CT Scans - Its Cost And Use For Dental Implants

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					CT Scans - Its Cost And Use For Dental Implants

The full form of CT scanning is Computed Tomography Scanning. CT scans is a technique which was introduced
in 1970, which helps to trace a problem inside the body and to confirm the diagnosis so as to provide the right
treatment. Originally CT scan was known as EMI scan and later called as body section rontgenography and
computer axial tomography. Recently it has been used for screening the disease and used in preventive medicine.
In 2007 about 72 million scans were performed. CT scanners are also used in some fields such as archeological
use, nondestructive materials testing etc.

This process involves the combination of x-rays and a computer. The x-ray tube will be rotated around the body
and the x-ray will be passed so as to form the sectional images of the tissues. The computer will give the output of
multiple images. A three dimensional image will be formed by using digital geometry processing. CT Scans is
now widely used over the last decades.

CT scanner prices vary widely. There are two ranges for cost of CT scans. The whole body CT scanning,
otherwise called as the cheaper screening CT scan and the other is more expensive diagnostic CT scan. The former
type is useful for an asymptomatic healthy person who needs to know whether there is any abnormal functioning
inside the body. It is commonly around
300 to 700 US dollars per body part, discount rate is also available. The other type is commonly used by a medical
practitioner in order to identify any condition, symptom or any injury. The price may range from 580 dollars to
1500 dollars per part of the body that has been scanned.

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Dental implants for dental implants are also performed. This technique is often used when having more complex
dental implants. It gives a 3-dimensional view of your jaw and takes the image within 20 seconds by positioning
you in an upright position. This type of scan has the ability to do virtual surgery which means that prior to do a
surgery, the person can perform the surgery on the computer.

Performing this scan will give you a clear picture of the sinuses, important anatomy, arteries and nerves so that the
safety measures can be ensured. For the dental implant procedure, there should be enough jaw bone and these
bones have to be much stronger to support and hold the implant. Pregnant women are not recommended to get
exposed to this scan because the radiation can cause adverse health effect to the unborn child.

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