How Are CT Scans Performed Effectively?

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					How Are CT Scans Performed Effectively?

The origin of CT scans can be traced back to the 70s, discovered by two British engineers Sir Godfrey Hounsfield
and Dr. Alan Cormack. It was mainly used for diagnosing medical diseases. A CT scanners are x ray machine
which sends several beams simultaneously and different angles through the body. X ray computed tomography is
considered as a medical imaging method. These machines have helped to improve the patient comfort level. The
improvements in this process led to higher resolution images and which ultimately helped to improve the
diagnosing capabilities. The doctors can detect the presence of tumors and small nodules which are not seen under
x ray.

The x rays that pass through the body are detected and their strength is measured. The ones that pass through less
thicker tissues like lungs will be stronger and the ones which pass through the denser tissues are weaker. This
information is input to the computer and processed to find the examined tissue's relative density. The result of this
analysis is displayed in the form of 2 dimensional images and showed in a monitor.

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This device was actually designed to take the images of the brain and now as the technology advanced, they are
used for taking images of any part of the body. They are also used for diagnosing the bleeding that occurs in the
brain along with brain tumors and other brain damages. Not only in the brain, but also have helped to find tumors
present in any part of the body for quick and effective treatment. It scans the body and finds out if the individual is
suffering from any kind of lung diseases also. Some other uses of these machines include detection of internal
injuries like torn kidney or spleen, bone injury mainly in the spine area. Sometimes the usage of CT scans for
dental implants are imperative for the patient. Cone beam CT scanning is used in the case of dental implants as it
utilizes 2% less radiation and also gives more accuracy to the area which is to be scanned.

Coming to the types of these machines, it is seen that they are two types depending upon the CT scanner prices.
There are cheap ones or the whole body scans or the diagnostic scans are the two types. The expensive ones are
preferred by doctors as they are more accurate and precise. The cost of CT scans is an important factor
determining the purchase of this device. Even though they are very effective in diagnosing, they have got some
side effects on the patients. Either they might be allergic to the liquid dye injected to the veins of the patient.

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