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					Shore Excursions

 Caribbean 2008 - 2009
Welcome to Wind star’s Caribbean
                          Choosing Your Tours                                 fee will apply as transportation and services
                                                                              will have already been arranged.
                          Choose the shore excursions that interest you
                          and are best suited to your physical capabilities   Booking Your Tours Online
                          by using the icons as a general guide to the
             To ensure                                                        Now you can easily choose your tour times,
                          level of activity involved:
                                                                              book your tours and receive confirmation of
                                 Easy Activity: Very light activity           your shore excursion reservations 24 hours                                            es; jungle
              that you           including short distances to walk;           a day. Visit us at                                   an
                                                                                                                                                             d                s,   be
                                                                                                                                                        gs                              es, f          eas
                                 may include some steps.                                                                                              ro                                     arms and s
                                                                              and book online up until six business days                     ttle
                                                                                                                                   coffee, ca
                                                                              before sailing. Make your payment online via
                                 Moderate Activity: Requires inter-
      derive maximum                                                          our secure website, and receive confirmation
                                 mittent effort throughout, walking
                                                                              as well as your tour departure times. You can
                                 medium distances over uneven
                                                                              also download the shore excursions, view tour
                                 surfaces and/or steps.
       enjoyment from                                                         prices, and read general information.
                                 Strenuous Activity: Requires active          Booking Your Tours On Board
                                 participation, walking long distances
           your cruise,                                                       You can also sign up for your tours after
                                 over uneven and steep terrain or on                                                             Excursion Planning Form on board. For
                                 steps. In certain instances, paddling        embarking the ship, at the Reception Desk
                                                                              on board. We recommend that you sign up            more information, please visit the Reception
                                 or other non-walking activity is                                                                Desk or attend the on-board Shore Excursion
   we offer informative          required and guests must be able to          early as space may be limited on the tours of
                                                                              your choice. However, on-line shore excursion      briefings.
                                 participate without discomfort or
                                 difficulty breathing.                        reservations are processed prior to any requests   Tour Descriptions
         and fun tours                                                        made on board the ship and receive priority
                          Cancellation Fees                                   handling.                                          This brochure was published several months
                          Rates and descriptions are current as of the                                                           prior to your cruise departure date. For the
                                                                              Tour Times, Durations & Prices                     most up-to-date information, tour descriptions
          ranging from    printing date. Prices are subject to change
                          without notice and descriptions may vary from       The information in this brochure is designed       and more shore excursion offerings, please visit
                          the actual tour provided. All cancellations that    to help you select the excursions most   
                          are made less than five days prior to cruise        suited to your interests. The individual tour
      easy walks to the                                                       descriptions include approximate durations.
                          departure are subject to a 10% cancellation
                          fee. No exceptions. In addition, if you cancel      To allow flexibility in customizing departure      Tours are designed around meal hours, leaving
                          your tour reservation after the booking             times to coordinate your time in port with         you plenty of time to return on board for your
downright adventurous.    deadline stated in the Shore Excursion              the meals and activities on the ship, exact tour   meals; if not stated otherwise, lunch will be
                          Planning Form on board, a 100% cancellation         departure times are published in the Shore         included in your tour.
      Bene fits
                                                                                                                                                  ATLANTIC OCEAN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ATLANTIC OCEAN
                                                                                                                             St. Martin
the                                                                                                                             St. Barts
                                                                                                                                  St. Kitts                                                                              Roseau
                          of booking with us                                                                                                   Îles des Saintes                                                               Pigeon Island                          Barbados
                                                                                                                                                                                            CARIBBEAN SEA

                                                                                                CARIBBEAN SEA
                          Quality                                                                                                                                                                                             Mayreau
                                                                                                                                                    Pigeon Island

                          Clean and comfortable transportation equipment;                                                                                       Barbados                                                St. George’s
                          we engage professional, independent tour                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tobago

       When you book      operators dedicated to customer satisfaction.
                          Peace of Mind                                                                                                                                                             A T L A N T IC O C E A N
                                                                                                                                                 Jost Van Dyke
                          If a tour that you have purchased through                                                St. Thomas-Barbados.tif                                          Virgin Gorda
            your shore    Windstar cruises returns late to the ship, we will
                          either hold the ship in port for you, or we will
                          arrange at our expense to get you to the next port                                                                    St. Thomas           St. John

       excursions with    of call. With independently booked tours that                                                                                                                              St. Martin

                          return late to the ship, you are responsible for                                                                                                                                                St. Barts

                          rejoining the ship at the next port of call.                                                                                                     C A R IB B E A N S E A

      Windstar Cruises,   Safety
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   i l l gi
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                                                                               jour                                                      t   rade win                                                                     w                      ;a                                             u   gh
                                                                                      ne                                              on              ds                                                               da                             mo                                     la
                          Tour operators have contractually agreed to                      yn
                                                                                                ow                          so
                                                                                                                                 ar                        ne
                                                                                                                                                                                                               c   h                                       men
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 t in t im e t o l ove
                                                                                                     to sh            ld;                                       w
                          comply with local government requirements and                                    ores of go                                               an
                                                                                                                                                                         do                         gi
                                                                                                                                                                              ld;7d ay C arib b e an .tif
                                                                                                                                                                                   elight in th e

               you can    to carry liability insurance in amounts consistent
                          with local standards to address personal injury
                          and property damage claims.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      St. Kitts
           count on us    Convenience
                                                                                                                                                  ATLANTIC OCEAN

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ATLANTIC OCEAN
                          English-speaking guides; tour departure times
                                                                                                                                      St. Barts                                                                                                                  Roseau
                          that coincide with the ship’s schedule as well as                                                             St. Kitts
        to consistently   with that of other tours so that guests can enjoy                                                            Nevis                                                                                                                          Martinique

                          multiple tour experiences.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Barbados
                                                                                                                                               Îles des Saintes
                                                                                                                                                                                             CARIBBEAN SEA
                          Value                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bequia
                                                                                            CARIBBEAN SEA
       offer a superior   Our award-winning shore excursions offer                                                                                  Pigeon Island
                          superior quality and competitive pricing; our                                                                                                                                                 St. George’s
                          guests consistently rate their shore excursion                                           Bequia
  experience ashore.      experience as excellent.

                                                                                                                  St. Thomas-Barbados.tif
Table of Contents                                              Basse-Terre
          Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe                   1                                                              Planter’s Experience
          Basseterre, St. Kitts                     2                                                              Tour BAS001
          Bridgetown, Barbados                      3
                                                                                                                   Approximately 4 hours • $99
          Charlestown, Nevis                        4
                                                                                                                   Depart from the port of Basse-Terre, driving
          Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S.V. I.    4                                                             just a few miles to the Bel Air Plantation for a
          Charlotteville, Tobago                     5                                                             tour of the estate that dates back to the 19th
                                                                                                                   century. You will stop at the packing center,
          Cruz Bay, St. John, U.S.V.I.               6                                                             the master’s house, and a small but quaint
          Fort-de-France, Martinique                 7                                                             family museum. Here you will gain an insight
                                                                                                                   into the 200-year history of the plantation.
          Frenchman’s Cay, Tortola, B.V. I.          8                                                             You are invited to drink a tropical fruit punch
          Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke, B.V. I.      9
                                                               Cousteau Reserve                                    and taste the different varieties of bananas.
                                                               Tour BAS003                                         Continue to the Longuetteau Rum Distillery
          Gustavia, St. Barthélemy                  10                                                             to learn about the making of the traditional,
          Kingstown, St. Vincent                    11                                                             white French West Indian Rum.
                                                               Approximately 3½ hours • $119
          Le Marin, Martinique                      12         Traveling along the Leeward Coast, you will         Walking Tour of Old Basse-Terre
          Les Saintes, Guadeloupe                   13         reach Malendure Beach in in the Bouillante          Tour BAS002
                                                               region. Board a boat to Pigeon Island to
          Marigot, St. Martin                       13         discover the Cousteau Marine Reserve. This
                                                               protected underwater reef area is renowned for      Approximately 2 hours • $29
          Pigeon Island, St. Lucia                  15
                                                               its beauty and is said to be one of the finest in   Depart from the port to visit the city of
          Port Elizabeth, Bequia, Grenadines        17         the world—its grey color serves as a reminder       Basse-Terre on foot. The city’s art and history
          Port of Spain, Trinidad                   18         of the volcanic activity of the area. During        will come alive for you as you discover the
                                                               the boat ride, you will have the opportunity        charming Quartier St. François area. As you
          Prickle Pear Beach, Virgin Gorda, B.V. I. 18         to sample some punch and local fruit juices         stroll, you will take in the main square, the
          Roseau, Dominica                          19         and experience the charm of this enchanting         cathedral, and some very quaint old, restored
                                                               underwater world. Those who wish to swim            houses. For a lively finish, you’ll stop at the
          Saline Bay, Mayreau, Grenadines           21         among fish will be provided with masks and          local market. If you see something you like,
          St. George’s, Grenada                     21         snorkels, while those who prefer to relax may       don’t hesitate to sharpen your haggling skills
                                                               stay on board.                                      and plunge in!
          General Information                       23

Basseterre                                                                                                                                                                                        Basseterre

                                  st. kitts
                                                    sunken Spanish galleon at White House Bay.              st. kitts by AtV                                    southeast 4x4
                                                    Many virgin reefs, volcanic and extensive soft          tour skb005                                         tour skb003
                                                    corals, fans and sponges make up the reef life.
                                                    Refreshments of local non-alcoholic drinks
                                                    and water will be provided.                             Approximately 3 hours • $140                        Approximately 3½ hours • $100
                                                                                                            Transfer through the picturesque Kittitian          Jump aboard a 4 x 4 British ex-Army troop
                                                    eco safari & bird watching
                                                                                                            countryside to the ATV base. After an               truck for an island adventure across the
                                                    tour skb004                                             introduction to the bikes’ features, it’s time      crest of the panoramic peninsula mountain
                                                                                                            to ride. See the wild side of St. Kitts and its     range. You’ll stop at strategic lookouts for
                                                    Approximately 3½ hours • $95                            hinterland as you maneuver your ATV along           breathtaking views of the turbulent Atlantic
                                                                                                            dirt tracks and over mountain crossings.            Ocean and the sleepy Caribbean Sea—both
                                                    Enjoy a scenic drive along St. Kitts’ Caribbean         Discover historical ruins, picturesque sugar        at the same time! Then, take a leisurely stroll
                                                    coastline, traveling through Old Road—a                 plantations, rain forest trails and other           across a grassy plain to the top of a hill to
st. kitts snorkel Adventure                         16th-century town. Ascend into the interior             breathtaking scenic routes. This fun ride           observe a sprawling salt pond set in the
tour skb002                                         of the island to visit the botanical gardens of         takes you off road into the Wingfield Estate,       crater of an extinct volcano. The troop truck
                                                    the 17th-century Romney Manor Plantation,               once owned by the great-great-grandfather           continues through the outskirts of Basseterre,
                                                    then even deeper inland to view the local flora         of Thomas Jefferson. Along the route you            the island’s capital, passing through the
Approximately 3 hours • $80                         and fauna of St. Kitts. At 1,440 feet above             will be enthralled to see the vast species of       resort area of Frigate Bay. View the 18-hole
Enchanting, impressive, breathtaking—this           sea level, you will find Wingfield Mountain             trees and foliage that have been here for           Championship Golf Course before arriving at
is the St. Kitts snorkel safari. Your excursion     National Park, offering the island’s most               generations. Travel through sugar cane over         the crest of Timothy Hill for a brief photo
starts from Port Zante Marina, where you will       spectacular panoramic views of Brimstone                the tractor paths. You will see the estate          stop. You’ll follow a winding mountain
board one of three snorkel boats and cruise         Hill Fortress with the sea in the background.           ruins that tell of the island’s rich and enticing   highway and stop for more excellent views
along the unspoiled South East Peninsula of         Two volcanoes, Mount Liamuiga (3,792                    heritage and history. Catch a glorious view         of the rugged coastline and Basseterre in the
St. Kitts. On this stretch of coastline, green      feet) and Dos Dáne Pond (3,011 feet), loom              of the Caribbean Sea as well as the historic        distance. From the base of a small hill, you’ll
vervet monkeys greatly outnumber humans.            large nearby on this island that is less than           Brimstone Hill Fortress—the Gibraltar of the        walk up to the top to explore the foundation
Your snorkel stops will be at White House           seven miles wide. A fifteen-minute stroll will          West Indies. You will return to the base for a      ruins of an old overseer’s house. Your guide
Bay, Ballast Bay and Green Point. All of these      take you into the blanket of the tropical rain          refreshment of local fruits and juices.             will share tales of this environmentally
sites are abundantly alive with a wide array        forest, where you can test your photography                                                                 protected area, which was once a thrilling
                                                                                                            Please note: The tour operator reserves the
of tropical fish and coral life. Fish life varies   skills capturing the island’s wildlife—birds,                                                               village. Journey to Cockleshell Bay at the
                                                                                                            right to alter the route for the safety of the
from day to day, but large turtles, eagle rays,     butterflies and perhaps even a shy vervet                                                                   extreme tip of St. Kitts. Here you can take a
stingrays, schools of salt water chub, snapper,     monkey.                                                                                                     plunge into the warm Caribbean Sea, search
angel, parrot fish, squirrel fish and sand                                                                                                                      for sea shells and enjoy views of Nevis. St.
sharks may be seen. Take time to explore the                                                                                                                    Kitts’ sister island is just across The Narrows,

Basseterre                                                                                                                                                  Bridgetown
the channel separating the Federation. Feast       dive st. kitts with                                       Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your
on local island snacks, fruits in season and       one-tank & two-tank options                               clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form
fresh homemade juices before you return to                                                                   must be signed and medical conditions must
the ship.                                                                                                    be disclosed. Bring your C-card.
                                                   Scuba diving in St. Kitts involves warm
st. kitts scenic Railway                                                                                     b. Certified two-tank dive
                                                   turquoise waters that foster ideal viewing
tour skb001                                                                                                  tour skb007
                                                   conditions to observe colorful fish, reefs,
                                                   wrecks and marine life. Come aboard a dive
Approximately 3 hours • $110                       boat for a ride to some of the favorite dive              Approximately 3½ hours • $124
                                                   spots of a PADI-certified Dive Master. You
The two-island Federation of St. Kitts &           will see brilliant coral walls, sponges and reefs         Two tanks allow more time for in-depth
Nevis is the smallest independent nation in        alive with tropical fish. Explore some of the             exploration of this stunning marine
the Western Hemisphere. Each island has            island’s most fascinating historical wrecks,              environment, and for making the most of your
its own unique geography and culture, and                                                                    dive dollars among the abundant corals and     barbados discovery tour with
                                                   ranging in depth from 20 to 150 feet. Some
this tour completely circumnavigates St. Kitts                                                               fish of St. Kitts.                             transfer to hotel or Airport
                                                   of the dive wrecks that you visit might include
by narrow-gauge railway excursion train and                                                                  Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your
                                                                                                                                                            tour bgi021
                                                   River Taw, Scrapie, Corinthian and Talata, and
sightseeing bus. A shuttle bus takes you to the                                                              clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form
                                                   reefs such as Coconut Tree, Brimstone Hill,
railway station to board the St. Kitts Scenic                                                                must be signed and medical conditions must
                                                   Big Rock, Green Point Shallow and Deep                                                                   Approximately 4½ hours • $109
Railway’s intriguing double-decker sightseeing                                                               be disclosed. Bring your C-card.
                                                   Reef, Frigate Bay, and Friars Bay. The dive
rail cars. The Scenic Railway Choir will                                                                                                                    Drive through Bridgetown’s Broad Street
                                                   site(s) will be determined by the Dive Master
entertain you with traditional Kittitian songs                                                                                                              shopping area and past Heroes Square with
                                                   depending upon the conditions of the day. All
in three-part harmony. Begin your circle of                                                                                                                 its statue of Lord Nelson (1813). Watch for
                                                   equipment will be provided but you can bring
the island with drinks, beverages and local                                                                                                                 the Parliament of Barbados, then head north
snacks served as you ride 18 miles around the      along your own. Choose from options A and
                                                                                                                                                            along the west coast hotel belt and through
beautiful Atlantic side to La Valle Transfer       B below depending on how long you would
                                                                                                                                                            Holetown, site of Barbados’ first settlement
Station. Leaving the train, you will then travel   like to spend in the water:
                                                                                                                                                            in 1627. In sleepy Speightstown, you will
12 miles on the Caribbean side, with a view                                                                                                                 see that many of the buildings are originals.
of Brimstone Hill Fortress and the grave of
                                                   A. Certified one-tank dive                                                                               Continue inland, through quaint country
Samuel Jefferson, great-great-grandfather          tour skb006                                                                                              villages and sugarcane fields to Cherry Tree
                                                   Approximately 3½ hours • $109
of Thomas Jefferson, third President of the                                                                                                                 Hill for a spectacular view of the rugged
United States. Disembark back in Basseterre,       One tank gives you enough time to introduce                                                              Scotland District. On the scenic east coast,
the capital of the Federation.                     yourself to the water of St. Kitts, and the                                                              you will pass by Morgan Lewis Mill—the
                                                   marine life mentioned above, before returning                                                            only windmill remaining on the island with
                                                   to the dive boat for some time on deck.

Bridgetown                                           Charlestown                                                                            Charlotte Amalie
                                                                                          neVis                                                                              st, thomAs, u.s.V.i.
its wheel-house and sail arms intact. It was                                                             residents’ resolutely old-fashioned attitudes!
built by Dutch Jews who settled here from                                                                Such anachronisms are matched by scenes you
Brazil and pioneered both the cultivation and                                                            will witness in the 1825 courthouse, where
manufacture of sugarcane products. St. John’s                                                            a defendant is being tried for swearing in
Church is your second stop—a classic Gothic                                                              public. You’ll see the curser-in-question sitting
church that sits on the edge of Hackleton’s                                                              in a draconian prisoner’s box. The upstairs
Cliff, 850 feet above sea level, and provides                                                            library, with its heavy-set ceiling braced by
a dramatic view of the rugged Atlantic coast.                                                            mahogany gunwales, is equally devoid of
Built shortly after the devastating hurricane                                                            modernity. Indeed, it seems the only thing
of 1831, the church still contains a hand-                                                               that has changed in Charlestown’s 400-year
carved wooden pulpit—one of only a few                                                                   history is that the 1778 Bath House, once
left in the Western Hemisphere. Your final                                                               the Caribbean’s most happening spa, closed
stop is at Sunbury Plantation House, where                                                               its doors forever in the 1950s. However, the
a delicious Bajan buffet lunch will be served.       nevis City & beach                                  hot springs located at the south end of town        st. thomas island tour
The Plantation House showcases the heritage
                                                     tour neV001                                         remain as invigorating as ever. Wear your           with shopping &
of Barbados in the Georgian lounge with its                                                              swimsuit under your clothes and bring your
crystal chandeliers and Barbadian antique
                                                                                                                                                             transfer to Airport or hotel
                                                                                                         towel to try out the facilities firsthand. A taxi   tour stt001
furnishings, the classic dining room with its        Approximately 4 hours • $59                         driver collects you from the pier and takes you
12-seat mahogany dining table and silverware,                                                            on a tour of historic Charlestown, then drops
and the upstairs bedrooms with their four            Nevis’ small capital, captivating Charlestown,
                                                                                                         you off at famous Pinney’s Beach where the          Approximately 4½ hours • $99
poster beds, all evoking the ambience of a           boasts an impeccable assembly of gingerbread-
                                                                                                         Four Season Resort is located. Enjoy some
bygone era in the Caribbean. Enjoy a guided          trimmed skirt-and-blouse houses. And yes, these                                                         What better way to get to know this
                                                                                                         time on the lovely beach, relaxing in the sun.
tour of the Great House before transferring to       amazing relics are strictly in keeping with the                                                         beautiful island than to explore its colorful
the airport or to the Accra Beach Hotel.                                                                                                                     history, charming culture, breathtaking
Please note: This tour is available only to                                                                                                                  views, Caribbean beaches, ocean panoramas,
disembarking guests with flights after 3:00pm,                                                                                                               tropical vegetation and fabulous duty-free
or guests who are transferring to the Accra                                                                                                                  shopping! Your tour begins dockside with
Beach Hotel. As there is no luggage storage                                                                                                                  Shop Talk—the best shopping tips guide to
facility at the cruise terminal or at the airport,                                                                                                           help you find the best value and true bargains
this is an excellent option for guests flying out                                                                                                            from the myriad of choices available on St.
after 3:00pm.                                                                                                                                                Thomas. This 15-minute interactive talk
                                                                                                                                                             is fun and informative, and is designed to
                                                                                                                                                             enhance your shopping experience. Then, the
                                                                                                                                                             tour continues with a narrated scenic tour

Charlotte Amalie                                                                                      Charlotteville
of St. Thomas visiting the world-famous          the airport or hotel.                                                                                  glass-bottom boat & snorkel
Mountain Top—the highest point on the
                                                 Please note: Duty free shopping allowance                                                              tour tAb002
island. While admiring the view and browsing
                                                 is $1,600 per person. This tour is available
in the shops at Mountain Top, try a banana
                                                 only to disembarking guests with flights
daiquiri for which the island is renown (at                                                                                                             Approximately 3 hours • $59
                                                 after 3:00pm, or guests who are transferring
your own expense). Additional stops are
                                                 to the Frenchman’s Reef Hotel. This tour                                                               It’s a ten-minute drive from Charlotteville
made at scenic viewpoints. Your tour ends in
                                                 is the best option for guests with flights                                                             to Speyside. Across the bay from Speyside is
historic Charlotte Amalie, capital of the U.S.
                                                 after 3:00pm as there is no luggage storage                                                            Goat Island and Bird of Paradise Island, both
Virgin Islands. Here you will have time to
                                                 facility at the cruise terminal or at the                                                              surrounded by some of the most spectacular
stroll through the town, have lunch and shop
                                                 airport.                                                                                               reefs in Tobago—ideal sites for glass-bottom
before your transfer (at your own expense) to
                                                                                                                                                        boat viewing and snorkeling. Your boat will
                                                                                                                                                        pass over the Japanese and Coral Gardens
                                                                                                                                                        where various species of fish, coral and sponges
                                                                                                      Rain forest & Argyle falls                        are visible through the crystal clear water. The
                                                                                                      tour tAb001                                       boat will drop anchor and you are invited to
                                                                                                                                                        snorkel and swim, or just relax on board the
                                                                                                                                                        boat under the canopy area. Before returning
                                                                                                      Approximately 5 hours • $59
                                                                                                                                                        to the ship, you will be served a refreshing rum
                                                                                                      From the quaint fishing village of                punch, beer or soft drink.
                                                                                                      Charlotteville, you will be transported for       Please note: Bring your snorkel equipment,
                                                                                                      an hour by minivan along the picturesque          sunscreen and a towel.
                                                                                                      windward road to the town of Roxborough.
                                                                                                      Here you will disembark for a short hike          discover scuba dive
                                                                                                      through the verdant Main Ridge Forest             tour tAb004
                                                                                                      Reserve—the oldest rain forest in the Western
                                                                                                      Hemisphere and home to many exotic birds.
                                                                                                      Continue to Argyle Waterfall, a scenic three-     Approximately 3½ hours • $139
                                                                                                      tiered fall, where you can relax or swim in the
                                                                                                      refreshing, cascading water.                      Tobago is the perfect place to begin scuba
                                                                                                                                                        diving. A bus brings you to the classroom for
                                                                                                      Please note: Wear comfortable walking             a video introduction to the sport. This is
                                                                                                      shoes and your swimsuit under your clothes;       followed by an interpretation of the video by
                                                                                                      bring a towel if you plan to enter the pools      a senior instructor. Then it’s time to gear up
                                                                                                      at the Falls. Bottled water is provided.          and step into the shallow water for completion

Charlotteville                                     Cruz Bay                                                                                                                                  Cruz Bay

                                                                        st. John, u.s.V.i.
of your skills lesson. Once this is done, you’ll                                                          photographs and relax in America’s Paradise!      trees, and visit historic sugar plantation ruins.
swim out to the Batteaux Bay Reef, viewing                                                                The beauty of Trunk Bay is enhanced by            Hike along through the picturesque wooded
the new colorful underworld in your full                                                                  views of several offshore islands including       forest trails of Lind Point for 45 minutes,
scuba gear.                                                                                               three from the nearby British Virgin Islands.     with breathtaking views above rocky outcrops
Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your                                                                Trunk Bay Cay is small, close to the beach,       overlooking numerous offshore cays and St.
clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form                                                              and experienced snorkelers may entirely           Thomas, where dolphins are often spotted
must be signed and medical conditions must                                                                circumnavigate this island. Bring snorkeling      frolicking in the waves. There are numerous
be disclosed.                                                                                             equipment and a snorkel life vest if you wish     examples of rare and beautiful indigenous trees
                                                                                                          to explore the marked underwater snorkel trail.   and plants that can be appreciated along the
Certified dive                                                                                            It is easy to follow and filled with coral and    trail. Now you will kayak from Caneel Bay
tour tAb003                                                                                               tropical reef fish. Trunk Bay beach includes      Beach to Honeymoon Beach and Salomon
                                                                                                          a beach concession where light refreshments,      Beach over fabulous turquoise water. Paddle
                                                                                                          hot dogs and hamburgers may be purchased.         over colorful coral reefs in shallow, crystal
Approximately 4½ hours • $155                      st. John & trunk bay beach                             Clean restrooms and showers are available.        clear waters and over sea grass bed areas
                                                   tour Joh002                                            Trunk Bay is staffed by National Park Service     frequented by sea turtles and stingrays. Sit-
A boat ride brings you to some of the best                                                                Lifeguards, but is occasionally subject to sea    on-top, easy to paddle kayaks are used. Next,
diving sites in Tobago. There will be a                                                                   swells which may require canceling snorkeling     snorkel a coral reef in shallow clear waters of
choice of five spectacular sites, and your Dive    Approximately 2½ hours • $69                           for your safety.                                  Virgin Islands National Park. Your guide will
Master will choose the best two sites for the                                                                                                               identify the different types of coral, colorful
conditions of the day. There are coral gardens     St. John Island is an unspoiled paradise of
                                                   white-sand beaches and more than half of
                                                                                                          kayak, hike & snorkel:                            reef fish and marine life. Paddle back to
with enormous brain corals, spiney colonies,                                                              Caneel multi-eco Adventure                        Caneel Bay Beach, stroll through Caneel Bay
the cathedral, angel reef and blackjack hole.      the island is protected as lush Virgin Islands
                                                   National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere                      tour Joh001                                       Resort botanical gardens, and view Danish
Includes two dives with a 30-minute break in                                                                                                                plantation sugar factory ruins before boarding
between.                                           Reserve. You will be driven through the
                                                                                                                                                            your safari bus back to Cruz Bay. Life vests
                                                   natural beauty of the National Park, stopping
Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your                                                                Approximately 3 hours • $129                      required.
                                                   to photograph spectacular sights from the
clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form                                                              A unique, multi-eco experience awaits you. A      Please note: Life jacket, snorkel equipment,
                                                   overlooks above Cruz Bay, Hawksnest Bay
must be signed and medical conditions must                                                                nature guide will introduce you to the fabulous   instructions and snacks will be provided. Bring
                                                   and famous Caneel Bay Plantation—a hotel
be disclosed. Bring your C-card.                                                                          natural world above and below the water,          a bottle of water, swimsuit and shoes suitable
                                                   resort developed by Laurence Rockefeller.
                                                   The tour highlight is a visit to Trunk Bay,            shoreline and wooded forest in the Virgin         for moderate hiking.
                                                   rated by the National Park Service as one of           Islands National Park. Much of the tour is
                                                   the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.           within the exclusive Caneel Bay Resort. You
                                                   Here you will have approximately 1½ hours              will visit three world-famous beaches, snorkel
                                                   to swim, snorkel, explore the beach, take              a picturesque coral reef, relax under palm

Cruz Bay                                          Fort-de-France                                                                                                                      Fort-de-France

st. John eco hike                                                                                         martinique 4 x 4 Adventure                        Christopher Columbus landed in 1502 and
& honeymoon beach                                                                                         tour fdf005                                       where Paul Gaugin lived in 1887. St Pierre is
tour Joh003                                                                                                                                                 the most famous place in Martinique, but it
                                                                                                                                                            is for tragic reasons. The town was destroyed
                                                                                                          Approximately 4½ hours • $149                     by a volcano in 1902 killing 30,000 people.
Approximately 3 hours • $79                                                                                                                                 Amazingly, only one person—a prisoner—
                                                                                                          Enjoy magnificent views as you travel by
                                                                                                                                                            survived, as he was trapped in an underground
Visit St. John, the “Emerald of the                                                                       6-passenger, air-conditioned 4x4 with a
                                                                                                                                                            dungeon. Enjoy a 20-minute drive with a
Caribbean,” for a guided hike through a                                                                   professional driver, taking in the surroundings
                                                                                                                                                            stop at a mini-replica of the Sacred Heart
portion of Virgin Islands National Park.                                                                  of luxuriant vegetation. You’ll venture off-
                                                                                                                                                            Basilica of Montmartre in Paris, built in 1925.
Begin hiking along the Lind Point trail, over                                                             road into the rain forest and across shallow
                                                                                                                                                            Situated at the highpoint of Fort de France,
a former plantation with breathtaking views                                                               rivers, with a stop at a beautiful waterfall.
                                                                                                                                                            it offers a panoramic view of the city and the
at the edge of St. John’s North. The trail                                                                Rum punch and juice will be served after a
                                                                                                                                                            bay. Changing means of transportation, board
covers uneven ground and features some slight                                                             refreshing dip in the water! Next, arrive at a
inclines. Your guide points out the various
                                                  mangroves kayaking discovery                            historic plantation located at the foot of Mt.
                                                                                                                                                            a tram for a visit to the Volcanology Museum.
flora you encounter and recounts the island’s     tour fdf004                                             Pelee volcano. Here you will visit one of
                                                                                                                                                            After a short visit of the museum, you will
                                                                                                                                                            re-board the tram to return to the bus for a
history. Learn about the Taino Indians, the                                                               the oldest rum distilleries on the island and
                                                                                                                                                            transfer back to your ship.
island’s original inhabitants, and the exotic                                                             have an opportunity to sample the local rum
                                                  Approximately 3 hours • $109
plants and flowers transported from Africa.                                                               specialty. Enjoy the panoramic views of the
                                                  Departing from the ship by boat with an
                                                                                                                                                            beach & snorkeling
Hear about the different plantations that you                                                             Bay of St. Pierre on one side, and the imposing
                                                  English-speaking guide, you will transfer to a          volcano rising behind you.
                                                                                                                                                            tour fdf002
will pass through and about the recent history
of St. John. Stop at one of the white sand        little islet where your kayak awaits you. After
                                                                                                          Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your
beaches for a refreshing dip. Then continue       a brief orientation, paddle from the islet and
                                                                                                          clothes; bring a towel and sunscreen.             Approximately 3 hours • $89
along the botanical walk to Caneel Bay, site of   enter a natural mangrove where you can enjoy
a ruined sugar plantation. Meet up with your      the peaceful atmosphere. Glide under an                                                                   Welcome to the silent realm of the underwater
                                                                                                          martinique by land & sea
transportation for the return to the ferry dock   umbrella of vegetation among the mangroves                                                                world. Guided by professional French-,
                                                  as your guide will relate the area’s natural
                                                                                                          tour fdf003                                       English- and Spanish-speaking staff, you will
and the ship.
                                                  history. Return to the islet, where a cool                                                                discover the life of the coral reef . Cross the
Please note: This active excursion is             refreshment will be served and you can either
                                                                                                          Approximately 4 hours • $109                      bay by boat, passing the main hotel quarter
recommended only for guests in excellent          relax in the shade of the trees or enjoy a swim                                                           while sipping a delicious non-alcoholic fruit
physical condition. Wear sunscreen and your       in the sea.                                             Travel by boat, tram, and bus on this             punch. At Anse-Dufour Beach, a typical
swimsuit. Bring a towel if you wish to swim.                                                              comprehensive island tour of Martinique.
                                                  Please note: This excursion is quite active and                                                           fishing village, you will get ready for your first
                                                                                                          Cruise approximately 1¼ hours along the           snorkel experience. The boat will anchor very
                                                  suitable only for passengers in good physical
                                                                                                          west coast to St Pierre, passing several small    close to the beach and the staff will assist you
                                                  condition. Wear your swimsuit; bring a towel
                                                                                                          fishing villages, including Le Carbet where       in selecting snorkel equipment. Your second
                                                  and sunscreen.
Fort-de-France                                     Frenchman’s Cay                                                                                                               Frenchman’s Cay

                                                                         toRtolA, b.V.i.
stop will take place at the Bat Cave where                                                            off the trail dust during snorkeling, swimming       purchase snacks and drinks.
under the guidance of the staff, you will watch                                                       or simply relaxing on the white-sand beach           Please note: Alternative snorkel locations may
the colorful angelfish and parrotfish as well                                                         before returning to the ship.                        be substituted according to sea and weather
as numerous other varieties. On the return                                                            Please note: Wear your swimsuit; bring               conditions. Masks, snorkels and snorkel vests
journey, enjoy a well-deserved rum punch.                                                             sunscreen and a towel. There are no facilities       are provided as well as instruction for novices.
                                                                                                      at the beach. Minimum age to drive is 25 years       Approximately 1½ hours’ snorkel time. Water
st. Pierre & botanical garden                                                                         with a valid driver’s license. Driver will receive   is available on board. Bring your swimsuit,
tour fdf001                                                                                           a temporary B.V. I. license. Minimum age to          towel and sunscreen.
                                                                                                      participate is 7 years. Mask, snorkel and life
                                                                                                      vest included. Driving is on the left side of the    Xbob underwater scooter
Approximately 4 hours • $119
                                                                                                      road in caravan formation. Not suitable for          tour toV003
Departing from Fort-de-France, you will                                                               guests with back, neck and kidney problems,
proceed north to discover the island’s                                                                or for pregnant women.
hinterland. The first brief stop will be at        4x4 tortola escapade                                                                                    Approximately 3 hours • $130
Balata’s charming church—a miniature               tour toV001                                        tortola snorkel                                      Is it actually possible to ride a scooter under
reproduction of the Sacré Coeur of Paris.                                                             tour toV004                                          water? On Tortola, the answer is yes! Join this
Take some stunning pictures of the church                                                                                                                  outing to Norman Island where you’ll have
and also of the magnificent panorama of the        Approximately 4 hours • $79
                                                                                                                                                           plenty of time on the beack for kayaking,
city. The highlight of this excursion, however,    Drive an open-air 4x4 vehicle in caravan style     Approximately 3 hours • $89
                                                                                                                                                           pedal boating, snorkeling or swimming in the
will be a visit to the Botanical Garden of         to explore the mountains and meadows of            Board the twin-engined snorkel launch at a           beautiful clear water. Take your turn with the
Balata. Here you will find thousands of species    beautiful Tortola. Visit historic community        local marina. Enjoy a scenic 30-minute ride          XBob scooter—an amazing new way to see
of tropical plants over which a kaleidoscope of    sites as you travel along the rugged roads         across the Sir Francis Drake Channel to one          the glorious underwater world of Tortola.
hummingbirds hover playfully. Then, passing        discovering panoramic 360° views from              of the British Virgin Islands’ prime snorkel         You’ll zip along viewing colorful fish and
Martinique’s majestic rain forest, characterized   vantage points that are not easily accessed by     sites. An experienced snorkel instructor will        coral jungles, aquatic plants and perhaps even
by its flourishing tropical vegetation, exotic     conventional vehicles. The ribbon of road          take you snorkeling to the uninhabited and           rays and turtles in a completely unique way.
birds and wild animals, you will arrive at         snakes down the mountainside, descending           legendary Norman Island. The reputed history         After the tour, either return to the ship with
the seaport of St. Pierre—once the island’s        from a lush high mountain terrain into an          of piracy on this island is immortalized in          your guide or stop in the downtown area for
business and cultural capital but totally          almost jungle scenery—an amazing experience!       Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.            shopping, making your own way back to the
destroyed in 1902 by a volcanic eruption.          Your leader is knowledgeable about the flora       Snorkel in pristine surroundings and explore         ship later.
Visit the museum depicting life in St. Pierre      and fauna, geology and history of the town         the caves at Treasure Point, where pirate
before and after the catastrophe. On the way                                                                                                               Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your
                                                   and surrounding backcountry. At a secluded         treasure is known to have been hidden before
back to the ship you will see small fishing                                                                                                                clothes; bring a towel and sunscreen. A snack
                                                   beach you will have time to enjoy a refreshing     relocating to a second site. Now it is time to
villages along the charming coastline.                                                                                                                     and bottled water will be served. Participants
                                                   beverage and snack, and ample time to wash         relax at the floating beach bar where you can        must be able to swim.

Frenchman’s Cay                                                                                                                                             Great Harbor
                                                                                                                                                                          Jost VAn dYke, b.V.i.
discover scuba                                     two-tank Certified dive                                highlights of tortola
tour toV006                                        tour toV005                                            tour toV002

Approximately 3½ hours • $170                      Approximately 3½ hours • $170                          Approximately 3 hours • $49
Experienced dive instructors will teach and        Explore the hidden secrets of the underwater           Discover the countryside and coastline of
guide you through an introductory course           world of the British Virgin Islands. You               climbing and rolling hills decorated with
to scuba diving from a shore-side location:        will dive in the company of certified and              Tortola’s colorful plant life and trees. Your
either a beach or pool before participating in     experienced PADI scuba instructors. Upon               local guide will show you the beauty of the
a shallow one-tank dive. From your anchorage       boarding your dive boat, your instructors              island and views of its neighbor islands along
in Tortola the dive boat will take you to a        will give you a comprehensive briefing and             the North Coast. From Belle Vue lookout,
beach location where the instructor will teach     ensure that all equipment is satisfactory for          you will see the Mural Wall where local artists
you the basics of using the dive equipment         you before motoring to some of the best                depict the Tortola of yesterday and today. At
and provide practical in-water training. On        dive locations in the Caribbean. There will            the Callwood Rum Distillery, see how the           Jost Van dyke sailing
completion of the instruction, you will go to a    be two dives on one or more of four reef               delicious local rum is made; then you’ll stop      tour dYk001
shallow reef dive site and participate in a one-   sites at depths between 35 and 80 feet: the            at mile-long Cane Garden Bay Beach. Ballast
tank dive under the supervision of qualified       Playground at Green Cay (voted the #1 big              Bay offers tremendous island views of the
                                                                                                                                                             Approximately 4 hours • $99
scuba instructors.                                 animal dive by Scuba Diving Magazine in 2005);         coastline and an old mill. As the tour ends you
Please note: Dive sites are chosen by the tour     the Twin Towers, known as one of the best              will follow the windy hillside road to Road        Board a sleek catamaran and sail through the
                                                   spots to see manta rays; Eagle Ray Alley or            Town—the capital of Tortola—and a very             Jost van Dyke archipelago. The vessel will
operator on a daily basis according to weather
                                                   the Nursery at Great Thatch, both providing            scenic road back to Soper’s Hole. After the        anchor off Sandy Spit, from where you can
and sea conditions. Wear your swimsuit under
                                                   opportunities to see eagle rays, sea turtles           tour, either return to the ship with your guide    snorkel and swim over a fascinating reef. Then
your clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release
                                                   and fish.                                              or stop in the downtown area for shopping,         it’s anchors aweigh, and set sail for Diamond
form must be signed and medical conditions
                                                                                                          making your own way back to the ship later.        Cay—a tiny islet completely surrounded by
must be disclosed.                                 Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your
                                                                                                                                                             powdery white sand, azure blue waters and
                                                   clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form
                                                                                                                                                             an underwater world filled with colorful
                                                   must be signed and medical conditions must
                                                                                                                                                             marine life. Swim or snorkel directly from
                                                   be disclosed. Bring your C-card.
                                                                                                                                                             the catamaran before returning to the ship’s
                                                                                                                                                             anchorage. Refreshments are included.
                                                                                                                                                             Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your
                                                                                                                                                             clothes; bring a towel, jacket, sunscreen and
                                                                                                                                                             hat. Snorkel and swimming destinations may
                                                                                                                                                             vary according to sea and weather conditions.

Jost van Dyke                                                                                          Gustavia
                                                                                                                            st. bARthélemY
two-tank Certified scuba                         discover scuba dive                                                                                      will be fully or partially charged to the driver’s
tour dYk002                                      tour dYk003                                                                                              credit card in the event the car is returned
                                                                                                                                                          damaged. Fuel costs are not included.

Approximately 3½ - 4 hours • $170                Approximately 3½ - 4 hours • $170                                                                        Yellow semi-sub exploration
                                                                                                                                                          tour gus004
From your anchorage in Jost Van Dyke, enjoy      Experience the underwater world of scuba
this two-tank dive at depths of 45 to 80 feet.   diving for the first time in the hands of an
Your dive may include one or more of the         experienced dive instructor. (S)he will teach                                                            Approximately 1 hour • $109
following sites:                                 and guide you through an introductory scuba
                                                 course from a shoreside location before you                                                              Board the semi-sub and sit in the tunnel-like
• The Pirate’s Purchase: a wreck dive where                                                                                                               hull in front of the underwater windows or
  you can hand-feed big groupers.                participate in a shallow one-tank dive. From
                                                                                                                                                          on the main deck to view Gustavia. Hear
                                                 your anchorage in Jost Van Dyke, the dive
• The Cathedral: a coral reef on Jost Van                                                                                                                 about island life and history en route to the
                                                 boat will take you to a beach location where
  Dyke complete with canyons and a swim-
                                                 you will learn the basics of using the dive
                                                                                                       the independent explorer                           entrance of the harbor. Many green turtles
  through cave where dolphins are regularly                                                            tour gus002                                        live in this area. The vessel will pass over the
                                                 equipment and with practical in-water training.
  seen.                                                                                                                                                   wreck of the 50-foot island freighter Marignan,
                                                 On completion of the instruction session,                                                                sunk during Hurricane Luis in 1995. Turning
• Wayward Wall: with more than 70 species        head for a shallow reef dive site and participate
                                                                                                       Approximately 8 hours • $189 per vehicle           around gros ilets, you will pass over the wreck
  of fish identified here.                       in a one-tank dive under the supervision of                                                              of the multi-million-dollar yacht Non-Stop.
• Mercurious Rock: an off-shore bird             qualified instructors.                                This is a chance for the adventuresome to          This superb 110-foot yacht now lies among
  sanctuary known as one of the best dives in                                                          get away from the crowds, get behind the           schools of yellow and blue fishes about 30
                                                 Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your
  the BVI with big caves, lobsters and lots of                                                         wheel and enjoy the lush countryside on a          feet down. On the way to the next stop, the
                                                 clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form
  fish.                                                                                                self-guided tour. You will be escorted from        vessel will cross the southern-east edge of the
                                                 must be signed and medical conditions must            the pier to the nearby starting point and, after
• No Man’s Land: with a vast selection of fish   be disclosed.                                                                                            Saint Barth Marine Park. Undersea marvels
                                                                                                       brief formalities, you will be given the keys      parade just in front of you—the sea bottom
  and marine life.                                                                                     to your local car. Armed with a map of the         is full of colorful coral reefs and are gently
Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your                                                             island, some suggested itineraries, and some       invaded by troops of sergeantmajor fish. Your
clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form                                                           details about historical facts and points of       semi-submersible vessel now arrives at a group
must be signed and medical conditions must                                                             interest, you’re ready to explore this beautiful   of three tiny rock islands called The Saints.
be disclosed. Bring your C-card.                                                                       island at your own pace.                           The highlight of the tour will be when the
                                                                                                       Please note: Participants must drive a stick-      crew feed the surrounding fish and they almost
                                                                                                       shift in bumpy and hilly conditions. Bring         push against your window. You may also see a
                                                                                                       your swimsuit, a credit card and a current         shark or two. At this point, you will exchange
                                                                                                       driver’s license. The tour price is per car and    seating areas with other guests, for the trip
                                                                                                       includes CDW insurance. $750 deductible

Gustavia                                                                                                                                                     Kingstown
                                                                                                                                                                                         st. VinCent
back to the pier from a different vantage point.   st. barth “seafari”                                   property nestling on a headland, features
Those on deck will enjoy a refreshing drink        tour gus005                                           an eclectic group of Creole-style cottages
while viewing the beautiful anchored yachts                                                              set among the bougainvillea and hibiscus.
and stunning shores of St. Barth.                                                                        The coconut grove along two magnificent
                                                   Approximately 1½ hours • $179                         beaches harbors the Indigo Restaurant known
sailing Catamaran & snorkeling                                                                           for superb cuisine and friendly, efficient
                                                   Board a big RIB boat and enjoy a complete
Adventure tour gus003                                                                                    service. The iconic Sereno Beach Hotel,
                                                   circumnavigation of the island. Your guide
                                                                                                         designed by Parisian architect Christian
                                                   will show you many remote coves and beaches
                                                                                                         Liaigre, has just reopened after a much-
Approximately 3 hours • $199                       and will share information about the everyday
                                                                                                         anticipated reincarnation. It is an intimate,
                                                   life on St. Barth and about its history. You
Caribbean music and the friendly crew of a                                                               elegant sanctuary—a beachfront gem with
                                                   will get to see some stunning villas as the tour
well-appointed, full-sail catamaran welcome                                                              37 exquisitely-furnished suites and villas. It is
                                                   proceeds along the south and southeast coasts
you aboard. This boat is specially designed                                                              located along 600 feet of beach on picturesque
                                                   past Gouverneur and Salines Beach. Watch
to offer shade and refreshing breezes. Sail        for Grand Fond, Toiny, Lorient and St. Jean
                                                                                                         Grand Cul-de-Sac, a turquoise cove protected        kayak & snorkel experience
along the beautiful west coast of the island to    villages, and you will stop at Colombier for
                                                                                                         from the ocean swell by a coral reef. Le Sereno     tour own002
a Marine Park at Colombier Bay, admiring                                                                 is, as its name implies, a haven of serenity and
                                                   swimming and some refreshments. Depending
the magnificent yachts and villas along the                                                              sublime beauty. The staff will show you to a
                                                   upon weather conditions and guests’ requests,
way. At Colombier Bay you will anchor about                                                              lounge chair either poolside or in the shade        Approximately 4 hours • $109
                                                   there will be some opportunities for some
80 feet offshore, close to coral reefs teeming                                                           of a swaying palm on the beach. Relax until
                                                   high-speed boating at up to 40 knots.                                                                     From the cruise terminal, a 20 minute drive
with schools of colorful fish. A professional                                                            lunch is served at 12:00 noon in the beach
                                                                                                                                                             takes you through the coastal villages to the
instructor will give a full orientation and                                                              front restaurant, and your transfer back to the
                                                   elegant beach escapade                                                                                    starting point of your kayaking experience.
explain the use of the snorkel equipment, and                                                            ship will whisk you back to reality after lunch!
you will have approximately two hours to
                                                   tour gus001                                                                                               Explore the rugged Vincentian coastline on
                                                                                                         Please note: Guests should bring a beach            a guided sea kayaking tour, departing from
swim and snorkel, or simply bask in the sun.
                                                                                                         towel, swimwear, a cover-up and plenty of           Buccament Bay on the Southwest coast. Before
On the return to Gustavia, soft drinks, beers
                                                   Approximately 5 hours • $299                          sunscreen. Credit cards or cash are accepted        you begin the sea kayak portion of the tour,
or refreshing rum punch or fruit punch will be
                                                                                                         for additional purchases at the hotel bar or        you will be assigned a two-person kayak or
offered.                                           Escape to the beach for a leisurely lunch at one
                                                                                                         boutique. A three course lunch with wine and        single kayak and life vest, and hear instructions
                                                   of the island’s upscale resorts, Le Sereno or
Please note: No previous sailing experience                                                              mineral water is included, along with the use       on paddling your sea kayak, safety and the
necessary. The catamaran crew offers               Le Guanahani. Begin your day with a narrated
                                                                                                         of the hotel beach and pool facilities. A well-     proper use of the snorkel equipment. Paddling
refreshments throughout the trip. Restrooms        drive through the capital, Gustavia, and into
                                                                                                         equipped water sports center is located near        south at your own pace, you will kayak the
are located on board the catamaran. Bring          the beautiful countryside. Weave through
                                                                                                         by with windsurfers, kite surfers and jet skis      warm clear waters, first to the Bat Cave, then
sunscreen, hat and underwater camera. Snorkel      the pretty beachfront villages of St. Jean and
                                                                                                         available for rent. Not suitable for children.      to Bayahaut Bay before stopping at the Petit
gear is available on the boat.                     Lorient before turning towards the majestic
                                                   Atlantic coast. Le Guanahani, a delightful                                                                Bayahaut Nature Villa, only accessible by sea,

Kingstown                                                                                                                                                                                      Kingstown

for snorkeling. This magical reef is home to        the Cathedral of the Assumption—a wooden                 adventure of snorkeling and sunbathing while     be rewarded with a breath-taking view, and the
a myriad of marine creatures and fish. On the       church built in 1823. Architectural styles of            the crew points out the unspoiled bays along     feeling that you are on top of the world. The
return trip to Buccament, you may catch a           Flemish, Moorish, Venetian, Byzantine and                the coastline. You may even catch a glimpse      descent to the Bamboo Range is 112 hours.
glimpse of brown boobie birds perched on the        Romanesque can be seen in its eclectic form.             of the dolphins which are commonly seen in       Lunch will be served at the bottom.
cliff face. Enjoy refreshments before returning     The tour then concludes at the Beach Bar &               this area. Your tour would not be complete       Please note: This tour is suitable for the
to the ship.                                        Restaurant on the south coast where you will             without passing the Bat Cave and listening to    athletically inclined and physically fit.

                                                                                                                                                              Le Marin
Please note: This active excursion is suited        savor local rum punch or fruit juice before              the Bats singing Bon Voyage.
to those in excellent physical condition.           returning to your ship in Kingstown.                     Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your
Listen to the guide’s instructions. A safety                                                                 clothes; bring a towel. Snorkel gear will be
boat accompanies the tour. Aqua shoes are           Aqua terra                                               available on the boat.
mandatory.                                          tour own001
                                                                                                             la soufrière Climb                                                          mARtinique
historical island tour                                                                                       tour own003
                                                    Approximately 6 hours • $179
tour own004
                                                    This tour travels over the Leeward Highway
                                                    to Darvue Falls in the village of Darvue, a              Approximately 7 hours • $119
Approximately 3 hours • $69                         farming community located 24 miles away                  Ready for a challenge? Take a walk on the
Take a scenic drive to historical, cultural and     on the northwestern coast of St. Vincent.                wild side as you conquer the height of St.
horticultural attractions. Head uphill first        Your friendly guide will point out buildings             Vincent’s tallest mountain—4,048-foot La
to Fort Charlotte, a former British garrison        and monuments built with both old and                    Soufrière! It’s one of the most perfect and
completed in 1806. The fort houses a                new architecture. You will pass numerous                 beautiful craters in the world. La Soufrière
collection of paintings depicting the history of    villages where you will experience an early              takes up about a third of the island’s north
the Black Caribs and brings to life the culture     appreciation of the Vincentian culture. There            end; it towers over the fishing and farming
of St. Vincent. You’ll see cannons, a signal        will be a short stop at Wallilabou, where                villages of Richmond in the northwest and
station and a panoramic view of the northern        Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.            Owia, home of the Carib Indians, in the
Grenadines, including the city of Kingstown.        At Darvue Falls, a 75-foot waterfall which               northeast. A one-hour bus ride from the port
                                                    cascades down a sheer rock face, there is a              will take you to the famous Dry River from       Located at the end of a bay protected by
Continue to the Botanic Gardens, the oldest
                                                    small pool where you can enjoy a soak and                where the Pitons in St. Lucia can be seen.       Pointe Borgnesse and Pointe Marin, Le Marin
in the Western Hemisphere, featuring a wide
                                                    an invigorating massage from the plunging                Your hike begins at the Bamboo Range, 1,200      began as a safe haven for tall ships. Today,
variety of tropical flora, including a breadfruit
                                                    water. Returning to your coach, head to a                feet above sea level. As you ascend with your    it boasts one of the largest marinas in the
tree descended from a cutting brought to
                                                    local restaurant for a light lunch. Afterwards,          bottled water and fruit snack, you will climb    Caribbean. No excursions are offered on Le
St. Vincent by the infamous Captain Bligh.
                                                    you will drive to the northwesternmost village           the three-mile track through the tropical rain   Marin, but the beautiful beaches and clear
You will also see a newly-constructed aviary
                                                    on the island—Richmond. At Richmond, a                   forest, bamboo and lush trees. Reaching the      waters are yours to enjoy during your visit.
which houses the protected National Bird,
the Amazona guildingii parrot. Next stop is         catamaran awaits you for a fabulous coastal              summit after climbing for two hours, you will

Les Saintes                                      Philipsburg                                                                                                                                 Philipsburg

                         guAdelouPe                                           st. mARtin
                                                                                                       colonial resorts, and the catamaran will head        America’s Cup race boat. Grind a winch, trim a
                                                                                                       out into open waters to the uninhabited island       sail, take the helm or punch a stopwatch. After
                                                                                                       of Tintamarre. Here is the perfect spot for          the race, there’s a rum punch victory celebration.
                                                                                                       R&R. Soak up the sun on the pristine, sheltered      Prior sailing experience is not required.
                                                                                                       beach or snorkel in its inviting turquoise waters.   Please note: Crew members will assign duties
                                                                                                       The “cat” will drop anchor just off the beach        to guests who decide to actively participate as
                                                                                                       and you can either swim ashore or catch a            part of the the regatta “crew.” There is a line
                                                                                                       ride on the dinghy. Why not enjoy the spa            of memorabilia and souvenirs and you will
                                                                                                       facilities—the Tintamarre mud bath? With the         have the opportunity to browse through the
                                                                                                       open bar on board and a boxed lunch provided         America’s Cup museum boutique after the
                                                                                                       by the ship, you have the makings of a great         Regatta. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.
                                                                                                       day out! Finally, you’ll have to return to the       There is dry storage available below deck for
                                                                                                       real world, heading back to Marigot under sail       bags and cameras.
Terre de Haut and Terre de Bas are the two       Catamaran sail to tintamarre                          mid-afternoon, with time for shopping before
islands that make up the Saintes archipelago.    tour got004                                           tendering back to the ship.                          discover scuba dive
There are no shore excursions offered here,                                                            Please note: Open bar (beer, sodas, water,           tour got007
but there are small shops to explore, beaches                                                          and rum punch) on board throughout the
to bask on, deals to make on souvenirs, and      Approximately 5 hours • $179                          tour. Bring your swimsuit and beach clothes,
fishing boats to watch, bobbing in the harbor.                                                         hat, a beach towel and sunscreen. Restrooms          Approximately 3½ hours • $159
                                                 A chartered sailing catamaran awaits you in
                                                 Marina Fort Louis, a few steps away from the          are located on the catamaran. Snorkel gear is        This beginning scuba adventure is a favorite
                                                 tender pier in Marigot. Relax in the shade of         provided on board the catamaran. The snorkel         with novices because it offers an abundance
                                                 the bar area or bask in the sun as the catamaran      sites/itinerary may vary depending on sea and        of fish life and artificial wrecks. The dive site
                                                 sails along the northern coast of St. Martin.         weather conditions. No previous snorkeling or        is in an enclosed bay, and its calm and clear
                                                 You’ll pass the calm anchorage of Friar’s Bay,        sailing experience is necessary.                     appearance encourages confidence in first-time
                                                 the hidden pleasures of Happy Bay and the                                                                  divers. The dive site is just a five-minute boat
                                                 sweeping beach of Grand Case—the Gourmet              America’s Cup Regatta                                ride from the dive center. After a pre-dive
                                                 Capital of the Caribbean. Twenty minutes from         tour got001                                          briefing and lesson you will enter the water
                                                 Marigot, Creole Rock heralds the first stop for                                                            and descend down a line at the shallow end of
                                                 one hour of reef snorkeling. Teeming tropical                                                              the dive site. Your instructors will teach you
                                                 fish, with a coral reef backdrop, turtles and         Approximately 4½ hours • $149
                                                                                                                                                            a few basic skills so that you can acclimate
                                                 sting rays are sure to provide happy vacation         After a brief lesson and practice, this regatta      easily to the undersea world, and then it’s off
                                                 memories. Continue along the coast past               offers you a unique opportunity to race an           on your dive! There is almost always excellent
                                                 the Hurricane Hole of Anse Marcel with its            exotic, multi-million-dollar, 12-meter, genuine      visibility at Little Bay. Along this shallow reef,

Philipsburg                                                                                                                                                                                    Philipsburg

keep an eye out for moray eels and octopus,          including Caribbean reef sharks, nurse sharks,        consideration. Any diver needing medication         Stop for a beverage at the beach restaurant, then
which are often found here. You can also             hawksbill and green turtles, stingrays and            should take it at least an hour before departure.   relax for the leisurely ride back to the stable.
spot juvenile hawksbill and green turtles and        spotted eagle rays, as well as dolphins on rare       This operator will accept guests who have not       Please note: Participants must wear a helmet.
southern stingrays which are regular visitors        occasions. The sites are located on the Dutch         logged a dive in the last two years, but there is   Supplied safety vest can be worn during
to the area. If you are lucky you may also           side of the island, opposite to where the Wind        no time to do a refresher course before the dive,   the ocean ride. You will get wet. Maximum
see the spectacular spotted eagle rays which         Surf will be anchored in Marigot. You will            so you must make arrangements to complete           weight is 220 lbs. Wear long pants, closed-toe
occasionally coast across the bay. A variety of      tender ashore where ground transportation will        it beforehand. Wear your swimsuit under your        shoes and your swimsuit under your clothes.
artificial wrecks placed in the bay attract many     meet you to to drive you to Philipsburg. Upon         clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form        Bring a towel and sunscreen. Minimum age is
fish species to congregate. Don’t forget to look     arrival at the dive shop, board the dive boat and     must be signed and medical conditions must be       7 years. No experience necessary.
under the ledges and through the port holes to       proceed 10-20 minutes to the dive sites. At the       disclosed. Bring your C-card.
spot the large porcupine fish and trumpet fish       site you will descend down a mooring line onto                                                            nature Reserve sea kayaking
that like to hide in the recesses.                   the top of the reef that sits in 40 to 70 feet of     horseback beach safari                              tour got005
Please note: Maximum number of beginner              water. There are always friendly yellow striped       tour got002
divers to instructors ratio is 4:1. Wear your        snapper waiting on the surface to greet you.
swimsuit under your clothing; bring a towel.         The bottom of the reefs here average around                                                               Approximately 3½ hours • $179
                                                     55 feet with the maximum depth of any dive            Approximately 2½ hours • $249
Waiver release form must be signed and                                                                                                                         Immerse yourself in the peaceful aquatic
medical conditions must be disclosed.                being no more than 75 feet. The dive sites have       Experience a scenic trail ride along a deserted     world of a Marine Nature Reserve, on a sea
                                                     many different varieties of hard and soft coral,      beach on a shallow ocean lagoon, where you          kayak trail with reef snorkeling and beach
two-tank Certified scuba                             as well as unique formations and swim-throughs        can ride and swim with your horse! Leaving          stops. Leaving the charming French capital of
tour got006                                          on each dive site. Almost every conceivable type      the charming French capital of Marigot, you’ll      Marigot, you will head through the picturesque
                                                     of reef fish can be found here—even the more          drive through the picturesque countryside to the    countryside past the village of Grand Case, the
                                                     rare species such as sea horses and frogfish can      village of Grand Case, the gourmet capital of       gourmet capital of the Caribbean. Continue
Approximately 3½ hours • $169                        be located from time to time. Between dives           the Caribbean. Continue past Orient Bay Beach,      on to Cul-de-Sac and to the Marine Nature
                                                     you will remain on the dive boat for the surface      following a track to Le Galion Natural Reserve.
There are many different dive sites located on                                                                                                                 Reserve. A safety briefing will be completed
                                                     interval as you relocate to the second dive site.     Here, a safety briefing will be completed
the Dutch side of the island from which your                                                                                                                   and kayaks (singles or doubles) will be issued.
                                                     After the second dive, return to Philipsburg for      and riding helmets will be issued. A horse
Dive Master will choose. The choice will be                                                                                                                    Paddling your kayak in the shallow, calm
                                                     transfer back to the tender pier in Marigot.          compatible with your ability will be assigned
based on the best conditions for visibility, water                                                                                                             waters, protected by the Orient Bay barrier reef,
                                                     Please note: The sea conditions in St. Martin         before you follow the guide on a ride along
current and wind directions for the day. Dive                                                                                                                  follow your guide to the deserted Little Key
                                                     can be choppy. A 2- to 4-foot chop is normal          the scenic trail. Enjoy the local flora and fauna
sites may include the Fish Bowl, the Maze, HMS                                                                                                                 island. Enjoy the reef snorkeling opportunity
                                                     here. There will not be a return to shore             on the winding trails that lead to a magnificent
Proselyte Reef, Shark Hotel, the Carib Ghost,                                                                                                                  and explore the aquatic flora and fauna in the
                                                     between dives. You will be on the boat for three      reef-edged lagoon and continue along the
the Gregory, the Bridge and Cable Reef. Diving                                                                                                                 clear, warm waters. Continue along the kayak
                                                     hours before returning to the dive shop. Those        deserted white sands of Le Galion Beach.
in this area is known for the close encounters                                                                                                                 trail to Ilet Pinel for more snorkeling, or relax
                                                     susceptible to sea sickness must take this into       There’s a chance to ride and swim with your
with many different species of big marine life,                                                                                                                in the shade of a swaying palm on the inviting
                                                                                                           horse in the warm, inviting, shallow seawater.

Philipsburg                                                                                                  Pigeon Island
                                                                                                                                               st. luCiA
sandy beach. Stop for a beverage at the beach        countryside to Mount William for a view                                                                      must be signed and medical conditions must
restaurant, then enjoy a leisurely paddle back to    of Great Bay and Philipsburg Harbor. In the                                                                  be disclosed. Bring your C-card.
civilization, where the return transportation will   Dutch capital, you will have approximately 90
be waiting for you.                                  minutes to explore the Duty Free shops and                                                                   discover scuba dive
Please note: Participants must wear the life         souvenir market, or even relax on the beach!                                                                 tour Pie006
jacket provided. Bottled water is supplied with      The main shopping area is concentrated on the
each kayak. Wear your swimsuit under your            newly renovated Front Street where jewelry and
                                                     electronic goods are the best buys. Prices are in                                                            Approximately 4½ hours • $169
clothes. Bring a towel and sunscreen. Beach
shoes, a hat and sunglasses are recommended.         US dollars, and feel free to haggle for a bargain!                                                           Board a PADI-qualified boat and cruise to the
Restrooms are located at the beach restaurant        Don’t miss a stroll on the beachfront Boardwalk                                                              north of Pigeon Island to Saline Point—an
on Pinel Island. Minimum age is 7 years. No          lined with lovely bars and restaurants. The drive                                                            ideal site for beginners. Your Discover Scuba
previous experience necessary. Participants          will continue past the salt ponds, once the main                                                             skills class will be conducted in one of two
should know how to swim. Bring your ship-            source of revenue for the island, to the top of                                                              areas. The first is the shallow area off the
issued snorkel gear.                                 Cole Bay Hill offering a wonderful view of              two-tank Certified scuba                             beach, where you will proceed to the dive site
                                                     the marinas and the neighboring islands of St.          tour Pie005                                          nearby at a depth of approximately 15 to 25
st. martin & st. maarten:                            Kitts and Nevis. Head down to Simpson Bay,                                                                   feet deep, gradually increasing to 40 feet. The
A one-island tour                                    home to luxurious mega-yachts, before crossing                                                               variety of marine life here will be a treat, with
tour got003                                          the border into French St. Martin. Back in              Approximately 4½ hours • $149                        schooling fish, scorpion fish, eels and other sea
                                                     Marigot, you can leave the motor coach either                                                                life. The other site is in Rodney Bay—once
                                                                                                             A PADI-qualified boat takes you on a leisurely
                                                     at the waterfront for a tender back to the ship                                                              home to Admiral Rodney, and in more recent
                                                                                                             cruise along the west coast of St. Lucia,
Approximately 3½ hours • $69                         or at the Marina Royale for perhaps a leisurely                                                              times home to the St. Lucia Jazz Festival.
                                                                                                             passing a few resorts and fishing villages
                                                     lunch followed by shopping opportunities, from                                                               The dive starts off in the shallows at 15 feet
Leaving the charming French capital of Marigot                                                               before arriving at your destination for diving.
                                                     where you can walk back to the ship.                                                                         and gradually reaches to 35 to 40 feet. An
on the French side of the island, you will ride                                                              The gardens of coral in the Soufriere Marine
through the picturesque countryside to the           Please note: Shopping maps for Marigot                  Reserve, which spans an area from Marigot            abundance of marine life can be found among
village of Grand Case, the gourmet capital of        and Philipsburg will be distributed. Public             Bay down to the Pitons, offer a wonderful            the many rocks and in the sandy areas—a
the Caribbean with more than 40 restaurants.         restrooms are located at the Marigot ferry              array of fish, including snapper, surgeon,           perfect area for beginners and less-experienced
Continue past Orient Bay Beach, the St.              terminal and at the market in Philipsburg.              parrotfish, tigerfish and more. This will be         divers wanting to do a shallow dive.
Tropez of the Caribbean, well known for its          Wear comfortable shoes. Bring credit cards              an exciting treat for all divers. After your first   Please note: As this is a two-tank dive, there is
“clothing-optional” policy. Enjoy the stunning       or cash for shopping. Chilled, bottled mineral          dive, return to the boat for refreshments and        a 40-minute to 1-hour rest period between the
views of the open Atlantic and the shimmering        water will be available on the motor coach.             a light snack before heading out for a second        first and second dive. The depth of the second
hills of St. Barths in the distance. France meets                                                            dive—either a wreck, wall or reef dive.              dive is anywhere between 40 to 75 feet. Wear
Holland at the Belleplain border monument,                                                                   Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your           your swimsuit under your clothing; bring a
and then you will continue through the Dutch                                                                 clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form         towel. Waiver release form must be signed and

Pigeon Island                                                                                                                                                                                Pigeon Island

medical conditions must be disclosed.             like soap, margarine and oil are produced, and            course you will encounter two fun net bridges       forest towards River Rock. From here you’ll
                                                  see how people lived in historical times. A               that you will cross to access the next platform.    set out on a short trek along a rugged path
Catamaran to soufrière’s Volcano                  cool refreshment is served after this interesting         The course is a system of integrated cables and     and rustic bridges to view an eye-catching
tour Pie001                                       tour. Upon returning to the catamaran, you                riggings carefully designed to deliver a thrill     waterfall (partly man-made). Sample the cool
                                                  are invited to savor a delicious buffet lunch             safely. Between zips there is plenty of time        water before heading back to the jeep for
                                                  while cruising to the bay of Anse Cochon.                 for a unique view of the forest, the birds, and     the remainder of the journey. Rum punch,
Approximately 7 hours • $109                      Enjoy swimming in the beautiful waters before             plants that inhabit it. This rain forest canopy     sodas and water will be offered along the
Board a comfortable catamaran for a relaxing      cruising into Marigot Bay and returning to                adventure tour is fun for everyone and it is a      way. Bring your camera as spectacular photo
cruise down to Soufrière and the highlights       Castries. Rum punch, fruit juice, sodas and               Caribbean memory you will talk about long           opportunities abound!
of this famous area. Cruise along the west        water are served on board the catamaran.                  after your vacation is over.                        Please note: Each vehicle is equipped with
coast past lush green mountains, secluded         Please note: If the Anse Cochon swimming                                                                      padded roll bars and seat belts, which must
bays, fishing villages and coves ending at        area is crowded or weather conditions are                 River Rock Jungle 4x4 Adventure                     be worn. Wear casual clothing and footwear
the dramatic sighting of St. Lucia’s famous       not favorable, the captain will choose another            tour Pie003                                         that can get wet. Wear your swimsuit under
Pitons—twin peaks towering over 2,500 feet        location. The catamaran gets as close as                                                                      your clothes; bring a towel. The path to the
from the sea. Nestled in the foothills is the     possible to the beach but you may have to                                                                     waterfall can be slippery in places. Guests may
                                                                                                            Approximately 4 hours • $89
quaint town of Soufrière, where you will board    disembark in water 3 - 10 feet deep.                                                                          wish to give a small tip to the local farmer.
an air-conditioned mini-bus. First, you’ll head                                                             Seize this combination of fun, history,             Rum punch will be served in moderation prior
to Sulphur Springs, the world’s only drive-       tree top Canopy Adventure                                 sightseeing and a chance to see the island from     to swimming at the waterfall.
in volcano. Take a short tour of the crater       tour Pie002                                               a totally different perspective. Following a ride
to see the bubbling pools letting off puffs                                                                 through the capital of Castries, you will head      deep sea fishing
of steam. Then, visit the interesting Morne                                                                 down into the valley lined with banana plants.      tour Pie004
Coubaril Estate—a working plantation and an       Approximately 4 hours • $109                              Then, it’s off the road, across the river and
attraction that is both educational and unique.   Ride by motor coach to the rain forest                    into the tropical rain forest! From a viewing
The well-laid-out estate is dotted with cocoa,                                                              point along the way, you will be able to see        Approximately 4 hours • $169
                                                  located along the east coast of St. Lucia near
coconuts, citrus and other tropical trees. Walk   the fishing village Dennery. At the Welcome               St. Lucia’s highest mountain, Mt. Gimie, and        Board a fully-equipped Bertram Boat for a
along the paths and learn how local farmers       Centre situated in the heart of the rain forest,          enjoy some fresh fruit from a local farmer.         cruise approximately 3 - 4 miles off the west
cultivate certain crops and the varying uses      listen to a safety briefing and then gear up              Continue through the rain forest until you          coast of St. Lucia. Although you’re here to
of plants and herbs. See how cocoa is turned      for the ride of your life. Although the canopy            emerge in the village of Anse La Raye. Leave        fish, you’ll be pleased to know that St. Lucia’s
into chocolate sticks by dancing on the cocoa     cable system does not require any physical                your 4x4 vehicle for a short stroll along the       waters are home to more than 40 different
beans—a custom which still exists today.          ability, the adrenaline rush is like no other!            waterfront. Visit the Roman Catholic Church         species of whales and dolphins, so sighting one
The cocoa fermentation, drying and coconut        It is a “rocket” ride 30 to 130 feet above                or haggle with the vendors at their stalls for      of these beautiful cetaceans is a real possibility.
processing buildings are still in use. You will   the forest floor, crossing 4,000 feet of cables           a souvenir of the island. Your journey then         You will set out to catch one of the huge
visit the Copra House and learn how products      suspended between platforms. During the                   continues through another section of the            variety of fish found in these waters—marlin,

Pigeon Island                                Port Elizabeth                                                                                                                         Port Elizabeth

                                                              bequiA, gRenAdines
sailfish, kingfish, mackerel, jackfish, yellow                                                         northern grenadines                                bequia highlights
fin (ahi) tuna, dorado, wahoo and barracuda.                                                           tour bqu002                                        tour bqu001
Enjoy the strike and reeling-in process, which
can be an adventure in itself!
Please note: A catch is likely but is not                                                              Approximately 4 hours • $129                       Approximately 2½ hours • $79
guaranteed. Not suitable for guests with heart                                                         Board your catamaran for a sea experience in       Bequia, the largest of the Grenadine islands,
problems.                                                                                              the Northern Grenadines—Bequia, Mustique,          measures seven square miles. Its seclusion has
                                                                                                       Isle-à-Quatre and Petit Nevis. As you pass the     caused it to retain its age-old traditions of boat
                                                                                                       southern head of Bequia and cruise through         building and fishing essential to its maritime
                                                                                                       the pristine waters of the Caribbean, you will     history. This tour takes you to Moonhole—
                                                                                                       notice the islands of Battowia and Balliceaux in   an area featuring a unique architectural style
                                                                                                       the distance. In the 18th century, the defeated    based on the concept of living in harmony
                                                                                                       Carib natives were kept on Balliceaux until        with nature and taking full advantage of the
                                                 sportfishing                                          they could be shipped to Bequia and then on        Caribbean environment. Flintstone-esque
                                                 tour bqu003                                           to Honduras. Continuing the journey, you           houses are built on sites overlooking the
                                                                                                       will cruise to the island of Mustique where        sea, maximizing both views and breezes.
                                                                                                       fabulous homes of the rich and famous can          The primary building materials were local
                                                 Approximately 4 hours • $1,400 per boat
                                                                                                       be seen in a coastal tour of this exotic and       stone, exotic wood, cement, whalebone and
                                                 Come join a sportfishing crew as you go after         exclusive island. From Mustique, you head          treasures of dubious value recovered from
                                                 the big one. This tour offers exciting action-        to the uninhabited island of Isle-à-Quatre         the sea. Once construction began, the houses
                                                 filled sportfishing to both amateur and serious       for swimming and snorkeling. As the tour           tended to evolve on their own. No plans
                                                 fishermen. Whether it’s an all-out shore              continues you will sail past Petit Nevis—one       were drawn; rather, the shape of the finished
                                                 hunt for bigger fish such as dorado, wahoo,           of the last whaling stations in the Caribbean.     house was governed by the contours of the
                                                 tuna and sailfish, or trolling along the scenic       After this Northern Grenadines experience,         land, immovable rocks and trees, thus each
                                                 coastline for kingfish, barracuda and a variety       you will head back to the ship.                    house has a personality of its own. This tour
                                                 of jack, or bottomfishing for grouper, snapper                                                           concludes with a short stop at Sargeant’s
                                                 and other reef fish, “Tight line!” is the shout.                                                         Model Boat shop, where you can see the
                                                 The excitement of reeling in the big one, the                                                            materials used to make the model boats and
                                                 clear blue waters and returning your own catch                                                           observe the stages to the finished product.
                                                 makes this adventure fulfilling and rewarding.                                                           Finally, it is time to return to the ship.
                                                 Please note: A catch is not guaranteed.
                                                 Maximum of six guests per charter.

Port of Spain                                                                                                                              Prickle Pear Beach
              tRinidAd & tobAgo                                                                                                                                                ViRgin goRdA, b.V.i.
                                                    where he created the Bitters formula from                plants. Colorful birds such as the brilliant
                                                    herbs and plants 175 years ago. The House of             green shining honeycreeper and the Jacob’s
                                                    Angostura was established in 1824 and is the             hummingbirds visit the nearby feeders just
                                                    only company in the Western Hemisphere to                below the verandah. This is one of the best
                                                    receive a Royal Warrant for its product. The             places for bird-watching in the tropics.
                                                    secret formula is known only to five people
                                                    in the world. As you take a comfortable                  maracas beach
                                                    tram tour through the factory, you will learn            tour Pos003
                                                    about both the making of the Bitters and the
                                                    production of rum. Included in your tour
                                                    will be a 15-minute historic video, a narrated           Approximately 4 hours • $49
                                                    tram ride, viewing of the extensive Angostura
                                                                                                             Enjoy a drive through Port of Spain, the
                                                    butterfly collection, tasting of the products at
                                                                                                             capital city of Trinidad. Your tour is
Angostura bitters & Rum factory                     the Angostura Bar, and time to purchase some
                                                                                                             highlighted by architectural and historical
                                                                                                                                                                 4x4 escapade Virgin gorda
tour Pos001                                         of the products at the gift shop.
                                                                                                             landmarks which include Queen’s Park                tour ViJ002
                                                                                                             Savannah, the Botanical Gardens (where you
                                                    Asa wright nature Center
                                                                                                             will have the option to explore on your own)
Approximately 3½ hours • $59                        tour Pos002                                                                                                  Approximately 5 hours • $79
                                                                                                             and the Lady Young Lookout which provides
This tour combines the highlights of                                                                         a wonderful panorama of Port of Spain. Then         Take an open-air 4x4 vehicle to drive over the
Trinidad’s capital city. During your drive                                                                   you will head into the verdant countryside past     mountains and meadows of the second-largest
                                                    Approximately 5 hours • $69
you will pass seven magnificent mansions                                                                     large citrus and cocoa plantations. You’ll travel   island in the British Virgin Islands. Virgin
overlooking the glorious Queen’s Park               Your minibus winds through Trinidad’s                    through picturesque mountain scenery and            Gorda, dubbed the Fat Virgin by Columbus,
Savannah, the city’s largest park. Your guide       Northern Range, an extension of the South                pass over the saddle of the island’s Northern       is of volcanic origin with a mountainous
will also point out other architectural and         American Andes, on the way to the 203-acre               Range en route to Maracas Bay. This lovely          center. Gorda Peak National Park connects
historical monuments, including the Botanic         Asa Wright Nature Center. The preserve                   beach is shaded by palm trees and with a            three very different worlds: the waterworld
Gardens situated next to the President’s            is nestled in a rain forest and boasts an                backdrop of steep slopes.                           North Sound, the secluded Beach Coast and
House. Hear and see the fascinating history         abundance of birds, butterflies, insects and                                                                 the boulder-strewn plains of The Baths and
                                                                                                             Please note: Four-passenger taxis are typically
behind the development of Angostura Bitters.        plants. Members of the Trinidad and Tobago                                                                   The Valley. Visit historic and community
                                                                                                             used; minibuses are used occasionally.
Its founder, Dr. Siegert, was a Prussian            Field Naturalists’ Club will interpret the rich                                                              sites as you travel along the rugged roads
physician who attended to Napoleon. You             variety of plants and animal life protected                                                                  and discover panoramic 360° views from
will visit the museum displaying various            within the center’s grounds. A guided walk                                                                   vantage points that are not easily accessed by
artifacts of Dr. Siegert’s life, from his time in   will explore the “Discovery Trail” and                                                                       conventional vehicles. Visit the copper mine,
Germany in the 1800s to his life in Venezuela       conclude on the verandah amid a variety of                                                                   Savannah Bay and the famous boulder

Prickle Pear Beach                                                                                                                                           Roseau
formation at The Baths. You will have one           discovering the Devil’s Trail through the caves        Virgin gorda Certified dive
hour to enjoy a beverage and snack, and             or relaxing on the white-sand beach before             tour ViJ004
to wash off the trail dust while snorkeling,        returning to the ship. A photo stop is made
swimming, discovering the Devil’s Trail             along the way.
through the caves, or simply relaxing on the        Please note: Wear your swimsuit; bring a               Approximately 3½ - 4 hours • $179
white-sand beach before returning to the ship.
                                                    towel and sunscreen. There are no facilities           Explore the hidden secrets of the underwater
Please note: Wear your swimsuit and                 at the beach. Minimum age for driver is 25             world in the British Virgin Islands in the
sunscreen; bring a towel. There are no facilities   years with a valid driver’s license. Driver will       company of Certified and experienced PADI
at the beach. Minimum age for driver is 25          receive a temporary B.V.I license. Minimum             Scuba Instructors. Upon boarding your dive
years with a valid driver’s license. Driver will    passenger age is 4 years. Mask, snorkel and life       boat your instructors will give a comprehensive
receive a temporary B.V.I license. Minimum          vest included. Driving is on the left side of the      briefing and ensure that all equipment is
passenger age is 4 years. Mask, snorkel and life    road in caravan formation. Not suitable for            satisfactory for you before motoring to some
vest included. Driving is on the left side of the   guests with back, neck and kidney problems,            of the best dive locations in the Caribbean.
road in caravan formation. Not suitable for         or for pregnant women. Each vehicle seats              From your anchorage in Virgin Gorda, you          high Ropes Canopy Challenge
guests with back, neck and kidney problems,         four people. An approximately 10-minute hike           will experience two dives at one or more reef     tour dCf004
or for pregnant women. Each vehicle seats           is required to reach the beach and The Baths.          or wreck site(s) at depths between 40 and 80
four people. 60 minutes total at The Baths.         The trail is uneven with some protruding               feet. Possible sites include Mountain Point—a
An approximately 10-minute hike is required         rocks.                                                 reef dive with great corals, the Chimney at the   Approximately 3½ hours • $99
to reach the beach and The Baths. The trail is                                                             Dogs—a reef dive with large amounts of fish
                                                                                                                                                             Say, “Yes I can!” to this new and popular
uneven with some protruding rocks and roots.        Virgin gorda snorkel                                   and corals, or the Wreck of the Rhone—a
                                                                                                                                                             survivor-style challenge course set in the forest
                                                    tour ViJ003                                            classic dive over the remains of a 150-year old
                                                                                                           mail steamer that went down in a hurricane.       in Dominica. First, you will be provided
the baths by 4x4 Vehicle                                                                                                                                     with your safety gear (harness, helmet and
tour ViJ001                                                                                                Please note: Dive sites are chosen by the         gloves). A trained guide will then conduct the
                                                    Approximately 2½ hours • $89                           dive operator according to weather and sea        compulsory safety briefing and demonstration
                                                    Enjoy an exhilarating 15-minute ride from              conditions. Wear your swimsuit under your         before moving to the starting point. Climb the
Approximately 4 hours • $59                                                                                clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form
                                                    your ship to two of Virgin Gorda’s prime                                                                 ladder to the first platform, then travel on the
Drive an open-air 4x4 vehicle drive to Virgin       snorkel sites. Once there, enjoy the chance            must be signed and medical conditions must        trail, advancing from tree to tree via suspended
Gorda’s best-known landmark—The Baths.              to interact with the flora and fauna of these          be disclosed. Bring your C-card.                  platforms that are connected by ropes and
This formation of boulders makes for great          famed waters. Snorkel with an experienced                                                                cables, all integrated into the landscape.
swimming and exploring of the caves. To get         snorkel master. Tropical fruit punch will be                                                             You will cross over varied formations of
there you’ll travel along rugged roads with         served before you return to the ship.                                                                    footbridges such as the Indiana Bridge,
360° views of the islands surrounding Virgin        Please note: Mask and snorkel provided. Wear                                                             Monkey Bridge and the Duck Walk Bridge.
Gorda. A refreshment will be offered and            your swimsuit; bring a towel and sunscreen.                                                              A highlight of this adventure is a Tarzan-style
you’ll have time for snorkeling, swimming,

Roseau                                                                                                                                                                                              Roseau

jump for the daring. The course ends with            overhangs and lots of tropical fish. Maximum             on the cusp of Morne Trois Pitons National        soak for a 30-minute hot mineral bath. This
a zipline that takes you across Dominica’s           depth is 40 feet for 40 minutes. After your              Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bring         is a fine example of Mother Nature at her
longest and largest river—the Layou                  second dive, fruit juice will be served and you          along some cash in case you want to sample        best, but don’t expect white fluffy bath robes
River. The scenery from this aerial point is         will return to your ship.                                a rum punch, local juice or other beverage.       and towels—this is a entirely natural and
stunning and the experience is unforgettable.        Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your               Browse through the Gift Shop or just relax        rustic outdoor setting for the nature-lover
Throughout the course, trained guides provide        clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form             enjoying the stunning beauty of the rain forest   in all of us! Enjoy the beauty of the natural
assistance and ensure the proper use of your         must be signed and medical conditions must               before you head back to Roseau.                   surroundings as you soak in warm therapeutic
safety equipment. At the end of this dramatic        be disclosed. Bring your C-card.                         Please note: Wear comfortable shoes, a light      sulfur water and relax your muscles and
adventure, a much-deserved drink is served at a                                                               jacket and insect repellent.                      joints while detoxifying and cleansing the
riverside bar, before returning to the ship.         Rain forest Aerial tram                                                                                    body. There are four pools with water from
                                                     tour dCf002                                              dominica’s hot spots                              different underground sources, each at a
two-tank Certified scuba                                                                                      tour dCf003                                       different temperature. Lounge in the shade
tour dCf005                                                                                                                                                     for a few minutes on the handmade benches,
                                                     Approximately 4 hours • $139                                                                               enjoying the fresh cool mountain breeze and
                                                                                                              Approximately 4½ hours • $99                      then cap off your experience with a local
Approximately 3½ hours • $159                        The Rain Forest Aerial Tram is a great way                                                                 refreshment before returning to your ship
                                                     to discover the treasure of nature’s hanging             Make the most of your day on the Nature           relaxed and rejuvenated.
From the Roseau Ferry Terminal, it’s a               garden. Upon arrival, you will be joined by              Island of Dominica by experiencing two of the
20-minute boat ride south along the Leeward          a naturalist guide who will stay with you as             island’s latest and most popular activities—      Please note: Wear your swimsuit; bring a
Coast to L’Abym in the Marine Reserve.               you glide above the rain forest. The guide               river tubing in the crystal clear waters of the   towel and sunscreen.
Listen to a safety briefing, then the captain will   will reveal to you the incredible resilience             Layou River and immersing yourself in a rock
check you as you enter the water. You will           of the diverse rain forest canopy which was              pool for a warm mineral soak. The island’s        kayak & snorkel Adventure
meet at the mooring and go over the edge of          unexplored prior to the establishment of                 rugged mountainous landscape features an          tour dCf001
the wall. L’Abym is a dramatic drop-off with         the tram. Bring your camera for the crossing             abundance of rivers, waterfalls, springs, lakes
the mooring pin in about 15 feet of water.           over the awe-inspiring 300-foot Breakfast                and valleys. Your wacky river tubing outing
The wall drops away and is cloaked with                                                                                                                         Approximately 312 hours • $79
                                                     River Gorge. You have the option of getting              is wet, wild and wonderful from the get-
sponges and corals. Maximum depth is 60 feet         off at Tower 19, the Final Station, and                  go. Professional guides will ensure your safety   Explore the untouched, rugged coastline of
for 40 minutes. You’ll move to the second            walking along the remarkable 250-foot-                   along the way and you will also make a brief      the Nature Isle with a guided kayaking trip
site during the 40-minute surface interval.          long suspension bridge, from which you                   stop for swimming. At the end of this water       from Soufrière to Scotts Head. After you have
Again you will be given a dive briefing at this      can observe five stunning waterfalls. From               fun, drink and snacks will be served. Back        pulled your kayak up on the beach, you can
site. The second dive at Point Guianarde is a        there, take a short stroll through the                   on the bus and you’re headed to a sanctuary       snorkel from the shallows until you reach the
shallow drop-off. The mooring pin is in 25           Chatannier Nature Trail and board your                   in the hills in Wotten Wave. Take a short         dramatic drop off. You will be escorted by a
feet of water. You meet at the mooring and           gondola again at Mid Station to return to Base           walk down a flight of natural steps to the        guide who can identify the underwater marine
follow the drop-off north. This area has many        Station. This sensational attraction is located          open-air natural rock pools. Climb in and         life or help you to improve your snorkeling

Roseau                                              Saline Bay                                                                                             St. George’s
                                                            mAYReAu, gRenAdines                                                                                                            gRenAdA
technique. Kayaking is easy, and it’s the perfect                                                        Heritage Site and features five small islands,
way to reach snorkeling sites, bird watch,                                                               most within a stone’s throw from each other.
spot flying fish, and enjoy the natural beauty                                                           Powder-white sand and crystal clear water
of Dominica. Soufrière-Scotts Head Bay is                                                                washing over the reefs make for the perfect
formed by an ancient submerged volcano and                                                               photograph, whether above the sea or beneath
is home to an amazing amount of marine life.                                                             the waves. Turtles and other marine life are
It is quite common to see dolphins feeding                                                               protected within the heritage site and are seen
in the bay and to witness magnificent frigate                                                            frequently as they flip playfully along. The
birds diving for fish. The snorkeling is exciting                                                        beauty of the Tobago Cays has long attracted
and dramatic as you follow the wall out to                                                               visitors to the Grenadines. Marvel at one of
the point at Scotts Head. The combination of                                                             the most picturesque settings on this planet as
hard and soft coral in this area is an example                                                           you swim, sunbathe or snorkel at your leisure.
of the incredible underwater ecosystem that is                                                           Afterwards, continue along on a coastal tour
unspoiled and yours to discover.                    tobago Cays by Catamaran                             of the stunning white sandy beaches and           Clear-bottom kayaking
                                                    tour mYR001                                          majestic palm trees of Palm Island and the        tour geo001
                                                                                                         interesting hub of the Southern Grenadines,
                                                                                                         Union Island. The Captain’s rum punch is the
                                                    Approximately 3½ hours • $89                         perfect complement as you make your way           Approximately 3 hours • $79
                                                                                                         back; with another famous stop in your list of
                                                    Now that you’re in the Southern Grenadines,                                                            Have you ever wondered what the underwater
                                                    this trip is not to be missed. Climb aboard                                                            world would look like if you could snorkel or
                                                    your catamaran for a fabulous ride to the            Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your        scuba dive? With Grenada’s newest underwater
                                                    world-famous Tobago Cays. This Maritime              clothes; bring snorkel gear, a towel, sunscreen   adventure, you’ll find out aboard a “sit-on-
                                                    National Park is a UNESCO World                      and a hat.                                        top” clear-bottom kayak. It’s the next best
                                                                                                                                                           thing to snorkeling or diving. The journey
                                                                                                                                                           takes 15 minutes from the port to your
                                                                                                                                                           starting point at Grand Mal Bay on Grenada’s
                                                                                                                                                           west coast. There, you will board your kayak
                                                                                                                                                           and begin your fantastic journey over the
                                                                                                                                                           Grand Mal coral reefs, down to Cherry Hill,
                                                                                                                                                           and move on to Molinere Bay where you will
                                                                                                                                                           view the popular divers’ reefs, and experience
                                                                                                                                                           the wonders of the underwater world. After 112 ⁄
                                                                                                                                                           hours you will return to your starting point,

St. George’s                                                                                                                                                                             St. George’s

where you will have a chance to swim in the          opportunity for a swim before you enjoy a             Please note: Wear your swimsuit under your       of the beautiful waters of Grenada.
calm bay, and enjoy a drink at the bar (rum          much-deserved rum punch or fruit juice before         clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release form
punch, local beer, local fruit juice, soft drink     returning to your ship.                               must be signed and medical conditions must       mountain Rain forest grand
or water).                                           Please note: This tour is unsuitable                  be disclosed. Bring your C-card.                 etang lake & fort frederick
Please note: Wear your swimsuit and a cover-         for physically-challenged guests and                                                                   tour geo003
up; bring a hat and sunscreen. Additional            pregnant women. Operates subject to river
                                                                                                           b. Certified two-tank dive
refreshments can be purchased.                       conditions. Bring a towel and sunscreen.              tour geo004
                                                                                                                                                            Approximately 4½ hours • $59
                                                     Wear your swimsuit and water shoes.
River tubing Adventure                               Maximum weight is 230 lbs.                                                                             Travel through the quaint town of red tiled
                                                                                                           Approximately 5 hours • $129
tour geo002                                                                                                                                                 roofs and spice markets of St. George’s. You
                                                     dive st. george’s with one-tank                       This two-tank dive visits both Boss Reef         will take the main road to Gouyave, passing
                                                     & two -tank options                                   and Purple Rain reef. Each dive will be          through the villages of Grand Mal and Happy
Approximately 3½ hours • $79                                                                               approximately 45 - 50 minutes, with a surface    Hill before arriving at Beauséjour Bay. This
                                                     Transfer to the dive center to fill out some
Balthazar River, Grenada’s great river is fed        paperwork, check your certification and receive       interval between dives of approximately one      is one of the bays the United States frogmen
from sources located deep in the island’s            equipment. A safety and dive briefing is given.       hour. Juices and fruit are served.               landed on during the military intervention
interior, and is nestled between exotic tropical     Grenada is home to a number of beautiful              Please note: Divers who have not logged a        led by US forces in 1983. From Beauséjour,
rain forest, flora and fauna. Your tour starts       reefs and the dive site of the day will depend        dive in the past 12 months require a refresher   the drive continues through Brizan, Concord,
with a 45-minute drive out of St. George’s,          on the sea conditions. Digital cameras can            course and can take one at an additional         Marigot and Grand Roy before your arrive at
through the scenic, hilly interior of the            be rented for US$30 with a DVD of your                cost of $80. Wear your swimsuit under your       Dougaldston Spice Estate. Visit this historic
Grand Etang Rain Forest Reserve and on               pictures burned for you or prints made of             clothing; bring a towel. Waiver release forms    monument of Grenada’s fascinating past,
to the Balthazar Estate. The drive brings            your pictures. Choose from options A and              must be signed and medical conditions must       then continue to Gouyave fishing village,
you to the launch site for a safety briefing.        B depending on how long you would like to             be disclosed. Bring your C-card.                 better known as “the town that never sleeps.”
After the briefing, put on your life vest and        spend in the water:                                                                                    Continue over the spectacular Belvedere Road,
“board” your modified inner tube with a                                                                    discover scuba                                   through verdant stands of cocoa, nutmeg and
paddle. Experience the thrill of a wet, wild         A. Certified one-tank dive                            tour geo006                                      banana trees en route to shimmering Grand
and wonderful adventure from the word                tour geo004                                                                                            Etang Lake. Located in the central part of the
go. With everyone in the water, your guide                                                                                                                  Island, this cobalt blue, extinct volcanic crater
will accompany you on the journey, gently                                                                  Approximately 4 hours • $89                      lake is situated 1,900 feet above sea level.
spinning and swirling in the currents of the         Approximately 3 hours • $129                                                                           Enjoy a refreshing drink at the Park’s visitor
                                                                                                           St. George’s offers a wonderful opportunity      center. The descent is through magnificent
river, as you take in the exotic scenery of          This afternoon’s dive will be at either Boss          to begin the sport of scuba diving. Package      hanging carpets of green mountain fern,
tropical vegetation and wildlife. You’ll stop        Reef or Purple Rain for scuba, where coral,           includes instruction and a shallow pool dive,    through the quaint villages of Vendome, Snug
only in the pools along the way to catch your        fish and other sea life present an amazing            as well as all equipment. Afterwards, proceed    Corner, Beaulieu, and Tempe. Climb Marrast
breath; then finally, at the last pool, there’s an   kaleidoscope of color and texure.                     to a shallow dive area and explore the wonders   Hill to Fort Frederick on a ridge 800 feet

                                                 General                                                                                                                          General Information

above sea level, from where you can admire                                                                you choose to devise your own excursion, we           18 must be accompanied by a parent or
the panoramic view of the horseshoe-shaped                                                                suggest that you remind the driver or tour            responsible adult aged 21 or older.
harbor, as well as Fort George and Richmond                                                               escort of the ship’s sailing time. Of course,
                                                                                                                                                                On-Line Bookings:
Hill Prisons. The construction of the fort was                                                            the ship’s facilities are fully available to guests
begun by the French in 1779, and finished by                                                              while in port.                                        At the time of making your reservations
the British in 1783. The legendary Chain of                                                                                                                     online, we will advise you whether or not
Forts (Fort Matthew, Lucas and Adolphus)                                                                                                                        your reservations are confirmed or whether
that adjoin Fort Frederick are connected by                                                               Shore excursions are “Non-Windstar Services”          you have been waitlisted. Your credit card
a network of underground tunnels. The large                                                               for the purposes of your Cruise Contract. This        will be charged immediately for all confirmed
underground cisterns which held water for                                                                 means that shore excursions are not owned or          reservations. Should space become available
Her Majesty’s troops are still in use today.                                                              operated by Windstar Cruises. Refer to your           for a waitlisted shore excursion request, we
From Fort Frederick, the drive returns to the                                                             Cruise Contract for a full statement of your          will e-mail or otherwise contact you at that
St. George’s pier via Lowthers Lane.                                                                      rights and obligations as well as those of the        time and either immediately charge your credit
                                                 General:                                                 Owner of the Ship, Windstar Cruises and               card if you have already given us your credit
                                                 In certain interesting but off-the-beaten-track          certain other persons and entities with respect       card information or ask you to provide us
                                                 places, professional guides and vehicles are at          to Non-Windstar Services. In particular, please       with that information for immediate charge
                                                 a premium. The best available are engaged.               note that you are assuming the entire risk            processing. Shore excursion reservations are
                                                 For all tours, it is exceptional for drivers of          of utilizing Non-Windstar Services subject            subject to cancellation by us at any time prior
                                                 public hire vehicles to speak any language               only to whatever terms or arrangements are            to the credit card charge being accepted by
                                                 but their own and it is not always possible              made by you or on your behalf with the third          your bank. If you or Windstar cancel a tour
                                                 to obtain air-conditioned buses or taxis in              party furnishing the Non-Windstar Services.           more than 5 days prior to cruise departure,
                                                 many ports. However, we do our utmost                    Windstar Cruises does not assume liability            we will issue a credit on the credit card that
                                                 to find the very best excursion packages for             for injuries or damages that occur during or as       you used to pay for the reservation. For any
                                                 your touring pleasure. Guests who leave                  a result of shore excursions, nor is Windstar         cancellations within 5 days of departure, a
                                                 during a tour for which transportation is                Cruises liable for loss of or damage to any           credit will not be given on your credit card.
                                                 included must thereafter provide for their               baggage or other property which occurs                Instead, we will apply an ONBOARD
                                                 own transportation and services at their own             ashore, for any reason whatsoever. Shore              CREDIT ONLY policy under which the
                                                 expense. Transportation standards vary from              excursions are subject to cancellations or            refund (less any cancellation fee) will show
                                                 country to country.                                      changes. Shore excursion operators reserve the        up as a credit to the shipboard account of the
                                                                                                          right to deny participation to guests based on        person who was to take the shore excursion. If
                                                 Self-Guided Excursions:                                  such criteria as they may establish. For children     the credit is not fully utilized during the cruise,
                                                 Guests who do not join these prearranged                 12 years of age or younger, participation in          the balance will be paid to the guest by the
                                                 shore excursions must rely on whatever                   shore excursions is pending final approval            ship’s purser.
                                                 transportation is available in each port. If             from the tour operator. Children under