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					                                         MIKE DORN
                                     2965 Payne Avenue North
                                     Little Canada, MN 55117
                                      Home: (651) 483-3422
                                       Cell: (612) 810-0998
                                     E-Mail: mrdorn@visi.com

Seasoned professional with proven problem-solving ability, excellent communication skills, and
a diverse catalog of technical experience, ready to meet new challenges for your IS team.

                                     Skills and Experience
Cisco CCNA certification and 14 years corporate WAN/LAN experience • Network design, configuration
and troubleshooting • Cisco IOS upgrades • Experience with Cisco Routers: 800, 1700, 2500, 2600, 2800,
3600, 7200, MSFC • Cisco Catalyst Switches: 1900, 2900XL, 2940, 2950, 3500XL, 3550, 3560, 3750,
4000, 4500, 6500 • PIX 515, 520, 535, FWSM & IOS Firewalls • 3000-Series VPN Hardware • CSS-
11500 Content Switches • SCA-11000 Accelerators • Layer-3 Switch Configuration • Frame Relay •
ATM • Multicast Routing • L2 MAN Networks • Load Balancing • QOS • Wireless • T1 • ISDN • DSL •
IPSEC • VPN • L2TP • RIP • EIGRP • OSPF • BGP • HSRP • HP Procurve Switches • Paradyne
Framesavers • DEC Termservers • Web Cameras • Secure VPN Tokens • What’sUP Gold • NMIS •
Ethereal • Putty • Solarwinds • Kiwi

IP Telephony:
Progress toward CCVP certification, with 4 years experience administering and troubleshooting Cisco
VOIP systems • Cisco CallManager • Unity Voicemail • CRA/IPCC • 7900-Series Phones • MGCP &
H.323 Gateways • SRST • Call Routing • Vega VOIP Radio Control Systems

Infrastructure Management:
Backup Power Systems • Datacenter A/C • Fire Suppression • Network & Telco Wiring • Project
Planning • Colocation Design • Remote Site Management

Configuration of networking components on Microsoft systems, plus general system troubleshooting &
standard tools proficiency • 98/NT/2000/XP • DNS • DHCP • TCP/IP • Office • Word • Excel •
Powerpoint • Outlook • Project • Visio

6+ years experience administering DEC/Alpha Tru64 systems, plus some experience with Solaris, AIX
and Linux systems • SCSI & RAID Configuration • Sun Hardware • Unix Scripting ksh/awk/sed • Unix
Security • BIND • NIS • Sybase • Netscape Enterprise Server • Apache Web Server • Mainsoft Visual
Source Safe • SUDO • cURL

Data General Systems • CQCS Report Writer • COBOL • PL/I • Basic • Assembler • Mumps • Custom
Tape Formatting • Xerox Printing Systems • Microfilm
                                            Mike Dorn
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                                      Employment History

                                        February 2006–Present
Network Engineer                                                           Mesaba Airlines, Eagan, MN
• Responsible for all WAN, LAN and IP Telephony environments for a regional airline.
• Successfully created Colocation/Business Interruption network infrastructure at an offsite facility.
• Oversaw networking components of a complex multi-site relocation.
• Redesigned call routing for flexibility and structure in a multi-facility CallManager environment;
   Implemented phased deployment with no user interruption/downtime.
• Combined new and refurbished equipment purchasing strategies to achieve cost-effective high-quality

                                      July 2005–January 2006
Sr. Network Engineer                                                      AOmega, LLC, Richfield, MN
• Designed & built secure high-performance, high-availability DMZ environments for a Fortune-100
    client, using Cisco 6509 switches, PIX & FWSM firewalls and CSS11506 content switches.
• Coordinated with server administrators to facilitate their migration into structured network
• Configured load balancing and encryption for a multi-tiered web application, using Content Service
    Switches and Secure Content Accelerators.

                                       June 2004–July 2005
Pre-Sales Technical Support                                             APS Group, Minneapolis, MN
• Configured, tested & refurbished Sun servers; Installed Solaris operating system.
• Provided technical assistance and advice to sales team.

                                        August 1993–October 2003
Cisco & Unix Admin (Sr. Tech Support Analyst)                      Chronimed, Inc., Minnetonka, MN
• Managed nationwide frame-relay network and datacenter LAN, using Cisco routers and switches.
• Defined and implemented standards for IP addressing, subnetting, router configurations and device
• Implemented secure network connections to trading partners, using both frame-relay and VPN
• Upgraded core network to gigabit fiber with multiple VLANs.
• Designed and implemented network failover strategies, using ISDN and redundant frame connections.
• Deployed NIS and C2 security on existing pool of Unix servers, to enhance administrative flexibility
    and HIPAA compliance.
• Installed & configured web servers and open-source software components on Unix systems.
• Designed a system to manage images from web-based security cameras, and deployed using existing
• Negotiated hardware support contract with an alternate vendor to reduce annual costs and improve
• Coordinated architectural, construction and assorted vendor activities to successfully create a new
    datacenter for a corporate relocation.
• Managed installation of backup generator system and fiber SONET connection, to insure power and
    communication redundancy.
                                            Mike Dorn
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                                    February 1988–April 1993
Systems Analyst, Sr. P/A                                   Fulfillment Systems, Inc., Monticello, MN
• Wrote a secure, flexible menu control and security system.
• Designed a complete barcode-driven processing system to meet the special needs of a new client.
• Wrote high-performance utility tools for use in COBOL programs, using PL/I and Assembler.
• Developed a system to compose and print high-volume laser checks and coupons.

                                      April 1986–February 1988
Programmer/Analyst                                     Health One Corp. (Allina), Minneapolis, MN
• Designed and implemented a secure configuration for multiple hospitals to use the same system with
   both shared and private resources.
• Developed a flexible, foolproof backup system for operations’ use.

                                    February 1984–October 1985
Technical Support Programmer                              Young America Corp., Young America, MN
• Maintained operating system & utility software for multiple DG systems.
• Created and maintained COBOL and PL/I applications.
• Wrote a user-friendly cross reference system to track field usage between programs.

                                   October 1983–January 1984
Computer Services Manager                         DataCopi/Laser Mail Marketing, New York, NY
• Worked with clients to produce high-volume specialty direct mail applications.

                                    July 1983–September 1983
Programmer/Analyst                                                  Datatext Inc., Bloomington, MN
• Provided technical support for PRIME 550 and XICS composition systems.
• Wrote PL/I utility programs to convert runoff-coded documents into XICS format.

                                       August 1978–June 1983
Programmer/Analyst, assorted ops support                       Kalvar/Datacorp, Minneapolis, MN
• Supported COM service and Xerox 9700 laser printing operations.
• Prepared specialty printing and direct mail applications.
• Designed list management and text composition systems in PL/I on a Data General system.

•   University of Minnesota, Minneapolis: 3 years’ coursework in Electrical Engineering and
    Computer Science, 1977-1980
•   Xerox: 9700 Printing, 1980; FDL/PDL Programming, 1981
•   Data General: AOS User, 1982; INFOS Structures, 1984
•   Prime: Primos Internals, 1983
•   HBO: Maximumps Programming, 1987
•   Cisco: Intro, 1996; VOIP/QOS, 2007; Callmanager/Unity, 2008
•   DEC: Unix System Administration, 1998; Unix Network Management, 2000

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