Dear Friends and Supporters, by ps94506


									                  Dear Friends and Supporters,

                  In 2007 the export of narcotics out of                                          Doug and Anna
                  Afghanistan is expected to reach record                                             Boyle,
                  levels. The Nazarbaev government's success                                    Executive Directors,
                                                                                                  Teen Challenge
                  in creating Central Asia's most modern state                                      Kazakhstan
                  is being taken advantage of by the traffickers
                  of death transiting narcotics to the world's
                  markets. Kazakhstan addiction rates in the
                  under twenty-five age group are at record
                                                                      Secondly, the families and friends of students
                  levels as more and more families face the
                                                                      in the programs who in 2007 provided about
                  unbearable pain of dealing with an addicted
                                                                      thirty five percent of our operating costs. The
                  family member.
                                                                      last group are Kazakhstan businesses and
                                                                      organizations who provided around fifteen
                  Because of Kazakhstan's development
                                                                      percent of our costs. I want to say thank you
                  everything has increased in cost including
                                                                      to you all.
                  running the TCK programs. As a charity we
                  rely on donations to operate the fund. To
                                                                      But what about the Nazarbaev
                  survive we need a large group of volunteer
                                                                      government? We have always had
                  workers and, in fact, 80% of our workers are
                                                                      encouraging words from the President and
                  volunteers. Our largest group of volunteers
                                                                      “Akims” in whose regions we have centres.
                  are our graduates who stay on to help others
                                                                      Sometimes the Akimat (council authority) has
                  who come into the centres for help. Hence our
                                                                      been able to help us with property as was the
                  motto "Changed lives, change lives". By
                                                                      case this year in Kapchagai. In Almaty we are
                  serving as a volunteers these graduates gain
                                                                      seeking the help of the Akim to privatize our
                  the benefit of continual growth from the
                                                                      land which developers are trying to steal from
                  support of the rehab community, while
                  developing personal, professional and
                  leadership skills which will support them in
                                                                      But how many dollars did the Kazakh
                  future. This army of heroes receive no
                                                                      government provide for the operation of
                  salaries but TCK has to feed and
                                                                      TCK in 2007?
                  accommodate them or, if they are living
                                                                      Perhaps you have enjoyed the stories of
                  outside the centres, provide transport. Our
                                                                      Hodja Nasreddin. One day his neighbour
                  salaried workers have worked for five years
                                                                      wanted to borrow Hodja's rope. Hodja went
                  as volunteers and have decided TCK is their
                                                                      into his house and when he came out after a
                  vocation. Their salaries are so low that most
                                                                      while, he told his neighbour, "We are using
                  have a spouse working to support the family.
                                                                      the rope. My wife has laid flour on it." His
                  With funds raised from abroad we were able
                                                                      neighbour was surprised, "That's impossible!
                  to purchase most of our properties before the
                                                                      You can't lay flour on a rope!" "If you don't
                  real estate boom, but just to maintain these
                                                                      want to lend it then it is possible," Hodja
                  requires a large amount of money. Add to this
                  our utilities and food and you have our
                  operating costs.
                                                                      Though TCK is the largest NGO in
                                                                      Kazakhstan offering drug rehab for men and
                  So where do we get our money?
                                                                      women, we have received ZERO $ from the
                  The largest group of donors are our
                                                                      state budget in our thirteen years of operation.
                  international supporters who covered about
                                                                      Words are sweet but Hodja's rope is our
                  half of our costs in 2007. These include our
                  foreign specialists and English teachers. As
                  volunteer humanitarian aid workers they have
                                                                      To YOU the supporters of TCK in 2007, a
                  to provide for themselves and so must get
                                                                      great big “thank you”. With God's help and
                  their support from their friends in their sending
                                                                      yours we will continue to serve the people of
                  country. Not only do they cost TCK nothing
Teen Challenge                                                        Kazakhstan.
                  but they and the charities they represent have
  Kazakhstan      contributed more than five million dollars to
  Annual Report                                                       Sincerely,
                  TCK in cash, professional services and
                  products since 1995.
                                                                      Douglas Boyle.
     Yesterday they lived without hope...
Good education is a foundation of stable                                                                                                     “I grew up with caring
development in every country. It is also a                                                                                                   parents. Mum and
catalyst for success and achievement for                                                                                                     Dad loved each other
the individual. For our graduates it is a                                                                                                     very much. Suddenly
way to fulfill their dreams. Alcohol, drugs                                                                                                   my Dad became
or personal tragedy are no longer an                                                                                                           very sick and he
excuse or a hindrance. They will be able                                                                                                       died. Mum tried to
to accomplish tasks and solve problems                                                                                                          provide food and
from a foundation of increasing                                                                                                                 education for me.
knowledge. Our graduates will develop                                                                                                            She worked
creative thinking and return to                                                                                                                  growing
society as productive and well                                                                                                 vegetables. We didn’t have any
adjusted citizens. . .                                                                                                         place to live and we were
                        “My father was an                                                                                      sleeping in the fields. Eventually
                        alcoholic who                                                                                          my Mum also became sick from
                        humiliated and                                        “My mum and I were on our own. In                tuberculosis. I was 11 at the time.
                        treated my mum                                        1998 we came to Teen Challenge. My               I ended up alone on the streets:
                         violently.                                           mum is a teacher and she decided to              stealing, lying and begging.
                         Eventually they                                      commit herself to work with                      Somehow I found Teen Challenge
                          divorced. Before                                    unmanageable children. I came to                 where I found a new life, love and
                          long I had a step-                                  study at the same New Beginnings                 family. Here I also learned the
                          father. When my                                     School. Now I am a student at the                English language. I have just
                   mum wasn’t home he beat                                    Turar Ryskulov University. It is my              finished school and started
and abused me cruelly. We left him. I then
                                                                              dream is to help suffering people, too.”         studying at the College of Foreign
began to smoke, drink alcohol, run away
from home, steal and didn’t go to school.
                                                                              Marsha Gushina, 2007 Graduate,                   Languages. ” Sergei Lee, 2007
Seven years ago we found Teen Challenge                                       New Beginnings School.                           Graduate, NBS
and are now a happy family. This year I              “My father was imprisoned for eight years and died there. My
entered ‘Avicenna’ Medical College. I hope
                                                    mother was such a cruel person that she thrashed my sister so
to be surgeon in the future”. Valera
                                                    bad that she killed her. Since that time I have never heard
Doudnic, 2007 Graduate, New
                                                    anything about her. My grandmother began to bring me up.
Beginnings School
                                                    Because of my congenital allergy I couldn’t eat normally and my
“When I was three years old my father was
                                                    eyesight failed. Doctors even said that I wouldn’t live. I felt rejected
put into prison. We have not seen him since.
                                                    and not valued. My heart was full of unforgiveness. I started
My mother tried to do her best but we chose
bad ways. My elder sister became a drug             smoking cigarettes at age six and later drank, smoked marijuana,
addict, and when I was 10 years old I started       and became a criminal. After my grandmother’s death relatives
sniffing glue. I didn’t study at school and         brought me to Teen Challenge. Here I found love, care and            “My mother disappeared. My
didn’t live at home. My life was really wild.       recognition and my place in life. My dream is to become a            Father married another
My mother brought me to Teen Challenge              mechanic and this year I started studying at the Auto College. I
                                                                                                                         woman who rejected me and my
when I was 13. I ended up being here for six        couldn’t be happier.” Misha Natalenko, 2007 Graduate, NBS            younger brother. Nobody was
years. This year I have started studying at                                                                              interested in me. I began to
the State College of New Technologies.                                       “I was born into an ordinary family. My smoke, steal, drink and wagged
There were times when I thought I would                                      mother and her sister fought often.         school. I thought that this was
never be free but now I look to my future                                     Mum started to disappear for long          cool. By the age of 15 I had
with new hope.” Dmitriy Linauskas,                                             periods and my aunty was an               tried everything but I was
2007 Graduate, NBS
                                                                               alcoholic. My siblings and I starved.     disappointed and full of anger. I
                       “My parents divorced                                                                              didn’t want to live. The cry of my
                       when I was eight years
                                                                                Eventually we lost our house and
                                                                                lived on the streets. Once we came       broken heart was heard and I
                       old. We had no place
                       to live. Mum couldn’t                                     to Teen Challenge things started to found Teen Challenge. Here I
                       find any stable job. Our                                   get better. I started attending school received freedom from bad
                                                                                                                         habits and have learned to love
                       lives were completely                                      again. But then our aunty came and and help other guys to
                       broken. More than once       took us and even more horrors began. My little brother and           overcome addiction. This year I
                       we wanted to die. Seven      sister were given to an orphanage. Teen Challenge came to also have entered the College of
                       years ago we found a         the rescue again. After a while all three of us were adopted by Communications. I am now sure
                       new family and hope in       a very lovely couple. I started a new life, better than I could      there are good things ahead for
                       Teen Challenge. This         have imagined. My new mother works in Teen Challenge. I hve me.” Kamil Kadirov, 2007
year I have graduated from New Beginnings
School and entered State Technology
                                                    also since learned to play guitar and now have my own band Graduate, NBS
University. In the future I will be a designer. I   “Alkor”. This year I graduated from school and entered the
want to help people look beautiful.” Nadya          Academy of Cinema and Television. ”Aleksei Zinevich, 2007
Zhourba, 2007 Graduate, NBS                         Graduate, NBS

 ... Today, a future of joy and promise!
...From nothing to everything!
Students and workers numbering more than 500 men, women and teens
                                                                                                              Now we have a new
                                                                                                              roof, warmth and
reside in our 15 Teen Challenge drug and alcohol rehabilitation and refuge                                    comfort...
centres in Almaty and the regions beyond.

                                      wort      h ...
               ,   care a nd personal
Finding love

                                        Many who have been
                                        abandoned or abused have
                                        found a place to call home. . .                      We have big goals
                                                                                             And we reach them...

                                                                                                           We return

                                                                                                          sons to moth
                 teachers have tu
                                  rned                                                                                  ers,
  Our wonderful

Serving our city!
  pieces into mas                                                                                        husbands to

 “Teen Challenge Kazakhstan” actively participated in celebrating the “Nauryz” Central Asian ‘New Year’ holiday in March 2007

                                                             Serving our people!
  in several parts of the city and province. It is great to have the privilege of serving our local communities.
                   Almaty province
                                                                                         Turksib region, Almaty city
 Teen Challenge Kazakhstan partners

Thanks for your support in 2007
A huge ‘thank you’ to all our partners for giving to the work of Teen Challenge.
We are very grateful to you for helping us continue to change lives in this great nation.
Please remember us again in 2008.

Local Sponsors
!Мoses and Yook Lee                 !’Almatygoroformlenie’
!Patrick and Aneliya Boyle
                                    !’Kaz Mouz Torg’
! Z.S.Omarova                       !’Alina ltd.’
!S.M.Sarsenbaeva                    !’Transstroimost’
!G.Mustafina                        !Z.Zakirov, MSK
!Nikolai Ryabinin and Olga Taranova
!Girin family
!G.Husainova                        !’Shugat ltd.’
!E.N.Abdurahmanov                   !’Technodom’
!Roza Batalova                      !’Keruen’
!Karlov family
!Suleimanov family
!Peter and Jan Mau                  !’Sunkar’
!B.P.Parigin                        !’Zavod Electrokabel’
!G.E.Kanadanova                     !’Stroimaterialy & C’
                                    !’NRG’                                      International sponsors
!Roza Yeskalieva                    !’Domino Donat’                              Child Sponsors through World Relief - Australia
!Pheliks Senko                      !’Aksai Karier’                              Faith! Dandenong - Australia
!Semenov family                     !’Samatshoutechnick’                         Global Development Group - Australia
!N.S.Litvinenko                     !Print House ‘Master’                        Toowoomba AOG - Australia
                                                                                 City Life - Australia
!Elena Leyman                       !’Childhood without barriers’                Kalgoorlie Oasis - Australia
!Lubov Shevchenko                   !’SK Inzhinirick’                            Nambour АOG - Australia
!G.N.Krasmik                        !KSK ‘Musin’                                 Richmond AOG - Australia
!Barsukov family
!DmitryHvan                         !’Salem’                                     City Edge CC - Australia
                                                                                 Covenant EFC
!Doctor Basset                                                                    Ipswich City AOG - Australia
!Askar Alaguzov                                                                   Cornerstone Trust - USA
!Alibeck Batalov                                                                  Manna Relief - Australia
!Talgat Mubarakshin                                                               Harvest AOG - Australia
!S.K.Kudaikulov                                                                   Private individual sponsors

                                                                                     Main Office:
                                                                                     Аddress :
                                                                                     Teen Challenge Kazakhstan
                                                                                     Almaty, 050049,
                                                                                     Zhuldiz 2 - Microdistrict
                                                                                     Dunentaeva Building 26a

                         ion info
                                                                                     Phone/Fax +7 /727/ 252 99 63, +7 /727/ 252 89 74


                                                                                     City and Regional Centres:
Teen Challenge Kazakhstan                                                                  ·    City men’s rehab programs - 251 99 54
ОБФ «Тин Чэллиндж Казахстан»
                                                                                                Farm Green Pastures city men’s rehab
РНН 600300071028
р/с 6007004
                                       INTERNATIONAL                                            programs - 234 04 22
                                       There are different ways you can
АФ АО Банк Туран Алем
                                       donate to TCK depending on your                     ·    Juvenile boys’ - 257 23 90
БИК 190501306
Код: 18                                situation or organization. Please                   ·    City women’s rehab programs - 257 06 04
                                       email or
                                       call Ira Plissak on (+7 777 370 39 72)
                                                                                           ·    Refuge - 257 08 58
Please email Treasurer, Ira Plissak, regarding any     so we can suggest how to help us in                 ·    Almaty regional rehab centres - 256 22 96
deposits made in the account stating   the best way possible.                                   Taldykorgan city men’s and women’s rehab
date of transaction, amount and                                                                      programs - +7 /7282/ 21 81 86
Intended use, if applicable.  THANK YOU!                                                   ·    New Beginnings School - 251 02 96

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