Am I well “suited” for speech

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					Welcome to 2010-11 MHS Speech!

           MHS Speech Team 09-10
     Our Booster Club Board
• President: Mary Surprenant
• Vice-President: Cheryl Evans
• Treasurer: Pat Carmody
• Secretary: Mary Deutz
• Senior Rep: Debby Otto
• Junior Rep: Cheryl Miller
• Soph Rep: Janine Erickson
• Freshman Rep: Sandy Murphy
 Parent Involvement Opportunities
• Booster Club Meetings
  – Next Meeting: Dec 9, 3:30, senior locker bank

• Attend the Judges’ Workshop
  – Saturday, January 8, 9:00am-11:00am in Media
    Center (enter through Fine Arts doors)

• Help w/ the Schwan’s Speech Spectacular!
  – January 28 and 29
  – Please complete the commitment card tonight
Welcome to 2010-11 MHS Speech!

What is Speech?
 – “An Intellectual Sport”
 – A Competitive Speaking and Performance
 – 13 Different Categories
 – Tournaments
   Welcome to 2010-11 MHS Speech!
Why is Speech good for you?
“There’s nothing that prepares you better for work
  and life, than high school Speech.”
                                        Oprah Winfrey

“If I could pick one factor in selecting a student
   who will excel in college, it would be participation
   in high school Speech.” John Sexton, President, NYU
 Welcome to 2010-11 MHS Speech!

Why is Tiger Speech special?
   Our Mission: To be a classy team committed to
    learning, having fun, and striving for excellence.
 Welcome to 2010-11 MHS Speech!
Why is Tiger Speech special?
   • We have a proud tradition of excellence.
   In 2009-10:
   • Ranked in top 10% of teams in the nation
     by the NFL!
   • MSHSL Section 2AA Champions!
   Since 1985:
   • Tiger Speech has 24 State MSHSL Speech
   • This is the 4th most in Minnesota.
 Welcome to 2010-11 MHS Speech!

What is the time commitment?
 – Practice
    • 30-60 min per week w/ coach
 – Occasional Team Meetings
 – Tournaments
    • See tournament contract
        Our Team Handbook

Page 3: Coaching Staff

Page 6 and 7: Practice Expectations

Page 8: Team Communication

Page 12-end: Season Calendar
 Am I well
for Speech?
     Our Team Mission
     Our Team Mission:

     To be a classy team
 committed to learning, having
fun and striving for excellence!
      “To Do” Tips for the Gentlemen
•  Choose a conservative style, dark colors: black, dark gray, charcoal, olive or navy (Avoid flashy
   or showy fabrics)
•  Make sure your suit is altered to fit properly - sleeves should break just below your wrist

•  Collars should be stiff but comfortable (too loose looks tacky; too tight, you'll feel like you're

•   Colors should work back into your suit or work well with your shirt. Patterns should not be
    distracting or silly.
•   Should end at belt line - no higher, no lower

•  Basic black goes with everything.
•  Make sure they are comfortable.
•  Always make sure your shoes are polished and well maintained.

•  Your belt should match your shoes.
•  Socks should match your shoes.
Men’s Suits
              “To Do” Tips for the Ladies
•  Choose a conservative style jacket in a solid, basic color. Black always looks good.

•   Buy the skirt that goes with the jacket, OR choose a skirt that matches the jacket.
•   Long, “flowy” skirts can look great for interpretation categories.
•   No short skirts!!! Skirts should be no higher than 1" above the knees.

•  Use this as an opportunity to add a touch of color under your suit. (Remember that blouses are an inexpensive
   way to change the look of an outfit).
•  Be sure the blouse is not too low cut. Be conservative.

•  Stick with a medium (2" - 2.5") heel. Stay away from boots and really thick, clunky heels and flats.
•  Black, navy, or dark colors that match your suit work best. No white or cream colored shoes.
•  Closed toed shoes are a must! No toes should be showing!
•  Avoid “strappy” shoes. Straps are distracting.

•  Always wear nylon stockings, and keep lots of extras on hand. Nylons should either be “bare” in color or should
   match your suit color. (Nylons should never be darker than your hemline).

•  Keep jewelry choices conservative – it should compliment/accent your attire, not distract us.
•  Earrings should not dangle.
•  Necklaces should not distract.
Women’s Suits
Women’s Suits
     Women’s Shoes
No          Yes!
    Personal Appearance “To Do’s”

• HAIR - Keep it out of your face!
      Gentlemen:     This may mean getting a hair cut
      Ladies: Tie your hair back off your face NEATLY and
      TIGHTLY. Use bobby pins to keep your hair tight and always
      out of your face. This is the difference between looking
      ready to perform versus looking like you just got off the bus.

• FACE – Let us see your expressions
      Gentlemen:     Clean shaven.
      Ladies:        Just like if you were performing on TV or in a
                     play, make-up should be worn, but keep colors
                     and amount conservative.
          “What NOT To Wear”
              Clothes that are too tight OR too loose
                        Distracting jewelry
                         Hair in your eyes

        GENTLEMEN                                 LADIES

     Distracting neck ties                    Open-toed shoes

Light colored socks with a dark               Low-cut blouse
              suit                              Short skirts
       Un-shaven face                   Bold fingernail polish
                                                Loose hair
     Our Team Mission

      To be a classy team
 committed to learning, having
fun, and striving for excellence!
• Applebee’s Breakfast, Sunday, Dec 12,
• Work expectations over break
• After break, the Mock Tournament is
  just 3 weeks away! January 21!
• Team Meeting Jan 11, 7:30am in A252
• Continue to check your email regularly!
• Let the season begin! 
            Selling Results!

   and DRIVERS!
Thank you to these businesses for donating prizes!
    Arby’s, Borches, Burger King, Cold Stone,
 Dairy Queen, Dominos, Jimmy Johns, Marshall 6,
     Preferred Health, Taco Johns, and Subway.
             Thank you!!

• Team members attending out-of-state
  tournaments in Omaha, Sioux Falls, or
  Harvard, please stay after for a short,
  15-minute meeting.