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									               ACR Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
                    August 13, 2007

Steering Committee members present: George Bergmann, Karen Snyder, Anna Leider,
Jack Hickey, Phil Hayward, Wanda Street, Michelle St. George, Chris Idler, Pete
Stramese, and Betsy Mead.

Minutes from July were reviewed and approved
Financial Report was approved –
    ---RONIN is catching up with releasing funds collected for the various programs.
    ---The “CREWZ” social event was successful and made $516,16. Since the CREWZ
was a fundraiser for the W5-day and M5-day programs, the funds will be split between
those two programs.
    ---George will review whether a separate account has been established for funds raised
by the W5-Day program.
    ---The W5-day and W4 day programs received donations. One donor purchased the
womens’ 4 that the W5-day had rented. The donor also paid the rental fee and the
insurance costs. The donor asked that the boat be named for a deceased relative.
Karen Snyder’s father donated $20,000 toward the purchase of a shell for the W4-day
program. The boat will carry his name.
     ---George has approved the use of a “club” Master Card for Pete. Pete will continue
to submit receipts for purchases.
     ---Pete reports he will need approximately $4400 in the near future to purchase spare
parts – mostly electronics, some tracks, and undercarriage.


SAFETY TRAINING – In compliance with the latest safety regulations of ACB, ACR
will provide training for coaches’ and one to two representatives from each program on
August 25 from 9:30-10:15am at the boathouse. Instruction will cover use of radios and
familiarization with location of phones, defibrillator, and lightening detector. The
meeting is mandatory for all coaches. This will coincide with maintenance day, which
will be from 8-12am. The handbook will be updated to include the latest information
regarding coverage of the radios on the dock during program hours.

SURPLUS EQUIPMENT- Pete expects to have surplus oars (approx. 28). He will sell
these items on Row 2K. The Burke quad will also be put up for sale.

DOCK REPLACEMENT– The old sections of the dock are now gone. 90% of the old
dock has been sold. The contractors are a little ahead of schedule. After the dock is
replaced all door codes will be changed.

LAUNCHES– Pete and Steve are looking for new ways to leave the launches on the
dock. This would involve some additional expenses for motor locks, covers, and possibly
portable gangplanks. Steve would like to get more wakeless launches. We will also be
eliminating the use of wooden rollers. They will be replaced with more modern rollers at
the cost of about $2,000.

END OF SEASON PARTY– Ruth Roberts will be organizing the silent auction this year.
The party will be held at the Old Dominion Boat Club on November 10.The cost will be
$20 per person and it will be potluck.

HEAD OF THE OLD TOWN- September 8th. Volunteers should contact Chris Idler.
Chris assures that volunteers who are rowing will not have any conflicts. RONIN is open
for registration.

COACHES’ SURVEY – Comments about the coaches’ were very positive and included
some helpful suggestions. Rowers were particularly impressed with improvements made
by Nick Johnson and Nate Walker. They were also pleased with the combinations of
Mike Quear and Justin Dempsey-Chiam and Irene Walsh and Terry Grindstaff. Feedback
on Daron Keller is still being gathered.

WORKMAN’S COMPENSATI0N – ACR has received the bill for Workman’s
Compensation. ACR is the only rowing club that provides this benefit.

---ACR is still pursuing writing contracts for our coaches.

---The Online store has not processed many orders. Anna will be placing the fall uniform
order soon.


Nominating Committee - ??


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