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                     IMPROVES EFFECTIVENESS”

   Total Economic Impact™ study identifies operational benefits and cost savings of over
                        $390,000 for Vizioncore customer Schwan’s

Buffalo Grove, IL, October 13th, 2008 –Vizioncore Inc., the market leader in server
virtualization management, today announced the findings of a commissioned study
conducted by Forrester Consulting on Vizioncore’s behalf. Having conducted in-depth
interviews with Schwan’s, a leading packaged food supplier that has deployed Vizioncore’s
vRanger Pro, Forrester Consulting found the organization had reduced the overall cost of its
backup and recovery, improved the performance of backups and reduced the number of
failed backup application upgrades.

Forrester Consulting’s study yielded several key findings:

   •   ROI of 210%: Based on Schwan’s deployment of 570 virtual machines, the risk-
       adjusted ROI for that organization is 210%, with a breakeven point after deployment
       (payback period) of four months.

   •   Cost Benefits of $394,710: Schwan’s reduced the licensing and maintenance costs
       associated with its previous traditional backup solution, eliminated engineering effort
       resulting from backup failure and failed upgrades, reduced unexpected downtime
       and improved server time to recovery. Forrester Consulting calculates the present
       value of the total benefits to be $394,710.

   •   Increased IT Staff Productivity: With Schwan’s previous backup solution every
       system engineer was involved in the process, and upgrades to the system would
       have to take place during an available maintenance window – typically over a
       weekend. Failed upgrades forced the organization to postpone and delay other
       projects and exposed the production environment to data loss. vRanger Pro has


        eliminated upgrade failures and allowed four engineers to dedicate time to other
        projects, delivering an estimated IT staff productivity gain of $18,029.

    •   Improved Server Recovery: As Schwan’s virtual environment has matured the
        need for system level recovery has increased. The organization relies on MSMQ to
        handle system-to-system message queues for anything from credit card transactions
        to sales orders. Prior to the implementation of vRanger Pro it would take at least two
        days to recover systems; after the vRanger Pro implementation the recovery process
        is nearly instantaneous.

“As the first company to bring to market a product specifically for virtual machine backup and
restore, we believe this Forrester study reflects what Vizioncore has preached for a number
of years – that our technology, combined with server virtualization, offers a cost-effective
and reliable way of doing backup and restore,” said Chris Akerberg, President and Chief
Operating Officer of Vizioncore. “The financial and operational benefits Vizioncore’s
technology has delivered to Schwan’s are tremendous, and based on feedback from many
of our 12,000 customers these kinds of improvements are being realized by organizations of
all sizes in every vertical market.”

The complete report can be viewed at

About Vizioncore Inc.
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL, Vizioncore Inc. is a fully
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