Setup & Usage
     For AOL 9.0
        AOL has new Pricing
• Free AOL (w/o internet access) if you have hi-
  speed access
• AOL Basic Dialup – $9.95
   – Security S/W, dialup access, & 5GB online storage

• AOL Dialup Advantage - $25.90
   – Basic features plus:
   – 50GB online stg., $10K ID theft ins., $1K hdwe. ins.,
     & Premium Security S/W

• Link to change price plan:
  Get AOL access numbers
• Launch AOL (dbl-clk icon), click on the Sign
  On Options button in the Sign On dialog box
  (do not sign on).
• Click on Add Numbers button in the AOL
  Setup dialog box, type Area Code & click
• Select local numbers (check Ocala) & click
• Numbers selected displayed, click next
• Click Sign On to AOL Now button
        Getting around AOL
• The Menu Bar is the bar at the top with File,
  Edit, Mail, etc.
• The Tool Bar is next with icons labeled Read,
  Write, IM, etc.
• The Navigation Bar is next with Back &
  Forward arrows, and the address window.
• Find in top window is found under Edit in the
  Menu Bar, and allows you to search text in the
  top window. It will be dim until you select a
  text window (e.g. message).
  Getting around AOL (cont.)

• Favorites allow you to save the address to a
  window that you would like to return
   – Go to the down arrow next to the Favorites button
     in the Navigation bar and select Add Top Window To
     Favorites (Top window is shown by the bar at the
     top of the window being bright)

• Keywords is on the Menu Bar that leads you to
  many of the AOL Services
  Set up new contact in AOL

• Go to Mail on Menu bar & select Address
• In Address Book click on Add button at
• In the New Contact dialog box, fill out
  Contact information and click Save
Change or delete Address

• Go to Mail on menu bar & select Address
  Book, find name & highlight
• To Delete, click Delete button at bottom
• To Change information on Contact, click
  on Edit button, change information, &
  click Save
     Setting the Auto Start

• In Task Bar in lower right, right click on
  AOL icon, & select Auto Start Options
• In the Auto Start dialog box select your
  preference for starting AOL (I select
  Don’t Use any Auto Start options)
              Using e-mail
• Reading an e-mail -Click the Read icon in the
  Tool bar. This will bring up your mail dialog
  box. In your Mailbox on the New tab, select an
  email to read by dbl-clicking on it.
• Sending an e-mail - Click the Write icon at top
  This will bring up a blank message. Fill in and
  select Send Now icon
• Send reply - When reading mail select Reply
  icon on right This will bring up a blank
  message. Fill in and select Send Now icon on
 Attaching files to e-mails

• If when writing a message, and you want
  to attach a file, click on Attach File button
  at bottom left of the message.
• In Attach File dialog box that appears, find
  the file you want to attach, highlight it,
  and click on the Open button.
• The file name should appear as attached
  to the message at bottom above Attach
  File button.
Sending Pictures in email on
• Pictures can be sent 2 ways. Insert or
  Attach pictures (pictures are files - see
  last slide).
• To Insert pictures, click on Write icon in
  the Tool bar. In email click on the camera
  icon (___) below the Subject window.
• Click on Insert pictures, find the picture
  you want to insert, check the box, and
  click on Insert. Your picture should be in
  the email.
      Using filing cabinet to
         manage e-mail

• AOL has a feature to allow filing of received
  messages in named folders on your PC.
• When reading a message, select the Save
  button at bottom, and select On My PC.
• You can save the message in an existing named
  folder or you can name a new folder by
  selecting Create Folder, and save it there.
  Downloading files attached
         to e-mail
• You have two choices. You can either
  download it now or later
  – If you select Now, you are shown a Download
    Manager box to select what folder in your system
    would like the file
  – Click OK to download the file to where you selected
  – If you select later>OK, at end of AOL session go to
    File on Tool Bar and select Download Manager
  – In Download Manager highlight the file, and select
    Finish Download (your file will be downloaded, and
    saved where your download settings are pointing)
      How to Set Download
• Click on Settings icon in Tool bar
• Select Download Settings in the index
• In the Download Settings dialog box
  under “Put files I download in the
  following directory”, you can select My
  Documents or a Specific Folder (i.e.
  c:\My Downloads)
       Download Center

• AOL has a Download Center that you can
  select by going to Services on the menu
  bar, and selecting the Download Center.
• The Download Center is a web based
  function in AOL that allows you find and
  select any file for downloading, and
• The Download Center provides thousands
  of files that can be downloaded without
  fear of virus or Spyware.
       Locating files you’ve
• If you wrote down the entire name of the file,
  you can go to Start, select Search (Find), and
  then select All Files and Folders
• Type in the name of the file, select Look in,
  and then click Search
• The files found will appear in the right window
  of the Search Results dialog box.
• If you set a specific folder in Download
  Settings, the file should be there
  The Web Browser in AOL is
    Internet Explorer, & is
     integrated into AOL.
• To set settings for the AOL browser, click on
  the Settings icon in the Tool bar, click on
  Browser Settings in the Settings index.
• In the Browser Settings dialog box, click on
  Internet Explorer Settings in Related Settings
  on the right to adjust browser settings
• In the Browser Settings dialog box, you can set
  TopSpeed Technology & Web Graphics
        Personalizing AOL

• ALL settings for AOL are found on the
  Tool bar under Settings
• Managing Your AOL Account can be
  found at Help on the Menu bar under
  Accounts and Billing
• Here you can set or change items in your
Q & A on any subject

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