The Applications of Computer Tomography in Varied Fields

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					The Applications of Computer Tomography in
Varied Fields

Computer Tomography or CT scanners is considered as a highly efficient method for diagnosis and treatment of
various diseases. It is a painless technique employing x-ray machines for creating multiple images of body parts
that are generally difficult to analyze with conventional methods. The method is often considered reliable by most
of the physicians and medical technicians for detailed cross sectional view of body parts.

The application of this tomographic technique is extremely useful in the detection of different types of cancer in
patients of all ages. Different stages of the growth and its spreading across areas like liver, kidney, lungs, pancreas
etc. can be confirmed with this. Spinal and skeletal injuries can be studied precisely, as the equipment is capable
of generating images of the minute part of these parts and the cells surrounding them. Cardiovascular treatments
are also easy to detect and diagnose with the technique.

The benefits of taking CT scan have made physicians to recommend it to more number of patients. As a result of
this, the demand for the machine for clinical purpose is increasing day by day. The cost of CT scans varies with
type of machine and extended facilities. For example, the CT scanner prices for diagnostic purpose ranges up to
$700 and for multipurpose diagnosis the price may vary up to few thousands of dollars.

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Tomographic technique is helpful in dental implants also. The doctor can easily analyze the sensitive sinuses,
arteries and veins running through the oral cavity. CT scans for dental implants allow the dentist to carry out a
virtual surgery in his computer and then directly apply the procedure to the patient. The main advantage with the
method is that it makes the entire process of implantation a safe one.

The scanning procedure is same for almost all the disorders' diagnosis. First the patient is positioned in a sliding
table with the aid of pillows or straps. Then a contrast is given either orally or intravenously. The table is then
moved inside the tunnel of the machine and at this time, the x-ray devices mounted on sides of the equipment may
take images and later on the data is send to and processed by a computer for detailed analysis.

The usage of CT scanner prices does not limit up to the medical field. The technique is also widely used for
archeological studies and testing of nondestructive materials. It helps in unique creation of 2D and 3D images of
extinct species and increasing number of particular groups. The CT scanners used in this context have high
resolution and much penetrating power. The equipment uses X-rays for making the image of small pieces with
solid objects line bones or rocks.

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