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Angus Association
           FOUNDED 1930

DAW            S     E S T. 1 9 7 3

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                                      Whitestone Kern W174
                                       Birth Date: 2.9.07 • Cow +15723957
                                       Tattoo: W174

                                                  #Bon View Bando 596
                                       SAF 598 Bando 5175
                                       #+12350821 +SAF Royal Lass 1002

                                                   Prodigy 5001 of BCAR
                                       KEM 119 of Woodlawn
                                       13398568    #KEM 847 of Woodlawn

                                      Champion Hill
                                      Georgina 6044
                                       Birth Date: 3.2.07 • Cow +15734180
                                       Tattoo: 6044

                                                SAV 8130 Traveler 004
                                       SAV Net Worth 4200
                                       14739204 +SAV May 2410

                                                 #Leachman Saugahatchee
                                       Champion Hill Georgina 1693
                                       +13464473 LLA Georgina 419

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           Table of Contents
2008 Officers & Directors ............................................................ 5
President’s Message ...................................................................... 7
75th Anniversary .......................................................................... 9
Association History .................................................................... 13
Sponsored Services & Events ...................................................... 15
Futurity Program ....................................................................... 17
By-Laws ..................................................................................... 21
Women’s Club Information ....................................................... 26
Angus Queen ............................................................................. 28
Frequently Used Phone Numbers ............................................... 30
Calendar of Events ..................................................................... 31
Farm Cross Reference ................................................................. 33
2008 Association Members Listing ............................................. 37
Membership Application ............................................................ 57
Presidents ................................................................................... 61
Junior Angus Information & History ................................... 63-80
J.R.C. Memorial Trophy ............................................................ 83
Breeders Show Rules .................................................................. 85
2007 Breeders Show Champions ................................................ 86
Angus Awards ............................................................................ 89
2007 MD Breeder & Family ...................................................... 91
Gestation Table .......................................................................... 93
Certified Angus Beef Program .................................................. 105
Advertisers Index ...................................................................... 109

       2008 Officers & Directors
              Maryland Angus Association
1120 Sugarloaf Mountain Road • Dickerson, MD 20842

President                                        Vice President
Dean Bryant                                             Patty Kerns
15317 Carroll Rd.                          14315 Old Frederick Rd.
Monkton, MD 21111                          Rocky Ridge, MD 21778

                          Chip Smallwood
                       1120 Sugarloaf Mtn. Rd.
                        Dickerson, MD 20842

Directors                Term Expires              Re-electable
Kevin Barkdoll                   2010                      No
David L. Brauning, Jr.           2010                      Yes
Curtis Bryant                    2010                      Yes
Dean Bryant                      2009                      No
Brian Considine                  2009                      No
Frank Feeser                     2008                      No
John Gundzik                     2008                      Yes
Jason Hose                       2008                      Yes
Ray Johns                        2009                      Yes
Myron Kennedy                    2010                      Yes
Chester Kerns                    2009                      Yes
Patty Kerns                      2008                      No
Lori Moxley                      2009                      No
Doug Velisek                     2008                      No
Pam Velisek                      2010                      No
Kelsey Stabler (Junior Assoc.)

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                 Germantown, MD 20876

       President’s Message
Dear Fellow Cattlemen

     It is both an honor and pleasure to be writing this letter as president of the
Maryland Angus Association.

     It’s an honor to be in the state of Maryland. Our family moved to Maryland 17
years ago, and I was immediately immersed in Maryland’s great Angus heritage. In
2006, the Maryland Angus Association celebrated its 75th anniversary and we were
again reminded of our rich Angus heritage. While many of the old historic herds no
longer exist, their legacy continues through the current members. As you review our
membership list, you will find families who have bred Angus cattle for multiple gen-
erations, many with direct or indirect ties to the historic Angus herds. Many of our
members have gone on to hold national leadership positions in both the Junior and
American Angus associations.

     It’s been a pleasure working with Maryland Angus Breeders. Their commitment
to producing high quality Angus cattle is second only to their commitment to fami-
ly and the Junior Angus members. One only has to attend a national or regional Jr.
Angus event to see evidence of the quality of the young people and the cattle they
exhibit that come from Maryland Angus breeders. Though Maryland is a small state
made up of small breeders, the MD Juniors bring home more than their share of
championship banners and awards.

     If you’re a new or potential member, don’t be intimidated. This is a great group
of people that will go out of their way to help you get started and make you feel wel-
come. There are opportunities within the Maryland Angus Association to select and
purchase your first Angus heifer, to exhibit the results of your breeding program and
tools to use for marketing your Angus cattle. If you have kids, the Maryland Jr.
Angus Association is a first class organization for developing leadership and citizen-
ship skills. As we saw from the junior skits at our winter social, it’s not just about
showing cattle.

    Finally, I’d like to personally thank Donna Full for her time and effort as chair-
man of the directory committee. The committee has done a great job and I’m sure
you will appreciate their efforts as you review our 2008/2009 directory.


 Dean Bryant
President, Maryland Angus Association

    Maryland Angus Association

          he Maryland Angus Association was organized in 1930 and 1931 when
T         there were 14 known Angus herds in the state.
  Maryland was a pioneer Angus state in the east. The first Angus were brought
to the Old Line State in 1880, just ten years after the Aberdeen-Angus breed was
introduced to the U.S. at Victoria, Kans., by W. H. Whitridge of Baltimore, Md.
On April 10th, 1883, a heifer calf was dropped on the property of Mr. Whitridge.
This was the first Angus calf recorded bred and born on Maryland soil.
  The most important association sponsored event in the early years of the
Maryland Angus Association, was the Maryland Angus Breeders Shows. The first
official one of these was held at the Harford Hunt Club in 1933 with 20 animals
  Over the years since then, the Breeders Shows have been discontinued and
revived depending on the enthusiasm of the membership. Since 1974, when 52
head were shown, the Maryland Angus Breeders Show has been an annual event
held in late August in conjunction with the Montgomery County Fair at
Gaithersburg, Md.
  In 1983, a Preview Show was also held as a one day event at the Howard
County Fairgrounds in West Friendship, Md. It was dropped in 1989 in favor of
the Breeders Show at Montgomery County Fair.
  The Spring Grass Sales were organized and held for a number of years and
spring sales are held today, mainly as cow/calf sales.
  The Fall Quality Show and Sale was established and for many years was a prime
source for club steers and heifers and replacement heifers. In the late seventies,
the Show portion was dropped. After the fall sales were dropped in 1986, a
Maryland Steer Futurity was established and held at the Frederick Fairgrounds in
Frederick, Md., Featuring Maryland bred steers and later, heifers. Proceeds from
a nomination fee were held in an account and paid as special premiums to sale
animals shown at specified county, state, regional and national shows to encour-
age young people to show registered Angus.
   Some of the great Angus herds were developed in Maryland, including
Cremona Farms at Mechanicsville. Founded by General Davidson. Cremona
Farms is the only herd in Maryland to breed
two grand champion bulls at the great
International Livestock Show in Chicago,
Glencarnock Eric of Cremona and
Wintonier 4th.
  Many other herds went on to write Angus
history including: Ancor Farm at Upperco;
Andelot Stock Farms at Worton; Arrowhead
Farms at Thurmont and Woodsboro;                                   1940
                                                  Glencarnock Eric of Cremona 529001
Bennett’s Point Farm at Queenstown;                      Calved August 25, 1937
Blakeford Farm at Queenstown; Bryan’s Sire, Glencarnock Earl Eric 16 M 502865
                                                     Dam, Fannie Bess of Ada 45132
Manor at Salisbury; Canton Farm at St.                  Breeder, Cremona Farm,
Michaels; Cold Saturday Farm at Finksburg;              Mechanicsville, Maryland
                                                        Exhibitor, Cremona Farm,
Cremona Farm at Mechanicsville; El-Kay                  Mechanicsville, Maryland
Farm at Frederick; Fox Hill Farm at Fallston;
Glen Angus at Belair; Linden Manor at Cecilton; Mainbrace Farm at
Queenstown; Manor Farm at Riderwood; Merkle-Patuxent Farm at Namor;
Monocacy at Frederick; Mt. Prospect Farm at Gaithersburg; Tyrconnel Farm at
Knoxville; Wickwire Farm at Earleville; Wilmae Farm at Monkton; Wye Angus
at Queenstown; and Wye River Angus at Queenstown.
    It should be noted also that Mar Lee Farm at Woodsboro, bred a bull named
                           Broadway, that was the only animal to win the
                           Supreme Championship at the American Angus
                           Futurity in Louisville, two years in a row.
                           Maryland Angus breeders have always been active on
                           the national level. Alan McGregor and Lawrason Sayre
                           were presidents of the American Angus Association;
                           Mrs. H. H. Hackney, Mrs. Russell West, and Dessie
                           Moxley were all president of the American Angus
                           Auxiliary; Bill Powell and Donald Trimmer were
                           Fieldmen for the American Angus Association;
                           Monica Feeser works in the junior activities depart-
                           ment of the American Angus Association; Nancy Ann
                           Sayre was the editor of the Angus Journal for three
years; Susie Holston and Cortney Hill-Dukehart served as Miss American
Angus; Chad Hahn won the National Angus Showmanship Contest in 2005.
Just to name a few.
   The Maryland Angus Womens Club was organized in 1956-57 and the
Maryland Junior Angus Association was organized in 1971.
   When Dr. Emmett Full was president in 1978, he initiated the Maryland
Angus Breeder Award and the Maryland Angus Family Award to recognize those
who made a contribution to the breed and to Maryland Angus. The Association
has presented these two awards, each year since.
   In 1949, Chilly Peery was hired as the first fulltime fieldman for the associa-
tion and three years later he had helped to increase the association’s coffers from
$1,700 to $10,000 and had sold $1,000,000 worth of cattle for the association.
   Peery later became editor/owner of Angus Topics magazine, the official publi-
cation for Maryland and a number of other eastern states.
   Mrs. H. H. Hackney of Cold Saturday Farm in Finksburg, was the first woman
president of the Maryland Angus Association, Judy Considine of Black Wave
Angus in Middletown, was the second woman president, and Caryl Velisek of
Purple Blend Angus, was the third woman to hold the office.
   In 1980, the Maryland
Angus Association celebrated
its 50th anniversary with a din-
ner and program at Watkins
Restaurant      in    Frederick.
Longtime Maryland Angus
breeder, Tom Curtis, was the
master of ceremonies, and spe-
cial guests included General
Davidson of Cremona Farms,
Joe Gardner of Ancor Farm, Albert Tabler of Gwen Al Farm, Howard Anderson
of Wimberly Farm, and Chilly Peery.
   The Maryland Angus Association publishes a directory every two to three years
and a newsletter every other month or as deemed necessary by the Board of
   The Maryland Angus Association was incorporated in 1951 with the following
statement of purpose:
   “To promote the best interest of the Aberdeen-Angus breed of cattle by means
of sales, shows, meetings, publications, and in such other ways as will, in the
judgment of the Corporation, help in the establishment of new herds and the
maintenance and improvement of present herds of Aberdeen-Angus Cattle.
   “The Corporation shall be a non-profit Corporation and neither the income
nor the principal of the Corporation’s funds may be used to insure the benefit of
any private member nor shall the income or principal of the Corporation be use
in an attempt to influence legislation by propaganda or otherwise.”
   Association membership fluctuates around the 100 to 150 mark.

               Association History
   The Maryland Angus Association was organized in 1930 and 1931 when
there were fourteen known Angus herds in the state.
  Herds like Andelot, Cremona and Wickwire helped write early Angus his-
tory, not only in Maryland but nationally, as well, along with many other
herds too numerous to mention here.
  The most important Association sponsored events in the early years were
the Maryland Breeders Shows. The first official show was held at the
Harford Hunt Club in 1933 where 20 animals were exhibited. Over the
years the Breeders Shows were discontinued, then revived, depending on the
enthusiasm of the membership.
  The most recent revival was in 1974 when 52 head were shown at
Gaithersburg in conjunction with Montgomery County Fair in August. In
1983, a Preview Show was also held at the Howard County Fairgrounds in
West Friendship, as a one day event. It was so well received, the member-
ship decided to hold a one day Breeders Show at Howard County
Fairgrounds and to drop the show at Gaithersburg. In 1989 (because of
difficulty raising prize monies) the Breeders Show was moved back to the
Montgomery County Fair.
  The Annual Fall Quality Show and Sale was established and became a
prime source for foundation Angus cattle. A number of years ago, the
“show” portion was dropped.
  The spring “Grass Sales” were organized and served as a source of good
quality unfitted Angus. Spring cow-calf sales continue today.
  In 1986, a Maryland Steer Futurity Sale was established and held at the
Frederick Fairgrounds. Featuring Maryland-bred steers, and later heifers,
proceeds from a nomination fee is held in an account and pays special pre-
miums to sale animals shown at specified county fairs, state, regional and
national shows, to encourage young people to show registered Angus.
  The Association was incorporated as the Maryland Angus Association in
1951, with the following statement of purpose:
  To promote the best interest of the Aberdeen-Angus breed of cattle by means of
sales, shows, meeting, publications and in such other ways as will in the judge-
ment of the Corporation, help in the establishment of new herds and the main-
tenance and improvement of present herds of Aberdeen-Angus cattle.
  The Corporation shall be a nonprofit corporation and neither the income nor
the principal of the Corporation’s funds may be used to insure the benefit of any
private member nor shall the income or principle of the Corporation be used in
an attempt to influence legislation by propaganda or otherwise.
   In 1971, the Association helped organize a Maryland Junior Angus
Association and has put stronger and stronger emphasis on aiding our
Junior programs with increased monetary contributions, encouragement of
and help with activities. We have been rewarded with a strong and active
group of young Angus enthusiasts who have been selected to host three
regional junior Angus shows to date.
   The Maryland Angus Women’s Club was organized in 1957 and has
always been active in state and local Angus events and programs. Their par-
ticipation in Association and Junior events has helped strengthen the
Association considerably.
   The first Annual Dinner Social was held in 1990 at the Lisbon Firehall.
This is time when the members take time out from the Holiday rush and
get together to reminisce over the year and spread good cheer. The Angus
Breeder and Angus Family awards are presented at this time and the selec-
tion of the new Angus Queen and Princess is announced.
   The annual Angus Business meeting (formally held in February) is now
held in March in conjunction with the Maryland Cattlemen’s Convention
and Trade Show at Hagerstown. At this meeting the Committees report
and a new Board of Directors are elected.
   Since 1968, the Association has published this directory of membership
every one to four years as deemed necessary by the membership.
   The dedication of our older members, the constant support of our
Women’s Club, the enthusiasm of our juniors and new members, has helped
to weld our Association into a real Angus fellowship dedicated, not only to
the promotion of our great breed of cattle, but also to promotion of an
atmosphere of friendliness, cooperation and social exchange.

      Sponsored Services & Events
Annual Membership Meetings
The first major event each year is the Annual Membership Meeting. These meet-
ings are normally held during March, in conjunction with the Maryland
Cattlemen’s Convention and Trade Show in Hagerstown, MD. This is the meeting
during which new Directors are elected and new Presidents and Vice-Presidents are
selected. In addition to being a very enjoyable social event, these meetings are also
important educational events. These meetings provide members with an opportu-
nity to interact with fellow breeders (all breeds), listen to guest speakers discuss cur-
rent management and cattle herd development issues, and to impact the direction
in which the Maryland Angus Association is moving.

Field Days
Field days are also very significant social and educational events. We have one field
day each year at one of our fellow Angus breeders farms. These events give the
members an opportunity to see other breeder’s cattle herds and to see, first hand,
how their herds are managed. Normally held during July or August, field days typi-
cally include a social, a picnic buffet, a variety of guest speakers and a farm tour.

Breed Shows
The Association sponsors two registered Angus breed shows each year. The first is
the Junior Preview Show which is usually held at the Howard County Fairgrounds
during June. The second is the Maryland Breeders Show which is normally held
during late August in conjunction with the Montgomery County Fair. These shows
give members an opportunity to highlight their breeding program or, if they chose
not to show, to see the breeding program of other Angus breeders.

Consignment Sales
At present, the Association sponsors two consignment sales each year. One is the
Fall Steer and Heifer Futurity Sale which includes club steers and heifers that are
sold to 4-H, FFA and Junior exhibitors. The second sale is the Maryland Angus
Breeders Sale which includes cow/calf pairs, AI bred cows and Al bred heifers. The
fees for management of these sales are determined by sale costs which are kept to a
minimum. All Regular members of the Association are automatically entitled to
nominate cattle to either of these two sales.

Awards Banquet
The final event each year is the Awards Banquet. Held on the first Saturday of
December, awards are presented to the Premier Exhibitor and the Premier Breeder
from the Breeders Show. The Angus Family of the Year and The Angus Breeder of
the Year are also recognized. The winners in the Steer and Heifer Futurity shows
are announced and the Maryland Angus Queen and Princess are crowned.

Junior Programs
The Junior Association sponsors a statewide Junior Preview Show which is both an
educational and social event. The Junior Showmen are selected at this event to rep-
resent Maryland at the National Junior Angus Show. The Association awards a tro-
phy to the junior exhibiting the Champion Angus Steer at the various shows and
fairs throughout the state. Special trophies are presented at the Maryland State Fair
and the Eastern National Livestock Show at Timonium, MD.

Futurity Funds
As a special incentive to the young people in Maryland and surrounding states, the
Association maintains a fund to pay cash awards to the 4-H, FFA and Junior mem-
bers who buy calves in the Steer and Heifer Futurity Sale. The Association pays
cash awards to all first and second place Angus Class winners, to all champion and
reserve champion Angus show winners and to all exhibitors who win overall Grand

Private Treaty Sales
Anyone wishing to sell Angus cattle at private treaty may receive the assistance of
the Maryland Angus Association by listing the sale with us. Fees are five percent of
the price received. We have current listings of Angus available.

Angus Topics Magazine
One of the benefits of membership in the Maryland Angus Association is a free
subscription to “Angus Topics”, the official publication of the Association.
Members with news items may send them to the secretary for inclusion in the
Maryland Angus News page of the magazine.

The Maryland Angus Association publishes a quarterly newsletter to keep members
informed of activities and events related to the Angus Industry. Any information
that might be of interest to readers may be sent to the executive secretary for publi-
cation. Advertising in the newsletter may be purchased at the present rate of
$25.00 per page (8 1/2 x 11). Ads may be typed messages at no additional cost or
may be paste ups or copies of printed ads.

                   Futurity Program
The Maryland Angus Association has initiated a program to promote the breeding;
sales and showing of Maryland bred angus cattle. The Futurity Program is funded
through donations, fundraisers and nomination fees. The program rewards
Maryland Angus Junior members that purchase Maryland bred angus cattle by pro-
viding a cash payout for Futurity nominated animals exhibited at certain defined
shows. The Futurity rewards are based on the individual placing at the show. It
was the intent of the program to encourage and support the Maryland Junior
Angus members in the purchase and exhibition of angus cattle bred by the mem-
bers of the Maryland Angus Association.

Eligible animals must be registered purebred Angus and must list a Maryland
Angus Association member as the breeder on the AAA registration. The animal
must be sold to a second party that is a current member in good standing of the
Maryland Angus Junior Association. Junior bred and owned animals are not eligi-
ble. Any animal that meets the age requirements to show is eligible in the nomi-
nating year.

The nomination requires the submission of the Futurity Nomination Form and a
copy of the registration of the animal (or its Dam if the registration is in process)
with the nomination fee. The nomination fee is $50.00 per animal. The animal
must ne nominated prior to February 15th for steers and May 15th for heifers.
Note: for animals exhibiting at the MAJAC show, the nominations must be in
before the start of the show. The purchaser (owner) can submit the nomination as
long as all eligibility requirements are met. Retroactive nominations and earnings
are not permitted.

Eligible Shows
Junior Angus and 4-H shows only
         Atlantic National Junior Show
         MD Junior Angus Preview
         Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show
         National Junior Angus Show
         MD Angus Breeders Show
         Maryland State Fair 4-H Show
         Junior Members County Fair (limit 1)

The payout schedule for each show shall be as follows and is limited to only the
highest placing for each show.
         Class Winner                $25.00
         Division Winner             $50.00
         Reserve Grand Champion      $75.00
         Grand Champion              $100.00
For example - A heifer that wins her class, wins her division, and is Reserve Grand
Champion of the show, would receive a total of $75.00 for that show.

The total payout for a single animal for the year is limited to $500.00.

The Junior Member and the Breeder will be recognized at the Maryland Angus
Social in December at which time a check in the amount of the Futurity earnings,
up to the maximum, will be paid to the Junior Exhibitor.

The Maryland Angus Association reserves the right from time to time to adjust the
nominating fees and payout in order to maintain the viability and purpose of the
Futurity program.

                  Futurity Program
                        Nomination Form

      DUE DATE: February 15th for Steers • May 15th for Heifers
              Note: Animals to be exhibited at MAJAC
             must be nominated prior to the show date.

Name of Animal:

Registration No.:                                          J Steer J Heifer

Calving Date:

Breeder Name:

Exhibitor/Buyer Name:


Phone Number:

             Note: Nominations must be submitted with a copy of the
           registration and the nomination fee of $50.00 and mailed to:

                              Windy Ridge Acres
                           14315 Old Frederick Road
                            Rocky Ridge, MD 21778


MD Angus Association
                                       ARTICLE I

Section 1. The Association shall be known as the MARYLAND ANGUS ASSOCIA-
TION, a nonprofit organization, hereby adopts the following Bylaws of the Association
which shall govern the management and operation of the Association’s business and the
regulation if its affairs, to the extent consistent with the Association Articles of
Incorporation and applicable Maryland law.

                                    ARTICLE II

Section 1. The objective of this Association shall be; to encourage and extend the influ-
ence of the Black Angus Breed of cattle. To promote the interests of its membership by
creating better trade opportunities, and so far as possible, cooperate to their general
advantage and benefit to promote closer relations between the membership and to stimu-
late greater activity among them.

Section 2. To arrange for State Sponsored shows and/or Sales when conditions are favor-
able, to which state members and out of state regular members may enter or consign their
stock. The president shall appoint a sale committee, approved by the board of directors
and it shall be the duty of the sale committee to assist in the arrangements of the sales.
This committee or the sale manager shall have full power to reject any animal offered for
consignment if said animal would not bring credit to the organization. The president shall
also appoint a show committee, approved by the board of directors, and it shall be the
duty of said committee to assist in the arrangement of the Maryland Angus Breeders
Show. Upon the recommendation of the said committee for the sale and/or the show
committee, the board of directors shall decide on an individual basis at which events out-
of-state consignors/breeders may participate.

Section 3. To promote and publish a Maryland Angus Breeders Directory and other
publications that may be decided upon by the board of Directors; to distribute advertising
in said publication to breeders within the state; to sell advertising to people or concerns
other than breeders of Angus cattle, provided such advertising is ethical and does not
bring discredit to the Association. The power of Management of publications shall be
vested in the Board of Directors.

Section 4. To employ a Sale Manager who shall conduct and promote the Association’s
Cattle Sales as shall be specified and fixed by the Board of Directors from time to time.

                                      ARTICLE III

Section 1. Membership. Any individual, partnership, corporation or organization inter-
ested in the breeding or promotion of Angus Cattle is eligible for membership in the
Corporation, upon payment of dues. Membership shall be defined as follows:
A. Regular Member - will have voting privileges in the Corporation.
B. Commercial Member- a commercial producer of non-registered cattle, A non-voting
member without sale consignment privileges.
C. Associate Member - a non-voting member without sale consignment privileges.
D. Life Member - elected by the Board of Directors, from time to time, in its sole
discretion, for persons who have rendered distinguished service in the advancement of
Angus Cattle in Maryland. Shall have voting privileges.
E. Junior Membership - Applicants for Junior Membership must be under 21 years of
age and have an interest in the promotion of, or be engaged in the registration of Angus
Cattle and whose dues are current with the Maryland Junior Angus Association for the
current fiscal year. Shall be a non-voting member with sale and show consignment privi-
                                        ARTICLE IV
                               MEETING OF MEMBERSHIP

Section 1. Annual Meeting. The Corporation shall hold annually, a regular meeting of
its members for the election of directors and for the transaction of general business at
such time and place as the Directors may designate.

Section 2. Special Meetings. At any time in the interval between annual meetings, spe-
cial meetings of the members shall be called by the President upon the requisition in writ-
ing therefore stating the purpose or purposes of such meeting and signed by a majority of
the Board of Directors, or by one third or more of the members of the Corporation.

Section 3. Notice. Written or printed notice of every annual or special meeting of the
members shall be given each member fifteen (I5) days or more before such meeting by
mailing the same, postage prepaid, to the member at the address as it appears on the
books of the Corporation.

Section 4. Quorum. At all meetings of membership, the members present shall consti-
tute a quorum for the transaction of business. Except in cases in which it is by statue, by
the charter or the Bylaws otherwise provided, a majority of the votes cast at a duly consti-
tuted meeting shall be sufficient to elect and pass any measure.

                                    ARTICLE V
                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Section 1. Powers. The business and property of the Corporation shall be conducted
and manage by its Board of Directors which may exercise all the powers of the
Corporation, except such as are by statue, by the Charter, or by the Bylaws conferred
upon or reserves to the members. The Board shall also elect officers of the Corporation,
as set forth in Article V1.

Section 2. Election. The Board of Directors shall consist of fifteen (15) members and
one (1) junior member. The junior member shall be a voting member and is to be elected
annually by the Maryland Junior Angus Association. The junior member is responsible for
providing a report of the Maryland Junior activities at each Board Meeting. Five of the
Board members shall be elected at each annual meeting for the term of three (3) years.
Members of the Board shall not be elected for more than two (2) consecutive terms.
Only persons who are voting members of the Corporation and are residents of Maryland
shall be eligible to be Directors.

Section 3. Notice of Meetings. The Board of Directors shall hold bi-monthly meetings
at a time and place to be fixed by call of the president or by order of the Board of
Directors. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President or by
order of a Majority of the Board of Directors upon reasonable notice to the Directors.

Section 4. Failure to Attend Meetings. If any member of the Board of Directors shall,
without just cause, fail to attend fifty percent of the meetings of the Board in any year,
the President is to declare the office of such director vacant.

Section 5. Removal. The membership of any person in this Corporation may, for cause,
be revoked by a two thirds vote of the members of the Board of Directors at any annual
meeting or special meeting called for that purpose. The Board of Directors, however,
shall give such member a hearing before taking the aforesaid action.

Section 6. Appeal. Any member of the Corporation who has been removed as provided
in Section 5 may appeal to the members of the Corporation, at a special meeting called
by the Board of Directors for that purpose, and by vote of a majority of the members pre-
sent at such meeting to be reinstated.

Section 7. Quorum. At all meetings of the Board of Directors, a majority of the direc-
tors shall constitute a quorum except in the cases otherwise provided by the Bylaws. The
vote of a majority by any measure rules, except where otherwise provided in these Bylaws.
Section 8. Past President. An immediate past president is an ex--officio director during
such time as the immediate past president remains an active member of the Corporation.

Section 9. Replacement. The Board of Directors may elect from the active members a
replacement director for the un-expired term of a vacating director.

Section 10. Removal. Any Director of the Corporation may be removed, with cause, by
vote of two thirds (2/3) of the entire Board of Directors.

                                    ARTICLE VI
                               OFFICERS AND DUTIES

Section 1. Election. At its first meeting, following the annual meeting, the Board of
Directors shall elect a President, from the current or immediate past Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors shall also appoint annually a Secretary and a Treasurer or
Secretary/Treasurer and such other subordinate officers as the Board may from time to
time deem necessary, none of who need be members of the Board of Directors. The
Board shall fix the duties and compensation, if any, of such officers. Only residents of

Maryland may be a Director or Officer of the Corporation.

Section 2. President’s Term. The President shall be eligible for re-election for a second
term immediately succeeding first term, however may not serve more than two [2] terms.
The President shall remain a member of the Board of Directors with voting privileges for
the duration of his term as a Board Member or a term of one year immediately succeed-
ing his/her serving as President of the Association.

Section 3. President’s Duties. It shall be the duty of the President to serve as the chief
executive officer of the Corporation, to act as Chairman of the Board of Directors, to give
a report and preside at the meetings of the Corporation. The president shall fill by
appointment all temporary vacancies among Officers, Directors and Committees not oth-
erwise provide for and perform the duties which usually pertain to the Office.

Section 4. President-Elect’s Duties. The Vice President shall preside in the absence of
the President and perform all duties pertaining to that office.

Section 5. Treasurer’s Duties. The treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds, securities
and property of the Association, collect and keep an account of all moneys received and
expended for the use of the Association. All sums received shall be deposited in the name
of the Maryland Angus Association in a bank so designated and approved by the Board of
Directors and shall make a report at the Annual Meeting, regular Board meetings and
when called upon by the president . The Board of Directors shall only authorize the dis-
bursement of funds.

Section 6. Secretary’s Duties. The Secretary shall be employed by the Board of Directors.
It shall be the duty of the Secretary to give notice of meetings to all members and attend
all such meetings of the Association; to conduct and direct all correspondence and carry
out and execute all directives and resolutions as required by the Association or the Board
of Directors or the president. In addition, the Secretary shall keep, the minutes of the
meetings of the Association, of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee;
keep a list and record of members of the Association, notify members of their appoint-
ments on a committee; to prepare with the supervision of the president and Board of
Directors an annual report of the transactions and conditions of the Association for the
Annual Meeting. All Accounts, Books, and vouchers of the Association in the hands of
the Secretary/Treasurer shall at all times be subject to the supervision of the President with
the approval of the Board of Directors and subject to its control.

Section 7. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of the
President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer. The duties of this
committee shall be to meet with the President as the need arises and work closely in
connection with the president in directing the operations of the Association and in
making decisions which are necessary for the daily /routine conduct of the affairs of the
Association, but on major decisions, this Committee shall have the approval of the Board
of Directors of the Association.

Section 8. Vacancies. Any vacancy in any of the above offices may be filled for the
un-expired portion of the term by the Board of Directors at any such regular or special

Section 9. Removal. Any officer of the Corporation may be removed, with cause, by a
vote of two thirds (2/3) of the entire Board of Directors.

                                     ARTICLE VII

Section 1. Dues. The annual dues payable by the members shall be from time to time
designated by the members of the Corporation upon the advice and recommendation of
the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the Corporation shall be the calendar year.

Section 3. Obligations. No individual member or officer of the Corporation shall con-
tract any debts or obligation on behalf of the Corporation without the authority of the
majority of the Board of Directors.

Section 4. Committees. The President shall have the power to appoint such committees
as he or she may deem expedient and delegate to such committees such duties and powers
as may be found necessary for the proper conduct of the affairs of the Corporation.

Section 5. Amendments. Any and all provisions of these Bylaws may be altered or
repealed and new Bylaws may be adopted at any annual meeting called for that purpose
provided all proposed changes or additions are mailed to all dues paying members at least
thirty (30) days prior to any annual or special meeting at which proposed changes are to
be considered.

Section 6. Junior Advisors. The Board of Directors shall annually appoint or confirm
advisors to the Maryland Junior Angus Association.

Section 7. Rules. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of

**** Article VI – Officers and Duties was revised on 3/5/5

Maryland Angus Women's Club

          When the chairman of this directory asked me to revise the
Maryland Angus Women’s Club page, I decided to write some excerpts from
a talk I gave at a Board meeting this summer because it emphasizes what the
Women’s Club is all about and how much our young people mean to both
the Women’s Club and the Maryland Angus Association.
          The Maryland Angus Women’s Club was one of the first Angus
auxiliaries in the country. It preceded the American Angus Auxiliary by one
or two years having been organized in 1956-57.
          When I first came to Maryland in about 1971, we had a very large,
very active group of women, mainly because we had a very large, active
group of young people that were showing Angus steers and heifers. We did-
n’t have a junior program in the state and no regional or national junior
Angus shows at the time.
          The Maryland Junior Angus Association was, with help from the
Maryland Angus Association and the Maryland Angus Women, organized
in 1971 and the junior program was on it’s way, including the Junior
Preview Show.
          Some time after that, the Maryland Angus Association Board of
Directors asked the Women’s Club to pick an Angus Queen to pass out rib-
bons at shows and fairs and represent us at our other events and the Queen
Contest was born.
          About the time my children began to outgrow the Junior Angus
Association, many others who had been participating for so long saw the
same thing happen. Women’s Club members dropped out as their children
did and we were left with a handful of members to do the job.
          For a few years there was a decrease in Junior, Women’s Club AND
Maryland Angus Association memberships which only shows how impor-
tant our young people are, not only to our organizations, but to our breed.
          For the past several years we have seen memberships grow and pro-
grams expand. With this new crop of youngsters, we have children of some
of the children that were part of the early years of the Maryland Junior
Angus Association. I think that speaks well of what we, as Angus breeders,
and the 4-H and FFA Programs in our state have been doing. Obviously
we have something these parents found as members, that they want their
children to be a part of. I think we can be proud.
          Our fundraising activities have included serving meals at sales and

other events, a Ways and Means booth at shows and sales, the sale of cheese
and chances on our Wheelbarrow of Gourmet Cheer, and have provided
money for more than 100 scholarships over the years. We have had
National Scholarship winners, and for a state small in size with compara-
tively few cattle and fulltime cattle people, we’ve graduated a disproportion-
ately large number of juniors into livestock field and related industries. We
have a former Miss American Angus, a former editor of the Angus Journal,
fieldman, veterinarians, a lobbyist with the National Cattlemen’s Beef
Association, and many others working in our industry today.
         It is also interesting to note our junior advisors over the past few
years, the ones who worked so hard to make the 1995 Eastern Regional
Angus Show in Timonium such a success, were some of the juniors who
made the 1981 Eastern Regional at Gaithersburg such a great event.
          It’s difficult to measure the success of the Maryland Angus Women’s
Club without including the success of our Juniors. In the final analysis,
that is what we are all about.

Maryland Angus Women’s Club
President                                             Vice President
Marcia Bryant                                              Melissa Schulze
15317 Carroll Road                                 6899 John Pickett Road
Monkton, MD 21111                                   Woodbine, MD 21797
410-472-6920                                               410-795-1114

Secretary                                                     Treasurer
Pam Velisek                                                     Donna Full
9333 Watkins Road                                    3946 Twin Arch Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20882                                Mt. Airy, MD 21771
301-253-9069                                                301-829-2702

      Scholarship Information: Melissa Schulze - 410-795-1114
         Trophy Information: Pam Velisek - 301-253-9069

    Our Activities Support Angus Breeders
                Come Join Us!
Maryland Angus Queen

       2007-2008 Maryland Angus Queen & Princess
       (L to R) Brittany Full (2008 Queen), Christina Ritter (2007 Queen),
            Kelsey Stabler (2008 Princess), Emily Velisek (2007 Princess)

1975 - Sally Ann Sayre, Churchville         1992 - Melissa Harrison, Woodbine
1976 - Stephanie Spicer, Woodsboro          Princess - Monica Feeser, Taneytown
1977 - Laura Treadway, Ashton
                                            1993 - Monica Feeser, Taneytown
1978 - Chrissy Keys, Olney
                                            Princess - Alana Burdette, Boyds
1979 - Susan Holston, Derwood
1980 - Michelle Piersall, Charlotte Hall    1994 - Alana Burdette, Boyds
1981 - Karen Holloway, Darlington           Princess - Jennifer Bly, Mt. Airy
1982 - Pamela Stabler, Brookeville          1995 - Alana Burdette, Boyds
1983 - Kay Wagner, Hampstead                Princess - Jennifer Bly, Mt. Airy
1984 - Sonia Hamm, Clarksburg
1985 - Lisa Conner, Poolesville             1996 - Jennifer Bly, Mt. Airy
1986 - Mary White, Laytonsville             Princess - Brianne Bly, Mt. Airy
1987 - Susan Dykes, Princess Anne           1997 - Brianne Bly, Mt. Airy
1988 - Susan Dykes, Princess Anne           Princess - Becky Warfield, Mt. Airy
Princess - Heather Hamm, Clarksburg         1998 - Becky Warfield, Mt. Airy
1989 - Rhonda Long, Sherwood                Princess - Cortney Hill-Dukehart, Sykes
(moved from state, princess took over)      1999 - Amy Wolfrey, Frederick
Princess - Heather Hamm, Clarksburg         Princess - Cortney Hill-Dukehart, Sykesville
1990 - Heather Hamm, Clarksburg             2000 - Andrea Warfield, Marriotsville
Princess - Angie Johnson, Mt. Airy          Princess - Tiffany Bryant, Monkton
1991 - Heather Hamm, Clarksburg             2001 - Cortney Hill-Dukehart, Sykesville
Princess - Monica Feeser, Taneytown         Princess - Kristen Willie, Woodbine

          MD Angus Queen (con’t)
2002 - Laura Mihm, Woodbine
Princess - Lindsay Reda, New Windsor
2003 - Lindsay Reda, New Windsor
Princess - Amanda Arrington, West Friendship
2004 - Amanda Arrington, West Friendship
Princess - Brittany Full, Mt. Airy
2005 - Amanda Arrington, West Friendship
Princess - Candace Howard, Keymar
2006 - Princess - Jessica Clarke, Rocky Ridge
Princess - Christina Ritter, Laytonsville
2007 - Christina Ritter, Laytonsville
Princess - Emily Velisek, Gaithersburg
2008 - Brittany Full, Mt. Airy
Princess - Kelsey Stabler, Laytonsville

Frequently Used Phone Numbers
Maryland Angus Association - Chip Smallwood, Sec/Treas
1120 Sugarloaf Mtn. Rd., Dickerson, MD 20842
Phone: 301-831-8203 • Cell: 301-471-9301 •
American Angus Association -
3201 Frederick Blvd., St. Joseph, MO 64502
Phone: 816-383-5100 or Fax: 816-233-9703 E-Mail:
Regional Manager - David Mullins
1579 Fairfax Pike, White Post, VA 22663
Phone: 540-869-6220 •
Maryland Cattlemen’s Association - Dr. Scott Barao, Executive Director
P. O. Box 259, Sykesville, MD 21784
Phone: 410-795-5309 or Fax: 410-795-5915
Maryland Beef Industry Council - Dr. Scott Barao, Executive Director
P. O. Box 259 Sykesville, MD 21784
Phone: 410-795-5309 or Fax: 410-795-5915

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association -
Denver Office, Phone: 303-694-0305,
5420 S. Quebec St., Englewood, CO 80111
Washington D.C. Office, Phone: 203-347-0228,
1301 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20004
Beef Promotion Board, Phone: 303-220-9890
University of Maryland Department of Animal Sciences -
Animal Science Center, College Park, MD 20742
Dr. Tom Porter, Department Chair, Phone: 301 405-1366
Dr. Tom Hartsock, Swine Programs, Phone: 301-405-1389
Maryland State Fair Board -
P. O. Box 188, State Fairgrounds, Timonium, MD 21094
Phone: 410-252-0200
Atlantic National Angus Show - Paul Hill
Phone: 740-367-7021
Eastern National Livestock Show - Maryland State Fairgrounds, Timonium, MD 21094
Debbie Nelson, P.O. Box 540, Forest Hill, MD 21050
Phone: 410-838-1193
Maryland Agricultural Fair Board -
50 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410-841-5770
Animal Health Lab -
College Park Lab, 8077 Greenmead Dr., College Park, MD 20740
Phone: 301-935-6074
Frederick Lab, Box 1234, Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-663-9528

         2008 Calendar of Events
March 7 - 8
      Maryland Cattlemens Convention, Hagerstown

March 8
      Maryland Angus Association Annual Meeting, Hagerstown

March 8 - 9
      Mid-Atlantic Jr. Angus Classic, Harrisonburg, VA

May 3
         Maryland State Spring Angus Sale

May 23 - 25
      Atlantic National Angus Show, Timonium

June 1
         MD Junior Preview Show, West Friendship

August 16
       MD Angus Breeders Show, Gaithersburg

August 22 - Sept 1
       Maryland State Fair, Timonium

August 31
       Maryland State Fair Angus Show

September 12 - 14
      Eastern National Livestock Show

December 6
     Maryland Angus Social

Farm Cross Reference List
Farm                      Member
AJT Angus                 Wolfrey
Ady Acres                 McNutt
All Seasons Farm          Marcian
Arrowhead Farms           Powell
Back Acres Angus          Full
Beaver Dam Farm           Keys
Black Diamond Cattle      Hose/Yetter
Black Wave                Considine
Bobinawarrah              Lermond
Bragunier Farms, Inc.     Bragunier
Branchwater Farms, Inc.   Suchting
Brandston Farm            Zeltman
Bro-Kor Valley Farm       Brothers
Buric’s Angus Beef        Buric
By-Gin Farm               Grossnickle
CRW Cattle Company        Weaver
Hickory Hollow Farms
C. Wojo Cattle Co.        Wojciechowski
Carousel Angus            Feeser
Cherry Blossom Farms/     Burgess
   Brand X Cattle Co.
Covell Cattle Co.         Covell
Cropp Family Farm         Cropp
DLB Angus                 Brauning
Dancy Farm                Eigenbrode
Dawn Acres Farm           Moxley
Day View Acres            Day
Elk River Farm            Ebright
Gundzik Angus Farm        Gundzik
Family A’Fair Farm        Loar
Fancy Chance Farm         Stup
For The View              Willie
Full-Day Enterprise       Full
Gayland-Summit Angus      Otto
Gods “Highland” Acres     Clegg
Goose Creek Farm          Rickey
Green Girl Farm           Jones
Hausner Cattle Company    Hausner
Hedgeapple Farm           Bapst
Huntng Lotte Farm         Miller
JDH Cattle Co.            Hausner
J.R. Spies Family Angus   Spies
Knob Hall                 Siebert
Kornerstone Farms         Barkdoll
Leaseview Farm            Lease
Lochinvar Angus           Bewley
Longbranch Farms          Kirk
Lowebrook Farm            Cavey/Lowe
Lovell Cattle Co.         Lovell
Maiden Point Farm         Ross
Maple Spring Farm         Link/Kegel
MK Angus                  Kennedy
Midnight Farms, Inc.      Warfield
Morning Choice            Wagner
Mt. Prospect Farms        Hanson
Mt. Yoe                   Archer
Never Dun Farm
Nicks Organic Farm        Maravell
Nightingale Farms         Nightingale
Oakley’s Angus            Oakley
PDV Angus                 Velisek
Pleasant Valley Farm      Stabler
Pleasant View Farm        Justice
Pleasantville Farm        Rahll
Potomac Crest Farm
Purple Blend Angus        Velisek
Richland Farms            Burdette/Thomas
River Creek Farm          Bowling
Rocky Spring Farm         Shank
Roland H. Mullinix and    Mullinix
  Sons, Inc.
Rolling Hills Farm        Muse
Rolling Knoll Farm        Walker
Roseda Farm               Bryant
Silo Creek Farm           Blackert
Small Time Farm           Smallwood
Southern Comfort Farm     Abell
Spring Mill Farm          Smith
Stonecrest Farms          Poffenberger/Coulter
Stone Wall Angus          Matheny/Hudson
Streamside Acres          Lease
Sunrise Sunset Farm       Hill-Dukehart
Swampy Bottom Farm        Howard
T & T Angus Farm          Tipton
Tempo Lake                Curtis
Trevanion Farms           Kegel
Triple Creek Farm         Hudson
Trump Land & Cattle Co.   Trump
Trundle Hall Farm         Leak
Tu Lu Farms
Waffle Hill Farm          Sayre
Washington Farm           Harrison
Whispering Pines Farm     Feidler
Windy Knoll Farm          McCusker-Kinna
Windy Ridge Acres         Kerns/Hahn
Witching Hour Farm        Brown
Woodcamp Farm             Hough
Woodlands Farms           Johns


    Maryland Angus Association
Abell, George R.
Southern Comfort Farm
5105 Abell Ln.
Indian Head, MD 20640
Home: 301-743-7175

Archer, John P.
Mt. Yoe
2253 Price Rd.
Darlington, MD 21034
Home: 410-836-3748 •
Notes: 1 mile South of Darlington on Price Rd.

Bapst, Ryan
Hedgeapple Farm
P.O. Box 237
3735 Buckeystown Pike
Buckeystown, MD 21717
Office: 301-662-7638 •
Notes: 3 miles south of Frederick on Rt. 85

Barkdoll, Kevin
Kornerstone Farms
19662 Mill Point Rd.
Boonsboro, MD 21713
Home: 301-432-2696 • Cell: 301-573-0834

Bewley, John & Mary
Lochinvar Angus
224 Mowry Rd.
Manns Choice, PA 15550
Home: 814-733-4756 • Cell: 443-562-9691 •

Blackert, Bob & Susan
Silo Creek Farm
9530 McKinstry Mill Rd.
New Windsor, MD 21776
Home: 410-775-0640 • Office: 301-829-9570
Notes: 1 mile east of Libertytown off Rt. 31

Bowling, Charles E.
River Creek Farm
13790 River Rd.
Newburg, MD 20664
Home: 301-259-2050

Bragunier, Donald & Curt
Bragunier Farms, Inc.
13215 Country View Dr.
Clear Spring, MD 21722
Home: 301 842-3456 • Office: 301 842-3700 • Fax: 301 842-3009

Brandenburg, Obed & Jody
3908 Crow Rock Rd.
Myersville, MD 21773
Home: 301-293-2245 •
Notes: From Frederick 70 west exit 42, Myersville, north on MD 17, in town turn
right to stay on MD 17, cross over US 40, continue on MD 17, careful to stay on
MD 17, turn right on Crow Rock Rd, 1st lane and barn on right.

Brauning, David L.
DLB Angus
2318 Dalib Rd.
Finksburg, MD 21048
Home: 410-861-8282 • Office: 410-861-8112 • Cell: 443-227-1397
Notes: 1 1/2 miles south/west of Finksburg on Deer Park Rd., 1/2 mile south of
MD Rt. 91.

Brauning Jr., David L.
DLB Angus
2416 Deer Park Rd.
Finksburg, MD 21048
Home: 410-526-3704 • Office: 410-526-3704 • Cell: 443-340-7641
Notes: 1 1/2 miles South/West of Finksburg on Deer Park Rd., 1/2 mile South of
MD Rt. 91.

Brothers, Curtis & Peggy
Bro-Kor Valley Farm
1618 Bachman Valley Rd.
Westminster, MD 21158
Home: 410-871-1625 • Cell: 410-984-7395
Fax: 410-871-1659 •
Notes: From Westminster, 97N to Bachman Valley Rd., Rt. 496 approx. 4.5 miles,
farm on left. Sign out front.

Brown, J.D. & Arin
Witching Hour Farm
15475 Old Frederick Rd.
Woodbine, MD 21797
Home: 410-489-9042 • Cell: 443-277-7377 •

Bryant, Dean & Marcia
Roseda Farm
15317 Carroll Rd.
Monkton, MD 21111
Home: 410-472-6920 • Office: 410-472-2697
Fax: 410-472-0554 •

Burdette, E. Allen, Mary & Alana
Richlands Farm
23300 Shiloh Church Rd.
Boyds, MD 20841
Home: 301-972-1336

Burgess, D. Bruce, Windy & Britton
Cherry Blossom Farms/Brand X Cattle Co.
1189 Roberts Station Rd.
Church Hill, MD 21623
Home: 410-556-6201 • Fax: 410-556-6702 • Cell: 410-310-2911
Notes: From Rt. 50/301 Bay Bridge 25 miles north to MD Rt. 19, east 1 mile on

Buric, John & Family
Buric’s Angus Beef
22717 Woodfield Rd.
Gaithersburg, MD 20882
Home: 301-253-6264
Notes: 4 miles from Damascus, South on Rt. 124.
Premium Choice Freezer Ready Beef.

Cavey, Nancy
Lowebrook Farm
900 Hoods Mill Rd.
Woodbine, MD 21797
Home: 410-795-2159 •
Notes: Rt. 97 north, right on Hoods Mill Rd., 1st farm on right after passing
campground on left (approx. 1 mile from Rt. 97)

Clegg, Martin J. & Ina M.
Gods “Highland” Acres
2700 Butler Rd.
Butler, MD 21023
Home: 410-429-4644 • Office: 941-928-2047 •
Notes: North on Rt. 25 Falls Rd. to Village of Butler make left, turn on to Butler
Rd. for 1 mile driveway on right.

Considine, Brian
Black Wave
P. O. Box 364
Middletown, MD 21769
Home: 301-352-4208 • Office 301-371-6126 • Fax: 301-371-0029
Cell: 301-748-6057 •
Notes: Two miles west of Middletown on Rt. 40A.

Considine, Dean
Black Wave
2620 Old National Pike
Middletown, MD 21769
Home: 301-371-6971 •
Notes: West from Middletown on Old National Pike (RT40A ). After going 2
miles, house on the right, barn area on the left.

Covell, Donald & Ann
Covell Cattle Company.
9316 Ball Rd.
Ijamsville, MD 21754
Home: 301-631-3818 • Ann Cell: 301-639-0554 •

Craig & Michele Cropp
Cropp Family Farm
9101 Gue Rd.
Damascus, MD 20872
Home: 240-304-7768 • Office: 301-253-1547
Fax: 301-253-1152 •

Curry, Biship B., III D. V. M.
6102 Holter Rd.
Jefferson, MD 21756
Home: 301-854-2141

Curtis, Thomas C.
Tempo Lake Farm
13471 Triadelphia Mill Rd.
Clarksville, MD 21029
Home: 301-854-2141

Day, H. Calvin & Eileen M.
Day View Acres
1950 Mt. View Rd.
Marriottsville, MD 21104
Home: 410-442-1214 • Office: 410-795-1234 • Fax: 410-795-1242
Notes: Rt. 70 to North on 32 (exit 80) East on Rt. 99 to South,
right on Mt. View Rd.

Durham, Dennis
8428 Hawkins Creamery Rd.
Gaithersburg, MD 20882
Home: 301-253-4544 • Cell: 301-370-0412

Ebright, Bradford L.
Herdsman - Tom Key
Elk River Farm
255 Town Point Rd.
Chesapeake City, MD 21915
Office: 410-529-2781 • Fax: 410-529-0085 •

Eigenbrode, David
Dancy Farm
7313 Brookside Dr.
Frederick, MD 21702
Home: 301-473-5464 •

Farrell, Jay
Herdsman - Jason Farrell
Hillside Farm
27281 Baptist Church Rd.
Mechanicsville, MD 20659
Home: 301-884-3334 • Cell: 301-904-8221 •
Notes: From Mechanicsville South on Rt. 5, turn right on Baptist Church Rd. 1st
stop sign keep straight across Village Rd., go 1 mile on Baptist Church Rd., farm
on right.

Francies, Jay
1002 Hacienda Ct.
Westminster, MD 21157
Home: 410-374-2928 • Office: 410-984-2029

Feeser, Frank & Julie
Carousel Angus
9465 Co. Rd. 185
Savannah, MO 64485
Home: 410-751-1287 • Home: 816-324-9899
Notes: Savannah go east 3 miles on E, north on D, 1 mile, turn left on Country
Rd. 185, 3 miles, look for red roof.

Feidler, Dale & Betty
Herdsman - Brian Feidler
Whispering Pines Farm
2507 Offutt Rd.
Woodstock, MD 21163
Home: 410-655-1528 • Office: 443-253-2166 •
Notes: South of Liberty Rd. on Offutt, about 3 miles.

Full, Doug, Donna, Brittany & Jimmy
Full - Day Enterprise
3946 Twin Arch Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
Home: 301-829-2702 • Donna Office: 410-795-1234 • Doug Cell: 240 674-7623
Fax: 410-795-1242 •

Full, Emmett & Audrey
Manager - Doug Full
Back Acres Angus
3950 Twin Arch Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
Home: 301-831-7991 • Fax: 410-829-6672 •
Notes: 1/2 mile East on Twin Arch Rd.

Giles, Roger & Connie
Potomac Crest Farm
7601 Neck Rd.
Williamsport, MD 21795
Home: 301-223-9667 • Office: 301-988-9667 •
Notes: Call for directions.

Grossnickle, Byron & Ginny
By-Gin Farm
11404 Handboard Rd.
Union Bridge, MD 21791
Home: 410-775-2877

Gundzik, John
Gundzik Angus Farm
2901 Mt. Ventus Rd.
Manchester, MD 21102
Home: 410-374-4481 • Cell: 443-474-3121 •
Notes: From Manchester Rt. 30 N for 3 1/2 miles to Mt. Ventus Rd. on right 1
1/2 miles to farm on right.

Hahn, Chad Edward
Windy Ridge Acres
14315 Old Frederick Rd.
Rocky Ridge, MD 21778
Home 301-271-4498
Notes: Rt. 15 north to Rt. 76, right on Old Frederick Rd.

Hanson, Robert
Mt. Prospect Farms
14100 Quince Orchard Rd.
North Potomac, MD 20878
Notes: South on Quince Orchard RD. from Gaithersburg, interstate 270.

Hanson & Sons
14100 Quince Orchard Rd.
North Potomac, MD 20878
Home: 301-762-6676 • Fax: 301-977-4456
Notes: South on Quince Orchard RD. from Gaithersburg, interstate 270.

Harrison, Mike & Ann
Washington Farm
1973 Gillis Falls Rd.
Woodbine, MD 21797
Home: 410-795-0913 • Cell: 410-382-1196 •
Notes: I-70, exit 73 Rt. 94 north, 3.3 miles left on Gillis Falls Rd., .7 miles left at
lane .2 miles to farm.

Hausner, John & JoAnn D.
JDH Cattle Company
5550 Pine Hill Rd.
Dover, PA 17315
Home: 717-292-3053 • Cell: 717-968-0971
Notes: Rt.15 north, turn right off Rt. 234 Heidleburg/East Berlin exit, go 10
miles to East Berlin, go through light in town, 2 miles turn left on Canal Rd., go 3
miles to Big Mount, turn right on Big Mount Rd., go 1 mile to Pine Hill Rd., turn
right 3rd place on right.

Hausner, J. P. & Tina
Hausner Cattle Co.
5807 W. Canal Rd.
Thomasville, PA 17364
Home: 717-259-9992 • Cell: 717-465-1584 •
Notes: Rt. 194 north thru Hanover to Abbottstown, east on Rt. 30, left on
W. Canal Rd, farm approx. 2.5 mi on left.

Heron, Julian
Holly Tree Farm
1020 16th St, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036
Office: 202-342-1300

Hill-Dukehart, Cortney
Sunrise Sunset Farm
13880 Old Frederick Rd.
Sykesville, MD 21784
Home: 410-489-4960 • Cell: 410 707-0267 •
Notes: Exit 80 off I-70, Rt. 32 north 1 mile, left Old Frederick Rd., 2.7 miles to
farm on right.

Hoff, Norman L.
Never Dun Farm
2701 Doctor Stitely Rd.
New Windsor, MD 21776
Home: 410-848-0149

Hose, Jason L.
Black Diamond Cattle
12306 Cedar Ridge Rd.
Williamsport, MD 21795
Home: 301-528-0423 • Office: 301-582-3156 • Cell 301-491-2625
Fax: 301-528-3155 •

Hough, W. Dale
Woodcamp Farm
17383 Hardy Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
Home: 410-795-5596

Hough, Jason, Lindsay, Andrew & Reagan
Woodcamp Farm
17403 Hardy Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
Home: 410-795-2906 • •

Howard, Todd & Carolyn
Swampy Bottom Farm
11602 Simpsons Mill Rd.
Keymar, MD 21757
Home: 410-775-0132

Hudson, Christopher J., Stephanie, Garrett & Laurel
Stone Wall Angus
17649 Spielman Rd.
Fairplay, MD 21733
Home: 717-816-6429

Johns, Ray & Linda
Herdsman - Lizzie Johns
Woodlands Farms
16027 Yeoho Rd,
Sparks, MD 21152
Home: 443-386-2680 • Office: 410-472-0191 •
Notes: 83N to Belfast Rd., exit left on to Belfast, 3 miles to Yeoho Rd., right on
Yeoho Rd. 1/2 mile to stop sign Farm on left and right of intersection.

Jones, Walter & Lisa
Green Girl Farm
13049 Lanes Run Rd.
Big Pool, MD 21711
Home: 301-842-3109

Justice Jr., H.W.
Pleasant View Farm
13201 Long Green Pike
Hydes, MD 21082
Home: 410-592-2157 • Office: 410-817-4674 •
Notes: 695 to Harford Rd, north to Long Green Pike.

Kegel, Bob & Jackie
Trevanion Farms
3002 Uniontown Rd.
Westminster, MD 21558
Home: 410-848-5821 • Cell: 410-259-0844
Fax: 410-848-5821 •
Notes: 5 miles west of Westminster across from Jasontown Rd.

Kelly, Edward M.
3200 Blacks Schoolhouse Rd.
Taneytown, MD 21787
Home: 410-346-7096
Notes: From Westminster go north Rt. 97 10 miles, make left on Blacks
Schoolhouse Rd., go 2.5 miles, farm on right.

Kennedy, Myron
MK Angus
3011 Damascus Rd.
Brookeville, MD 20833-1202
Home: 301-570-2808 • Cell: 240-604-8039

Kerns, Chester & Patty
Herdsman - Chad Hahn
Windy Ridge Acres
14315 Old Frederick Rd.
Rocky Ridge, MD 21778
Home: 301-271-4498 • Office: 301-748-9157 • Fax: 301-271-7888
Notes: Rt. 15 north, take right on Rt. 76 to Old Frederick Rd., turn right, farm .3
miles on the left.

Keys, Gordon
Manager - Floyd Faukner
Beaver Dam Farm
21795 Newlin Mill Rd
Middleburg, VA 22117
Home: 540-592-3310 • Fax: 540-592-3296

Kirk, Willis & Joan
Long Branch Farms
28475 Beaver Dam Branch Rd.
Laurel, DE 19956
Home: 302-875-5033 • Fax: 302-875-0223 • Cell: 302-228-6039
Notes: 4.5 miles east of Laurel on Beaver Dam Branch Rd.

Leak, Lee V.
Trundle Hall Farm
P.O. Box 959
Poolesville, MD 20937
Home: 301-972-7227 • Office: 202-806-7759 • Office: 301-840-7177 •
Cell: 301-642-1272 • Cell: 301-642-1273 • Fax: 301-407-0520 •
Notes: Farm Address: 17800 Trundle Rd. Dickerson MD 20842. Two miles west
of Poolsville, MD on Rt. 107, left on Trundle Rd., 1 mile to the end of the road.

Lease, Brian
Streamside Acres
1830 Trevanion Rd.
Taneytown, MD 21787
Home: 410-756-6226 • Cell: 443-277-1711 •

Lease, Richard & Jerry
Leaseview Farm
P.O. Box 458
New Windsor, MD 21776
Home: 410-635-2785 • Cell: 410-259-9804 •

Lermond, William L. (Bill)
Bobinawarrah Farm
20415 West Hunter Rd.
P. O. Box 1
Beallsville, MD 20839
Home: 301-972-7336 •
Notes: 1/2 mile along West Hunter Rd. from junction of Rt. 109 & Rt. 28 in
Beallsville, MD.

Link, Sarah A., D.V.M & Randy Kegel
Maple Spring
980 Trevanion Rd.
Union Bridge, MD 21791
Home: 410-775-1744 • Office: 410-775-1744 • Cell: 240-285-1028
Note: 1/2 mile west of Uniontown to 980 Trevanion Rd. near Westminster and

Loar, Bryan & Andrea
Family A’Fair Farm
12139 Frederick Rd.
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Home: 410-531-1748 • Office: 410-531-3900 • Fax: 410-531-1652

Lovell, Jack
Herdsman - Curtis Bryant
Lovell Cattle Company
P.O. Box 359
Union Bridge, MD 21791
Home: 410-775-7421 • Office: 504-525-0208 • Fax: 410-775- 1090
Note: 3915 Barkhill Rd. next to Francis Scott School.

Lowe, Charles T.
Lowebrook Farm
900 Hoods Mill Rd.
Woodbine, MD 21797
Home: 410-795-2159 • Barn: 410-795-3987 •
Note: Rt 97 north from I70 towards Westminster, 2.2 miles turn left on Hoods
Mill Rd., .7 mile on right.

Maravell, Nick
Manager - Dave Slater
Nick's Organic Farm
8565 Horseshoe Lane
Potomac, MD 20854
Home: 301-983-2167 • Cell: 240-795-5423
Fax: 301-983-0290•
Notes: Cattle are located at: 2733 Buckeystown Pike, Adamstown MD 21710.
From Buckeystown take Rt. 85 (Buckeystown Pike) 1 1/2 miles south to farm on
the right.

Marcian, Michael & Carolyn
Manager - Carolyn Marcian
All Seasons Farm
404 Lankford Rd.
Harwood, MD 20776
Home: 410-867-6035 • Fax: 410-867-6034 •
Notes: Rt. 2 south, right on Harwood Rd., left onto Lankford Rd.

Matheny, Jim & Ellen
Manager - Chris Hudson
Stone Wall Angus
17719 Spielman Rd
Fairplay, MD 21733
Home: 301-582-4354 • Cell: 301-992-2747 •
Notes: Exit 29 off Rt. 70W, left at light Rt. 65 towards Sharpsburg, MD to
Spielman Rd., turn right onto Spielman Rd., go .7 of a mile, farm lane on left.

McCusker-Kinna, Michael
Windy Knoll Farm
6322 Old Middletown Rd.
Middletown, MD 21769
Home: 301-371-9580 • Cell: 240-367-5191 •
Note: West on Rt. 340, Lander Rd. exit right to light, left on Rt. 180, right on
Old Middletown Rd., approx. 3.5 miles, 2nd farm on left, long driveway.

McNutt, Melissa & Tony
Ady Acres
3356 Ady Rd.
Street, MD 21154
Home: 410-836-1753 • Fax: 410-836-1096 •
Notes: Call for directions.

Miller, Carl L.
Herdsman - Jason Storm
Hunting Lotte Farm
7030 Drummine Rd.
New Market, MD 21774
Home: 301-831-9173 • Fax: 301-831-3604
Notes: From New Market north 3 miles on Rt. 75, left on Drummine Rd., left at
brick entrance.

Marilynn Miller
9327 A Gravel Hill Rd.
Woodsboro, MD 21798
Home: 301-898-7274

Moxley, James R. & Dessie
Manager - Lori Moxley
Dawn Acres Angus
13155 Rt. 144
West Friendship, MD 21794
Home: 410-489-4463 • Office: 410-442-1014
Fax: 410-489-9906 •
Notes: 1 mile west of MD Rt. 32 on the south side of MD Rt. 144.

Moxley, Lori D.
Dawn Acres
13155 Rt. 144
West Friendship, MD 21794
Home: 410-489-0029 • Cell: 410-330-8335
Fax: 410-489-0029 •
Notes: See directions for James & Dessie Moxley.

Moxley, Mark, Beth & Stuart
Dawn Acres
2405 Pfefferkorn Rd.
West Friendship, MD 21794
Home: 410-442-3645 • Office: 410-465-4244 • Fax: 410-750-1947
Cell: 443-250-9932 •

Moxley, Rob & Ann
Dawn Acres
13205 Rt. 144
West Friendship, MD 21794
Home: 410-489-3637 • Office: 410-465-4244 •
Moxley, Susan, D.V.M
Dawn Acres
10809 Liberty Rd.
Frederick, MD 21701
Home: 301-898-3536 • Cell: 240-372-7867

Muse, Rebecca
Rolling Hills Farm
3377 Sunnybrook Dr.
Finksburg, MD 21048
Home: 410-861-8088 • Office: 410-875-5617 x4400 • Cell: 410-456-1893
Fax: 410-861-8612 •

- N-
Nightingale, James Jr., Mr. & Mrs.
Nightingale Farms
3298 Black Steer Dr.
Finksburg, MD 21048
Home: 410-552-4466
Note: From Finksburg, Rt. 91, right on Deer Park Rd., left on Slasmans Rd, right
on Black Steer Dr.

Nightingale, Morgan
Nightingale Farms
3298 Black Steer Dr.
Finksburg, MD 21048
Home: 410-552-4466
Note: From Finksburg, Rt. 91, right on Deer Park Rd., left on Slasmans Rd, right
on Black Steer Dr.

- O-
Oakley, Douglas E.
Oakley’s Angus
Blenheim Fields Farm & Vineyard
3330 Blenheim Rd.
Pheonix, MD 21181
Home: 410-667-9444 • Cell: 410-241-6004 • Fax: 410-667-9444 •

Otto, Frank & Cathy
Gayland - Summit Angus
164 Garland Rd.
Breezewood, PA 15533
Home: 814-735-4554 • Office: 814-735-3293 • Fax: 814-735-3157

Poffenberger, Brian/Coulter, Dwayne
Stonecrest Farms
6108 Mondell Rd.
Sharpsburg, MD 21782
Brian Home: 301-432-4663 • Brian Cell: 301-991-0259
Dwayne Home: 301-432-2954 • Dwayne Cell: 301-331-7646

Poffenberger, Scot & Christie
MM Ranch
17116 Powell Rd.
Sharpsburg, MD 21782
Home: 301-432-7179 • Cell: 240-446-1359 • Fax: 301-432-7179

Powell, Bill & Gail
Arrowhead Farms
P. O. Box 295
8428 Apples Church Rd.
Thurmont, MD 21788
Home: 301-271-2767 • Fax: 301-271-3987 •
Notes: Off of Rt. 15, take Rt. 550 south approx. 1/2 mile, turn left on Rt. 806 at
Independent Gas Station just past horse stable turn right on Eyler Rd. at 4 way
stop go straight approx. 1.2 miles to farm on left.

Rahll, Joe
Pleasantville Farm
1830 Pleasantville Rd.
Forest Hill, MD 21050
Home: 410-879-1006 • Office: 410-218-2793
Fax: 410-838-1639 •

Redmer, Al & Sandy
4101 Kahlston Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21236
Home: 410-256-9574 • Office: 443-286-1047 •

Rickey, James (Jay)
Goosecreek Farm
1545 Delp Rd.
Whiteford, MD 21160
Home: 410-836-1636 •

Ross, IV, William Bradford
Maiden Point Farm
11900 Maiden Point Farm Rd.
Newburg, MD 20664
Home: 301-359-2442 • Cell: 301-943-1538 •
Note: Rt. 301 south, left on Rt. 257, continue 6 miles to right on Maiden Point
Farm Rd., .1 mile to farm.

Schulze, Melissa & Bret
6899 John Pickett Rd.
Woodbine, MD 21797
Home: 410-795-1114

Seibert, Richard
Knob Hall
14108 St. Paul Rd.
Clear Spring, MD 21722
Cell: 443-871-5864 •
Note: Rt. 40 east from Hagerstown, right on St. Paul Rd., farm on left.

Shank, John S. II
Rocky Spring Farm
9750 Old National Pike
Hagerstown, MD 21740
Home: 301-797-9851 • Office: 301-733-3466 • Fax: 301-733-5782
Cell: 301-491-3468 •
Note: From 70 west to Edgewood Dr., !st stop light turn left, straight through
Funkstown to 40A, 2 miles to farm on right, xmas trees on left.

Smallwood, Charles “Chip”
Small Time Farm
1120 Sugarloaf Mtn. Rd.
Dickerson, MD 20842
Home: 301-831-8203 • Cell: 301-471-9301 •
Notes: From Hyattstown, Rt. 109 towards Barnesville, 2nd Rd. to right, turn right
onto Thurston Rd., turn left at 1st Rd. on left, Sugarloaf Mtn. Rd. to 1120.

Smith, Tom, Sherri & Lindsay
Spring Mill Farm
14120 Rover Mill Rd.
West Friendship, MD 21794
Home: 410-489-5048 • Office: 410-442-2600
Fax: 410-489-4570 • Cell: 410-428-7279

Spies, James R.
JR Spies Family Angus
850 Bridgetown Rd.
Henderson, MD 21640
Home: 410-758-1669
Notes: Rt. 301 East, onto Rt. 304, go about 9 miles turn left onto Bridgetown Rd.
3rd farm on the right.

Stabler, Randall A. & Robert N.
Pleasant Valley Farm
4401 Brookeville Rd.
Brookeville, MD 20833
Office: 301-774-9290

Stonesifer, Gary & Teresa
Triple Creek Farm
12865 Frederick Road
West Friendship, MD 21794
Home: 410-489-5911

Stup, Wanda & Kimberly
Fancy Chance Farm
7508 Utica Rd.
Thurmont, MD 21788
Home: 301-898-1953

Suchting, Hank, Doreen, Deedra & Jimmy
Branchwater Farms Inc.
1800 Knox Ave
Reisterstown, MD 21136
Home: 410-771-0071 • Fax: 410-584-2784 •
Notes: 695 to Falls Rd., exit north on Falls Rd. for 6 miles, turn left on Knox Ave.
First driveway on right.

Thomas, Alana L.
2540 Eastgate Dr.
Marianna, FL
Home: 334-522-4646 • Office:344-522-4646 • Fax: 334-522-4646
Cell: 850-693-0310 •

Tipton, Clarence & Tokie A.
T & T Angus Farm
11922 Green Valley Rd.
Frederick County
Union Bridge, MD 21791
Home: 410-775-7036
Notes: 2 miles North of Johnsville, MD on Rt. 75.

Trump, Dale S. (Sid)
Trump Land & Cattle Co.
22 Pine Bark Ct.
Cockeysville, MD 21030
Home/Office: 443-255-9202 • Fax: 410-667-8893 •
Notes: Farm - 14815 Hanover Rd., Upperco MD 21155

Tu – Lu Farms
519 Lemoyne King Rd.
Oakland, MD 21550
Home: 301-334-2941 •

Velisek, Caryl
Purple Blend Angus
5593 Cottonwood Ct.
Frederick, MD 21703
Home: 301-668-4632 •

Velisek, Doug, Pam, Bobby & Emily
PDV Angus
9333 Watkins Rd.
Gaithersburg, MD 20882
Home: 301-253-9069
Notes: 124 east from Damascus to Gaithersburg, right on Watkins Rd.

Waffle Hill Farms
Ned Sayre
3332 Cool Branch Rd.
Churchville, MD 21028
Home: 410-836-2456 • Office: 410-808-7615

Wagner DVM, Kay
1929 Albert Rill Rd.
Hampstead, MD 21074
Home: 410-239-3713 • Office: 410-239-3713
Notes: 27 south out of Manchester. Left onto Albert Rill Rd., immediate right,
stay on Albert Rill Rd. 1.1 mile.

Wagner, Nancy K.
Morning Choice Farm
1347 Brodbeck Rd.
Hampstead, MD 20174
Home: 410-374-6423
Notes: Hampstead, Rt. 482, Hamp/Mexico Rd. to Brodbeck Rd., turn right first
farm on right.

Wagner, Royce N.
Morning Choice Farm
3600 Hampstead - Mexico Rd.
Hampstead, MD 21074
Home: 410-239-6750
Notes: From Westminster, Rt. 27 to Rt. 482, to left on Brodbeck Rd.

Walker, Gene & Linda
Rolling Knoll Farm
12051 Prices Distillery Rd.
Damascus, MD 20872
Home: 301-253-6569 • Fax: 301-482-1469 •
Cell: 240-595-1155 •

Warfield, J.G., Laura & Ben
Midnight Farms Inc.
1970 Sand Hill Rd.
Marriottsville, MD 21104
Home: 410-442-5505
Notes: From I70 take Rt. 32 exit and go towards West Friendship. Go east on
Rt. 144, turn left on Sand Hill Rd.

Warns, William H. & Mary L.
Herdsman - William Warns Jr.
21643 Keeney Mill Rd.
Freeland, MD 21053
Home: 410-357-4103 • Office: 410-357-4519
Notes: From Hereford, go north on 83 to left on Middletown Rd. approx 6
miles to Keeney Mill Rd., turn right, farm is 2nd farm on the right after pass
Oakland Rd.

Weaver, C. Richard, Elila
Manager - Christopher Weaver
C R W Cattle Co/Hickory Hollow Farms
3335 Emory Rd.
Finksburg, MD 21048
Home: 410-374-2928 • Office: 410-984-2029 •
Notes: Take MD 140 east, turn left onto MD 91, go 4 miles turn left onto
Emory Church Rd., go to bottom of hill and turn left onto Emory Rd. go 1
mile farm on both sides of road.

Weaver, Chris & Chip
CRW Cattle Company
3335 Emory Rd.
Finksburg, MD 21048
Home: 410-374-2928 • Office: 410-984-2029 •

Wieben, Clayton
4401 Brookeville Rd.
Brookeville, MD 20833

Wojciechowski, Chris & Carol
C. Wojo Cattle Co.
351 Wagon Shop Rd.
Middlebrook, VA 24459
Home: 540-885-2063 • Cell: 540-292-0841 •

Wolfrey, Dan & Judy
Herdsman - Jacob Wolfrey
AJT Angus
764 Armel Rd.
White Post, VA 22663
Home: 540-869-9071• Dan Cell: 240-401-6186
Dan Email: •
Notes: From Berryville: Rt 340 south to right on Rt. 50 west, left on Rt. 644/
Gunbarrell Rd. 4th right - Chrismore. go 1.4 miles to farm on left.

Wright, Scott
4017A Black Rock Rd.
Upperco, MD 21155
Home: 410-374-9816 • Cell: 717-571-2051 •

Yetter, Kelsie L.
Black Diamond Cattle
Contact: Penny Yetter
11926 Majestic Meadow Lane
Clear Spring, MD 21722
Home: 301-842-3944 • Cell: 301-491-3177 •

Zeltman, C.R. & J. B.
Brandston Farm
5900 Old Bohn Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
Home: 301-831-7522

       Application for Membership
           Maryland Angus Association


Farm Name:


Directions to the farm from nearest town:

Home Phone:

Office Phone:




Regular Membership $30

*Associate Membership $10

*Commercial Membership $10
                    *no voting or sale consignment rights

              Make checks payable to Maryland Angus Association
                   Return To: Maryland Angus Association
           1120 Sugarloaf Mountain Road • Dickerson, MD 20842

              Purebred A
       u lity
        a D              ng   Since 1973

              L ANGUS

             SAVANNAH BRAUNING with

 Grand Champion Carroll County 4-H/FFA Fair, Reserve Grand Champion
Maryland State Fair, Reserve Grand Champion Eastern National Livestock
Show, Grand Champion Female Eastern National Livestock Junior Show &
Supreme Champion Female Eastern National Livestock Junior Show 2007.

     Females, Bulls & Embryos
             For Sale
            Come See Our Kine
         Visitors Always Welcome                 Performance Records

     2416 Deer Park Road • Finksburg, MD 21048
                David L. Brauning Jr.
Dave: 410-861-8282                               Dave Jr.: 410-526-3704
Cell: 443-277-1397                                   Cell: 443-340-7641
Email:            Email:

1952 - 1953                           1982 - 1983
C.F. Eck, Towson                      Augie Velisek, Woodbine
1954                                  1984
W.A. McGregor, Jr.                    John R. Whaley, III, Queenstown
1955 - 1956                           1985 - 1986
Charles A. Morrow, New Windsor        James R. Moxley, Jr., W. Friendship
1957 - 1958                           1987 - 1988
J.H. Hoskinson, Germantown            Ned Dykes, Princess Anne
1959 - 1960                           1989 - 1990
Dr. J.R. Huebner, Ijamsville          Judith Considine, Middletown
1961                                  1991 - 1992
R.D. Bonney                           Lee V. Leak, Dickerson
1962 - 1963                           1993 - 1994
George Price, Phoenix                 Dave Brauning, Finksburg
1964 - 1965                           1995
Tom Curtis, Clarksville               Dan Davis, New Windsor
1966 - 1967                           1996 - 1997
Gordon Keys, Olney                    Robert Riggs, Brookeville
1968 - 1969 - 1970                    1998 - 1999
Lawrason Sayre, Churchville           Doug Full, Mt. Airy
1971 - 1972                           2000 - 2001
Dr. Lee Miller, Woodsboro             Doug Velisek, Gaithersburg
1973                                  2002
Edward E. Stafford, White Hall        Scot Poffenberger, Sharpsburg
1974 - 1975                           2003
William I. King, Gaithersburg         Mark Moxley, West Friendship
1976 - 1977                           2004
Gordon Keys, Olney                    Caryl Velisek, Frederick
1978 - 1979                           2005-2006
Dr. Emmett Full, Mount Airy           Hank Suchting, Reisterstown
1980 - 1981                           2007-Present
Dean Considine, Middletown            Dean Bryant, Monkton

DVA Acres
Day View

      Supreme Champion-                 Reserve Grand Champion-
    VCCP Winter Classic ‘07                      KILE ‘06
         Class Winner-                      Reserve Division-
            MAJAC                    National Western Stock Show ‘07
      Supreme Champion-                     Reserve Division-
      Southeast Jackpot ‘07         Eastern Regional Jr. Angus Show ‘07
      Supreme Champion-                 Reserve Grand Champion-
    Ho Co Beef Field Day ‘07              MD State Fair 4-H ‘07
     Champion Angus Heifer-             Reserve Grand Champion-
    ABC Summer Bonanza ‘07                Eastern National Jr. ‘07
      Supreme Champion-                     Grand Champion-
    MD State Fair - Open ‘07                KILE Jr. Show ‘07
                                           KILE Open Show ‘07

A unique blend of the breeds best genetics all come together at

           Day View Acres
                H. Calvin & Eileen Day, owners
                      1950 Mt. View Rd.
                   Marriotsville, MD 21104
              410-442-1214 • 410-795-1234
        ry land Junior Ang
    a                                                         u
M               H I S T O RY

         lthough showmanship delegates have been selected
A       to attend the National Junior Angus Show(NJAS)
since 1967, the MJAA was not organized until June of 1971
with an enrolled membership of 43. The first project of the
club was to hold a Junior Showmanship Contest in
November at the Eastern National Livestock Show in
Timonium. Plans were made also for the Junior Field Day
at Irvington Farm in Gaithersburg in June of 1972. Prior to
1972 Maryland Angus Association (MAA) field days had
been the site where the delegates had been chosen to repre-
sent Maryland at the NJAS. The Maryland Angus
Association sponsored showmanship and fitting clinics
around the state to encourage members to learn the latest

                        Charter Members Included
       Troy Ringley, President              Mary Lou Huebner, Director
       Nancy Sayre, Vice President          Ben Rigdon, Director
       Joanna Papa, Sec. – Treas.           Lawrie Sayre, Director
       Dana Gilbert, Director               Wash White, Director

                          Advisor – Gloria Clower
      Darlene Bedgar           Kate Hussman             Andy Schmidt
      Dale Bennett             Tim Hussman              June Schmidt
      John Canby               Chandler Keys            Becky Spicer
      Nancy Lee Canby          Jay Knight               John Spicer
      Virginia Good            Billy Ludwig             Stephanie Spicer
      Wendy Crossman           Mary Martin              Carl Suchting
      Marjorie Eyler           Jeff McAllister          Mark Tanis
      Doug Full                Pamela Miller            Bill White
      Roger Haynes             Robert Miller            Mike White
      Robert Hood              James Papa               Pat White
      Keith Hubbard            Paulette Picket          Tracey White
      Melinda Hubbard          Sally Sayre

   1974 marked the year of the 1st junior field day with a preview show. This
event turned to the State Preview show held in June and included steers,
heifers, judging contest and showmanship delegates were selected for NJAS.
The Preview show is still held in early June and includes a division for
Cow/Calf, Bred & Owned Heifer, Bred & Owned Bull, Bred & Owned
Steer, Owned Heifer and Owned Steer. Morning activities have included
judging, skillathon, team sales, barnyard games and quiz bowl. Showmanship
is held for junior, intermediate and senior as well as the selection of two NJAS
showmanship delegates. In the late 90’s photography was added and since
poster, graphic arts and creative writing. Group photos are taken and a brief
meeting is held primarily to discuss the upcoming regional and national show.
The MJAA was instrumental in organizing the Northeastern Junior Angus
Association and in 1980 hosted the 1st Northeastern Junior Preview Show in
Timonium at the State Fairgrounds. The show was titled “The Star Spangled
Classic”. This event continued for a few years but soon the Atlantic National
Show came along having a first class junior show and participation for the
juniors in the region gravitate to Timonium on Memorial weekend each year.
   President Pam Stabler along with advisors Caryl Velisek and Dessie Moxley
lead the juniors through hosting the 1982 Eastern Regional Junior Angus
Heifer Show at Montgomery County Fairgrounds. The Maryland Juniors and
families again hosted the “Maryland With Pride in 1995” Eastern Regional
Angus Show in Timonium under the direction of Melissa Harrison and advi-
sors Doug and Pam Velisek and Doug and Donna Full. Most recently the
“Star Spangled Angus” 2002 Eastern Regional was held in Timonium at the
Maryland State Fairgrounds with Cortney Hill-Dukehart and Curtis Bryant
as junior co-chairs and Frank & Julie Feeser as adult advisor chairs. These
events were highly successful and motivated the junior and adult membership
to work together to highlight the small state of Maryland and create lasting,
positive memories for all whom participated.
   Over the years, advisors to the juniors have been dedicated adults, helping
young Angus enthusiasts excel. Those volunteers known to this volunteer are
as follows: Gloria Clower, Roy Neal, Caryl Velisek, Dessie Moxley, Daryl
Johnson, Dale Hough, Doug & Pam Velisek, Doug & Donna Full, Melissa
Schulze, Kelly O’Boyle, Frank & Julie Feeser. Current advisors are Tim &
Becky Clarke, Doug & Donna Full, Todd & Carolyn Howard, Patty &
Chester Kerns, Doug & Pam Velisek and Judy Wolfrey. Each have taken
responsibilities of the club to continue its’ success and growth.
   Early as the 70’s, Maryland Juniors would trek to regional and national
shows as a group. While Maryland adult breeders forged a path in America’s
Angus heritage, Maryland Juniors have gained recognition across the country
over the last 30 years being on the top end of many state group classes, team
sales, computer cow/calf game, speech, photography, graphic design, quiz
bowl, herdsmanship and scrapbook competitions. Showmanship representa-
tives have traveled to NJAS having several in the top finalists and even a win-
ner. Many scholarships have been won both regionally and nationally. The
1st Miss American Angus hailed from Maryland and since had another. Five
have been selected to the National Junior Angus Board. On the show ring side
high honors have been claimed in all divisions and even show heifer of the
year. Maryland has been a small state in size and numbers but mighty in qual-
ity of cattle and dedication and enthusiasm of juniors.
   The families of the Maryland Junior Angus Association, the Maryland
Angus Association and the Maryland Angus Women have served the juniors
over the years having breeder steer and heifer sales, donating funds, support-
ing fundraising efforts, presenting scholarships, supporting physical and emo-
tional needs. In order for this small state to achieve so much over the years
and work as a team has taken strong dedicated advisors and leaders. As you
can see we have many from that original charter club who are actively
involved in the success of the MJAA. It takes generational support in a small
state like ours and we do appreciate you! The MJAA express their gratitude
for the many who have contributed so much of their time, talent, energy and
money over the years.

Favorite Memories
 “The memories are too great to list, but certainly oversleeping for the
 1990 board meeting in Nebraska. When I arrived, I gave an ‘off the
 cuff ’ committee report as in my haste I left my notes behind. We
 eventually did get the female sold in Denver and we did quite well as
 I recall.”
         MARK MOXLEY 1988-1990 Foundation Director

 “My favorite NJAA moments are of those in the show ring helping
 younger members with their projects and the camaraderie among
 Board members.”
  MONICA FEESER JORDAN 1995-1997 Foundation Director

      DIANA COVELL 1997-1999 Foundation Director

 “As I was talking to one child who probably wasn't even old enough
 to show yet, I realized I recognized the look in her eyes. It was exact-
 ly the same one I had undoubtedly had in mine at the same age -
 admiration and trust and just a shade of hero worship. In her eyes I
 could do no wrong. I was struck with the incredible responsibility of
 being a role model and hero. Since that time I have carried this with
 me; ‘our lives are not our own’. We touch the people around us and
 change their lives, whether for good or for bad, the choice is ours.”
         AMY WOLFREY 2002-2004 Leadership Director

 “My most memorable experience was actually running for the board.
 While on the board, there is always something to be done and it is
 sometimes hard to find a moment just to visit. When running for the
 board, just meeting the juniors was my first priority and most mem-
 orable. I also enjoyed the challenge of the candidate delegate’s dinner.
 Not only was giving my speech exciting, but having to think and
 answer questions on my feet, is a memory I will never forget. Being
 on the NJAA Board is an experience of a lifetime and I have enjoyed
 every minute. Just helping youth and getting to know so many peo-
 ple is an experience that I will cherish in my life forever.”
         CURTIS BRYANT 2004-2006 Foundation Director
                               Past Officers
                   1976                 1979               1980                    1981
President          John Canby           Susan Holston      Susan Holston           Susan Moxley
V. President       Sally Sayre          Chrissy Keys       Chrissy Keys            Pam Stabler
Secretary          Chrissy Keys         Lisa Neal          Lisa Neal               Sonia Hamm
Treasurer          Doug Full            Laura Tessier      Laura Tessier           Mark Moxley
Reporter           Laura Treadway       Roger Sears        Roger Sears             Bobby Whirley

                   1982                 1983               1984                    1985
President          Pam Stabler          Pam Stabler        Susan Moxley            Sonia Hamm
V. President       John Treadway        Lisa Neal          Sonia Hamm              Peter Velisek
Secretary          Sonia Hamm           Sonia Hamm         Pam Stabler             Donna Day
Treasurer          Lori Moxley          Lori Moxley        Mark Moxley             Mark Moxley
Reporter           Lisa Neal            Billy Gregg        Bobby Whirley

                   1986                 1987               1988                    1989
President          Billy Canby          Peter Velisek      Ned Dykes               Mark Moxley
V. President       Peter Velisek        David Dykes        Mark Moxley             Sheryl Bennett
Secretary          Sheryl Bennett       Sheryl Bennett     Sheryl Bennett          Susan Dykes
Treasurer          Mark Moxley          Mark Moxley        Timothy Clark           Timothy Clark
Reporter           Heather Hamm

                   1990                    1991            1992                    1993
President          Sheryl Bennett          Troy Eyler      Melissa Harrison        Melissa Harrison
V. President       Troy Eyler              Heather Hamm    Myron Kennedy           Monica Freeser
Secretary          Heather Hamm            Angie Johnson   Alana Burdette          Jennifer Bly
Treasurer          Timothy Clark           Timothy Clark   Diana Covell            Diana Covell
Reporter           Jason Hough & Chris Davis               Mark Walker
Historian                                                                          Cara Harrison

                   1994                 1995               1996                    1997
President          Melissa Harrison     Melissa Harrison   Jennifer Bly            Cara Harrison
V. President       Myron Kennedy        Monica Freeser     Cara Harrison           Jay Covell
Secretary          Alana Burdette       Jennifer Bly       Brianna Bly             Rebecca Warfield
Treasurer          Diana Covell         Diana Covell       Jason Riggs             Jason Riggs
Reporter                                                   Jennifer Butler         Amy Wolfrey
Historian          Cara Harrison        Cara Harrison      Cara Harrison           Alana Burdette

                   1998                 1999               2000                    2001-02
President          Mike Harrison        Jacob Wolfrey      Michael Considine       Cortney Hill-Dukehart
V. President       Jay Covell           Jeremy Andrews     Cortney Hill-Dukehart   Currtis Bryant
Secretary          Amy Wolfrey          Tyler Fitzwater    Amy Wolfrey             Laura Keilholtz
Treasurer          Cara Harrison        Ryan Andrews       Jacob Wolfrey           Heather Willis
Reporter           Laura Keilholtz      Thomas Wolfrey
Historian                                                  Laura Keilholtz         Laura Keilholtz
Membership                                                                         Ashley & Lindsay Reda
Communication                                                                      Kristen Willie, Jessica &
                                                                                   Heather Willis

                   2002-03              2004-05            2005-06                 2006-07
President          Jacob Wolfrey        Jacob Wolfrey      Thomas Wolfrey          Christina Ritter
V. President       Lindsay Reda         Amanda Arrington   Christina Ritter        Brittany Full
Secretary          Amanda Arrington     Candace Howard     Candace Howard          Thomas Wolfrey
Treasurer          Heather Willis       Brittany Full      Brittany Full           Jimmy Full
Reporter           Anna Schlicht        Christina Ritter   Jimmy Full              Trevor Whiteside
Historian          Brittany Full        Jimmy Full         Rebecca Hamilton        Maggie Lanham
Membership         Luara Mihm           Thomas Wolfrey     Jessica Clarke          Jessica Clarke
Communication      Jessica Willis       Bobby Velisek      Taylor Clarke           Taylor Clarke
MAA Jr. Director   Mark Butler, Jr.     Laura Mihm         Bobby Velisek           Candace Howard
                      Past Officers (con’t)
President          Brittany Full
V. President       Bobby Velisek
Secretary          Christina Ritter
Treasurer          Jimmy Full
Reporter           Trevor Whiteside
Historian          Victoria Ritter
Membership         Jessica Clarke
Communication      Taylor Clarke
MAA Jr. Director   Kelsey Stabler

       The first awards progream was held at the Howard County Fairgrounds dining hall.
        The club had a covered dish dinner and also honored special friends and donors.

2002-03                                                     2007-08
Outstanding 1st Year Member           Tyler Donnelly        Outstanding 1st Year Member   Jessica Lambert
Outstanding Junior                    Brittany Full         Outstanding Junior            Emily Velisek
Outstanding Senior                    Jacob Wolfrey         Outstanding Intermediate      Christina Ritter
Leadership                            Amy Wolfrey           Outstanding Senior            Thomas Wolfrey
Family Jr. of the Year                Kerns Family          Family of the Year            The Brown Family
Golden Pitchfork                      Anna Schlicht         Golden Pitchfork              Jessica Clarke

Outstanding 1st Year Member           Emily Velisek
Outstanding Junior                    Jessica Clarke
Outstanding Senior                    Mark Butler, Jr.
Leadership                            Curtis Bryant
Family Jr. of the Year                Bryant Family
Golden Pitchfork                      Candace Howard

Outstanding 1st Year Member           Taylor Clarke
Outstanding Junior                    Bobby Velisek
Outstanding Senior                    Chad Hahn
Family Jr. of the Year                Clarke Family
Golden Pitchfork                      Brittany Full

Outstanding 1st Year Member           Shelby Stabler
Outstanding Junior                    Taylor Clarke
Outstanding Intermediate              Trevor Whiteside
Outstanding Senior                    Mark Butler
Family Jr. of the Year                The Ritters
Golden Pitchfork                      Lauren Durham
    Bronze   Silver   Gold
    #                             Lindsay Brown
    #           #                 Alana Burdette
    #                             Jessica Clarke
    #           #      #          Michael Considine
    #           #      #          Diana Covell
    #           #                 Jay Covell
    #           #      #          Jeff Covell
    #           #      #          Monica Feeser
    #           #                 Brittany Full
    #           #                 Douglas Full
    #           #                 James D. Full
    #           #                 Chad Hahn
    #           #                 Sonia Yvonne Hamm
    #           #      #          Heather P. Hamm
    #           #      #          Cortney Hill-Dukehart
    #           #      #          Susan Holston
    #                             Laura Mihm
    #           #                 Douglas Velisek
    #           #                 Peter Velisek
    #           #                 Trevor Whiteside
    #           #      #          Amy Wolfrey

 Maryland Contestants & Alternates to the
National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest
               Contestants                              Alternates
1967   Susie Heubner - Robert Morris
1968   Lois Ann Morris - Steve Herb           Donna Bollinger - Nancy Groves
1969   Louisa Riggs - Lawrason Sayre          David Axline - Hank Suchting
1970   Washington White - Gloria Clower
1971   Troy Ringley - Nancy Ann Sayre         Mary Lou Heubner - Joanna Papa
1972   Ray Johns - Joanna Papa                Mary Lou Heubner - Pat White
1973   Mary Lou Heubner - Scott Ritter        James Papa - Stephanie Spicer
1974   Andy Schmidt - Pat White               James Papa - Sally Ann Sayre
1975   Lee Canby - Laura Treadway             Kat Hussman - Chandler Keys
1976   John Schmidt - Jeff Treadway           Chandler Keys - Pam Miller
1977   Bruce Bennett - Robert Miller          Tim Hussman - Pam Miller
1978   Tim Hussman - Doug Velisek             Mike Ruby - John Canby
1979   Doug Full - Susan Holston              Mickey Day - Doug Mullinix
1980   Randy Stabler - Laura Tessier          Pamela Stabler - Bill Canby
1981   Pamela Stabler - David Gooding         Bill Widerman - Susan Moxley
1982   Bill Ferrell - Bill Canby              Bill Widerman - Donna Day
1983   Susan Moxley - Billy Gregg             Donna Day - Kay Wagner
1984   Sterling Eyler - Kay Wagner            Lee Leak
1985   Ricky Gregg - Robert Scheide           Lisa Conner - Sonia Hamm
1986   Gene Turner - Sheryl Bennett
1987   David Dykes - Mark Moxley              Jennifer Turner - Bill Hall
1988   Chris Davis - Billy Hall               Myron Kennedy
1989   David Bell - Rance Long                Chris Mullinix
1990   Heather Hamm
1991   Chris Davis - Tim Clark                Melissa Harrison - Jessica Fogle
1992   Chris Mullinix - Tim Clark             Randy Mullinix - Chris Morris
1993   Jennifer Bly - Joseph Roberts
1994   Erin Chaudry - Jessica Fogle
1995   Monica Feeser
1996   Brett Fogle - Randy Mullinix           Michael Harrison, Jr. - Craig Bryant
1997   Cara Harrison - Adrienne Wojociechowski
1998   Diana Covell - Craig Bryant
1999   Jen Biser - Michael Harrison, Jr.
2000   Michael Considine - Jeff Covell
2001   Jay Covell - Patrick Mullinix
2002   Samantha Feeser - Travis Cumberland
2003   Curtis Bryant - Cortney Hill-Dukehart
2004   Mark Butler - Matt Fogle               Jacob Wolfrey
2005   Chad Hahn - Jacob Wolfrey
2006   Tiffany Bryant
2007   Lindsay Brown
 MD Junior Angus Association
                                      ARTICLE I

Section 1. This Association shall be known as the Maryland Junior Angus Association.

                                     ARTICLE II

Section 1. The purpose of this Association shall be to encourage and extend the influ-
ence of Angus cattle; to promote the interests of its membership by creating education-
al and competitive opportunities; to promote closer relations between the memberships
and to stimulate greater activity among them.
Section 2. To arrange for exhibits at local livestock events, meetings, and schools.
Section 3. To sponsor and conduct field days, tours, and meetings which help pro-
mote the number of angus herds in the state of Maryland.
Section 4. To encourage the production of better angus in the state of Maryland.
Section 5. To encourage and assist junior Angus activities in the state of Maryland.

                                     ARTICLE III

Section 1. Any resident of the state of Maryland, who is under 21 years of age as of
January 1 of the current year and interested in the Angus breed may become a member
of this Association by sending his name and address, together with the annual mem-
bership fee, to the Membership Director. Membership can be extended to non
Maryland residents.
Section 2. For a member to be eligible to vote, member must have attended one out
of previous two meetings where attendance was recorded.

                                     ARTICLE IV

Section 1. The officers of this Association shall consist of a President, Vice President,
Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Historian, Membership Director, and Communications
Director and Maryland Angus Association Director.
Section 2. The executive committee shall be composed of the current officers and the
ex-officio president to act upon all emergency matters or upon any other question
referred to them for decision. Advisors will be notified prior to all executive committee
Section 3. Maryland Angus Association bylaw concerning Advisors reads Junior
Advisors. The (adult Maryland)Board of Directors shall annually appoint or confirm
advisors to the Maryland Junior Angus Association.

                                   ARTICLE V
                             ELECTION OF OFFICERS

Section 1. The officers of this Association shall be elected by ballot at the annual
summer meeting. A majority of the voting members present shall be necessary to elect
officers. Officers shall remain in office until their successors are elected and qualified.
The term of office shall be 8/1 to 7/31.
Section 2. Absentee ballots may be requested through the membership director 15
days prior to the election.

                                   ARTICLE VI
                               DUTIES OF OFFICERS

Section 1. The term of each office is for 1 year with the exception of treasurer which
shall be for 2 years.
Section 2. The President shall preside at all of the meetings; shall fill by appointment
all temporary vacancies in office and all committees not otherwise provided for, and
perform any other duties pertaining to the office of President.
Section 3. The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President and
perform all duties pertaining to that office. The Vice-President shall coordinate all
elections and oversee the work of appointed special committees.
Section 4. The secretary shall keep a roll of all members with their addresses. He/she
shall record in a book kept for that purpose all proceedings of the Association; accept
receipts and turn them over to the Treasurer; conduct all correspondence of the
Association and such duties as pertain to the office of Secretary.
Section 5. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenses,
collect and dispense funds as directed by the memberships, give reporting of such at
each meeting and such duties as pertain to the office of Treasurer.
Section 6. The Reporter shall write happenings of the organization and send to
appropriate newspapers and journals, such as The Angus Journal and Angus Topics.
Section 7. The Historian will collect materials throughout the year for our scrapbook
and prepare it for the National Show Scrapbook Contest.
Section 8. The Communications director holds the responsibility of broad editor of
the newsletter and obtains the minutes from the secretary for publication to the
Section 9. The Membership Director is in charge of building membership and
member support through letters and promotional material. Annual dues will be sent
to the Membership Director to be recorded and sent to the Secretary for roll. Dues
will be sent to the Treasurer for deposit.
Section 10. The Maryland Angus Association (MAA) Junior Director shall be a
voting member (of the Maryland Angus Association board of directors) and is to be
elected annually by the Maryland Junior Angus Association (MJAA). The MAA
Junior Director is responsible for providing a report of the MJAA activities at each
Maryland Angus Association Board meeting. The MAA Junior Director will report
decisions of the Maryland Angus Association at the MJAA meetings. If the MAA
Junior Director is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, the MJAA president and/or
advisors must be contacted prior to the scheduled meeting so that an alternate can
attend. The alternate will be the next available club officer beginning with the

                                    ARTICLE VII
                                  ANNUAL MEETING

Section 1. The annual meeting of the Association shall be the summer meeting
designated by the executive committee and the advisors.

                                     ARTICLE VIII
                                  SPECIAL MEETINGS

Section 1. The President may, with notification of advisors, through the secretary, call
a special meeting at any time deemed necessary.

                                        ARTICLE IX

Section 1. The foregoing bylaws or any part of them, by amendment thereto, may be
modified or annulled at the annual meeting with written notice given fifteen days prior
to the date of the meeting. A two-thirds vote of the voting members present is needed
to ratify a change.

                                  ARTICLE X
                          PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE

Section 1. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of
Order of Business
Record names of those present
Minutes of last meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Reports of officers and committees
Unfinished business
New Business
Election of Officers

The Maryland Junior Angus Association has a policy of open membership and does
not follow discriminatory practices on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, disabili-
ty, age or national origin.

**** Revisions Passed, July 22, 2003

            2007 - 2008 MJAA Officers

                   Front: Jimmy Full-Treasurer, Brittany Full-President
          Bobby Velisek-Vice President, Taylor Clarke-Communications Director
          Back: Trevor Whiteside-Reporter, Jessica Clarke-Membership Director
Victoria Ritter-Historian, Kelsey Stabler-Junior Board Member, Christina Ritter-Secretary

                         MJAA Advisors

           Front: Donna Full, Carolyn Howard, Chester Kerns, Patty Kerns
               Back: Doug Full, Becky Clarke, Pam Velisek, Tim Clarke
               Not pictured: Doug Velisek, Judy Wolfrey, Todd Howard

       Junior Member Directory
-A-                              Cooney, Katie
                                 1480 McKinstrys Mill Road
Arrington, Amanda
                                 Union Bridge, MD 21791
P.O. Box 307
West Friendship, MD 21794
                                 Cropp, Michael
-B-                              9101 Gue Road
Brauning, Savannah               Damascus, MD 20872
2416 Deer Park Road              301-253-1547
Finksburg, MD 21048    
410-526-3704         -D-
                                 Donnelly, Tyler
Brown, Lindsay
                                 7307 Friends Creek Road
26889 Line Road
                                 Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Federalsburg, MD 21632
                                 Durham, Lauren
-C-                              8428 Hawkins Creamery Road
                                 Gaithersburg, MD 20882
Carbaugh, Richard
13035 B Brice Road
Thurmont, MD 21788
301-271-3159                     -F-             Fields, BreAnn
                                 23943 Foxville Road
Clarke, Jessica                  Smithsburg, MD 21783
14708 Old Frederick Road         301-416-0613
Rocky Ridge, MD 21778  
301-271-3644          Full, Brittany
                                 3946 Twin Arch Road
Clarke, Taylor                   Mt Airy, MD 21771
14708 Old Frederick Road         301-829-2702
Rocky Ridge, MD 21778  
301-271-3644            Full, James
                                 3946 Twin Arch Road
                                 Mt Airy, MD 21771
Fulmer, Brett                      Krietz, Cory
2135 Rt. 97                        8504 Doubletree Court
Cooksville, MD 21723               Frederick, MD 21704
410-549-6795                       301-620-1486      

-G-                                -L-
Gregg, Kasey                       Lambert, Jessica
5004 Stone Road                    10302 Lenhart Road
Rockville, MD 20853                Frederick, MD 21701
301-774-4636                       301-898-3276
-H-                                Lanham, Maggie
Hose, Karlie                       P.O. Box 242
12207 Boyd Road                    Buckeystown, MD 21717
Clear Spring, MD 21722             301-874-0122
                                   Lanham, Molly
Hough, Tyler                       P.O. Box 242
17419 Hardy Road                   Buckeystown, MD 21717
Mt. Airy, MD 21771                 074-0122
Howard, Candace
11602 Simpsons Mill Road
Keymar, MD 21757
                                   -M-                  MacDonald, Jane
                                   10020 Mila St.
Howard, Justin                     Denton, MD 21629
11602 Simpsons Mill Road           410-479-1992
Keymar, MD 21757         
410-775-0132                  Mackenzie, Sean
                                   18000 Cattail Road
                                   Poolesville, MD 20837
-K-                                301-407-9130
Kline, Emily             
11054 Haughs Church Road
Keymar, MD 21757                   McCoy-Fleming, Danielle
301-898-3537                       209 Montgomery Avenue
                                   Mt. Airy, MD 21771

Miller, Bryan                    Ritter, Victoria
10972 Evelyn Drive               25020 Dunterry Court
Woodsboro, MD 21798              Laytonsville, MD 20882
301-898-0087                     301-253-6523    

Miller, Erin                     Robinson, Ryan
10972 Evelyn Drive               1713 Monument Road
Woodsboro, MD 21798              Myersville, MD 21773
301-898-0087                     301-293-2898
                                 Ryba, Larry
Miller, Konnor                   2812 Park Mills Road
3714 Garfield Road               Adamstown, MD 21710
Smithsburg, MD 21783
301-416-0406                -S-
Moxley, Chris                    Smith, Lindsay
13205 Rt. 144                    14120 Rover Mill Road
West Friendship, MD 21794        West Friendship, MD 21794
Moxley, Ellen
13205 Rt. 144                    Stabler, Kelsey
West Friendship, MD 21794        21604 Second Street
                                 Laytonsville, MD 20882
Moxley, James                    301-977-4042
13205 Rt. 144
West Friendship, MD 21794        Stabler, Shelby
                                 21604 Second Street
                                 Laytonsville, MD 20882
Ridgely, Mckenzie                Stem, Chet
9630 Clemsonville Road           1015 Old Westminster Road
Union Bridge, MD 21791           Westminster, MD 21157
410-635-6060                     410-871-2788    

Ritter, Christine                Story, Rachel
25020 Dunterry Court             1709 Barclay Road
Laytonsville, MD 20882           Barclay, MD 21607
301-253-6523                     410-490-3465       

Suchting, Deedra                Whiteside, Trevor
1800 Knox Ave                   P.O. Box 303
Reisterstown, MD 21136          Queenstown, MD 21658
410-771-0071                    410-758-3611    

Suchting, James                 Willis, Heather
1800 Knox Ave                   12010 Coppermine Road
Reisterstown, MD21136           Union Bridge, MD 21791
410-771-0071                    301-898-9483
Sweeney, Margo
3 Linda Court                   Willis, Jessica
Thurmont, MD 21788              12010 Coppermine Road
301-271-2342                    Union Bridge, MD 21791                  301-898-9483
Sweeney, Seth
3 Linda Court                   Wolfrey, Thomas
Thurmont, MD 21788              764 Armel Road
301-271-2342                    White Post, VA 22663                 540-869-9071
Velisek, Emily                  -Y-
9333 Watkins Road               Yetter, Kelsey
Gaithersburg, MD 20882          11926 Majestic Meadow Lane
301-253-9069                    Clear Spring, MD 21722            301-842-3944
Velisek, Robert
9333 Watkins Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20882

Whiteside, Ethan
P.O. Box 303
Queenstown, MD 21658

June 1, 2008
June 7, 2009


         The John Rust Canby
          Memorial Trophy
        The John Rust Canby Memorial Trophy donated by Echo
Valley Farm in honor of John’s valuable contributions to the
Maryland Junior Angus Association.

        This award shall be presented yearly to one active member of
the Maryland Junior Angus Association who has exemplified by their
enthusiasm, sportsmanship and attitude a willingness to share their
expertise in carrying out their programs and goals set forth by the
Junior Angus Association. The winner must own Angus cattle.

   This award will be presented to the same individual one time only.

Selection, henceforth, shall be made by:

1. A committee of the Maryland Angus Association
2. Junior Angus Association members
             For information: Pam Velisek, 301-253-9069

               Maryland Angus
              Breeders Show Rules
1. Photocopy of all registration certificates must be turned in at check in.

2. Original registration certificates must be available for inspection at the show.

3. All animals must have legible tattoos. Tattoos will be checked.

4. All animals must be entered and shown in their respective individual classes to
   be eligible for group classes.

5. Junior calves, heifers and bulls, to be calved after Jan. 1 of the current year.

6. Cow-calf Classes: Cow owned by exhibitor and calf bred by same. All
   shown in one class unless enough are entered to form age classes of dams.

7. Premier Exhibitor Award: To be awarded to the exhibitor winning the most
   points on eight animals, (heifers or bulls) or less that are exhibited by one
   owner or any immediate family member under the age of 21.

8. Premier Breeder Award: To be awarded to the breeder winning the most
   points on cattle bred by and exhibited by one breeder or any immediate
   family members under the age of 21.

9. Point scale for breeder and exhibitor awards:
                   1st Place: Three Points
                   2nd Place: Two Points
                   3rd Place: One Point

10. Maryland health papers must be available for inspection prior to unloading
    and all entries are subject to inspection.

11. All entries are to be registered in exhibitors name prior to July 1st of the
    current year, Junior calves included.

12. All exhibitors must be members of the Maryland Angus Association or the
    Maryland Junior Angus Association and maintain a herd of angus cattle in
    the State of Maryland. Exceptions will be granted for Futurity Class Heifers.

                 2007 Breeder’s
                 Show Champions

                     Grand Champion Heifer
      SCC PVF Corona Queen 6, a daughter of Edition 2029,
      Exhibited by Heather Willis of Union Bridge, MD (shown at halter)

               Grand Champion Cow-Calf Pair
Freys KJF Princess Martha, a January 2005 daughter of BC Marathon
   Exhibited by Lindsey Brown of Federalsburg, MD (shown at halter of cow)

                2007 Breeder’s
                Show Champions

                    Grand Champion Bull
SSF Emulous Pathfincer 3, a March 2006 son of SAV Pathfinder 3134
  Exhibited by Cortney Hill-Dukehart of Sykesville, MD (shown at halter)

                    Grand Champion Steer
                    Fox Meadow Farm Renegade
              Exhibited by Jessica Clarke, Rocky Ridge, MD

       F ll
            Champion Angus Heifer
                  ABC Summer Bonanza
            Champion Angus Steer
                  Howard County Fair
            Reserve Champion Angus Steer
                  Maryland State Fair
            Supreme Champion Heifer
                  VCCP Winter Classic
                  Southeast Jackpot
                  Howard County Beef Field Day
                  Maryland State Fair - Open

      ny Full
Britta Champion Showman
                  Maryland Junior Angus Preview Show (Senior)
                  Howard County Beef Field Day
                  Maryland State Fair (overall)
            Champion Angus Steer
                  Maryland Junior Angus Preview Show
                  Maryland State Fair
            Reserve Grand Champion Steer
                  National Junior Angus Show
            Reserve Grand Champion Heifer
                  Maryland State Fair - 4-H
                  Eastern National - Jr. Show
            Grand Champion Heifer
                  Keystone International Livestock Expo
                  Junior and Open Show
Also to all of the members of the Maryland Junior Angus Association.
    You represent the Angus breed very well wherever you show.
Thanks also to all of the adult advisors for your excellent leadership.

                 EMMETT & AUDREY FULL
             MD Angus Awards
      1978 - Angus Family                          1986 - Angus Family
        The Emmett Fulls                Three Generation of the Wm. Suchting Family
    Back Acres Angus, Mt. Airy                        Angus Breeder
          Angus Breeder                          James R. Moxley Family
       Arthur Houghton, Jr.                    Dawn Acres, West Friendship
    Wye Plantation, Queenstown
                                                  1987 - Angus Family
       1979 - Angus Family                       The Emmet Full Family
  The Lawrason Sayres, Churchville                   Angus Breeder
          Angus Breeder                          James R. Moxley Family
        Garrett Billmire, Jr.                Dawn Acres Angus, West Friendship
    Echo Valley Farm, Monkton
                                                  1988 - Angus Family
       1980 - Angus Family                      The William Powell Family
    The Augie Veliseks, Woodbine                     Angus Breeder
          Angus Breeder                              Dr. Emmett Full
          William Canby                         Back Acres Angus, Mt. Airy
     Moreland Farm, Brookeville
                                                  1989 - Angus Family
       1981 - Angus Family                      The David Brauning Family
  The William Greggs, Gaithersburg                    Angus Breeder
           Angus Breeder                              Dr. Lee V. Leak
            Gordon Keys                        Trundle Hall Farm, Dickerson
       Oatland Farm, Olney
                                                  1990 - Angus Family
       1982 - Angus Family                         The Lee Leak Family
   The Robert Stablers, Brookeville                   Angus Breeder
          Angus Breeder                          Lawrason Sayre Family
    Mar Lee Angus, Woodsboro                   Waffle Hill Farm, Churchville

       1983 - Angus Family                         1991 Angus Family
James Moxley Family, West Friendship            The Dean Considine Family
          Angus Breeder                              Angus Breeder
Branchwater Farms, Inc., Owings Mills              Hilltop Farms, Boyds

      1984 - Angus Family                         1992 - Angus Family
The Henry Hamm Family, Clarksburg             Doug and Donna Full, Mt. Airy
          Angus Breeder                              Angus Breeder
  Rocky Forge Farm, Hagerstown                   Augie and Caryl Velisek
                                                   Purple Blend Angus
      1985 - Angus Family
The Ned Dykes Family, Princess Anne                1993 - Angus Family
         Angus Breeders                          The Mike Harrison Family
    Wes McAllister, Woodsboro                        Angus Breeders
                                                 Mark Moxley, Dawn Acres

       MD Angus Awards (con’t)
        1994 - Angus Family                       2003 - Angus Family
       The Mark Butler Family                    The Chester Kerns Family
           Angus Breeder                             Angus Breeder
       Wye Angus, Queenstown                     The Donald Covell Family

        1995 - Angus Family                       2004 - Angus Family
       The Doug Velisek Family                   The Todd Howard Family
           Angus Breeder                              Angus Breeder
     Mark Butler, Thornbrook Farm                The Chester Kerns Family

        1996 - Angus Family                        2005 - Angus Family
        The Darrell Bly Family                     The Doug Full Family
           Angus Breeder                              Angus Breeder
    Pond View Angus, John Winkles               Kevin Barkdoll & Jason Hose

        1997 - Angus Family                       2006 - Angus Family
       The Robert Riggs Family                  The Hank Suchting Family
            Angus Breeder                            Angus Breeder
    Washington Farm, The Harrisons              The Lawrason Sayre Family

         1998 - Angus Family                      2007 - Angus Family
     The Raymond Zeltman Family                 The David Brauning Family
            Angus Breeder                            Angus Breeder
     Brandston Farm, The Zeltmans               The William Powell Family

        1999 - Angus Family
        The Tom Smith Family
           Angus Breeder
      Carousel Angus, The Feesers

        2000 - Angus Family
       The Doug Velisek Family
           Angus Breeder
            Roseda Farm

         2001 - Angus Family
       Dean Bryant, Roseda Farm
            Angus Breeder
Charles & Mary Sasscer, Feeder Hill Farm

         2002 - Angus Family
        The Dan Wolfrey Family
            Angus Breeder
         Cortney Hill-Dukehart

           2007 Family of the Year
             The Dave Brauning Family
T    he Dave Brauning Family is a very deserving
     recipient of the 2007 Family of the Year
Award, and in many people’s eyes, long overdue.
This Finksburg, Maryland Family has long been
active in our Association, in which Dave Sr. served
as our President from 1993-1994. Dave Jr. is cur-
rently serving on our Board of Directors and helps
out on several committees. In July of 2007, the
Braunings hosted a very informative and entertain-
ing Field Day at their farm. A great time was had
by all who attended. Again, thanks for a great day!

  Dave Jr. and his wife, Denise, have three children who are now active in our Junior Association.
Savannah is well on her way to having a great show record. The family now participates in shows
all over the country. But, their biggest attribute is their willingness to help others achieve!
Congratulations on winning this award!

          2007 Breeder of the Year
                        The Powell Family
C   ongratulations to Bill and Gail Powell, at
    Arrowhead Farms in Thurmont, Md., the
2007 Maryland Angus Breeders. Bill and Gail are
well known to Angus breeders throughout
Maryland and the entire country.

   Arrowhead Farms was founded by Bill's dad in
1940 and rose to national prominence in the years
that followed. Bill and Gail have been the guiding
force at Arrowhead for many years now.

  Arrowhead Farm cattle were shown extensively in
the fifties, sixties and seventies and, after his retirement as a Regional Manager with the American
Angus Association, a position he held for 23 years, Bill joined Gail full time on the farm.
Cattle from the Arrowhead herd, which now consists of 40 brood cows, have done well for peo-
ple all over the country and the name Arrowhead has attracted many repeat customers over the
years and is well respected.

  The Powells rely on a sound A.I. program and performance records and participate in other
programs of the American Angus Association and the Maryland Angus Association.


     Gestation Table: Date when calf is due from given date of service, based upon 283 days of pregnancy
     Date of   Calf     Date of   Calf     Date of   Calf     Date of   Calf     Date of    Calf    Date of    Calf    Date of   Calf     Date of   Calf
     Service   Due      Service   Due      Service   Due      Service   Due      Service    Due     Service    Due     Service   Due      Service   Due
     Jan 1     Oct 10   Feb 16    Nov 25   Apr 2     Jan 9    May 18    Feb 24    Jul 2    Apr 10   Aug 17    May 26   Oct 1     Jul 10   Nov 16    Aug 25
     Jan 2     Oct 11   Feb 17    Nov 26   Apr 3     Jan 10   May 19    Feb 25    Jul 3    Apr 11   Aug 18    May 27   Oct 2     Jul 11   Nov 17    Aug 26
     Jan 3     Oct 12   Feb 18    Nov 27   Apr 4     Jan 11   May 20    Feb 26    Jul 4    Apr 12   Aug 19    May 28   Oct 3     Jul 12   Nov 18    Aug 27
     Jan 4     Oct 13   Feb 19    Nov 28   Apr 5     Jan 12   May 21    Feb 27    Jul 5    Apr 13   Aug 20    May 29   Oct 4     Jul 13   Nov 19    Aug 28
     Jan 5     Oct 14   Feb 20    Nov 29   Apr 6     Jan 13   May 22    Feb 28    Jul 6    Apr 14   Aug 21    May 30   Oct 5     Jul 14   Nov 20    Aug 29
     Jan 6     Oct 15   Feb 21    Nov 30   Apr 7     Jan 14   May 23    Mar 1     Jul 7    Apr 15   Aug 22    May 31   Oct 6     Jul 15   Nov 21    Aug 30
     Jan 7     Oct 16   Feb 22    Dec 1    Apr 8     Jan 15   May 24    Mar 2     Jul 8    Apr 16   Aug 23    Jun 1    Oct 7     Jul 16   Nov 22    Aug 31
     Jan 8     Oct 17   Feb 23    Dec 2    Apr 9     Jan 16   May 25    Mar 3     Jul 9    Apr 17   Aug 24    Jun 2    Oct 8     Jul 17   Nov 23    Sep 1
     Jan 9     Oct 18   Feb 24    Dec 3    Apr 10    Jan 17   May 26    Mar 4     Jul 10   Apr 18   Aug 25    Jun 3    Oct 9     Jul 18   Nov 24    Sep 2
     Jan 10    Oct 19   Feb 25    Dec 4    Apr 11    Jan 18   May 27    Mar 5     Jul 11   Apr 19   Aug 26    Jun 4    Oct 10    Jul 19   Nov 25    Sep 3
     Jan 11    Oct 20   Feb 26    Dec 5    Apr 12    Jan 19   May 28    Mar 6     Jul 12   Apr 20   Aug 27    Jun 5    Oct 11    Jul 20   Nov 26    Sep 4
     Jan 12    Oct 21   Feb 27    Dec 6    Apr 13    Jan 20   May 29    Mar 7     Jul 13   Apr 21   Aug 28    Jun 6    Oct 12    Jul 21   Nov 27    Sep 5
     Jan 13    Oct 22   Feb 28    Dec 7    Apr 14    Jan 21   May 30    Mar 8     Jul 14   Apr 22   Aug 29    Jun 7    Oct 13    Jul 22   Nov 28    Sep 6
     Jan 14    Oct 23                      Apr 15    Jan 22   May 31    Mar 9     Jul 15   Apr 23   Aug 30    Jun 8    Oct 14    Jul 23   Nov 29    Sep 7
     Jan 15    Oct 24   Mar 1     Dec 8    Apr 16    Jan 23                       Jul 16   Apr 24   Aug 31    Jun 9    Oct 15    Jul 24   Nov 30    Sep 8
     Jan 16    Oct 25   Mar 2     Dec 9    Apr 17    Jan 24   Jun 1     Mar 10    Jul 17   Apr 25                      Oct 16    Jul 25
     Jan 17    Oct 26   Mar 3     Dec 10   Apr 18    Jan 25   Jun 2     Mar 11    Jul 18   Apr 26   Sep 1     Jun 10   Oct 17    Jul 26   Dec 1     Sep 9
     Jan 18    Oct 27   Mar 4     Dec 11   Apr 19    Jan 26   Jun 3     Mar 12    Jul 19   Apr 27   Sep 2     Jun 11   Oct 18    Jul 27   Dec 2     Sep 10
     Jan 19    Oct 28   Mar 5     Dec 12   Apr 20    Jan 27   Jun 4     Mar 13    Jul 20   Apr 28   Sep 3     Jun 12   Oct 19    Jul 28   Dec 3     Sep 11
     Jan 20    Oct 29   Mar 6     Dec 13   Apr 21    Jan 28   Jun 5     Mar 14    Jul 21   Apr 29   Sep 4     Jun 13   Oct 20    Jul 29   Dec 4     Sep 12
     Jan 21    Oct 30   Mar 7     Dec 14   Apr 22    Jan 29   Jun 6     Mar 15    Jul 22   Apr 30   Sep 5     Jun 14   Oct 21    Jul 30   Dec 5     Sep 13

     Jan 22    Oct 31   Mar 8     Dec 15   Apr 23    Jan 30   Jun 7     Mar 16    Jul 23   May 1    Sep 6     Jun 15   Oct 22    Jul 31   Dec 6     Sep 14
     Jan 23    Nov 1    Mar 9     Dec 16   Apr 24    Jan 31   Jun 8     Mar 17    Jul 24   May 2    Sep 7     Jun 16   Oct 23    Aug 1    Dec 7     Sep 15
     Jan 24    Nov 2    Mar 10    Dec 17   Apr 25    Feb 1    Jun 9     Mar 18    Jul 25   May 3    Sep 8     Jun 17   Oct 24    Aug 2    Dec 8     Sep 16
     Jan 25    Nov 3    Mar 11    Dec 18   Apr 26    Feb 2    Jun 10    Mar 19    Jul 26   May 4    Sep 9     Jun 18   Oct 25    Aug 3    Dec 9     Sep 17
     Jan 26    Nov 4    Mar 12    Dec 19   Apr 27    Feb 3    Jun 11    Mar 20    Jul 27   May 5    Sep 10    Jun 19   Oct 26    Aug 4    Dec 10    Sep 18
     Jan 27    Nov 5    Mar 13    Dec 20   Apr 28    Feb 4    Jun 12    Mar 21    Jul 28   May 6    Sep 11    Jun 20   Oct 27    Aug 5    Dec 11    Sep 19
     Jan 28    Nov 6    Mar 14    Dec 21   Apr 29    Feb 5    Jun 13    Mar 22    Jul 29   May 7    Sep 12    Jun 21   Oct 28    Aug 6    Dec 12    Sep 20
     Jan 29    Nov 7    Mar 15    Dec 22   Apr 30    Feb 6    Jun 14    Mar 23    Jul 30   May 8    Sep 13    Jun 22   Oct 29    Aug 7    Dec 13    Sep 21
     Jan 30    Nov 8    Mar 16    Dec 23                      Jun 15    Mar 24    Jul 31   May 9    Sep 14    Jun 23   Oct 30    Aug 8    Dec 14    Sep 22
     Jan 31    Nov 9    Mar 17    Dec 24   May 1     Feb 7    Jun 16    Mar 25                      Sep 15    Jun 24   Oct 31    Aug 9    Dec 15    Sep 23
                        Mar 18    Dec 25   May 2     Feb 8    Jun 17    Mar 26   Aug 1     May 10   Sep 16    Jun 25                      Dec 16    Sep 24
     Feb 1     Nov 10   Mar 19    Dec 26   May 3     Feb 9    Jun 18    Mar 27   Aug 2     May 11   Sep 17    Jun 26   Nov 1     Aug 10   Dec 17    Sep 25
     Feb 2     Nov 11   Mar 20    Dec 27   May 4     Feb 10   Jun 19    Mar 28   Aug 3     May 12   Sep 18    Jun 27   Nov 2     Aug 11   Dec 18    Sep 26
     Feb 3     Nov 12   Mar 21    Dec 28   May 5     Feb 11   Jun 20    Mar 29   Aug 4     May 13   Sep 19    Jun 28   Nov 3     Aug 12   Dec 19    Sep 27
     Feb 4     Nov 13   Mar 22    Dec 29   May 6     Feb 12   Jun 21    Mar 30   Aug 5     May 14   Sep 20    Jun 29   Nov 4     Aug 13   Dec 20    Sep 28
     Feb 5     Nov 14   Mar 23    Dec 30   May 7     Feb 13   Jun 22    Mar 31   Aug 6     May 15   Sep 21    Jun 30   Nov 5     Aug 14   Dec 21    Sep 29
     Feb 6     Nov 15   Mar 24    Dec 31   May 8     Feb 14   Jun 23    Apr 1    Aug 7     May 16   Sep 22     Jul 1   Nov 6     Aug 15   Dec 22    Sep 30
     Feb 7     Nov 16   Mar 25    Jan 1    May 9     Feb 15   Jun 24    Apr 2    Aug 8     May 17   Sep 23     Jul 2   Nov 7     Aug 16   Dec 23    Oct 1
     Feb 8     Nov 17   Mar 26    Jan 2    May 10    Feb 16   Jun 25    Apr 3    Aug 9     May 18   Sep 24     Jul 3   Nov 8     Aug 17   Dec 24    Oct 2
     Feb 9     Nov 18   Mar 27    Jan 3    May 11    Feb 17   Jun 26    Apr 4    Aug 10    May 19   Sep 25     Jul 4   Nov 9     Aug 18   Dec 25    Oct 3
     Feb 10    Nov 19   Mar 28    Jan 4    May 12    Feb 18   Jun 27    Apr 5    Aug 11    May 20   Sep 26     Jul 5   Nov 10    Aug 19   Dec 26    Oct 4
     Feb 11    Nov 20   Mar 29    Jan 5    May 13    Feb 19   Jun 28    Apr 6    Aug 12    May 21   Sep 27     Jul 6   Nov 11    Aug 20   Dec 27    Oct 5
     Feb 12    Nov 21   Mar 30    Jan 6    May 14    Feb 20   Jun 29    Apr 7    Aug 13    May 22   Sep 28     Jul 7   Nov 12    Aug 21   Dec 28    Oct 6
     Feb 13    Nov 22   Mar 31    Jan 7    May 15    Feb 21   Jun 30    Apr 8    Aug 14    May 23   Sep 29     Jul 8   Nov 13    Aug 22   Dec 29    Oct 7
     Feb 14    Nov 23                      May 16    Feb 22                      Aug 15    May 24   Sep 30     Jul 9   Nov 14    Aug 23   Dec 30    Oct 8
     Feb 15    Nov 24    Apr 1    Jan 8    May 17    Feb 23    Jul 1    Apr 9    Aug 16    May 25                      Nov 15    Aug 24   Dec 31    Oct 9
Mid-Maryland Dairy Veterinarians

     Specializing in Bovine Embryo Transfer

              Drs. Heizer, Iager, Mercuro,
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                                         A y

                                         n tr M
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ARROWHEAD                                   Inc.


  FARMS                             Specializing in Beef -
    Herd Founded in 1940
                                    Custom Slaughtering -
                                    Smoking and Curing
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by Nationally Known Sires           Freezing - Retail Sales

                                          C.C.H.D. Lic.#
   William D. Powell Family
         P O. Box 295,
   8428 Apples Church Rd.
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    Thurmont, MD 21788
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       Fax: 301-271-3987           Phone: 410-756-2420

                                    FARMS, INC.

Registered Aberdeen Angus

   Lee Virn Leak &

   17800 Trundle Rd.
  Dickerson, MD 20842
                                  Owner: Donald Bragunier
                                   Operations Manager:
                                     Curtis Bragunier
                                  Herdsman: Steve Devilbiss
                                     & Kirk Trumpower

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                        1981. We specialize in providing printing
                        and related communication services to
                        individuals and companies through out
                        the tri-state area. Gateway Printing
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                       Certified Angus
                       Beef Program
    A division of the American Angus Association, the Certified Angus Beef
(CAB) Program was established in 1978 to increase demand for registered Angus
seedstock through the promotion of a consistent, high quality, specification-based
brand of beef.

The Certification Process
    Employees at licensed processing plants are approved and monitored by the
USDA to identify predominantly solid black cattle (at least 51 percent of each
animal’s hair coat is black). This means purebred Angus cattle as well as cattle
exhibiting Angus-type characteristics are eligible for the Program. Although most of
the “identified” cattle are polled, horned cattle are also accepted.
  When the Angus-type cattle are identified, their carcasses are marked with an “A”
stamp to maintain identity. Only steer and heifer carcasses are then evaluated by a
USDA Grader, an impartial third-party, based on the following criteria:
         1. Modest or higher degree marbling
         2. “A” maturity range
         3. USDA Yield Grade 3.9 or leaner
         4. Medium or fine marbling texture
         5. Beef muscling characteristics of moderately thick or thicker
         6. No hump on the neck exceeding two inches in height
         7. No evidence of internal hemorrhages in the ribeye muscle
         8. Free of dark cutting characteristics

   Only 1 out of 6 carcasses evaluated meets all eight of these rigid grading specifica-
tions and is marketed using the CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF marks.     TM

Product Distribution
    The Program does not own the cattle or beef product. It licenses packers to
identify Angus-type cattle for USDA evaluation and certification. Licensed fabrica-
tors then prepare CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF product for worldwide distribution.
Only Program licensees, including distributors, restaurants and retail stores, may use
the CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF marks to promote the product. For a list of

licensed restaurants and retailers near you, call the CAB Program at (800) 225-2333.
   The Program’s focus on quality and integrity ensures that CERTIFIED ANGUS          TM

BEEF product remains world-renowned for its exceptional tenderness, juiciness and
                  Clearly a Matter of Taste                             ®

       Make an
    in Your Future
Sire Evaluation Program
    The American Angus Association boasts
the most comprehensive sire evaluation program in the industry. The CAB
Program’s supply development division partners with the Association, Angus breed-
ers, commercial producers and feeders to test sires for genetic contributions to prog-
eny carcass merit. Carcass Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) for marbling, car-
cass weight, ribeye area, fat thickness and percent retail product result and serve as
valuable tools for making breeding decisions.
          Sire Donor - A seedstock producer with a sire to be evaluated for progeny
carcass merit should provide the name and registration number of the potential test
sire to the CAB Program.
          Cooperating Herd - A commercial producer who can artificially inseminate
120+ cows or heifers annually can serve as a cooperating herd. Cattle in a cooper-
ating herd will be randomly mated to a test sire or a reference sire in equal num-
bers. Ideally, a contemporary group consists of 20+ male progeny from the test sire
and a combined total of 20+ progeny from the reference sires.
          Carcass Data Collection - Accurate information on carcass quality and
cutability helps Angus producers market cattle effectively and make sound breeding
and management decisions. The Carcass Data Collection & Analysis Service pro-
vides Sire evaluation Program participants the opportunity to obtain complete indi-
vidual and / or group carcass data at minimal cost.

Value Discovery Program
    This retained ownership program is sponsored for producers to discover where
their cattle fit on the scale for carcass value. Producers may consign a minimum of
five steers for feeding at a commercial feedlot. (National Junior Angus Association
members may enter three or four steers. A state junior entry consists of six to eight
steers.) Feedlot and carcass data are collected on the steers, and a comprehensive
data and cost analysis is performed. Health information is also included in the final

                                                   For more information, contact:
                                                   Supply Development Division
                                                   Certified Angus Beef Program
                                                           206 Riffel Rd.
                                                    Wooster, OH 44691 - 8588
                                                       Phone: 330-345-2333

                                          PDV Iris 102S
                                          Sire: Rito 1I2 of 2536 Rito 616
                                          Dam: PDV Shannon IL

                                          Reserve Grand Champion
                                          Bred & Owned • MAJAC

                                          Grand Champion Bred & Owned
                                            MD Jr. Preview Show

                                          Class Winner -
                                            National Jr. Angus Show

                                          Reserve Grand Champion Female
                                            Keystone Inter. Livestock Show

                 PDV ANGUS
                          9333 Watkins Rd.,
                       Gaithersburg, MD 20882

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P ri v at e Tr eat y                         Bobby & Emily
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