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Transit Visa - VITRA

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					Transit Visa - VITRA
In Transit to Another Country (passing through Brazil on the way to another country).

A transit visa is not required if you do not leave the transit area at the
international airport.


       The Embassy of Brazil in Baku does not process same day visas. It usually takes
        from 2 to 5 working days to process your application.
       Visas are officially valid from the date of first entry in Brazil.
       Please attach photocopies of any previous Brazilian Visas.
       All communication from Azerbaijan, addressed to the Embassy must be in
        original only.
       All photocopies submitted must be clear, legible and valid.
       Applicants are advised to obtain the international vaccination certificates,
        however please check for vaccination information about yellow fever and anti-
        polio shots.
       All letter's presented to the Embassy from Azerbaijan and/or Brazil must have the
        name, designation, department and contact number below the signature of the
        Authorized signatory.
       In case of minors please attach the polio certificate.
       The Embassy may request additional information/documentation, as deemed


       One Visa Application Form, downloaded, printed back to back, filled out in blue
        ink, dated and signed by the applicant only.(parents must sign for minors under 18
        years old).
       One recent clear (5cm x 4 cm) passport-photo, front view, white background.
        Snapshots or computer pictures are not accepted.
       Your passport that will not expire less than six months from the intended arrival
        date in Brazil. The passport must have one blank page available. You must also
        bring the first 2 pages and last page.
       Valid visa for onward travel to the destination country.
       Proof of financial capability to pay for one's stay in Brazil (copy of international
        credit card with proof of credit limit / foreign exchange endorsed on the passport
      A copy of a round-trip ticket or a booked itinerary showing travel to and from
       Brazil, confirming purchase of the ticket and passenger's name, itinerary, flight
       number and arrival/departure dates with PNR number.
      A covering letter signed by the applicant and addressed to the Embassy giving
       details of the proposed trip.
      Non Azeri Citizens will need to come personally and also present: A copy of the
       Azeri Residential Permit for foreign residents and/or a valid or document to return
       from Brazil to Azerbaijan or to another country.


Minors under 18 years of age

      Original birth certificate and a copy. Copies presented without the original birth
       certificate must be notarized.
      A notarized letter of consent, signed by the parent not traveling with the minor, or
       by both parents if the minor is traveling alone (if the minor is traveling with both
       parents this letter is not necessary if both the parents sign the visa application
       form and all names appear on the itinerary and both parents are applying for the
       visa at the same time).
      Immunization record for polio for children between ages of three months and six
       years If the child cannot be inoculated, bring a notarized letter from the child's

Visa fee: (Subject to change): AZN 20,00

      Personal appearance of applicant:
       -Application sent through any representative: Add AZN 20,00 - to above.
      A processing fee of AZN 140,00- will be charged to all US passport holders, in
       reciprocity for an identical fee paid by Brazilian citizens who apply for visas to
       the US.

Fees are to be paid in cash ONLY at International Bank of Azerbaijan, 67 Nizami
St, Baku, AZ 1005
The account number is "Embassy of Brazil” - Current Account No