup kitchens, children’s day camps, senior and special care set-
tings and possibly a few legislative and advocacy sites. You will get to know the people who actually work at these
places everyday. If you ever want to go to visit or volunteer in the future, it would be easy to.

We are also going to celebrate our diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Each of us brings a unique perspective to life
because of our cultural heritage, families, life-experiences, hurts and dreams. We are all part of the Body of Christ. It is
important that we celebrate what is special and unique in each of us so that we might do a better job of sharing Christ
with our world.

The big question here is really, “So What?” Why do we do this type of thing? Is it only because we want to feel good
about ourselves, or is it more than that? What did Jesus say about serving those in need and what does our Catholic
Church say? Before and during the Encounter Experience, you will have the opportunity to be challenged by scripture
and by Catholic Social Teaching. Look inside yourself. Are you ready to expand your world and be stretched? Are you
ready to grow and really make a difference?

This is certainly not an ordinary retreat or work camp. This will require more from you than you expect. It will demand
more from you than you might think you can give. But, if you are serious about your faith, your own baptismal call and
our Gospel Message, this will exceed your expectations.

We stay at Georgetown University and have our evening programs at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School. Each
day, after breakfast and a morning reflection, we will be out at service sites in Washington, D.C. assisting people in
need. After dinner, we will have fantastic speakers along with fun, music, sharing, laughter, drama, challenging sessions,
prayer and learning with new friends from all over our area and around the country.

Encounter the Gospel of Life Inc. is a private non-profit 501-c3 organization in the Roman Catholic tradition. Our leader-
ship is comprised of many volunteer and professional youth ministers.

                              NATIONAL ASSOCIATION EVENTS


The Archdiocese of Washington is an active supporting member of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry.
The Federation exists to support and promote development of Catholic Youth Ministry through diocesan affiliation and
services. It provides a vehicle for regional and national gatherings for youth and adults; provides resources, vision,
leadership and support for adults; and advocates and enables youth involvement in the Church.

                                               ATLANTA 2005

  NCYC is open to all Catholic high school age youth and their chaperons. The majority of youth participants are be-
 tween 16 and 18 years old. They are often leaders in their local parishes, schools and/or diocese, though many are
  just beginning to connect to their faith. Some attendees may have participated in previous national or international
         events such as the World Youth Day. Many are experiencing this type of gathering for the first time.

                                        WHERE: Atlanta, Georgia

                                      WHEN: October 27-30, 2005

                     WHY: Youth and adult participants attend the NCYC because they want to:
                                           Gather on a national level
                   Learn more about themselves and their relationship to the Catholic Church
                                    Celebrate their Catholic Christian faith
                                   Meet thousands of other Catholic youth
                                        Share beliefs and experiences
                               Recognize their role in the larger Catholic Church

                                          OCTOBER 23, 2005

Purpose: To focus attention on the young Church of today.

   •   World Youth Day gives us the opportunity to be advocates for young people while at the same time chal-
       lenging our youth in their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ.
   •   World Youth Day is a day where the adult community can affirm and welcome young people in a unique
   •   The World Youth Day Resource Manual “Spirit of God—Source of Strength” is available from the USCCB
       Publication Office. 800-235-USCC


Purpose:       The OYM/CYO Board of Directors sponsors a poster contest for students, to encourage them to
               understand and live their Catholic faith.

                                       “SPIRIT OF GOD—SOURCE OF STRENGTH”

                                       DEADLINE: All entries must be postmarked by March 15, 2006.

                                       Mail entries to:
                                       Office of Youth Ministry
                                       Archdiocese of Washington
                                       P.O. Box 29260
                                       Washington, DC 20017

Open to Youth—grades 6-12. One youth per entry.

The poster should be no smaller than 8 1/2” x 11 “ and no larger than 22” x 28” (standard poster board). Poster
should be free drawn. Posters may not be computer generated.

Each poster must include the following information listed on the back: Name, Age, Mailing Address, Phone num-
ber, Grade, School or Parish, Teacher or Youth Minister’s Name.

Prize winners will be recognized at the annual OYM/CYO Board of Directors Awards Dinner in May 2006.
Prizes include $250.00 cash.. $100.00 gift certificate Borders Books & Music.. Kings Dominion Tickets..

                                   For more information call 202-281-2462

The Office of Youth Ministry has the following resources available to parishes:

    1. Eagle of the Cross Award given to high school youth who best exemplify personal integrity, apostolic awareness,
       and Christian Leadership. The award is given by the parish to an extraordinary youth, who selflessly serves their
       peers and youth ministry with unwavering commitment and dedication. $20
    2. For God and Youth Award given to adults whose service to youth and youth ministry is truly exceptional. $20
    3. Recognition Pins given to youth and adults who provide exemplary service. $5
    4. Renewing the Vision, USCCB $5
    5. From Age to Age the Challenge of Worship with Adolescents NFCYM $10

PURPOSE: To plan the annual African American Youth Awareness Day. To strengthen the African-American Catholic iden-
tity and leadership skills of its members.

                                           October 20, 2005 7:00 -8:30 PM (OYM)

                                           November 4, 2005 7:00-8:30 PM (OYM)

                                      Thursday, December 16, 2005 7:00 PM-8:30 PM

                                       Thursday January 12, 2006 7:00PM – 8:30PM

                                   Thursday, February 16, 2006 7:00 PM-8:30 PM (OYM)

                                      Friday, March 9, 2006 -7:00 PM-8:30 PM (OYM)

                                           Wednesday, April 13, 2006 7:00 (OYM)

                                     Thursday, April 20, 2006 7:00 PM-8:30 PM (OYM)

                                         Thursday, June 15, 2006 7:00 PM-8:30 PM

                                                   Office of Youth Ministry
                                                   145 Taylor Street, NE
                                                   and other various sites

                                                   TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

                                               MISSION STATEMENT
The African American Youth Resource Team serves as a vehicle to provide organization, spiritual experiences, cultural and
social nourishment for African American Youth and Youth Ministers. The presence of youth ministry programs is vital to the
futures of our parish communities. Through the Resource Team, youth and youth ministers can gather together to collabo-
rate and share ideas that will strengthen youth programs as they ultimately become an asset to our church.

                              For more information contact Darren Foster at 202-281-2469.

                          AFRICAN AMERICAN YOUTH MINISTERS

                                              “THINK TANK”

   “ We Hold ourselves accountable to our baptismal commitment to witness and
                                  proclaim the
                            Good News of Jesus Christ”

Serves as a vehicle to provide organization, spiritual experiences, and cultural and social nourishment for Youth Minis-
ters/Coordinators who work with African American Youth. The presence of youth ministry programs is vital to the future
of our parish communities. Through the “Think Tank” Youth Ministers can gather together to collaborate and share
ideas that strengthen youth programs.

African American Youth Ministry – Sharing The Many Resources Within Our Community.
We invite you to join our discussion and have input on the direction of youth ministry to our youth.

Assembly 1                                                         Assembly 2
St. Augustine                                                      Assumption
St. Gabriel                                                        O.L.P.H
Holy Redeemer                                                      St. Teresa
St. Martin of Tours                                                Holy Family
Nativity                                                           St. Thomas More
Immaculate Conception                                              St. Vincent De Paul
Our Lady of Sorrows

Assembly 3                                                         Assembly 4
Holy Comforter/St. Cyprian                                         Incarnation
Holy Name                                                          O.L.Q.P
St. Benedict                                                       St. Francis Xavier
St. Francis De Sales                                               St. Luke
St. Anthony                                                        St. Joseph, Largo
St. Margaret                                                       Mount Calvary

Date:   Sunday, September 26, 2005

Time:   6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Place   TBA

PURPOSE: The African American Youth Lock-in is a weekend experience where youth come together to continue to be
aware of and enhance their Catholic identity. Participants will celebrate Mass and youth will be exposed to thought pro-
voking and informative discussions, dynamic speakers, and lively entertainment. The African American Youth lock-in also
challenges youth to become active participants in the workshops and to share ideas and feelings in group situations.

                                    African American Youth Ministry Retreat

                                           Date: December 9-11, 2005
                                                    Place: TBA

                                ARCHDIOCESE OF WASHINGTON
                                             LOCK-OUT TEENS
                               WE’RE STAYING OUT ALL NIGHT!!!!

                                                   Grades 7-12
                                                April 13 – 15, 2006
                                                     Cost: $30
                                                   Place: TBA

     All night fun including Mass, Confessions, Dinner, live music, all night laser tag and bowling.

                All money and permission slips before Registration on April 1, 2006.

                            For more information contact Darren Foster at (202) 281-2469

                            ARCHDIOCESE OF WASHINGTON
                         AFRICAN AMERICAN YOUTH MINISTRY
                          HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGE TOUR

                           Monday, April 17 — Thursday, April 21, 2005
                                     $325.00 per Student

Sites: Hampton University, Virginia State University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina A&T Univer-
sity, Johnson C. Smith University, Belmont Abbey College, Morris Brown College, Morehouse College, Spellman
College, Clark-Atlanta… and Tour of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center

Trip Includes:
Round Trip Motor Coach Transportation
3 Nights Hotel Accommodation (Students based on four per room)
3 Breakfast Meals
3 Dinner Meals

$50.00 Deposit, required to reserve space
Due on or before
Cash, Cashier or Personal checks, and Money orders accepted
Make Check payable to Archdiocese of Washington Youth Ministry
Please include the student’s name on the check or money order

Final Payment and materials :
Darren Foster
Archdiocese of Washington Youth Ministry
P.O. Box 29260
Washington, DC 20017

                                            For Further information contact:
                                            Darren Foster (202) 281-2469

                                   HISPANIC YOUTH MINISTRY

                                          ENCUENTRO MEETING
                                         REUNION DE ENCUENTRO

PURPOSE:        Coordinate the committees for the diocesan encounter. Discuss with the youth the different topics related
                to the process including achievements, challenges that may come up while working as a team.
PROPOSITO: Coordinar los comités del Encuentro Diocesano. Discutir con los jóvenes los jóvenes los temas del proce
                so para ver los avances, frutos y retos que estos les ha suscitado como grupo.
DATE:           October 26, 2005
PLACE:          St. Camillus, Silver Spring
TIME:           7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
COST:           Free

                                  YOUTH & YOUNG ADULTS

                                        RETIRO DE FORMACION HUMANA Y FE
                                   RETRETA FOR HUMAN FORMATION AND FAITH

Purpose:        Give the youngsters and opportunity of getting formation regarding values, moral, spirituality, while provid
                ing answers and guidance to the doubts and challenges of their every day life.
Propósito:      Dar a los jóvenes oportunidad de recibir formación sobre valores, moral, espiritualidad y que a la vez los
                retos y dudas que enfrentan cada día puedan encontrar respuestas y guía.

DATE:           February 18-19, 2005
PLACE:          TBA
TIME:           Saturday 8:00 AM - Sunday 3:00 PM
DONACION:       $15.00



                   JOVENES ADULTOS.


WE WILL OFFER:       Topics that will strengthen the understanding of the Pascal Mystery, praying with
                     the word of God, community singing and prayer, mass and confessions.

OFRECEREMOS:         Temas para profundizar en el Misterio Pascual, tiempo de orar con la Palabra de
                     Dios, cantos, oraciones comunitarias, Misa y confesiones
Purpose:             Retreat to better understand the Pascal mystery in order to prepare for the
                     Lenten celebration with a clean and open heart so that the Grace of God
                     strengthens us with all his power.

PROPOSITO:           Retiro de profundización en el misterio pascual para preparar la celebración de
                     la pascua con un corazón limpio y abierto para que la gracia de Dios obre en no-
                     sotros con todo su poder.

DATE:        March 11, 2006
PLACE:       TBA
TIME:        9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
COST:        Free

                                       YOUTH EASTER CELEBRATION
                                           PASCUA JUVENIL

PURPOSE:          This annual gathering for Hispanic youth is the summit of an eight week lenten evangelization program.
                  The evening consists of singing, group sharing, prayer and Mass. The purpose is to promote mutual
                  knowledge and friendship, to offer catechetical formation, to promote small groups of reflection to express
                  our ideas, and to better appreciate/explore the depth of the Easter Mystery which is the foundation of our

                                               PROPOSITO: Esta reunión anual de los jóvenes hispanos es la culminación
                                               de un Programa de Evangelización de ocho semanas. Este encuentro será
                                               para cantar, realizar dinámica de grupos, rezar y tener juntos la Santa Misa.
                                               Nuestros objetivos son: Fomentar el conocimiento y amistad mediante el com-
                                               partir en unidad de fe e ideales, formación catequética mediante conferencias,
                                               pequeños grupos de reflexión para el intercambio de ideas, profundizar en el
                                               Misterio Pascual que es el fundamento de nuestra fe.

         DATE:            April 22-23, 2006
         PLACE:           TBA
         TIME:            5:00 pm to 12:00 midnight
         COST:            $7.00

                                    RETREAT - "SPIRITUAL EXERCISES"
                                              "EJERCICIOS ESPIRITUALES"
                                     VOCATIONAL RETREAT AND Missionary FESTIVAL
                                       RETIRO VOCACIONAL Y FESTIVAL MISIONERO
                                                  “When love calls you, follow it”
                                                ‘Cuando el amor te llame síguelo”
Purpose:          Give the youth the opportunity of strengthening their essential vocation as baptized in union with God, and
                  to discover their specific call to live their vocation either within the consecrated life, priesthood, marriage or
Propósito:        Que los jóvenes tengan la oportunidad de profundizar en su vocación esencial como bautizados a la unión
                  con Dios y a descubrir su llamada especifica para vivir esta vocación ya sea dentro de la vida consagrada,
                  el sacerdocio, el matrimonio o la vida célibe.

DATE:             May 20-21, 2006
PLACE:            Our Lady of Mattaponi
TIME:             11:00 AM. To 6:00 PM
COST:             $80.00

 Boy Scouts

 Girl Scouts

Camp Fire USA

                       AS YOUTH MINISTRY IN THE
         In 1934, the Bishops of the United States, recognizing the strong moral value of the Scouting movement to Catholic
youth, formally joined in partnership with Boy Scouts of America to sponsor Scouting units in parishes throughout the coun-
try.   Because of the success this partnership has had in reaching out to Catholic youth and promoting their faith develop-
ment, Boy Scouting in the Catholic Church in this country has grown steadily over the years so that today there are over ten
thousand Catholic-sponsored Scout units. The Church also associates (through the National Federation of Catholic Youth
Ministry) with the Girl Scout and Camp Fire Boys & Girls programs. Both have a strong commitment to the faith develop-
ment of young men and women. There are currently more than one million Catholic youth in the Boy Scout, Girl Scout and
Camp Fire Boys & Girls programs.

         Locally in the Archdiocese of Washington, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick fully endorses these programs as a valu-
able youth ministry program, and encourages all parishes to sponsor a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and Camp Fire troop, unit or
club. Cardinal McCarrick sees these organizations as an all-encompassing outdoor laboratory where young people not only
develop patriotism, grow physically, and learn a host of skills, but also where they develop good morals, learn to give cheer-
ful service to others, and cultivate a personal relationship with God. Many Church leaders, men & women have participated
in these youth organizations.

         Promoting and managing these programs in the Archdiocese is done by the Catholic Committees on Boy Scouts,
Girl Scouts and Camp Fire, which is an integral part of the Archdiocese’s Office of Youth Ministry. The Committees are is
responsible for promoting and sponsoring troops or units by local institutions, assisting them in maintaining full and active
programs, promoting and carrying out a strong religious emblems program, planning and carrying out pilgrimages, retreats,
days of recollection and vocation awareness programs, providing Catholic chaplain services for summer camps and other
special functions and recruiting qualified adult volunteers to help plan and carry out this important part of youth ministry.

                                             Frank Rossomondo: 301-770-7450
                                               Richard Stevick: 301-490-7855

                                               Brenda Murtha: 301-349-4312
                                             Barbara Ann Foster: 301-972-2067

                                             Rosemary Pezzuto: 301-262-1631
                                             Mary Ruth Sherren: 301-249-0468

                          GIRL SCOUTS, AND CAMP FIRE
Deborah A. McDonald     Director , Office of Youth Ministry
                        P.O. Box 29260
                        Washington, D.C. 20017-0260

Msgr. John B. Brady     Archdiocesan Chaplain Coordinator/ Catholic Committee on
                        Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Camp Fire
                        Holy Angels Parish
                        32A State Road
                        Avenue, MD 20609-2422

Frank Rossomondo        Archdiocesan Lay Coordinator Catholic Committees on Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Camp Fire
                        Past National Chairman, National Catholic Committee on Scouting
                        15133 Vantage Hill Road
                        Silver Spring, MD 20906

                          COMMITTEE FOR BOY SCOUTING

Fr. Edward Filardi      Archdiocesan Chaplain/Catholic Committee on Boy Scouting
                        Pastoral Center or Next Assignment

Richard Stevick         Archdiocesan Lay Chairman/Catholic Committee on Boy Scouting
                        401 Fourth Street
                        Laurel, MD 20707

                     COMMITTEE FOR GIRL SCOUTING
Rev. Ron Potts       Archdiocesan Chaplain/Catholic Committee on Girl Scouting
                     Mother Seton Parish
                     19951 Fr. Hurley Blvd.
                     Germantown, MD 20874

Brenda Murtha        Archdiocesan Lay Chairperson/Catholic Committee on Girl Scouting
                     17309 Whitaker Road
                     Poolesville, MD 20837

Barbara Ann Foster   Vice Chairperson/Catholic Committee on Girl Scouting
                     18945 Abbotsford Circle
                     Germantown, MD 20876-1727

                     COMMITTEE FOR CAMP FIRE
Rev. Joseph Sileo    Archdiocesan Chaplain/Catholic Committee on Camp Fire
                     St. Peter's Parish, Capitol Hill
                     313 Second Street, SE
                     Washington, DC 20003-1902

Rosemary Pezzuto     Archdiocesan Lay Chairperson/Catholic Committee on Camp Fire
                     12005 Whitehall Drive
                     Bowie, MD 20715-1260

Mary Ruth Sherren    Archdiocesan Lay Co-Chairperson/Catholic Committee on Camp Fire
                     13209 Bermondsey Court
                     Mitchellville, MD 20716-4212

                                   RELIGIOUS EMBLEM CONTACTS
Religious Emblems/Medals Coordinator                        Cardinal's Honor Guard
Dorothy Dean                                                Georgianne Mitchell
9914 Wildwood Road (BS, GS, CFBG)                           301-963-5194
Kensington, MD 20895-4231                         
                                                            Unit Recognition
Religious Emblems For Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts & Venturing    Mike Gannon BS
Joe Williams - BS                                           509 Maestro Terrace
7001 Shepherd Street                                        Silver Spring, MD 20901-5035
Landover Hills, MD 20784-2637                               301-681-2744

For Girl Scouts, The Spirit Alive , I Live My Faith,        Adult Recognition
Family of God & Mary, The First Diciple                     Mike Gannon BS
Brenda M. Murtha                                            509 Maestro Terrace
17309 Whitaker Road                                         Silver Spring, MD 20901-5035
Poolesville, Md 20837                                       301-681-2744

                                                            Barbara Foster - GS
Barbara Hayes-(Waldorf Area)                                18945 Abbotsford Circle
2304 Ashford Lane                                           Germantown, MD 20876-1727
Waldorf, MD 20603                                           301-972-2067

                                                            Mary Ruth Sherren - CFBG
Martha Worrell (Waldorf Area)                               13209 Bermondsey Court
4758 Harrier Court                                          Mitchellville, MD 20716
Waldorf, MD 20603                                           301-249-0468

Rosemary Pezzuto - Camp Fire USA
12005 Whitehall Drive
Bowie, MD 20715-1260
                                       Scout Sunday (cont’d)
                                       Brenda Murtha- GS
Membership–Boy Scouts
                                       17309 Whitaker Road
Timothy Pflaum
                                       Poolesville, Md 20837
4109 Sir Walter Road
Olney, MD 20832-2152
                                       Rosemary Pezzuto - CFBG
                                       12005 Whitehall Drive
James Messimore
                                       Bowie, MD 20715-1260
16925 MacDuff Avenue
Olney, MD 20832-2959
                                       Boy Scout Retreat Renewal
                                       Richard Stevick
Knights of Columbus
                                       401 Fourth Street
Reginald Grier, Liaison
                                       Laurel, MD 20707
412 Waterford Drive
District Heights, MD 20747-1737

BSA Council Advisor
                                       Campfire Family Retreat
Jay Lee
                                       Rosemary Pezzuto
NCAC Headquarters
                                       (see above)
9190 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814-3800                Girl Scout Retreat
301-214-9360                           Georgianne Mitchell
Scout Sunday                 
Timothy Pflaum - BS
4109 Sir Walter Road                   Pilgrimage to the Basilica
Olney, MD 20832-2152                   Judy Allaire- BS
301-774-6079                           19645 Club Lake Road                   Montgomery Village, MD 20886-1347

Pilgrimage (cont’d)                                             GIRL SCOUT CAMP MINISTRY
Brenda Murtha—GS                                                AT SUMMER RESIDENT CAMPS
                                               The Girls Scout Council of the nation’s Capital conducts a number of resi-
                                               dent camps throughout the summer. They are held in GSCNC Camps in
Loretta Dharagan - CFBG
                                               Maryland and Virginia. Because of the diverse locations, a chaplain or
1400 I Street, NW, Suite 800
                                               chaplain’s aid is not available to minister to them at the present time.
Washington, DC 20005
                                               However, there are parish churches located near all camps. A listing of
                                               the camps and neighboring parishes and their locations are as follows:

Vocation Awareness Weekend - Boy Scouts
                                                   Camp Aquasco Aquasco, MD,
Rev. Mr. Leon Bechet- BS
                                                   St.. Michel’s Brandywine, MD, 301-888-1498
11007 Belton Street
                                                   St. Dominic’s, Aquasco, MD, 301-888-1498
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774-1401
301-336-6835                                       Camp Brighton Woods, Ashton, MD,
                                                   St. Peter’s Olney, MD, 301-924-3744
Youth Emblem
                                                   Ressurection, Burtonsville, MD 301-236-5200
Joe Williams - BS
301-341-1936                                       Camp Coles Trip, Stafford, VA,
                                                   St. William of York, Stafford, VA, 703-659-3505
Youth & Adults Presentation
Barbara Ann Foster                                 Camp Crowell, Vienna, VA,                              St. Mark’s, Vienna, VA, 703-281-9100

Recognition Sunday                                 Camp May Flather, Bridgwater/Mt.Solon,
Rosemary Pezzuto - CFBG                            Blessed Sacrament, Mt. Solon, VA, 703-434-4341
301-262-1631                                       St. Francis, Staunton, VA 703-886-2262

Cub Scout Religious Day                            Camp Potomac Woods, Leesburg, VA,
Georgianne Mitchell                                St. John the Apostle, Leesburg, VA, 703-777-1317
301-963-5194                      Camp Winoma, MD,
                                                   St. Joseph’s, Morganza, MD, 301-475-8386
National Catholic Committee                        St. John’s, Hollywood, MD 301-373-2281
Girl Scouts Camp Fire (NCCGSCF)
Area IV Representative                                                     INFORMATION

Joan Treacy                                                          Barbara Foster 301-972-2067

                                        INFORMATION NIGHT

PURPOSE:        To acquaint all involved adults with the 2005-2006 Boy Scout, Girl Scout and Camp Fire programs
                as well as with the programs and goals of OYM/CYO

DATE:           September 21, 2005

PLACE:          Pope John Paul II Cultural Center
                3900 Harewood Road
                Washington, DC 20017

TIME:           6:30 p.m. Cocktails & Heavy Hors d’oeuvres
                7:30 p.m. Break out Session

COST:           FREE!

                                                 SPECIAL NOTES

•   Cocktails & Heavy Hors d’oeuvres will be provided.
•   Dinner will not be served.
•   Come and exchange ideas and resources with your fellow athletic directors, youth ministers, and scout leaders
    from other parishes.
•   Information and materials will be available… ensure that your parish will not miss registration deadlines or impor-
    tant meeting dates and events.

                                       To RSVP call Nancy at 202-281-2462

                                             For more information:
                                        Frank Rossomondo, 301-770-7450

                                    MATTAPONI SERVICE PROJECT

PURPOSE:        To help clean up the grounds of this 130 acre center and help prepare it for service to the youth of the

DATE:           Saturday, September 24, 2005

PLACE:          Mattaponi Youth Retreat and Conference Center Upper Marlboro, MD

TIME:           10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

                                                    SPECIAL NOTES

•   Boys Scout, Girls Scout, Camp Fire members invited.

•   Scouts should wear work clothes and gloves with something small to identify them as Scouts.
    Bring a rake or shovel.

•   Adults, bring your pick-up truck if you have one.

•   A free lunch will be served

•   Use this project for Scout advancement/religious emblem ser vice requirements.

•   Overnight camping before and/or after is authorized by arrangement in advance.

                                     ADULT LEADER RECOGNITION
                                                 SAINT GEORGE EMBLEM
The Saint George Emblem is a national recognition approved by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting. It may be pre-
sented to any adult who is working in the Boy Scout program, under Catholic auspices, to Catholics in Scout units not sponsored
by the Church, and to those who have made a significant contribution to Scouting in the field of Catholic relationships.

The purpose of this program is to recognize the recipient’s outstanding contribution to the spiritual development of Catholic youth
in the program of the Boy Scouts of America.

Recommendations for the Saint George Emblem may be made by completing the NOMINATION FOR SAINT GEORGE EM-
BLEM form as directed on the form itself. Forms can be obtained by contacting the Adult Recognition Chairperson, Catholic
Committee on Boy Scouting, Mike Gannon 301-460-8754.

                                                     BRONZE PELICAN

The Bronze Pelican is an award of the Archdiocesan Catholic Committee on Boy Scouting. It serves as recognition for adults in
the early stages of their service to the Scout program, under Catholic auspices, to Catholics in Scout units not sponsored by the
Catholic Church, and to those who have made a significant contribution to Scouting in the field of Catholic relationships.

The purpose of this program is to recognize and encourage the recipient to continue his/her outstanding contributions to the spiri-
tual development of Catholic youth in the program of the Boy Scouts of America.

To receive the Bronze Pelican the nominated individual must have: completed three full years as an active registered Scouter,
provided support for units sponsored by a Catholic organization, and actively participated in at least one of the activities of the
Archdiocesan Catholic Committee on Boy Scouting. The Bronze Pelican MAY NOT be awarded to anyone who has already re-
ceived the Saint George Emblem. Nomination form available - Mike Gannon 301-460-8754.

                                                      ST. ANNE MEDAL

The St. Anne Medal is for adults working with Catholic members of national youth organizations. The purpose of this award is to
honor the outstanding service of adults contributing to the spiritual development of Catholic youth in these organizations and to
further Catholic adult leadership in youth ministry through these national organizations. It is the highest national award in this

                                         ST. ELIZABETH ANN SETON MEDAL

The Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Award recognizes the significant contribution of persons serving the spiritual needs of Catholic
members in youth organizations. It is intended to recognize notable contributions to this field of youth ministry. At this time these
include Camp Fire Boys & Girls, Girl Scouts and 4-H clubs. Other may be authorized after review by the local and National Girl
Scouts and Camp Fire Catholic Committees.

                                          JAMES CARDINAL HICKEY AWARD

The James Cardinal Hickey Award is presented to individuals or Units who/which have provided some significant service or sup-
port to any of the Catholic Committees or their individual programs. Nominations may be made by members of the Committees or
by any individual who believes recognition has been earned. The Cardinal Hickey Award may be presented to the same individual
or Unit multiple times for different activities. It, unlike other awards of the Catholic Committees, may be presented posthumously.

Nominations for Saint George, Bronze Pelican or Cardinal Hickey awards may be submitted to Mike Gannon.
Recommendations for the St. Anne Medal and the Elizabeth Ann Seton Award may be made by completing the nomination form
for Adult Religious Awards. Forms may be obtained by calling Mike Gannon 301-460-8754, Barbara Ann Foster, 301-972-2067;
or Rosemary Pezzuto 301-262-1651.
                           RELIGIOUS AWARDS FOR CUB SCOUTS,
                                 BOY SCOUTS, EXPLORERS

                                       ¨THE LIGHT OF CHRIST AWARD¨

PURPOSE:        This program helps the Tiger and Wolf develop a personal relationship with Jesus. With the parents’
                active participation, the young Cub will see Jesus as a real person and friend.

AGE LEVEL:      Designed for Tiger and Wolf Cubs

                                          ¨THE PARVULI DEI EMBLEM¨

PURPOSE:        This program helps young boys explore a wide range of activities in order to discover the presence of
                God in their daily lives as members of their family and parish.

AGE LEVEL:      Designed for Cub Scouts

                                       ¨THE AD ALTARE DEI EMBLEM¨

PURPOSE::       In a series of steps, the Scout grows spiritually as a young Catholic by reading Scripture and doing
                projects which are designed to help him understand the meaning of the Sacraments.

AGE LEVEL:      Designed for Boy Scouts

                                          ¨THE POPE PIUS XII EMBLEM¨

PURPOSE:        In this program high schoolers in small groups study and discuss their role as young Catholics in to-
                day’s society. Guided by the Holy Spirit, this formation can make youth more aware of their potential
                of being future Christian leaders.

AGE LEVEL:      Designed for High School Age Sr. Scouts and Venturers

                                                   SPECIAL NOTES

Potential recipients for Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII Emblems must arrange for an Archdiocesan Board Review.
(Please alert Mr. Williams in advance of attending). Mr. Williams will schedule other general and unit emblem reviews
by request.

                           Joe Williams, 301-341-1936 or Dorthy Tamai, 301 773-1995

                         RELIGIOUS AWARDS FOR CATHOLIC
                      GIRL SCOUTS AND CAMP FIRE BOYS & GIRLS

                                                ¨FAMILY OF GOD¨

PURPOSE:     This award for ages 7-9 is a series developed to help children, as members of their family and parish, ex-
             plore a wide range of activities to discover the presence of God in their daily lives.

AGE LEVEL:   Brownie Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Starflights, in grades 2 and 3.

                                                I LIVE MY FAITH"

PURPOSE:     This award for youth ages 9-11 is planned to help youth appreciate more deeply the place of God and re-
             ligion in their life. Parental involvement is part of the program.

AGE LEVEL:   Junior Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Adventure's in grades 4, 5 and 6.

                                          ¨MARY, THE FIRST DISCIPLE¨

PURPOSE:     The award for youth ages 12-15 involves participants in an understanding of Mary as a model of openness
             and spirituality, a woman of the Church.

AGE LEVEL:   Cadette Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Discovery Club members in grades 7, 8 and 9.

                                               ¨THE SPIRIT ALIVE¨

PURPOSE:     This award for youth ages 15-17 helps them to discover the Holy Spirit acting in their lives through a pro-
             gram of research, dialogue and activities.

AGE LEVEL:   Senior Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Horizon Club members in grades 10, 11 and 12.

                   Brenda Murtha 301-349-4312, GS; Mary Ruth Sherren, 301-249-0468 and
                                 Rosemary Pezzuto, 301-262-1631, CFBG

                                     THE CARDINAL’S HONOR GUARD

The Cardinal's Honor Guard is an award established in 1993 for Cadette and Senior Catholic Girl Scouts and Camp
Fire in Grades 7 through 12 in the Archdiocese of Washington.

Based on the Cardinal's strong conviction about the value of the Girl Scout and Camp Fire Programs in promoting
spiritual growth, service to God and country, and leadership abilities of these young women, the award will be given
annually to help stimulate more participation in Catholic Scouting through the Archdiocesan Committees on Girl Scout-
ing and Camp Fire.

This award will be presented annually at the Medal Presentation Ceremony held in May of each year.

Requirements include:

          Earning the Mary the First Disciple or The Spirit Alive Recognition;
          Attendance at the Girl Scout Catholic Retreat
          Four hours of service
          Participation in an Archdiocesan event
          Developing a workshop for the GS Retreat or helping a younger GS earn her religious emblem
          Participation in the Scout Sunday Mass

To receive an application, please contact Georgianne Mitchell at 301-963-5194 or

                                  CARDINAL’S HONOR TROOP AWARD

In 1984 at the request of His Eminence James Cardinal Hickey, the Honor Troop Award for Boy Scouts was reinsti-
tuted in the Archdiocese. Based on the Cardinal’s strong conviction in the value of the Scouting program and in pro-
moting the spiritual and physical growth of Catholic youth, the award is given annually to help stimulate more participa-
tion and excellence in Catholic Scouting in the Archdiocese.

The selection of the winning troop is usually made at the time of the Annual Scout Retreat. The criteria for selection is
based on the following seven categories of religious activity:

1.    Number of Scouts earning a religious emblem during the year.*
2.    Number of Scouts and adults attending the Annual Retreat.*
3.    Number of Scouts and adults attending the Annual Pilgrimage.*
4.    Number of adults participating in the Scouter Development Program during the year.
5.    Unit’s participation in a church service on Scout Sunday.
6.    A unit service project for a Catholic institution
7.    Number of Scouts participating in the Mattaponi Service Project.*

     * Scores weighted by percentage of eligible who participate

                                    INFORMATION: Richard Stevick, 301-490-7855

PURPOSE: To provide training for those adults working with youth on Religious Recognitions. Training will include an
overview of the Recognitions plus hands-on ideas and tips on how to work with the individual age levels.

Look for information on workshops to be held at “Leaderfest” in January.

If you have 3 or more people in your area interested in the training, call and we will set up a class for you.

For more information or to register, please email Brenda Murtha at or call 301-349-4312.

PURPOSE:         Training of adult Scout Leaders to act as counselors for those seeking various Boy Scouting Awards.

DATE:            Saturday, November 5, 2005

Special Notes
•   Experienced Catholic Scout Leaders conduct training.
•   Mr. Williams will schedule other counselor training throughout the Archdiocese as requested.
•   For information regarding Training for Girl Scout and Camp Fire counselors please contact Brenda Murtha 301-349-
    4312 - GS; or Rosemary Pezzuto, 301-262-1631 - CFBG.

INFORMATION: Joe Williams, 301-341-1936, BS

                      VOCATION AWARENESS WEEKEND - Boy Scouts
PURPOSE:         A time away to reflect on God’s call and invitation to follow in His path.

DATE:            September 17-18, 2005

PLACE:           Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, MD

TIME:            9:00 a.m. Saturday to 2:00 p.m. Sunday

Special Notes:
An experience of seminary living - find out how the Archdiocese prepares its priests.

INFORMATION: Rev. Mr. Leon Bechet; 301-336-6835


PURPOSE:        To join with the Archdiocese in this annual devotion to the Blessed Mother.

DATE:           Sunday, October 9, 2005

PLACE:          Basilica of the National Shrine of the
                Immaculate Conception

TIME:           TBA


•   All troops, Camp Fire clubs and their families are encouraged to participate.

•   Gather on the East side (outdoors) of the Shrine and be part of the Cardinal’s Honor Guard in the procession into the

                             Judi Allaire, 301-977-1945- BS; Brenda Murtha 301-349-4312- GS,
                                            Loretta Phanagom 202-729-8127- CFBG

                                              WORLD YOUTH DAY
PURPOSE:        A parish celebration emphasizing the importance of youth today in our Universal Church.

DATE:           October 23, 2005

PLACE:          Individual parish


• All youth in the Boy Scout, Girl Scout and Camp Fire programs are encouraged to join with youth in other programs to
celebrate the event at the parish level.

• Troop or unit leaders should come together with leaders of other parish youth programs to plan for this parish celebra-
tion. A special manual explaining the event and offering ideas for parish youth activities for this day may be ordered through:
Publishing Services, U.S. Catholic Conference, 3211- 4th Street, NE, Washington, D.C. 20017, or call 301-209-9020.

                                            Frank Rossomondo, 301-770-7450
                                         Rosemary Pezzuto - CFBG, 301-262-1631


PURPOSE:        All past recipients of the St. George, St. Anne, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and Bronze Pelican Awards are
                invited to a reunion to celebrate their commitment to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Boys & Girls.

DATE:           Sunday, November 6, 2005

PLACE:          TBA

TIME:           4:00 p.m. Mass followed by dinner

COST:           Approximately $20.00 per person


•   Celebrate commitment to Scouting and Campfire
•   Chance to remember and reminisce
•   Opportunity to get together with old friends
•   Small informal program
•   The Father Fuller S.J. Awards will be presented to long-time adult leaders.

                                 Joe Williams, 301-341-1936 for St. George recipients
                  Barbara Ann Foster, 301-972-2067 for St. Anne and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton recipients.


PURPOSE:        To bring Cub Scouts closer to their Catholic heritage in a fun-filled day.

DATE:           Saturday, November 19 , 2005

PLACE:          St. Mary’s Church, Landover Hills, MD

TIME:           9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

WHO:            All Cub and Webelos Scouts in the Archdiocese of Washington

COST:           $4.00


•   Wear uniform
•   Bring bag lunch and drinks
•   Bring pack flag and stand

INFORMATION: Georgianne Mitchell—301-963-5194


DATE:             The 54th Annual Boy Scout Retreat/Renewal,
                  April 22-23, 2006

TIME:             6:00 p.m. Friday to 1:00 p.m. Sunday

PLACE:            Our Lady of Mattaponi Youth Retreat and
                  Conference Center

COST:             $7.00


•   Although a specific theme for the weekend has not yet been set, there will be ample time to examine and share
    God’s word as it relates to teenage issues, and an opportunity for dialogue with priests/counselors on a host of
    social issues.
•   The Cardinal or one of the Auxiliary Bishops usually visits the encampment and celebrates Mass on Sunday morning
    Families and friends of the participating Scouts are invited to attend the closing Mass.
•   Scouts, Venturers and Explorers whose units are not participating in this event may attend as members of our provi
    sional unit.

INFORMATION: Richard Stevick 301-490-7855; Dottie Tamai, 301-773-1995

                                ARCHDIOCESAN GIRL SCOUT RETREAT
PURPOSE:          A special day of renewal and spiritual growth for all Girl Scouts in the Archdiocese.

DATES:            March 3-4, 2006

PLACE:            St. Joseph, Beltsville


•   Girls should register early, space is limited.
•   Girl Scout 7-12th grade are needed to plan and run the Saturday Retreat for Younger Girls
•   Overnight on Friday for Girls 7-12th grade.
•   Lunch and Snacks included.
•   Family Mass at 4 p.m. on Saturday

INFORMATION: Georgianne Mitchell—301-963-5194

                        ARCHDIOCESAN BOY SCOUT/ GIRL SCOUT
                              AND CAMP FIRE SUNDAY

PURPOSE:          To encourage Scouting and Camp Fire by recognizing its importance at one Mass in every parish
                  of the Archdiocese.

DATE:             February, 19, 2006

PLACE:            Individual parish

TIME:             Set by parish

COST:             No cost


•     All parishes encouraged to participate.
•     Special packet is provided by Archdiocesan Catholic Commit tee on Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Camp Fire
      Boys and Girls.
•     Each parish should choose one Mass to recognize Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Boys and Girls.
•     Special patches may be purchased.

In the Archdiocese of Washington, Boy Scout/Girl Scout/Campfire Sunday is celebrated in individual parishes with
youth in all the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Camp Fire programs participating. The purpose of the event is for
parish youth in Boy Scouting, Girl Scouting and Camp Fire to come together in community before the congregation
and reaffirm their faith. The recommended date for this event in the Archdiocese is set by the Catholic Committee
on Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Camp Fire and usually falls on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. Individual par-
ishes, of course, may choose their own date.

Catholic Boy Scout, Girl Scout and Camp Fire leaders should contact the pastor at least a month or two before the
event so that appropriate preparations can be made. Usually there is a procession by the youth in their uniforms,
with troop/unit flags and national colors. If possible, the youth serve as ushers, altar servers, readers, and in
bringing the gifts to the altar. Many clergy include in their homily the ideals of these organizations. In some par-
ishes there is a reception for the youth after Mass.

    INFORMATION: Girls Scouts - Brenda Murtha 301-349-4312, Boy Scouts - Timothy Pflaum, 301-774-6079
                              Camp Fire - Mary Ruth Sherren, 301-249-0468

                        ADULT RECOGNITION DAY

PURPOSE:           The prayer service and presentation involves presentation of Religious Emblem Awards earned dur-
                   ing the year by Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and Camp Fire youth, and recognition of selected adults in
                   the Boy Scout, Girl Scout and Camp Fire programs.

DATE:              Sunday, May 14, 2006

PLACE:             TBA

TIME:              3:00 PM (Recipients arrive at 2:15 PM)


   Youth awards include the Ad Altare Dei, Pope Pius XII, I Live My Faith, the Marian Medal and the Spirit Alive Em-
   blem. The Light of Christ, Parvuli Dei and Family of God will be recognized.

   St. George, Bronze Pelican, Cardinal Hickey, St. Anne, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton awards will be presented to

   Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and Camp Fire youth should be in full uniform, and carry their troop/unit/club and national
   flags during the youth procession into the church.

   The Cardinal’s Honor Troop Award is given to the outstanding Boy Scout Troop of the year and Girl Scouts and
   Camp Fire who have earned the Cardinal’s Honor Guard Award will be recognized.

   All youth receiving emblems must pre-register.

   Joe Williams, 301-341-1936, Barbara Ann Foster 301-972-2067, Frank Rossomondo, 301-770-7450 (adults)

                                        GOSHEN BOY SCOUT CAMP
PURPOSE:             To provide a week away at the National Capital Area Scout Camp for all area Boy Scouts.

DATE:                Late June to early August, 2006

PLACE:               Goshen, Virginia

TIME:                Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday

COST:                Approximately $200.00—$300.00 plus transportation


    •    Includes a full Scouting skills program with trained leaders

    •    Fee covers meals for the entire week

    •    All troops encouraged to spend a week at camp

    •    There is a Catholic chaplain all summer with Mass each weekend

                                     REGISTRATION: Richard Stevick 301-490-7855

                                        CAMP FIRE OPPORTUNITIES
Youth in Camp Fire attend both day and resident camps within Region XIV. Spirituality is key to Camp Fire Boys and
Girls and thus an important part of the Camp Experience.

Liturgy, visits to key religious monuments and shrines, prayer services, and inspirational activities are all part of the pro-

Camp Fire also offers self-reliance classes, conflict management classes, and service learning programs in schools and
religious education programs within the Archdiocese. These can stand-alone or can be incorporated into sacramental
preparation programs.

Teens in Action is an important part of Camp Fire Youth Ministry. Teens in various youth organizations work with Camp
Fire to develop and fund projects and initiatives that affect society and empower youth to act.

For more information about Camp Fire Activities please contact Rosemary Pezzuto at 301-262-1631.



1. New Fingerprinting Procedures:

     A. A new non-ink roller process called "Live Scan" method is now the only acceptable method and must be com
     pleted at one of the locations designated in the letter "C" below.

    B. Dates, times, and location of this new process available at

    C. Cost: must be paid by check (no cash) made payable to :CJIS.

2. New Informational Questionnaire:

    A. Application for Employment of Volunteer Service must be on file with the Archdiocese Personnel Office.
       Please make sure you fill out all the blanks (especially Site and Coaching) and that the form is signed by the
       person who oversees the CYO program in your parish (pastor or principal).

3. Timing Issues:

    A. All employees and volunteers must be fingerprinted and have their background check on file within fourteen
       (14) days of assuming a position (paid or volunteer) within the Archdiocese of Washington.

    B. There is a possibility that there may be renewal issues in the future. All employees and volunteers might have
       to have background checks reviewed. This may entail being re-fingerprinted.

4. Attend an initial session of “Protecting God’s Children”

    A. Watch videos regarding sexual abuse of children and join in discussion.

    B. Listen to the talk regarding sexual child abuse and join in discussion.

    C. Read the Child Protection Policy book that is provided and fill out the form in the back of the book and send it
       to the proper designate for your parish.

    D. Comply with the one-hour annual refresher course.

National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Coaches' Certification

Bob Wagner (301-317-1739) conducts Coaches Certification classes for individual parishes by appointment only.
The fee is $150.00. This Certification is a national program by NYSCA.

Although not required, we strongly recommend that anyone who plans to coach for more than one year receive NY-
SCA certification. In addition to providing in-depth coaching techniques, there are many other benefits (see below).

Benefits of NYSCA Certification for Coaches:

1. Introduction to Coaching Youth Sports Certification Clinic.
   First Year Benefits (cost $20.00 per person, paid by your parish CYO)
   A. Four (4) Issues of Youth Sports Journal.
   B. Certification Card—Good for any Youth Sports League that recognizes NYSCA as their official certification.
   C. $1,000,000.00 excess liability insurance certificate.

2. NYSCA Certified Coach Continuing Education Program.
   After completing the Introduction to Coaching Youth Sports, during the first year, members may qualify to advance
   to the NYSCA Certified Coaches Continuing Education Program. They will automatically receive an invitation to
   continue their membership in NYSCA by returning the Continuing Education Program form and signed Code of
   Ethics Pledge with their $20.00.

3. Continuing Education Benefits ($20.00 per person, per year, paid by the individual coach.)
   A. Qualify to be designated on the National Honor Roll.
   B. $2,000,000.00 excess liability insurance certificate.
   C. $250,000.00 excess Accident/Medical Insurance ($50.00 deductible) for injuries sustained while
       performing coaching duties.
   D. Continuing education through four (4) issues of the Youth Sport Journal.
   E. Club USA Partnership discounts for theme park, hotels, motels, and car rental.
   F. Membership card/certified coach decal.

                                              FALL SOCCER

DATE:           September 2005 to November 2005

PLACE:          Various Fields

TIME:           Saturdays and Sundays

COST:           $675.00/team: Varsity Mid-Atlantic
                $675.00/team:    Junior Varsity Mid-Atlantic
                $500.00/team:    Rookie Non-Tournament
                $450.00/team:    Cadet 2nd Grade Non-Tournament
                $450.00/team:    Cadet 1st Grade Non-Tournament

         June 4, 2005 7:30 p.m. (OYM/CYO)
         June 5, 2006 7:30 p.m. (OYM/CYO Office)

                June 30, 2005 - Varsity Mid-Atlantic, Junior Varsity Mid-Atlantic, Rookie Non-Tournament,
                Cadet 2nd Non-Tournament Leagues
                September, 2005 - Cadet 1st Non-Tournament Leagues


•   The Fall Soccer season consists of seven (7) separate leagues. Boys and girls compete in four (4) different
    age groups.
•   Varsity and Junior Varsity compete in the Mid-Atlantic League.
•   Rookies compete nine (9) on a side and Cadet 2nd grade compete seven (7) on a side. Both are separate
    instructional boys’ and girls’ leagues where there are no playoffs.
•   Cadet 1st grade compete in small side, four (4) x four (4), instructional co-ed program.
•   Kindergarten children are not eligible for CYO Soccer.


DATE:           December 2005 to March 2006

PLACE:          Various Gymnasiums

TIME:           Saturdays and Sundays

COST:           $750.00/team: Intermediate & Senior Mid-Atlantic
                $750.00/team: Varsity Mid-Atlantic
                $750.00/team: Varsity & Junior Varsity Tournament
                $650.00/team: Junior Varsity and Rookie Non-Tournament


         October 4, 2005 7:30 p.m. (OYM/CYO Office)


         October 28 , 2005 - Varsity Mid-Atlantic, Varsity Tournament, Junior Varsity Tournament Leagues

         November 14 , 2005 -    Non-Tournament Leagues.

         December 5, 2005 - High School Leagues

SPECIAL NOTES (see rule book for specifics):

•   There are two separate Varsity Leagues - Mid-Atlantic and Tournament.
•   There are two separate Junior Varsity Leagues - Tournament and Non-Tournament.
•   There is only one Rookie League - Non-Tournament.


DATE:       April 2006 to June 2007

PLACE:      Various Fields

TIME:       Saturdays and Sundays

COST:       $750.00/team: Varsity Mid-Atlantic
            $750.00/team: Junior Varsity Mid-Atlantic
            $425.00/team: Rookie Non-Tournament

DELEGATE MEETING:         January 3, 2006 7:30 p.m. (OYM/CYO Office)

DEADLINE: February 27, 2006

The CYO Baseball Program is for boys.
Varsity and Junior Varsity compete in the Mid-Atlantic League.
Rookies compete in a machine pitch Non-Tournament Instructional League.


DATE:       April 2006 to June 2006

PLACE:      Various Fields

TIME:       Saturdays and Sundays

COST:       $750.00/team: Varsity Mid-Atlantic
            $750.00/team: Junior Varsity Mid-Atlantic
            $425.00/team: Rookie Non-Tournament

DELEGATE MEETING:         January 3, 2006 7:30 p.m. OYM/CYO Office

DEADLINE: February 27, 2006

The CYO Softball Program is for girls.
Varsity and Junior Varsity compete in the Mid-Atlantic League.
Rookies compete in machine pitch Non-Tournament Instructional League.

                                        SPRING SOCCER

DATE:           April 2006 to June 2006

PLACE:          Various Fields

TIME:           Saturdays and Sundays

COST:           $450.00/team: Cadet 2nd Grade Non-Tournament
                $450.00/team: Cadet 1st Grade Non-Tournament

DEADLINE:       February 1, 2006

•   The Spring Soccer season in offered for boys and girls.
•   Cadet-2nd Grade is a single sex instructional league.
•   Cadet 1st grade is a co-ed four (4) x four (4) small sided program.
    Kindergarten children are not eligible for CYO Soccer.

                                          TRACK & FIELD

DATE:           April 2006 to June 2006

PLACE:          Various Locations

TIME:           Saturdays and Sundays

COST:           $30.00 per Entrant
                Maximum $1,500.00 per team


         September 14, 2005 - 7:30 pm (OYM/CYO Office)
         January 17, 2006 - 7:30 pm (OYM/CYO Office)
         May 16, 2006 - 7:30 pm (OYM/CYO Office)


•   Entry forms are sent out by sponsoring parishes.

•   There is competition in CYO Track in these age groups:
       BOYS 6 and under, 7 - 8, 9 - 10, 11 - 12, 13 - 14
       GIRLS 6 and under, 7 - 8, 9 - 10, 11 - 12, 13 - 14

• Running events are: 60 meter dash (6-under), 100 meter run (6-under), 100 meter dash, 200 meter
dash, 400 meter run, 800 meter run, 1600 meter run, 4x200 meter relay, 4x100 meter relay (6-under),
and 4x100 meter relay.

• Field events are: standing long jump (6-under), 12” softball throw (6-under & 7 & 8), running long jump,
discus, an d shot put.

                              SCOREKEEPERS/TIMERS SIGN-UP
PURPOSE:        To employ young people as scorekeepers and timekeepers for CYO Basketball games. This is an op-
                portunity to give young people part-time employment and responsibility, while providing a needed ser-
                vice to the CYO. This is also and excellent opportunity to satisfy school community service require-

DATE:           November 2005

PLACE:          OYM/CYO Office
                145 Taylor Street, NE
                Washington, DC 20017

CONTACT:        Dorry Barry

•   Minimum age: 14 years old.
•   Experience people get first choice of game sites.
•   Applicants MUST:
       1. Demonstrate an understanding of the game of baseball.
       2. Demonstrate an understanding of the art of scorekeeping.
•   All materials provided.

                                       BASKETBALL REFEREES

PURPOSE:        To employ young people and adults as basketball referees for CYO Non-Tournament league games.
                Season runs from early January to mid-March. This is an opportunity to give young people part-time
                employment and responsibility, while providing a needed service to the CYO. This is also and excellent
                opportunity to satisfy school community service requirements.

DATE:           November 2005 (Training class TBA)

PLACE:          OYM/CYO Office
                145 Taylor Street, NE
                Washington, DC 20017

CONTACT:        Tom Kneeland at

•   Minimum age – 16 years old.
•   Applicants MUST:
       1. Demonstrate an understanding of the game of basketball.
       2. Demonstrate an understanding of the art of refereeing.
•   All materials provided.

To enter a team in the CYO League, a parish MUST submit a team entry "blue" team registration card listing the par-
ish, the year, the sport, the division and coach’s name with phone numbers and e-mail address. Deadlines for blue
cards are indicated on the OYM/CYO Calendar, well in advance of the particular sport’s season. The team franchise
fee must accompany the blue card or they will not be accepted.

This procedure will allow the CYO staff enough time to properly prepare league schedules.

Blue cards are available through the OYM/CYO office. Registration will not be done over the phone.

Each sport will be given a roster deadline/closeout date. This will be the last day on which a player may be added to
the team roster. A maximum of two (2) additional players may be added after the original roster turn-in date. After the
deadline/closeout date, rosters will be closed and no other name can be added.

  For more information on Individual and Team Registration, refer to
                  our website:

                                            SELECTION PROCESS
The CYO is one of the few leagues that has made allowances to have two (2) skill levels of competition in each age
group. The exceptions are the Rookie age group (due to the children’s young age and newness to the game) and the
High School age group (due to the number of participants).

This was done to balance the age old debate of participation versus competition. This was not done to separate the
teams by grade. Two levels of play in the major age groups thus allows both sides of the debate a measure of satisfac-
tion. It allows the skilled children to play in a competitive environment and it allows the lesser skilled children to play in a
less competitive environment.

Unfortunately, over the years a misconception has developed over the intent of having different divisions within a two
grade age group. In some parishes the conception has been that the teams should be divided along grade levels and
that children should be allowed to play with their friends/classmates; the inference here is that they should not have or be
allowed to develop friendships with children in different grades. Another reason for this type of division is that it affords
the parish a quick and less controversial team selection process. This does a disservice for the skilled players as well as
the lesser skilled players. That was never the intent of the CYO. By dividing teams by grades it puts some teams on an
“uneven playing field” and at a distinct disadvantage. More importantly it puts some children in a competitive environ-
ment that they are not equipped to handle; either skill wise or emotionally. It also puts both the skilled and less skilled
children in an environment where they can become frustrated and discouraged.

The problem that most often arises in separating the children by skills is finding an objective system of evaluating talent;
we think we have some good suggestions on the succeeding pages.

The following is an excerpt from the CYO Supplemental Basketball Rule Book and comparable rules are found in all
CYO Supplemental Athletic Rule Books for the various sports offered by the CYO …

The following are the different divisions for each league:

SENIOR                            - Mid-Atlantic
INTERMEDIATE                      - Mid-Atlantic (boys only)
VARSITY                           - Mid-Atlantic,Tournament
JUNIOR VARSITY                    - Tournament, Non-Tournament
ROOKIE                            - Non-Tournament

There are NO trophies, awards, or championships in this division. This division is for children who have never
participated in the sport before, or who have one year experience or less. This gives the child an opportunity to learn
the game in a low-key, no-pressure to win atmosphere.

A team trophy will be awarded to the post- season double elimination tournament winner. All teams in each section
qualify for the post-season tournament. In the JV Leagues, this division is for children who have some experience
with the game, and those with average or better ability. In the Varsity Leagues, this division is for a parish’s second
or third team.

   CYO Age Category                           Varsity                     Varsity

CYO Division                   Mid-Atlantic                  Tournament

Eligible Age                   14-under                      14-under

Eligible Grade                 8th-below                     8th-below

Original / Current Intention   1. Better skilled             1. Lesser skilled
                               2. More experienced           2. Less experienced
                               3. Dedicated to improvement   3. Social involvement

Developed Misconception        8th grade league              7th grade league

   CYO Age Category                    Junior Varsity                Junior Varsity

CYO Division                   Tournament                    Non-Tournament

Eligible Age                   12-under                      12-under

Eligible Grade                 6th-below                     6th-below

Original / Current Intention   1. Better skilled             1. Lesser skilled
                               2. More experienced           2. Less experienced
                               3. Dedicated to improvement   3. Social involvement

Developed Misconception        6th grade league              5th grade league

A team trophy and individual player trophies will be awarded to the winner and second place team of the post-season sin-
gle elimination city wide play-off. This division is the championship division, for the better ball players. Top flight competi-
tion where a team’s regular season record determines its play-off status. Play-offs determine the Archdiocesan champi-
ons, who will represent Washington in the Inter-Diocesan competition for the Mid-Atlantic Championship.…

In any age group where there is more than one division, parish MUST enter a team in the HIGHER division before enter-
ing a team in the lower division. At the Varsity level and at the Junior Varsity level SECOND teams from a parish may be
entered in either division. A second higher level team must be entered before a third lower level team can be entered.

The last paragraph of the rules was implemented to prevent teams from “playing down” in leagues where they do
not belong for the sake of “winning a championship.”

Once a parish has determined how many children are going to be in each age group and based            teams on the above
rules, the following is suggested…


Mix grades and have a try-out (evaluation)

        Soccer          14 - 15 best players on this team
                 Basketball     1 - 12 best players on this team
                 Baseball       3 - 15 best players on this team
        Softball        13 - 15 best players on this team

If there are two (2) Mid-Atlantic teams, there should be an “A” team with the best players and a “B” team with the next
best players.

        Basketball                10 - 12 second best players on this team

If there are two (2) or more Tournament teams, there should be an even distribution of the talent pool between the teams,
regardless of grade. There must be a second (2nd) Mid- Atlantic team before a parish may enter a third (3rd) tournament
team in this age group.


Mix grades and have a try-out (evaluation)

    Mid-Atlantic / Tournament
    Soccer              14 - 15 best players on this team
    Basketball          10 - 12 best players on this team
    Baseball            13 - 15 best players on this team
    Softball            13 - 15 best players on this team

If there are two (2) Tournament teams there should be an "A" team with the best players and a "B" team with the next
best players.

    Basketball     second 10 - 12 best players on this team

If there are two (2) Non-Tournament teams there should be an even distribution of the talent pool between the teams.


If there are two (2) or more teams, there should be an even distribution of the talent pool between the teams, regardless of

                                      TRYOUT SELECTION PROCESS

Due to the numerous phone calls, letters, and meetings, the CYO Office of the Office of Youth Ministry of the Archdiocese
of Washington has decided to issue the following suggested guidelines. If your parish is going to conduct evaluations/
tryouts the following method should be followed as closely as possible to alleviate problems surrounding the results of this

1). The key to any parish CYO function is communication. Make sure that the process has been thoroughly thought out
    and has been communicated to the children and their parents, far enough in advance of the process, so that all
    questions can be answered. The process should be done fairly, objectively, and consistently. It may be a process in
    which everyone might not agree with the results of the process; but no one should be able to dispute the process itself.

2). All children in the age group that is being evaluated must be present at the time of the evaluation/tryout:

    Junior Varsity       Fifth (5th) and Sixth (6th)
    Varsity              Seventh (7th) and Eighth (8th)

In other words it is a mandatory evaluation for every child in each age group. This will not only allow you
    to select the Tournament or Mid-Atlantic teams but it will also allow you to distribute the talent evenly on the
    remaining teams if there is more than one. Even if there is to be only two (2) teams in a certain age group,
    everyone should be at the evaluation/tryout.

3). All the coaches of the teams that are to be formed from this evaluation/tryout should be involved in the process.
    The basketball delegate/commissioner should guide the evaluation/tryout along with one other member of the par-
    ish CYO board, athletic committee, or whatever governing panel your parish has in place.

4). Do not allow exceptions, unless they are absolutely necessary. This means do not allow exceptions before
    the evaluation/tryout or after the evaluation/tryout. The minute you allow an exception for a parent coach, a car
    pool, siblings, etc., you leave yourself open for more problems, which then renders your process useless.

5). The evaluation/tryout process does not make anyone un-Christian. It is merely an extension of the academic proc-
    ess of placing children on their proper levels of ability in the athletic arena within the parish program. If CYO
    boards have been empowered by the parishioners to run their CYO athletic programs, then the parents must be
    willing to abide by the processes the elected/appointed governing bodies put in place.

6). If you are attempting to change from a one grade team selection process or some other hybrid process to an
    evaluation/tryout process; you must use at least a three (3) year test period in order to judge whether this process
    is going to work in your parish. Any form of change is going to have some problems especially in the first year.

    We are not saying this process works for everyone, but if you do go to an evaluation/tryout process please follow
    the above guidelines which we hope will alleviate some of your post-evaluation/tryout problems.


Youth Ministry

                                           Archdiocesan Office
                                      Listed Alphabetically by Office
Adult Religious Formation—Young adult ministry, bible study, &        Catholic Schools
adult faith formation                                                          Thomas Moran
         Sr. Rebecca Burke                                                     Pastoral Center
         Pastoral Center                                                       Ph. (301) 853-4518
         Ph. (301) 853-5331                                                    Fax (301) 853-7670
         Fax (301) 853-7660                                          
                                                                      Evangelization—Evangelization planning, training, outreach,
African American Catholics                                            consulting programs and resources.
         Rev. Msgr. Raymond East                                               Martha Fernandez-Sardina
         Pastoral Center                                                       Pastoral Center
         Ph. (301) 853-4579                                                    Ph. (301) 853-4596
         Fax (301) 853-7671                                                    Fax (301) 853-7660                                               

Birthing and Care Program—Pro-Life outreach & assistance to           Family Life and Worship—Training for Liturgical ministries
uninsured pregnant women                                                       Sr. Constance Ward
         D. Michelle Williams                                                  Pastoral Center
         817 Varnum Street #260                                                Ph. (301) 853-4594
         Washington, DC 20017                                                  Fax (301) 853-7684
         Ph. (202) 526-2229                                          
         Fax (202) 526-1226
                                                                      Family Life                                                     Nick Bagileo
                                                                              Pastoral Center
  Catechist Formation                                                         Ph. (301) 853-4561
         Carolyn McCart                                                       Fax (301) 853-7660
         Pastoral Center                                            
         Ph. (301) 853-4531
         Fax (301) 853-7687                                           Family Planning—Family planning/human sexuality                                              counseling
                                                                               Bill Gorman
Catholic Education—Elementary/High schools
                                                                               Pastoral Center
         Sr. Bernadette Glodek, SND                                            Ph. (301) 853-5338
         145 Taylor Street, NE                                                 Fax (301) 853-7660
         Washington, DC 20017                                        

         Ph. (301) 853-4517
                                                                      Hispanic Pastoral Affairs
         Fax (301) 853-7667
                                                                               Sr. Onellys Villegas
                                                                               Pastoral Center
                                                                               Ph. (301) 853-4566
                                                                               Fax (301) 853-7671
Archdiocesan Office Cont’d
Hispanic Catechesis                                                    Pro-Life
            Sr. Maria Luz Ortiz                                                   Ellen Sarnecky
                                                                                  Pastoral Center
            Pastoral Center
                                                                                  Ph. (301) 853-4555
            Ph. (301) 853-5384                                                    Fax (301) 853-7671
            Fax (301) 853-7687                                          

HIV/AIDS Pastoral Ministry—HIV Awareness/Chastity &                      RCIA/Initiation of Children—Initiation of adults, teens
                                                                         and children into the Catholic Church.
                                                                                  Jeff McGarrity
            Michael Scott
                                                                                  Pastoral Center
            Pastoral Center
                                                                                  Ph. (301) 853-5335
            Ph. (301) 853-5308
            Fax (301) 853-7671                                                    Fax (301) 853-7660

Justice & Service—Public policy,justice & service issues               Religious Education—Parish Catechesis
         Nora Collins                                                          Lawrence Rilla
         Pastoral Center                                                       Pastoral Center
         Ph. (301) 853-5430                                                    Ph. (301) 853-4506
         Fax (301) 853-7671                                                    Fax (301) 853-7687                                            

Ministry for Persons with Disabilities—International                   Security Clearance—Clearance for all youth workers
spiritual group--monthly meetings, annual retreats, pilgrimages                 Dorothy Moore
& fiesta.                                                                       Pastoral Center
                                                                                Ph. (301) 853-4513
            Rose Witkins
            Pastoral Center
            Ph. (301) 853-4560
            Fax (301) 853-7671                                         Women's Vocations
                                                   Sr. Rebecca Burke
                                                                            Pastoral Center
                                                                            Ph. (301) 853-4576
Missions—Info on how children can become missionaries
                                                                            Fax (301) 853-7679
            Sr. Michael Theresa Brauer                            
            Pastoral Center
            Ph. (301) 853-4527
            Fax (301) 853-7684                                         Young Adult Ministry—Parish outreach to ages 20-40
                                                     Bill Gorman
                                                                              Ph. (301) 853-4559
                                                                              Fax (301) 853-7660
Project Rachel—Post-abortion counseling
         Julia Shelava
         817 Varnum Street #260                                        Vocations
         Washington, DC 20017                                                  Rev. Robert Panke
         Ph. (202) 269-HOPE                                                    Pastoral Center
         Fax (202) 526-1226                                                    Ph. (301) 853-4580                                       

                              Maryland—Parish Youth Ministers
                               Listed Alphabetically by Parish
Ascension-Bowie                                     Holy Face Church-Great Mills

        Hope Benson, DRE-PT                                Paul/Ellen Bielewicz, YM-V
        Ph. (301) 262-2227                                 Ph. (301) 994-3383
        Fax (301) 805-5053                                 Fax (301) 994-1547
        12700 Lanham-Severn Rd                             20408 Point Lookout Rd
        P.O. Box 96                                        P.O. Box 106
        Bowie, MD 20719-0096                               Great Mills, MD 20634                     
Church of the Little Flower-Bethesda

        Jeff Thompson—FT                           Holy Family-Mitchellville
        Ph. (301) 320-5233
        Fax (301) 320-2867                                 Pam Rosanski—DRE
        5607 Massachusetts Ave                             Ph. (301) 249-1167
        Bethesda, MD 20816                                 Fax (301) 249-2524                       
                                                           12010 Woodmore Rd
        Sr. Roberta Thompson, SNJM—DRE                     Mitchellville, MD 20717-1599
        Ph. (301) 320-5233                     Holy Ghost Church-Newburg

Church of the Resurrection-Burtonsville                    Rev. David W. Beaubien
                                                           Ph. (301) 259-2515
        Helene Stever, YM-FT                               Fax (301) 259-2289
        Ph. (301) 236-5200 x13                   
        Fax (301) 236-5204                                 15848 Rock Point Rd
        3315 Greencastle Rd                                Newburg, MD 20645
        Burtonsville, MD 20866-1713                Holy Redeemer—College Park

Holy Angels Church-Avenue                                  Marie Winterson, YM-FT
                                                           Ph. 301-474-4299
        Rev. John M. Barry,YM-PT                 
        Ph. (301) 769-3222                                 4902 Berwyn Road                           College Park, MD 20740
        21340 Colton Pl. Road
        Avenue, MD 20609-2422                      Holy Redeemer-Kensington

Holy Cross Church-Garrett Park                             Jason Quigley YM-FT
                                                           Ph. (301) 942-2333
        Terri Lyons, YM-V                                  jquigley@hrs-ken@org
        Ph. (301) 896-6500                                 9705 Summit Ave
        Fax (301) 309-6638                                 Kensington, MD 20895-3699
        4900 Strathmore Ave
        P.O. Box 249
        Garrett Park, MD 20896-0249
   MD—Parish Youth Ministers Cont’d                Mother of God Community-Gaithersburg

                                                          John Paul Poppleton, YM
Immaculate Conception-Mechanicsville
                                                          Ph. (301) 990-0714 or 2060
                                                          Fax (301) 990-2087
       Paula McLeod, DRE-FT
                                                          20501 Goshen Road
       Ph. (301) 884-3123 or 3123
                                                          Gaithersburg, MD 20879
       Fax (301) 884-7437
       28297 Old Village Rd
       P.O. Box 166
       Mechanicsville, MD 20659-0166
                                                   Mother Seton Parish-Germantown
Immaculate Heart of Mary-Lexington Park
                                                          George Gillespie, YM-PT
                                                          Ph. (301) 444-3495
       Janet Harmon, CRE
       Ph. (301) 863-8144                                 Fax (301) 428-4951
       Fax (301) 863-8180                       
                                                          19951 Fr. Hurley Blvd.
       22375 Three Notch Rd
       P.O. Box 6                                         Germantown, MD 20874
       Lexington Park, MD 20653-0166
                                                   Mount Calvary-Forestville

       Sarah Muller, YM-V                                 Cathy Ziegler, PARF-FT
                                                          Ph. (301) 420-4499
       Ph. 301-737-5492                             Fax (301) 735-2005
                                                          6700 Marlboro Pike
                                                          Forestville, MD 20747-3236
Jesus the Divine Word-Huntingtown
                                                   Our Lady Help of Christians-Waldorf
       Tracey Smith, FT-V
       Ph. (301) 855-1825 or (410) 257-4557
                                                          Kathleen White, YM/DRE-FT
       Fax (410) 535-9057                                 Ph. (301) 843-8823
       885 Cox Rd                                         Fax (301) 645-3635
       Huntingtown, MD 20639-9239
                                                                               100 Village Street
                                                          Waldorf, MD 20602-2183
Jesus the Good Shepard-Owings
                                                   Our Lady of Lourdes-Bethesda
       Julia Gatrell, YM-FT
       Ph. (301) 855-0492
                                                          Rev. Daniel J. Malaver, YM-FT
       Fax (410) 257-6334                                 Ph. (301) 654-1287 x19
       1601 West Mount Harmony Rd                         Fax (301) 986-8716
       Owings, MD 20726
                                                          7500 Pearl St                                   Bethesda, MD 20814-3516
Most Holy Rosary-Upper Marlboro
                                                   Our Lady of Mercy-Potomac
       Ron Nosalik, YM-V
       Ph. (301) 856-6826
                                                          Edward Kent, YM-FT
       Fax (301) 856-3944                                 Ph. (301) 365-1415 x238
                                                          Fax (301) 365-3104
       Mary Farrimond, DRE-V
                                                          9200 Kentsdale Dr
       (301) 868-5475                                     Potomac, MD 20854-4529
       11704 Duley Station Rd                   
       Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-7955
   MD—Parish Youth Ministers Cont’d             St. Aloysius-Leonardtown

                                                        Leonard Wathen YM/DRE-V
Our Lady of the Presentation-Poolesville
                                                        Ph. (301) 475-8064
                                                        Fax (301) 475-8762
       Gus Creedon, YM-V
                                                        22800 Washington St
       Ph. 301-349-2045
                                                        P.O. Box 310
                                                        Leonardtown, MD 20650-0310
       17220 Tom Fox Ave
       P.O. Box 428
       Poolesville, MD 20837
                                                St. Andrew Kim-Olney
       Maggie Nightingale, DRE-V
       Ph. (301) 972-8896                               Dawn Woods, YM-FT
                                                        Ph. 301-924-8330
       Fax (301) 349-5423                           Fax 301-924-8332
Our Lady Queen of Poland-Silver Spring                  17615 Old Baltimore Rd
                                                        Olney, MD 20832
       Rev. Klemens Dabrowski,
       Ph. (301) 589-1857                       St. Anthony-North Beach
       Fax (301) 589-4401
       9700 Rosensteel Ave                              Debbie Wheeler, CRE-YM-FT
       Silver Spring, MD 20910-3760                     Ph. (301) 855-0897                         Fax (301) 855-5656
                                                        8900 Bay Ave
Our Lady of Sorrows, Takoma Park
                                                        P.O. Box 660
                                                        North Beach, MD 20714-0660
       Fr. Manuel Ingelmo, Vicar at the
       Parish – Hispanic
                                                 St. Bartholomew-Bethesda
       Ph. (301) 891-3500
       Fax (301)891-1523
                                                        Kristi Andrews, YM-FT
                                                        Ph. (301) 229-8310
       Gloria Montas, DRE
                                                        Fax (301) 229-7998
       1006 Larch Ave
                                                        7212 Blacklock Rd
       Takoma Park, MD 20912-6521
                                                        Bethesda, MD 20817-4799
Our Lady Star of the Sea-Solomons
                                                St. Bernadette-Silver Spring
       Tony/Kathy Weakly, YM-V
       Ph. (410) 326-3535                               Fr. John Caulfield, YM
       Fax (410) 326-3679                               Ph. (301) 593-0357
       50 Alexander Lane                                Fax (301) 593-3088
       P.O. Box 560                           
       Solomons, MD 20688-0560                             Jane Bailey, DRE
                                                        Ph. (301) 593-5104
Shrine of St. Jude-Rockville                            Fax (301) 593-3088
       Michelle Ardillo, YM-V                           70 University Blvd. East
       Ph. (301) 946-8200                               Silver Spring, MD 20901
       H. (301)946-3447
       Fax (301) 946-4527
       12701 Veirs Mill Rd
       Rockville, MD 20853-3598
       MD—Parish Youth Ministers Cont’d        St. Elizabeth-Rockville

St. Bernadine of Siena-Suitland
                                                      Becca Ferris, YM-FT
                                                      Ph. (301) 881-1380
       Charles Butler, YM-PT
                                                      Fax (301) 881-3068
       Juanita Marsh, DRE-PT
       Ph. (301) 736-0707
                                                      917 Montrose Rd
       Fax (301) 736-2984
                                                      Rockville, MD 20852
       2400 Brooks Dr
                                               St. Francis de Sales Church-Benedict
       Suitland, MD 20746-1101

St. Bernard of Clairvaux-Riverdale Park               Kaye Oliver, YM-V
                                                      Ph. (301) 274-3825
       Rita Waldron, YM-V                             Fax (301) 274-0689
       Mary Windsor, YM-V                   
       Ph. (301) 277-1000                             7185 Benedict Ave
       Fax (301) 277-3464                             P.O. Box 306
                                                      Benedict, MD 20612-0306
       Rusty Kolodrubetz, DRE-V
       Ph. (301) 277-4220                      St. Francis Assisi-Derwood
       Fax (301) 277-3464
       5700 St. Bernard’s Dr                          Stephen Sanchez, YM-FT
       Riverdale, MD 20737-2102                       Ph. (301) 840-1407
                                                      Fax (301) 258-5080
St. Catherine Laboure-Wheaton                         6701 Muncaster Mill Rd
                                                      Derwood, MD 20855-1543
       Kelly Flannery                       
       Ph. (301) 946-3636                      St. George Catholic Church-Valley Lee
       Fax (301) 946-5064
                                                      Kate Beamer, YM-V
       11801 Claridge Road                            Ph. (301) 994-0607
       Wheaton, MD 20902                              H. (301) 872-5667
                                                      Fax (301) 994-1793
St. Columba-Oxon Hill
                                                      19212 St. George Church Rd
       Rev. David J. Hoen, YM-V
                                                      P.O. Box 9
       Ph. (301) 567-5506
                                                      Valley Lee, MD 20692-0009
       Fax (301) 567-6546
       7804 Livingston Rd
                                               St. Hughs-Greenbelt
       Oxon Hill, MD 20745-1731
                                                      Albert Kovacic, YM-PT
                                                      Ph. (301) 474-4322
St. Edward the Confessor-Bowie                        Fax (301) 474-9263
       Lynnea Mumola, YM-V                            135 Crescent Rd
       Ph. 301-860-0369                               Greenbelt, MD 20770-1884
       Fax (301) 249-1303

       Maureen Curtis, DRE-PT
       Ph. (301) 249-9599
       Fax (301) 249-1303
       16304 Pond Meadow Lane
       Bowie, MD 20716-1863               82
  MD—Parish Youth Ministers Cont’d                      St. John the Baptist-Silver Spring

St. Ignatius—Fort Washington                                   Angela Busby, YM-FT
                                                               Ph. (301) 622-3933
       Sr. Maria Eleanora Sacnahon, MCST, DRE/YM               Fax (301) 625-9266
       Ph. (301) 567-4740                                      12319 New Hampshire Ave
       Fax (301) 567-0156                                      Silver Spring, MD 20904-2998                               
       2315 Brinkley Road
       Fort Washington, MD 20444                        St. John the Evangelist-Clinton
St. Jane Frances de Chantal-Bethesda
                                                               Amy Ekeh—DRE
                                                               Ph. (301) 868-1070
       Anne Marie Cribbin, YM-FT
       Ph. (301) 530-1640                                      Fax (301) 856-8941
       Fax (301) 530-8081                                      8908 Old Branch Ave
                                                               Clinton, MD 20735-2527

                                                        St. John the Evangelist-Silver Spring
       Sr. Sally Daniel, DRE-FT
                                                               Theresa McIntyre, YM-PT
       9701 Old Georgetown Rd
                                                               Ph. 301-6l81-7663
       Bethesda, MD 20814-1795
                                                               Fax (301) 681-8793
St. Jerome—Hyattsville
                                                               Cathy Ellis, YM-V
       Eileen M. Stevans, YM
       Ph. 301-927-6684
       Fax 301-927-9167
                                                               Sr. Roberta Mary Harding, DRE-FT
                                                               Ph. (301) 681-7634
       5205 43rd Avenue
                                                               Fax (301) 681-8793
       Hyattsville, MD 20781
                                                               10103 Georgia Ave
St. John Francis Regis-Hollywood
                                                               Silver Spring, MD 20902-5696

       Mr.& Mrs. Skip Jones, YM-V                       St. John Vianney-Prince Frederick
       Ph. (301) 373-2281
       Fax (301) 373-8984                                      Jan Pedone, DRE-FT
       43927 St. John’s Rd                                     Ph. (410) 535-4395
       P.O. Box 69                                             Fax (410) 535-4422
       Hollywood, MD 20636                                     105 Vianney Ln                                 Prince Frederick, MD 20678-4123
St. John Neumann-Gaithersburg
                                                        St. Joseph Ponfret-Pomfret
       Theodore Musco, YM/DRE-FT
       Ph. (301) 977-5492
                                                               Marjorie Transue, YM-PT
       Fax (301) 330-3235                                      Ph. (301) 870-3041
       8900 Lochaven Dr                                        Fax (301) 609-7564
       Gaithersburg, MD 20882-4460
                                                               4590 St. Joseph Way                               Pomfret, MD 20675                              

 MD—Parish Youth Ministers Cont’d                St. Mary, Star of the Sea-Indian Head

St. Mark the Evangelist-Hyattsville, MD                 Rev. William Goode
                                                        Ph. (301) 753-9177
       Jose Amaya,DRE                                   Fax (301) 753-6995
       Ph. (301) 422-7822                               30 Mattingly Ave
       Fax (301) 422-2313                               Indian Head, MD 20640-1794
       7501 Adelphi Rd                        
       Hyattsville, MD 20783-1999                 St. Marys-Barnesville

St. Martin of Tours-Gaithersburg                        Elizabeth Smith, DRE-PT
                                                         Ph. (301) 972-8660
       Beth Goslin, YM-FT                               18230 Barnesville Rd
       Ph. (301) 990-8303                               P.O. Box 67
       Fax (301) 990-7538                               Barnesville, MD 20838-0067
       201 South Frederick Ave
       Gaithersburg, MD 20877-2393               St. Marys-Bryantown
                                                        Sue Wolfe, DRE-FT
St. Mary of the Assumption-Upper Marlboro               Ph. (301) 274-3800
                                                        Fax (301) 274-0253
       Trudy Stanek, YM-V                               13715 Notre Dame Place
       Ph. (301) 627-3255                               Bryantown, MD 20617
       H. (301) 627-6232                      
       Fax (301) 627-5533
                                                 St. Marys-Landover Hills
       14908 Main St
       Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-3143
                                                        Patricia Fitzmurico, DRE-PT
                                                        Ph. (301) 577-2478
St. Mary of the Mills-Laurel
                                                        Fax (301) 306-5543
                                                        7401 Buchanan St
       Erin Callen Maya, YM-PT
                                                        Landover Hills, MD 20784-2323
       Ph. (301) 725-3080
       H. (301) 776-5928
       Fax (301) 725-2409                        St. Marys-Piscataway
                                                        Paola Addamiano-Carts, YM
       Nancy Vawter, YM-PT                              Ph. (301) 292-0527
       Ph. 301-706-8113                                 Fax (301) 292-8786                                 13401 Piscataway Rd
       114 St. Mary’s Place                             Clinton, MD 20735
       Laurel, MD 20707-4098

St. Marys—Newport                                St. Marys-Rockville

       Rev. Fred McIntyre, YM-PT                        Elizabeth Creamer, YM, PT
       Ph. (301) 934-8825                               Ph. (301) 762-8750
       Fax (301) 934-0245                               Fax (301) 424-5579
       11555 St. Mary’s Church Road                     520 Veirs Mill Rd
       Charlotte Hall, MD 20622                         Rockville, MD 20852

       MD—Parish Youth Ministers Cont’d         St. Peter-Waldorf
                                                       Alice Culbreth, YM/PA-FT
St. Matthias the Apostle-Lanham
                                                       Ph. (301) 843-8916
                                                       Fax (301) 843-3163
       Donna Stewart-Moore, YM-PT
                                                       3320 St. Peter Drive
       Ph. (301) 459-4814
                                                       Waldorf, MD 20601-2359
       Fax (301) 306-4582
       9475 Annapolis Rd                        St. Philip the Apostle-Camp Springs
       Lanham, MD 20706-3020
       Sr. Susanne Bunn, DRE-FT                        Fr. Thomas Lahood, YM-FT                        Ph. (301) 423-4244
                                                       Fax (301) 423-1226
St. Michael the Archangel-Silver Spring      
                                                       5416 Henderson Way
       Mary Ann Hoffman, DRE-PT                        Camp Springs, MD 20746-4305
       Ph. (301) 589-1155
       Fax (301) 589-3470                       St. Pius X-Bowie
       824 Pershing Dr                                 Tiffany Farley, YM-PT
       Silver Spring, MD 20910-4471                    Ph. (301) 262-2141                          Fax (301) 262-2632
                                                       Leigh Hampton, YM-PT
St. Nicholas-Laurel                                    Ph. (301) 262-2141
                                                       3300 Moreland Pl
       Margaret Thibodeaux, YM-FT
                                                       Bowie, MD 20715-1843
       Ph. (301) 725-9622
       Fax (301) 490-1527                      St. James Church-Mt. Ranier
       8603 Contee Rd
                                                       Anna Hyatt, DRE-FT
       Laurel, MD 20708-1499
                                                       Ph. (301) 927-0567
                                                       3628 Rhode Island Ave
St. Patrick-Rockville
                                                       Mt. Rainier, MD 20712-2006

       Sara Blauvelt, FT-DRE                   St. Margaret-Seat Pleasant
       Ph. (301) 924-2284
       Fax (301) 929-3017                              Shirritta Ferguson, YM-V
       4101 Norbeck Rd                                 Ph. (301) 336-3344
       Rockville, MD 20853                             Fax (301) 336-5501
                                                       411 Nova Ave
St. Paul-Damascus                                      Capitol Heights, MD 20743
                                                St. Raphael-Rockville
       Stephanie Conlan, YM-V
       Ph. (301) 253-6796
                                                       Patrick Diener, YM-FT
       Fax (301) 391-6755                              Ph. (301) 762-2143 x119                               Fax (301) 762-1528
       9249 Damascus Rd
                                                       1592 Kimblewick Rd
       Damascus, MD 20872-1298                         Rockville, MD 20854-6198
St. Peter-Olney
                                                St. Rose of Lima-Gaithersburg
       Youth Ministry Contact                          Tom Hild, YM/DRE-FT
       Ph. (301) 570-8125                              Ph. (301) 948-7545
       Fax (301) 570-8128                              Fax (301) 869-2170
       2900 Sandy Spring Rd                            11701 Clopper Rd
       Olney, MD 20832-1520                            Gaithersburg, MD 20878-1024               
                   Maryland—High School Campus Ministers
                        Listed Alphabetically by School
 Academy of the Holy Cross-Kensington               Our Lady of Good Counsel High School-Wheaton
 Ph. (301) 942-2100                                 Kathryn Heetderks, CM-FT
Fax (301) 929-6440                                  Ph. (301) 942-1155 x145
4920 Strathmore Avenue                              Fax (301) 942-3656
Kensington, MD 20895                                11601 Georgia Avenue                                  Wheaton, MD 20902
Principal: Sr. Katherine Kase, CSC
Girls: Grades 9-12

                                                     St. Ann High School-Hyattsville
Bishop McNamara High School-Forestville              Ph. (301) 559-5500
Tonya Bubolz, CM-FT                                  Fax (301) 853-6985
Ph. (301) 735-8401                                   4901 Eastern Avenue
Fax (301) 735-0831                                   Hyattsville, MD 20782
6800 Marlboro Pike
Forestville, MD 20747                                        St. Mary Ryken High School-Leonardtown
                                                    22600 Camp Calvert Road
                                                    Leonardtown, MD 20650
Connelly School of the Holy Child-Potomac           Ph. (301) 475-2814
Ph. (301) 365-0955                                   Fax (301) 475-7972
Fax (301) 365-0981
9029 Bradley Blvd.
                                                    St. Vincent Pallotti High School-Laurel
Potomac, MD 20854
                                                    Nancy Vawter, CM-FT
                                                    Ph. (301) 725-3228
DeMatha Catholic High School-Hyattsville            Fax (301) 776-4343
Patrick Smith, CM-PT                      
Ph. (301) 864-3666                                  113 St. Mary Place
4313 Madison Street                                 Laurel, MD 20707
Hyattsville, MD 20781
                                                    Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart-Bethesda
Elizabeth Seton High School-Bladensburg             Ph. (301) 657-4322
Julia Dienno, CM-PT                                 Fax (301) 657-2381
Ph. (301) 864-4532                                  9101 Rockville Pike
Fax (301) 864-8946                                  Bethesda, MD 20814
5715 Emerson Street                       
Bladensburg, MD 20710
                                                     The Heights School-Potomac
Sr. Regina Hlavac, CM-PT                             Ph. (301) 365-4300                                      Fax (301) 365-4303
                                                     10400 Seven Locks Road
Georgetown Preparatory School-North Bethesda         Potomac, MD 20854
Ph. (301) 493-5000                                   Principal: Mr. Alvaro de Vicente
Fax (301) 493-5905                                   Boys: Grades 3-12
10900 Rockville Pike                                 Private
N. Bethesda, MD 20852
Boys: Grades 9-12
                        Washington, DC—Parish Youth Ministers
                            Listed Alphabetically by Parish
Annunciation-NW                                    Holy Trinity Catholic Church-NW

       Vincent J. Reilly, YM-FT                          Ingrid Sanchez Seymour, YM-FT
       Ph. (202) 362-3323                                Ph. (202) 337-2840
       Fax (202) 237-0652                                Fax (202) 337-9048                         3513 N St., NW
       3810 Massachutsetts Avenue, NW                    Washington, DC 20007
       Washingon, DC                           
       Leslie Carson, YM-PT
       Ph. (202) 561-4178                                 Rev. Quesnel Delvard, YM/DRE-FT
       Fax (202) 561-0336                                 Ph. (202) 726-6262
       3411 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., SE               Fax (202) 722-7170
       Washington, DC 20032                                                     6000 Georgia Avenue, NW
                                                          Washington, DC 2001
Church of the Incarnation-NE                    

       Jackie Greenfield, YM-V                     Our Lady of China—NW
       Ph. (301) 552-1438                         Elizabeth Hum, YM-V
                                                          Ph. (202)210-0358
       Toni Sullivan, DRE-V                               H. (301) 468-6127
       Ph. (202) 936-0942                                                        3017 4th Street
Holy Comforter St. Cyprian-SE                             Washington, DC 20017

                                                   Our Lady of Perpetual Help-SE
       Paula Lancaster, YM-PT
       Ph. (202) 546-1885                                 Millicent Hawkins, YM-PT
       Fax (202) 544-1385                                 Ph. (202) 678-4999
       1357 East Cpitol St., SE
                                                          Fax (202) 610-3189
       Washington, DC 20003                               1600 Morris Road., SE                             Washington, DC 20020
Holy Name-NE
                                                   Our Lady of Victory-NW
       Cheryl Bradshaw, DRE-FT
       Ph. (202) 397-2525                                 Jane Zilles Soberano, DRE-FT
       Fax (202) 397-6639                                 Ph. (202) 337-4835
       920 Eleventh Street, NE                            Fax (202) 338-4759
       Washington, DC 20002                               4755 Whitehaven Pkwy., NW
                                                          Washington, DC 20007
Holy Redeemer-NE                                

       Frances K. Williams, DRE
       Ph. (202)347-7510
       Fax (202) 628-0401
       206 New York Avenue, NE
       Washington, DC 20001
WDC—Parish Youth Ministers Cont’d             St. Anthony of Padua-NE

Our Lady Queen of Peace-SE                            Susan Dodson, YM-PT
                                                      Ph. (202) 526-8822
       Jamiika Frye, YM-V                             Fax (202) 526-1543
       Ph. (202) 582-8600                             1029 Monroe St., NE
       Fax (202) 575-3317                             Washington, DC 20017
       3800 Ely Place, SE                   
       Washington, DC 20019               St. Benedict the Moor-NE
                                                      Johnice Richardson, DRE-PT/YM-AAYM
Our Lady Queen of the Americas-NW                     Ph. (202) 397-3897
                                                      Fax (202) 388-7874
       Teresita Castillo, YM, HYM-V         
       Ph. (202)291-3659                              320 21st Street, NE
                                                      Washington, DC 20002
       Sr. Felizra Blazquez, DRE/YM-FT
       Ph. (202) 332-8838                     St. Francis de Sales-NE
       Fax (202) 332-2967
       2200 Califonia St., NW                         Michael Flynn, YM-FT
       Washington, DC 20008                           Ph. (202) 529-7451
                                                      Fax (202) 529-0050
Sacred Heart Parish-DC                                2015 Rhode Island Ave., NE
                                                      Washington, DC 20018
       Sonia Marlene Aquino, YM             
       Carlos Aquino, HYM
       Ph. 202-234-8000                               Jan Simmons-Kelliebrew, YM-V
       H. 301-622-1312                      
       Fax 202-234-9159                      St. Frances Xavier-SE
       3211 Sacred Heart Way
       Washington, DC 20010                           Robert Fuller, YM-PT
                                                      Ph. (202) 574-4749
St. Aloysius-NW                                       Fax (202) 574-0392
                                                      2800 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
       Peggy Skylar, DRE-PT                           Washington, DC 20020
       Ph. (202) 336-7200                   
       Fax (202) 842-3693
       19 Eye St., NW                                 Jennifer Wright—YM,V
       Washington, DC 20001                           Ph. (202) 575-2794                     St. Gabriel Church-NE

St. Anns-NW                                           Matthew Gilchrist, YM-V
                                                      Ph. (202) 829-9890
       Jacob Geurkink, DRE-FT                         Fax (301) 291-0334
       Ph. (202) 966-6288                             26 Grant Circle
       Fax (202) 966-7722                             Washington, DC 20011
       4001 Yuma St., NW
       Washington, DC 20016

St. Joseph on Capitol Hill-NE                             St. Theresa Avila-SE

                                                                  Bernadette Catalan, YM-V
        Jacob Geurkink, DRE-PT
                                                                  Ph. (202) 678-3709
        Ph. (202) 547-1223
                                                                  Fax (202) 678-3325
        Fax (202) 547-1489
        313 Second St., NE
                                                                  1430 Minnesota Ave., SE
        Washington, DC 20002
                                                                  Washington, DC 20020
                                                          St. Thomas More-SE
St. Luke-SE
                                                                  Catherine Legowitz, DRE-V
                                                                  Ph. (202) 562-0431
        Terrenthia Sweeney, YM-V
                                                                  Fax (202) 563-7347
        Ph. (202) 582-8219
        Fax (202) 584-3421
                                                                  Clinton Ray, AAYM
        4925 East Capitol St., NE
                                                                  Ph. 301-735-9161
        Washington, DC 20019
                                                          Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament-NW
St. Martin of Tours-NW                                            Barbara O’Brien, YM/PT
                                                                  Ph. (202) 363-8938
        Maxine LeGall, YM                                         Fax (202) 966-9255
        Ph. (202) 232-1144                                        14 M St., SE
        Fax (202) 832-6772                                        Washington, DC 20003
        1908 North Capitol St., NW                       
        Washington, DC 20002                                    Rob Maro, DRE

                                       DC—High School Campus Ministers
                                         Listed Alphabetically by School
   Archbishop Carroll High School-NE                          Gonzaga College High School-NW
   4300 Harewood Rd., NE                                      Rev. Robert Rokusek, CM-FT
   Washington, DC 20017                                       Ph. (202) 336-7100
   Ph. (202) 529-0900                                         Fax (202) 336-7164
   Fax (202) 526-8879                                         19 Eye Street, NW
                                                              Washington, DC 20001
   Georgetown Visitation Prep School-NW
   Kathleen Frank, CM-FT
   Ph. (202) 337-3350
                                                              St. Anselm's Abbey School-NE
   Fax (202) 342-5733
                                                              Ph. (202) 269-2350
   1524 35th Street, NW
                                                              Fax (202) 269-2373
   Washington, DC 20007
                                                              4501 South Dakota Ave., NE
                                                              Washington, DC 20017

   Cynthia Cameron, DRE-FT                                    St. John's College High School-NW                                          Joseph Trimble, CM-FT
                                                              Ph. (202) 363-2316
                                                              Fax (202) 686-5172
                                                              2607 Military Road., NW
                                                              Washington, DC 20015
                      Archdiocese of Washington Youth Ministers
                          Listed Alphabetically by Last Name
LAST                  FIRST            PARISH                                     PHONE
Addamiano-Carts, YM   Paola            St. Mary's-Piscataway                      (301) 292-0527
Amaya, DRE            Jose             St. Mark the Evangelist-Hyattsville, MD    (301) 422-7822
Andrews, YM-FT        Kristi           St. Bartholomew-Bethesda                   (301) 229-8310

Ardillo, YM-V         Michelle         Shrine of St. Jude-Rockville               (301) 946-8200

Barrasso, DRE-FT      Deacon Anthony   Sacred Heart Church-LaPlata                (301) 934-3386
Barry, YM             Fr. John         Our Lady's Church at Medley’s Neck -       (301) 475-8403
Beamer, YM-V          Kate             St. George Catholic Church-Valley Lee      (301) 994-0607
Beaubien              Rev. David       Holy Ghost Church-Newburg                  (301) 259-2515
Benson, DRE-PT        Hope             Ascension-Bowie                            (301) 262-2227
Bielewicz, YM-V       Paul/Ellen       Holy Face Church-Great Mills               (301) 994-3383
Blauvelt, DRE-FT      Sara             St. Patrick-Rockville                      (301) 924-2284
Blazquez, DRE/YM-FT   Sr. Felizra      Our Lady Queen of the Americas-NW          (202) 332-8838
Bradshaw, DRE-FT      Cheryl           Holy Name-NE                               (202) 397-2525
Busby, YM-FT          Angela           St. John the Baptist-Silver Spring         (301) 622-3933
Butler, YM-PT         Charles          St. Bernadine of Siena-Suitland            (301) 736-0707
Carson, YM-PT         Leslie           Assumption-SE                              (202) 561-4178
Castillo, HYM-V       Teresita         Our Lady Queen of the Americas-NW          (202) 291-3659
Catalan, YM-V         Bernadette       St. Theresa Avila-SE                       (202) 678-3709
Caulfield, YM         Fr. John         St. Bernadette-Silver Spring               (301) 593-0357
Conlan, YM-PT         Stephanie        St. Paul-Damascus                          (301) 428-0558
Creamer, YM-PT        Elizabeth        St. Mary's-Rockville                       (301) 762-8750
Creedon, YM-V         Gus              Our Lady of the Presentation-Poolesville   (301) 349-2045
Cribbin, YM-FT        Anne Marie       St. Jane Frances de Chantal-Bethesda       (301) 530-1640
Culbreth, YM/CRE-FT   Alice            St. Peter-Waldorf                          (301) 843-8916
Curtis, DRE           Maureen          St. Edward the Confessor-Bowie             (301) 249-9599
Dabrowski,            Fr. Klemens      Our Lady Queen of Poland-Silver Spring     (301) 589-1857
Delvard, YM/DRE-FT    Fr. Quesnel      Nativity-NW                                (202) 726-6262
Diener, YM-FT         Patrick          St. Raphael-Rockville                      (301) 762-2143 x119
Dodson, YM-PT         Susan            St. Anthony of Padua-NE                    (202) 526-8822
Ekeh, DRE             Amy              St. John the Evangelist-Clinton            (301) 868-1070
Ellis, YM-V           Cathy            St. John the Evangelist-Silver Spring      (301) 585-2496
Farley, YM-PT         Tiffany          St. Pius X-Bowie                           (301) 262-2141
Farrimond, DRE-V      Mary             Most Holy Rosary-Upper Marlboro            (301) 868-5475

                      Archdiocese of Washington Youth Ministers
                      Listed Alphabetically by Last Name (cont’d)

LAST                  FIRST            PARISH                                    PHONE
Ferguson, YM-V        Shirritta        St. Margaret-Seat Pleasant                (301) 336-3344
Ferris, CYM-FT        Becca            St. Elizabeth-Gaithersburg                (301) 881-1380
Fitzmrurico, DRE-PT   Patricia         St. Mary's-Landover Hills                 (301) 577-2478
Flannery              Kelly            St. Catherine Laboure-Wheaton             (301) 946-3636
Flynn, YM-FT          Michael          St. Francis de Sales-NE                   (202) 529-7451
Frye, YM-V            Jamiika          Our Lady Queen of Peace-SE                (202) 582-8600
Fuller, YM-PT         Robert           St. Frances Xavier-SE                     (202) 574-4749
Gartrell, YM-FT       Julia            Jesus the Good Shepard-Owings             (301) 855-0492
Geurkink, DRE-FT      Jacob            St. Ann's-NW                              (202) 966-6288
Geurkink, DRE-PT      Jacob            St. Joseph on Capitol Hill-NE             (202) 547-1223
Goode                 Rev. William     St. Mary Star of the Sea-Indian Head      (301) 753-9177
Goslin, YM-FT         Beth             St. Martin of Tours-Gaithersburg          (301) 990-8303
Greenfield, YM-V      Jackie           Incarnation-NE                            (301) 552-1438
Hamlin, YM-V          Cheryl           St. Benedict the Moor-NE                  (202) 397-3895
Harmon, CRE           Janet            Immaculate Heart of Mary-Lexington Park   (301) 863-8793
Hawkins, YM-PT        Millicent        Our Lady of Perpetual Help-SE             (202) 678-4999
Hild, YM/DRE-FT       Tom              St. Rose of Lima-Gaithersburg             (301) 948-7545
Hoen, YM-V            Fr. David J.     St. Columba-Oxon Hill                     (301) 567-5506
Hoffman, DRE-PT       Mary Ann         St. Michael the Archangel-Silver Spring   (301) 589-1155
Hyatt, DRE-FT         Anna             St. James Church-Mt. Ranier               (301) 927-0567
Ingelmo               Fr. Manuel       Our Lady of Sorrows, Takoma Park          (301) 891-3500
Jones, YM-V           Mr.& Mrs. Skip   St. John Francis Regis-Hollywood          (301) 373-2281
Kent, YM-FT           Edward           Our Lady of Mercy-Potomac                 (301) 365-1415
Kolodrubetz, DRE      Rusty            St. Bernard of Clairvaux-Riverdale Park   (301) 277-4220
Kovacic, YM-PT        Albert           St. Hugh's-Greenbelt                      (301) 474-4322
Lahood, YM-FT         Rev. Thomas      St. Philip the Apostle-Camp Springs       (301) 423-4244
Lancaster, YM-PT      Paula            Holy Comforter St. Cyprian-SE             (202) 546-1885
LeGall, YM            Maxine           St. Martin of Tours-NW                    (202) 232-1144
Legowitz, DRE-V       Catherine        St. Thomas More-SE                        (202) 562-0431
Lyons, YM-V           Terri            Holy Cross Church-Garrett Park            (301) 896-6500
Malaver, YM-FT        Fr. Daniel J.    Our Lady of Lourdes-Bethesda              (301) 654-1287 x19
Maya, YM-V            Erin Callen      St. Mary of the Mills-Laurel              (301) 725-3080
McIntyre, YM          Theresa          St. John the Evangelist-Silver Spring     (301) 681-7663
McLeod, DRE-FT        Paula            Immaculate Conception-Mechanicsville      (301) 884-3123 or 3123

LAST                     FIRST         PARISH                                    PHONE
Montas, DRE              Gloria        Our Lady of Sorrows, Takoma Park          (301) 891-3500
Muller, YM-V             Sarah         Immaculate Heart of Mary-Lexington Park   (301) 737-5492
Mumola, YM-V             Lynnea        St. Edward the Confessor-Bowie            (301) 860-0369
Musco, YM/DRE-FT         Theodore      St. John Neumann-Gaithersburg             (301) 977-5492
Nosalik, YM-V            Ron           Most Holy Rosary-Upper Marlboro           (301) 856-3880
O’Brien, YM/PT           Barbara       Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament-NW   (202) 363-8938
Oliver, YM-V             Kaye          St. Francis de Sales Church-Benedict      (301) 274-3825
Pedone, DRE-FT           Jan           St. John Vianney-Prince Frederick         (410) 535-4395
Poppleton, YM            John Paul     Mother of God Community-Gaithersburg      (301) 990-0714 or
Quigley , YM-PT          Jason         Holy Redeemer-Kensington                  (301) 942-2333
Reilly, YM               Vincent       Annunciation-NW                           (202) 362-3323
Rosanski                 Pam           Holy Family-Mitchellville                 (301) 249-1167
Sanchez Seymour, YM-FT   Ingrid        Holy Trinity Catholic Church-NW           (202) 337-2840
Sanchez, YM-FT           Stephen       St. Francis Assisi--Derwood               (301) 840-1407
Skylar, DRE-PT           Peggy         St. Aloysius-NW                           (202) 336-7200
Smith, DRE-PT            Elizabeth     St. Mary's-Barnesville                    (301) 972-8660
Smith, YM-V              Tracey        Jesus the Divine Word-Huntingtown         (301) 855-1825 or (410)
Soberano, DRE-FT         Jane Zilles   Our Lady of Victory-NW                    (202) 337-4835
Stanek, YM               Trudy         St. Mary of the Assumption-Upper Marlboro (301) 627-3255
Stever, YM-FT            Helene        Church of the Resurrection-Burtonsville   (301) 236-5200 x13
Stewart-Moore, YM-PT     Donna         St. Matthias the Apostle-Lanham           (301) 459-4814
Sweeney, YM-V            Terrenthia    St. Luke-SE                               (202) 582-8219
Thibodeaux, YM-FT        Margaret      St. Nicholas-Laurel                       (301) 490-5116
Thompson, YM-FT          Jeff          Church of the Little Flower-Bethesda      (301) 320-5233
Transue, YM-PT           Marjorie      St. Joseph Ponfret-Pomfret                (301) 870-3041
Tremblay, YM             Elisa         Sacred Heart-Bowie                        (301) 262-8064
Vawter, YM-PT            Nancy         St. Mary of the Mills-Laurel              (301) 706-8113
Waldron, YM-V            Rita          St. Bernard of Clairvaux-Riverdale Park   (301) 277-1000
Wathen YM/DRE-V          Leonard       St. Aloysius-Leonardtown                  (301) 475-8064
Weakly, YM-V             Tony/Kathy    Our Lady Star of the Sea-Solomons         (410) 326-3535
Wheeler, CRE-YM-FT       Debbie        St. Anthony-North Beach                   (301) 855-0897
White, YM/DRE-FT         Kathleen      Our Lady Help of Christians-Waldorf       (301) 843-8823
Windsor, YM-V            Mary          St. Bernard of Clairvaux-Riverdale Park   (301) 277-1000
Wolfe, DRE-FT            Sue           St. Mary's-Bryantown                      (301) 274-3800
Woods, YM-FT             Dawn          St. Andrew Kim-Olney                      (301) 924-8330
Wright, YM-V             Jennifer      St. Frances Xavier-SE                     (202) 575-2794
Youth Ministry Contact                 St. Peter-Olney                           (301) 570-8125
Northwest East Deanery                   St. Joseph's on Capitol Hill
St. Aloysius                             St. Peter
St. Augustine                            St. Blaise (Croatian Pastoral Mission)
St. Dominic
St. Gabriel                              High School: St. Anselm's Abbey School
Holy Redeemer
Holy Rosary                              Southeast Deanery
Immaculate Conception                    Assumption
St. Martin of Tours                      Incarnation
St. Mary, Mother of God                  Our Lady Queen of Peace
Nativity                                 Our Lady of Perpetual Help
St. Patrick                              St. Francis Xavier
                                         St. Luke
High Schools                             St. Teresa of Avila
Archbishop Carroll High School           St. Thomas More
Gonzaga College High School              St. Vincent de Paul

Northwest West Deanery                   Upper Montgomery County
St. Ann                                  Barnesville:         St. Mary
Annunciation                             Damascus:            St. Paul
Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament          Darnestown:          Our Lady of the Visitation
Epiphany                                 Derwood:             St. Francis of Assisi
Holy Trinity                             Gaithersburg:        St. John Neumann
St. Louis                                                     St. Rose of Lima
St. Matthew's Cathedral                                       St. Martin
Shrine of the Sacred Heart               Germantown:          Mother Seton
St. Stephen Martyr                       Norbeck:             St. Patrick
St. Thomas the Apostile                  Olney:               St. Peter
Our lady Queen of the Americas           Rockville:           Our Lady of China Pastoral Mission
Our Lady of Victory                                           Shrine of St. Jude
                                                              St. Mary
High Schools                             Silver Spring:       Our Lady of Grace (Leisure World)
St. John's College High School           Wheaton:             St. Catherine Laboure
Georgetown Visitation Prep
                                         Schools:             Good Counsel High School
Northeast Deanery
Holy Comforter/ St. Cyprian              Middle Montgomery County
Holy Name                                Bethesda:            Little Flower
St. Anthony                                                   Our Lady of Lourdes
St. Benedict the Moor                                         St. Bartholomew
St. Francis de Sales                                          St. Jane de Chantal

                                        DEANERIES (CONTINUED)
Garrett Park:    Holy Cross                            St. Vincent Pallotti
Kensington:      Holy Redeemer                         DeMatha High School
Potomac:         Our Lady of Mercy
Rockville:       St. Elizabeth                         Middle Prince George's County
                 St. Raphael                           Bowie:            Ascension
Schools                                                                  Sacred Heart
Mater Dei                                                                St. Edward the Confessor
Academy of the Holy Cross                                                St. Pius X
Connelly School of the Holy Child                      Cheverly:         St. Ambrose
County Day School of the Sacred Heart (Stone Ridge)    Landover:         St. Joseph
Georgetown Preparatory School                          Landover Hills: St. Mary
The Heights School                                     Lanham:St. Matthias
                                                       Mitchellville:    Holy Family
Lower Montgomery County                                Riverdale:        St. Bernard
Burtonsville:    Resurrection                          Seat Pleasant:    St. Margaret of Scotland
Silver Spring:   Christ the King
                 Our Lady Queen of Poland &            Southern Prince George's County
                 St. Maximillian Kolbe                 Baden:            St. Michael
                 Our Lady of Vietnam                   Camp Spring:      St. Philip the Apostle
                 St. Bernadette                        Clinton: St. John the Evangelist
                 St. Camillus                          Forestville:      Holy Spirit
                 St. John the Baptist                                    Mount Calvary
                 St. John the Evangelist               Hillcrest Hghts: Holy Family
                 St. Michael the       Archangel       Oxon Hill:        St. Columbia
                                                                         St. Ignatius
Northern Prince George's County                        Piscataway:       St. Mary
Beltsville:      St. Joseph                            Rosaryville:      Most Holy Rosary
Chillum:         St. John the                          Suitland:         St. Bernadine of Siena
                 Baptist de la Salle                   Upper Marlboro: St. Mary of the Assumption
College Park:    St. Andrew Kim
                 Holy Redeemer                         High School: Bishop McNamara
Greenbelt:       St. Hugh
Hyattsville:     St. Jerome                            Calvert County
                 St. Mark                              Benedict:         St. Francis de Sales
Laurel:          St. Mary of the Mills                 Dunkirk:          Jesus the Good Shepherd
                 St. Nicholas                          Huntington:       Mission of Jesus the Divine Word
Mount Rainier: St. James                               North Beach:      St. Anthony
Takoma Park:     Our Lady of Sorrows                   Prince Frederick: St. John Vianney
                                                       Solomons:         Our Lady Star of the Sea
High Schools
Elizabeth Seton High School

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