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									                                              Eveleth Youth Hockey Association

                                                     October 5, 2010, 6pm

                                                       Eveleth Elks Club

President Bryan Mortenson called meeting to order at 6:05pm.

Members Present: Bryan Mortenson, Michele Coldagelli, Kris Maki, Jeremy Nelson, Michele Woods, Tim
Koivunen, and Guest, Brian Zadnikar

Approval of minutes from the September 7, 2010 meeting.

Motion by Jeremy Nelson, 2nd by Michele Woods to approve minutes, all Ayes.

TREASURERS REPORT: Michele and Jeremy balances match. We decided to get the safe box drilled. We
would like to put all volunteer hours and equipment checks in there. I will call Janelle at Miners Bank
and get the information that is needed to drill the box for Bryan.

Motion by Tim, 2nd by Michele Coldagelli to pay up to $175 to get the safe deposit box drilled.

CANTEEN REPORT: Bryan called Tom Gilpin form the VFW and Tom never returned his call the sharing
of the canteen is going to be dropped for this year. Michele W is going to call coke and get a different
kind of refrigerator

Motion by Michele Coldagelli, 2nd by Tim to approve the canteen report.

CORRESPONDENCE: Nothing new from the state regarding taxes. There is a possible fund raiser for Lake
of the Woods fishing package we could sell ticket for $10 in the canteen, tabled until December.

NEW BUSINESS: Brian Zadnikar would like to purchase a Boni Puck Shooting Machine. The cost is
$5337. We would like to see if the boys high school and girls hockey would split the costs. There is a
Youth Coaches meeting on Monday, Bryan M would like to see how much interest there is for something
like this with the youth coaches. After the Boys Booster meeting and the youth coaches meeting Bryan
M will sent out an e-mail for a vote.

Jodi Vest who works at the Thunderbird mall can get all youth hockey players a 10% discount card to
Dunham Sports.

Motion by Michele W, 2nd by Michele C to allow Jodi Vest to get discount cards for all youth players.

Hockey Coaches Planners: for all youth coaches for $10.95, Bryan M is going to see if the coaches are
interested in the planners.

Motion by Tim 2nd by Michele W to purchase planners if coaches are interested.
Coaches Jackets: There are 6 new coaches that do not have jackets they would cost about $400.

Motion by Michele C, 2nd by Michele W to purchase 6 jackets.

Degree Jerseys: Bryan would like to put team names on them-it would be fun for the kids

1st by Michele W, 2nd by Jeremy Nelson for up to $100 to letter the jerseys

Peewee/Bantam Warm Ups: There are a few fundraisers to have the kids earn their warm-ups there is
Schwan’s or Community Sale at Herbergers. Tim will talk to Karena Tarr about the Herbergers fund

Squirt Jerseys: Squirts are in need of new jersey’s. They need 2 sets; the cost would be about $1400

Pond Hockey Program: YH to buy shirts and grand prize for over 65 hours in at the outdoor rink.

Motion by Tim, 2nd by Michele Coldagelli to purchase shirts and grand prize for pond hockey.

Banquet: Once the banquet committee meets they can come to us with a proposed budget.

Hippodrome Usage/Revenue: In the past we have paid $900 to the city tournaments for the whole year.
The hippodrome is at a $100,000 deficit. Tim thinks we should offer the city a good faith donation.
Youth Hockey uses about 460 hours of ice time. Tim would like to offer a 1st time donation of $2000 to
the city of Eveleth. I will draft a letter and get the donation to the city.

1st by Michele C, 2nd by Jeremy Nelson to donate $2000.00 to the City of Eveleth.

Up Coming Events:

Meet the Bears will be November 19th

Cash Calendar Tickets are due by November 12th and the drawing is November 26th.

Fall Raffle is November 26th

Lopresti Tournament is full we would like to see if Hoagie would like the hospitality room at his bar.

Mariucci is January 21-23 Tim is the director and would like to have the hospitality at Margies/Sleeves.

Meeting adjourned 7:45

Next Meeting Nov 2

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