CT Scanning and its various uses

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					CT Scanning and its various uses.

CT scanners is a special type of X-ray machine that operates by sending X-ray beam from different angles
simultaneously for a multi-dimensional view. CT scans are used for more detailed images, which are especially
useful for surgeons prior a surgery, and even for diagnosis. It gives a clear image of the organ within the body, and
its measurements. CT scan (Computerized Tomography) imaging is of high importance is cases of tumors, when
the location is to be determined, the position, its measurements, and its extension etc is to be understood in clarity.
It not just helps in pinpointing the tumor, but surgeons use the scan images to conduct the surgery, as well as plan
the needed radiotherapy. No matter how small a tumor is or even if it is a nodule, it can be traced under a CT scan,
which is not visible on an X-ray image.

Though CT scanners where initially designed to take images of the brain, today, it is widely used to inspect the
kidney, liver, spine, back, chest, abdomen, dental structures and the extent of caries and the root affected etc.
Despite the cost of CT scans, it is recommended in many crucial cases where the study of the organ is a must for
making a valid conclusion and diagnosis. CT scanner prices vary, depending on the advanced technology
included. Bigger hospitals opt to own their own scanner to make their medical service complete and also

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A CT scan should not be confused with MRI. MRI is Magnetic Resonance imaging where the magnetic waves and
radio waves are used to produce images. CT scan uses x-rays.

If you are a potential candidate for dental implants, a scan is a must for a proper evaluation of your condition.
Dentists often ask for x-ray or even CT scanner prices to understand the position of your teeth and its condition as
well. Dental implants can be explained in simple words replacements for missing teeth. Who are the suitable
candidates for dental implants? Older people who have lost their teeth are common candidates for dental implants.
There are even young people who loose their teeth due to fall, or accidents, an extraction, or peridontal diseases.
Conditions like calcium depletion and osteoporosis has a vital impact on the teeth. These days we have almost
natural looking tooth that are designed to retain the natural look. CT scan for dental implants is one of the
preliminary steps which are a guideline for the dental surgeon to understand the vital structures, its position
making the procedure easier.

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