Employee Warning Notice

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This employee warning notice can be used by any employer or human resource department to notify an employee that the employee?s performance has been unsatisfactory. Along with notifying the employee of unsatisfactory performance or behavior, the manager or company official can offer recommended improvements. When an employee has done something against company policy, it is legally important to notify the employee. The form is designed to provide standard language but there are opportunities for the use of optional terms and language making it fully customizable to fit the needs of the employer.

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									Employee Warning Letter
Send this Employee Warning Letter to formally warn an employee in writing. This letter
can be customized for any type of violation, such as absence, tardiness,
insubordination, poor performance, etc. In addition, you can specify how the employee
can remedy the problem to avoid future discipline and possible termination. Simply enter
your information in the yellow highlighted fields, delete the bolded instructions, and you
will have a customized Employee Warning Letter you can send to unsatisfactory
_______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s name]
_______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s address]
_______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s address]

_______________________ [Instructions: Insert the date of this notice]

_______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Employee’s name]
_______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Employee’s address]
_______________________ [Instructions: Insert the Employee’s address]

Re: Warning Notice

Dear _______________________: [Instructions: Insert the Employee’s name]

This letter is to serve as a written warning. This action is being taken as a result of your
_____________________. [Instructions: Insert why Employee is being warned. e.g. absence,
tardiness, insubordination, poor performance, etc.] In particular, this warning notice is
[Instructions: Provide a brief description of why the Employee is being warned]

On _______________________, [Instructions: Insert the date the Employee was verbally
warned about the issue specified above] we previously met to discuss this matter. Specifically,
we                addressed                 the              following                 matter:
[Instructions: Provide a brief description of why the Employee was verbally warned]

In         order       to        remedy         the      problem,        you       should
[Instructions: Provide a brief description how the Employee can remedy the problem]

This is your _______________ [Instructions: Insert the number of times Employee has been
warned about this issue. e.g. first, second, last, etc.] warning regarding this issue. I will assist
you in any way I can to remedy the problem, however, unless this matter can be corrected, I shall
have no alternative but to undertake further disciplinary or corrective action, which may include
suspension or termination.


                                                                 [Instructions: Insert Supervisor’s name]

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