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									ETEC 676 Course Orientation

Welcome to ETEC 676, mobile devices for learning. I am Brian Newberry and I'll be
your instructor for this class.

ETEC 676 is structured as a fully online asynchronous class. This means that there are no
required face-to-face class meetings. All of the materials you need to complete this class
will be online and you will be submitting all of your coursework online via a blog.

With only five weeks to complete ten weeks worth of work you can expect to be busy in
this class. The work you will do in this class includes two academic assignments, an
annotated bibliography and a paper. In addition, you may develop one additional project
of your own choosing. You will learn more about this in another presentation.

Being a successful online student requires a certain level of self-discipline and self-
motivation. It is essential that you keep up with the due dates and the performance
guidelines that the class includes. Communication is also an important part of the mix.
There will be two primary technologies used for communication in this class. Those two
are email and blogs. Email is your primary one-to-one communication medium between
you and me. Use email to ask questions or to resolve problems you may be having with
anything related to the course. I typically respond to email quickly, two days maximum
except for weekends. If for some reason you haven't heard from me within two business
days please resend the email as it may have been lost, misdirected or I may have
overlooked it inadvertently. Blogs will be used for you to present your course work, to
submit it to me for grading and for you to share your work with other students in the
class. Student blogs are also a great way to interact with your fellow students. Don't
overlook the importance of carrying on a conversation via the blogs, this can help you
extend your learning, share resources and help maintain motivation to complete class

Take an opportunity to look at the course materials and familiarize yourself with the
resources you will be working with and the due dates for each assignment. I'll be looking
forward to your work.

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