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									                                                Attendees (Revised)
                                      National Network of Libraries for Health
                                               Stakeholder’s Meeting
                                                   June 17, 2005

Pierre-Gerlier Forest                 Emily Gruenwoldt                    Claudia von Zweck
Acting Chief Scientist /                 (unable to attend)               Executive Director
   Cameron Chair                      Senior Advisor, Research & Policy   Canadian Association of Occupational
Health Canada                         Development                            Therapists
Tunney's Pasture                      Association of Canadian Academic    CTTC Building, Suite 3400
                                                                          1125 Colonel By Dr
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9               Healthcare Organizations            Ottawa ON K1S 5R1     780 Echo Drive            
Documents c/o:                        Ottawa, ON K1S 5R7
Paula Crupi                 
                                                                          Peter Tugwell, Director
                                                                          Centre for Global Health
                                      David Mowat                         One Stewart Street, Room 203
Sean Berrigan                         Office of Public Health Practice    Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5
Director General                      Public Health Agency      
Strategic Office                      Health Canada
Library and Archives Canada           130 Colonnade Road
                                                                          Larry Chambers
550 de la Cité Blvd.                  Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9
                                                                          Élisabeth Bruyère Research
Gatineau QC K1A 0N4                   Document c/o
                                                                          SCO Health Service
                                                                          43 Bruyère St.
Tom Richardson                        Deborah Scott-Douglas               Ottawa, ON K1N 5C8
Library Services Coordinator          Canadian Medical Association
Canadian HIV/AIDS Information         1867 Alta Vista Drive
    Centre                            Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3Y6             Jeremy Grimshaw
Canadian Public Health              Ottawa Health Research Institute
                                                                          725 Parkdale Avenue
400 - 1565 Carling Avenue             France Légaré                       Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4E9
Ottawa ON K1Z 8R1                        (unable to attend)                        Professeure de clinique
                                      Département de médecine
Bernard J Dumouchel                      familiale
Director General                      Pavillon Ferdinand-Vandry
Canada Institute for Scientific and   Université Laval
   Technical Information              Québec, Canada G1K 7P4                          Facilitator
National Research Council   
   Canada                                                                 Wayne Glover
1200 Montreal Road                    Micheline Jaworski                  Associations First
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6               Canadian Nurses Association      50 Driveway, Ottawa ON
                                      K2P 1E2
John Cole                   
Head, Health Sciences Library
University of Calgary                 Costa Papadopoulos
HSC, 3330 Hospital Drive NW           Canadian Dental Association
Calgary AB T2N 4N1                    1815 Alta Vista Drive                    Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3Y6
Joe Losos
Institute of Population Health        Maria Judd for Dawn Burnett
One Stewart Street                    Canadian Physiotherapy
Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5                       Association                     2345 Yonge Street, Suite 410
                                      Toronto, ON M4P 2E5
Not attending                       Canadian Health Libraries
                                            Association /
Will meet with Task Force                 Association des
members at a later date:           bibliothèques de la santé du
Carolyn Bennett                               Canada
Minister of State                  National Network of Libraries
Health Canada                          for Health Task Force
Tunney's Pasture                             Members
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0K9
                                   In attendance:
Policy assistant:
Sinead Tuite
sinead_tuite@hc-sc.gc. ca          Patrick Ellis, Co-Chair
                                   Dalhousie University
Attending Canadian Library
Association Annual Meeting         Jessie McGowan, Co-Chair
and will present NNLH to CLA       Institute for Population Health
Board:                             University of Ottawa
Peggy Walshe             
Libraries in Transition
131 Wedgewood Dr                   Beverly Brown
Kitchener Ontario,                 Canada Institute for Scientific and
N2B 1E6                               Technical Information
                                   National Research Council
Receiving knighthood:                 Canada
Dr. Muir Gray            
Director, Clinical Process,
   Knowledge and Safety,           Liz Bayley
   National Programme for IT and   McMaster University
Director, UK National Screening
   Committee, National Health
   Service                         Jim Henderson
                                   McGill University
Joan Leishman            
Chair, Library Committee
Association of Faculties of        Unable to attend:
     Medicine of Canada
Director                           Tamsin Adams-Webber
University of Toronto              CHLA/ABSC President
Gerstein Science Information       Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
9 King's College Circle
Toronto ON M5S 1A5                 Linda Slater             University of Alberta

                                   Charlotte Beck
                                   University of British Columbia

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