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Superfoods - Aim to Live


									Many cancer victims cannot eat properly & are often nauseous after chemo-therapy
A smoothie {see "BHealthy"} may be a very good option for cancer victims
Some of the superfoods (probably via capsule in many cases) may assist with specific conditions            A quite reasonable Australian Supplier, Murwillumbah, NSW
(02) 6672-8142

Food               Amount Compare            Benefits
Barley Grass                                 Neutralises heavy metals in blood, eg mercury
                                             {important to non-toxic good health}

                                             Contains significant levels of B12
                                             {important in vegetarian diets}

                         11 (x) Milk         Calcium - extremely high
                          5 (x) Spinach      Iron Rich
                          7 (x) Oranges      Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids

Broccoli sprouts        600 (x) fresh veg    Stimulates {199 - 200} of the body's defence systems
(as Enduracell)                              naturally at genetic level
                                             Natural anti-inflammatory and detoxifier
                                             World Research shows Sulforaphane as cancer discourager

Chlorella                                    Protein - complete range profile
                                             All B vitamins, C, E and many minerals
                                             Major boost to immune system health
                                             Reducer of cholesterol
                                             {less heart attacks and strokes}

Spirulina                 3 (x) Steak        Protein - one of the higher levels in natural food
                                             Known exception - bee pollen
                                             Helps control blood sugar - key food for diabetics
                                             {helps control cravings - useful for dieting}

Wheat grass                                  Super alkaliser - healthy blood
                                             {very important as acidic blood favours cancer}
                                             No gluten or common allergens {probably ok for coeliacs}
                                             Normalises thyroid - assists digestion, cleansing & weight loss

Wild blue-green algae                        Protein - very high content of 60%
                                             Phyto-plankton containing virtually every nutrient
                                             Amino acid profile - more complete than beef or soy beans
                                             One of best food sources for:
                                             beta-carotene, B vitamins and chlorophyll
                                             Improves brain, memory, immune system, viruses, etc

AFA Klamath Lake variety                     Protein profile is almost identical to optimum human figures

Some Recommended Vegetables:                 Rocket, spinach, kale, parsley, lettuce, dandelion greens, water cress,
                                             endive, chicory, mustard sprouts, broccoli

Seaweed                                      The most nutritionally dense plant on the planet
Seaweed                                      Rich in Iodine - radiation neutraliser

                                             SUPERFOODS : 1 of 8                                  Printed : 6/19/2011
Food                Amount Compare         Benefits
                                           Radiation by-products are converted to salts that the body can
                                           readily eliminate which may explain Japan's lower cancer rate
                                           even though they have high EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation).
                                           Protects against: environmental toxins, pollutants, heavy metals.
                                           Blood alkaliser - very important as acidic blood favours cancer
                                           Composition is close to human blood plasma so:
                                           regulates and purifies human blood systems.
                       10 (x) Milk         Calcium
                                           Beneficial as most western World diets are now seriously deficient
                                           in iodine, a major cause of concern to many health professionals.
                                           Iodine - stimulates the thyroid which aids with:
                                           burning of food, breaking chemical bond of fat cells allowing
                                           trapped wastes to be eliminated.
                                           Aids in weight loss and weight control
Seaweed types include:                     Arame, Dulse, Kelp, Kombu, Nori, Wakame, etc

Berries and Seeds

Warning ----
Berries are often sold as juice, eg Goji, Noni, Kakadu, NingXia - by sellers saying they are "healthy".
Read the label to find the truth about them - most contain the DNA destructive Sodium Benzoate poison 211
If you use drinks with 211, etc, you will have to weigh any advantages against potential DNA damage, etc.
Any drink high heat treated (pasteurised) as a preservative technique has killed any beneficial organisms

Acai                                       Anthocyanins - high levels, potent anti-oxidant
freeze-dried only                          Phytosterol - cholesterol buster

Chia Seeds                                 High in soluble fibre and essential oils
                                           {most people's diet is deficient in both areas}
                                           Seeds don't have to be ground like most other seeds which means
                                           their nutritional value is not lost due to cracking and storage

                                           Soak in water to form a gel - capable of holding 10 times its
                                           own weight in water.

Goji                                       Avoid if it contains sodium benzoate (211) or sulphites (221, 222)
                      500 (x) Oranges      Vitamin C - World's highest content in natural food
                                           Vitamins - rich in A, B1, B2, B6, E
                                           Proteins - full range plus 18 amino acids
                                           Trace minerals (x) 21
                                           Potent anti-oxidant

Maca                                       Highly nutritious
                                           Energy and fertility - promoter

Mesquite Meal                              Ground (by hand) powder from mesquite tree pods
                                           High soluble fibre - 25%
                                           Sixteen (16) Proteins
                                           Lysine amino acid rich

                                           SUPERFOODS : 2 of 8                                   Printed : 6/19/2011
Food            Amount Compare       Benefits
                                     Low 25 GI - takes about 4-6 hours to digest which helps
                                     prevent spikes and valleys in blood sugar. Also helps
                                     maintain a healthy insulin system for non-diabetics
                                     Comparison: wheat digests in 1-2 hours
                                     {low GI is important for dieting and diabetics}

Noni                                 Anti-bacterial - one of world's best natural sources
                                     Possible exceptions: bee pollen & propolis
                                     Anti-tumour activity
                                     Immune system strengthening, cell repair
                                     Digestive and skin disorders, infections, pain relief
                                     Immune system - enhancer

Raw Cacao                            Mineral content - highest of any food in the world for
                                     magnesium, chromium, manganese and zinc
                                     Copper. Vitamin C - one of highest in World
                  21 (x) Green Tea   Anti-oxidants - probably World's highest natural at ORAC: 95,500
                   9gm = RDI         Iron content very high
                                     May prevent blood pressure from climbing in older age


Coconut Juice                        Electrolytes - young coconuts (fluid) highest natural source
                                     Molecular structure identical to human blood plasma
                                     so is like a blood transfusion - quickly absorbed by body
                                     Used during the war as emergency transfusions.

Coconut Oil                          Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, helps fight candida
                                     Speeds up metabolism and therefore weight loss

Cell Food                            Complete range of, minerals, amino acids and enzymes

Glisodin                             Possibly the world's most powerful anti-oxidant regime

Aloe Vera                            Alkaliser
                                     {very important as acidic blood favours cancer}
                                     Sulphur (MSM) - High levels
                                     Highly volatile substance evaporates with heat, eg cooking
                                     vital ingredient in body's natural production of Glutathione.
                                     {glutathione is our body's most potent natural anti-carcinogen}
                                     Aloe vera aids with mositurising of skin and helps heal:
                                     burns, cuts, bruises, acne and eczema
                                     Has 75 healing compounds including: natural steroid,
                                     antibiotic agents, amino acids, minerals and enzymes.

Echinacea                            Natural immunity stimulator by encouraging lymph activity
                                     that flows parallel to blood and carries toxins out of the body
                                     Useful in treating skin cancers
Ginseng                              Energising herb. Improves stress and fatigue problems
                                     Restorative and anti-infection properties

                                     SUPERFOODS : 3 of 8                                      Printed : 6/19/2011
Food            Amount Compare   Benefits
Nettle                           Increases thyroid function, metabolism and releases colon
                                 mucous allowing the flushing of waste via the bowel.

Bee Products   - before use please verify that person is not allergic to bees.

Bee Pollen         6 (x) Beef    Protein - probably world's highest in a natural product
                                 The most complete food found in nature with many:
                                 enzymes, co-enzymes, carotenoids, etc
                                 Phytosterol - cholesterol busters
                                 15% natural lecithin - helps cells absorb food & dispose of wastes
                                 Used by bees to prevent bacterial death of their hives
                                 Natural antidote for allergies, eg hayfever, sinusitis

Manuka Honey                     Antibiotic (even MRSA) - stronger as UMF/MGO count increases
                                 see Waikato University research - Prof/Dr Peter Molan
                                 To convert UMF to MGO multiply by 20

Propolis                         Antiseptic - bees use it to coat walls of hives which is known
                                 as the most antiseptic place in nature.
                                 Virus attacker - something which antibiotics cannot do
                                 Immune system strengthener - also protects against colds, etc

Royal Jelly                      Fed to queen bees who live 40 (x) times longer than workers
                                 Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) - world's richest source
                                 known to combat stress, fatigue, insomnia.
                                 Major nutrient for healthy skin and hair

                                 SUPERFOODS : 4 of 8                                   Printed : 6/19/2011
lion greens, water cress,

                            SUPERFOODS : 5 of 8   Printed : 6/19/2011
ow seriously deficient

r seeds which means

                         SUPERFOODS : 6 of 8   Printed : 6/19/2011
ral at ORAC: 95,500

                      SUPERFOODS : 7 of 8   Printed : 6/19/2011
& dispose of wastes

                      SUPERFOODS : 8 of 8   Printed : 6/19/2011

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