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									Internet Login & Password Agreement
THIS AGREEMENT is made between:

C&C Wholesale whose registered office is at 11048 Grissom Ln, Dallas, TX 75229; and

(known as customer).

C&C Wholesale have agreed to provide the customer with a login and password to access C&C
Wholesale’s web site ( to enable the customer to check pricing, stock level, and
purchase merchandise on-line. The login and password is considered to be confidential in nature and
C&C holds the customer responsible for keeping it confidential.

Customer agrees to:
   1. Immediately notify the of any unauthorized use of your password or
      account or any other breach of security.
   2. Only give out the login and password to authorized buyers of the company.
   3. Immediately notify the of any dismissal of any of the authorized
      users of the company.
   4. By applying for Internet account access, you agree to accept responsibility for protecting the
      integrity of your password, in order to prevent unauthorized transactions and/or account
      access. (This includes not saving your login and password on your computer or any place
      where unauthorized users can have access to it).
   5. Ensure that you exit from your account at the end of each session. C&C Wholesale cannot
      and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with these

C&C Wholesale ( has tried to give the most accurate information as possible, but
price and stock level are not real-time and therefore might vary from on-line information. The
priced agreed on by customer and the sales representative will be the price given when
processing the order.

Name of All Authorized Purchasers:





Date:_____________________              E-mail: ______________________________________

        11048 Grissom * Dallas, TX 75229 * (972) 241-0633, (800) 288-8585 * Fax (972) 241-0654

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