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                                                                          GAME CHANGERS
                                                                              May 5, 2011
                                                                      ASHEVILLE, NC
Welcome to Carolina Connect 2011!

Carolina Connect is one of AdvantageWest’s most anticipated annual events, bringing together some
of the brightest and forward-thinking minds in the region and beyond to network and share their
collective wisdom. Sparks fly at Carolina Connect as entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and investors
connect with one another, developing innovative ideas, creating collaborations, and even launching
new ventures.

In this, our eighth year, we have created a collaboration of our own. For the first time,
AdvantageWest is joined by Mountain BizWorks in bringing you this event. With both organizations
focused on entrepreneurial development, an alliance seemed only natural and we are delighted for
this opportunity to work together.

We are thrilled about bringing our keynote speaker, Peter Shankman, to Western North Carolina
for the first time. If you haven’t seen him in action, prepare to be blown away by his energetic style
and the cost-effective, yet simple, PR, marketing and social media strategies he’ll present. Whether
you’re a startup or mature company, big business or small, for-profit or nonprofit, we’re certain
you’ll take away ideas you can put into practice immediately. This is the kind of high-level talent that
participants at Carolina Connect have come to expect and we’re so happy Peter is making time for
us as he travels around the globe to speak.

We’re also excited about our other presenters. The day starts with a bang with our smart and savvy
young entrepreneurs – you’ll be inspired by what they’ve already accomplished. We end with our
panel of “entreprebrewers” who will share how they grew and succeeded by doing things differently
– with one eye on their business and the other on the greater good of the community. In between,
we have six breakout sessions you can choose from – be warned that it won’t be easy to decide
which to attend!

Another exciting part of the day will be the announcement of the winner of AdvantageWest and
VERVE magazine’s business plan competition, which drew an impressive 40 entries from across
Western North Carolina. We can’t wait to hand over a cash and prize package worth $10,000 to one
woman entrepreneur for her big idea!

In closing, we offer our gratitude to the Carolina Connect planning committee and our sponsors, as
well as all our participants, for their time and support to make today’s event possible. We’ve had a
great time putting this together for you and hope you find it a valuable resource as you grow your

Pam Lewis, Senior VP Entrepreneurial Development, AdvantageWest
Shaw Canale, CEO, Mountain BizWorks
                      Conference Schedule at a Glance
7:30 – 8:30 a.m.     Registration and Networking Breakfast
8:30 – 9:00 a.m.     Welcome to Carolina Connect                                                       Grand Ballroom
                     Opening Remarks – “Game Changers”
                     Shaw Canale, Mountain Bizworks
                     Pam Lewis, AdvantageWest

9:00 – 10:15 a.m.    Opening Session - Introduction: Jim Roberts, NC COIN                              Grand Ballroom
                     “Bein’ Young & Rockin’ It”
                     Lesley Groetsch, Entrepreneur and radio host
                     Jeremy Edgell, kiveo, LLC
                     Windsor Hanger, Her Campus Media
                     Chris Yura, SustainU Clothing

10:15 – 10:45 a.m.   Break (Networking Game)                                                           Ballroom Foyer

                     “Get Your Head In the Cloud: Chaos & Opportunity in Cloud Computing”
                     “Level Up: How to Avoid Pitfalls in Marketing & Hiring for Sales Success”
10:45 – 12:00 p.m.   Concurrent Breakouts – Session I

                     “Scoring Points with Investors: Finding Funds for Your Venture”
                                                                                                       Grand Ballroom
                                                                                                       Alexander (2nd Floor)
                                                                                                       Swannanoa(2nd Floor)

12:00 – 12:30 p.m.   Break (Networking Game)                                                           Ballroom Foyer

12:30 – 1:15 p.m.    Lunch                                                                             Grand Ballroom

                     Peter Shankman
1:15 – 2:15 p.m.     Keynote: The Near-Future World of OneScreen                                       Grand Ballroom
                     Introduction: Pam Lewis, AdvantageWest

2:15 – 2:45 p.m.     Networking & Book Signing with Peter Shankman                                     Ballroom Foyer

                     “Relentless Innovation as a Regional - and Business - Strategy”
                     “Keep Your Business Going for Generations: Succession Planning”
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.     Concurrent Breakouts – Session II

                     “B-ing the Change: Deciding if B Corp Certification is Right for your Business”
                                                                                                       Grand Ballroom

                                                                                                       Swannanoa (2nd Floor)
                                                                                                       Alexander (2nd Floor)

4:00 – 5:00 p.m.     Closing Session - Introduction: Mary Lou Surgi, Blue Ridge Food Ventures          Grand Ballroom
                     “Pay It Forward: Doing Well by Doing Good”
                     John Mark Stroud, Spake Real Estate
                     Joe Eckert, Jack of the Wood
                     Mike Rangel, Asheville Pizza and Brewing
                     Oscar Wong, Highland Brewing Company
                     Jeanine Buscher & Sarah Schomber, Busci Kombucha Brewery

5:00 – 5:30 p.m.     AdvantageWest/VERVE Biz Plan Competition Winner                                   Grand Ballroom
                     Pam Lewis, AdvantageWest
                     Shaw Canale, Mountain BizWorks
                     Jess McCuan, VERVE

                     Networking Game Winner
                     Erica Allison, Allison Development

                     Closing Remarks
                     Scott Hamilton, AdvantageWest
                     Shaw Canale, Mountain BizWorks

5:30 – 6:30 p.m.     Networking Reception                                                              Patio of Renaissance
                  Conference Schedule Details & Speaker Bios

                                    8:30 a.m: OPENING REMARKS
                  Pam Lewis, Senior VP Entrepreneurial Development, AdvantageWest
                                Shaw Canale, CEO, Mountain BizWorks
                                      Location: Grand Ballroom

                 9:00 a.m: OPENING PANEL: “Bein’ Young & Rockin’ It”
            Introduction: Jim Roberts, Center of Innovation in Nanobiotechnology (COIN)
                                     Location: Grand Ballroom

What led these young entrepreneurs to start their own ventures? How have they achieved success at such a young age?
Panelists include: Jeremy Edgell, whose Polk County-based tech company, kiveo LLC, works with clients from WNC to
California to Italy; Asheville native Windsor Hanger, co-founder of HerCampus.com, who was named to Inc. magazine’s “30
Under 30 Coolest Young Entrepreneurs”; Chris Yura, whose company, SustainU, is a leading producer of apparel using 100%
recycled fabrics manufactured in the US. Lesley Groetsch, owner of downtown Asheville restaurants Sazerac and Tingles Café
and co-host of Local Edge Radio on 880AM The Revolution, is discussion leader.

                                 As the owner of two restaurants and a public relations firm, Lesley Groetsch is a serial
Lesley Groetsch (Discussion Leader)
                                 entrepreneur. Two years ago, she and Blake Butler, a colleague and friend, approached radio
                                 station 880 The Revolution about launching a local progressive talk show. The Saturday
                                 show was an instant success and quickly moved to the coveted Friday afternoon drive-time
                                 slot. It was then expanded to five days a week and has garnered an active and engaged

                                 Lesley is the mother of three daughters, a cat and a hamster (the animals are adopted),
                                 and in her spare time...wait, she has no spare time! If she had spare time, she would dance,
                                 hike and read non-fiction. When she is not on the air, she is reading newspapers and blogs,
                                 serving customers at one of her downtown Asheville restaurants, Tingles Café and Sazerac,
                                 or crafting press releases. She is a Gemini omnivore and loves cucumber water and chai tea.

                                  Jeremy Edgell may have been born in West Virginia, but knew he was home the first time he
Jeremy Edgell (Panelist)
                                  visited the foothills of Western North Carolina. Having lived in Germany, Costa Rica, the
                                  outskirts of DC and various other busy places, the allure of calm, down-to-earth, sensible
                                  living spoke to him.

                                  Jeremy originally discovered Tryon when offered a job for a local web development firm.
                                  When that firm decided to move to Asheville, Jeremy decided to stay in Polk County. Taking
                                  a layoff, he and two other developers, Miles Phillips and Briley Hooper, opened kiveo,
                                  LLC. Knowing local business owners, as well as pulling in programming, social media
                                  development and call center work from as far abroad as California and Italy, kiveo has
                                  shown how to form a successful high tech business in what otherwise might be referred to
                                  as “the sticks.”

                                  Windsor Hanger was born and raised right here in Asheville. An alumna of Hanger Hall
Windsor Hanger (Panelist)
                                  School for Girls and Asheville High School, Windsor is a 2010 cum laude graduate of
                                  Harvard University where she majored in the History of Science with a citation in French.

                                  Windsor co-founded Her Campus Media (www.hercampus.com) in September 2009 with
                                  two of her classmates from Harvard. Since its launch, Her Campus has formed content
                                  partnerships with Seventeen magazine, SELF magazine and The Huffington Post and has
                                  been featured in The New York Times, Yahoo Finance, CNN Money, AOL Money College, CBS

                                  and on New England Cable News, ABC News Now and Fox25 News, among others.
                                  MoneyWatch, The Boston Globe, U.S. News & World Report, seventeen.com, Business Insider,

                                   At Her Campus, Windsor leads all business development, marketing and sales, and has been
                                  responsible for bringing on clients including Juicy Couture, New Balance, Pinkberry, LOFT,
                                  Popchips, Honest Tea and The Body Shop. Before founding Her Campus, Windsor interned
in the Marketing department at Bloomingdale’s, as well as in the Beauty and Advertising departments at OK! magazine. In the
past year, Windsor has been named to Inc. magazine’s “30 Under 30 Coolest Young Entrepreneurs,” Glamour magazine’s “20
Amazing Young Women,” and The Boston Globe’s “25 Most Stylish Bostonians.”

                                   Chris Yura grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia where in high school he was named West
Chris Yura (Panelist)
                                   Virginia State Player of the Year, setting state records for touchdowns in a season (50) and
                                   in a career (102). He earned a scholarship to attend the University of Notre Dame, where he
                                   became a four-year letterman in football, graduating with a degree in Sociology and
                                   Computer Applications. He worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, fitness
                                   instructor and health club manager after graduation before being scouted as a fashion

                                  From the athletic realm to the fashion realm, Chris moved to New York City and began a
                                  career with Ford Model Management, where he was featured in ads, commercials, fashion
                                  magazines and catalogs. During this five-year period, Chris learned about the international
                                  clothing market and the growing sustainable fashion movement. In 2009, seeing the
                                  “green-washing” and misleading marketing techniques used by many clothing companies
                                  to capture the attention of the conscious consumer, Chris started American based apparel
company SustainU, LLC, to provide an authentic alternative in fashion and to create social and economic change while
conserving natural resources.

The company is a leading producer of apparel using 100% recycled fabrics manufactured in the US and was chosen by the
Clinton Foundation to be the apparel used for the “Take Initiative” Program nationwide on Earth Day 2010.

                                      10:15 a.m. - NETWORKING BREAK

                                      10:45 a.m. - BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Location: Grand Ballroom
  Get Your Head in the Cloud: Chaos and Opportunity in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most transformative and disruptive technologies to come along in years, and the opportunities that it
Introductions: Hunter Goosmann, General Manager, ERC Broadband

promises are enormous. From private industry to government, cloud computing can save startup costs and allow business to be more
agile, flexible and resilient. But like all sharp tools, cloud computing can cut both ways. Businesses that use cloud computing in the right
way can seriously benefit, but not without some careful planning. Join our experts for a lively discussion of the benefits of this emerging

In his role as Director of IT Services for the City of Asheville, NC, Jonathan Feldman fosters innovation, including cloud computing
Jonathan Feldman (Presenter)
practices, while making sure that parachutes are ready and packed. Asheville is a rapidly growing city; it was recently named Fodor’s top
travel destination and has been recognized nationally and internationally (including the receiving International Economic Development
Council New Media Award) for improving services to citizens and reducing expenses through IT innovation.

Jonathan’s 20 years’ experience with government, military, law enforcement, financial services and healthcare technology informs his
work with IT innovation. He’s written, taught and consulted extensively on security, human resource management and IT soft skills,
notably as co-author of “Maximum Security” and author of “Teach Yourself Network Troubleshooting.”

As a consultant and award-winning Network Computing and InformationWeek contributing editor, he has worked with dozens of
public- and private-sector organizations, helping them calculate the real business benefits, risks and appropriate governance of new
technologies and surrounding practices and policy.

Jonathan is a frequent speaker at venues including Interop and Cloud Connect. He has been active in the IT community with groups such
as Infragard and GMIS International, and holds an MS degree from Georgia Tech.

Troy is a leading visionary, thought leader and champion of cloud computing, pushing the envelope for what can be done in education
Troy Tolle (Presenter)
today and building for the future. For more than a decade, after leaving academia, Troy has been engaging the Fortune 500 and the US
Government in emerging software technologies that have helped improve process and functionality without compromising usability.

His passion for excellence in education and pushing the limits of software inspired Troy to co-found Infinity Learning Solutions, where
he serves as Chief Technology Officer, and built its flagship product DigitalChalk. He is the author of multiple patent applications in
the arena of synchronized multimedia and video authoring utilizing cloud technology. His desire to ignite a passion for education and
entrepreneurship in others has led him to partner with Google and numerous universities to provide scholarship initiatives in those

 Troy sits on the Board of Directors for i-Cubed, a technology company focused on engineering assets, and is on the Strategic Advisory
Board at NC State University for the Computer Science department, the Advisory Cabinet for US Congressman Heath Shuler, and is
the Chair of the Board for the AB Tech Entrepreneurial Development Foundation. He has been called on numerous times by Amazon’s
cloud technology team for feedback on emerging technologies and travels extensively speaking on topics that include education, cloud
computing and social media.

Location: Alexander Room
  Level Up: How to Avoid Pitfalls in Marketing & Hiring for Sales Success

Introduction: Kathi Petersen, KP Communications
Discussion Leader: Buz Buzogany, CAE, CASE, Buzogany Associates
Tips on sales and marketing especially targeting startups and small businesses. Panelists are Gerald Eldridge, who has
launched two successful start-ups and whose current Asheville-based company, Advanced Data, is on track to double its sales
in less than 24 months; Tony McCune of DigitalChalk, which has experienced 300% growth in the past year; and George Pfei-
ffer Jr, of Asheville-based U-Save Car and Truck Rental, who was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Buz Buzogany, founder and principle of Buzogany Associates, creates business revenue opportunities for associations through
Buz Buzogany (Discussion Leader)
the development and implementation of sponsorship, exhibition, affinity, advertising and fundraising programs. The firm
has represented more than 35 not-for-profit associations and three foundations in the past eight years, as well as creating a
business-to-business trade show, The Green Procurement Exposition & Conference.
Prior to Buzogany Associates, Buz served as President and CEO of the Broadcast Cable Financial Management Association and
the Broadcast Cable Credit Association for more than a decade. He was also the Executive Director of a for-profit arm of the
National Association of Television Program Executives, pioneering one of the first email and broadcast facsimile services in the

Buz has also served as creative director for an advertising agency in Cleveland, OH, and as director of advertising/marketing
for television stations in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco, plus a stint at WLOS-TV in Asheville. He was the creator
of the FOX Kid’s Club for the FOX Broadcasting Network and is a recipient of numerous media awards including an Emmy for
local news and awards for advertising and TV programming.

Buz is both a Certified Association Executive (CAE) and a Certified Association Sales Executive (CASE), the only holder of
dual recognition in association history. He has authored more than 50 articles in trade publications and spoken at numerous
industry functions.

Gerald Edridge has been in the business of creating and cultivating loyal relationships in the B2B space for 25 years. He thrives
Gerald Eldridge (Panelist)
on helping small- to medium- sized businesses grow responsibly by identifying strong fits in the appropriate market segments,
by crafting the message, then going out and effectively telling the story. He has brought on clients such as HGTV, Food Network,
DIY, FLN, CMT, RayCom Sports, BBDO, and Brains on Fire while at The Scully Group.

Gerald also served as Director of International Sales for Dagger Kayak, where he developed new methods of distribution in the
US, Canada, and abroad. He also cultivated strong, lasting relationships with distributors across the globe, which helped Dagger
grow to be the number one manufacturer of whitewater kayaks in the world.

He has the experience of launching two successful start-ups and currently is Vice President of Business Development at
Advanced Data and Network Solutions Inc in Asheville, where he is on track to double sales in less than two years.

Tony is a founding partner at Infinity Learning Solutions, where he serves as Vice President of Sales & Marketing, responsible
Tony McCune (Panelist)
for all business development including marketing and sales execution.

Prior to ILS, Tony was the Director of Software Solutions at the CrossLogic corporation and was responsible for strategic
alliances for CrossLogic including a partnership with IBM.

Tony is a US Marine Corp veteran and has held hardware design engineer and software programming positions before
transitioning to business development in 1994.

George Pfeiffer started his career in 1983 while in college by working at the Global Headquarters for Ryder Systems/Ryder
George Pfeiffer Jr (Panelist)
Truck Rental in Miami. Promoted four times, he worked in various positions before being transferred to Greenville, SC to serve
as a sales rep.

 In 1990, George decided to head back to Miami to see what opportunities existed. He made a list of companies to visit, starting
one called Gator Leasing, a small operation he says he had “no real interest in but stopped in because it was on the way to
company number two.” With the “brash audacity of a 26 year old” he told the owner he could help the company double their
fleet of 100 trucks.

Fast forward to 2008. After winning Ernst & Young’s Regional Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007, the company had locations in
10 cities, more than 300 employees, and a fleet of 3,000-plus trucks. It was purchased by Ryder Truck Rental for $118 million.
As Executive VP, George was offered a great package to stay, but feeling the entrepreneurial spirit he moved to Asheville to
open U-Save Car and Truck Rental.

U-Save started with three cars in September 2008; within two years, they had more than 150. Still owner of U-Save, George
recently joined forces with a former employee to oversee a rapidly expanding business in the transportation and logistics field.
The company is on this year’s Inc. 500 and they are on their way to multi-state growth.

Location: Swannanoa Room
  Scoring Points with Investors: Finding Funds for your Venture

Introduction: Dale Carroll, Deputy Secretary & COO, NC Dept of Commerce
These panelists will discuss what entrepreneurs need to be aware of when seeking funding for their startups: Shaw Canale,
CEO of Mountain BizWorks and a veteran banking executive; Stephen P. Miller, who has worked for 34 years with the Biltmore
company, which boasts $140 million in annual revenue; Carlton Murrey, of Carolina Financial Group, whose experience includes
investment banking as well as a five-year stint as a co-owner of Curtis Wright Outfitters; and Horace Stimson, who has worked
for nearly 40 years with 100-plus companies in more than a dozen industries as an entrepreneur and angel investor. Discussion
leader is John Stanier, of Carolina Financial Group.

John Stanier, Managing Director of Carolina Financial Group, joined CFS’s investment banking practice in March of 2004. He
John Stanier (Discussion Leader)
brings a depth of investment banking expertise to CFS having worked for the last 16 years as a banker to the leverage buyout and
venture capital community as well as being both a high yield finance and media and telecommunications specialist.

Prior to joining CFS, John was a Managing Director with Merrill Lynch’s Financial Sponsor Group in London. He spent nearly 10
years in London as a banker with both Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase. John began his career as analyst in the Corporate
Finance training program with Chase Manhattan Bank - New York. After spending 15 years living in New York and London, John
and his family are pleased to have settled in the mountains of North Carolina.

John is active with local charities, including service as a Board member and Treasurer for the Friends of the Western North
Carolina Nature Center. He has an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University.

Shaw Canale (Panelist)
Shaw Canale joined Mountain BizWorks as the Chief Executive Officer in 2009. Mountain BizWorks provides loans, consulting and
training to entrepreneurs and small business in Western North Carolina. Shaw brings a wealth of experience to Mountain BizWorks.
Between 1997 and 2007, she was the Executive Director/CEO of Cascadia Revolving Fund, a certified double bottom line Community
Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) serving urban and rural entrepreneurs in Washington and Oregon. In 2007, Cascadia
merged with ShoreBank Enterprise Pacific, a two-year process that Shaw was instrumental in initiating and overseeing. Shaw served as
Executive Vice President of the merged organization, ShoreBank Enterprise Cascadia for several months before leaving to start The Shaw
Company, a consulting practice she formed in 2007 to provide management consulting to non-profits and CDFIs.

Shaw’s early career was in commercial banking in the Seattle area with the Bank of California (now Union Bank) and then with First
Interstate Bank (now Wells Fargo).

As Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee, Steve Miller serves as the top non-family executive
Steve Miller (Panelist)
for The Biltmore Company in Asheville. During his 34-year career with the company, Steve has played a key leadership role in
building Biltmore, owned by members of the Vanderbilt/Cecil family, into the most visited historic home in the United States,
with over one million visitors each year, $140 million in annual revenue, and 1,900 employees. He is taking early retirement
from The Biltmore Company on June 30 to further pursue his personal mission of working with family business leaders to help
them develop world class, sustainable family enterprises to serve their customers, employees, families, and communities.

Steve is a Board member of Asheville Savings Bank; Draper and Kramer, a fourth-generation family-owned real estate
development and management firm headquartered in Chicago; Celebration Associates, a real estate development firm
headquartered in Hot Springs, Virginia; and Bacchus Capital Management, a financing and investment firm focused on the wine
industry. He is past chair of the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce among countless other boards and organizations.

Steve graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in business administration from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
where he now serves as an adjunct professor for family business at the Kenan-Flagler Business School. He is also a graduate of
UNC’s Executive Program and Harvard’s Advanced Management Program.

Carlton Murrey joined Carolina Financial Group’s investment banking practice in 2010 after completing a successful in-house
Carlton Murrey (Panelist)
investment banking/business development assignment with a key client that lasted more than two years. He returned to
investment banking in early 2008 after spending five years as a co-owner of Curtis Wright Outfitters, a retail store and guide
service with three locations in Western North Carolina. While at CWO, he was responsible for marketing, guide services, and
business development, including the design and facilitation of leadership training programs.

Prior to starting CWO in March 2003, Carlton worked in the Retail and Consumer Products investment banking group at
Wachovia Securities. Before business school, he was a manager in Client Services and Business Development for US Inspect, a
home inspection company.

Carlton earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in German from the University of North Carolina Asheville and was awarded the Russ
Reynolds Foreign Language Award and the Manly E. Wright Award for Outstanding Scholarship while graduating summa cum
laude with distinction. After graduation, he studied as a Fulbright Scholar in Münster, Germany. He received his MBA from the
Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

An entrepreneur and angel investor, Horace Stimson has enjoyed nearly 40 years working with over 100 companies in more
Horace Stimson (Panelist)
than a dozen industries. He and his wife retired to their farm in 1997; his venture resources company now manages their
angel and venture capital investments.

Horace continues to volunteer extensively in the entrepreneur community as Chairman Emeritus for the statewide Advisory
Board of the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC), a business advisory service of the UNC system. He
is a member of the advisory and investment committees for the Rural Venture Fund; co-founder (with Timothy Janke) of the
Inception Micro Angel Fund (IMAF) Family of Funds, IMAF Source Capital, US/NC Capital Highways, and the NC Foundation
For Entrepreneurs; a lead faculty member in North Carolina for the Kauffman Foundation’s seminar, “Power of Angel Investing
– An Overview”; and the private sector leader of the SBTDC team that developed the seminars “Becoming An Investor-Ready
Entrepreneur” and “NC Angels: Investing Close to Home.” He was also founding chairman of the Piedmont Entrepreneurs
Network and has served on boards of numerous companies and not-for-profit.

He financed his Bachelor of Science and MBA degrees from Cornell University with proceeds from a dairy herd started at age
seven. He was in product / brand management with the Colgate-Palmolive Company in NYC and served in Europe as a captain
in the US Army. His last assignment was Chief of Intelligence, Operations and Training as well as Civil Affairs Officer for the
NATO/SHAPE Support Group (US).

                                12:00 p.m. - NETWORKING AND LUNCH
                          1:15 - KEYNOTE SPEAKER: PETER SHANKMAN

                                   Location: Renaissance Ballroom
                                “The Near-Future World of OneScreen”
            Introduction: Pam Lewis, Senior VP Entrepreneurial Development, AdvantageWest

                                                       PR Week Magazine has described Peter as “redefining the art of networking,” and
                                                       Investor’s Business Daily has called him “crazy, but effective.” Peter Shankman is a
                                                       spectacular example of what happens when you merge the power of pure
                                                       creativity with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and a dose of
                                                       adventure, and make it work to your advantage.

                                                       An author, entrepreneur, speaker, and worldwide connector, Peter is recognized
                                                       worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about Social Media, PR, marketing,
                                                       advertising, and customer service.

                                                       Peter is best known for founding Help A Reporter Out (HARO), which in under
                                                       a year became the de-facto standard for thousands of journalists looking for
                                                       sources on deadline, offering them more than 200,000 sources around the world
                                                       looking to be quoted in the media. HARO is currently the largest free source
                                                       repository in the world, sending out over 1,500 queries from worldwide media
                                                       each week. In June of 2010, less than two years after Peter started HARO in his
                                                       apartment, it was acquired by Vocus, Inc.

                                                     Peter is also the founder and CEO of The Geek Factory, Inc., a boutique Social
                                                     Media, Marketing and PR Strategy firm located in New York City, with clients
worldwide. His blog, which he launched in 1995 at http://shankman.com, both comments on and generates news and conversation.

Peter’s PR and Social Media clients have included American Express, Sprint, The US Department of Defense, Royal Bank of Canada,
Snapple Beverage Group, Saudi Aramco, Foley Hoag, LLP, NASA, Haworth, Walt Disney World, Abercrombie and Kent, The Ad Council,
Discovery Networks, New Frontier Media, Napster, Juno, Dream Catcher Destinations Club, Harrah’s Hotels, and many, many others.

Peter is the author of two books: “Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work and Why Your Company Needs Them” (Wiley
and Sons 2006) and “Customer Service: New Rules for a Social-Media World” (Que/Pearson, 2011), whivhe he will sell and sign after
his presentation. He is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop presenter at conferences and tradeshows worldwide, including
South By Southwest, Affiliate Summit, BlogWorld, The Public Relations Society of America, The International Association of Business
Communicators, OMMA (Online Media Marketing and Advertising), Mobile Marketing Asia, and the Direct Marketing Association. He
also sits on the advisory boards of several companies, including ScotteVest, Pixability, and the NASA Civilian Advisory Council. He’s also
an angel investor, specializing mostly in very early stage tech and social media companies.

A marketing pundit for several national and international news channels, including Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, Peter is frequently
quoted in major media and trade publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The New
York Daily News, The Associated Press, Reuters and USA Today.

A proud Boston University graduate, Peter started his career at America Online as a Senior News Editor, helping found the AOL
Newsroom and spearheading coverage of the Democratic and Republican 1996 conventions, which marked the first time an online
news service covered any major political event.

Born and raised in New York City, Peter still resides there with his two psychotic cats, Karma and NASA, who consistently deny his
repeated requests to relinquish the couch. In the few hours of spare time Peter has per month he’s completed 13 marathons, seven
Olympic distance triathlons, two half-Ironman triathlons, and one full Ironman Triathlon. He’s also a “B” licensed skydiver with over
220 jumps. In 2011, he’s focusing on moving to 10% body fat, and is documenting his attempt publicly at AYeartoTenPercent.com.

                                     3:00 p.m. - BREAKOUT SESSIONS

Location: Grand Ballroom
  Relentless Innovation as a Regional - and Business - Strategy

With entire sectors growing up – and blowing up – in a matter of years, not decades, the competitive advantage of regions and their
Introduction: Randy Banks, President, Mountain Air Country Club and AdvantageWest Director

businesses will depend on their ability to relentlessly innovate. Leslie Boney, Associate VP for Economic Development and Engagement
for the 16-campus UNC system, will make his case for relentless innovation and some first steps to turn this approach into a winning
economic development strategy.

Leslie Boney serves as Associate Vice President for Economic Development and Engagement for the 16-campus University
Leslie Boney (Presenter)
of North Carolina, working to determine how public universities can bring more and better solutions to the private and
public sector. In collaboration with the UNC system research office and the state’s sixteen four-year public universities, he is
responsible for improving the University’s ability to transfer technology, increasing interaction between university faculty and
the private sector, boosting entrepreneurial activity on campus, increasing joint international research, and providing creative
consultation on public policy.

Leslie has been a driver behind three recent UNC initiatives: “UNC Tomorrow,” which examined how the University could more
meaningfully respond to public and private sector needs; “Innovate, Collaborate Accelerate,” which provided a template for
improving innovation transfer out of the universities into public use; and the forthcoming research expertise tool “REACH NC,”
which will provide the first-ever statewide database of university expertise to enable increased collaboration with the public
and private sector.

Leslie is the Chair of the Talent Committee of Gov Bev Perdue’s Innovation Council, which has developed a series of
recommendations for how public policy strategies might be used to increase private and public sector innovation in North
Carolina. In addition he serves as a director of the NC Economic Development Board, the NC Board of Science and Technology,
the North Carolina China Council, and the NC Board of Science and Technology. Leslie’s published work includes articles on
innovation and economic, workforce and community development.

Location: Alexander Room
  Keep Your Business Going for Generations: The Importance of Succession Planning

Introduction: Marilyn McDonald, Executive Director of Instructional Support & Learning, AB Tech
“That’s the way we’ve always done it here.” “I can’t take time away from the business for a vacation.” Sound familiar? And how
about these questions: Have you updated your will in the past three years? If there is more than one shareholder in the
business, do you have a buy-sell agreement? Would you hire your child for the job if he or she were not related? Does the family
know who will get the business? Or is it a bone of contention? Cindy Clarke, the Executive Director of the UNC Asheville Family
Business Forum, will lead a panel discussion on the importance of having a business succession plan. Panelists will share their
experiences during the time of their family business succession. (And you don’t have to own or work with a family business to
benefit: succession planning is important for all businesses.)

Cindy Clarke has served as Executive Director of UNC Asheville Family Business Forum for nearly five years, a program designed to
Cindy Clarke (Discussion Leader)
enhance the viability of closely held and family owned businesses in Western North Carolina. Guided by its members and supported
by sponsors, the forum is a resource to successful family-owned businesses seeking to support their entrepreneurial spirit of the
family and the company. Previously a sales rep for Bayer Pharmaceuticals and for Revco Scientific, Cindy received a BA degree in
Political Science from University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Location: Swannanoa Room
  B-ing the Change: Deciding if B Corp Certification Is Right for Your Business

Introduction: Leslie Scott, Director, Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship, The NC Rural
Economic Development Center
The B Corporation is an attempt to do for socially responsible businesses what LEED did for green builders: create a reliable process
and a set of standards for certifying businesses as “green.” Panelists in this session have taken their companies through B Corp
certification and will share their experiences and motivations. Maria Kingery is a member of the founding team for Burt’s Bees,
who later co-founded the solar and energy efficiency company Southern Energy Management, recently winning the City of Raleigh’s
highest award for environmental stewardship. Chris McCurry’s Spruce Pine company, Highland Craftsmen Inc., which manufactures
poplar bark shingle siding, is also a certified and audited B Corporation, in addition to certification from the Forest Stewardship
Council (FSC), the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Program for Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC). Discussion
leader is Terry O’Keefe, co-founder and former Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Alliance, a membership organization
for green businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Terry O’Keefe (Discussion Leader)
Terry O’Keefe is an Asheville-based business consultant and writer. He serves as part of the National Economic Gardening
Jumpstart team, which works with cities and states to build economic gardening pilot projects. His work on the project reflects
almost four decades of experience in helping businesses make best use of technology.

Prior to moving to Asheville, he was a co-founder and Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Alliance, a pioneering
membership organization for green businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Terry also writes a monthly Entrepreneurial Profile
for the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Maria Kingery (Presenter)
Maria Kingery is President and co-founder of Southern Energy Management, a North Carolina-based sustainable energy company
serving the Southeast with energy efficiency and solar power for home owners, residential and commercial builders, companies,
nonprofits, and government clients. With about 90 full-time team members that include licensed electricians and plumbers,
nationally certified building scientists and solar technicians, engineers, and home energy raters, the company is a B corporation
and proud proponent of the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

The company has won the EPA’s Energy Star Partner of the Year award for four consecutive years for work helping builders and
developers implement the Energy Star program. Other recognition includes the Green Jobs Award presented by SJF Institute and
Green For All, the City of Raleigh Environmental Market Transformation Award, NC Sustainable Energy Business of the Year and,
most recently, the City of Raleigh’s highest award for environmental stewardship.

Prior to starting the company in 2001 with her husband Bob, Maria served as retail operations manager for Burt’s Bees, where she
helped create a business framework that led to increasing the availability of Burt’s Bees products across the state and country, and
opened the company’s first retail store in Carrboro, NC. She also has sales and marketing experience in the commercial printing
and business products industries.

Chris McCurry (Presenter)
Chris McCurry founded Highland Craftsmen Inc in Spruce Pine in 1990 with her husband, Marty. Their mission: to decrease the
impact of construction and harmonize with nature. The company is the original manufacturer of poplar bark shingle siding and
has received national acclaim from publications ranging from Architectural Record, Fine Home Building, Green Builder and Eco
Home to Luxury Living, American Bungalow and Arts & Crafts Home. She was presented with an Advantage Innovation Award
from AdvantageWest in 2010, as a business or in the 23-county region that demonstrates corporate imagination, innovation and
intrapreneurship resulting in increased teamwork, competitive advantage and overall productivity.

Highland Craftsmen is a certified and audited B Corporation, a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to
solve social and environmental problems. The company has received Chain of Custody (CoC) certification from the top three
US affiliated companies: the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Program for
Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC).

She is the author of “Bark House Style: Sustainable Designs from Nature”(Gibbs Smith, June 2008) and creator of Bark House®
by design. She is the founder of growthishometowngreen.org, which is a grassroots effort to identify grants that can bring green
development opportunities to economically distressed rural communities.

                                       Location: Grand Ballroom
  4:00p.m. - CLOSING PANEL: “Pay It Forward: Doing Well by Doing Good”
                Introduction: Mary Lou Surgi, Executive Director, Blue Ridge Food Ventures
Interested in brewing up some success? In this session, five of Asheville’s hottest and most creative “entreprebrewers” did just
that. Learn how their unique perspective on business, competition, collaboration and community created a brand bigger than
all of them, Beer City USA. These business owners will inspire you with their bigger-than-themselves stories of how they grew
and succeeded by doing things differently. They did it with one eye on their business and the other on the greater good of the
community they proudly call home. Turns out that’s perfect vision.

                                   John Mark is a lover of, student of and fully conscious participant in life. Following eight
John Mark Stroud (Discussion Leader)
                                   successful years working for Marriott Corporation where he was recognized as Manager
                                   of the Year, John Mark returned to his roots in the mountains of Western North Carolina to
                                   start his own business.

                                   John Mark’s dream of being an entrepreneur was realized when he opened his FASTSIGNS
                                   business in 1995 in Asheville. After 12 years of double-digit growth and many local and
                                   national accolades, including the US Chamber of Commerce’s “Blue Ribbon Business of the
                                   Year” award, John Mark sold his business to better focus on his passions: being “present”
                                   as a father and husband, and building a better community and world through advocacy for
                                   small business and entrepreneurs. He currently serves as Vice Chair of Mountain BizWorks.

                                  John Mark pursues and embraces growth of oneself and business through conscious
                                  evolution. He is a widely respected businessman and progressive leader who promotes
and welcomes new ways of thinking to enrich the personal and professional lives of others. John Mark is often sought out as a
consultant who inspires business leaders towards greater success by cultivating deeper self-awareness and personal growth.
He enjoys sharing his knowledge with people and guiding others towards living a full, enlightened life from the “inside-out”!

                                   Jeanine Buscher and Sarah Schomber are founders of Buchi, a community centered, family
Jeanine Buscher and Sarah Schomber (Panelists)

                                   business endeavor continuing the time honored folk tradition of craft-brewing kombucha.
                                   Buchi Kombucha is an all natural, non-alcoholic, living social beverage that provides a
                                   healthy, nutrient-rich alternative to sodas and high fructose corn syrup beverages.

                                   Jeanine and Sarah came together in the most serendipitous way. After years of brewing
                                   kombucha on their own, the two women met each other through their children’s
                                   homeschool co-op. They soon discovered that each had separately created an almost
                                   identical-tasting kombucha (with natural carbonation and the perfect balance of sweet and
                                   sour), which was quite unexpected considering the broad range of flavors and qualities
                                   possible in kombucha brewing. This led them to team up and start a brewery. After almost a
                                   year of meticulous experimentation with the commercial brewing process, kids at play and
                                   baby on back... Buchi was born.

The bold taste quickly won over kombucha fans. Local restaurants began requesting Buchi, and it was obvious there was a
demand for their sweet and sour fizzy drink. By the spring of 2009, gallon jars filled every horizontal surface in Jeannine’s
kitchen and dining room. They moved to Blue Ridge Food Ventures, the agribusiness incubator and shared-use commercial
kitchen started by AdvantageWest, and continued to sell all they could make. When they outgrew that, Jeanine and Sarah found
a retired organic wine distribution warehouse, which they transformed into their 6,800 square foot, eco-conscious brewery.
With that, the two women became the first all-female-owned commercial kombucha brewery in the southeast.

                                    Joe Eckert is a grassroots guy. He and his wife, Joan, relocated from Philadelphia. They
Joe Eckert (Panelist)
                                    started The Laughing Seed Café in 1991 in the basement of the YMCA. The popular
                                    vegetarian spot moved to its Wall Street location two years later and is now a downtown

                                    The Eckert team then went on to open another restaurant that would become yet another
                                    downtown staple, Jack of the Wood. Meanwhile, a few side projects were being developed
                                    inside this restaurant. In 1996, Jack of the Wood became the first brewpub in Asheville.
                                    The pair began a microbrew in Jack of the Wood, which developed into Green Man Brewery.
                                    Green Man has since moved to Buxton Avenue and was sold by the Eckerts a couple years

                                      Beer was not the only additional venture that came out of Jack of the Wood; the busy
                                      husband and wife team also baked their own bread in Jack of the Wood. This lead into
yet another downtown favorite, and the first City Bakery opened on Charlotte Street. The couple then sold City Bakery to
close friends. Currently, Joe is in the process of opening another pub in Weaverville, Jack of Hearts, at 10 S. Main St. in the old
Weaverville fire station.

                                    Mike Rangel, a University of Kentucky Sullivan School of Business graduate, has been living
Mike Rangel (Panelist)
                                    in Asheville since 1995 when he opened Asheville Pizza Company. Asheville Pizza has won
                                    countless awards for their pizzas including “Top 100 Restaurants in the USA” for the last
                                    nine years and “Best of WNC” for eight years.

                                    After three years making pizzas, Mike moved the business into the old Merrimon Theater
                                    and luckily acquired a great brewer and Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company was born
                                    in 1999. The beer and pizza combo has been a huge success, and along with having a
                                    second-run theater it makes for a great, affordable evening out for the families in North and
                                    Downtown Asheville who have been enormous supporters of the business.

                                 Asheville Brewing plans to double the size of their brewery and will begin putting its beer
                                 into aluminum cans this summer. Choosing cans over bottles was as much an environmental
                                 decision as a business one; Asheville Brewing takes being a “green” company very seriously
and is involved with many nonprofit groups that help make our city cleaner and greener.

Mike is the former President of Asheville Brewers Alliance and serves on the Asheville Catholic School Board, Children First,
Asheville Downtown Association and the Jones Elementary PTA.

Mike is a father of one awesome son, Simon who is 11 years old. His hobbies include kayaking, traveling, soccer, music festivals
and anything fun.

                                    Oscar Wong founded Highland Brewing Company in 1994, rolling out its first beer kegs
Oscar Wong (Panelist)
                                    in December of that year. Built almost entirely of retrofitted dairy equipment, Highland’s
                                    original brewery in downtown Asheville could produce up to 6,500 barrels of beer per year.
                                    The new location in East Asheville has the capacity to brew 20,000 barrels annually. What
                                    began as a three person operation has grown into a staff of 20. The Highland brand is sold
                                    in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

                                    Oscar has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, and Master of Science in Civil Structural
                                    degrees from Notre Dame. He worked in structural design and analysis of nuclear power
                                    plant containment and mechanical systems for 13 years. He then formed an engineering
                                    consulting company specializing in nuclear waste processing. Oscar then sold said company
                                    12 years later. He spent four years doing community work and consulting before starting
                                    Highland Brewing Company.

                             5:00 p.m. - CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENTS

Pam Lewis, Senior VP Entrepreneurial Development AdvantageWest
Winner of the VERVE-aciously BIG Business Plan Competition

Jess McCuan, Editor, VERVE Magazine
Shaw Canale, CEO, Mountain BizWorks

AdvantageWest’s entrepreneurial development program and VERVE, a monthly magazine targeting Western North Carolina
women in the arts, business, fashion and design, launched the first-ever VERVE-aciously BIG Idea Business Plan Competition
for women entrepreneurs. The contest drew 40 entries from across the region. The winner wins a cash and prize package
worth $10,000 and the assistance of a business consultant from Mountain BizWorks. The runner up wins a scholarship for
Mountain BizWorks’ Foundation Business Planning course.

Our thanks to the judges of this year’s competition: Marilyn Ball, owner of 12Twelve Marketing; Kelly Johnson, a market
president in charge of lending and other areas for Wachovia Bank (now Wells Fargo) in Henderson, Transylvania and
Rutherford counties; John Mark Stroud, an entrepreneur, consultant and Mountain BizWorks board member; and Gwen Wisler,
a former CEO of Coleman, the camping supplies company, now owner of the consulting company Asheville Profits.

Erica Allison, Allison Delopment Group
Winner of the iPad Giveaway

                               5:30p.m. - NETWORKING RECEPTION

  On behalf of AdvantageWest and Mountain BizWorks, we would like to thank our
                   2011 sponsors for their support of this event.


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