FALL 2003

                                                     FLORIDA                                                                       Vol. 1
                                                                                                                                   No. 2

                     Someone to Stand by You
                                                     GULF COAST
A Tribute to Caregivers For National Caregivers’
Appreciation Month
     Most of you spend hours upon hours caring for your loved          that many times friends and other family members don’t grasp or
one with dementia. In fact, 70% of you care for your loved one         acknowledge all that you do for your loved one with dementia. As
with dementia in the home. You deal with the angry outbursts, the      well as a month for giving thanks, November is National
wandering, the repetition, and the confusion. You bathe, dress,        Caregiver’s Appreciation Month and National Alzheimer’s
and clean up after your loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week        Awareness Month. We would like to take this opportunity to
and do you ever get a thank you for all of your hard work? Not         thank each one of you for your hard work and dedication to your
usually. If they could thank you they would, but as Alzheimer’s        loved ones living with Alzheimer’s disease. Please know that the
disease progresses your loved one may no longer be able to com-        staff of the Alzheimer’s Association wishes to be there for you
municate their emotions or express their gratitude.                    along your care giving journey. Please contact us for any assis-
     Through our staff members’ contact with you–and the fact          tance you may need in accessing support services, learning about
that many of our staff members have been caregivers them-              care giving techniques, or as an empathetic ear and shoulder.
selves–the Alzheimer’s Association-Florida Gulf Coast Chapter          From all of us here at the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter-Thank You!
understands what you have to face on a daily basis. We understand

Tampa Bay Devil Rays A Grand Slam                                      POLK CAREGIVER OUTING
With Caregivers                                                        Polk County Caregivers enjoyed a delightful day at Historic Bok
     On August 13th, Second Baseman Marlon Anderson and the            Sanctuary in Lake Wales. Caregivers strolled the grounds, listened
Tampa Bay Devil Rays invited caregivers to Tropicana Field to          to the Carrillon Bells, learned Tai Chi from Charisse Jones and
enjoy a baseball game. The Rays played the Baltimore Orioles and       had a wonderful lunch. Support group facilitator Pam Flanders of
won the game in extra innings, the score was 6 to 5. Following the     Park Place was a wonderful tour guide. The outing was made pos-
game, Marlon Anderson, Damian Rolls, outfielder, and Toby Hall,        sible through the generous sponsorship of Stephen M. Martin,
catcher joined the caregivers for finger foods and soda at the         P.A., CenterState Bank, and Connie Durrence of Clark, Campbell
Batter’s Eye Restaurant inside of Tropicana Field. The players         and Mawhinney, P.A.
signed autographs and helped raffle prizes such as gift certificates
to Wal-Mart and a baseball bat signed by Marlon Anderson.
     The Alzheimer’s Association-Florida Gulf Coast Chapter
would like to thank the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the event spon-
                                                                       Newsletter: Our Hispanic Outreach
sors who made the day with the Rays a memorable event includ-             Due to the richness of the Spanish language and the vast num-
ing: Mobile Medical Industries, Bon Secours Place, Bon Secours         ber of unique dialects, our communications may differ from that
Maria Manor, Eunoe, Inc., The Inn at Freedom Square, and Park          which you are accustomed. Our mission is to educate and share
Place Retirement Communities. Caregiver Outings are hosted all         information. We are here to serve and help you and your family.
                                               year      by     the    We are making a sincere effort to reach out to you. For informa-
                                               Alzheimer’s             tion in Spanish please call 1-800-772-8672. Ext.126.
                                               Association. Call
                                               your local office to    Debido a la riqueza del idioma español y el número vasto de los
                                               find out when the       dialectos, nuestras comunicaciónes quizás deferencian de los que
                                               next outing will be     estan acostumbrados. Nuestra misión es educar and compatir
                                               held.                   información. Estamos aquí para servirles y sus familias. Estamos
                                                                       tratando de extender el mano a ustedes. Para información en
                                                                       español: 1-800-772-8672. Ext. 126.
 Chapter Staff                               Candlelight Vigils                                                THE
 President & CEO –                         In memory of those we have lost to                                  SCHWAN
                                           Alzheimer’s disease and in recognition of
 Gloria J.T. Smith
                                           the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease, the
 Vice President –
 Chuck Albrecht, MBA
                                           Alzheimer’s Association – Florida Gulf                              COMPANY
                                           Coast Chapter will host Candlelight
 Program Director –                                                                     Schwan’s Home Service has been in the business
                                           Vigils on Thursday, November 6th at 7:00
                                                                                        of delivering high quality frozen foods to its cus-
 Cheri Rudgers, LCSW                       p.m. at Lake Mirror Promenade in
                                                                                        tomers’ front doors for over 50 years. During that
 Director of Community Relations –         Lakeland and on Wednesday, November          time, they have expanded their product offering
 Bob Doyle                                 12th at 5:30 PM at the Shelby Gardens in     from ice cream to over 400 items including
                                           Sarasota. These Candlelight Vigils are an    entrees, vegetables, side dishes, snacks and spe-
 Director of Finance                       opportunity to honor and remember all        cialty desserts. Most of Schwan’s products can be
 Paul Anderson, CPA                        those involved with any kind of memory       prepared from the freezer to the table in less than
 Assistant Program Director –              loss disease, including patients, care-      30 minutes.
 Ed Bergman                                givers, family members and professionals     Schwan’s believes in giving back to the commu-
 Program Specialists –                     in the community. We appreciate the gen-     nity. They have a wonderful program that
                                           erous sponsorship provided for the           donates dollars back to local charities. Steve
 Doug Berger; Henry Cancel;                Lakeland Candlelight Vigil by Park Place     Collman, Schwan’s Home Delivery general man-
 Barbara Herrington; Kim Johnson;          Assisted Living Facility. To RSVP or for     ager in Pinellas County, believes that The Florida
 Patty Kelly; Geri Lenigan;                more      information,     contact     the   Gulf Coast Alzheimer’s Association and Schwan’s
                                           Alzheimer’s Association-Florida Gulf         Home Service will be a good partnership. The
 Lisa Milne; Janet Nelson;                                                              program will allow busy caregivers to provide
                                           Coast Chapter at (863) 292-9210
 Helen Nider; Nancy Parente;                                                            their families with nutritious, easy to prepare
                                           (Lakeland) or (941) 365-3888.
 Dee Peters; Lisa Rodriguez;                                                            food delivered straight to their homes and give
                                                                                        the Alzheimer’s Association 10% of every dollar
 Operations Manager –
 Jane Johnson
                                              MAINTAINING                               spent with Schwan’s to fund our programs and
 Development Associate –                   CONNECTIONS WITH                             Pinellas County will serve as the pilot for the
 Peggy Macaluso                            FAITH COMMUNITIES                            new partnership. By the first of the year, all 17
                                                                                        counties in our service area will be able to partic-
 Office Assistants –                            To many, faith is an important part     ipate in the program. Be sure to read the next
 Fran Faux; Tay Spencer                    of their existence. Many people with         newsletter for updates on the expanded delivery
 Memory Mobile Driver –                    Alzheimer’s disease still enjoy singing      area.
 Robert Coy                                hymns, listening to Bible passages, pray-    If you live in the Pinellas County area you will be
                                           ing and practicing religious rituals that    able to schedule your deliveries in advance, choos-
 Executive Asst./Volunteer Coordinator –
                                           are important to them. These things keep     ing a time that is convenient for you between 7:00
 Gail Eberle                               them connected to their faith and give       AM and 9:00 PM Monday thru Friday and 7:00
                                           them a sense of comfort, meaning and         AM to 3:45 PM on Saturday. Here’s how you get
 Board of Directors                        peace.                                       your home delivery started.
 William “Bill” Kelly, Chairperson              Staying connected to one’s faith        First:: Call the Pinellas office at 727-571-1377
                                           community may become difficult as the        and they will send you a catalog.
 Charlotte Howard, Vice Chairperson                                                     Second: Once you have your catalog you will
                                           disease progresses, but several things can
 Tom Wellner, Treasurer                    be done to maintain relationships with       need to activate the Florida Gulf Coast
 Dianne Silliman, Secretary                the faith community. Talking openly to       Alzheimer’s Association Fund Raiser for your
 Thomas Conklin, Esq.                      one’s priest, rabbi or parish nurse about    orders. You will place your first order by calling
                                           the situation can open the door for home     1-886-289-9467. (This will be the only time you
 Roberta Hamilton                                                                       use this number.) Tell the Schwan’s representa-
                                           visits. When made aware of a caregiver’s
 Emma Hemness, P.A.                                                                     tive that your order will be for the Florida Gulf
                                           situation, many faith communities go the     Coast Alzheimer’s Association. This will ensure
 Mary Kaplan, L.C.S.W.                     extra mile to assist caregivers and people   that Schwan’s will give 10% of the amount of
 Pamela Keller, Esq.                       living with Alzheimer’s disease to main-     your order to the Alzheimer’s Association. This
 Carol Lucas, R.N.                         tain their spiritual traditions in their     step is critical to the Association receiving the
 Margarita Nunez, M.D.                     homes. Perhaps someone can come over         funds from your order.
                                           for prayer or communion. Perhaps some-       Third: After your first order that designates the
 Bruce Robinson, M.D.                      one can help by bringing a hot meal or       Florida Gulf Coast Alzheimer’s Association as
 Sean Scott, Esq.                          helping with housework. Caregivers who       your charity, use the order number on the front
 Kim Spencer                               have expressed their concerns and needs      of your catalog to make all future orders.
 Marge Weppler                             to their faith communities frequently find   Jim Rush, official sales representative for the this
 Commissioner Mary “Betty”                 their faith-based institution has pro-       project, says, “Schwan’s feel privileged and proud
                                           grams setup that can meet their needs or     to be partners with the Florida Gulf Chapter of
    Whitehouse                             are willing to design programs that will.    the Alzheimer’s Association.
PAGE 2                                                                                                  HELPLINE 1-800-772-8672
 How Can I Help the Alzheimer’s Association Help Others?
The Alzheimer’s Association provides a broad range of services to thou-         Committee Work – A number of volunteer opportunities are available
sands of individuals throughout our 17 County service region. Of the            for individuals who have special interests in specific activities of the
estimated 418,937 people living with Alzheimer’s disease in Florida,            Alzheimer’s Association. Examples of committee opportunities include:
155,397 – or 37% - reside within the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter’s ser-          • Development Committee – Assists the agency in developing financial
vice region. We are very proud of the way our staff utilizes the scarce         resources through campaigns, fundraising activities and special events
resources available to them in providing the highest quality services to        planning throughout the year.
people living with Alzheimer’s disease or a memory related disorder and         • Public Policy – Advocates for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or
their caregivers. When people learn of the important work conducted by          a memory related disorder and their caregivers through educating elect-
the Alzheimer’s Association, they often ask how we manage to do all we          ed officials and providers. To learn more about this committee, please see
do and how they can help.                                                       the article on the inside back cover of this newsletter.
The many ways individuals support our mission are as varied as the peo-         • Marketing & Public Relations – This committee works closely with the
ple providing the support. Most people find that there is indeed a mech-        media and in developing mechanisms to ensure that caregivers in need
anism to assist regardless of their time availability or financial resources.   of our support services are aware that these services are available.
To help you understand the opportunities our Chapter has for you to
                                                                                Planned Giving – There are a variety of methods of engaging in
help we have listed a few options below:
                                                                                planned giving including gifts of life insurance, gifts of securities,
Helpline Volunteers:                                                            bequests, charitable remainder trusts and many, many more. These
The Alzheimer’s Association receives hundreds of calls everyday from            planned gifts provide a variety of benefits, including some truly amaz-
caregivers and community members. Volunteers with daytime availabil-            ing tax breaks! The process and guidelines are probably as confusing to
ity are always needed to assist with answering our phones, directing calls      you are they are to many; however; if you are interested in learning more
and providing basic responses to caregivers seeking information in our          about planned giving the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter can provide you
ten office locations. Training is available for Helpline Volunteers.            additional information and connect you with professionals who have
                                                                                agreed to provide free initial assessments to referrals from our Chapter.
Support Group Facilitators – The Alzheimer’s Association provides               During this initial assessment you will be provided with information
training for volunteer support group facilitators who are interested in         about the options available to you and what would be involved if you
leading a support group for caregivers. Currently we have a need for            decide to move ahead.
minority support group facilitators and Spanish speaking facilitators
throughout our service region. Additionally, we are looking for volun-          Third Party Fundraisers – Of great benefit to the Chapter, Third Party
teers interested in developing and facilitating support groups in rural         Fundraisers are fundraising events almost entirely managed by commu-
areas; especially in Hendry, DeSoto, Lee, Hardee, Highlands, Collier and        nity organizations or individual volunteers. Past examples of these have
Charlotte Counties.                                                             included golf tournaments, garage sales, organizational dinners, tennis
                                                                                tournaments and wine tasting. The Chapter’s fundraising staff, whose
Membership – Membership is an important and inexpensive mecha-                  time is primarily absorbed managing the Memory Walks and other
nism to support the Alzheimer’s Association. Membership in the Florida          internal activities, truly appreciate the civic minded coordinators of
Gulf Coast Chapter are available for at little as $25 per year and provides     Third Party Events and will provide support to assist you in coordinat-
both financial support for service and important evidence of communi-           ing your event.
ty support when we discuss vital issues with elected officials.
                                                                                Work Place Giving – The Alzheimer’s Association is a member of the
Annual Appeal – Our year end Annual Appeal is the Chapter’s direct              Combined Health Charities and participates in their numerous work
mail campaign for financial support. While we have made great headway           place giving campaigns. Some examples of work place giving where you
in the arena of grant funding, grant funds typically do not cover all costs     may designate the Florida Golf Coast Chapter for your payroll deduct-
associated with providing services and the Annual Appeal fills this gap         ed gift include The Florida State Employees Giving Campaign, The
to ensure that we are able to meet all requests for services we receive         Pinellas County School System and the Combined Federal Campaign.
throughout the year. Examples of what Annual Appeal funds help                  Check with your employer to see if they participate in the Combined
underwrite include Respite Care, Caregiver Trainings, Safe Return               Health Charities work place giving campaign. If not, we would be glad
Scholarships and Informational Brochures.                                       to assist them in becoming involved. While we are not currently a mem-
                                                                                ber of the United Way, you can still designate your gift to the Florida
The Ambassadors Club – A new volunteer opportunity being piloted in             Golf Coast Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and it will be for-
Sarasota, the program consists of past caregivers who assist in enhanc-         warded to us.
ing awareness and access to the service provided to caregivers by the
Florida Gulf Coast Chapter. There is an article in this newsletter on page      Graphic Design – The Florida Gulf Coast Chapter is seeking a market-
11 that can provide you more information about this exciting new pro-           ing/graphics firm to provide in-kind assistance in developing outreach
gram.                                                                           and awareness materials such as posters, brochures, billboards, special
                                                                                event materials and newsletter design.
Memory Walk – The Chapter’s largest and most important fundraiser.
Held annually in ten locations throughout the Chapter’s service region,         These are just few of the ways you can make a difference in the lives of
Memory Walk provides a broad range of volunteer opportunities and               people living with Alzheimer’s disease or a memory related disorder and
avenues for you to assist the Chapter raise funds through collecting            their caregivers. If you would like to learn more about any of these
donations as a walker or by forming or joining a Memory Walk Team.              opportunities please call us at 800-772-8672.

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2, FALL 2003                                                                                                                      PAGE 3
                                    The month of October played host to five of our Chapter’s ten Memory Walks. On October 11th there
                                    were walks in Bradenton and Venice; October 18th was Sarasota and Englewood; and October 25th was
                                    Port Charlotte / Punta Gorda. The weather was beautiful for each of the Walks. A very special thank
                                    you to each of the five Memory Walk Committees who donated their time and energy to make each
                                    walk a tremendous success!

               Bradenton Walk                                                                                     Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda Walk
    Most Money Raised by an Individual –                                                                        Most Money Raised by an Individual –
   Kevin Poage $1,027 Palmetto Guest Home                                                                                  Pam Keller $1,000
       Most Money Raised by a Team –                                                                                Most Money Raised by a Team –
      Life Care Center of Sarasota $3,981.                       Englewood Walk                                         South Port Square $860
        Team with the Most Members –                                                                              Team with the Most Members – Tie
                                                     Most Money Raised by an Individual –
         Braden River Care Center (47)                                                                         Life Care Center of Punta Gorda (15) and
                                                   Mary Ellen Jablonski $618 St. Francis of Assisi
         Total Money Raised - $11,041                                                                         Bon Secours – St. Joseph’s Health Care System
                                                        Most Money Raised by a Team –
                                                             St. Francis of Assisi $981                              Total Money Raised - $16,000
                 Venice Walk                                                                                                 Sarasota Walk
                                                         Team with the Most Members –
    Most Money Raised by an Individual –                 St. Francis of Assisi Church (36)                      Most Money Raised by an Individual –
     Terry McNeil $1,250 Jacaranda Trace                                                                                 Genie Sunquist $3,694
                                                           Total Money Raised - $6,561                              Most Money Raised by a Team –
       Most Money Raised by a Team –
            Jacaranda Trace $3,283                                                                               Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club $7,010
 Team with the Most Members – Bay Indies (91)                                                                       Team with the Most Members -
                                                                                                                  Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club (83)
         Total Money Raised - $26,331
                                                                                                                     Total Money Raised - $33,000

              The Alzheimer’s Association – Florida Gulf Coast Chapter would like
                        to thank our walk sponsors for their support!
                                                         National Sponsors



Alterra Assisted Living, Boyer & Jackson, P.A., Charlotte Harbor Healthcare, First Financial Employee Leasing, Inc., HCR ManorCare,
The Inn at Freedom Village, Manatee Memorial Hospital & Health System, Pinebrook Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Re/Max
Properties, Sarasota County Aging Network (SCAN), Sarasota Memorial Health Care System.

                                                                  Rest Stop
Alterra Assisted Living, Aramark, Aston Gardens at Venice, Bradenton Neurology, Inc., Charlotte Regional Medical Center, Community
Bank, Englewood Community Hospital, Pinebrook Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Rotary Club of Englewood, Rotary Club of Placida,
Sterling House of Venice, Village on the Isle.

                                                          Media Supporters

                                                                                            News – Talk 1530
                                                                                            The Information Station

PAGE 4                                                                                                                     HELPLINE 1-800-772-8672
                                           MAKING HOLIDAYS MEMORABLE
      Growing up in Michigan, the smell of autumn in the air and the cold           enjoy singing old holiday songs or watching videos. Religious services may
turbulent November skies were heralds announcing the holidays were just             be very meaningful but consider attending for a shorter time and sit where
around the corner! For most families, wherever they live, holidays are              you can take your loved one out if necessary. Be sure to read the article on
filled with opportunities for sharing time, laughter and memories. For              page 2 of this newsletter, most faith communities will be glad to accom-
those caring for a loved one with dementia, they can also be times of               modate you with in-home services.
stress, disappointment and sadness, causing some caregivers to feel angry,                Managing your loved one’s special needs. If your loved one is in a
depressed, frustrated or even trapped. Here are a few suggestions to help           facility, consider participating in planned holiday activities there, rather
ease the burden of care and make this holiday especially memorable.                 that taking him or her out of familiar surroundings. Encourage friends
      Adjust your expectations. If you like to entertain but can’t imagine          and relatives to stay for short periods of time, and limit to one or two at a
hosting a large group this year, try having a few close friends and relatives       visit. If you do decide to take your loved one home, try a dry run first to
over for a potluck. Educate family and friends about your loved one’s con-          see how it goes.
dition before they arrive. You may want to write a letter telling them about              Don’t neglect yourself. People want to help. When friends or family
the disease and what to expect. Try to be flexible; it may be that celebra-         ask what they can do, give them a specific idea. Make a list of possible jobs
tions should be held earlier in the day avoiding late afternoon hours when          or needed items in advance and keep it handy. Take a respite from care-
sundowning is most likely to occur. Don’t be afraid to cut an event short           giving. Plan ahead by arranging for in-home care so you can attend a spe-
if you need to.                                                                     cial function and not have to worry about your loved one. Take a break;
      Involve the person with the disease. Wherever possible involve your           take a nap, the dishes will wait.
loved one in safe manageable activities such as wrapping gifts, setting the               Remember that holidays are for sharing with the people you love.
table, decorating cookies, or hanging decorations. Remember, perfection             Take pictures, make scrapbooks, tell stories, smile, breathe, give and get
has no place in the life of a person with dementia. Your loved one may              hugs. Happy Holidays!!

                        10 Easy Ways You Can Help Alzheimer’s Caregivers
Some of our newsletter readers who understand           ing or take a short trip. Even if the caregiver does    when the caregiver is free to talk without interrup-
and support the needs of caregivers often ask,          not leave the house, this will provide some person-     tions. You don't need to provide all the answers -
“What can I do to help someone caring for a per-        al time. Chances are the person with Alzheimer's        just be a compassionate listener. Try not to ques-
son with Alzheimer’s disease?” Throughout the           will also enjoy a break.                                tion or judge, but rather support and accept.
year and throughout our lives, most of us make
                                                        Be specific when offering assistance                    Care for the caregiver
Wish Lists, both for ourselves and for others. But
                                                        Most friends are good about saying they're avail-       Encourage caregivers to take care of themselves.
often we don't know how to express or request
                                                        able to "do anything," but many caregivers find it      Pass along useful information and offer to attend a
what we want and need the most: Caring.
                                                        hard to ask for something specific. Have the family     support group meeting with them. Local chapters
Compassion. And practical help.
                                                        prepare a "to do" list of hard-to-get-to projects       of the Alzheimer's Association have information
A friend is an important source of support for the      (e.g., laundry, dusting, yard work, medical bills).
Alzheimer family. Even if they live far away, there's                                                           available, and sponsor telephone "Helplines" and
                                                        Figure out what you can do, then dedicate some
still plenty you can do. Here are ten easy ways to                                                              support groups in your area.
                                                        time - on a weekly or monthly basis - to helping the
help:                                                   family tackle some of these tasks.                      Remember all family members
Keep in touch                                           Be alert                                                The person with Alzheimer's will appreciate your
Maintain contact with family members. A card, a         Learn about Alzheimer's and how it impacts the          visits, even if unable to show it. Talk with the per-
call, or visit all mean a great deal. Family members,   family. Most people with Alzheimer's "wander" at        son the way you'd want to be talked to. Spouse,
including the person with Alzheimer's, will benefit     some point, and could become lost in their own          adult children and even young grandchildren are
from your visits or calls. Continue to send cards,      neighborhoods. Know how to recognize a problem          all affected in different ways by a relative's
even if you don't get a response. It's a simple, yet    and respond. Take time to learn about other com-        Alzheimer's disease. Be attentive to their needs,
important way to show you care.                         mon behaviors and helpful care techniques.              too.
Do little things - they mean a lot                      Provide a change of scenery                             Get involved
When cooking, make extra portions and drop off a        Plan an activity that gets the whole family out of      Unless a prevention is found, 14 million Americans
meal (in a freezable and disposable container). If      the house. Make a reservation at a restaurant and       will have Alzheimer's disease in coming years.
you're on your way out to do an errand, check with      ask for a table with some privacy. Be sure to include   There are many things you can do to help families
a caregiver to see if there's anything they need.       the person with Alzheimer's, if the caregiver feels     today, and prevent further devastation tomorrow.
Surprise the caregiver with a special treat such as a   it's appropriate. If not, make arrangements for         Make a contribution to the Alzheimer's
rented movie, an audiotape of last week's church        someone to stay at home while you're out. Or,           Association or volunteer at your local chapter. Join
service or a gift certificate for a massage or dinner   invite the family to your house or to a nearby park     in the Association's annual Memory Walk to raise
out.                                                    for a picnic.                                           awareness and funds for chapter programs and ser-
Give them a break                                       Learn to listen                                         vices. Ask you legislator to support funding for
Everyone needs a little time for themselves. Offer      Sometimes, those affected by Alzheimer's just need      research and programs to help Alzheimer's fami-
to stay with the Alzheimer's person so family mem-      to talk with someone. Ask caregivers how they're        lies. You can make a difference.
bers can run errands, attend a support group meet-      doing and encourage them to share. Be available
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2, FALL 2003                                                                                                                                 PAGE 5
PAGE 6   HELPLINE 1-800-772-8672
                                                 Memory Walk 2004
                               Mark your calendars in March 2004 for the following Memory Walks:
     March 6, 2004 – Sebring/Highlands & Hardee Counties                     March 20, 2004 – Largo/Pinellas County
        March 13, 2004 – Tampa/Hillsborough County                     March 20, 2003 – Spring Hill/Pasco, Hernando, Citrus,
           March 13, 2004 – Lakeland/Polk County                                         Sumter Counties.

                               Contact the Chapter Offices at 1-800-772-8672 for more information.

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2, FALL 2003                                                                                              PAGE 7
                                                  Corporate Membership
    The Alzheimer’s Association – Florida Gulf Coast Chapter would like to acknowledge and thank our Corporate
  Members. Their compassion and generosity is reflected daily through the activities and services of our Chapter. While
  Corporate Membership does not imply endorsement by the Alzheimer’s Association, we are grateful to our Corporate
                           Members for their support of our mission and those we serve.
                     For information on becoming a Corporate Member, contact Peg Macaluso at 727-578-2558.

                                                      The Law Offices of                                Freedom Square
       Web Link                                       Charles F. Robinson                           Independent, Assisted & Skilled Care
   Corporate Members                                  Board Certified Elder Law Attorney                     727-398-0166
                                                         www.charlie-robinson.com                         Home Instead
                                                                                                           Home Companion &
                 All Stat Home                                                                             Homemaker Services
                                                       The Law Offices of
                  Health, Inc.                                                                               813-930-9366
              Home Health, Companion                     Sean W. Scott
                 & Respite Services                              Elder Law
                                                             727-539-0181                                  Room To Go
                                                          www.virtuallawoffice.com                            Fine Furniture

                                                      William Rambaum &                            Samaritans Alzheimer’s
                Arden Courts
              Alzheimer’s Assisted Living               Associates, PA                                    Auxiliary
                  888-427-8678                                                                                 Respite Group
                                                      Board Certified Elder Law Attorney
               www.hcr-manorcare.com                                                                          813-634-9283
          Aston Gardens                                                                              Sarasota Memorial
    The Inn At The Courtyards                                                                      Hospital Geriatrics, Inc.
                Assisted Living Offering
                                                   Corporate Members                                      Memory Disorder Clinic
               Memory Impaired Services                                                                     941-917-7197
             www.astoncaresystems.com                             AEGON                                 Law Office of
                                                          Life Insurance, Annuities &                  Walter B. Shurden
               Bon Secours –                                     Mutual Funds                             Medicaid Qualification
                                                                727-299-2800                               & Estate Planning
               St. Petersburg
         Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing Care                                                             727-443-2708
                 727-563-9733                                Aging Wisely
             www.Bonsecours.org/stpete                Comprehensive Care Management             Sun City Retirement Residence
                                                             & Consultation                               Assisted Living Facility
                                                      727-586-2774 / 888-807-2551                            813-633-3333
          Encore Senior Village
             of Clearwater
          Continumm of Care for Alzheimer’s
                                                        Barrington Terrace                         Suncoast Neuroscience
                                                         Assisted & Alzheimer’s Care
                and other Dementias                                                                   Associates, Inc.
                   727-467-9464                                                                               Clincial Studies
                  www.encoresl.com                                                                            727-824-7135
                                                   Bon Secours at Healthpark
                                                      A Bon Secours Assisted Living Residence
                Hearthstone                                                                         The Inn and Nursing
               Assisted Living                                                                   Center at University Village
         Independent, Assisted, Alzheimer’s and                                                       Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing
                 Secure Memory Care               Bon Secours at Port Charlotte                             & Alzheimer’s Care
                                                      A Bon Secours Assisted Living Residence
                 813-960-5346                                                                                 813-975-5001
            www.hearthstoneassisted.com                         941-740-0452

                                                                                                    Westchester Gardens
    Mobile Medical Industries                      Cross Terrace Rehabilitation
                                                                                                 Rehabilitation & Care Center
            Mobile Physician, Diagnostic &                   Center                                      Skilled Nursing Facility &
                 Home Health Care                           Skilled Nursing Facility                          Alzheimer’s Care
                    877-977-7651                                727-736-1421                                   727-785-8335

PAGE 8                                                                                                       HELPLINE 1-800-772-8672
                                                            Honorariums & Memorials
     The following individuals were honored by their friends and loved ones through Honorarium or Memorial Gifts to the Florida Gulf Coast
    Chapter as of September 30th. The Florida Gulf Coast Chapter appreciates these gifts and is proud to acknowledge those individuals honored.
IN HONOR OF:                   Flora Black                  Mary Fuco                    Samuel J. Krupa             John W. O'Donnell            Evelyn Thiessen
Charles Anagnos                Mathilda Black               Clara Fulsome                Anita La Fleur              James E. O'Hara              Mary Ella Thomas
Bill Andrews                   Maurice Blei                 Mary Fuoco                   Beverly Lafferty            Priscilla A. Osmun           Betty Trauvetter
Seena Baker                    Donald Bock, Sr.             Vera Gallman                 Brice LaLonde               Hazel Osterle                Jack Travis
Stephen Bentley                Olivia Booher                Lorraine Gard                Earl Dean Landess           Frank Ostrenga               Frank Treutlien
Velma Brunson                  Ruth Boucher                 Lorna Gardner                John D. Langhans            Viola Palmer                 Audrey Tromotola
Sylvia Carra & Bill Hahn       Bessie Bra                   Garnet Gautier               Esther Mildred Laning       Rose G. Paquin               Mae Tuggle
Nancy Deter                    Belinda Brady                Sue Baum Gelb                Merrill Laplant             Leonard Partridge            Naomi Tuggle
Gail Eberle and Bill Hoffman   Cecile Bragg                 Daniel Geltner               Jean Larson                 Warren Pearce                Robert Ulrich
Mim Ferkes                     Norma Briggs                 Arline Lund Gerbrandts       Florence Laub               Robert Penner                Mary Claire Vasil
Betty Foster                   William Brown                Jean Giasone                 Anna-Karin Laurell          Thomas Peterson              Irene D. Vercellino
Reed Franz                     Gertrude Bryan               Ralph Giese                  John Lavin                  Bernice E. Pfanenschwarz     Nellie Vitalle
Murray Friedman                Francis Calhoun              Donald Gillam                Louise Leach                Harold Pfeifer               Ruth Evelyn Vorherr
Sally Gart                     Jessie Cammisa               Ruth Ginley                  Hazel Leak                  Eleanor Polhemus             Franklin J. Wagner
Dorothy Haacke                 Archie Canham                Elizabeth Golasky            Gene Levy                   Earl Powers                  William Walker
Mary Holmes                    Marguerite Carr              Edna Joan Gosse              Thomas F. Leyden            Mr. Pulda                    Theresa Warren
Mrs. B.J. Jackson              Dorothy Carter                Harold Grabb                Arlie Lincks                Jay Purdy                    Ed Watson
Paul Kaatz                     James Cecere                 Robert Greeley               Diane Lipman                Everett “Miki” H. Quinn      Joan Watts May
Mr & Mrs Katchen               David L. Cecil               Charles Green, Jr.           Kenneth Lippmann            Donald S. Ramseyer           Annette Weintraub
William Kells                  Raymond Challoner            Charles Green                Richard A. Lorentz          Opal Redd Jette              Frances Weisberger
Eve Kommel                     Opal Chaney                  Claire Green                 Katherine Lundquist         Joseph B. Reiley             Charles Westerdale
Nancy McLean                   Zeke Charles                 J. Irvin Griner              Evelyn Lynaugh              Robert L. Richard            Helen Bellingham
Mrs. McMahon                   Angelo Chieppa               Bernell Grote                Robert Lyttle               Bill Richey                  Wetterauer
Dr. and Mrs. M. Reizen         Elizabeth Conner             Bernelle Grote               MacTuggle                   Gladys M. Richmond           James Whidden
Nellie Lucille Rhew            Alfred Cook                  Nel Grote                    Ruth Macy                   Irene Rifkin                 Esther White
Betty Rosenhaus                Valerie Cooper               Mary Guastella               Mary Louise Mangold         Thomas Robertson             Dr. John R. White
                               Martha Corum                 Newman “Newt” Hamblet        Rudolph "Rudy" Marasco      Jane Robinson                Mary Catherine White
Melvin Rosenhaus
                               Dorothy Cox                  Mrs. Hannan                  Grace Marmino               Dr. Earl H. Rogers           Barry Whitehair
Arnie Ross
                               Otto J. Cox, Jr.             Mary Jane Hannon             Howard Maser                Sylvia Rolsky                Robert C. Wilde
Constance Rudolph
                               Helen Craig                  Kent E. Harden               Bruce Massey                Bernard Rosenman             George Williams
Abbott Schlain
                               Eleanor Crilly               Ben Hardin                   Clifford May                Candida Ross                 Grady Williams
St. Thomas' Episcopal
                               Mary Crough                  Magdalena Haubrich           Nicholas A Mayzun           Mary Rossi                   Lillian Pauline Williams
                               J.B. Cunningham              Loretta Haug                 Margaret Mc Hale            Elin Rowan                   Gladys A. Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Sterker
                               Donald Currier               Robert Hawkinson             L. Cameron McArthur         Carolyn Rowe                 Helen Willocks
Charles Strickler
                               Alton Curtis                 Dorothy Hedgecock            Sally McCann                Raymond Ruff                 Helen Wilson
Bea and Bernard Vroom
                               Margaret Daigneau            Ruth Heffron                 Charlotte McClure           Pauline “Peggy” Ruska        Lu Winters
John E. Walker
                               William C. Damiano           Herman Eschol Hilliard       Bernard McDaniel            Elizabeth Russell            Marvin Woodall
Connie Wilson
                               Frank Danielson              Virginia “Jean” Hlas         Leroy McLeod                Elizabeth Glendora Russell   Homer Wooldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour
                               Mary K. Davis                Mrs. Beatrice Bea Hodge      Louise McMurray             Janet Ryan                   Dorothy E. Wortman
                               Dorothy DeVos                Stanley Holda                Clair McNair                Marie Ryan                   Robert Vincent Youkey
                               Phyllis Di Blase             Raymond Hopwood              Murray McRae                Edna Kesel Ryman             Marian Zah
MEMORIALS IN                   Dorothy Dill                 Carrie Tant Hudson           Selma Melnick               Frank Sage                   Clara Zajac
HONOR OF:                      Bill Dillard                 David Thomas Innis           Rev. Harold Melzer          Virginia Sandin              Arthur Zeman
Eugene Altland                 John W. Dinsmore             Jo Love Jackson Gray         Barbara Meo                 Carol Sapienza               Ramsey Zia
Gene Altman                    Dorothy Drew                 Pearl Lee Jacobi             Barbara P. Meo              Rudolf Schiederer            William Zunke
Charles Alvarez                Harold DuBois                Carol G. Jacobs Akroyd       Mildred Meriwether          Beverly Schirf
Mrs. Essie Anderson            Robert Dumm                  Anna Jacobs                  Pat Meyers                  David Schlipf
J. Douglas Andrews             Evelyn Duncan                Marie Jandrew                Mary Miccio                 Arthur Schonbrunn
Pete Arculeo                   Fay M. Duncan                Arthur Jarvis                Mary Frances Miller         Arthur F. Schwartz
Robert “Bob” Bickel            Faye Duncan                  June Jennings                Harold Mills                David Schwartz
Armstrong                      Rosie Eaton                  William Joachim              Girolama Minore             Vivian Shepherd                 We apologize for
Imogene Arnt                   Vera Ebinger                 Bob Johnson                  Mildred Moline              Roger Simon                        any errors,
Marguerite Baez Ayala          Edna Edwards                 Maria Rayan Johnson          Leonard F. Molitor          Col. Valentine Sky               misspellings or
Robert Baden                   Margie Ellis                 Marian Johnson               Marjorie Molitor            Beryl Smith
                               Robert Enright               Nell Johnson                 Mary Molitor                Carolyn Smith
                                                                                                                                                     omissions in the
Sylvia Baer
Annette Bambach                Adelina Estades              Roger Johnson                Clarissa Moore              Paul Smith                      Honorariums &
Dorothy Barker                 John Fanata                  David Johnson's father       John Moriarty               Mary Snitzer                    Tributes. Every
Myrtle Louise Barker           John F. Favata, Sr.          Ruth Jurick                  Mary Morkin                 Dorothy Speckter                 effort has been
Virgie Barmblett               Phyllis Fay                  George Kaczewicz             Martha Mugridge             Kenneth J. Stafford           made to ensure the
Erna Barnes                    Mario Ferrara                Katherine “Katie”            Mary E. Murkin              Marie Stanley                   accuracy of the
Viola Barnett                  Edna Ferraro                 Karmenzind                   Arlene Mutchler             Elmore Starke                     information.
Martha L. Barr                 Rose Finer                   William Karmenzind           Katherine Muzik             Wayne Starnes
                                                                                                                                                         Please call
Frank Barron                   Minnie Finkle                Florence Kasprzyk            John G. Myers               Paul Steinglass
Mary and Robert Batten         Joseph Henry Fleiss          Marjorie Kasprzyk            Lt. Col. William G. Mylan   Rose Stelmack                    800-772-8672
George Beasley                 Frank Flowers                Herbert Kaufman's daughter   Mary Nales                  Phyllis Stevens                 if you have any
Helen Beharrell                Marvin Ford                  Virginia Kimble              Albert Nastasi              Calista “Kit” Stitt               corrections or
Frances Bell                   John Frabata, Sr.            Robert Kinsella              Russell Ness                Al Straley                     additions. We will
Ann Bellamy                    Herman Frank                 Helen Knapp                  Ralph Newman                Dorothy Straley                 be happy to run
Robert A. Bender               Dorothy Franke               Grace Knight                 Ken Newsom                  Wilma Stults                        the correct
Marion Benito                  Hilda Franz                  Peter Kochis                 Barbara Nichols             Louise Stypulkowski
                                                                                                                                                   information in our
Thelma Bennett                 E. Drosnin’s sister Freida   Ernest Kreher                Irene Noriega               Josephine Sunseri
Stephanie “Stevie” Biedron     Mary Ann Frese               Belle Kresnak                Louise I. Norville          Rosemary Sweeney                next newsletter

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2, FALL 2003                                                                                                                                       PAGE 9
                                                    Calendar of Events
November 2 Memory Mobile at Avon Park Episcopal Church               November 18 Caregiver Training: The Basics
                                                                                 Riverview Public Library, 1:00 PM
November 5 Help for Caregivers Workshop
           Most Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church,                  November 18 Caregiver Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together:
           St. Petersburg, 10 Am - Noon                                          The Experience of Care Giving
                                                                                 Senior Service Center, 1350 East Main St, 2nd Floor
November 5 Caregiver Training on Alzheimer’s: A Progress Report                  Building C, Bartow, 9:30 – 11:30 AM
           Arden Courts, Tampa, 1:00 PM
                                                                     November 20 Support Group Facilitator Training
November 6 Holiday Tips for Caregivers                                           Pinellas Park Office, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM
           Encore Senior Village, Clearwater, 2-3 PM                             (Call Lisa @ 727-578-2558 to RSVP)

November 7 Basic Caregiver Training                                  November 21 Memory Mobile in Okeechobee
           Sarasota Office, 2-4PM
                                                                     November 22 Caregiver Luncheon with the Memory Mobile
November 7 Memory Mobile at Elder Fair                                           Senior Connection of LaBelle, Noon – 3PM
           Agri Civic Center, Highlands County
                                                                     November 25 The Caregiver Puzzle: Completion and Closure
November 8 Memory Mobile at the Senior Friendship Center, Sarasota               for Caregiver and Care Receiver.
                                                                                 Senior Service Center, 1350 East Main St, 2nd Floor
November 11 Caregiver Training on Making the Holidays Memorable                  Building C, Bartow, 9:30 – 11:30 AM
            Hillsborough County Main Public Library,
            Tampa, 9:30 AM                                           December 2     Holiday Talk for Caregivers
                                                                                    Grace Healthcare, Lakeland
November 11 Help for Caregivers Workshop                                            (RSVP Polk Office 863-292-9210), 10 – 11:30 AM
            Morton Plant Self-Health Center
            Westfield Shoppingtown-Countryside Mall, 2nd Floor,      December 2     The Caregiver Puzzle: Relationships with Community;
            Clearwater, 2-3 PM                                                      Personal Relationships
                                                                                    Senior Service Center, 1350 East Main St, 2nd Floor
November 12 11th annual Candlelight Vigil                                           Building C, Bartow, 9:30 – 11:30 AM
            Shelby Gardens, Sarasota, 5:30 PM
                                                                     December 5     Basic Caregiver Training
November 12 Memory Mobile at Bartow Civic Center                                    Sarasota Office, RSVP 941-365-8883, 2-4 PM

November 13 Polk County Family Caregiver’s Luncheon                  December 5     Holiday Talk for Caregivers
            Cleveland Heights Country Club, Lakeland                                Spring Haven Retirement Community, Winter Haven,
            (Call 863-292-9210)                                                     10 – 11:30 AM

November 13 Holiday Tips for Caregivers                              December 9     The Caregiver Puzzle: Experience of Love of Self
            Emerald Gardens, Clearwater, 2-3 PM                                     and Others
                                                                                    Senior Service Center, 1350 East Main St, 2nd Floor
November 14 Alzheimer’s Beginning to Cope                                           Building C, Bartow, 9:30 – 11:30 AM
            Watson Clinic LLP, Lakeland, 10-11:30 AM
                                                                     December 10 Alzheimer’s: Beginning to Cope
November 14 Candlelight Vigil                                                    Davenport (tentative contact 863-292-9210 for location),
            Crown Pointe ALF, Sebring, 7:00 PM                                   9:30 – 11 AM

November 14 Memory Mobile at Career Central in Spring Hill           December 10 Caregiver Training: Holiday Tips
                                                                                 Crown Pointe ALF, Sebring 5:00 PM
November 14 Caregiver Holiday Pampering Day
            Contact the Brooksville Office 352-754-6000              December 11 Memory Mobile at the Port Charlotte Cultural Center
            for location & times.
                                                                     December 16 The Caregiver Puzzle: Meaning of Life; Bereavement
November 16 Memory Mobile at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer                     Senior Service Center, 1350 East Main St, 2nd Floor
            in Highlands County                                                  Building C, Bartow, 9:30 – 11:30 AM

November 17 Caregiver Training: Caregiver Stress and the Holidays    January 22     Caregiver Conference
            Southside Baptist Church, Brandon, 7:00 PM                              Freedom Square, Seminole, 9:00 AM

November 17 Memory Mobile at the Port Charlotte Cultural Center      For more information about activities on this calendar contact your
                                                                     local office (numbers can be found on the last page of the newsletter) or
November 18 Caregiver Training: The Basics                           call 1-800-772-8672.
            Palm River Public Library, 9:30 AM
PAGE 10                                                                                                       HELPLINE 1-800-772-8672
“AMBASSADORS” AIM AT POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT                                                                           Current Clinical Drug
“The Volunteer Ambassador’s Club” is a new group in the
Sarasota/Manatee area formed by the Alzheimer’s Association-
                                                                                                                      Studies at the University
Florida Gulf Coast Chapter. These former caregivers will be in the
community creating a more positive image of Alzheimer’s disease
                                                                                                                      of South Florida Suncoast
by informing caregivers that they are not alone and by promoting
services available to them.
                                                                                                                      Gerontology Center
Watch for these ambassadors to:                                                                                       The University of South Florida Suncoast
1) Promote caregiver support groups and encourage                                                                     Gerontology Center is currently enrolling
     attendance at monthly Alzheimer’s informational meetings and training sessions.                                  patients in a number of clinical drug
2) Attempt to reach the isolated caregiver with needed service information.                                           studies. There are studies for mild cogni-
3) Seek out and make personal one-on-one contacts with new caregivers.                                                tive impairment, mild Alzheimer’s, and
4) Increase visibility and help reduce the stigma often associated with the disease.                                  moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease. A
5) Personally deliver brochures and caregiver information.                                                            study is also being conducted for agita-
6) Coordinate the scheduling of speakers who address Alzheimer's disease and services                                 tion and behavior problems in AD. For
     for caregivers.                                                                                                  more information call the Suncoast
For service requests and information on joining “The Ambassador Club”, call the Alzheimer’s Association-Florida       Gerontology Center at (813) 974-4355 or
Gulf Coast Chapter at (941) 365-8883. Once this program is up and running we plan to duplicate it throughout the      1-800-633-4563.
Chapter service region.

                                              Florida Public Policy Council
                                            Priority Alzheimer’s Issues in 2004
 The Florida Public Policy Council was established by all of the Chapters of the         4.     Issues on our watch list:
Alzheimer’s Association in Florida to provide state wide leadership in develop-                 a. Suicide prevention
ing and implementing a Florida Public Policy Strategic Plan. This Council is                    b. Protection against Abuse and Neglect
composed of volunteer leaders from around the state and the CEO of each                         c. Driving and Dementia
Chapter. Each Chapter also has a Board appointed Public Policy Committee that                   d. Guardianship
oversees all Chapter Public Policy efforts. The priority issues for the coming year             e. Expand Dementia Training
are:                                                                                            f. Increase funds for Alzheimer respite services through the
     1. Safety of the Alzheimer’s patient with emphasis on their wandering                          Family Caregiver Support Act
          behavior and our Safe Return program. Improve the Baker act as it is                  g. Improve the availability of Prescription Medications
          applied to Alzheimer’s patients and work with law enforcement agen-                   h. Availability of Care Management and Consultation
                                                                                                i. Monitoring of Home and Community Based Care
          cies to implement improvements.
                                                                                                j. Provide Quality Care at every disease stage
     2. Expand our outreach efforts to isolated families and communities.                       k. Treatment of Behaviors Unique to Alzheimer’s Sufferers
     3. Continue to work for a cure but in the meantime continue the focus               Anyone who has an interest in joining our Alzheimer’s Advocate Team call 1-
        on finding effective treatments and techniques of care for Alzheimer’s           800-772-8672 and request the Public Policy Advocate packet and/or fill out and
        patients.                                                                        submit the form below.

Public Policy Advocates can help in many ways. Please check the advocacy actions you are willing to take:
             ❍ I will keep up to date on major issues impacting Alzheimer’s disease.
                  ❍ I will scan my local community information sources for articles and information on Alzheimer’s disease and how
                       my local officials stand on issues affecting Alzheimer’s disease.
                  ❍ I am willing to be included in the Alzheimer’s Association Legislative Alert System and will contact my elected
                       officials about issues that affect persons with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.
                  ❍ I have E-Mail capability and am willing to E-Mail messages to government officials.
                  ❍ I am willing to travel to Tallahassee and/or Washington DC to lobby for our official positions.
                  ❍ I am interested in serving on the Public Policy Committee. Please send me an application.


City:                                                                                     State:                                    Zip:

Phone:                                                                                   Fax:
E-mail address:
                                                                        Please print clearly
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2, FALL 2003                                                                                                                                   PAGE 11
4148 20th Street West
Bradenton, FL 34205
Brooksville Enrichment Center
670 Broad Street
Brooksville, FL 34601
Pinellas Park
9365 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Ste B
Pinellas Park, FL 33782
Port Charlotte
22107 Elmira Boulevard
Port Charlotte, FL 33952
Mailing to: P.O. Box 494708
            Port Charlotte, FL 33949
1230 South Tuttle Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34239
228 North Ridgewood Drive
2nd Floor
Sebring, FL 33871
Mailing to: P.O. Box 1901
            Sebring, FL 33871
Sun City Center
2419 Emerald Lake Drive #116
Sun City Center, FL 33573
2901 West Busch Blvd #201
Tampa, FL 33618
                                                                                   Non Profit Org
South County Resource Center                                                         U.S. Postage
7810 South Tamiami Trail – Suite A-10-1                                                 PAID
Venice, FL 34293                                                                   Permit No. 4041
941-492-4332                                          Someone to Stand by You         Tampa, FL
Winter Haven
1131 First Street South                               Florida Gulf Coast Chapter
Winter Haven, FL 33880-3902                           9365 U. S. Highway 19 N.
                                                      Suite B
Toll Free Helpline: 800-772-8672                      Pinellas Park, Fl 33782
Website: www.alz-tbc.org
                                          Alzheimer’s Disease and Related
                                          Disorders Association, Inc.

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