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									                                  Maritime Vacancies

The prospect of jobs at sea excites everyone and it is more so when the job is on a cruise
liner. This is the dream getaway for the rich and famous and nowadays even for those
who are not. Shipping companies have come up with the enterprising idea of providing
recreation on the high waves, so there are hundreds of Maritime Vacancies for staff to
provide hospitality services on board luxury and other cruise liners. Personnel selected
by Maritime Recruitment agencies for cruise liners comprise the pass outs of hotel
management and hospitality schools.

Even for those trained in hospitality management, jobs on the ship are a major
attraction. Shipping jobs cover a large gamut of employment and most of these jobs are
technical. But, with the advent of cruise liners as a significant component of the entire
tourism business, there are plenty of openings in this sector that lays a big emphasis on

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