Fahrenheit 451 Take Home Test by zhangyun


Due: March 21

             Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Take Home Test

                      Short Answer (16 Points Each)

  1. Why are they burning books in this novel? Discuss this in a
      paragraph and discuss why any society would burn books.

  2. How does Faber define the value of books? Does his definition of “quality”
      apply to media other than printed books? Do you think his definitions are
      accurate or not? Explain.
3.   Discuss Montag’s relationship with Mildred. Is this a typical marital
     relationship in their culture? Discuss the role of family in the
     characters’ lives, particularly in relation to the TV parlor “families”
     and their nature and function.

4. Describe Clarisse’s effect on Montag and her function in the novel. How and
     why does she change him? Why does she vanish from the novel?

5.   Discuss the use of quotations from literature in Fahrenheit 451. Pick two
     works that are quoted and explain the effect of the quotation? You can
     choose among “Dover Beach,” the Bible, and quotes from Shakespeare.
                                            Quiz (1 Point Each)

1.   What is the significance of the title Fahrenheit 451?
              A.    It is the maximum temperature of most ovens.
              B. It is the temperature at which germanium melts.
              C. It is the temperature at which paper ignites and burns.
              D. It is the temperature at which an Easy-Bake oven self-destructs.

2. According to mythology, what is the salamander’s relation to fire?
         A.   It lives in it.
         B.   It eats it.
         C.   It hates it.
         D.   It is delicious roasted in it.

3. How many times can the phoenix be reborn from its ashes?
         A.   One        B.   Three                   C.    Nine                D.    An unlimited number

4. Which of Clarisse’s relatives influenced her the most?
         A.   Her mother      B.        Her father         C.   Her uncle       D.    Her grandfather

5. What was the occupation of Granger’s grandfather?
         A.   Fireman              B.    Sculptor               C.   Racecar driver             D.   Senator

6. Which of the following Shakespeare tragedies does Beatty quote immediately
before his death?
         A.   Hamlet     B.   Macbeth            C.    Othello                  D.    Julius Caesar

7. Which of the following books of the Bible does Faber read to Montag over the
         A.   Ecclesiastes                  B.    Job           C.   Revelation         D.   Deuteronomy

8. What are the earplug radios in the novel called?
         A.   Seashells            B.    Whistlers              C.   Flutes             D.   White Clowns

9.   What animal metaphor does Montag use to describe the stomach pump and blood-
replacement machine used on Mildred?
         A.   Hound      B.   Fish          C.    Salamander           D.     Snake

10. Which woman cries when Montag reads poetry?
         A.   Mildred              B.    Clarisse               C.   Mrs. Phelps        D.   Mrs. Bowles

11. What is Clarisse’s last name?
         A.   McClellan            B.    Faber                  C.   Phelps             D.   Granger

12. How does Mildred claim Clarisse is killed?
         A.   In a fire       B.    By a car          C.   By a drug overdose          D.    By the Hound
13. How many legs does the Hound have?
      A.   Eight      B.   Six      C.   Four       D.   Three

14. Which drug does the Hound inject into Montag?
      A.   Codeine           B.   Procaine          C.   Morphine    D.   Psilocybin

15. What is the name of the toothpaste advertised on the subway?
      A.   Crain’s Crest
      B.   Finchman’s Fluoride Wonder
      C.   Abel’s AquaFresh
      D.   Denham’s Dentifrice

16. How long a time period does the novel cover?
      A.   About two months
      B.   About a year
      C.   Three days
      D.   A little over three weeks

17. What does Granger’s group do before heading for the city after the bombing?
      A.   Eat breakfast     B.   Pray       C.   Burn their books   D.   Hold hands

18. What does Montag follow to reach the Book People in the country?
      A.   The river and the railroad tracks
      B.   The river and the highway
      C.   The river and the cowpath
      D.   The artery tunnel and the highway

19. What happens to the old woman whose house is burned by the firemen?
      A.   She refuses to leave and dies in the fire.
      B.   She is taken to a mental institution.
      C.   She is put in jail.
      D.   She disappears mysteriously.

20. In what city did Montag meet Mildred?
      A.   The unspecified city in which the novel is set
      B.   New York
      C.   Philadelphia
      D.   Chicaga

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