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					                                                                                                  Wednesday, April 14, 2010

                                                                                                                 7:05-8:15 pm

                                                                                           Mosinee Schools – District Office

Meeting called by:        Cory Tomczyk                       Type of meeting:        Monthly meeting

Facilitator:                                                 Note-taker:             Faye Davis
Attendees:     Paul Nievinski, Steve Kaiser, Guy Otte, Faye Davis, Chuck Allen, Cory Tomczyk, Bill Cook, Jason Shupe,
               Bruce Jamroz, Todd Felch, Kari Roosa, Patrick Reed, Dan Vils

                                          Approval of Meeting Minutes
Motion made by:                  Faye Davis
Motion seconded by:              Patrick Reed
Vote:                            All Approved


Agenda item:         Topographic Contour Map              Presenter:
Discussion:          •      Discussion of cost overrun on map.
Motion: A motion was made to approve the revised          Made by: Faye Davis               Seconded: Chuck Allen
cost of the topographic map.
Vote:                                                     All in Favor: All approved                    Abstain: None

Agenda item:             Financial Statement                 Presenter:                      Bruce Jamroz
Discussion:                  •    Current checking account balance is $15, 254.48.

Agenda item:         Soccer Fields                       Presenter:
Discussion:          •      Swatlowski wants fuel covered and he will haul dirt to the soccer field. $4000 from MCAA in our
                            budget for fencing.
Motion: A motion was made to approve $4000 for           Made by: Paul Nievinski           Seconded: Jason Shupe
Vote:                                                    All in Favor: All approved                    Abstain: None

MCAA Meeting Minutes                                     Page 1 of 4                                             6/25/2010
Agenda item:         Baseball Governance Committee            Presenter:                          Guy Otte
Discussion:                 •    The committee meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month.
                            •    The committee is presently working on By-Laws.
                            •    For now the complex is called the Mosinee Athletic Complex (MAC).
                            •    The committee anticipates being finished in early Fall and will forward a copy of the document
                                 to Cory Tomczyk.

Agenda item:         Baseball Design Committee                Presenter:                          Jason Shupe
Discussion:                 •    The baseball design committee has met a couple of times.
                            •    The committee will get quotes from three companies after reviewing our topographic map:
                                 Retler, H & R and REI.
                            •    The committee has a wish list developed.
                            •    Bruce Jamroz will talk to the Bank and Swiderski about the two wells near the south end of
                                 the property.

Agenda item:         Brat Fry and Schwan’s Fund Raiser                  Presenter:                Kari Roosa
Discussion:                 •    New safety rules are in effect for Charlie’s Brat Fry. Rules required that someone with a food
                                 safety license must be in the stand and in the business.
                            •    Paul Nievinski will check out hiring kitchen help and how Piggly Wiggly handles it.
                            •    Schwan’s requires orders to be place ahead of time and then will sell also out of the truck.
                                 That wouldn’t be an option at Piggly Wiggly.
                            •    Discussed the complications and decided not to do it there.

Agenda item:        Golf Outing                           Presenter:                    Derek YIrkovsky
Discussion:             •       Discussed promoting the Golf Outing.
                        •       Bigger and better prizes needed.
                        •       We need a committee for the outing.
                        •       Doug Berg (from Indianhead) wants to discuss it with use.
                        •       Derek Yirkovsky will look into dates and set up the final date.
                        •       Kari Roosa will handle food from Pinewood and coordinate with Derek Yirkovsky.
                        •       Sign up for the Chamber sign for advertizing.
                        •       Put notice on School property and marquee.
                        •       Article for Mosinee Times.
                        •       $100 for hole sponsors.
                        •       Discuss cost of golfing at $75.
Motion: A motion was made to approve $75 per              Made by: Patrick Reed              Seconded: Faye Davis
person for the golf outing costs and $300 per team.

Vote: One opposed.                                        All in Favor: 13 Approved                     Abstain: None

MCAA Meeting Minutes                                      Page 2 of 4                                             6/25/2010
Agenda item:          Letter from Mosinee Blue Line Club, Inc.      Presenter:
Discussion:               •   Discussed the locker room proposal.
                          •   The Hockey floor is being redone by Youth Hockey.

                                                Other Information
Observers / Guests:

                                       June 9, 2010 Meeting Agenda
1.   Call to Order
2.   Roll Call
3.   Approval of Prior Month Minutes
4.   Financial Status
5.   Baseball Governance Committee update
6.   Baseball Design Committee update
7.   Brat Fry-Schwan’s Fund Raising
         Paul Nievinski has rescheduled the MCAA Brat fry at the East Town Shell to Saturday, June
         12th 10:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

         We will be able to discuss this at our next meeting Wednesday, June 9th at 7:00 p.m. Please
         spread the word about the change.

8.   Golf Outing Planning Committee
9.   Update and possible action regarding Edgewood Park Soccer field
     Just an FYI,

         •    The Mosinee School District approved the sprinkler system for the second field at Edgewood.
         •    The City received a bid for around $5400 for the fence...of which the MCAA approved $4,000
         •    Black dirt has been hauled to the site.....we are not sure if there is enough at this point until it is
     doesn't seem like enough from the untrained eye...
         •    The City has hired Gene Osowski to level the field and seed the field as soon as the fence issue is
         •    The City has hired AECOM(formerly Earth Tech) to stake the field and provide the correct shape for

     So we may have two issues to the MCAA willing to purchase additional top soil if needed and/or is the
     MCAA willing to donate $1,400 for the fencing for the project.

     The City is waiting for funding for the fence before any additional actions are taken on the field......we don't want
     the field damaged from recreational vehicles.

     The City has asked the Mosinee Soccer Association for funding for the fence also.

10. Adjournment

MCAA Meeting Minutes                                  Page 3 of 4                                            6/25/2010
Motion made by:                  Jason Shupe
Motion seconded by:              Guy Otte
Vote:                            All approved.

Respectfully submitted by:       Faye Davis, Secretary

The mission of the MCAA is to promote cooperation for the benefit of community sports’ activities and to provide charitable
assistance and support for the planning, building, and maintenance of sports facilities in the Mosinee area.

MCAA Meeting Minutes                                  Page 4 of 4                                             6/25/2010