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									                                Information Technology

Utilization of Information Technology What exactly is meant by information technology? Is that
information technology is identical to the computer? This question is often phrased and to
answer it required an understanding of information technology itself. Information technology
(Information Technology), commonly abbreviated as IT, IT or Infotech. In Oxford Home
Dictionary (OED2) 2nd edition defines the information technology hardware and software, and
can include network and telecommunications which are usually in a business

context or business. According to Haag and Keen (1996), information technology is a set of
tools that help you work with information and perform tasks related to information
processing. According to Martin (1999), information technology is not confined to computer
technology (hardware and software) that will be used to process and store information, but also
includes communications technology to transmit / disseminate information. While Williams and
Sawyer (2003), reveals that information technology is a technology that combines computing
(computer) with high-speed communication lines that carry data, voice, and video.
From the definition above, it appears that information technology is not limited to computer
technology, but also including telecommunications technology. In other words that information
technology is the result of convergence between computer technology and telecommunications
Computer technology is the technology associated with computer devices such as printers,
fingerprint reader, CD-ROM, processor, disk, and others. Computer is a versatile machine that
can be used for processing any data into useful information. This is possible because the
computer can be controlled by a program consisting of a series of instructions.

The computer will act on instructions received from the program. In other words the computer
will act as you wish the program makers. Communication or telecommunication technology is
long-distance communication technology. Including telecommunications technology that we use
everyday is the telephone, television, radio, handy-talkies, mobile phones.

It said earlier that information technology is the convergence between computer technology and
telecommunication technology, the current telecommunications technology mentioned above
has to be used to connect several computers. So that multiple computers can communicate with
each other easily. This is the meaning of the word "convergence" over the then commonly
known as Information Technology.

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