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Clover Times by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                      Clover Times
El Paso County 4-H                                     A community of young people across America who
                                                      are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills.
June 2007

                                Congratulations to our Graduates
                                We wish all the best to our 4-H seniors as they graduate
INSIDE THIS ISSUE               and move on to the next exciting part of their lives…Alyssa Boucher,
                                Jennifer Canaday, Daniel Carneal, Caitlin Conley, Amanda Daniel,
1    Graduates
                                Janelle Dorsett, Zebulon Henderson, Zachary Hill, Randi Jameson,
     Special Honors             Cheryl Kromer, Lindsey Lawson, Spenser McIntyre, Amy McMahon,
     Scholarship Winners        Adrienne Miller, Holly Mitten, Bret Nelson, Kathleen Sotelo, Raymond
     Parli Pro Winners          Stauffer, Tess Stoops, Curtis Strong, Heather Vandergriff, and Nathan
     New District Officers
                                Walker. Congrats to all!!!!

2    Leader’s Lounge
                                Special Honors
     Camper’s Cabin             For the first time, we have two graduates who have been accepted
     Fast Tracks                at the Air Force Academy – Spenser McIntyre and Nathan Walker!
                                Tess Stoops was selected as one of the Best and Brightest in
3    Fair
                                Colorado Springs by The Gazette. We’re proud of all of you.
5    Small Animal Information
                                Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners for 2007
6    Table Top Update
                                Jennifer Canaday – Livestock Scholarship
7    Club Reports               Amanda Daniel - 4-H Foundation Scholarship $2000
                                Zebulon Henderson – Livestock Scholarship
8    Horse Program News         Lindsay Lawson - A.L. Pieper Scholarship $2000, Livestock Scholarship
                                Amy McMahon - 4-H Memorial Scholarship $2000
10 Living with Livestock
                                Adrienne Miller – Livestock Scholarship
12   Livestock/Horse
                                Parli Pro Winners
                                Congratulation to Country Style 4-H Club for winning the county
                                Parliamentary Procedure Contest held after Festival of Events. A big
                                ‘thank you’ goes out to Angel Fire 4-H Club for participating and
                                making it a competitive contest.
 Congratulations to all
   of our wonderful             New District 4 and South Central District Officers
 graduating seniors!!!          Congratulations to newly elected officers and for District and South
                                Central District who were elected at District Retreat in March 2007.
                                The new officers from El Paso County are District 4 President – Jake
                                Meinzer, South Central District President – Jade Meinzer and
                                Secretary – Jennifer McDermott.
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                                   Leader’s Lounge
Grocery Certificates
The deadline to return unsold grocery certificates and funds from sold grocery certificates to the
Extension Office is June 29. Commissions will be sent out by 4-H Foundation in July. If you have
any questions, contact Gay at 636-8922.

Leader’s Council
There will not be a Leader’s Council held in June because of the conflict with State Conference.

Old Fashion Game Night
It’s time again to start collecting gifts for Old Fashion Game Night to be held on July 26th at the County Fair from 7-
9 pm. These games are free to all 4-H youth, and are always well attended. We would appreciate if each club
could collect about 20 small prizes for games (many times you can get these from businesses) and 2 door prizes
valued at about $10 each. Contributing clubs will be acknowledged in the Whittemore Building. We would also like
to have your input on what type of games you would like to see at this event. The following have been suggested –
limbo, big foot, sack races. Questions? Contact Maureen at 575-8568 or .

                                           Camper’s Cabin
Kids for City Kids Day Camp
Choose your own dairy goat, pygmy goat, or rabbit for a week. Those who have attended this camp previously can
select a llama to work with. Camps are available at the Air Force Academy (June 11-June 14), Prairie Springs Farm
(June 18-June 21) and Norris Penrose Event Center (June 4-June 7 and July 17-July 20). The cost is
$55/camper/session. Children 8 (can only work with rabbits) and up can participate. More information and
registration forms are available at the Extension Office or

SummerFest Day Camp
Summer Fest 2007 Day Camp promises to be an exciting event for everyone. The day camp is for kids ages 8-13 and
will satisfy clinic requirements. It will be held on June 6th from 8 am – 5pm at the Extension Office. There will be
several fun workshops presented including workshops on Goal Setting, Dancing, Arts and Crafts and Team Building as
well as a session on Health, Food Safety and the importance of hand washing and a presentation from one of the
state’s International Foreign Youth Exchange participants sharing her experiences from the time she spent in
Germany. The cost of the camp will be $10 and the registration deadline is Monday, June 4th. If you have
questions, please contact Jenni McDermott at 495-6679. Registration forms/flyers were emailed out to everyone
some time ago but are also available on . Forms can be printed off and mailed in or
simply pick one up at the Extension Office. Get signed up today!

                                                 Fast Tracks
Essential Food for the Trail
Learn how to safely prepare, pack and store convenient food items like jerky, cereal, soup and trail mixes for
summer hiking and camping trips! Come to a class at the Extension Office on Saturday, June 2 from 9 – 10:30 am.
The cost is $10 and pre-registration is required. Call 719-636-8920 or e-mail for more
information, or to reserve a spot.
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Making Dairy Delights
Approximately 75% of Americans fall short on their daily calcium intake! Learn to make homemade ice cream and
yogurt as a yummy way to supplement your family’s calcium intake. A class will be held at the Extension Office on
Tuesday, June 5 from 6 – 8 pm. The cost is $10 and pre-registration is required. Call 719-636-8920 or e-mail to reserve a space.

Photo Slide Show
Clubs start taking pictures now for the photo slide show that will be presented at the Awards Nights. The County
Council will compile the photos into a digital year book so start taking picture to assure your club is included.
Pictures can be taken either digitally or with a regular camera and handed in by September 7th to Jonathan.

                New Family Pre-Fair Orientation Meeting
                There will be a Pre-Fair Orientation meeting held on July 18th for people in all project areas at the
                Extension office at 6:30 p.m. New 4-H families are strongly encouraged to attend as are any other
                families who may want additional information prior to going to County Fair. This is the perfect
                opportunity to get last minute questions answered or clear up any confusion to help you prepare for
                County Fair. There will be refreshments available.

Fair Passes, Camping Spaces, Stalls
Fair passes for people other than 4-H’ers, camping spaces and horse stalls will be available at the Fair Office
starting at 6 am on Friday, June 1. The presale will continue from 8-10 am on Saturday, June 2. Passes, and if
available, camping spaces and horse stalls will continue to be sold at the Fair Office during regular office hours
through Friday, July 20. Representatives from the Fair Office will be available at the Extension Office from
8 am – 5 pm on Friday, June 8 to sell passes, and if available, camping spaces and horse stalls. Contact the Fair
Office at 520-7880 with any questions. Free passes for 4-H’ers will be available shortly and will be distributed
through Organizational Leaders.

County Fair Entry Deadline
June 8 is the deadline to turn in the following County Fair entries to the Extension Office:

Entry form, Record Book and Fees for Dogs (attach vaccination record to the record book and entry
    form), Guinea Pig, Llama/Alpaca, Poultry, and Rabbits.
Entry Form and Officer Book for Club Secretary, Treasurer and Historian.
Entry Form and Fee for Contests (Shooting Sports, Fly Day, Animal Science Poster, Flower Pots - only to be shown on
    the Organizational Leader entry), Livestock (attach W-9 - one per 4-H’er for market animals), Fashion Revue and
    Table Top.

Small animal and table top entry forms are available at the Extension Office. Checks for these entries should be
made out to 4-H Foundation. Refer to the Exhibit Requirements posted at Use the
class numbers listed in these documents when completing the entry forms.

Livestock entry forms, the County Fair Horse Show Bill (must be postmarked by June 23rd), and the Mini Horse Show
Bill (must be postmarked by June 23rd) are posted at the website above and available at the Extension Office.
Checks for livestock entries should be written to the Livestock Advisory Committee. Checks for horse entries should
be written to the Horse Advisory Committee.
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County Fair News
The county fair is not that far away and we need your help again this year. We need the following 4-H’ers and
           o Registration helpers – need 6 – must be at least 13
           o Runners – need 6 – must be at least 11
           o Judge’s Assistants – need 14 – must be at least 18 and no longer a 4-H member
           o Display assistants – need 7 – must be at least 16
           o Ribboners – need 2 – must be adults

Please consider helping this year it is a wonderful learning opportunity for 4-H members and adults. Please e-mail
Ann Hall at if you would like to assist and indicate which role you would like to help out
with. A training session will be held at the Extension Office on July 12th at 6:30 pm. Thank you for considering
volunteering for these very important roles.

Job Descriptions for County Fair Helpers
Registration Helpers – Registration Helpers need to be at least 13 years of age. Need 6 people. Registration Helpers
may sign up for the morning, 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or afternoon 12:00 p.m. until all exhibits are checked in. Sign
up for the entire day, however, is more desirable. Registration helpers will look up the names of 4-H exhibitors on
the intake forms and check them off when they are presented with 4-H exhibits. They will then ask a runner to take
the project into the judging area to the appropriate judge’s assistant. They will take questions to the “Lead
Registration Person”.

Runners – Runners need to be at least 11 years of age. Need 6 people. Runners may sign up for the morning, 7:30
a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or afternoon 12:00 p.m. until all exhibits are checked in. Signing up for the entire day, however,
is more desirable. Runners will carefully carry 4-H exhibits to the appropriate judging area and place on the risers.
They will work with the judge’s assistants to make sure the project is put in the correct location. They will take all
questions to the superintendents at the “ribboning table”.

Judge’s Assistants – Judge’s Assistants are 18 years of age or older and no longer a 4-H member. Need 14 adults.
The judge’s assistants must be able to stay for the full day until the judge has completed awarding all ribbons. The
judge’s assistants will assist the judges by making sure the 4-H exhibit is in the judging area. They will make sure
the exhibitor is present for the interview and get the exhibitor when it is time for the 4-H’ers interview. They will
also fill in the green exhibit card with the 4-H exhibitor’s information. After the judge is done with the interview
and has filled out the score sheet, the assistant will take the filled out green card to the “ribboning table”. The
judge’s assistant will also be responsible for filling in the master ribbon sheet. They will take all questions to the
superintendents at the “ribboning table”.

Display Assistants – Display Assistants need to be at least 16 years of age. Need 7 people. Display Assistants will be
asked to stay until 6:00 p.m.; unless we finish sooner. The display assistants will work with the superintendents in
displaying the 4-H projects. They will also have interaction with the judge’s assistants and runners. They will take
all questions to the superintendents at the “ribboning table”.

Interview Coordinator – The Interview Coordinator is a superintendent. The judge’s assistants and 4-H members
work with the interview coordinator. The interview coordinator calls 4-H members for interviews as requested by
the judges’ assistants. The interview coordinator will manage and make adaptations to the judges’ schedules as
required by the events of the day.

Help Needed on the Fairgrounds
There is a lot of work that needs to be completed at the Fairgrounds prior to fair. Saturday, July 14 (8 am- 5pm) is
scheduled for Clean Up Day (4-H Barns). Wednesday, July 18 is scheduled for Tabletop Clean Up Day at 1:30 pm. If
everyone pitches in it will be fun and we can accomplish much. If you would like to take on a larger project or
would like to volunteer on different days, please contact Tim Stickel at or 520-7881.
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Required Record Books
The following are the required record books for various projects for the 2006-07 year. Please make sure you have
the correct record book to submit to Fair. If you have questions, contact Jonathan Vrabec
( or Ann Hall ( Hard copies of the e-record books are
available at the 4-H office for $2 each.

    •   Table Top – State Non Animal Projects (Sections 1-6 in the State Fair Exhibit Requirements): e-record
        (; County Non Animal Projects (County Requirements at
    •   Livestock (incl. pygmy goats): e-record (
    •   Dog Guinea Pig, Llama/Alpaca, Poultry, Rabbits, County Projects (Small Animal Division Exhibit
        Requirements): county record books (Extension Office)
    •   Horse (incl. mini): e-record (

Friends of the Fair Club Fundraising Opportunity
The El Paso County Fair Association sponsors and serves the 4-H appreciation BBQ and dance during
the El Paso County Fair each summer, and is the non-profit organization that has long supported
and funded projects benefiting 4-H and capital improvements at the fairgrounds. This year, in
cooperation with El Paso County Parks and Leisure Services Department and the fair, the
association will inaugurate the Friends of the Fair program. The Friends of the Fair membership program is to give
individuals the opportunity to help provide ongoing support for the fair and the fairgrounds for an annual
contribution of $25. Benefits of this tax deductible membership donation include a listing in the annual fair guide,
one-day pass to the fair and a permanent listing on a plaque in Swink Hall. The association would like to ask all El
Paso County 4-H Clubs to assist in this worthy endeavor by enrolling their friends and families as Friends of the Fair.
Each club will be provided with colorful brochures which describe the program and will receive $3 for each
membership collected. The club that gets the most Friends of the Fair signed up by the first day of the 2007 El Paso
County Fair will receive a $50 bonus, and will be recognized (and presented with a check) at the beginning of the 4-
H Jr. Livestock Sale. Why not get started today? Call Randy Pieper at Farmers State Bank in Calhan at 347-2727 to
get more information and sign-up.

                                   Small Animal Information
              Poultry Barn Painting
             Poultry barn door painting will be on June 9th at 8:00 am. We need everyone who is able to help,
             come paint the mural on our door. We had a really great design submitted by the Davis family of
             Woodlake Hills 4-H, that really embodies the poultry project and 4-H as a whole. Thank you to
             everyone who sent in an idea! There will be a poultry clinic on June 9th on showmanship and
             preparing for fair. This will fulfill the clinic requirement. This will be a great opportunity for
members who are new to the poultry project, and for those who have been around awhile, perhaps you might learn
something new.

Dog Shows
Reminder that all 4-H dog project members must show at one 4-H dog show prior to the County Fair in order to show
at the dog show and complete in the project. Remember to put your score sheets in your dog record book as proof that
you attended the show. The record books are due by June 8. You must also attach your dog’s shot record to the entry
form. If you have questions, contact Linda Maple 749-2691. More shows are listed below.

    •   K-9 Kapers will be held at DeKovend Park in Denver on Saturday, June 16. Registration is at 8 am, judging is
        at 9 am. All levels of obedience and showmanship. $5 for the 1st entry $1 for additional entries. Contact
        Jody at 303-790-4630 or Ginni at 303-646-6360 for more information.
    •   Elbert County 4-H Dog Fun Match will be held on Sunday, June 17 at the Elbert County Fairgrounds.
        Information is posted on our website or available at the Extension Office.
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Dog Show Howling Fun!
By: Mary Killen, Falcon Ranchers 4-H Club
and Rhonda Gillis, Angel Fire 4-H Club
The El Paso Co Dog Show hosted by Falcon Ranchers 4-H club and Angel Fire 4H Club, was held on
5/20/07. Contestants came from all across Colorado to enjoy a day of fun competition, a chance
to win great ribbons and trophies, not to mention the hottest silent auction this side of Vegas!
This is our third year hosting this event and each year it gets better! These 4-H'ers really work
hard at mastering their skills and strive for success. The dog project is a very ambitious
undertaking that rewards its participants with self confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and
overwhelming pride for their achievements. Parents, grandparents, leaders and trainers can
often be spotted teary eyed at that beaming smile and tightly gripped ribbon in a child's hand.   Katie Ashby and Friend
We had tons of help from both clubs, the members really pitched in to make the show what it
was. We had the generous support of Pepsi and Schwans Ice Cream who both donated items for the concession
stand. The grill masters in the clubs flipped some awesome burgers and the bake sale was fattening! We even
found space for a doggy cafe created by Hannah, custom handmade dog cookies, doggy ice cream, and bottled
doggy energy water! Other events included a photo contest and coloring contest for our younger visitors. It was a
great day! Thank you to all that traveled (some several hours from home) to attend our show. We love having you as
our guest on this special day each year, and look forward to many practice, practice, May
will be here before you know it!

                                          Table Top Update
Attention All Model Rocketeers
There will be a county-wide workshop for all 4-H’ers enrolled in the model rocketry program. Dave Jolly, the
county fair judge, and 4-H rocketry leaders, Les and Deanna Mann, will be conducting a Fly Day workshop on June
9th at the El Paso County Fairgrounds from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Participants will learn techniques in landing a
rocket near the launch pad area, requirements and procedures for Fly Day, and what the judge will be scoring and
watching for during the competition. This workshop is open to everyone enrolled in the 4-H model rocketry
program, and it is strongly encouraged for those who wish to compete in the Fly Day competition or just wish to
come out to fly their rockets before fair to include in their project record books. A $1 fee per family will be
required to cover the cost of handouts. The Fly Day competition itself will be held the morning of Exhibit Day, July
21st, from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm at the County Fairgrounds. Exhibit judging for members’ projects will be scheduled in
the afternoon in order to avoid any conflict with project interview judging. Please contact the 4-H office, 636-
8922, to enroll in this event.

Shooting Sports Council
The Shooting Sports Council held their monthly meeting May 19, 2007, at the Mountain View Baptist Church in
Calhan. Highlights include:

      a. The county shooting competition will be held Jun 30, 2007, at Ben Lomond Gun Club at 8am (.22 rifle,
         archery, muzzleloading, and air rifle/pistol) and at Pikes Peak Gun Club (PPGC) at 2pm (shotgun). Entry
         forms are due by June 8. Remember, all members are required to participate in two county practices and
         complete Colorado Division of Wildlife Hunter Education training to participate in the county and state
         shooting competitions.

      b. The state 4-H shooting competition will be held Aug 18 (.22 rifle—Pueblo West Sportsman Club), Aug 19
         (archery, muzzleloading--PWSC), Sep 1 (air rifle/pistol—US Olympic Training Center), and Sep 1-3

      c. The next council meeting will be held June 16 at 9am at Mountain View Baptist Church in Calhan.

If you have have any questions, please contact James Irsik ( or 719-478-2123) or Dave York
( or 719-487-0618).
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                                      Scholarship Spotlight
The State 4-H Scholarship application deadline has been extended to June 8th this year. All of the scholarship
details and the universal application can be found at the following website

New this year! 4-H members only need to fill out one application form and check which scholarship/s they are
applying for. We haven't received very many applications the last few years. Please encourage your eligible 4-H
members to apply.

                                              Club Reports

Country Style 4-H
By: Shelby Robertson
With summer coming fast, the show season is too. At our past meeting two wonderful demos were given by Andrea
Thayer and Sara Laden. Andrea’s demo was about the Miniature Pony acting as a guide for the blind. This amazing
breed of horse has helped many blind people over come their fear of going out into public. Sara’s demo was over
the English bridle. With what seemed to be hundreds of little peaces of leather, she managed to put them all
together and make a bridle. Also, the officers were awarded their ribbons for their hard work on their officer books.
We come out with two Reserve Champions and one Champion. Congratulations to all the hard working officers of
Country Style 4-H! To follow, our club gave Kit Carson Riding Club a plaque saying thank you for all of their giving
to or club! They have let us use their facility for clinics and meetings for several past years including this one.
Winter is gone and we are looking forward to summer.

American Prairie
By: Deaven Strong
Some of our members attended the Festival of Events. Naomi and Olivia Millar will go on to compete at the State
level. Congratulations! The club had several project meetings last month. We also changed locations for our club
meetings. We now meet at the Meadowlake Airport in Falcon. Our first meeting there included a visit from a
member of the Horse Council.

By: Andrea Arterbury
Members of the 4-Bits club did a wonderful job a Festival of Events this year! All of our members did an outstanding
job in several different events. Congratulations to all of you! At our May meeting we had a special guest speaker.
This year's El Paso County Fair Queen took time to come and visit our club. Thank you for coming to talk to us!
Also, Farren McIntosh presented her demonstration on fabrics and reading the information on bolts of fabric. Great
job Farren! County Fair is coming up soon, and I'm sure you are all hard at work on your projects. Good luck to all
of you at fair, and most of all, have a great time! Our May meeting was our last meeting, so see you at fair!!

Kolbe Kids
By: Sarah Webb
This month our club did a fundraiser at Rockin B Ranch. It was for the attendees of a horse clinic there. We served
chips, soda, hotdogs, and coleslaw, and we made a bit of profit from it. We are looking forward to a demo day and
a picnic at our next meeting. We will also be electing new officers for the upcoming year. It has been a fun 4-H year
and some of us are sad to see it come to a close. But we are excited for next year!
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KCRC 4-H Club
By: Holly Mitten
This month, there were several announcements for summer activities. Our club will hold its show on June 30th at Kit
Carson Riding Club. It’ll be lots of fun with great prizes, so come out and join us! Our next meeting will be on June
11th and club members are invited to bring their horses. The summer meetings will all be informal and horses are
welcome, weather permitting. Don’t forget to keep up on your record books!

By: Sammy Wester
At this month's meeting, we did our elections. Thank you to all who ran for office. Congrats to Kris Rogers
(President), Jeremiah Henderson (VP), Mary Lou Goodwin (Secretary), Kristie Frates (Treasurer), Anna Marie Rogers
(Historian), and Charlie Goodwin (Reporter) for making office. This was the last meeting of the year. We are now
waiting for the joyous, fun-filled week of fair. Remember to keep collecting donations for our prospect sow. This
year's show will be amazing! See ya'll at the show and fair!

4-H Wildcats
By: Vanessa Fontana
Our April meeting was both educational and entertaining. Community service reported that there will be a talent
show on April 28th at Laurel Manor and we will be cleaning Care and Share on May 26th. Every one who entered a
project in the Festival of Events was asked to come up and tell what and how they did. It was found that the club
didn’t always participate in debates and motions, so the president chose 8 members to come up and debate a topic.
The members chosen had to debate the topic of “going to the zoo”. After that the club was told only 8-10 year olds
could second motions. The Executive Council put on a skit to teach members what is acceptable for record books
and Exhibit Day; it went well.

                                                 Horse Program News
                     Country Style 4-H Club Horse Show – June 16!
                     We encourage everyone to come out to the Black Forest Saddle Club on June 16th for the
                     Country Style 4-H Club Horse Show. Showbill and more information can be found at
            We are offering a wide variety of classes and awesome
                     prizes! Come on out for a great day! Check the showbill for the pre registration date and
                     save money by getting your registration form in early!

El Paso County Ranch Horse Versatility Contest – June 17!
El Paso County will be hosting a Ranch Horse Versatility Contest on June 17th at the Black Forest Saddle Club. The
contest showbill can be found Classes in Showmanship, Trail, Horsemanship and
Cutting will be offered. Anyone who is a rated as a LEVEL 1 may participate in the Showmanship, Trail and
Horsemanship Classes. If you are rated as a LEVEL 2 RANCH HORSE you may participate in Showmanship, Trail,
Horsemanship and Cutting Classes. Divisions are divided up into Jr & Sr - Level 1's and Level 2's and above, a
category for everyone. If you have any questions feel free to contact .

Horse Advisory Committee News
The May 6 Pikes Peak Spring Show had to be canceled due to inclement weather and has been rescheduled for
June 10 and June 24. This will be an open horse show so everyone is welcome! Please note that these two shows
do not count as qualifying shows for county fair, except for the miniature horse portion of the show. The first 4-H
club horse show will be Mt. Herman on June 2, 2007. The showbill for this show and other upcoming club shows are
on the 4-H website. Remember that you will need to show each of your project horses in at least one class and take
the written test at a club show this year in order to show that horse at County Fair. Also, a new requirement this
year is that you must show your horse in at least one class and take the written test at County Fair in order to show
your horse at State Fair. If you have any questions about any of these requirements, contact your horse project
leader or the El Paso County Extension Office.
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Horse Bowl and Hippology Teams
On Sunday, April 29th El Paso County hosted its annual horse bowl and hippology contests. Four senior teams and
three junior teams participated in the horse bowl contest. The champion team was the combined team from El
Paso and Boulder Counties which included Elizabeth Squires and Samantha Gagas. The El Paso County senior team
consisting of Anna Jameson, Aubrey Jameson, Randi Jameson, Amber Riester and Lisa Wermuth finished in second
place. The hippology contest consisted of six senior teams and two junior teams. The El Paso County hippology
team consisting of Samantha Gagas, Amber Riester, Elizabeth Squires, and Lisa Wermuth won first place. Lisa
Wermuth had an all around great day because she was the high individual overall for both the horse bowl and
hippology contests. On Sunday, May 6th, the horse bowl and hippology teams traveled to the Adams County
fairgrounds to compete in the Adams/Boulder County horse bowl and hippology contests. The teams had another
great day by winning first place in the horse bowl contest and second place in the hippology contest. Anna Jameson
was the high individual overall for the horse bowl contest. The team’s next competition will be in June at the 4-H
State Conference held at the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins. Horse bowl and hippology practices
are held on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:30 at the Extension Office. All 4-H’ers are welcome to participate. For
more information, contact Ellen Polyard at 683-4722 or

Levels Testing
Levels 3 & 4 Written Tests Taking Opportunity
Further Levels 3 & 4 written test taking opportunities will be available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. –
12:00 noon and then from 1:00- 4:00 at the Extension Office. Simply stop by the main desk and ask Debbie for the
level test needed (this is only for level 3 and 4). Tests will be graded once a week individuals will be notified of the
results. Level 1 and 2 tests are administered by the club leader so they will not be available at this time.
Level 3 & 4 Riding Test Taking
There will not be anymore county organized level 3 and 4 riding tests offered this spring/summer. If we choose to
organize another in 2007 it will be offered in the Fall. If you would like to test please make your own arrangements
with a tester or work with your club and hold a testing for your club members.

Ranch Horse Contest Results
What a great day we had at the Ranch Horse Clinic and Mini Contest held at the Black Forest Saddle Club! With 16
competitors, great weather, and some cows with some was an awesome time! A big thank you to our
clinicians; Rob Enoch, Heidi Enoch, Pat Dawson, Sean Dawson, and Brittany Wilkison and our awesome cattleman
Eric!, who all lent their expertise to help the kids in the morning clinics learn more about halter,trail,horsemanship,
cutting and roping. Another thank you to the Black Forest Saddle Club for their use of faciltiy and cattle for this
event. After lunch we ran an actual contest. Everyone did an awesome job - congratulations to the following high
point winners: High Point Junior-Kayla Zarinegar; Reserve High Point Junior-Alyta Cloniger; High Point Senior-Molly

Horse Judging
The Senior Horse Judging Team is undefeated so far this year and are still working very hard. They have just won
the Douglas County contest while the less experience senior ‘b’ team also finished in the top 5 with 6 team
members once again making the top ten overall. They also won in the sterling contest back in April. Our young
Junior Team competed very well at the Douglas county contest finishing 4th in halter, 4th in performance and 3rd in
second in reasons helping them to a 3rd place finish overall. That is an outstanding accomplishment for a team with
all first year judgers. If you have questions or would like to get involved in Horse Judging you are always welcome to
join us. Please contact for more information.

Horse Members Remember
To be eligible to show at the county fair you must have shown the project horse in a class and taken the written
test at least once during the show season at an Advisory Committee sanctioned 4-H horse show. NOTE: Showing at
a “closed show” that was open only to those in the member’s club does not qualify a member to register for the
County Fair 4-H Horse Show, even though it was sufficient for project completion. If a member wishes to show a
second project horse at County Fair, it must have been used in at least one class at an Advisory Committee
sanctioned 4-H horse show.
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                                        Living with Livestock
                           Entry Forms/Exhibit Requirements
                           County Fair Exhibit Requirements and Livestock Entry Forms are now available at the
                         Extension Office and posted on our website Table Top,
                     Contest and Small Animal Entry Forms are also available at the Extension Office. Remember
                            that entry forms, W-9’s for market animals and fees are all that are due at the Extension
Office on June 8 for livestock entries.

Discounted Health Certificate Day June 30
A Health Certificate Day will be held at Terry Shaw’s house on June 30th from 8 am until noon. All species are
welcome (cattle, sheep, goats and swine). They will not do pseudo rabies testing on hogs, only health certificates.
There will be a small fee for this service of $2 per head. Airway Veterinary Hospital will be doing the health checks.
Please call Terry Shaw at 683-3712. Terry’s address is 6930 Ellicott Hwy.

Steer Hoof Trimming June 30
The Livestock Advisory Committee will not be hosting an open scale this year due to lack of participation in previous
years. They WILL still schedule a steer hoof trimming on June 30th at Terry Shaw’s house at the same time as the
Discounted Health Certificate opportunity. Hoof Trimming will take place from 9 am - noon. The hoof trimming is
for anyone in the beef project. There is a $20 charge for this service so please be prepared to pay at the time
of service. See the article in this newsletter regarding the Discounted Health Certificates for Terry’s address and

Livestock Skillathon
The Livestock Skillathon will be held June 9th at the El Paso County Fairgrounds. It will start at 1 pm. Participation
in the Skillathon will satisfy your clinic requirements. A Skillathon is an individual competition that will combine a
written test and a lab practical. There will be awards for individuals that score the highest, so start studying now!!
The lab practical portion will be species-specific so you can compete within your area of project participation.
However, some general livestock knowledge will be necessary for the test.

State Wide Prospect and Jackpot Shows
Information about the state wide prospect and jackpot shows is available at the Extension Office. Please stop by
and look through the file. We will make a copy of the entry forms for you. We are not able to email/mail these out.

Large Animal Round Robin Showmanship Clinic
Learn how to show each of the species that compete in the large animal round robin competition at County Fair on
June 9th! The clinic will start at 10:00 am in the Livestock Arena Building at the Fairgrounds. This clinic will satisfy
one species clinic requirement! This is a hands on clinic and participants should not wear sandals.

Meat Quality Assurance (MQA) and Pork Quality Assurance (PQA)
The last MQA/PQA workshop in El Paso County was held May 9th. If you have not yet met the requirement for
MQA and PQA it must be completed by JUNE 8TH (45 days prior to County Fair weigh-in). If you have not yet
got this accomplished you may attend one in another county. Please call 636-8920 for a list of other MQA
trainings offered around the state. Please remember the regular clinic requirement deadline has been
extended to June 15th all educational clinics must be attended no later than June 15th.

Participate in Catch-It Calf!!
It’s time to start thinking about participating in the Catch-it Calf Program at our County Fair. Start the process by
filling out an application. Applications are due at the Extension Office by June 8th. You may obtain an application
by contacting a Catch-it Calf committee person or picking one up at the Extension Office.
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Livestock Sale Rules
The Fair Association Livestock Sale Committee would like market exhibitors to be aware of the following rule
additions for this year:

    •   Exhibitors may not give notes to the auctioneer prior to entering the sale ring. There will be NO
        announcement by the auctioneer of any sort of “premium” attached to a designated animal for the
        purchaser of that animal.
    •   Sale checks will be MAILED to exhibitors by the Sale Committee WITHIN 7 – 10 DAYS FOLLOWING THE SALE.
        Prior to receiving a check, each market exhibitor must write a thank-you note to the buyer of their animal
        and turn in this note to the livestock sale office at the Fairgrounds on Sunday, July 29. Names and
        addresses of buyers will be provided to exhibitors. The Sale Committee will mail the thank-you notes to the
        buyers immediately following the Fair.
    •   To participate in the sale, each market exhibitor must return a completed W-9 including their social
        security number with the fair entry form(s) or prior to the fair.

County Fair Judges
Currently all of the following judges have been secured for the County Fair:

Dairy Goats: Adam Bohlmeyer, CO
Breeding Shows including Dairy Cattle and Boer Goats: Ben Cooley, CO
Market Swine: Krisha Custis, WY
Mkt Goats and Mkt Lambs: Kraig Peel, CO
Mkt Cattle: Kallen Moore, CO
Fiber Goats: Cathy Chalk, CO
Pygmy Goats: Debra Anthony, NM
English Horse Show: Rhonda Johnson, CO
Western Horse Show: Emily Perry, CO

Livestock Project Reminder!!!!!!
LIVESTOCK PROJECT MEMBERS Clinic requirement deadline has been extended to June 15th. All educational
clinics must be attended no later than June 15th.

Plan now to Exhibit your 4-H Breeding Sheep and Beef in the Open Classes at the Fair
The Open Livestock Shows at the County Fair are a great place to get more experience. Information about open
class shows is posted at 4-Hers and their families are welcome and encouraged
to participate. The Open Livestock Shows will be held the same day as the 4-H breeding shows, July 21st. There will
be open shows for breeding beef & breeding sheep.

Health Certificates
All Livestock (goats, sheep, hogs and cattle) exhibited at the El Paso County Fair must be accompanied by an official
health certificate individually identifying each animal issued within 30 days before the weigh-in at Fair. All
exhibitors should contact their local vet to obtain the required health certificate. All swine must originate in herds
not known to be infected with pseudo rabies and be accompanied with heath certificates. Pseudo rabies tests are
not required on swine as long as they originate from a free herd unless they are going to State Fair. Please check
the El Paso County Fair Livestock Premium List for more specifics.

4-H Livestock Advisory Committee
Judges have been selected, awards are being ordered and plans are being made for the fair. A new family fair
orientation is being planned for July. Important dates to remember are the Round Robin Clinic & Skillathon on June
9th and the Health Clinic at the Shaw Ranch on June 30th. The next meeting will be held at the Fairgrounds on
Thursday, June 14, 2007 at 7:00 pm.

Any clubs who have a banner hanging in the Owens Arena need to remove it, clean it and replace it as soon as
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Horse and Livestock Record Books
Horse and Livestock Record books are due to the extension office graded from the club/project leaders on
September 7th. Your clubs/project leaders will require you to hand the books into them at an earlier date so that
they have time to grade them, before handing them in to the office. Clubs need to hand their books in together so
please do not bring your book into the extension office and drop it off. It will only be accepted from your club or
project leader. Ungraded books will also not be accepted. Leaders please grade all books. Having the feedback to
your members assists in the learning process.

With the new online record books we have been receiving some questions regarding how many books need to be
filled out. The policy has NOT changed and is the same as the last several years. ONLY put one market project per
book. Put the breeding project in a separate book per species. Do not put both in the same book because it causes
difficulty when grading. Remember for some projects a supplement is required and is also available on the web site.
Also you may find it helpful to also download the Record Users Guide for Livestock/Horse e –Records also available
at the same site and location as the record books are. It will have helpful information you can use to assist you in
filling the books out.

Leaders when you get questions please refer to the Organizational Leaders Handbook and review the Horse and
Livestock Record Book Policy. Score sheets are being developed at the state office to assist in grading the record
books. We will notify you as soon as possible once they are finished.
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4-H Dress Code IN EFFECT!
The 4-H dress code is in effect at all times during ANY 4-H function including club sponsored horse shows and
livestock shows. Any activity that you attend as part of 4-H you should remember that you are representing your
family, yourself and your county so dress appropriately as outlined in the dress code! This includes family members
and friends who might also be attending the event!

Upcoming Events
There is information at the Extension Office available on the large statewide clinics and field days held in various
counties. There may be fees associated with each of these workshops and they will satisfy your clinic requirements.

Dates on these clinics are as follows:

June 2, 3       Plainsmen Prospect Show
June 2          Meat Goat Clinic Bent County
June 6          Summer Fest 2007 Day Camp, El Paso County Extension Office
June 8          County Fair Entries Due
June 9          Round-Robin Showmanship Clinic and Livestock Skillathon
                Douglas County Jr. Livestock Buckle Show
June 10         Pikes Peak Spring Show
June 16         Country Style 4H Club Horse Show @Black Forest Saddle Club
June 16-19      Camp Round Up (will satisfy clinic requirements)
June 17         El Paso County Ranch Horse Versatility Contest @Black Forest Saddle Club
June 19-22      State 4-H Conference, Fort Collins
June 24         Health Certificate Day, Steer Hoof Trimming
June 30         KCRC Riding Club Horse Show
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