GRIC opens New Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino by mmcsx

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									November 2009                                                                                                                    Vol 12, No. 11
                                          Serving all seven districts of the Gila River Indian Community

    Ribbon Cutting time at the new Wild Horse Pass Casino and Hotel. From Left: GRIC Lt. Governor, Joseph Manuel, Harold Baugus, Kenneth Manuel, John Strauss,
    Carolyn Williams, GRIC Governor William R. Rhodes, D6 Councilman Anthony Villareal, Sr., Allison Anderson, Deborah Griffin and Dale Enos. (GRIN Photo -
    Roberto A. Jackson)

        GRIC opens New Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino
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Daryl Lynn Jay wins Miss Indian AZ title and passes Balancing Act
crown to 1st attendant                              GRIC struggles with
By Roberto A. Jackson                                                                                                                        bringing forth a balanced
                                         Arizona, Jay said she was honored to
GRIN Reporter
          Daryl Lynn Jay, D6, has
                                         serve the Community during the last                                                                 budget for FY ‘10
                                         eight months and to be only the third
added to her royal credentials by        Community member to hold the title                                                                 By Mihio Manus
besting five other contestants to cap-   of Miss Indian AZ. She was pre-                                                                    GRIN Managing Editor
ture the title of 2009-2010 Miss In-     ceded by Victoria Quintero and Pam
dian Arizona on Oct. 10 2009.            Thompson.
While relinquishing the crown of                                                                                                                      While the Gila River Indian
                                                   During her introduction to                                                               Community (GRIC) has moved fur-
Miss Gila River, Jay said during the     Council, Jay passed on the Miss Gila
pageant she represented herself and                                                                                                         ther into the second month of fiscal
                                         River crown to her 1st Attendant                                                                   year 2010 (FY 2010), the Governor’s
family the best that she could. “I       Kristen Dosela. “I know I have big
was definitely myself.”                                                                                                                     Executive Team struggles with pro-
                                         shoes to fill as Daryl has become the                                                              posing a balanced budget that will ap-
          Jay said she is still deter-   new Miss Indian AZ and I will do the
mined to fulfill the goals she planned                                                                                                      pease both it’s constituency and the
                                         best of my ability to live up to the                                                               Community Council.
as Miss Gila River while represent-      standard she has set for me,” said
ing the State and learning about                                                                                                                      On Sept. 29, the Community
                                         Dosela, D6, a sophomore at South                                                                   Council passed GR-168-09, a resolu-
other Native Communities. “The           Mountain Community College.
biggest thing is being flexible,” said                                                                                                      tion approving continuing GRIC’s op-
                                                   As Miss Gila River, Dosela                                                               erating budget for FY 2009 into FY
Jay of her newfound duties.              now completes a royal flush for the
          Jay’s experience represent-                                                                                                       2010 for 60 days. This continuation
                                         Dosela family as her younger sister                                                                was based on four critical aspects: the
ing GRIC was augmented by her            Starsha is the current Jr. Miss Gila
work with National Congress of                                                                                                              decrease of incoming revenues due to
                                         River. While Jay continues to travel                                                               the national economic recession; the
American Indians (NCAI), United          across Arizona she still has rigid
National Indian Tribal Youth                                                                                                                initial per capita distribution of gam-
                                         plans to graduate from Arizona State                                                               ing revenues to Community members;
(UNITY) and six years on the             University and eventually moving
Akimel O’odham Pee-Posh Youth                                                                                                               needs of departments and districts to
                                         on to Georgetown University. “I                                                                    adequately serve members while pro-
Council with a term as President.        want to be a lobbyist for the Tribe,”
Jay also credits her great-grandpar-                                                                                                        moting economic growth; and the
                                         she said.                                                                                          Community’s effort to devote funds to
ents and godparents who gave her                   Jay was overcome by the
the strength and determination to                                                                                                           long term savings.
                                         support she received from the Com-      Daryl Lynn Jay, the newly proclaimed Miss Indian Arizona
succeed.                                                                                                                                              The continuation allowed
                                         munity during the competition. To       2009-2010, crowns 1st Attendant Kristen Dosela as Miss
          During her official intro-                                             Gila River during a ceremony before Council. (GRIN Photo   Community departments to resume
                                         see the faces of the youth during the
duction on Oct. 21, 2009 before                                                  - Roberto A. Jackson)
                                         pageant was, “very heartwarming.”                                                                      Continued on Page 6
GRIC Tribal Council as Miss Indian
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November 2009                                                                                              GRIN                                                                                      Page 3

                                                       Letter from David C. Gironda/202 Extension
                                                                  I had represented myself at the           location and mitigation of area homes. Other       Chapter XXVI, which states in part:
                                                        MAG hearing on 10-21-09 as a Citizen of             routes exist that would not require these mil-               “In no event shall any real property
                                                        Phoenix, and not representing the Phoenix           lions be spent in this manner.                     within any City Mountain Preserve be sold,
                                                        Mountains          Preservation        Council                 The PMPC would like to make it          traded or otherwise alienated, redesignated or
                                                        (PMPC). Tribal people there asked for more          clear that we are not opposed to the freeway       deleted from the Mountain Preserve except
                                                        information about PMPC, provided below.             itself. It is recognized that the freeway is an    by approval of a majority of the electors vot-
                                                                  The Phoenix Mountains Preserva-           important addition to the road system and          ing thereon,” (Election of 11-5-1985); and
                                                        tion Council was founded in 1970 with the           will both decrease traffic in other areas and                “Notwithstanding any other provi-
       Gila River Indian                                purpose of preserving the mountains within          create economic opportunities that the state       sion of the Charter of the City of Phoenix, no
             News                                       the boundaries of Phoenix so that these             needs. However, the PMPC is adamantly op-          land within any City Mountain Preserve, as
                                                        would be set aside as unique wilderness pre-        posed to the freeway alignment across any          that term is defined in Chapter XXVI of the
                                                        serves, untouched by development with all           part of South Mountain. We encourage your          Charter of the City of Phoenix, shall be sold,
                                                        their natural beauty intact. There is currently     efforts to find an alternative alignment across    traded, alienated, redesignated, leased, or
             MIHIO MANUS                                an issue that threatens the unique pristine         land that does not have such dramatic natural      otherwise deleted or removed from the                        livelihood of the mountains in Phoenix,             beauty, cultural significance and historical in-   Mountain Preserve except by approval of a
          GRIN Managing Editor                          specifically the impending South Mountain           terest. We strongly ask you to consider the        majority of electors voting thereon.” (Elec-
               (520)562-9718                            Freeway. The current proposed alignment of          detrimental effects that the proposed freeway      tion of 12-9-1986)
                                                        the planned Southwest Loop, or South                route will incur and take action from your po-               As in the cited Texas highway
                  JERI THOMAS                           Mountain Freeway SR-202, will severely im-          sition and responsibility to find another route    case, State officials and other agencies can
                       pinge on South Mountain itself, where large         for the freeway.”                                  waste a great deal of taxpayer funds trying to
              GRIN Office Manager                       cuts will have to be blasted out of the moun-                  The planned freeway cannot avoid        get     around     the    protections    over
                    (520)562-9717                       tains to make space for traffic lanes going in      Reservation land without going through a           parklands, trying to rely on so-called en-
                                                        each direction. These will cut across the           portion of the sacred South Mountain Park          dorsements by local municipalities, city
                                                        Main Ridge North, the Main Ridge South              Preserve. As referenced in my letter in the        councils, and regional boards, but fool-
            GINA GOODMAN                                and the Alta Ridge, and will pass through           ASU Dottie Gilbert collection, with Court          ishly not having a consensus of the voters. In                        dedicated Preserve parklands. They will se-         case references cited, as available at             Phoenix, to try to go around provisions to
                                                        verely impact the sacred mountains, cut off       have the voters decide, would be unconstitu-
                                                        access or destroy sacred sites. In response to      s.htm, there are legal issues to any freeway       tional and un-American, as a completely
                                                        this, an official statement of the PMPC’s           that is planned through parklands.                 wasted effort. If they do waste extensive
         ROBERTO A. JACKSON                             standing has been recently sent to all gov-                    Additionally,     the     City     of   funds pursuing an improper freeway route,                      ernmental entities, and news media, as fol-         Phoenix government, including the                  ADOT and MAG should be held accountable
                 Reporter                               lows: “The Phoenix Mountains Preservation           Phoenix Mayor and City Council, cannot en-         for their malfeasance and be subject to judi-
               (520)562-9719                            Council and their membership would like it          dorse or approve any route through mountain        cial actions.
                                                        to be known that we oppose any freeway,             preserves, or willfully allow the transfer or
                                                        parkway or other road alignment that goes           alienation of any mountainous park lands,          David C. Gironda
        Fax: (520)562-9712                              through, encroaches upon or constitutes an          without a vote of the Citizens of Phoenix as       1515 E. Las Palmaritas
                                                        incursion into the South Mountain                   provided within Chapter 26 of the Phoenix          Phoenix, Arizona 85020
          Gila River News
                                                        ranges. The currently planned route for the         City Code, as can be available to you on their
                                                        Freeway will cause hundreds of millions of          website at             (Part Mohawk of the Iroquois)
                                                        this nearly $2 billion project to be used in re-    sources/gateway.asp?pid=13485&sid=3 :
   Material published in the Gila River
  Indian News may not be reproduced in
    any form without consent from the
                                                       Be careful driving along AZ Ave
      Gila River Indian Community.
                                                       Dear Editor,                                         zona Avenue. His lights went on and he             became very agitated and stated he could give
 LETTERS POLICY: GRIN welcomes letters                                                                      pulled me over. A Caucasian officer came to        me more charges if I want to go there.
 and columns from readers. Letters should be
 limited to 200 words and be in good taste.                     I am a resident of District 4. I am an      the car and flashed his light in my face and                 My car was towed away because of
 Material that could be libelous or slanderous is      Elder and a non-drinker. My sister-in-law and        asked if we were drinking. I asked him why         a ticket I forgot to pay a long time ago. That
 not acceptable. All letters or columns should
 be signed with the writerʼs true name, address        I were leaving bingo from the Fort at 3a.m.          he pulled me over. He said because of my           was my fault but the officer did not know this
 and telephone number in the event GRIN may
 need to contact the writer. Only the name of          and saw a police car with their lights off           dirty car and license plate. He kept insisting     until after everything happened. I want our
 the writer will be printed in the paper. Letters or
 columns without a complete signature, name,           parked near a tree. I was going the speed            we were drinking. He then asked me to get          people to know this is going on. Keep your
 address or phone number will not be accept-           limit.                                               out of the car.                                    cars clean, tags clean, and do not use Arizona
 able to GRIN for publication. GRIN reserves
 the right to edit submitted materials for gram-                I saw him turn his lights on then                     Then another non-Caucasian officer       Avenue at night. Try to stay on the rez. Run
 mar, spelling and content.
                                                       quickly start to tail gate me. I did not know        came up in another car. He just stood there        Indians, run. They are coming after you.
 Write to:                                             why he was bothering me. I eventually pulled         quietly. I asked him, in a calm tone, if he had
                   Editor, GRIN
                   P.O. Box 459                        me over just before entering the rez on Ari-         pulled us over because we were Native. He          Elaine Newmoon
                Sacaton, AZ 85247
 Published letters or columns do not necessarily
 reflect the opinion of the editor or Gila River In-
                 dian Community.
                                                       In Memory of Lyle Davis

       Gila River Indian Community
                P.O. Box 97                            Lyle,                                      going with you, I’m gonna
             Sacaton, AZ 85247                                                                    ride…..just kidding Dad, I don’t
                520.562.9500                                      My dear son, I still can’t      want to make you cowboys cry
                                                       believe you’re gone. Memories              when I take your money!”
     William R. Rhodes, Governor                       come flooding back to days when                      Son, you were always smil-
     Joseph Manuel, Lt. Governor                       you were 5 years old, and you would        ing, laughing, and we had great
                                                       come running to the road when I            times you and me.
                                                       came home from work yelling,                         To say good-bye is the
 District #1: Arzie Hogg                               “There’s my daddy!” You were so            hardest thing to do, but know that
              Augustine Enas                           full of life then and up to that fateful   your DAD is ever so proud of you.
 District #2: Jewell Whitman                           day.                                       No one will ever take your place.
 District #3: Rodney Jackson                                      There were times when                     I know what a broken heart
              Myron Schurz                             your mom and I would go to the             feels like, because this father’s heart
 District #4: Barney B. Enos Jr.                       dances, and you were always riding         is truly broken.
              Rebecca Rowe                             on my shoulders, wearing your little                 Creator took you much too
              Darrell Gerlaugh                         cowboy hat. You were so proud of           soon we say. I feel your brother
              John Antone
                                                       that hat, you would say “Daddy, I’m        needed you, so take care of him. My
 District #5: Brenda Robertson                         a cowboy huh?” and I would tell            sons, you both are in my thoughts
              Brian Davis
              Frank Pablo, Sr.                         you, “Yes you are son.”                    everyday, and both of you were
              Delane Enos                                         However, you took your          taken much too young.
 District #6: Anthony Villareal                        own road in life, as all young men                   My comfort in this world
              Albert Pablo                             must do.                                   is, knowing that we’ll all see each
              Terrance B Evans
                                                                  Then there’s that funny,        other one day.
 District #7: Devin Redbird                            silly side of you…coming to the
                                                       house saying, “Dad when are you            Love always,
   Arthur Felder, Tribal Treasurer                     going to another rodeo?” I’d tell you      Dad
  Charmaine Escalante, Community                       “Next week son” and you’d say “I’m         Ricky R. Jackson
         Council Secretary
Page 4                                                                                 GRIN                                                                           November 2009

The Flu Ends with You
By Jeri Thomas                                cent and 40 to 50 percent effective in
                                              preventing illness complications and
PHX. A panel of experts from the Cen-         death.”
ters for Disease Control recently gath-                 Kroger said people with com-
ered to talk to ethnic media about H1N1       promised health should be first to get
flu vaccinations. Disparities and special     the H1N1 vaccination. The list includes
factors affect ethnic communities differ-     diabetics, asthmatics, or people with
ently.                                        chronic heart or lung diseases. Preg-
          The CDC asked for briefings to      nant women should get the vaccine.
get closer and contacted New America          However, the vaccine is not licensed to
Media, host, who has been conducting          be administered to infants younger than
forums around the country. “This [CDC]        6 months.
is the first government agency who has                  The CDC estimates the H1N1
reached out to ethnic media, said             strain has afflicted 40,000 people, an
Sandy Close, Executive Editor and Di-         underestimate, according to Kroger,          Pictured Left to Right: Dr. Andrew Kroger, Medical Officer, National Center for Im-
rector of New America Media. “Just like       and hospitalized 200,000. Statistics         munization and Respiratory Diseases, CDC; Dr. Corey Hebert, Chief Medical Editor,
Obama and the Indian leaders,” refer-         show that every year 36,000 people die       WDSU-NBC; Arleen Porcell-Pharr, Public Affairs Specialist, CDC; and Sandy Close,
ring to the White House Tribal Nations        from complications to the seasonal flu.      Executive Editor, New America Media. (GRIN Photo - Jeri Thomas)
Conference held on Nov. 4.                    The goal of getting the H1N1 vaccina-
                                                                                           have to cocoon yourself among those                      “Adverse events are entered
          Dr. Corey Hebert, Chief Med-        tion is to ward off or prevent complica-
                                                                                           around you to keep the virus from               into a database,” said Hebert, who is
ical Editor, WDSU-NBC and assistant           tions from the flu.
                                                                                           spreading.”                                     also the Medical Director for the
professor of pediatrics at Tulane Uni-                  “The seasonal flu is classified
                                                                                                    In obtaining access to the vac-        Louisiana Recovery School District, and
versity said, “Black, Asian, and Latino       as H3N2. There is one little piece of a
                                                                                           cine, an unidentified reporter from Uni-        is responsible to protect children at 50
communities have a distrust of govern-        protein variation that when injected into
                                                                                           vision Phoenix 33 said people are afraid        schools. He said he had a no-adverse-
ment in lots of ways. We cannot allow         your body your body may react but it will
                                                                                           they will be asked for papers as identifi-      event incident where a child was vacci-
those things to step in the way of sci-       not get Influenza. The next time your
                                                                                           cation at the County Health Dept.,              nated, but the mom did not sign the
ence.”                                        body recognizes the foreign substance
                                                                                           which, according to Pearl, should not           consent. “She could not read. The vac-
          “We have been on a wild ride        you will be immune,” said Hebert. We
                                                                                           happen. “You should only be required to         cine is safe and effective to protect your
for the last 7 months. I hear so many         have been doing this for 30, 40 years,
                                                                                           give consent,” she said, which also can         child.”
untruths about vaccines. We have to be        and we do it every year.
                                                                                           pose a problem.
very careful. Vaccines are a good thing                 Hebert went on to say, “This
when done correctly.” Hebert went on to
say that there was a disease called HIB
                                              [H1N1] is a new disease. There was no
                                              vaccine. Children spread disease like        Extending the 202 through GRIC
meningitis that ‘died’ at his hospital, due   crazy. They are dirty little things. They    By Jeri Thomas
to vaccinations.                              do not wash their hands, they wipe their               The Arizona Republic recently re-     by proxy, announced that the Community
          Dr. Andrew Kroger, Medical Of-      runny noses . . . By next year the next      ported that the Maricopa Association of         would be willing to consider a proposal to
ficer, National Center for Immunization       vaccine will have H1N1.”                     Governments passed a plan to extend Loop        build on tribal land. In actuality, according
and Respiratory Diseases, CDC, said                     Janey Pearl, Public Information    202 through Ahwatukee Foothills and South       to MAG minutes, Lt. Governor Manuel
the H1N1 strain has been detected             Officer and Latino Outreach Coordina-        Mountain Park.                                  replied that the tribe would look at that
throughout the world and the World            tor, Arizona Dept. of Health Services in               Plans for a thoroughfare have been    issue, as it has never been proposed to them.
Health Organization declared a pan-           speaking of immigrant day laborers,          in the works for the past two decades.                     Manuel voted to abstain from the
demic on June 11. Since then, muta-           “Lets face it, employers do not care if      Strong opposition to the loop continues         vote to cut funding for freeway expansion
tions of the strain have not occurred.        you are sick. If you stay home, there are    from many Ahwatukee residents.                  work due to plummeting tax revenue and
However, a recent new twist is that the       other people lined up on the side of the               The proposed loop is designed to      economic downfall.
illness has been detected in household        road for your job.”                          relieve congestion on Interstate 10 East, by-              The MAG Regional Council voted
pets. “Cats, dogs, and ferrets are com-                 Arleen Porcell-Pharr, Public Af-   passing the Phoenix metro area, and con-        to cut its $16 billion freeway-improvement
mon hosts. There is no evidence of pets       fairs Specialist, CDC, said, “We are ask-    necting to Interstate 10 West through           program to $9.4 billion. Many projects were
infecting humans.”                            ing employers to be flexible. This is all    Laveen at 59th Avenue.                          scaled back or shelved.
          Kroger went on to say that the      we can do. We posed this same ques-                    The Gila River Indian Community                  Dennis Smith, executive director
efficacy of the vaccine depends on how        tion to the White House. There is legis-     Council passed resolutions twice against the    of the MAG, said following the meeting, he
healthy an individual is. “In healthy peo-    lation currently being proposed for a        freeway being located on Reservation land.      received a phone call from GRIC Commu-
ple the vaccine is effective 70 to 90 per-    mandatory 5 days of paid leave. You                    According to the Arizona Repub-       nity Manager David White requesting a
                                                                                           lic, approximately two dozen GRIC mem-          meeting with BIA, ADOT, MAG and Con-
                                                                                           bers appeared at the MAG Transportation         gressmen Harry Mitchell and Ed Pastor to
                                                                                           Committee meeting held in downtown              discuss putting the freeway on Tribal land.
                                                                                           Phoenix. A few individuals gave testimony                  Changing the route of the South
                                                                                           in opposition to plans to cut through the       Mountain freeway to connect Chandler to
                                                                                           South Mountains.                                Laveen is far from a done deal. It will take
                                                                                                     After an hour of hearing testi-       weeks to organize the gathering.
                                                                                           mony, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith moved that                    Additionally, ADOT community
                                                                                           the Committee approve the plan and said,        relations director said, “ADOT officials do
                                                                                           “None of the solutions are perfect, but as a    not intend to formally look at any potential
                                                                                           region we have needs that can’t be ignored.”    freeway routes south of Ahwatukee until the
                                                                                                     Although it was reported by the       Gila River Tribal Council repeals two reso-
                                                                                           Arizona Republic that prior to the MAG          lutions it has voted on against having the
                                                                                           vote to approve the extended loop, Lt. Gov-     202 on tribal land.
                                                                                           ernor Joseph Manuel, who sits on the MAG
November 2009                                                                                GRIN                                                                                  Page 5

          Per Capita hits GRIC                                                      New regulations enforce
                                                                                    clean up of Tres Rios Refuge
                                                                                    By Roberto A. Jackson
                                                                                    GRIN Reporter

                                                                                               At Phoenix Inter-
                                                                                    national Raceway (PIR)
                                                                                    NASCAR’s elite race car
                                                                                    drivers negotiate thrilling
                                                                                    turns on the one mile cir-
                                                                                    cuit. Fans enjoy race cars
                                                                                    that average over 100 miles
                                                                                    per hour from one of PIR’s
                                                                                    70,000 plus seats while the
                                                                                    roar of the Subway Fresh
                                                                                    Fit 500 can be heard from
                                                                                    miles around. Outside the
                                                                                    track, authorities are in a
                                                                                    heated race of their own to
                                                                                    halt illegal activities that
                                                                                    are defiling the revitaliza-
                                                                                    tion efforts of environmen-
                                                                                    tal sites.
                                                                                               On Oct. 15, 2009
                                                                                    County Attorney Andrew
                                                                                    Thomas held a press con-
                                                                                    ference at the confluence
                                                                                    of the Gila, Salt and Agua
                                                                                    Fria Rivers to outline a
                                                                                    plan to restore the Tres
                                                                                    Rios Riparian Refuge, a
                                                                                    revitalized ecological site
                                                         Mihio Manus/GRIN           in the west Valley which
                                                                                    includes a portion of the
   Sacaton-Shawn Tsinhnahijinnie, D3, (above) was one of many Commu-                Community’s Westend.
   nity members who opted for the pay card in the Community’s inaugural             Thomas is aligning with
   per capita distribution. However, many chose to be issued a live check and       Arizona Game and Fish as
   waited in line on Mon, Nov. 2, at the Governance Center in Sacaton, Ariz.        well as local law enforce-
   Tsinhnahijinnie said that she feels the amount given was sufficient for this     ment to put the brakes on
   first payment.                                                                   activities that range from
             “We should all be happy that we’re being given this per capita         illicit dumping, trespass-
   and that we’re here,” she said. For those who work and support families,         ing, gang and drug crimes. Debris from polluters lines the banks of the Tres Rios Riparian
   Tsinhnahijinnie says this payment is a welcome boost to their income.            “We are going to be            Refuge at the confluence of the Gila, Salt and Agua Fria Rivers.
             Although all Community members are entitled to Per Capita dis-         reaching out to all part-      (GRIN Photo - Roberto A. Jackson)
   tribution, only those adults who applied for it, received it. This first quar-   ners in law enforcement
                                                                                    and among the people here in Maricopa             ties brings encroachment issues to the fore-
   terly distribution was approximately $300 dollars and comes at a critical
                                                                                    County to work together to clean up and pre-      front for GRIC. Through funding from the
   period in the economy of the Community. Many Community members are
                                                                                    serve the Tres Rios refuge,” Thomas said.         Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) a number of
   feeling the squeeze of a down-turning economy while others are dealing
                                                                                    “The Gila River [Indian] Community would          gates were installed which proved helpful in
   with job losses and work furloughs.
                                                                                    be an important part of that.”                    keeping trespassers out.
             Christopher Louis Rhodd, D3, is another Community member
                                                                                               Efforts include increased patrols and            The problems in the Tres Rios re-
   who has welcomed the additional per capita funds. “They (the tribe) put
   me through school, any other money they want to give me I’m cool,” he            investigations into illegal activities as well as gion barely echo the severity of illegal dump-
                                                                                    a focus on crimes that contribute to the envi-    ing and misuse of the land located in the
                                                                                    ronmental degradation of the Tres Rios Ri-        expanse of the Community. “Trash grows
             For Amber Johns, D2, accepting the payment wasn’t such a black
                                                                                    parian Refuge. “It would be great to have         more trash,” said Corporal Richard Sichling
   and white decision. “At first I was against it,” Johns said, noting that it
   would affect several programs.                                                   support from your Nation on this when we do of the Special Services Division/Rangers
                                                                                    a major clean up in March,” said Thomas re-       with GRPD.
             The D2 resident went on to express that she hoped everyone
                                                                                    ferring to the role of GRIC during clean ups                Typical dump sites include, TVs,
   would be smart with the money.
                                                                                    in the spring at the Tres Rios Festival.          tires, wrecked furniture, used oil, cans of
             It was estimated that 2000 checks were printed by the Per Capita
                                                                                               The Community is also involved in      paint and other building materials such as
   office for those who opted to receive a live paycheck like Kelley Terrazas
                                                                                    its own restoration efforts. Projects include     concrete dry wall and roofing material. Used
   and Rebecca Moreno (pictured below, left to right).
                                                                                    the Pee-Posh Wetlands on 91st Ave north of        oil along with acetone and weed killer has
                                                                                    Baseline and the Gila River Wetlands which        very high drainage potential to contaminate
                                                                                    is south of the Tres Rios Project. Army Corp ground water.
                                                                                    of Engineers is working with GRIC to define                 Large items that are illegally
                                                                                    their own Tres Rios Project along the West-       dumped within the Community have a ten-
                                                                                    end.                                              dency to be used as objects aimed at for tar-
                                                                                               The area in and around the Tres        get practice. The mercury found in TVs and
                                                                                    Rios area remains volatile due to drug and        lead in paint contaminates the aquifer and en-
                                                                                    human smuggling and the firing of weapons.        danger local wildlife.
                                                                                    Drug labs were reportedly located in the area               Similarly, around the Tres Rios Ri-
                                                                                    where human and animal remains were re-           parian Refuge sewage affluent streams are
                                                                                    covered. The dumping of toxic materials and mistaken for natural rivers. Despite signage,
                                                                                    industrial waste is active as are incidents in-   it is very common to see entire families hav-
                                                                                    volving illegal hunting and angling.              ing an outing of swimming, and fishing in
                                                                                               Through a special grant the GRIC’s     sewage. The fish in the sewage are also
                                                                                    Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) often consumed as people continue to use
                                                                                    was able to remove 86 tons of trash from the      streams from the sewer for recreation.
                                                                                    Pee-Posh wetlands. Cleaning costs for Tres                  A major clean up of the area begins
                                                                                    Rios and surrounding Community sites are in in March of 2010. “My hope is now that we
                                                                                    the millions of dollars. In times of recession    can build on that to preserve the area and
                                                                                    and cutbacks, there is simply inadequate          clean it up and restore it to its original lus-
                                                                                    funding to address the issue in its entirety.     ter,” Thomas said.
                                                                                               Development of adjacent communi-

   Census Bureau launches Arizona student competition
           The US Census Bureau is calling       through 12 are asked to come up with         Also, the winning design in each group      entry form along with their designs. The
  on Arizona students to use their creativity    ways to say why Census is important to       will be used to assist the Census during    entry form provides the rules and specific
  to help promote the 2010 campaign. The         their community. There are 3 separate        the 2010 promotional campaign.              information about the contest.
  students can help by participating in the      competitions, which are: 3rd-5th Grade:               Deadline to submit entries are                To print the entry form and fly-
  student design contest which will allow        Poster Design 6th-8th Grade: T-Shirt         November 20, 2009. All entries must be      ers, visit the Census Student Design Com-
  the students an opportunity to develop         Logo Design 9th-12th Grade: Video Sub-       mailed to: Attn: 2010 Census Arizona        petition         temporary        website:
  messages on the importance of the census       mission                                      Student Design Comp 850 W. Adams  
  by using posters, T-shirts or video.                   Prizes will be awarded to the top    Street Suite. 110 Phoenix, AZ 85007
           The students from grades 3            3 designs/submissions in each group.                  Every student must submit an
  Page 6                                                                                        GRIN                                                                            November 2009

Balancing Act/from page 1                                                                            thority. We need to approve these resolu-       Verizon that the Community gets every
normal operations under the stipulation that     chasing school supplies.                            tions to address these issues. We need coun-    quarter.
controlled spending measures from Budget                   The second resolution proposed a          cil approval to proceed.”                                 Before the assembled Council,
Modifications 1 and 2 would continue and         shift in GRIC’s Housing program to move                       Beyond motioning to dispense the      GRIC Treasurer, Arthur Felder said that now
that the four percent wage adjustment for FY     away from using tribal Residential Housing          proposed 2010 Budgeting Options, Com-           is the time to make these decisions. “Now
’09 would be retracted effective October         Improvement Program (RHIP) funds toward             munity Council brought forth several offi-      we’re in a situation where we have less than
’09. Controlled spending measures in-            utilizing federal NAHASDA monies, which             cial motions to also address budgetary          60 days to solve these things,” Felder said.
cluded, but were not limited to, eliminating     are provided through the Native American            concerns.                                       “The truth of the matter is we’re spending
the Christmas gift to Community employ-          Housing Assistance and Self Determination                     Councilman Myron Schurz, D3,          more than we make and we have to fix that.”
ees, elimination of GRIC’s Water Rights Set-     Act of 1996. While this option sought to            motioned to direct Governor Rhodes to con-                As GRIC nears the November 25
tlement Day as a paid holiday, reduction in      temporarily suspend the RHIP program, it            duct an assessment on the inventory of the      continuance deadline to come forth with a
travel and also a reduction in Community         afforded the Community a possible budget-           community vehicles and to address the take-     balanced budget, Community departments
department operations budgets by 13.1%.          ary cushion while allowing a re-evaluation          home policy of all tribal vehicles to deter-    continue to operate on 1/12th of their operat-
           With the national unemployment        of RHIP guidelines and the enforcement of           mine justification.                             ing budgets per month.
rate hitting the 10 percent mark in October      RHIP policy.                                                  D6 Councilman, Anthony Villareal                The Executive Team along with the
‘09 and the U.S. Government facing fiscal                  The third resolution proposed a re-       Sr. motioned to postpone the Compensation       Public Information Office have taken to the
2010 with a 176 billion dollar deficit, the      duction in force measure to examine areas           Study until fiscal year 2011. This particular   districts with an outreach program designed
economic crisis that faces the Community is      within GRIC departments where the Com-              study would allow the Community to review       to address the budgetary concerns and fur-
undoubtedly reflective of the greater na-        munity could possibly eliminate positions           and adjust the salaries of Community em-        ther proposed options surrounding reducing
tional economic condition.                       that are not absolutely needed. This option         ployees according to national and regional      the budget to the tune of 35M dollars.
           In a special Council meeting held     also took into consideration the possibility        averages.                                                 Included in these proposed options
on Wed, Oct. 29, GRIC Governor, William          of work furlough days and marking the re-                     Councilman Villareal Sr., also mo-    are:
R. Rhodes said, “Finally it’s here too. We’ve    mainding FY 2010 holidays as unpaid, leave          tioned to direct Governor Rhodes, Treasurer     •A 13.1% reduction to all Community de-
been meeting trying to decide the best way       without pay (LWOP) days.                            Arthur Felder and the Government and Man-       partment operational budgets.
to cut expenses but before we can make res-                And lastly, the fourth resolution         agement Committee to analyze budgetary          •A reprioritization of RHIP.
olutions, we need council’s approval.”           sought to scrutinize income guidelines for fi-      options 3 and 4 for consideration to meet the   •To postpone the compensation study until
           During the special Council meet-      nancial assistance programs, like the Home          goal of a balanced budget without negatively    FY 2011.
ing, the Governor’s Executive Team brought       Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), by                affecting 24/7 departments. Included in the     •A proposal to eliminate the Education Af-
forth four resolutions addressing measures       which Community members are able to gain            motion was to consider cuts without nega-       fordability Program (EAP).
that the team hoped would effectively reduce     assistance in paying their utility bills. In dis-   tively affecting the operation and service of   •A reprioritization of Capital Projects to in-
the budget by approximately 35M dollars.         cussion regarding this particular option, D5        these 24/7 departments.                         clude new buildings for the MIS, Property
The resolutions were presented as 2010           Councilman Frank Pablo, Sr., said, “There                     In a motion made by D4 Council-       and Supply, and Fleet Management build-
Budgeting Options.                               are a lot of people who are making money            man Barney Enos, Jr., it was directed that      ings.
           The first measure addressed elimi-    but are still coming to the districts for utility   Governor Rhodes and Community Manager           •Seven LWOP holidays effective 1/2/10.
nating or lessening funds allocated toward       assistance. People with two incomes.”               David White expedite the Government Re-         •12 LWOP work furlough days, excepting
GRIC’s Education Affordability Program                     Ultimately, Council motioned to           organization project. Furthermore, Council-     24/7 operations.
(EAP) that provides assistance to Commu-         dispense these items under the premise that         man Enos, Jr., motioned to clarify that the               According to Governor Rhodes,
nity parents in purchasing school clothes and    adequate information regarding these reso-          ‘expedition’ be included with the motions re-   the budget is at a critical point. “Money isn’t
supplies for their children. The rationaliza-    lutions was not provided to them to, in turn,       garding the analysis of tribal vehicles and     coming in from tribal entities as it once
tion behind this measure being that along        inform their constituency.                          the budget process for FY 2010.                 had,” Rhodes said. “We’re not exempt from
with the implementation of per capita pay-                 “We need these resolutions to be                    Councilman Darrell Gerlaugh, D4,      the recession. You’ve seen it in the news.
ments are guidelines by which parents of mi-     approved for us to start making moves and           motioned that the Governor and Executive        What we’ve been doing is trimming the fat
nors are able to receive funds from the          taking initiative,” Governor Rhodes said. “I        Team look into the possibility of the Com-      off the budget.”
minor’s trust account for purposes of pur-       don’t have the power. Council has the au-           munity utilizing the RSA dividends from

                                                                  A preview of the 1400 seat entertainment venue housed in the new Wild Horse Pass Casino and Hotel. (GRIN
New Wild Horse Pass Casino and                                    Photo - Mihio Manus)

Hotel/from page 1                                                           The Governor acknowledged that this momentous                      GRIC Lt. Governor, Joseph Manuel said, “It’s
By Mihio Manus                                                    financial endeavor has taken a lot of hard work and planning       going to bring unanticipated revenues that we need, espe-
GRIN Managing Editor                                              on behalf of the Community.                                        cially in the economic times that we’re in. It’s just unbe-
                                                                            “It’s a good asset for the Community. They’ll ben-       lievable that this place is so immaculate. We’re premiere in
CHANDLER-On Fri, Oct. 30, the Gila River Indian Com-              efit from the proceeds coming in and through here. Educa-          the State of Arizona for hotel and Indian casinos. We’re at
munity opened the doors to its new 100,000 square foot Wild       tion gets a big chunk of the money that comes in,” Rhodes          the top and we’re going to stay there.”
Horse Pass Casino. The casino features over 1,000 slot ma-        said.                                                                        Harold Baugus, Chief Executive Officer for the
chines, 71 table games along with five lounges and eight                    The Governor also noted that many other programs         Gila River Gaming Enterprise was thrilled to see the new
new dining facilities.                                            would benefit alongside education such as programs for the         casino come to fruition with such grandeur.
          Billed as Arizona’s premier hotel/casino, the new       elderly.                                                                     “What were going to see is a brand new type of
Wild Horse Pass Casino and Hotel will offer 242 rooms in a                                                                           gaming in Arizona like it’s never seen before. We’ve built
ten story hotel and the finest in upscale service and lodging.                                                                       a multimillion-dollar facility that’s going to be the top of the
          Ernie Stevens, Jr, Chairman of the National Indian                                                                         state for a number of years to come,” Baugus said. “We have
Gaming Association was on hand for the grand opening.                                                                                state of the art gaming as well as eight food outlets that en-
Stevens delivered a message of how important gaming is to                                                                            compass fine and casual dining. Our Shula’s Steakhouse
Indian Country.                                                                                                                      will probably be known the finest steakhouse in Arizona.
          “Even though this is an economic endeavor it re-                                                                           We’re also offering a four-star hotel along with a 1400 seat
ally starts out with culture and it evolves to the business                                                                          entertainment venue which no other casino in Arizona has.
world and economic development. It still comes back to tak-                                                                          This is huge endeavor and commitment for the Community.”
ing care of our economies and communities,” Stevens said.                                                                                      In addressing the state of the national economy,
“We understand this it’s a challenging economy and we’re                                                                             Baugus said that the new Wild Horse Pass Casino and Hotel
working hard to fix it. But I think that the foresight, the ex-                                                                      has been developed as a long-term plan for the Community.
pertise and the work ethic of Indian Country, it really is an                                                                                  “This is was not a short term vision,” he said.
important part of what we’re about.”                                                                                                 “When we started this, the economy was okay. When it
          After the ribbon cutting ceremony, Governor              GRIC Governor William R. Rhodes makes the inau-                   started to go bad, all it caused us to do was change our busi-
William R. Rhodes was given the honor of placing the first         gural spin on a slot machine as Lt. Governor Joseph               ness model and change our marketing strategies into a dif-
bet and spinning the reels of the first slot machine. Rhodes       Manuel watches at the grand opening of the new                    ferent direction. However, this is a long range plan for
didn’t win on the inaugural spin but his luck changed the          Wild Horse Pass Casino and Hotel. (GRIN Photo -                   generations to come for the Community.”
second time around winning $60 dollars.                            Roberto A. Jackson)
 November 2009                                                                                   GRIN                                                                                       Page 7

                                                                                                         Since it’s inception, the CARLOTA Acad-         must abide by.
                                                                                                       emy has trained over 2,400 officers and as-         “After that 8-week training, she’ll be able
                                                                                                       sisted upwards of 88 different police             to go out on her own,” said Corporal
                                                                                                       agencies.                                         Richard Sichling of the Special Services Di-
                                                                                                          On Thurs, Oct. 22, Officer Vanessa Enos        vision/Rangers with GRPD.
                                                                                                       graduated with Class 109 from the CAR-               Sichling also remarked on Enos accom-
                                                                                                       LOTA Academy with distinguished honors,           plishments in graduating with honors from
                                                                                                       sweeping the awards given in areas of phys-       the Academy. “There were students from
                                                                                                       ical fitness, firearms and academics. Enos        Yuma, San Carlos, Casa Grande, all over the
                                                                                                       was also given the coveted Russell L. Dun-        state,” he said. “She was at the very top of
                                                                                                       can award which memorializes a fallen pa-         her class. We’re very proud of Ms. Enos.”
                                                                                                       trol officer from the Apache Junction Police          Before Community Council on Weds,
                                                                                                       Department who was killed in the line of          Nov. 4, Enos was presented as a graduate of
                                                                                                       duty in 1983. This particular award is given      the CARLOTA academy.
                                                                                                       to a member of the graduating class who has          D5 Councilman, Frank Pablo, Sr., con-
                                                                                                       been chosen by his/her peers in the acad-         gratulated Enos saying that he knows it was-
                                                                                                       emy.                                              n’t easy but how remarkable it was that she
                                                                                                         Of the 12 cadets who started the program,       came out on top. “Overall I think the person
                                                                                                       Enos was one of the remaining five to grad-       who is most proud is Mr. Enos.”
                                                                                                       uate. “I didn’t want to give up. That’s not         Officer Enos is the daughter of D5 Coun-
Councilman Delane “Tony” Enos ceremonially places the GRPD badge on his daugher, Vanessa Enos at her
                                                                                                       something I look to do,” she said. “I really      cilman Delane “Tony” and Terry Enos.
graduation from the Carlotta Academy at CAC/Signal Peak. (GRIN Photo - Mihio Manus)

D5 Community member, Enos graduates
                                                                                                       wanted to become a ranger so I kept up and          “Yes, I’m very proud of her and what she’s
                                                                                                       kept my grades up as well.”                       accomplished,” Councilman Enos said.

from CARLOTA Academy
                                                                                                          Upon graduating from CARLOTA, Enos             “With what she’s accomplished, the rest will
                                                                                                       is a state certified police officer. However,     follow. She’ll be protecting the Community
 Story by Mihio Manus                                                                                  in her pursuit to become a ranger with the        from Districts One to Seven.”
SACATON-For D5’s Vanessa Enos, 24, the             Signal Peak is a program designed to pre-           Gila River Police Department (GRPD), Of-            Although her training with the academy is
drive to become a Gila River Police Officer        pare potential police recruits for entry into       ficer Enos will be put through a 12-week          over and she no longer has to spend hours
was what compelled the young lady through          law enforcement positions. In addition to           field-training program in which she’ll learn      on end at the shooting range in mid-sum-
the rigors of an 18-week training program          physical fitness training and practical exer-       to be an officer of the Gila River Indian         mer, triple-digit heat, Officer Vanessa Enos
which embodies the CARLOTA Academy.                cises, cadets also study matters of the Crim-       Community. After which, she will then un-         can now look forward in her career as a
  The Central Arizona Regional Law Offi-           inal Justice System, Laws of Arrest, Search         dergo another 8-week program where she            GRIC ranger patrolling the seven districts
cers Training Academy (CARLOTA) of-                and Seizure, and Narcotics and Dangerous            will learn laws and codes regarding bound-        of the Community.
fered through Central Arizona College at           Drugs among many other subjects.                    ary and resource protection that rangers

 Department of Homeland Security, Tohono O’Odham Nation to develop enhanced tribal ID
Submitted by The White House Media                 United States by land or sea—enhancing              benefit the greater good. Secretary Napoli-                 WHTI is a joint initiative between
Affairs Office                                     safety and security of U.S. borders while fa-       tano, Acting Commissioner Ahern, CBP and          DHS and the Department of State that im-
                                                   cilitating legitimate travel and trade.             the Tohono O’odham Legislative Coun-              plements a key 9/11 Commission recom-
WASHINGTON—The Department of                                 “This agreement will strengthen           cil deserve a great deal of credit for their      mendation and Congressional mandate to
Homeland Security and the Tohono O’od-             safety along our borders while providing To-        diligence in developing this momentous            establish document requirements for travel-
ham Nation of Arizona today formalized an          hono O’odham members a secure and stan-             agreement,” said Chairperson Norris. “The         ers entering the United States who were pre-
agreement to develop a Western Hemi-               dardized ID card,” said Secretary                   Tohono O’odham Nation is committed to             viously exempt, including citizens of the
sphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)-compliant          Napolitano. “In the months ahead, we will           doing its part by working with federal au-        United States, Canada and Bermuda.
Enhanced Tribal Card (ETC)—signed by               continue to build upon these efforts—from           thorities to protect the U.S. homeland.”                    DHS implemented WHTI at land
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)           secure identification to preparing for emer-                  Today’s agreement reflects Secre-       and sea ports of entry as of June 1, requiring
Assistant Commissioner Thomas S.                   gencies—with our tribal partners across the         tary Napolitano’s commitment to close co-         travelers to present an approved travel doc-
Winkowski and Tohono O’odham Nation of             country.”                                           ordination with tribal partners across the        ument to enter the United States. Approved
Arizona Chairperson Ned Norris, Jr., in a                    “This agreement is of tremendous          United States on security initiatives and un-     documents include passports, U.S. passport
ceremony in Washington.                            importance to the Tohono O’odham Nation             derscores the mutual commitment of DHS            cards, trusted traveler program cards and
         The ETC verifies tribal citizenship       and is an excellent example of how positive         and the Tohono O’odham Nation to enhance          state- or province-issued enhanced driver’s
and identity for the purpose of entering the       government-to-government relations can              border security and combat threats of ter-        licenses. Upon successful testing and is-
                                                                                                       rorism and transnational crime through se-        suance, ETCs, developed in accordance
                                                                                                       cure identification.                              with the signed agreement, will also be ac-
                                                                                                                 Since January, CBP has also signed      cepted for border crossings.
                                                                                                       agreements with the Kootenai Tribe of                       There are over 28,000 enrolled cit-
                                                                                                       Idaho, the Pascua Yaqui of Arizona and the        izens of the Tohono O’odham Nation. The
                                                                                                       Seneca Nation of New York. CBP is cur-            Nation’s lands contain 75 miles of the inter-
                                                                                                       rently working with approximately 25 addi-        national border in south-western Arizona
                                                                                                       tional tribes across the country on the ETC       and extend into Mexico, covering an area
                                                                                                       initiative.                                       the size of Connecticut.

                                                                                                       Sacaton man sentenced to 27 years for 2nd degree
                                                                                                       murder for vehicular homicide of Gilbert man
                                                                                                          PHOENIX - Webster Norris III, 44, of           collision was at such a high speed that the
                                                                                                        Sacaton, Ariz., was sentenced yesterday to       left side of the victim’s body was mangled,
                                                                                                        27 years in prison by U.S. District Judge        to include total amputation of his left arm
                                                                                                        Mary H. Murguia after Norris was found           and hand and near amputation of the left
                                                                                                        guilty of Second Degree Murder and Ag-           side of his leg. The victim’s amputated arm
                                                                                                        gravated Assault by a federal jury on June       and hand flew into Norris’s car and into the
                                                                                                        26, 2009. Norris was responsible for the         back seat.
                                                                                                        2008 vehicular homicide of a bicyclist on             The evidence showed that Norris never
                                                                                                        the Gila River Indian Reservation.               slowed prior to, or after, hitting the victim.
                                                                                                              On September 20, 2008, Norris and a        Norris drove his vehicle some distance
                                                                                                        female colleague spent the day drinking and      down the road, stopped his vehicle and told
                                                                                                        driving throughout the Arizona communi-          his passenger to get out and run. Norris was
                                                                                                        ties of Chandler, Maricopa, Casa Blanca,         located 48 hours later and claimed he had
                                                                                                        Casa Grande and Sacaton. Norris had con-         no memory of the previous 48 hours due to
                                                                                                        sumed a 12-pack, as well as 40-ounce cans,       his extreme intoxication. Norris had previ-
                                                                                                        of beer. About 20 minutes before the colli-      ously been convicted of Aggravated DUI in
                                                                                                        sion, Norris raced through a residential area    Arizona and had been arrested for DUI
                                                                                                        where emergency responders were trying to        twice in 2007 for drunk driving on the Gila
                                                                                                        extinguish a residential fire. Although          River Indian Reservation.
                                                                                                        warned to slow down approximately 10                   The investigation in this case was con-
                                                                                                        times, the passenger testified that Norris’s     ducted by the Gila River Police Department
                                                                                                        speed reached as high as 90 mph.                 and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
                                                                                                               Norris passed two vehicles and col-       The prosecution was handled by Heather
                                                                                                        lided with a bicyclist, a 60-year-old Gilbert,   Belt and Sharon Sexton, Assistant U.S. At-
                                                                                                        Ariz., man who was cross-training in prepa-      torneys, District of Arizona, Phoenix.
                                                                                                        ration for a marathon. The impact of the
 Page 8                                                                                       GRIN                                                                             November 2009

Tribal Constitution Reform Project
Frequently Asked Questions …. About the Proposed Constitution
Submitted by the TCRP Task Force

         Following each of the district presentations on the      held special meetings at District 6 and 7 on this issue. Res-       community member suggested that the Election Board be
Constitution Reform Project, the Tribal Constitution Reform       idents of Co-Op Village explained the difficulty they expe-         removed from the Community Council Secretary’s Office.
Project Task Force (Task Force) received questions regard-        rienced in getting services from District 7 Community, they         The Community Council Secretary is appointed by and
ing proposed amendments. The Task Force is reprinting             believe, in part, because District 7 is primarily Maricopa          serves at the direction of the Community Council. This
some of those questions and answers for your review.              while residents of District 6 are Pima. This has led to nu-         gives, at a minimum an impression of impropriety or the po-
                                                                  merous issues throughout the years. Residents of District 7,        tential for over involvement in elections by the Community
•How did the Task Force decide to leave the required              acknowledged problems in the past but that there are no cur-        Council. Added to the conflict is the Community Council’s
blood quantum at ¼ degree Indian blood?                           rent problems and some residents of Co-Op Village pre-              power to sit as the final judge of all elections. After survey
                                                                  ferred to remain a part of District 7 where they receive their      of other tribal constitutions, the Task Force reviewed some
Blood quantum is critical to membership and many Com-             services.                                                           that had provisions for an independent elections board. The
munity members had many diverse opinions on the topic.                                                                                Task Force evaluated the idea and decided to include the
For example, one suggestion was to eliminate the blood            The options were to leave the language as is, to propose            concept in the Proposed Revised Constitution. However, in
quantum requirement entirely and move to descendency (lin-        moving the boundary line so that all of Co-Op Village was           an effort to make certain that the independence of the Elec-
eal ancestry). Another suggestion was to lower the blood          in one of the two districts or to clarify the language of the       tions Board was not compromised through budgetary con-
quantum from ¼ to 1/8 or 1/16. Others suggested leaving           constitution so that it was clear that Districts 6 and 7 each in-   straints and work space issues, the Proposed Revised
the blood quantum at ¼ but changing the requirement from          cluded portions of Co-Op Village. After reporting to their re-      Constitution requires the Board to be funded and provided
¼ Indian blood to ¼ Pima or Maricopa blood. Still others          spective districts, Task Force Representatives decided to           work space.
suggested increasing the blood quantum to ½. After re-            leave the language “as is” and allow the districts to try to re-
viewing all of the suggestions, the Task Force created Draft      solve the issues. They reported that many of their district         An independent Elections Board is necessary to make cer-
1 of the Proposed Revised Constitution. In Draft 1, the pro-      residents opined that other districts shouldn’t “have a say” in     tain that the Community Council, Governor’s Office and
posed blood quantum requirement was changed from ¼ In-            a district where they do not reside. At a recent Legislative        Court system do not overly get involved in the elections
dian blood to 1/8 Gila River Pima and/or Maricopa blood as        Standing Committee Meeting, the Task Force was directed             process. Community Council members, the Governor and
a basic membership requirement. When Draft 1 was pre-             to change the draft language to move the District 6 and 7           Lt. Governor and most of the Court’s judges are elected. To
sented to the Community, the Community was asked to pro-          boundary line so that all of Co-Op Village was a part of Dis-       allow any one of those branches to exercise unchecked au-
vide feedback on that specific requirement. Only 76 of 139,       trict 6.                                                            thority over the procedures and employees responsible for
or 55% of those completing surveys indicated that they                                                                                carrying out the duties of Elections carries, at a minimum
agreed with the proposed blood quantum requirement.               •Why is there only minimal increase in the educational              the appearance of a conflict of interest. The inclusion an in-
                                                                  requirements for elected officials?                                 dependent election board gives an additional protection for
The blood quantum requirement directly impacts whether                                                                                the elections process to speak the voice and message of the
one is eligible for membership in the Community and any           In the original surveys, many Community members relayed             people.
changes to this amount will impact the overall membership.        that elected officials should be required to meet educational
If that threshold is set too low, many people who may not be      requirements to serve. Some commented that they make                The question arises whether this provision should be a part
of Pima/Maricopa descent would be eligible for enrollment         multi-million dollar business decisions without the benefit of      of an ordinance as opposed to the Community’s constitution.
and the benefits that derive from enrollment. On the other        advanced education. Others pointed out that an education             Although an elections board could be created by the Com-
hand, if the threshold is set too high, membership will de-       doesn’t mean the person will make the right decision. One           munity Council through ordinance, it could also be abolished
cline and could affect the long term existence of the Com-        person wrote, “Some individuals are smart culture wise –            through similar action of the Community Council. One
munity. Because blood quantum is such a critical issue, the       fair, honest.” After review of all comments, a survey of ed-        Community member commented about the proposed lan-
Task Force felt it necessary to leave the quantum at ¼ degree     ucational requirements in other tribal constitutions as well as     guage regarding the inclusion of an independent elections
Indian blood and make a recommendation to the Commu-              consideration of the requirements to hold public office else-       board, “[t]his article is also very good.”
nity Council to conduct a detailed study on the issue of blood    where, the Task Force decided to balance the two extremes,
quantum and how each suggested change, either to increase         including an educational requirement with the reality that          •What is a Secretarial Election?
or decrease blood quantum will impact the long term exis-         some individuals make great leaders, even if he or she has          A Secretarial Election is the election necessary to amend the
tence of the Community. All of these factors should be stud-      not had an opportunity to pursue higher education.                  Community’s Constitution. It is a federal election, super-
ied in great detail to determine what the effects of a change                                                                         vised by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and conducted using
in blood quantum would have on the Community. Once                •What are the benefits of a separation of powers?                   procedures outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations.
these issues are analyzed, each Community member voting                                                                               Tribal elections law does not apply.
on any proposed change would have better information on           “Separation of powers” is generally used to describe a sys-
how the change will or could impact the Community’s exis-         tem of checks and balances on the government and its three          •Why does the Bureau of Indian Affairs have to conduct
tence over time.                                                  branches: legislative, executive and judicial. Under this sys-      the elections to amend the Community’s Constitution?
                                                                  tem, each branch of government is delegated certain powers
•Draft 1 of the Proposed Revised GRIC Constitution                while, at the same time, exercises oversight over the other         The Community’s Constitution was originally adopted as a
contained term limits for the Governor, Lt. Governor              two branches so that no one branch can become more pow-             part of the Indian Reorganization Act and the terms of the
and the Community Council members. The final draft                erful than the other two. This concept was added to the draft       Community’s Constitution require a Secretarial Election to
only has term limits for the Governor and Lt. Governor.           based upon numerous comments received from interested               amend the Constitution. The Bureau of Indian Affairs con-
 Why were term limits for the Community Council re-               Community members raised in the first round of presenta-            ducts the election as a representative of the Secretary of the
moved?                                                            tions. In the responses to Draft 1, Community members               Interior and in accordance with 25 CFR Part 81.
                                                                  overwhelmingly indicated that they support the inclusion of
Early survey results indicated Community members wanted           a separation of powers into the Community’s Constitution.           •I’m already registered to vote in tribal elections, will I
term limits for elected officials. Draft 1 did include a limit    Of the 139 responses received, 115, or 83% of those re-             need to register for the Secretarial Election?
on the number of terms one could serve as Governor, Lt.           sponding indicated they agreed with the addition of separa-
Governor or Community Council member to 2 four year               tion of powers, 10 or 7% disagreed with adding separation           Yes, you will need to register for the Secretarial Election.
terms. However, responses to the surveys on Draft 1 demon-        of powers and 14, or 10% did not answer the question.               The Secretarial Election is an election that is supervised by
strate overall that support for term limits was not strong. On                                                                        the Bureau of Indian Affairs and is conducted using proce-
this issue, 139 Community members were asked if they liked        •Why is there a succession plan included in the Final               dures contained in the Code of Federal Regulations. Those
the term limits. Only 86, or 62% of those responding agreed       Draft?                                                              regulations require eligible individuals to register to vote in
with the term limit concept, while 46 Community members                                                                               the Secretarial Election.
either did not answer the question or answered they didn’t        Article IX of the current Community Constitution spells out
like the term limits. One comment on the topic was, “[t]he        what happens if there is a vacancy in the Office of the Gov-        •Is the Secretarial Election the same as a Tribal Election?
interest currently shown by members to run for office is so       ernor, the Lt. Governor acts and if, the Governor’s absence
few that limiting could give even less choices.” Another          is permanent the Lt. Governor succeeds the Governor’s Of-           No, a Secretarial Election is a federal election governed by
pointed out, “[t]here are some very effective council people      fice and the Office of the Lt. Governor become vacant.              federal law and federal procedure. A Tribal Election is gov-
who should be allowed to serve more than 2 terms.” Term           However, there is no plan for succession if there is an ab-         erned by tribal law and tribal procedure.
limits were left in the final draft for the Governor and Lt.      sence in both the Office of the Governor and Lt. Governor.
Governor to reduce the potential for concentrated power in        This could be an issue because there would be on one ful-           •How old do I have to be to vote in the Secretarial Elec-
one person who might be re-elected time and time again.           filling the duties until an election could be held. The pro-        tion?
                                                                  posed draft includes a provision for the Treasurer to assume
•What is the issue with the District 6 and 7 Boundary?            the responsibilities of the Office of Governor if there is a va-    You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older on the date
                                                                  cancy in the Office of the Governor and Lt. Governor due            of the election.
The Community’s Constitution has an internal conflict re-         death or disability of both officers. This succession plan will
garding the District 6 and 7 boundaries and directly affect-      make certain that the business of the Office of the Governor        •I live off the reservation. Will I be allowed to vote in the
ing the Co-Op Village. Article XI, Section 1 describes the        and Lt. Governor will continue until the next election in the       Secretarial Election?
boundaries for each district with a legal description followed    unlikely event that both the Governor and Lt. Governor are
by an identification of the villages. The legal description for   unable to serve.                                                    Yes, the Bureau of Indian Affairs notified the Community
District 6 and District 7 crosses through the Co-Op Village                                                                           via letter dated September 22, 2009 that Community mem-
leaving a portion within District 6 and a portion within Dis-     •What are the benefits of an independent Election
trict 7. The village identification, however, states that Co-     Board?                                                                         Continued on Page 9
Op Village is a part of District 6. The village description for
District 7 only includes Maricopa Colony. The Task Force          In one of the first surveys conducted by the Task Force, one
 November 2009                                                                                GRIN                                                                                     Page 9

bers who are qualified to vote and who reg-
ister to vote in the Secretarial Election will
                                                 that the Community’s Constitution may
                                                 be amended “by a majority vote of qual-
                                                                                                     Elder recieves home after 30 years
be allowed to vote, regardless of residence.     ified voters … voting in a [ ] [Secretarial]
                                                 election …., provided at least thirty (30)
•The TCRP Task Force submitted the               percent of those entitled to vote shall vote
Final Draft Constitution to the Commu-           …” What does this mean?
nity Council. Will there be changes made
and who will make these changes?                 This section spells out how many people
                                                 must participate in the election in order for
The Legislative Standing Committee and           a change to be made. Remember, one must
the Government & Management Standing             meet certain eligibility requirements to be
Committee voted to send the Final Draft for      able to register to vote in a Secretarial Elec-
Law Office review. Once that review is           tion and then must actually register. Those
complete, the document could be sent onto        that do are the “qualified voters”. Of the
the Council and the Community Council or         total number of qualified (registered) vot-
the Legislative Standing Committee or            ers, at least 30% must participate in the
Government & Management Standing                 election by voting. If that 30% threshold is
Committee could ultimately decide whether        met, and a majority votes in support of the
they want additional changes to the docu-        proposed amendments, it will pass for fur-
ment, if and when they will submit a request     ther review by the Bureau. If less than 30%
to the Bureau of Indian Affairs for a Secre-     participate, the measure will fail, even if
tarial Election.                                 more people vote to support the amend-
                                                 ments. For example, if only 100 Commu-
•What happens after the Proposed Re-             nity members register to vote, 30 of those
vised Constitution is submitted to the Bu-       registered voters must actually vote in the
reau of Indian Affairs?                          Secretarial Election in order for the results
                                                 to count.
Once submitted to the Bureau of Indian Af-
fairs, along with a resolution from the Com-     •What happens if the Proposed Revised
munity Council requesting a Secretarial          Constitution does not pass?
Election, they will begin a legal and techni-
cal review of the document. There will be        In 1990, there was a Secretarial Election.
on-going communication between the Bu-           Although a majority of those voting voted
reau and the Tribe on this review in an effort   to support the amendments, 30% of those
to finalize the document to the satisfaction     who registered to vote did not actually vote,
of both parties.                                 so the attempt failed. It will ultimately be
                                                 the decision of the Community Council
•Article XVII of the Community’s Con-            whether additional attempts by the govern-
stitution states that the Secretary of Inte-     ment are made to revise the constitution.
rior shall be responsible “to call an
election on any proposed amendment at            •If the Proposed Revised Constitution
the request of the Council or upon receipt       passes, when will it go into effect?
                                                                                                    Ernestine Blackwater during her open house. (GRIN Photo - Roberto A. Jackson)
of a petition signed by five hundred (500)
eligible voters, members of the Commu-           If the Proposed Revised Constitution is             SACATON-Ernestine R. Blackwater, D3, was extremely grateful for her new home dur-
nity.” What does this mean?                      passed, the document must still be approved         ing a recent open house event. Blackwater had moved into the Sacaton Elderly Complex
                                                 by the Secretary of Interior. Once ap-              in 1979 after her original home was condemned. The 85 year old elder was approved
This section means that the Community            proved, the effective date will be deter-           for a replacement home by Council in 1983. “It’s working together making sure every-
Council may ask for a Secretarial Election       mined. The Proposed Revisions are not in            one does their part,” said Lt. Governor Joseph Manuel.
or at least 500 Community members who            effect right now.                                             Fera Wapaha, Blackwater’s granddaughter, worked tirelessly to ensure her
meet voter eligibility requirements may ask                                                          grandmother would have her house replaced after 30 years. Wapaha finally took the
the Secretary for a Secretarial Election to      •Can I vote with an absentee ballot?                matter to Governor William R. Rhodes. “He was really disturbed,” said Wapaha of Gov-
amend the Community’s Constitution. Very                                                             ernor’s reaction to Blackwater’s circumstances. “He was going to make sure her house
much like the provisions relating to Initia-     Absentee voting is allowed, provided that           was going to be built.”
                                                                                                               After a prayer Blackwater expressed her gratitude. “I waited so long…bless all
tive and Referendum, this language is a          you meet the criteria outlined in Part 81 of
                                                                                                     of the houses.” She also added, “Thank you with all my heart.”
reservation of powers to the people.             the Code of Federal Regulations. The Bu-                      The event was also attended by D3 Councilman Myron Schurz, and members
                                                 reau of Indian Affairs will send notification       of the Department of Community Housing.
•The Community’s Constitution states             of how to request an absentee ballot.

A Decade Later, Lifestyle Changes or Metformin Still Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Study reports on persistence of benefits seen in the Diabetes Prevention Program
         Intensive lifestyle changes aimed at    raises the risk of a heart attack or stroke and    lifestyle intervention group developed type 2    research training on some of the most com-
modest weight loss reduced the rate of de-       of developing type 2 diabetes in the next 10       diabetes annually, an incidence rate that re-    mon, severe and disabling conditions affect-
veloping type 2 diabetes by 34 percent com-      years.                                             mained steady throughout the DPPOS.              ing Americans. The Institute’s research
pared with placebo in people at high risk for               The DPPOS is a continuation of the      When the DPP ended in 2001, the metformin        interests include diabetes and other en-
the disease, researchers conclude based on       DPP, a large, randomized trial in 3,234 over-      and placebo groups were developing dia-          docrine and metabolic diseases; digestive
10 years of data.                                weight or obese adults with elevated blood         betes at the rate of 8 and 11 percent a year,    diseases, nutrition, and obesity; and kidney,
         Participants randomly assigned to       glucose levels. Researchers announced the          respectively. In 10 years, however, the          urologic and hematologic diseases. For more
make lifestyle changes also had more favor-      initial findings of the DPP in 2001, a year        yearly diabetes incidence rates for the drug     information, visit
able cardiovascular risk factors, including      earlier than scheduled because results were        and placebo groups had also fallen to about                The National Institutes of Health
lower blood pressure and triglyceride levels,    so clear: after three years, intensive lifestyle   5 to 6 percent, and the lifestyle intervention   (NIH) — The Nation’s Medical Research
despite taking fewer drugs to control their      changes reduced the development of type 2          group’s rate remained at this lower level.       Agency — includes 27 Institutes and Centers
heart disease risk, according to the study.      diabetes by 58 percent compared with                           “Sustaining even modest weight       and is a component of the U.S. Department
         Treatment with the oral diabetes        placebo. Metformin (850 milligrams twice           loss with lifestyle changes is highly chal-      of Health and Human Services. It is the pri-
drug metformin reduced the rate of develop-      a day) reduced it by 31 percent compared           lenging, but it produced major long-term         mary federal agency for conducting and sup-
ing diabetes by 18 percent after 10 years        with placebo.                                      health rewards by lowering the risk of type      porting basic, clinical and translational
compared with placebo. Results of the Dia-                  Intensive lifestyle changes con-        2 diabetes and reducing other cardiovascu-       medical research, and it investigates the
betes Prevention Program Outcomes Study          sisted of lowering fat and calories in the diet    lar risk factors in people at high risk of de-   causes, treatments, and cures for both com-
(DPPOS), which examines the persistence          and increasing regular physical activity to        veloping diabetes,” said lead author and a       mon and rare diseases. For more information
of the interventions tested in the Diabetes      150 minutes per week. Participants received        principal investigator for the study, William    about NIH and its programs, visit
Prevention Program (DPP), appear online in       training in diet, exercise (most chose walk-       Knowler, M.D., Dr.P.H., of the NIDDK in
The Lancet on Oct. 29, 2009.                     ing), and behavior modification skills. In the     Phoenix. “Once we learned how dramati-
         In the United States, about 11 per-     first year of the DPP, this group lost 15 lbs.     cally this intervention reduced diabetes onset   Contact:
cent of adults—24 million people—have di-        on average but regained all but about 5            in the DPP, we offered modified training in      Joan Chamberlain
abetes, and up to 95 percent of them have        pounds over 10 years. The metformin group          lifestyle changes to all participants, which     Mary Harris 301-496-3583 NIDDKMe-
type 2 diabetes. An additional 57 million        has maintained a loss of about 5 pounds, and       probably contributed to the falling diabetes
overweight adults have glucose levels that       the placebo group lost less than 2 pounds          rates in the placebo and metformin groups.”
are higher than normal but not yet in the di-    over the decade.                                              NIDDK, part of the NIH, conducts
abetic range, a condition that substantially                About 5 to 6 percent of those in the    and supports basic and clinical research and
  Page 10                                                                                      GRIN                                                                         November 2009

Governor’s Employee of the Month                                                                      Native American Recognition
for Oct. ’09 – Ramona Tecumseh                                                                        Run Against Diabetes ‘09

                                                                                                      SRPMIC-Once again Gila River Indian           Winners who receive awards in their
                                                                                                      Community has brought home their 8th         age category:
 Governor Rhodes congratulates Ramona Tecumseh with a special plaque be-                              Award for the Most Participation Travel-     Wally Kyyitan, Gary Johnson Sr., Chris
 fore Council. (GRIN Photo - Roberto A. Jackson)                                                      ing Team.                                    Loma, Chris Allen, Clyde Antone, Rod
          Ramona Tecumseh has been the          activities include a vibrant, enthusiastic and                  Congratulations to all who took    Marrietta, Eugene Allison, Rita Sue
Ira Hayes Memorial Librarian for over 3         leadership filled resume of community serv-           part in the 5k, 2 mile, 1 mile and kids 50   Ysaguirre, Mavin Klain, Sky Reed Dawn
years. Ramona is from the Nebraska Win-         ices that include the following:                      yard DASH. You make a difference in our      Thank you Gila River families for your
nebago and Meskwaki Nation. She received                                                              community through health and fitness.        participation.
a Bachelor of Arts in English Education at      •     Ramona unequivocally demonstrates               Stay active!
the University of New Mexico. Ramona            her genuine interest in this community’s ed-
later received a Master’s degree in Educa-      ucation and literacy through personal in-
tional Administration and Supervision with      vestments in the library building and book         •     Ramona continues to exemplify com-        the current library improvements, updated
some doctoral work later at Arizona State       collection. She has also collaborated with         munity service qualities as an avid member      reading selections and national programs she
University.                                     educational and reading programs to in-            of the Museum and Cultural Advisory Coun-       has brought to our Ira Hayes Memorial Li-
          Ramona’s exemplary day-to-day         clude bringing the PBS Kids Raising Read-          cil for the City of Mesa from July 2003 to      brary. She has moreover dedicated time to
work activities include improvements on         ers Library Corner summer reading                  June of this year. Her services were so ad-     local, state and international library and lit-
the library seeking out regional and national   program to this community. The program             mired that she received an award from Scott     eracy programs as an officer, member or
programs and grants; updating current read-     involved parents and kids participating in         Smith, the Mayor of Mesa and the Mesa           task force affiliate.
ing lists, information and references; cata-    numerous educational and reading pro-              City Council.
loging, as well as all the public relations     grams and exercises — all aimed at form-                                                           •     For her enduring commitment to vol-
activities to ensure that there is a positive   ing a lasting relationship with the                •     More recently, Ramona was asked to        unteer unselfishly, for her vibrant enthusi-
outlook for the continued growth and use of     community’s young readers.                         serve as a task force member for the Inter-     asm in service to this community’s
the library.                                                                                       national Federation of Library Association.     educational and literacy integrity, and for
          These areas are the basic qualify-    •      Ramona is Co-chair of the Arizona           She will be part of a Special Interest Group    demonstrating consistent leadership quali-
ing elements for considering a Governor’s       Tribal Libraries organization which com-           (SIG) on Indigenous Matters within Library      ties in all aspects of these services: we are
Employee of the Month candidate. How-           prises 23 tribal libraries in this state. She is   Services (IFLA SIG) addressing a Multicul-      honored to award this plaque and a $200.00
ever, Ramona’s outstanding achievements         to date a participating planner and organizer      tural Populations Sections forum to gather      value gift of her choice to RAMONA
in the voluntary arena, above and beyond        for the upcoming 7th Annual Gathering of           in Goteberg, Sweden in 2010.                    TECUMSEH, EDUCATION DEPART-
her normal work duties and responsibilities,    Arizona Tribal Libraries to be held at the                                                         MENT EMPLOYEE and GOVERNOR’S
distinguished her to become October’s 2009      Ak-Chin Indian Community commencing                • Ramona has accepted the position of Li-       EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH for OCTO-
Governor’s Employee of the Month. These         this Friday November 6.                            brarian with vigor and enthusiasm as seen in    BER 2009.
November 2009   GRIN   Page 11
Page 12   GRIN   November 2009
November 2009                                                                  GRIN                                                                           Page 13

  Gila River Business Directory
  ADVERTISING, MARKETING & PUBLIC RELATIONS                                           OTHER ART

  Letha Lamb               (480) 820-2464        Marketing Factory, Inc.              David Johnson            (520) 418-3454         Pima Boy Furniture
                                                                                      Earlton Lewis            (520) 562-3393         Rare Breed
  CLOTHING & TEXTILES                                                                                                                 (Home Décor & Glass Etching)
                                                                                      Sheila Rhodes            (520) 562-2935          Yarn Baskets
  Dawn Evers               (520) 705-3402    Sa’alik Creations
  Earlton Lewis            (520) 562-3393    Rare Breed                               SALES & SERVICE
                                             (T-Shirts & Upholstery)
  Pat Smith                (520) 430-4277    Thunder Woman Creations                  Cameron Rivers           (520) 450-0158       Cameron Rivers Construction
                                                                                      Carlos Lucero            (520) 251-0374       O’otham Transportation & Pure
  Sandy Nasewytewa         (520) 430-3453     Coyote Kids                                                                           Rain Water
                                                        David Lucero (520) 796-1260 or (602) 750-0916 Lucero’s Automotive
  Sara Bird-in-Ground      (520) 560-2940    Native American Designs                                                      
                                                    Deborah Griffin             (602) 717-5410    Mary Kay Products
  Yolanda Elias            (520) 430-3002                                             Delbert Johnson            (520) 610-8091     D & J Hay Sales
                                                                                      John Antone                (520) 610-0776     Hemajkam Productions
                                                                                                                                    (Sound Systems)
                                                                                      Joseph Robles              (520) 315-2122     Stohaj Hohhi Construction
  Amil Pedro               (520) 315-4012    Amil Pedro Traditional Art               Linda Stone                (480) 217-5117     Gila Graphics
                                                  Matt Kisto                 (602) 380-7957     VMK Enterprises, Inc.
  Antonelli Anton          (520) 562-3618    Au’thum Painting                         (Janitorial supplies & Moving services)
  Mike Zillioux            (520) 430-2096                                             Misha Gonzales             (520) 562-9287     MTO Smoke Shop & Gifts
  Olen Perkins             (520) 705-3987    Southwest Painter                        Reyna Byler                (520) 796-2063     Red Horse Barber & Beauty
  Russell Blackwater       (520) 562-4003    Tribal Images                                                                
  Shane Lynch              (602) 803-6399                                             Ruben Ringlero             (602) 621-1946     Edit2Video
  ENTERTAINMENT & DANCE GROUPS                                                        Sharon Newkirk             (602) 510-8703     Scents Lingerie n Products

  Bob Villa                (602) 705-2320    Desert Man Music                         Shawn Ruiz               (520) 285-6936         Shure Hot Salsa
  Clifton Pablo             (602) 796-3495   Chuck’s Trail Riding Adventures          TRAINING & CONSULTING SERVICES
  Jacob Antone             (520) 562-3044    First Class Native
                                                   Amil Pedro               (520) 315-4012
  Russell Blackwater        (520) 562-4003    DJ Blackwater
  Yolanda Elias            (520) 430-3002    Traditional Dancers                      Tim Terry Jr.            (480) 734-4191        Seminar & Workshop Facilitator
  Yolanda Hart-Stevens     (602) 826-2280    Traditional Dancers                                                           
                                                       Yolanda Hart Stevens     (602) 826-2280        PeePosh Project
  FOOD & CATERING                                                                     Yvonne Garcia            (480) 374-0762        Creative Native Consulting
                                                                                                                                 (Web Design & Network Consulting)
  Anna Miguel               (602) 432-4362   Anna’s Catering                                                        
  Beatrice Benitez         (480) 593-0267    Pastries & More by Bea
  Danelle Spring           (602) 616-6832    The Rez Stop                             TRADITIONAL BEADWORK, POTTERY, GOURDS, BASKETS, ETC.
  Eugina Apkaw             (520) 418-3236    Apkaw Family Catering                    Amil Pedro               (520) 315-4012         Amil Pedro Traditional Art
  Francine Sieweyumptewa (520) 562-3686      Smohon Gev, Shaved Ice                   Kermit Bread             (520) 550-1240         Traditional Pottery
  Jose Gonzales         (520) 550-0052       Big Joe’s Catering                       Philbert Soroquisara     (520) 430-3050         Pipai-Kavay Arts & Crafts Gourd
  Sharon Miguel         (520) 418-2142       Sharon’s Catering                                                              
  Sherry Mark           (520) 796-3313       Coyote Kettle Corn & Food Sales          Phillip C. Robles         (520) 483-5108        Gifted-Gifts Woodwork, Etc.
  Suzanne (Julie) Acuna (520) 518-2402       4 Sisters                                Rikki Se:va:lek Francisco Msg: (520) 562-6120   Akimul Awawtham Baskets
  Valerie Manuel        (520) 315-1360       J.B.’s Ice Cream Truck                                                                   by Se:va:lek
  Weldon Salkey         (520) 418-3007       Pima Indian Fry Bread                    Yolanda Hart-Stevens     (602) 826-2280         Traditional Beadwork

  B. Elaine Blackwater     (480) 768-7714    Blue Star Images
  Joseph Williams          (480) 329-4571    Dekalkomania                             NOTE: Every effort is made to have contact information updated,
                                                  however if you are unable to reach any of the business owners,
  Kenneth Manuel           (480) 895-3298    Ken’s Art Work                           please contact:
  Suzanne (Julie) Acuna    (520) 518-2402    4 Sisters Graphic Design
  Terrance Booth, Jr.      (602) 358-3764    Eagleboy Designs                         Economic Development Department
                                                                                      Entrepreneurship Program
                                                                                      P.O. Box 97
  Aaron Sabori             (602) 300-6626     Red Hide Enterprises
                                                         315 W. Casa Blanca Rd.
  Antonelli Anton           (520) 562-3618
  Kelvin (Casey) Bilagody (520) 251-1695
                                              Anton Silversmith
                                                                                      Sacaton, Arizona 95247
  Lisa & Nathaniel Percharo (520) 550-2884    Percharo’s Jewelry                      Phone (520) 562-6120
  Pamela Pratt              (480) 390-8597    Premier Designs Jewelry
                                                                                      Fax (520) 562-6125
  Tim Terry, Jr.           (480) 734-4191     Shell Jewelry, Arts & Crafts
  Page 14                                                                                  GRIN                                                                  November 2009

Can diabetes be prevented? Yes it can!                                                                  Don’t know if you have pre-dia-
                                                                                               betes? Then come see us! Or make an ap-
                                                                                                                                           Center, with office hours from 8am-5pm,
                                                                                                                                           Monday-Friday. The DPP Team can be
Can diabetes be prevented? YES, it can!         that will have a big impact on your risk of    pointment with your doctor and ask for a    reached at 520-562-3321 ext. 1242 or 520-
We know that genetics plays a role in a per-    getting diabetes. The DPP is always look-      diabetes screening. The Diabetes Preven-    562-7940.
son’s risk of developing diabetes. But did      ing for community members who have pre-        tion Program is located at Hu Hu Kam Me-            Together We CAN Prevent Dia-
you know that a person’s lifestyle also has a   diabetes and want to do something about it.    morial Hospital and at the Komatke Health   betes!
huge impact on their risk of developing dia-    We are now enrolling for our next set of
betes? By making small lifestyle changes to     classes.
the foods you eat and the amount of physi-                People with pre-diabetes have
cal activity you get, you can greatly reduce    higher than normal blood sugar levels, but
your risk of getting diabetes.                  not high enough to be considered diabetes.
          The Diabetes Prevention Program       Most people do not know if they have pre-
(DPP) is committed to helping you prevent       diabetes. Persons may be at risk for pre-di-
diabetes, because diabetes doesn’t have to      abetes if they are overweight, have a family
be your future. The DPP offers education        history of diabetes, or had gestational dia-
and support to help you make small changes      betes when pregnant.

                       congratulates our former partner

                                 Michael C. Shiel
                               on his appointment as

                                 General Counsel
               Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

      1215 Paseo de Peralta        80 E. Rio Salado Pkwy.     500 4th Street, N.W.
      P.O. Box 8180                Suite 305                  Suite 400
      Santa Fe, NM 87504           Tempe, AZ 85281            Albuquerque, NM 87102
November 2009                     GRIN                            Page 15

   Halloween Spirit Creeps Across the Community/Photos by Jeri Thomas
  Page 16                                                                                GRIN                                                                       November 2009

Sparkle and Shine at the VHM                                                                 Congratulations VHM Alternative
Alumni Association Car Wash                                                                  School Students!
                                                                                                     The staff at Vechij Himdag            jelica Saiza.
By Lillian Kim Franklin
                                                                                            MashchamakuD would like to congratulate                  Thanks to a generous donation
Vechij Himdag MashchamakuD
                                                                                            the following 33 students who had 90% at-      from Councilman Myron G. Schurz and
                                                                                            tendance or better last month: Tia Benally,    Mrs. Schurz and an anonymous donation
SACATON-VHM Alumni Association Pres-             says other Alumni Association events are Chastity Bread, Dallas Brown, Daniel Cas-        from a VHM supporter, VHM took the 33
ident, Moranda Morago, was happy with the        being planned to help the school. Look for tro, Gabriel Castro, Maria Echeverria, Ce-     students on a lunch trip to Native New
results of her first Alumni Association event.   flyers!                                    celia Enos, Patrice Gage, Alicia Gonzalez,     Yorker to celebrate their great attendance.
Morago, a freshman at Central Arizona Col-                                                  Angelicia Gonzalez, Kara Jones, Amberis        VHM would like to send out our apprecia-
lege and the daughter of District Four com-                                                 Jose, Hannah Kisto, Heidi Kisto, Kassandra     tion and thanks to Councilman Myron G.
munity member Rondell Norris, said the                                                      Koory, Nischelle Lewis, Santiago Lopez,        Schurz and Mrs. Schurz for helping out and
event she helped to organize, raised almost                                                 Isiah Manuel, Sydney Mendivil, Ricardo         sponsoring part of our lunch costs support-
three hundred dollars for the school.                                                       O’Dell, Joshua Pablo, Joshua Paul, Millicent   ing VHM’s commitment to excellent atten-
          “I was really happy that our event                                                Pratt, Miguel Ramirez, Amy Rhodes, Mal-        dance for all students. And a big thank you
could help to raise money for the students,”                                                colm Santos, Warren Santos, Bronco Somer-      to our VHM families for supporting their
Morago stated. The car wash money will be                                                   ton, Joe-Michael Somerton, Juan Thomas,        students in their goal to graduate.
used to support transportation (gas for                                                     Shereen Townsend, Micco Sabori, and An-
busses) and for healthy breakfast and after-
noon snacks for the students.
          The Vechij Himdag Alternative
School board came out to support the alumni
with a snack and soft drink sale during the
carwash. “The fresh fruit and healthy snacks
really keep the kids going – they have a very
long day 8:00Am to 4:30PM.” Angie Wilt-
shire informed the parents and community
members who came out to support the
                                                 Students CeCe Enos and Amy Rhodes
          “We really want to thank everyone      and Alumni Jordan Morago and Moranda
who came out to get their car washed and         Morago wash up cars from all over Gila
supported the students at VHM.” Morago           River Indian Community.

Alumni Association President Moranda             Alumni Association president Moranda
Morago, Alumni Association Secretary             Morago and student Amy Rhodes put the
Jordan Morago and School Board Secre-            finishing touches on cars at the VHM Car-
tary Angie Wiltshire encourage everyone          wash. The carwash raised almost three
to come to the carwash.                          hundred dollars for the school.
 November 2009                                                                              GRIN                                                   Page 17

Gila River Jr. Rodeo Series                                                                                       Gila River Jr. Rodeo Series Standings

          The first of the Gila         mittee members whom are all vol-      Mix @ 520.610.0558, or David
River Junior Rodeo Series began         unteering not only their time but     Yesk @ 520.709.0123.
on a September 19, 2009 at the          also their expertise in rodeo and
D>J Arena in Blackwater-District        with the support of Gila River                 The following are the
One. It was a good turnout with         Tribal Recreation to make this not    schedule event stops and the cur-
70+ contestants entered not only        only a social event for the com-      rent standings from Blackwater-
from Gila River but also from the       munity but a successful Junior        District One.
surrounding tribes with the ages        Rodeo.
of the competitors ranging from 0-               We are also looking for      Thank you.
5, 6-11, 12-13, and 14-17 ages.         sponsors for help in the awards. If
          There were several            you are interested in providing a     Gila River Junior Rodeo Series
events which varied from Stick          donation please call Delbert John-    Committee
Horse barrel racing, Dummy Rop-         son Sr @ 520.610.8091, Penny
ing, and Stick Horse race for the
younger crowd (0-5) to ribbon
and team roping, barrel racing,
calf and steer riding to breakaway
roping and Bull Riding (14-17).
          The crowd was great
with plenty of action for everyone
and although it was a little warm,
no one seemed to be bothered by
it. Even the cattle, horses and
bulls seemed to enjoy the day and
cooperated with their respective
          The series will continue
from Blackwater-District One, to
District Four-Stotonic, October
31, 2009 at Mix Arena, then to
District     Five-Casa      Blanca,
Loper’s Arena on November 28,
2009 (With a post Thanksgiving
BBQ Dinner for everyone!) and
the last one in District Six on De-
cember 12, 2009 with the Finals
to be announced at a later date.
          I would like to thank all
that came out, contestants and
parents for their support and their
participation to make this, the first
of five rodeos a successful event.
A big thank you for all the com-
 Page 18                                                                                    GRIN                                                                           November 2009

                    New Native American Cuisine
   Recipes from Arizona’s only Five-Star and Five-Diamond Kai Restaurant
PHOENIX, AZ- (September 2009) One of the nation’s most            these flavorful combinations.
highly lauded restaurants, Kai at the Sheraton Wild Horse                   The resort’s Michelin trained, Executive Chef,
Pass Resort & Spa, is one of only fourteen U.S. restaurants       Michael O’Dowd considers it his privilege to be a thought-
and the first ever Native American restaurant to garner both      ful caretaker of the Gila River Indian Community’s culinary
the AAA Five-Diamond Award and Mobil Travel Guide’s               story. Working diligently to learn traditional recipes and
Five-Star Award.                                                  present them in a new setting is O’Dowd’s way of paying
          It is with accolades like these, by exhibiting an ap-   homage to the past while weaving a new culinary future for
preciation for a culinary sense of place and through an un-       Native American inspired cuisine.
wavering devotion to Five-Star/Five-Diamond service                         The hardcover copy of the book was released on
standards that the Kai team has brought an ancient cuisine to     September 1, is $24.95 and is available for purchase at the
the forefront of epicurean dialogue with passion and has          resort, on and in most major bookstores.
earned the attention of the culinary world.                                 The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, lo-
          Now, with the release of The New Native American        cated on the Gila River Indian Community, is a total desti-
Cuisine, Kai’s top chefs along with prominent food writer         nation resort showcasing the heritage, culture, art and
Marian Betancourt bring more than fifty time-honored and          legends of the Pima and Maricopa Tribes. The resort offer-
unique Five-Star quality recipes to your table.                   ings include: 500 culturally themed rooms, Mobil Five-           zona.
          Specialties include grilled tenderloin of buffalo       Star/AAA Five-Diamond Dining at Kai, the Mobil Four-Star
with smoked corn puree, sweet corn panna cotta with pick-         Native American Aji Spa; 36-holes of Troon-managed golf          Jack Strong, was the Chef de Cuisine at Kai for three years
led local squash, wood-grilled butternut squash puree with        at Whirlwind Golf Club; the 1,000-acre Koli Equestrian           and became an essential ingredient in the restaurant’s recipe
Pima cotton candy, and butter-basted lobster tail on fry bread    Center, and a boat cruise to the Wild Horse Pass Casino and      for success. Prior to his role in Kai he was the Sous Chef at
with avocado mousse. The recipes vary in complexity, but          Rawhide Western Theme Town. For more information                 The Phoenician’s Windows on the Green restaurant in
each will be sure to open an inspiring new arena of culinary      please visit:                       Scottsdale. In April 2009, Strong returned to his native Pa-
adventures. The book contains a glossary of essential Na-                                                                          cific Northwest to head up the kitchen of the Salish Lodge
tive American foods and a shopping guide. Most of the in-         About the Authors                                                in Snoqualmie, Washington, where he now lives.
gredients required are available everywhere, and others can
be easily acquired from specialty producers or online.            Michael O’Dowd, the award-winning Executive Chef of              Marian Betancourt is the author or coauthor of more than a
          Not only does this magnificent book present un-         Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort, approaches his position         dozen books, including The Texas Hill Country Cookbook:
forgettable recipes, it acts as a passport into the great ex-     with visionary zeal and coined the term “Native American         A Taste of Provence (Globe Pequot). Her writing about food
panse of the Sonoran desert. It gives readers the opportunity     Cuisine with Global Accents.” He has worked at positions at      and travel has appeared in numerous newspapers and mag-
to experience true appreciation for Native American Cuisine       notable five-star, five-diamond hotels and in New York           azines, including American Heritage for which she wrote
and the rich history, culture, and agricultural traditions of     City’s finest restaurants. He has been showered with na-         about the Mashantucket Pequots of Connecticut. She lives in
the Gila River Indian People and their land that cultivated       tional food and beverage media. He lives in Phoenix, Ari-        New York City.

                                                                                                  to the passionate and talented Kai team          writer Marian Betancourt bring more than
2010 RANKINGS POSITION KAI AS                                                                     whose daily aspirations to deliver world-        fifty time-honored and unique Five-
                                                                                                  class experiences clearly do not go unno-        Star/Five-Diamond quality recipes to your
ARIZONA’S ONLY FIVE-STAR/FIVE-                                                                    ticed.”                                          table. Not only does this magnificent book
                                                                                                          It is with accolades like these and by   present unforgettable recipes, it acts as a
DIAMOND RESTAURANT                                                                                exhibiting an appreciation for a culinary        passport into the great expanse of the Sono-
                                                                                                  sense of place that the Kai team has brought     ran desert. It gives readers the opportunity
PHOENIX, AZ (November 10, 2009) –                rience in Arizona.                               an ancient cuisine to the forefront of epi-      to experience true appreciation for Native
Forbes Travel Guide (formerly Mobil Travel       Kai, the Pima word for seed, opened with         curean dialogue with passion and has earned      American Cuisine and the rich history, cul-
Guide), yesterday announced their list of        the resort in October of 2002 with unique        the attention of the culinary world.             ture, and agricultural traditions of the Gila
2010 award winners. Kai restaurant at the        cuisine, coined “Native American with                   With the recent release of a new cook-    River Indian People and their land that cul-
Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa was        Global Accents” by the resort’s Michelin         book, The New Native American Cuisine,           tivated these flavorful combinations.
awarded Forbes Travel Guide’s highest rat-       trained, Executive Chef, Michael O’Dowd,         Kai’s top chefs along with prominent food
ing with the Five-Star Award. Kai now            who considers it his privilege to be a
stands alone as one of only 17 Five-Star         thoughtful caretaker of the Gila River Indian
restaurants in all of North America and the      Community’s culinary story. Working dili-
sole restaurant in Arizona to receive this       gently to learn traditional recipes and pres-
prestigious commendation.                        ent them in a new setting is O’Dowd’s way
            In addition, AAA last week an-       of paying homage to the past while weaving
nounced their list of 2010 Five-Diamond          a new culinary future for Native American
Award winners and Kai was the only restau-       inspired cuisine. In so doing, Kai has won
rant in Arizona to be named to this vener-       the hearts of Resort guests, local and na-
ated list. These recent announcements mark       tional epicureans alike.
Kai’s second Five-Star rating and fourth          “It is truly humbling and a distinct honor to
Five-Diamond designation. This dual              again be deemed one of the finest dining es-
recognition solidifies Kai’s position as the     tablishments in the world,” said Bunty
most celebrated and acclaimed dining expe-       Ahamed, General Manager. “It is a tribute
 November 2009                                                                              GRIN                                                                               Page 19

New Boys and Girls Club in D6 is a state of the art facility
By Jeri Thomas                                    commemorate the season.”
                                                            The major features of the Club are
D6-No longer will it be necessary for the         the two gymnasiums, computer learning
kids and staff to endure sweltering heat due      center, and a full-service commercial
to ineffective swamp coolers. The brand           kitchen. The auxiliary gym features an ele-
new Boys and Girls Clubs is a point of pride      vated performance stage complete with a
in Komatke. The 32,000 square foot facil-         wheelchair lift.
ity is located at 51st Avenue and Pecos Road.               The outdoor play area includes a
           Since 1995, the Komatke Branch         lighted football field that doubles as a soc-
was located at the cafeteria and gymnasium        cer field, and a 50-foot fire pit, thanks to
of the former St. John’s Indian Mission           Councilman Terrance Evans, D6, who
School. The structure was built in the early      posed the idea to the architects, said Jordan
1960s. According to Father Dale, Phoenix          of WH Pacific.
Catholic Diocese, the high school closed in                 Dixson said the facility incorpo-
1975 and the elementary school closed in          rates several green architectural features. A
1990 due to lack of financing and limited         reverse osmosis water filtration system, car-
enrollment.                                       bon dioxide sensors, and natural lighting
           Benny Dixson, Tribal Projects          will add to the quality of playtime experi-
Manager, believes that the facility is dilap-     ences and make visits to the Club memo-
idated beyond repair. “The building lived         rable ones.                                      Children from the Boys and Girls Club stand with new basketballs donated by rep-
out its life. The exterior structural walls are             Jones said the Komatke Branch          resentatives from WH Pacific. (GRIN Photo - Jeri Thomas)
cracking, the sewer system is cast iron           serves 92 kids daily, with 342 enrollees.
pipes, and the electrical wiring is unsafe.       Hours of operation are Monday through
Mouse droppings are everywhere.”                  Thursday 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Fridays 1
           The price tag was close $5 million     p.m. to 7 p.m.
dollars. “It took a few budget mods [2001,                  The GRIC funded two Clubs for
2002, and 2006] by the Council,” Dixson           the past 14 years. The Sacaton Branch
said, but the project had the support of the      opened its doors to a brand new facility in
Community and was totally funded with             1996. The Sacaton Branch serves 75 kids on
tribal dollars, he added.                         a daily basis with 386 enrollees. The Club is
           To help kick-off the fun at the new    open for limited hours on Saturdays.
Club, WH Pacific recently donated 10 bas-                   According to Jones, open gym at
ketballs for the kids to enjoy. Local children    Komatke is Monday and Wednesday 6:30
accepted the gifts from Carl Jordan and           p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Parents and kids travel
Gene Valentine, representatives from WH           from all areas throughout the Community to
Pacific, project architects. The leather bas-     enjoy the beautiful amenities.
ketballs, customized with GRIC and BGC                      The BGC of the East Valley will
logos, are inscribed with, “Thank you from        soon hold its two annual fundraisers. The
your friends at WH Pacific.”                      13th Annual Boys and Girls Club of the East
           According to Jason Jones, Club         Valley Golf Tournament will be held on
Director and 13-year BGC employee, the            Nov. 20 at the Whirlwind Golf Club and the       The new Boys and Girls Clubs features two gymnasiums, a computer learning cen-
                                                  Bids for Kids Silent Auction and Dinner,         ter, and a full-service commercial kitchen. The auxiliary gym features an elevated per-
new Club opened in August.
                                                                                                   formance stage complete with a wheelchair lift. (GRIN Photo - Jeri Thomas)
           Jones said activities are in full      Nov. 21, at the Sheraton at Wild Horse Pass
swing. “The flag football season recently         Resort and Spa.
ended with a banquet for the kids and par-                  Look for a Komatke Branch grand
ents. Red Arrow Homes donated the food            opening date tentatively set for December.
and each kid went home with a medal to

                                                                                                  According to Benny Dixson, Tribal Projects Manager, the old Boys and Girls Club fa-
                                                                                                  cility (above) was dilapidated beyond repair. (GRIN Photo - Jeri Thomas)
 Page 20                                                                                     GRIN                                                                          November 2009

‘Problem Child’ Gunning for New
Speed Record during 2009 IHBA
NAPA Auto Parts World Finals
Top Fuel Hydro Boat Looks to Re-write Drag Boat Racing
Record Book and Finish 2009 Strong upon the Speedy Waters
of Firebird Lake

GILA RIVER INDIAN COMMUNITY –Eddie Knox has long been the owner of a “Prob-
lem Child.’ He’ll soon be bringing that sassy youngster to Arizona for the 2009 IHBA
NAPA Auto Parts World Finals, scheduled for Nov. 20-22 upon Firebird Lake at Firebird In-
ternational Raceway.
          But don’t feel too bad for Knox. Because of that uppity youngster, he can now say
his ‘Problem Child’ is the world’s fastest prop driven boat after tearing up waters off San
Diego with an elapsed time of 4.56 seconds at a speed of 265.52 miles-per-hour – the fastest
speed in drag boat racing history.
          One might think Knox, driver Daryl Ehrlich and the team at Eddie Knox Racing
would be satisfied following their amazing time registered last month during the San Diego
Bay Fair.
          Well guess what! Knox thinks ‘Problem Child’ can go faster! He believes the pris-        Test & Tune; Thursday, Nov. 19: $10; kids 12 and under free to general admission areas
tine conditions of Firebird Lake – known across the International Hot Boat Association             with a paying adult.
(IHBA) as the world’s fastest quarter mile on the water – could allow the team to reach the        Friday, Nov. 20: tickets range from $25 to $55; kids 12 and under free to general admission
270 mile-per-hour plateau!                                                                         areas with a paying adult.
          “Firebird Lake has an awful lot of bite to it,” Knox said. “It’s a very fast track! We   Saturday, Nov. 21: tickets range from $34 to $65; kids 12 and under free to general admis-
think there’s a very good chance we can go 270 miles-per-hour at Firebird.”                        sion areas with a paying adult.
          That would make ‘Problem Child’ quite the problem indeed for competitors in the          Sunday, Nov. 22: tickets range from $38 to $75; kids 12 and under free to general admis-
IHBA Lucas Oil Top Fuel Hydro category. While winning the World Finals wouldn’t be                 sion areas with a paying adult.
enough to propel ‘Problem Child’ to a season points title, Knox said capturing the most
prestigious event in drag boat racing while setting a new world speed record would be a            Ticket combos for multiple days are also available, ranging from $65 to $88. General park-
great way to close out 2009.                                                                       ing begins at $10, with lakeside RV parking available for $750.
          “This event is the Grand Daddy of drag boat racing,” Knox explained. “It’s been
a long time since I’ve won there, and I would love to do it this year.”                            About Firebird International Raceway
          While Knox, Ehrlich and ‘Problem Child’ are gunning for a record and a World Fi-         Since it’s inception in 1983, Firebird International Raceway has grown into one of the most
nals win, two other Top Fuel teams will be gunning for the season points’ title during the         versatile and diversified motor sport venues in the world. A staple of Metropolitan Phoenix’s
2009 IHBA NAPA Auto Parts World Finals. Defending World Champion Speed Sports Spe-                 sports and entertainment scene, Firebird’s annual attendance regularly eclipses the 600,000
cial, owned by Lou Osman and driven by John Haas, and challenger Spirit of Texas (David            mark. The track is home to four road courses, three skid pads, the 120-acre Firebird Lake
Kirkland/driver Scott Lumbert) are in neck-and-neck duel for the 2009 world title heading          and its famous quarter-mile drag strip.
into the season’s final event at Firebird.
          Similarly tight points races exist in several different categories of racing, ensuring   The Gila River Indian Community-based facility features a prominent calendar of champi-
a breathtaking weekend of drag boat racing for fans attending this year’s IHBA NAPA Auto           onship-series events including annual stops by National Hot Rod Association Full Throttle
Parts World Finals.                                                                                Drag Racing Series and the International Hot Boat Association as well as its popular Mon-
          The 2009 IHBA NAPA Auto Parts World Finals is scheduled from Nov. 20-22 on               ster Truck Nationals event. Firebird also hosts dozens of smaller public and private events
Firebird Lake at Firebird International Raceway. A Test & Tune is scheduled from 10 am             each year, as well as professional race team testing, ride-and-drives for major automobile
to 4 pm on Thursday Nov. 19. During the actual event, racing will begin each day at 7:30           manufacturers, concerts, and corporate meetings. To learn more about Firebird Interna-
am. Tickets prices are as follows:                                                                 tional Raceway, please visit
   November 2009                                                                                                          GRIN                                                                                                              Page 21

Community Council Action Sheets for Oct. 7 and Oct 21 meetings
 ACTION SHEET                                                   approval)                                                      Council with Recommendation for Approval)                      District Community Cleanup Program (G&MSC Forwards to
 Community Council                                              Presenter: Dante Nash                                          Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       Council with Recommendation for Approval)
 PO Box 2138                                                    APPROVED                                                       APPROVED                                                       Presenter: Cheryl Pablo
 Sacaton, Arizona 85147                                         5. A Resolution Approving and Designating 18.1 Acres of        19. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        APPROVED
 Phone: (520) 562-9720                                          Community Land in District Six of the Gila River Indian        between the Gila River Indian Community and Rothstein,         36. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila
 Fax: (520) 562-9729                                            Community for the Purpose of Development and Construc-         Donatelli, Hughes, Dahlstrom & Schoenburg, LLP for Fiscal      River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues
 The first regular monthly meeting of the Community Council     tion of a Tribal Subdivision as Shown in Drawing No 20606-     Year 2010 (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recommen-            to the City of Casa Grande for Cesar E. Chavez College
 was held Wednesday, October 07, 2009, 9am, in the Com-         0392DI1 (NRSC Forwards to Council with recommendation          dation for Approval)                                           Scholarships (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recom-
 munity Council Chambers at the Governance Center in            for approval)                                                  Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       mendation for Approval)
 Sacaton, Arizona.                                              Presenter: Dante Nash                                          APPROVED                                                       Presenter: Cheryl Pablo
 CALL TO ORDER                                                  APPROVED                                                       20. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        APPROVED
 Presiding Chairman Governor William R. Rhodes called the       6. A Resolution Approving the Acquisition for Rights-of-Way    between the Gila River Indian Community and Dorsey &           37. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila
 meeting to order at 9:00 AM with a quorum of 13 Council        for a Grant of Easement across Allotted Land Parcels for the   Whitney, LLP for Fiscal Year 2010 (G&MSC Forwards to           River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues
 Members present.                                               Purpose of Constructing, Operating, Managing, Maintaining      Council with Recommendation for Approval)                      to the City of Mesa for the Banner Health, Through the Eyes
 INVOCATION                                                     a Roadway and Utilities by the Gila River Indian Commu-        Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       of a Child Capital Campaign (G&MSC Forwards to Council
 District 5 Councilman Delane Enos provided the invocation      nity’s Department of Transportation (NRSC Forwards to          APPROVED                                                       with Recommendation for Approval)
 (District 6 Councilman Anthony Villareal, Sr. arrived during   Council with recommendation for approval)                      21. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        Presenter: Cheryl Pablo
 invocation; quorum equals 14)                                  Presenter: Antonelli Anton and Calvin Touchin                  between the Gila River Indian Community and Fadell, Ch-        APPROVED
 ROLL CALL                                                      APPROVED                                                       eney & Burt, P.L.L.C. for Fiscal Year 2010 (G&MSC For-         38. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila
 Roll Call was taken via circulating Sign-In sheet.             7. A Resolution Approving a Fifty (50) Year Homesite As-       wards to Council with Recommendation for Approval)             River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues
 Executive Officers Present at Roll Call:                       signment Agreement for B. Elaine Blackwater, District One      Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       to the City of Goodyear for the Homeward Bound, Helping
 Governor William R. Rhodes                                     of the Gila River Indian Community and Designated as           APPROVED                                                       the Working Poor Program (G&MSC Forwards to Council
 Lt. Governor Joseph Manuel                                     Drawing No. 20106-2434 (NRSC Forwards to Council with          22. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        with Recommendation for Approval)
 Council Members Present at Roll Call:                          recommendation for approval)                                   between the Gila River Indian Community and Public Policy      Presenter: Cheryl Pablo
 D1—Augustine Enas, Arzie Hogg; D2—Jewel Whitman;               Presenter: Pamela Pasqual                                      Partners for Fiscal Year 2010 (G&MSC Forwards to Council       APPROVED
D3—Myron Schurz, Rodney Jackson; D4—Darrell Ger-                APPROVED                                                       with Recommendation for Approval)                              39. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila
laugh, Barney Enos, Jr., John Antone, Rebecca Rowe; D5—         8. A Resolution Requesting the Secretary of Interior to take   Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues
Delane Enos; Franklin Pablo, Sr., Brian Davis; D6—Anthony       Allotments 3850, 3851, 3852, 3853, 3932, and Portions of       APPROVED                                                       to the City of Chandler for the Seton Catholic Preparatory
Villareal, Sr.; D7—Devin Redbird                                Allotments 3576 and 3577 into Trust on Behalf of the Gila      23. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        High School Master Plan (G&MSC Forwards to Council with
Council Members Present after Roll Call:                        River Indian Community under Section 210 of the Arizona        between the Gila River Indian Community and Polese, Piet-      Recommendation for Approval)
D5—Brenda Robertson (9:05); D6—Albert Pablo (9:05), Ter-        Water Settlements Act, Public Law 108-451 (NRSC &              zsch, Williams & Nolan, P.A. to Provide Legal Services for     Presenter: Cheryl Pablo
rance B. Evans (9:13)                                           G&MSC Forward to Council with recommendation for ap-           Fiscal Year 2010 (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recom-        APPROVED
APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                              proval)                                                        mendation for Approval)                                        40. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila
APPROVED WITH AMENDMENTS: TABLE RPTS #3 & #5;                   Presenter: Kimberly Dutcher                                    Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues
ADD GILA CROSSING MIDDLE SCHOOL WRITTEN PLAN,                   APPROVED                                                       APPROVED                                                       to the City of Mesa for the Foundation for Burns and
& PRESENTATION #2 FASTEST DRUMMER CHAMPION                      9. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement         24. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        Trauma, Inc., Forever Courage House (G&MSC Forwards to
PRESENTATIONS                                                   between the Gila River Indian Community and Adkins Re-         between the Gila River Indian Community and Rosette &          Council with Recommendation for Approval)
1. 2010 US Census—Video                                         search Associates for Fiscal Year 2010 (NRSC Forwards to       Associates, P.C., to Provide Legal Services during Fiscal      Presenter: Cheryl Pablo
Presenter: Jane Johnson-Woody                                   Council with recommendation for approval with added ver-       Year 2010 for the Gila River Indian Community Constitution     APPROVED
2. Fastest Drummer Champion—Basha High School                   biage that the money will be coming out of the Water Settle-   Reform Project (G&MSC and LSC Forward to Council with          41. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila
Presenter: Joseph Manuel, Jr.                                   ment Fund) (G&MSC Forwards to Council with                     Recommendation for Approval)                                   River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues
MINUTES – None                                                  Recommendation for Approval)                                   Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       to the City of Phoenix for the Phoenix Rescue Mission,
REPORTS                                                         Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       APPROVED                                                       Changing Lives Center for Women and Children (G&MSC
*1. Akimel O’odham/Pee-Posh Youth Council Report                APPROVED                                                       25. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        Forwards to Council with Recommendation for Approval)
Presenter: Michael Preston                                      10. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        between the Gila River Indian Community and Osborn Male-       Presenter: Cheryl Pablo
REPORT HEARD                                                    between the Gila River Indian Community and Hardee Con-        don, P.A. For Fiscal Year 2010 (G&MSC Forwards to Coun-        APPROVED
*2. Blackwater Community School Annual Report 2008-2009         sulting, Inc., for Fiscal Year 2010 (NRSC Forwards to Coun-    cil with Recommendation for Approval)                          42. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila
Presenter: Jacquelyn Power                                      cil with recommendation for approval with added verbiage       Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues
REPORT HEARD                                                    that the money will be coming out of the Water Settlement      APPROVED                                                       to the City of Mesa for the Gene Lewis Boxing Club
*3. Sacaton Elementary School 3rd Quarter Progress Report       Fund) (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recommendation           26. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recommendation for Ap-
Presenter: Carol Virkler                                        for Approval)                                                  between the Gila River Indian Community and Andrea J.          proval)
TABLED AT APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                    Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       Curry, Esq. for Fiscal Year 2010 (G&MSC Forwards to            Presenter: Cheryl Pablo
4. Joint Control Board – Progress Report                        APPROVED                                                       Council with Recommendation for Approval)                      APPROVED
Presenter: Harlan Bohnee & Gary Parker                          11. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       43. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila
REPORT HEARD                                                    between the Gila River Indian Community and Gookin Hy-         APPROVED                                                       River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues
5. Bahidaj Harvest 2009                                         drology, LLC for Fiscal Year 2010 (NRSC Forwards to Coun-      27. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        to the City of Casa Grande for the Natural Education Center
Presenter: Robert Johnson                                       cil with recommendation for approval with added verbiage       between the Gila River Indian Community and Akin Gump          Farm Filled Ag-Ventures (G&MSC Forwards to Council with
TABLED AT APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                    that the money will be coming out of the Water Settlement      Strauss Hauer & Feld, L.L.P., For Fiscal Year 2010 (G&MSC      Recommendation for Approval)
6. GRHC FY ’09 3rd Quarter Report For Community Funded          Fund) (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recommendation           and NRSC Forwards to Council with Recommendation for           Presenter: Cheryl Pablo
Programs                                                        for Approval)                                                  Approval)                                                      APPROVED
Presenter: Richard Narcia & GRHC Representatives                Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       44. A Resolution Approving the Location Transfer of the Gila
REPORT HEARD                                                    APPROVED                                                       APPROVED                                                       River Casinos-Wild Horse Pass Liquor License(s) from its
7. Office of Planning & Evaluation Annual Report – FY 2009      12. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        28. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila       Current Location of 5550 W Wild Horse Pass Road, Chan-
Presenter: Hank Cannon                                          between the Gila River Indian Community and Franzoy Con-       River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues          dler, Arizona 85226 to the New Wild Horse Pass Casino
REPORT HEARD                                                    sulting, Inc. for Fiscal Year 2010 (NRSC Forwards to Coun-     to Pinal County for the Anti-Meth Coalition (G&MSC For-        being Constructed by the Casino Expansion Owners Team
Motion to break for lunch until 1:30; motion carried            cil with recommendation for approval with added verbiage       wards to Council with Recommendation for Approval)             at 5040 W Wild Horse Pass Blvd, Chandler, Arizona 85226
Presiding Chairman Governor Rhodes reconvened the               that the money will be coming out of the Water Settlement      Presenter: Cheryl Pablo                                        (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recommendation for Ap-
meeting at 1:30; quorum of 13                                   Fund) (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recommendation           APPROVED                                                       proval)
[Councilman Rodney Jackson departed meeting; submitted          for Approval)                                                  29. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila       Presenter: Harold Baugus and Kenneth Manuel
Absence memo to Secretary; quorum equals 16]                    Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues          APPROVED
8. Gila River Gaming Enterprises, Inc. (Executive Session)      APPROVED                                                       to Pinal County for the Medical Examiner’s Office Equip-       45. A Resolution Approving the Enrollment of Aaron Angel
Presenter: Harold Baugus & Board of Directors                   13. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        ment (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recommendation            Molina into the Gila River Indian Community (LSC Forwards
MOTION WAS MADE TO ENTER INTO EXECUTIVE SES-                    between the Gila River Indian Community and Peter A.           for Approval)                                                  to Council with Recommendation for Approval)
SION; MOTION CARRIED                                            Mock Groundwater Consulting, Inc. for Fiscal Year 2010         Presenter: Cheryl Pablo                                        Presenter: Francisco Osife
REPORT HEARD IN EXECUTIVE SESSION                               (NRSC Forwards to Council with recommendation for ap-          APPROVED                                                       APPROVED
9. Gila River Gaming Commission General Report – August         proval with added verbiage that the money will be coming       30. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila       ORDINANCES:
2009 (Executive Session)                                        out of the Water Settlement Fund) (G&MSC Forwards to           River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues          1. The Gila River Indian Community Council Hereby
Presenters: Courtney Moyah & Scott Sanderson                    Council with Recommendation for Approval)                      to Maricopa County for the Phoenix Zoo, Edventures Educa-      Amends Title 13 of the Gila River Indian Community Law
REPORT HEARD IN EXECUTIVE SESSION                               Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                       tional Program (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recom-          and Order Code (LSC, G&MSC and H&SSC Forward to
10. Osborn Maledon Report Summarizing 2009 Work (Exec-          APPROVED                                                       mendation for Approval)                                        Council with Recommendation for Approval)
utive Session)                                                  14. A Resolution Approving the Extension of the Term of the    Presenter: Cheryl Pablo                                        Presenter: Jennifer Giff and Arthur Felder
Presenter: David Rosenbaum                                      Appointment of the Chairman of the Gila River Indian Irriga-   APPROVED                                                       APPROVED
REPORT HEARD IN EXECUTIVE SESSION—COUNCIL                       tion and Drainage District to the Joint Control Board from a   31. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila       2. The Gila River Indian Community Council Hereby Re-
AND ATTORNEYS ONLY                                              One-Year Term to a Term of Three Years (NRSC Forwards          River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues          scinds Ordinance GR-05-01, Communicable Disease Ordi-
MOTION WAS MADE AND SECONDED TO EXIT EXECU-                     to Council, with recommendation for approval)                  to the City of Tucson for the Planned Parenthood Arizona,      nance, and Enacts the Communicable Disease Ordinance
TIVE SESSION; MOTION CARRIED VIA UNANIMOUS                      Presenter: Gary Parker                                         Generation See Program (G&MSC Forwards to Council with         to be codified at Title 17, Chapter 9, Communicable Disease
VOICE VOTE                                                      APPROVED                                                       Recommendation for Approval)                                   Ordinance, of the Gila River Indian Community Law and
RESOLUTIONS                                                     15. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing a Lease Agree-      Presenter: Cheryl Pablo                                        Order Code (LSC and H&SSC Forward to Council with Rec-
*1. A Resolution Authorizing and Approving a Land Use           ment between the Gila River Indian Community and Native        APPROVED                                                       ommendation for Approval)
Agreement between the Gila River Indian Community and           American Connections, Inc. for the Lease of Commercial Of-     32. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila       Presenter: Rebecca Hall and Dr. Griggs
the Gila Crossing Community School for 10.6060 Acres of         fice Space for the Gila River Indian Community’s Urban         River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues          APPROVED
Community Trust Land Located in District Six of the Gila        Members Service Center (G&MSC Forwards to Council with         to City Of Phoenix for the Valley of the Sun School, Valley    3. Enacting the 2009 Gila River Indian Community Code,
River Indian Reservation for the Operation and Maintenance      Recommendation to DENY and give a 30-day notice to Na-         Transportation (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recom-          Providing for the Repeal of Certain Ordinances and Resolu-
of the Gila Crossing Community School (NRSC & ESC For-          tive American Connections)                                     mendation for Approval)                                        tions, and Providing for the Manner of Amending the Code
ward to Council with recommendation for approval)               Presenter: Jose Solarez                                        Presenter: Cheryl Pablo                                        (LSC Forwards to Council with Recommendation for Ap-
Presenters: Joshua Mike and Kimberly Dutcher                    DENIED/GIVE 30-DAY NOTICE TO NAC                               APPROVED                                                       proval)
APPROVED                                                        16. A Resolution Approving Amendment #1 to the October 1,      33. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila       Presenters: Tom Murphy and Sheila Riley-White
2. A Resolution Approving the Community Research Review         2008 Agreement between the Gila River Indian Community         River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues          APPROVED
Committee’s Policies and Procedures and Forms (H&SSC            and Pietzsch, Bonnett and Womack, P.A. (G&MSC For-             to the City of Tempe for the Tempe High School International   UNFINISHED BUSINESS:
Forwards to Council with recommendation for approval)           wards to Council with Recommendation for Approval)             Baccalaureate Program (G&MSC Forwards to Council with          *1. Department Of Community Housing Monthly Report -
Presenter: Law Office                                           Presenter: Lisa Guzman                                         Recommendation for Approval)                                   August 2009 (GMSC Forwards to Council under Unfinished
APPROVED                                                        APPROVED                                                       Presenter: Cheryl Pablo                                        Business)
3. A Resolution Approving the Guidelines for Minors’ and        17. A Resolution Rescinding Resolution GR-78-07 which Au-      APPROVED                                                       Presenter: Nellie Gilmore
Legal Incompetents’ Gaming Revenue Per Capita Trusts            thorized the Immediate Removal of Cecelia Martinez as the      34. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila       REPORT HEARD
(HSSC & G&MSC Forward to Council with recommendation            Superintendent of Pima Agency of the Bureau of Indian Af-      River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues          2. Two (2) Appointments to Gila River Gaming Commis-
for Approval)                                                   fairs (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recommendation           to the City of Phoenix for the Girl Scouts – Arizona Cactus-   sion—Board of Commissioners
Presenter: Law Office                                           for Approval)                                                  Pine Council, Adelante Jovencitas Program (G&MSC For-          Presenter: Community Council
APPROVED                                                        Presenter: Anthony Villareal, Sr.                              wards to Council with Recommendation for Approval)             Votes were as follows: Marla M Lemos—12; Serena M
4. A Resolution Approving and Designating 35.44 Acres of        DEFEATED                                                       Presenter: Cheryl Pablo
Community Land in District Six of the Gila River Indian         18. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Agreement        APPROVED
Community for the Purpose of Development and Construc-          between the Gila River Indian Community and Elizabeth          35. A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Award from the Gila       CCSO Action Sheets
tion of a Tribal Subdivision Shown in Drawing No. 30508-        Rosenbaum to Provide Legal Representation during Fiscal        River Indian Community’s State-Shared Gaming Revenues
0401A (NRSC Forwards to Council with recommendation for         Year 2010 for an ICWA Matter in Iowa (G&MSC Forwards to        to the City of Maricopa for the Maricopa Redevelopment         continued on Page 22
Page 22                                                                                                            GRIN                                                                                                 November 2009

CCSO Action Sheets From Page 21
Joaquin—4; Dallas DeLowe—1; Jeri Thomas—3; Donna              -Request for donations for back work room supplies            wing lobby]                                                   cil, with recommendation for approval)
Rhodes—0; Ampara Chee—11; Penny K. Hayes—1;                   -GRIC football team playing in TO                             Presiding Chairman Governor Rhodes reconvened the             Presenter: Charles Enos
VOTES FOR MARLA LEMOS (3yr term) & AMPARA CHEE                -District 1 Veterans Day                                      meeting with quorum of 12 members present                     APPROVED
(6mo term) CERTIFIED                                          ADJOURNMENT:                                                  MINUTES                                                       2. A Resolution Approving and Authorizing an Amendment
NEW BUSINESS:                                                 MOTION WAS MADE AND SECONDED TO ADJOURN;                      1. June 17, 2009 (Regular)                                    #2 to the Agreement between the Department of Environ-
1. Request for the Gila River Indian Community Regional       MOTION CARRIED VIA UNANIMOUS SHOW OF HANDS                    MOTION TO TABLE MINUTES #1, #2, #3, & #4                      mental Quality of the Gila River Indian Community and
Partnership Council to Remain a Separate Region (ESC          MEETING ADJOURNED AT 5:19                                     2. August 5, 2009 (Regular)                                   Roger K. Ferland, ESQ., Quarles & Brady Streich Lang,
and H&SSC forward to Council with recommendation to           * Denotes TABLED from previous meeting(s)                     TABLED                                                        L.L.P. (NRSC Forwards to Council, with recommendation for
support the request to remain a separate region)                                                                            3. September 29, 2009 (Special)                               approval)
Presenter: Cathy Thornton                                     ACTION SHEET                                                  TABLED                                                        Presenter: Margaret Cook
APPROVED                                                      Community Council                                             4. October 8, 2009 (Special)                                  TABLED AT APPROVAL OF AGENDA
2. Gila Crossing Community & Middle Schools Written Plan      PO Box 2138                                                   TABLED                                                        3. A Resolution Approving a Memorandum of Agreement be-
2009-2010 (ESC forwards to Council with recommendation        Sacaton, Arizona 85147                                        REPORTS                                                       tween the Gila River Indian Community and Joe and Marilyn
to approve the Elementary Campus and Middle School Writ-      Phone: (520) 562-9720                                         *1. Sacaton Elementary School 3rd Quarter Progress Report     Heal of Coolidge, Arizona, for the Replacement of a Certain
ten Plan only)                                                Fax: (520) 562-9729                                           Presenter: Carol Virkler                                      Irrigation Ditch within the Newly Acquired Right-of-way along
Presenter: Ames Singley                                       The second regular monthly meeting of the Community           DISPENSED                                                     the Pima Lateral Canal East of the City of Coolidge (NRSC
APPROVED                                                      Council was held Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 9am, in         *2. Bahidaj Harvest 2009                                      Forwards to Council, with recommendation for approval)
3. Declaration of Vacancy (1) for Gila River Indian Commu-    the Community Council Chambers at the Governance Cen-         Presenter: Robert Johnson                                     Presenter: David DeJong
nity Utility Authority (GRICUA) Board of Directors (NRSC      ter in Sacaton, Arizona.                                      REPORT HEARD (PowerPoint viewed)                              TABLED AT APPROVAL OF AGENDA
forwards to Council with recommendation to declare a va-      CALL TO ORDER                                                 3. Maricopa Village Christian School 3rd Quarter Report       4. A Resolution Delaying the Enactment of Title 1, Chapter
cancy with recommended deadline date of October 29,           Governor Rhodes called the meeting to order at 9:02 with a    Presenter: Jessica Frame                                      5, Court Of Appeals and Appellate Procedure Ordinance
2009, at 12 Noon and Appointment at the November 4,           quorum of 13 members present                                  REPORT HEARD                                                  from October 1, 2009, Until April 1, 2010 (LSC Forward to
2009, Council Meeting)                                        INVOCATION                                                    4. Maricopa Village Christian School Annual Report 2008-      Council with recommendation for approval)
Presenter: William Pezalla                                    District 5 Councilwoman Brenda Robertson provided the in-     2009                                                          Presenter: Jan Morris
VACANCY DECLARED                                              vocation.                                                     Presenter: Jessica Frame                                      DISPENSED AT APPROVAL OF AGENDA
4. Declaration of Vacancies (2) by Gila River Indian Gaming   ROLL CALL                                                     REPORT HEARD                                                  5. A Resolution Approving the Enrollment of Angelina Duarte
Enterprises, Inc. (GRGE) Board of Directors (G&MSC for-       Roll Call was taken via circulating sign-in sheet.            5. Annual Report from Legal Council Roger K. Ferland          into the Gila River Indian Community (LSC Forwards to
wards to Council with recommendation to declare two (2)       Executive Members Present at Roll Call:                       Presenter: Margaret Cook                                      Council with recommendation for approval)
vacancies and for letters and resumes be submitted by No-     Governor William R. Rhodes                                    TABLED AT APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                  Presenter: Enrollment Committee
vember 12, 2009, by 12 Noon and for the Appointments to       Lt. Governor Joseph Manuel                                    6. DEQ 2009 Third Quarter Report                              TABLED AT APPROVAL OF AGENDA
be made at the regular Council Meeting of November 18,        Council Member Present at Roll Call”                          Presenter: Margaret Cook                                      ORDINANCES:
2009)                                                         D1—Augustine Enas, Arzie Hogg; D2—Jewel Whitman;              REPORT HEARD                                                  UNFINISHED BUSINESS:
Presenter: Board of Directors                                 D3—Myron Schurz, Rodney Jackson; D4—Barney Enos,              7. Objections to Application to Sever and Transfer (Power     NEW BUSINESS:
VACANCIES DECLARED                                            Jr., Rebecca Rowe; D5—Delane Enos, Franklin Pablo, Sr.,       Point Presentation)                                           1. Gila River Farms Board of Directors Job Description &
5. Housing Advisory Committee Nominee—District Two and        Brenda Robertson, Brian Davis, D6—Anthony Villareal, Sr.,     Presenter: Jennifer Giff                                      Plan of Operation (EDSC motioned to Forwards to Council
District Seven (G&MSC Forwards to Council with Recom-         Albert Pablo, D7—Devin Redbird                                REPORT HEARD                                                  with recommendation for approval: (1) Approve salaries of
mendation for Approval)                                       Council Member Present after Roll Call:                       8. Capital Projects Green Initiative (Power Point Presenta-   $24,000 for Board Members; (2) Accept the Plan of Opera-
Presenter: Nellie Gilmore                                     D4—Darrell Gerlaugh (9:14); D6—Terrance B. Evans (9:11)       tion)                                                         tion; (3) Declare (5) Vacancies, and that the letters of inter-
APPROVED                                                      APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                            Presenter: Wilfred Brown & Casey Turgeon                      est and resumes be submitted by November 24, 2009 by
6. Transfer of Surveillance Department from GRGE to GRIC      Add Lt. Governor Report on Litigation as #9 in Executive      REPORT HEARD                                                  noon and for the appointments to be made at the regular
(With the GRIC FY 2010 Budget underway and an approval        Session; Table NB #1; Table Rpt #5 and Resolution #2 & #3,    9. Update on Litigation (Executive Session)                   Council meeting of December 07, 2009; GMSC concurs.)
of a continuous Budget for FY 2009, recognizing a concur-     Dispense Resolution #4, Table Resolution #5; APPROVED         Presenter: Lt. Governor Joseph Manuel                         (Executive Committee forwards for discussion)
rence memo dated September 30, 2009, motion to forward        AS AMENDED                                                    MOTION WAS MADE AND SECONDED TO ENTER EXEC-                   Presenter: Anthony Villareal, Sr.
to the Community Council a recommendation of Approval, a      PRESENTATION                                                  UTIVE SESSION WITH EXECUTIVE, LAW OFFICE, AND                 TABLED AT APPROVAL OF AGENDA
Memorandum of Understanding with GRGE, GRIC, & TGO)           1. Introduction of Miss Indian Arizona 2009-2010 Daryl Lynn   COUNCIL; MOTION CARRIED                                       ANNOUNCEMENTS:
Presenter: Arthur Felder                                      Jay and Crowning of New Miss Gila River Kristen Dosela        Report heard in executive session                             -November 3, 2009, General Counsel going before AZ
APPROVED                                                      Helena Rock, Chair of the Ms. Gila River Pageant Commit-      MOTION WAS MADE AND SECONDED TO EXIT EXECU-                   Supreme Court vs. San Carlos Apache Tribe
ANNOUNCEMENTS:                                                tee presented Ms. Jay to Council. Ms. Jay addressed           TIVE SESSION; MOTION CARRIED                                  -TO football team cancelled out.
-Funeral services for former Council member Philbert Soro-    Council and thanked the Community for their support. Con-     RESOLUTIONS                                                   ADJOURNMENT
quisara on Friday                                             gratulatory receiving line followed address.                  1. Population Survey in the Sierra Estrellas (Komotke, Vii    MOTION WAS MADE AND SECONDED TO ADJOURN;
-Add travel to NCAI for delegate from District 1 to tomor-    Ms. Jay crowned Kristen Dosela as the new Miss Gila River.    Alhá) by the Gila River Indian Community Department of        MOTION CARRIED VIA UNANIMOUS SHOW OF HANDS.
row’s agenda                                                  Ms. Dosela introduced herself to Council.                     Environmental Quality for the Preservation and Conserva-      MEETING ADJOURNED AT 1:16 PM.
-Request for donation for flowers for Mr. Soroquisara         [20-minute break was for brief reception held in Council      tion of the Desert Bighorn Sheep (NRSC Forwards to Coun-      * Denotes TABLED from previous meeting(s)

                                       PUBLIC NOTICE                                                                                                                PUBLIC NOTICE
  The Gila River Indian Community Department of Environmental Qual-                                                            The Gila River Indian Community Department of Environmental Qual-
  ity is announcing that the 30-day public comment period for Hanson’s                                                         ity is announcing that the 30-day public comment period for Gila River
  air quality operating permit officially begins on November 16, 2009.                                                         Sand & Gravel San Tan Plant’s air quality operating permit officially
  Hanson is located at 2126 N. Tanner Road, Sacaton, Arizona 85147.                                                            begins on November 16, 2009. Gila River Sand & Gravel San Tan Plant
  Hanson is being permitted for Particulate Matter less than 10 microns in                                                     is located at 2126 N. Tanner Road, Sacaton, Arizona 85147. Gila River
  diameter (PM10) and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.                                                               Sand & Gravel San Tan Plant is being permitted for Particulate Matter
  Public comments will be accepted in writing until December 16, 2009,                                                         less than 10 microns in diameter (PM10) and Volatile Organic Com-
  after which staff will review and respond to all the comments received.                                                      pound (VOC) emissions. Public comments will be accepted in writing
                                                                                                                               until December 16, 2009, after which staff will review and respond to
  Any person may submit a written comment or a request to the Depart-                                                          all the comments received.
  ment to conduct a public hearing for the purpose of receiving oral or
  written comments on the proposed air quality operating permit. Such                                                          Any person may submit a written comment or a request to the Depart-
  comments and request shall be received by the Department within 30                                                           ment to conduct a public hearing for the purpose of receiving oral or
  days of the date of the first publication notice. A written comment shall                                                    written comments on the proposed air quality operating permit. Such
  state the name and mailing address of the person, shall be signed by the                                                     comments and request shall be received by the Department within 30
  person, his agent or his attorney and shall clearly set forth reasons why                                                    days of the date of the first publication notice. A written comment shall
  the permit should or should not be issued. Grounds for comment are                                                           state the name and mailing address of the person, shall be signed by the
  limited to whether the proposed permit meets the criteria for issuance                                                       person, his agent or his attorney and shall clearly set forth reasons why
  prescribed in the Gila River Indian Community Code: Title 17, Chapter                                                        the permit should or should not be issued. Grounds for comment are
  9 of the Air Quality Management Plan. Only persons who submit writ-                                                          limited to whether the proposed permit meets the criteria for issuance
  ten comments may appeal a permit decision. Copies of the permit appli-                                                       prescribed in the Gila River Indian Community Code: Title 17, Chapter
  cation, the proposed permit, and relevant background material may be                                                         9 of the Air Quality Management Plan. Only persons who submit writ-
  reviewed during normal business hours at the Department offices. Re-                                                         ten comments may appeal a permit decision. Copies of the permit appli-
  quests and written comments may be delivered or mailed to:                                                                   cation, the proposed permit, and relevant background material may be
                                                                                                                               reviewed during normal business hours at the Department offices. Re-
                                Gila River Indian Community                                                                    quests and written comments may be delivered or mailed to:
                             Department of Environmental Quality
                                     Attn: Margaret Cook                                                                                                     Gila River Indian Community
                                   P.O. Box 97/35 Pima St.                                                                                                Department of Environmental Quality
                                     Sacaton, AZ 85147                                                                                                            Attn: Margaret Cook
                                                                                                                                                                P.O. Box 97/35 Pima St.
  For further information, please contact Dan Blair or Will Antone III at                                                                                         Sacaton, AZ 85147
  (520)562-2234 or visit our offices located at 35 Pima St. Sacaton, AZ
  85147. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00                                                        For further information, please contact Dan Blair or Will Antone III at
  p.m.                                                                                                                         (520)562-2234 or visit our offices located at 35 Pima St. Sacaton, AZ
                                                                                                                               85147. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00
November 2009   GRIN   Page 23
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