An overall view of CT scan and their uses

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					An overall view of CT scan and their uses

CT stands for computer tomography, and the scanning using CT machines includes imaging using computer
processing. It helps advanced scanning by creating three dimensional X-ray images of objects. CT scansis most
commonly used in the medical field. But their uses are also widely popular in testing non-destructive materials.
Their uses are also widely popular in the field of biology where it is used for testing specimens.

It is the uses of CT scanners in the field of medicine that has given it a wide reputation. The most important
contribution has been cranial CT scans. With its unique technology in computed tomography, the scanning
machines are able to get X-ray pictures of head, skull, eye socket, brain and orbits. In the medical field it is known
by many names, based on which area you want to scan. For example a scan to the head is termed as Head CT.
Dental implant has also found important usages with CT scans. CT scans for dental implants is also popular.
Instead of creating an outline of the teeth, this type of scanning forms a three dimensional image of the teeth
structure. This helps the doctors to point out the specific tooth or area which is affected and helps in effective
dental implants.

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Security being a major issue, scanning the airport baggage can be a cause for headache. With CT scans, checking
luggage and containers has been easier than ever. They are present in almost all airports in the United States. The
bags and luggage are passed through a tunnel that surrounds them. The x-rays come in contact with CT scansthe
materials and records the data in computers. In addition to finding out the details inside, the scanners are also able
to weigh them, find the density and calculate the mass. It has special mechanism to identify dangerous materials
based on density and mass.

If you own any company or industry where there is excess storage of luggage, a CT scanner is a necessity. CT
scanner prices can vary depending on what type you are buying. Today there are specially designed scanners for
both medical and industrial purposes. The cost of CT scans for dental implants for body scanning can vary from
$300 to $1200. Depending on where it is done the cost of the machine can vary. The price can also vary depending
on the insurance. The insurance will also affect the coverage, co-payment and the deductible of the CT scanner.
Always buy them from reputable dealers. Do not hesitate to seek advice from experts regarding brand names and

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