Kabul City Initiative Program – 22 Districts of Kabul province – Afghanistan

 Contract No. 306-C-00-08-00515-00                                             Task Order: EPP-I-05-04-00035-00

                            Tetra Tech ARD/KCI Request for Proposal No.002-052

        Date of Issuance:                           June 08, 2011

        Closing Date for Questions:                 June 13, 2011 at 04:30PM kciquestions@kci-tetratech-ard.com

        Pre-Proposal Meeting:                       June 15, 2011 at 10:00AM in Bank Building, Kabul

        Closing Date for
        Submission of Proposals:                    June 23, 2011 at 11:00 AM RFP@kci-tetratech-ard.com

        Opening Date for Financial
        Proposals:                                  June 25, 2011 at 2:30 PM in Bank Building, Kabul Municipality

        SUBJECT: Tetra Tech ARD/KCI Request for Proposal No -002-052 entitled: Kart-e Mamurin
        Park Renovation.

        Dear Sir or Madam,

        You are hereby invited to submit a technical and financial proposal in support of Tetra Tech ARD/KCI‘s
        subject Request for Proposal No.-002-052.

        1.     Statement of Work:

        A description of the technical requirements for this Project is presented in the attached Statement of
        Work. (Appendix A)

        2.     Please note that:
              Costs of preparing the proposal and of negotiating a contract are not reimbursable.
              Your proposal must be valid for 60 days from the date of its submission.
              Tetra Tech ARD/KCI is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted.

        3.    Questions
        All questions must be submitted prior to the Closing Date for questions stated on the RFP Cover Page.
        All Offerors must submit their questions to KCI via e-mail address: KCIQuestions@kci-tetratech-
        ard.com , and the subject line of the email must contain the RFP No. 002-052 entitled: Kart-e
        Mamurin Park Renovation. . All questions and subsequent replies will be distributed to all Offerors.

In submitting questions each Offeror shall include his/her full name, the name of the Offerors Company,
and contact details. Any questions received, along with Tetra Tech ARD/KCI responses will be made
available to all invited Offerors in the pre-proposal meeting scheduled above and will provide answers to
all questions electronically by a modification to the RFP. However, questions received after the date
and time specified may not be answered.

4.       Proposal Compliance and Responsiveness Determination:

This will be the initial review of your proposals following bid opening to ensure that all forms and
certifications are complete, that all elements of the RFP have been addressed, and both the technical and
financial proposal are received. It should also be noted that failure to submit your proposals in both
languages (Dari and English) could deem your submission nonresponsive during this review and
eliminated from further consideration of award. For your information, the Dari version of the
Statement of Work is attached with this RFP.

5. Pre-Proposal Meeting:

Tetra Tech, ARD/KCI intends to hold a pre-proposal meeting on June 15, 2011 at 10:00 AM in Bank
Building, Kabul Municipality to discuss questions or comments pertaining to the RFP. During this
conference, Tetra Tech, ARD/KCI will provide responses to all questions received by June 13, 2011 at
4:30PM deadline and provide details on how to prepare your proposal to better meet the requirements of
the RFP.

6. Site Visit Requirements:

Site investigations and conditions affecting the work will be part of the subsequent contract award, and
accordingly, offerors are urged and expected to inspect the site where the work will be performed. An
organized site visit has been scheduled for June 14, 2011 (at 2:00PM, Karte-e-Mamurin Park area, in
front Dorkhanay Girl School, opposite to Polytechnic University, District 3, Kabul Afghanistan)

PLEASE NOTE: Appendix G – DARI Statement of Work and Appendix H – Concept Drawings
will both be provided during this meeting.

7. Submittal Requirements:

Electronic Submission ONLY

Follow the followings while submitting the proposals by email:

         The ARD/KCI email gateway accepts messages whose total size with attachments is 8MB (no zipped
          or compressed files) and consist of two physically separate parts (Part A – Technical and Part B
         An email proposal must be submitted to RFP@kci-tetratech-ard.com the subject line of the email
          must contain the Request for Proposal No.002-051 – “Kart-e-Mamurin Park Renovation.”
         Acceptable native file formats are Microsoft Office Suite applications (.DOC, .XLS, .MDB) or Adobe
          Acrobat (.PDF);
         Time of receipt of the email is the ARD/KCI email gateway time-stamp of the message header;

       It is the sole responsibility of the Offeror to ensure that the electronic media submitted is virus free and
        can be opened and read by TT ARD/KCI. If we are unable to open and read the offer you will be
        notified and shall have 24 hours to correct the deficiencies. After that time if the media cannot be
        opened or read by TT ARD/KCI staff the offer will be considered ―Non Responsive‖ and rendered
        ineligible for award; and
       Late submissions – Any proposal received by TT ARD/KCI after the exact time specified for receipt
        of offers is ―late‖ and will not be considered.

For proposals submitted by email, Respondents are encouraged to request a “read receipt” of your email
submission to assure that your proposals have been received by the time specified in the RFP.

8. Technical and Financial Proposal Requirements:

Tetra Tech ARD has invited Technical and Financial proposals from firms who have expressed an
interest in performing work under this project. It is requested that Offerors organize their Technical
and Financial. Proposals as noted below. This request is made to facilitate Tetra Tech ARD/KCI‘s
review of the submitted material thus enabling a rapid decision and contracting process.

9. Technical Proposal Requirements:

The technical proposal must be written in English and Dari excluding appendixes/supporting documents.
A maximum of 10 type-written pages (Type: Times New Roman, Font Size 11, Margins: 1‖ all around)
will be allowed with no more than 3 pages covering Company Information and Relevant Past
Performance. The technical proposal shall be submitted in the format set forth below, responding to
points A through D as follows:

       A. Firm Information

       Provide the name, address and license of your firm as well as the contact information for your
       primary contact for this project. If you are partnering with other firms or institutions, provide this
       information for each partner and the percentage of the work that they will be performing

       Please describe your firm‘s management structure, list all owners and the identify the Key
       Personnel that would be working on this project assuming an award. Please include a brief
       statement about the capabilities and experience. CVs should be used. Please also comment on
       each team member‘s English and Afghan language capabilities.

       B. Past Performance

       Please outline the experience your firm has had in performing work similar to that described in
       Appendix A. For each project, please include the name of the client and his or her contact
       information (current and most recent information required, within the last year). It is
       Tetra Tech ARD/KCI‘s intention to contact some of these clients for testimonials regarding your
       firm‘s performance in these areas:

               The quality of the work performed by the Offeror,
               The timeliness of the effort performed by the Offeror, and

              Whether the Client would use Offeror‘s services should they have similar needs in the

      C.       Technical Approach

      Please submit a detailed technical write-up (project implementation strategy and management)
      for this specific project.

      D. Statement of Work:

Appendix A – Statement of Work – Kart-e-Mamurin, describes the work to be performed under this

10. Proposal Evaluation Criteria:

It is intended that any award resulting from this RFP will be made to the Lowest Priced, Technically
Qualified Offeror. Technical proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria.

                      Technical evaluation                                       Scores
3 jobs in last 2 years over $200,000.00 Doing landscaping and                      30
or parks, list references.
1 job over last 2 years over $20,000 constructing sidewalks                        10
with flat stone, list references.
1 job over last 2 years over $25,000 constructing fences and                       10
steel work, list references.
Project Engineer, Landscaping Architect, Forester with 8 years                     20
of related experience: list certificates.
Firm Capabilities, management, Equipment, confirming by                            15
visiting their facilities.
Technical approach, project work plan, Site and personal                           15
Safety and equipment required for the project.
                     Total Technical Scores                                       100

Technical proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation criteria, and to be considered
technically qualified Offerors must score a minimum of 70 out of 100.

11.   Financial Proposal Requirements:

The Offeror should submit their cost proposal using the provided BOQ in Appendix (B). Please be
advised that the cost proposals will be read on June 25, 2011 at 02:30PM in Bank Building, Kabul
Municipality. You are encouraged to attend, however if not, cost proposals will be read promptly to
the firms in attendance at the time specified.

The offeror‘s proposal is presumed to represent its best effort in response to the solicitation. Any
inconsistency, whether real or apparent between promised performance and cost or price shall be
explained in your proposal. Any significant inconsistency, if unexplained, would raise a fundamental
issue of the offeror‘s understanding of the nature and scope of work required and its fundamental

ability to perform the contract, and may be grounds for rejection of the proposal. The burden of proof
as to cost credibility rests with the offeror. All pricing information shall be furnished in the BOQ or
cost proposal. Tetra Tech ARD/KCI will not be responsible for cost/pricing figures provided in the
BOQ or cost proposal.

It should be noted that a narrative describing the basis on which the costs were derived as well as an
explanation for whom, why, where, when, etc. and supporting information must be provided in
sufficient detail to allow a complete analysis of each CLIN or subCLIN cost/price.

12.    Negotiations:

Prior to the expiration of proposal validity, the Tetra Tech ARD/KCI shall notify the successful Offeror
and shall invite them to negotiate the Contract. The objective is to ensure that both parties have a mutual
understanding of project requirements and the Offeror‘s plan to accomplish those requirements. If a
contract cannot be negotiated with the selected Offeror, Tetra Tech ARD/KCI reserves the right to
commence negotiations with other qualified Offerors. A sample contract for this project is included as
Appendix (C).

13.    Start of Work:

The selected subcontractor is expected to commence work on the project immediately after contract
execution and meet with representatives of Tetra Tech ARD/KCI to present their detailed work plans
within three days after contract award.

14.    Payment Schedule:

A Proposed Payment Schedule for the subcontract is included in the Appendix C, draft contract. Offerors
may propose alternate payment schedules for discussion. A Firm Fixed Price contract is envisioned with
payments corresponding to contract deliverables.

15.    Unsuccessful Offerors:

Tetra Tech ARD/KCI will notify all Offerors once a subcontract has been awarded and advise them of the
areas of their proposal contributed to their not being successful.

16.    Offeror’s Letter and Check List

All Offerors are required to submit their proposal using the Offeror‘s Letter (Appendix D) and Check List
included herewith as Appendix (E). The purpose of this document is to help Offerors ensure that their
proposal is complete.

17.    Award

TT ARD/KCI intends to award one subcontract resulting from this competition to a responsible Offeror
whose proposal represents the lowest priced and technically qualified offer after the proposal evaluation
in accordance with the factors set forth in the RFP.

18. National Security Screening Process:

Please note in an effort to protect National Security Interests and because TT ARD/KCI is the steward of
USAID/US Government funding we are required by USAID/Afghanistan to take appropriate steps to
ensure that neither USAID funds nor USAID funded activities inadvertently or otherwise provide support
to terrorist or criminal groups. In an effort to cooperate fully with USAID requirements you may be
asked to complete a USAID Form 500-13(08/2008) and provide a copy of your valid AISA licenses, and
for the individual identified on that licenses a copy of his/her tazkira and/or passport. Please be advised
that you are not required to submit this information with your proposal, but you may be asked to provide
it in the future.


Appendix A- Statement of Work
Appendix B – BOQ (Bill of Quantity)
Appendix C – Draft Contract
Appendix D - Offeror‘s Letter
Appendix E - Checklist for RFP
Appendix F – Conflict of Interest
Appendix G – Statement of Work – Dari
Appendix H – Concept Drawings

                                          APPENDIX (A)
                                      STATEMENT OF WORK
                              KARTE MAMURIN PARK RENOVATION


The Kabul City Initiative (KCI) program has been funded by USAID. The purpose is to provide
technical assistance to the Kabul Municipality (KM). The objects of the initiative will be to create
effective, responsive, transparent, accountable, municipal government that shall be able to respond to
the needs of city residents. KCI will:
     Increase the capacity of officials in the Kabul Municipality,
     Markedly improve the delivery of municipal services to citizens in Kabul, and
     Increase municipal capacity to generate and account for revenue.

As a result of KCI, Kabul residents will receive better services, understand the responsibilities of
municipal leaders, play an active role in the municipal decision-making process, and see local
government structures as legitimate.


This project aims to provide a green park to the residents of district 3. The project is defined as the
material, labor, and equipment to construct:

      A 300 m perimeter fence around the park, including PCC on top of the existing stone masonry,
       iron fence, a service gate, and a pedestrian entry gate that revolves.
       Sidewalks
       Benches
       Gazebos
       Pergola
       Greenery (trees, grass, shrubs, flowers)
       Buried pipe for a park irrigation system
       A 580 square meter multi-use sports court
       Clearing of the playground area is included, as it must be graded level and no debris or
        equipment may be placed there.
       Note that the following are NOT included/requested in this SOW:
         The provision and installation of playground equipment.
         Small Guard/maintenance room
         Toilet facilities
         Lighting—but subcontractor shall read and consider the future cabling system to may be
            extended. Additional drawings are attached
         Water Well.


This project is located in Karta-e-Mamurin, District 2, opposite to Polytechnic University- Kabul –

GPS Coordinate: Latitude: 34 31’ 54’’ N, Longitude: 69 07’ 24’’ E


     Providing green space and a place of relaxation for the neighborhood.
     Eliminating the garbage dump that presently occupies the land, thus eliminating odors, pests,
    and the potential for disease.
   To provide recreational opportunities for youth and children.
     As the site is adjacent to a girls‘ school, it will provide an opportunity for girls and teachers
    (mostly women) to use the park, and spend their free time in this secure place.
   To make visible improvements in the community that benefits citizens and lead them to view
    Kabul Municipality as a valid service provider.


The Subcontractor shall provide all skilled labor, unskilled labor, materials, equipment, tools,
transportation, and supervision to prepare and install all items according to this statement of work,
BoQ and KCI engineering specifications.

Under this SOW are the following main activities:
    Provision of the material, labor, and equipment to develop a 5000 m2 park area
    Construction of a 300m fence around the park
    Construction of a chain-link fence around the sport court
    Construction of a concrete sports court
    Construction of sidewalks
    Greenery and plantation of grass, shrubs and trees.
    Construction of Stone paved sidewalks
    Installation of gates, benches, gazebos, pergolas, and other park related facilities

Notice to Subcontractor:
    The Subcontractor shall not move from one designated work area to another work area without
       KCI concurrence.
    The bulk of the project will occur in residential areas, so the Subcontractor shall exercise due
       care to minimize any damage to property. The Subcontractor shall repair any damage caused
       by equipment in a timely manner at no additional expense. Extra construction materials in
       work area and adjacent city streets and sidewalks shall be cleared regularly each day.
    The Subcontractor shall be expected to utilize and train local labor, and provide supervision, to
       the maximum extent possible.
    The Subcontractor shall ensure that all work is done in an efficient manner at all times and will
       maintain the site in a safe, secure and clean manner at all times.

      The Subcontractor or its associates of any sort shall not engage in any activities that are illegal
       or reflect negatively on themselves, the standards of the Government of the Islamic Republic
       of Afghanistan, and KCI or the United States Government.
      The Subcontractor shall maintain all equipment and tools in an operable and safe condition.
       All work will be executed in a safe manner to not endanger life, limb or property.
      Mobilization and demobilization of the work site is to be orderly and timely. The work site
       shall be left clean and free from dirt and waste resulting from the cleaning effort.
      The Subcontractor shall confine all operations (including storage of materials) to only those
       worksite areas authorized or approved by the KCI Project Engineer.
      The Subcontractor shall not hold KCI its officers and agents, liable for any inappropriate
       behavior on their part or damage to any property while under contract.
      The Subcontractor shall preserve and protect all structures, equipment, and vegetation on or
       adjacent to the work site.
      The work within this contract shall meet and be constructed in accordance with current U.S
       design and International Building Codes (IBC).



Only Subcontractors who have provided verifiable documentation identifying them as lawfully
registered to conduct business in Afghanistan will be eligible to participate in this project.


Subcontractor assumes all responsibility for the day-to-day safety of the workers during the conduct of
this Project. Subcontractor shall be liable for providing medical care for workers injured on the job.
Subcontractor is expected to train his employees and workers as well as to pre-plan all work to
minimize the potential personal injury and property damages.

It is emphasized that this is an area where children pass on their way to and from apartments. Prior to
mobilization, a plan (drawing) showing barricades, fences, and temporary walkways will be provided
to KCI for their review and amendment or approval. A special ‗safety officer‘ will be included in the
project by the Subcontractor with the sole responsibility of ensuring that no child or citizen is injured
during construction. Moreover should any child/citizen be hurt as a result of this work, Subcontractor
will be required to make full compensation for all injuries, including any medical expenses incurred,
until the injuries are fully and completely healed.

The Subcontractor shall fence off the entire area of active construction using orange construction
fence. He shall provide and use safety devices such as rubber gloves, boots, helmets, orange vests,
protective barriers, noise protections, and danger signs to protect and warn personnel around the
construction site. A First Aid Kit shall be existed in the project site. Subcontractor must also ensure
that their workers and employees do not use alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while working at the
project site. Safety inspection logs shall be attached to the Subcontractors' daily site log book and will
be evaluated and audited by KCI. Failure to perform the above duties will result in dismissal of the
superintendent and a project work stoppage. The project work stoppage will remain in effect pending
approval of a suitable replacement.

Prior to work beginning the KCI Project Engineer shall verify that all personal and site safety
provisions have been met.

Any violation of these safety requirements shall result in a 200 AF penalty for a violation of personal
safety requirements, and up to 2000 AF each for violations of a site safety requirement (such as the
area not being completely fenced, signs not posted, no first aid kit, absence of Safety Officer, etc.).
This penalty will be assessed by the KCI Project Engineer and is subject to his discretion and
judgment. Penalties will be deducted from the next Subcontractor payment made by KCI.

All of the equipment and tools shall be checked for safety, machinery shall be equipped with
necessary alarms and signals.

Phone Numbers: The phone numbers shall be existed at the project site for emergency cases to
    Kabul Ambulance:
    Nearest Hospital:
    Police:
    Fire Department:

Subcontractor shall submit a written Safety Plan prior to the contract award to KCI.


The Subcontractor is responsible for all items included in this Statement of Work. The Subcontractor
shall be responsible for repairing any damage caused by their workers during the performance of work
on this project.


Subcontractor is responsible to ensure that nearby roads remain open to pedestrian and vehicular
traffic during the construction. The Subcontractor shall submit a plan for maintaining traffic flow
during the period when deliveries are being made. Barricades shall be required whenever safe public
access to paved areas such as roads or parking areas may be temporarily interrupted to ensure the
safety of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Barricades shall be securely placed, clearly visible
with adequate illumination to provide reasonable visual warning of the hazard during both day and
night. It is recommended that persons working on roadways or providing traffic control be issued
reflective safety vests to enhance personal safety. Travel to and from the project site shall be
restricted to a route approved by the KCI/AUCC Project Engineer.


Prior to initiating activities on project sites referenced in this contract, the Subcontractor is required to
locate and mark all subsurface electrical, communications, water, and sewer lines. Subcontractor is
further required to take precautions necessary to prevent damage to said subsurface utilities during all
construction activities. The Subcontractor shall be responsible for repairing any damages to utilities
that result from their work. If a utility outage is necessary it will be coordinated with the responsible

agency, the applicable local officials, and the impacted businesses and residents. All work will be
arranged to insure that the outage shall be of minimal duration once an outage is arranged and work


This area is believed to be clear of mine hazards, but it is not guaranteed. Should the Subcontractor
encounter mines and/or mine hazards during the course of the project, Subcontractor is directed to
cease work and contact the responsibility KCI Project Engineer for further instructions.


Subcontractor shall ensure the work area is free of waste and debris upon completion of work each
day, as well as at the completion of the job. Subcontractor shall remove and properly dispose of all
materials, at a site approved by KCI Engineering, and equipment at the completion of the job.
Materials or equipment owned by KCI shall be returned to a location designated by the responsible
KCI Engineer. It is again emphasized that there are children in the area, so all material or equipment
must by secured so that children are unable to play with it.

4.8 LABOR:

A minimum of 80% of all skilled and unskilled labor used by Subcontractor on the project shall be
from the local District. At least two women shall be hired. Should appropriate local labor not be
available, the Sub-contractor shall consult with the KCI Project Engineer, before hiring labor from
outside the local community.



It is the Subcontractor‘s responsibility during the proposal phase to perform the necessary inspections
to verify all conditions and measurements provided in this statement of work and accompanying BOQ.
The Subcontractor shall provide a bid in strict compliance with the provided BOQ, but must also
include an addendum setting forth all deviations from the bidder‘s price list and statement of work
found at the project site, along with any required price deductions or additions required to properly
complete the project. The addendum should also set forth all necessary or recommended substitutions
of specified materials or equipment required by local market conditions. If Subcontractor fails to
include such an addendum, Subcontractor will assume full monetary responsibility for any and all
additional work, materials, or equipment required to complete the project that was not included in the
statement of work or bidder‘s price list that a reasonable site inspection would have revealed.
Subcontractor will not be responsible for unforeseen conditions that a reasonable site inspection would
not have revealed.


The Subcontractor will create and maintain a Project Schedule for this project. This Schedule shall be
in a timeline format the following.

         Beginning of mobilization.
         Coordination with other subcontractors through the KCI Project Engineer
         Commencement of physical activities.
         Commencement of site cleaning, grubbing, and grading
         Laying out the park
         Commencement of installation of irrigation system
         Commencement of PCC and RCC work
         Completed milestones on a weekly basis (How much work was performed vs. the contract
         Important issues that arise during the work.
         Anticipated and actual completion of the work.

The Subcontractor shall be responsible for updating Project Schedule and including it in their written,
bi-weekly report to the KCI Contracts Manager. This report shall also be used as a basis for
percentages of work tasks completed and for the payment of invoices.

Anticipated problems or delays shall be reported to the KCI Contract Manager and the KCI Project
Engineer immediately upon recognition of problem.

The Subcontractor shall meet with KCI regularly to report and discuss all related project activities.
These meetings will include schedule, materials, labor, local conditions, construction, shipping and
transport, community and Subcontractor relations, quality, safety, security and any other issue related
to this project.


          1. TTARD has to right to approve all of the Subcontractor‘s subcontractors and subcontracts,
          2. The Subcontractor is solely responsible for all payments to the Subcontractor‘s staff and
             any of the Subcontractor‘s approved subcontractors.


This Specification covers the minimum standards of workmanship and materials required by the
contract. All work shall be carried out with the approval of KCI designated Engineer. Any items that
do not meet the requirements of this Specification shall be repaired or demolished and re-installed at
the Subcontractor‘s expense. The Subcontractor shall be liable for any delays to the project caused as
a result of repairing or demolishing defective work.

Any items of work not described in this Specification but forming part of the work shall meet the
internationally applied standards of workmanship and materials. Any clauses, which relate to items of
work not covered in the Contract, shall be deemed not to apply.

The Subcontractor shall provide all necessary skilled and unskilled labors, equipment and construction
materials to construct this park. The Subcontractor shall provide and install all of the items described
herein according to the design and given specs.

It is the Subcontractor‘s responsibility to verify all conditions and measurements provided in this
statement of work. Subcontractor assumes full monetary responsibility for any and all additional
work, materials, or equipment required to far-reaching the project that was not included in the
statement of work that a reasonable site inspection would have revealed.

All materials used in this project shall meet the requirements of this specification; materials shall not
be re-cycled, previously used, or repaired. The technical specifications for materials used in this
contract are as follows:

Aggregate for Base Course:
Shall consist of crushed stone containing angular shapes and surfaces with no rounded surfaces and
with the following gradations: Sieve Size12.5 mm or smaller and 75% +/- 15 total aggregate weights.
All aggregate shall contain less than 5% of shale, clay lumps, coal, lignite, soft or unregimented stone,
or other deleterious materials (no river gravel).

Mixture shall consist of seven sacks per cubic meter. Each sack is 49 kg of Portland cement. The mix
ratio shall be 1:2:4 (Portland cement: sand: crushed angular aggregate (12.5 mm max). ALL concrete
shall be mixed in a mobile concrete mixer. No concrete shall be mixed on the ground or in a wheel
burrow. No Elephant brand cement will be allowed. Sand shall be clean and free of all dirt. DO
NOT use dirt in place of sand. It is the Sub-Contractor‘s responsibility to have clean water on site
for the mixing of all materials. The Sub-Contractor will not be allowed to use water that is from a
stream or dirty water. Concrete shall be placed so that there is no consolidation. Curing time for
concrete shall be no less than seven days.. If concrete is poured during temperatures that are higher
than 30 degrees Celsius, the concrete shall be covered with damp burlap for no less than seven days.
Control joints need to be placed as required.

Cement grout:
Mixture shall consist of one part Portland cement to 4 parts washed sand. Water shall be mixed to
produce a flow able consistency in order to fill all cracks. ALL grout shall be mixed in a mobile
concrete mixer. No grout shall be mixed on the ground or in a wheel burrow. DO NOT use dirt in
place of sand. It is the Subcontractor‘s responsibility to have clean water on site for the mixing of all
materials. The Subcontractor will not be allowed to use dirty water. No Elephant brand cement will
be allowed.

Mortar for pointing and any brick/stonework repair, will be a minimum of 1:3 ratio (1 part Portland
cement per 3 parts of sand) or higher ratio of mortar/concrete mix to sand. Sub-Contractor may
substitute mortar ready-mix instead of ready-mix concrete. Any other substitutions must be approved
by the representative prior to use. DO NOT use dirt in place of sand. It is the Sub-Contractor‘s
responsibility to have clean water on site for the mixing of all materials. The Sub-Contractor will not
be allowed to use dirty water.

Curing of concrete:
Particular attention shall be given to ―curing‖ the concrete to allow the slow chemical hardening
process to be completed. Concrete requires all exposed surfaces to be kept continuously damp for at
least 7 (seven) days. The surface shall never be allowed to become dry during this period. Curing shall

start immediately after laying of the concrete and shall be maintained uninterrupted. The
Subcontractor shall develop a method of curing. Great care shall be taken to keep the temperature of
concrete as low as possible during hot weather so as to prevent cracking or crazing of the concrete. In
hot weather consideration shall be given to carrying out concreting operations in the very early
morning or late evening. Subcontractor is not allowed to cast any PCC and RCC works prior to
the KCI designated Engineer approval. The KCI Project Engineer must approve the
Subcontractor‘s proposed times for using concrete.

Provide high quality rebar for structural purposes. Steel Reinforcement shall have 4218.0 kg./sq.cm
(Fy= 60.0 ksi), yield strength.

Crown the mortar in the joints on top surfaces slightly at the center of the masonry to provide
drainage. All sidewalk stones shall be carefully grouted

PVC pipe used in irrigation and water system from the elevated tank will be a minimum of SDR 21 -
W.P. 160psi. It will have been stored out of direct sunlight and will be installed in trenches of at least
1 meter deep to prevent winter freezing. Pipe used between submersible pump and the elevated tank
will be HG pipe of proper diameter to permit delivery of at least 0.5 liters/second to the elevated tank.
This pipe will be properly buried in trench of at least 1 meter in depth.

All construction activities and infrastructure will be completed to the specifications noted here-in, or
as noted in attached drawings. The KCI Project Engineer shall make final decisions regarding
construction specifications.

Cutting and filling:
All cutting and filling of the site shall be done under the direction of the KCI Project Engineer. All
extra materials shall be removed from the site and dumped to a location specified by Kabul
Municipality. Agricultural top soil shall be provided.

All sidewalks and paths must be from natural flat stone. The natural stones must be installed carefully
per attached plans – with a compacted soil sub grade, 5 cm of compacted gravel and 5 cm. of mortar.
Sidewalks shall be constructed to connect all walkways with roads, gates, sport courts and adjoining
buildings where foot traffic is anticipated. Sidewalks shall be constructed according to designed

Tiles for Gazebo Floors:
Tile work shall not be performed unless the substrate and ambient temperature is at least 10 degrees C
and rising. Temperature shall be maintained above 10 degrees C while the work is being performed
and for at least 7 days after completion of work. Upon completion, tile surfaces shall be thoroughly
cleaned in accordance with manufacturer‘s approved cleaning instructions. 30cm x 30cm terrazzo tile
with thin set mortar is required for the surface of the gazebo floor. Joints shall be 2-3mm Waterproof
gray grout shall be applied the full depth of the tile. Color of tile shall be selected by the COR from
samples provided by the Contractor.

Greenery and Planting:
All greenery materials including trees, bushes, flowers, shrubs, and turf will be selected and planted as
per instructions provided by the KCI Project Engineer. A lump sum is provided for this planting. The
surface of all green areas/lawns shall be covered by grass. Grass type must be reviewed and approved
by the KCI Engineer.

Gazebos shall be constructed according to the design (see the page 12, 13, 14 and 16 of attached

Pergola shall be constructed according to the design (see the page 11 and 15 of attached drawings)

Park Boundary Wall/Fence (around park perimeter):
   Installation of 10x10cm wrought Iron post after each 2 meters (face to face) around the court in
     PCC base. (See drawings)
     Installation of 4x4cm wrought Iron as horizontal member for bracing, top cord, bottom cord and middle
      part in order to strengthen the fence
     Installation of 3x3cm wrought Iron as vertical members
     The excavation and PCC work for the fence posts should be according to the plan and the Project
      Engineer‘s approval.
     The top end of the posts should be covered with a cap in order to prevent water seepage in to the posts.
     The gates shall be fabricated as per the drawings. Hinged gates shall be a pair of 1.5m wide x 2.4 m high
      leafs, constructed of a steel tube frame and steel tube intermediate posts and rails. The design of the
      gates shall insure that it is dimensionally stable, square, true and planar. Gate leafs shall not rack or
      deflect when install on its hinges. Each gate shall have three hinges; anchor mounted to the exterior
      masonry walls, to support each gate leaf. Provide a locking mechanism that holds the gates together
      when in the closed position as well as a drop bolt that engages a steel sleeve embedded in the pavement.

Sports Court: All work shall include but is not limited to the following:
   Subcontractor shall inspect and survey location prior to commencing with construction. The
      Subcontractor shall confirm the site drainage and security designs and will confirm quantities of
      earth-moving, compaction, and material requirements. The output of the survey shall be final
      design and construction drawings which the Subcontractor shall submit to the KCI Project
      Engineer. No work or mobilization at the site shall commence until the KCI Project Engineer
      has approved the final construction drawings and associated Bill of Quantities. All materials to
      be used must first be approved by the KCI Project Engineer.
   Subcontractor shall stake the area planned for new sports court construction and await approval
      by the KCI Project Engineer prior to commencing work.
   Subcontractor shall clear, grub, grade and level area staked out for new sports court. Remove
      all rocks and foreign debris. Establish a sub grade using soil which will conform to the final
      grade. Therefore the sub grade should be created with a crown running the length of the center
      of the field and sloping off at 1% to both sidelines. Compact sub grade being sure to maintain
      this slope.
   Using proper methods, the Subcontractor shall shape the existing sub grade to mirror what the
      existing grade will be on the finished field. Use a laser or other appropriate surveying
      instrument to get this set accurately. Let the sub grade settle. Some excavation and fill will be

    necessary to bring the subsurface to the proper grade. Install perforated pipes (should be
    installed in the porous layer of sub grade along the edge of the field, with discharge pipes to
    new or existing drainage ditches. Properly designed in-ground drainage systems receive the
    excess water that runs off the court and channel it away from the court. The perforated pipes
    will be installed with 1% slope so as to remove water from around the edge of the sports court.
   Lay out the security fence at a distance of 1 meter from the in-bound line of the basketball
    court per attached design drawings and per specifications (below) for security fencing.
   Once the subsurface is at the proper grade, the 15cm layer of crushed gravel base course (see
    specifications below) should be added and compacted. Ensure this layer is kept at the proper
    slope from centerline to the edge of the court.
   Sub grade and Compaction:
         o When moving large amounts of soil, account for about 15% settling on fine textured
             soils and less for coarse soils. In other words, if a foot of fine textured soil is moved to
             create the sub grade, that soil will settle about 3 to 5 cm.
         o The sub grade should be provided with a crown running the length of the center of the
             field and sloping off at 1% to both sidelines.
         o Providing a continuous, uniform grade on the field is just as important as providing the
             correct height for the crown. Improper grading and settling of the topsoil are the two
             main reasons for low areas occurring in the final grade.
   Subcontractor will provide and install basketball and football goals (see attached specifications)
    per the specific Task Order. Basketball goals consist of a metal hoop and a backboard attached
    to a metal support pole. The metal support pole will be installed in the ground, at least 1m past
    the court boundary line, and stable before the concrete is placed. The base of the hoop will be
    3.05m from the playing surface. The backboard will be 185 cm wide by 107cm high. Goals
    will be purchased by the Subcontractor from an established distributor of basketball products
    and equipment and will be of heavy duty fabrication for playground use.
   Contractor will provide prefabricated regulation futsal goals (3m wide x 2m tall) constructed
    per the drawing found in Appendix E. These are mobile goals and will be purchased or
    fabricated by the Subcontractor.
   The Subcontractor shall place the concrete pad. Forms shall be laid out in a way that allows the
    1% slope from the centerline to the edge of the concrete pad to be maintained. The pad shall
    have overall dimensions as indicated in the project-specific drawings that are provided to the
    Subcontractor by the KCI Project Engineer as part of the project-specific Notice to Proceed
    document. The concrete shall be poured 10cm deep, properly using vibration equipment to
    remove air bubbles while not causing segregation of aggregate. Experienced concrete workers
    will be used to finish the concrete after it is poured. Concrete with a compressive strength of at
    least 3000 psi will be used for the court. Steel wire mesh (See BOQ for specifications) will be
    placed in the forms 5cm above the gravel base course, so it is half way between the base course
    and the top of the finished concrete. The concrete will be cut, after curing for a sufficient
    period of time, to allow for controlled cracking. The cuts will be every 3 meters, vertically and
    horizontally, starting at the centerlines and working toward the sidelines. The Concrete will be
    kept wet to permit proper curing for 7 days.
   Concrete pad size specifications - The pad size and court orientation and painting diagrams for
    the different court options are found in the attached drawing.
   Crown: For concrete, a 1% slope (away from center line) is an acceptable grade (slope) to
    remove excess water.
   Drainage System: For most outdoor courts, the drain lines are installed lengthwise along the
    edge of the field. This requires much less trenching and also allows for maximum interception

      of water flowing from the center of the field toward the sideline areas of the field.
      Subcontractor will construct drainage ditches on both sidelines of the field. The ditches will
      have a minimum depth of 15 centimeters and the longitudinal slopes will be approximately 1%
      inclined as directed by the KCI Project Engineer.

Schedule 40 Perforated Drainage Pipes (10cm diameter)

     The Subcontractor will paint lines on the court according to the drawings included in the Task
      Order. Lines will be 5 cm wide and painted in three coats of a highly visible color that contrasts
      against the color of the concrete pad, using a 100% acrylic based paint product specifically
      meant for concrete. Paint must be able to withstand the weather and heat during all times of the
      year and shall be approved by the KCI Project Engineer. Good quality of oil based paint shall
      be used for required surfaces. The color of the paint shall be specified by the Kabul
      Municipality and KCI Project Engineer.

 Sports Court Security Fence:
   Installation of 4in GI pipe at 2 meter centers around the court in PCC base. (See drawings)
   Installation of 2in GI pipe for bracing, top cord, bottom cord and mobile goals in order to
     strengthen the fence
   The installation and welding of GI pipes
   Installation of GI Fences (3mm thick wire and 5x5 cm spacing between the wires) around the
   Fixing of each GI post with 2 mm thick GI wire every 50 cm
   The excavation and PCC work for the GI pipe posts should be according to the plan and
     designated engineer‘s approval.
   Installation of 2 leave gate made of 2 in GI pipe in the middle of the fence wall
   The gate should have 2 number of latch locks, 3 numbers of 2 way hinges. The details and
     specification of the locks should be approved by the designated engineer.
   PCC work should be done at the ratio of (1:2:4)
   Fabrication of 2 mobile Football goals 3x2x1.5 m made of 2in GI pipe.
   All material should be provided with high standard quality.
   The top end of the posts should be covered with a cap in order to prevent water seepage in to
     the posts.

Park Irrigation and Water Supply System:
Construct a water supply system for the park, to include all facilities, in accordance with the contract
documentation. It is assumed that the park will require a maximum of 25 cubic meters of water per
day for irrigation and bathroom use. This system will include the placement of a submersible pump in
an existing well, installation of an elevated tank, ditch digging, installation of PVC pipe, installation of
GI tapstands, connections to the bathroom facility.

     As directed by the KCI Project Engineer, Provide submersible water well pump with
      appropriate capacity.
     Install a plastic 2,000 liter storage tank with float valve (or other as specified by KCI Project
      Engineer) on the roof of the bathroom facility.
     The Subcontractor shall install water distribution mains, branches, laterals, lines and service
      connections to include all pipe, valves, fittings and appurtenances. Exterior water line
      construction shall include service to all buildings.
     The Subcontractor shall install a water main from the pump to the elevated tank and all
      distribution pipes from that storage tank per attached drawings.
     Three HG standpipes fitted with ¾ inch faucets shall be installed per drawings.
     Control valves shall be installed at well and at elevated tank. Both of these control valves shall
      be placed in lock boxes.
     Water quality testing: Water will be provided from the source that is acceptable for the intended
      use. Sources that do not meet the requirements of the intended use will be deemed unacceptable
      and another source must be established at no additional cost. Water quality testing (i.e.,
      bacteria, chemical, turbidity, etc.) will be conducted in accordance with locally accepted
      methods and standards

N/A. Provision and installation of lighting system is not part of this SOW.

Maintenance/ Guard Room:
N/A. Construction and fabrication of the guard/maintenance room is not part of this SOW.

Playground Equipment:
N/A. Provision and installation of playground equipment is not part of this SOW.

Well Construction:
N/A. Installation of a well is not part of this SOW.

N/A. Provision and installation of toilets and disposal system is not part of this SOW.


Equipment and Materials: The Subcontractor shall supply all necessary materials and equipment to
complete the project. The Subcontractor will also ensure that there is a competent person operating the
equipment at all times. All equipment and materials used in this project shall meet these specifications
and meet the requirements of the KCI Project Engineer and shall not be recycled, previously used or


Subcontractor Engineer and KCI Project Engineer shall be the designated QA/QC representatives.
Subcontractor shall provide a site book and shall be present at the site according to the KCI Project
Engineer instruction. The KCI Project Engineer shall provide a checklist of materials and methods
requiring QA/QC. Once the Subcontractor has completed all items of work in this statement, he will
coordinate for a final inspection to ensure all items are completed satisfactorily. All deficiencies will
be corrected and re-inspected prior to final payment and commencement of opening ceremonies. Point
of Contact (POC) for this document and for the project will be the designated KCI Engineer.

The subcontractor is responsible to keep the site book available during the subproject inspection by
QA/QC engineer and visitors. The subcontractor shall return back the site book to KCI.


The Subcontractor will notify the KCI Project Engineer and when the project is ready to be turned
over to the Municipality. A final inspection will be performed by the KCI and Kabul Municipality
(KM) and any remaining items of work will be identified on a ―punch list‖. Based on the punch list,
KCI will determine if any supplemental inspections are required. Punch list items will be corrected
and/or repaired in a timely manner (3-5 days) at no cost to KCI. Once the punch list items have been
corrected or completed to the satisfaction of KCI and Kabul Municipality, the project will be
considered to have been successfully completed.

                                    APPENDIX B

                                    Kabul City Initiative (KCI)
                         Renovation of Karte Mamurin Neighborhood Park

                                        Engineering Estimates

Project Name: Renovation of Karte Mamurin Neighborhood Park
Date: May 22, 2011
                                                          Unit       Total
No            Description           Unit     Quantity                          Remarks
                                                        Price ($)   Price($)
1    Mobilization/Demobilization   LS           1
2    Excavation                    cum          6
3    Agricultural soil             cum         48
4    PCC 1:2:4                     cum         32
5    RCC 1:2:4 Sport court         cum         76
6    GI Pipe 3"                    m           300
7    GI Pipe 2"                    m           200
8    GI mesh 5x5 cm                sm          216
9    Hinge  35 mm                 Each         6
10   Latch Lock                    Each         2
11   GI Wire 2 mm                  kg           9
12   Audiences bench               Each        17
13   Grading and leveling          sm         2,500
14   Cut and fill                  cum         250
15   Flower pots                   SM           8
16   Fence                         sm          450
17   Gates                         sm           5
18   water distribution system     LS           1
19   Gazebo II                     Each         2
20   Gazebo I                      Each         4
21   Pergola 2                     Each        22
     Natural Stone Paved Side
22   walks                         sm         1,150
     Greenery as per drawings &
23   specs                         LS           1

24   Demolition of PCC              cum          80
25   Stone masonry                  cum          5
26   Pointing                       SM       360
27   Trash bins                     Con          10
                                                           Shall not be
28   Water well + all accessories   LS           1         quoted
     Construction of maintenance                           Shall not be
29   room                           Ls           0         quoted
                                                           Shall not be
30   Construction of toilets        Ls           0         quoted
                                                           Shall not be
31   Solar lighting                 LS           0         quoted
                                                           Shall not be
32   Playground equipment           Ls           0         quoted
                               Total                  -
                                   Checked By:
Prepared by:…………………                ……………

                                 APPENDIX (C)
                                    Draft Contract


                 Issued under Contract No: 306-C-00-08-00515-00
                       Task Order No: EPP-I-00-04-00035-00
                 U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

                SUBCONTRACT No: Tetra Tech ARD-KCI ______


                               Tetra Tech ARD-KCI
                     Green Village, Off Jalalabad Road, PD# 6
                              Kabul, Afghanistan


                                    Xxxx Company


Attachment A   Subcontract SOW
Attachment B   General Terms & Conditions
Attachment C   Subcontract Budget
Attachment D   Subcontractor‘s Final Release Certificate and Indemnity


In consideration of the services to be performed by:


Point of Contact:

(Hereinafter referred to as Subcontractor or (    )


Contractor:                  TETRA TECH ARD/KCI
                             Green Village, Off Jalalabad Road, PD#6
                             Kabul – Afghanistan

(Hereinafter referred to as Tetra Tech ARD-KCI) shall pay the total fixed amount of US$ ( xxxxxxx
)according to the terms and conditions set forth below:

PART 5              DBA INSURANCE
PART 6              CHANGES
PART 9              SUPERVISION
                    ON DRUG TRAFFICKERS
PART 12             TERMINATIONS
PART 13             DISPUTES
PART 19             WARRANTY


The Period of Performance for this contract shall be ______ days from the effective date of the


The Subcontractor will be penalized one half of one percent of the total contract amount for every
working day the project goes beyond the contractual period of performance. Should the Subcontractor
be unable or unwilling to complete the work, or should the Subcontractor fail to appear on the job for
three consecutive days without the expressed permission of KCI, he shall have been deemed to quit,
and shall forfeit any remaining payments, including payments scheduled/due for work previously


The Subcontractor shall tender for acceptance only those items and services that conform to the
requirements of this subcontract. Tech ARD reserves the right to inspect or test any supplies or
services that have been tendered for acceptance. Tetra Tech ARD/KCI may require repair or
replacement of nonconforming supplies or re-performance of nonconforming services at no increase in
subcontract price. Tetra Tech ARD/KCI must exercise its acceptance rights in writing:

(1)    Within a reasonable period of time after the defect was discovered or should have been
       discovered; and
(2)    Before any substantial change occurs in the condition of the item, unless the change is due to
       the defect in the item.

If, within three days of receipt of such notice, the Subcontractor does not improve performance as
determined by Tetra Tech ARD/KCI‘s authorized representative, Tetra Tech ARD/KCI reserves the
right to terminate this subcontract.

It is understood that the only deliverables under this subcontract are Reports and Technical Data in
accordance with Attachment A. These reports will be inspected and approved by the Tetra Tech
ARD/KCI Project Manager or his/her designated person based upon the requirements of the Statement
of Work, Timeliness, and quality with respect to generally acceptable, professional standards.


                                                                               Due        Amount
Payment                               Deliverable
                                                                               Date       in US$
1          Project Schedule & Kick off Meeting                                 TBD
2          Work completion 50%                                                 TBD

3           Work Completion 50%                                               TBD

The total amount of this subcontract shall be US $----TBD-------- Payments will be made as shown
above based upon receipt of an invoice in the specified amounts.

Tetra Tech ARD/KCI will pay the Subcontractor in accordance with the payment schedule stipulated
above. Tetra Tech ARD/KCI reserves the right to withhold payment if the Subcontractor fails to meet
its obligations, in part or in full, under this Subcontract; however Tetra Tech ARD/KCI recognizes
that holding the invoice may result in a delay or stop work by the Subcontractor. Tetra Tech
ARD/KCI will work with the Subcontractor to promptly resolve any issues that could cause a delay as
both the Subcontractor and Tetra Tech ARD/KCI wish to deliver this project on time.

All invoices shall be addressed to:

       Faisal Qaderi
       Finance Specialist
       Tetra Tech ARD/Kabul City Initiative Project (KCI)
       Green Village, Off Jalalabad Road, PD# 6
       Kabul, Afghanistan

One copy of the invoice shall be submitted concurrently to the Subcontracts Manager at:

       Attn: Subcontracts Director
       Tetra Tech ARD KCI/ Kabul City Initiative Project (KCI)
       Green Village, Off Jalalabad Road, PD#6
       Kabul – Afghanistan

A proper invoice must clearly indicate the following information:

   Contract # DFD-I-00-05-00248, Task Order No. 2, Kabul City Initiative
   Subcontract No:
   Project Name:
   Subcontractor Name and Remittance Address:
   Invoice Date and Number:
   Specific deliverable(s) completed:
   Period for which Costs Claimed:

The following information should be included with the invoice in order to expedite the wiring of

Account Name:
Account #:
Bank Name:

Correspondent US Bank:
Correspondent ABA #
Correspondent Account #

In addition, the following certification shall be included and signed by an authorized representative of
the Subcontractor: "The undersigned hereby certifies that the invoice and any attachments have been
prepared from the books and records of the Subcontractor in accordance with the terms of this
contract, and to the best of my knowledge and belief are correct."


I hereby certify, to the best of my knowledge and belief, that

     (1)         This invoice and any attachments have been prepared from the books and records of
                 the Subcontractor in accordance with the terms of the Subcontract, and to the best of
                 my knowledge and belief, they are correct;
     (2)         The amounts requested are only for performance in accordance with the specifications,
                 terms, and conditions of the contract;
     (3)         The quantities and amounts involved are consistent with the requirements of the
     (4)         If invoicing using hourly/daily rates, that the amount claimed is proper and due, that
                 all hourly/daily rates claimed are for actual hours/days (or fractions thereof) which
                 have been satisfactorily provided/performed;
     (5)         That other costs claimed are allowable and are actual direct costs incurred in
                 performance of the Subcontract, and have been paid by the subcontractor;
     (6)         All payments due to Subcontractors and suppliers from previous payments received
                 under the contract have been made, and timely payments will be made from the
                 proceeds of the payment covered by this certification, in accordance with the
                 requirements of Chapter 39 of Title 31, United States Code;
     (7)         Appropriate refund shall be made to Tetra Tech ARD promptly upon request in the
                 event of disallowance of any costs by USAID resulted from any inconsistency for
                 services to be performed and/or goods to be supplied under the terms and conditions of
                 the Subcontractor; and
     (8)          This certification is not to be construed as final acceptance of the Subcontractor’s

Tetra Tech ARD/KCI shall pay the Subcontractor within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of a
proper invoice and acceptance of deliverables detailed in above.

Tetra Tech ARD/KCI reserves the right to withhold payment if the fails to meet its obligations, in part
or in full, under this Subcontract.

1      Final Invoice: Notwithstanding any other provision in this Subcontract to the contrary,
       Subcontractor is required to submit the final invoice, appropriately marked as such, under this
       Subcontract not later than ninety (90) calendar days after completion of the work, or any
       longer period as may be mutually agreed between the parties. All final invoices must be
       marked as such, and the following shall accompany the final invoice.

       -    A release certificate (Attachment D) signed by the Subcontractor discharging the
            Contractor and its Client of and from any liabilities, obligations, and claims arising out of
            or under the Subcontract.

2      Tax Withholding

      Pursuant to the revised provisions of the Government of Afghanistan Income Tax Law 2010,
      Article 72, effective June 25, 2010, Tetra tech-ARD-KCI is required to withhold income tax at
      the prescribed rates at the time of making payment to the legal or natural person(s) providing
      supplies, materials, construction and services under varies contracts, including varies purchase
      order procurements whiten one fiscal year, for cumulative transactions of AFA 500,000
      ($10,000.00) and above.

       Withholding Rate

      The prescribed rate of income tax withholding is 2% of the gross purchase amount for
      contractors/subcontractors who have a business license registered with the Afghanistan
      Investment Support Agency (AISA); 7% of the gross purchase amount for
      contractors/subcontractors not registered with AISA who are conducting business without a
      license or contrary to approved by-law.

       Remittance of Tax and Certificate of Withholding

      As the tax withholding entity, Tetra tech-ARD-KCI is required to remit the income tax amount
      withheld directly to the Ministry of Finance designated account by the 10th day of the month
      following the transaction.

      Tetra tech ARD-KCI will issue an income tax withholding certificate to the
      contractor/subcontractor listing the gross payment, the amount of income tax withheld and the
      net contract payment along with a copy of the payment form and deposit receipt for transfer
      made to the designated Ministry of Finance account.

      More detailed information on Afghanistan contract tax withholdings can be obtained at the
      website of the Ministry of Finance Afghanistan, www.mof.gov.af/?p=Article%2072.


Subcontractor shall be liable for default unless nonperformance is caused by an occurrence beyond the
reasonable control of the Subcontractor and without its fault or negligence, such as acts of God or the
public enemy, acts of the Government in its sovereign or contractual capacity, fires, floods, epidemics,
quarantine restrictions, strikes, unusually severe weather, and delays of common carriers.
Subcontractor shall notify ARD in writing as soon as it is reasonably possible after the
commencement of any excusable delay, setting forth the full particulars in connection therewith, shall
remedy such occurrence with all reasonable dispatch, and shall promptly give written notice to the
ARD of the cessation of such occurrence.


Subcontractors are required to purchase DBA (Defense Based Act) insurance for all employees
working on the project.

PART 6          CHANGES:

A) Tetra Tech ARD/KCI may, at any time, without notice to the sureties, by written order designated
   or indicated to be a change order, make any changes in the work within the general scope of the
   contract, including but not limited to changes:

           i.   in the specifications (including any tasks);
          ii.   in the method of manner of performance of the work;
         iii.   in the schedule for the performance of the work.

B) Any change order will be in writing and will not be valid unless it is in writing.

C) If any change under this clause causes an increase or decrease in the Subcontractor's cost of, or
   the time required for, the performance of any part of the work under this contract, whether or not
   changed by any order, an equitable adjustment shall be made and the contract modified in writing

D) If the Subcontractor intends to assert a claim for an equitable adjustment under this clause, he
   must, submit a proposal within 30 days after receipt of a written change order.

E) No claim by the Subcontractor for an equitable adjustment hereunder shall be allowed if asserted
   after final payment under this contract.


The Subcontractor shall absorb all expenses associated with performance of the statement of work and
Tetra Tech ARD/KCI shall not be liable for payment in an amount greater than USD ---TBD-- unless
otherwise agreed to in writing.

In the event that this subcontract is terminated by Tetra Tech ARD/KCI prior to completion, Tetra
Tech ARD/KCI shall pay the Subcontractor for work completed through the date of such termination
in an amount determined solely by Tetra Tech ARD/KCI that is based on the approved budget as
presented in Attachment C. The cumulative amount of all payments under this subcontract shall not
exceed the cost of performance through the date of termination.


The parties declare that this Subcontract does not generate a labor relationship between Tetra Tech
ARD/KCI and the contracted personnel or personnel assigned by the Subcontractor.


Supervision of the work under this Subcontract will be the responsibility of Tetra Tech ARD-KCI
Project Manager or his/her designated person.


The Subcontractor is reminded that U. S. Executive Orders and U.S. law prohibits transactions with,
and the provision of resources and support to, individuals and organizations associated with terrorism.
It is the legal responsibility of the Subcontractor to ensure compliance with these Executive Orders
and laws. This statement must be included in all subcontracts/sub-awards issued under this

One of the applicable orders is Executive Order 13224, dated September 24, 2001. The web site of the
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), of the Department of Treasury, contains the text of that
order and a list of the individuals and entities designated thereunder. It also contains lists of
individuals and entities designated under other applicable statutes, regulations and Executive Orders.
See http://www.treas.gov/offices/enforcement/ofac/

               ON DRUG TRAFFICKING:

A) The Subcontractor shall not acquire, for use in the performance of this subcontract, any supplies or
   services originating from sources within, or that were located in or transported from or through,
   countries whose products are banned from importation into the United States under regulations of the
   Office of Foreign Assets Control, Department of the Treasury. Those countries are Cuba, Iran,
   North Korea, and Sudan.

B) By signing below I hereby certify that within the last ten years:
   i. I have not been convicted of a violation of, or a conspiracy to violate, any law or regulation of the
        United States or any other country concerning narcotic or psychotropic drugs or other controlled
   ii. I am not and have not been an illicit trafficker in any such drug or controlled substance.
   iii. I am not and have not been a knowing assistor, abettor, conspirator, or colluder with others in the
        illicit trafficking in any such drug or substance.

C) The Subcontractor shall insert this clause, including this paragraph (b), in all lower-tier sub


A) For convenience: Tetra Tech ARD/KCI reserves the right to terminate this subcontract, or any
   part hereof, for its sole convenience. In the event of such termination, the Subcontractor shall
   immediately stop all work hereunder and shall immediately cause any and all of its suppliers and
   subcontractors to cease work. Subject to the terms of this subcontract, the Subcontractor shall be
   paid a percentage of the subcontract price reflecting the costs incurred prior to the notice of
   termination, plus reasonable charges that the Subcontractor can demonstrate to the satisfaction of
   Tetra Tech ARD/KCI, using its standard record keeping system, have resulted from the

    termination. The Subcontractor shall not be paid for any work performed or costs incurred that
    reasonably could have been avoided.

B) For cause: Tetra Tech ARD/KCI may terminate this subcontract, or any part hereof, for cause in
   the event of any default by the Subcontractor, or if the Subcontractor fails to comply with any
   subcontract terms and conditions, or fails to provide Tetra Tech ARD/KCI, upon request, with
   adequate assurances of future performance. In the event of termination for cause, Tetra Tech
   ARD/KCI- shall not be liable to the Subcontractor for any amount for supplies or services not
   accepted, and the Subcontractor shall be liable to Tetra Tech ARD/KCI- for any and all rights and
   remedies provided by law. If it is determined that Tetra Tech ARD/KCI improperly terminated
   this subcontract for default, such termination shall be deemed a termination for convenience.

PART 13        DISPUTES:

A) Should a dispute as to the proper interpretation of this Subcontract, or Statement of Work or
   material performed or furnished hereunder, arise which concerns the parties hereto only, or
   Subcontractor and other subcontractors or suppliers, the same shall be decided by binding
   arbitration, pursuant to the rules of arbitration of a recognized and mutually acceptable national
   arbitration entity.

B) The Subcontractor shall proceed diligently with the Statement of Work, unless the subcontract has
   been cancelled, pending final determination pursuant to any Disputes clause or pursuant to any
   other action taken with respect to a claim or claims.

C) In the event either party institutes suit in court against the other party or against the surety of such
   party, in connection with any dispute or matter arising under this Agreement, the prevailing party
   shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys‘ fees in addition to any other relief granted by the

PART 14        TERMS AND CONDITIONS: – Simplified acquisitions (other than commercial
               items) (modified from far 52.213-4)

This subcontract agreement incorporates the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clauses listed in
Attachment B by reference. The text of each clause and the FAR shall be deemed to be modified with
respect to the identification of parties as provided in paragraphs a. and b. below.

A) Unless one of the exceptions provided in paragraph (C) below shall apply, the term "Contract"
   shall mean "Subcontract"; the term "Contractor" shall mean "Subcontractor"; the term
   "Government" shall mean ―Tetra Tech ARD/KCI "; and the term "Contracting Officer" shall
   mean the ―Tetra Tech ARD/KCI Subcontracts Manager.‖

B) The following instances are exceptions to the general rules of construction as provided in paragraph
   i. Where it is clear, by the context of the provision itself or the conditions under which it is being
        applied, that the reference is intended to refer to the Government, its officers or agents, or the
        prime contractor specifically;
   ii. Where an explicit provision of this subcontract states a contrary intent;
   iii. Where access to proprietary financial information or other proprietary data is required; or

    iv. Where interpretation in accordance with the rules stated above would place the prime
        contractor in a position of violating the equivalent or related provisions of the prime contract
        whereas construction of the terms without modification would not.

C) References in any provision incorporated by reference herein to the "Disputes" clause shall be
   construed as references to the ―Disputes‖ clause contained in Part 12 of this subcontract. No
   provision herein shall be taken to imply any direct access on the part of the Subcontractor to the
   disputes process as defined in the terms of the Prime Agreement.
   The full text of a clause incorporated by reference may be accessed electronically at this/these
   address(s): http://www.arnet.gov/far and http://www.usaid.gov


In the event of inconsistencies between any terms of this subcontract and any translation into another
language, the English language meaning shall control.


In addition to any other remedies that Tetra Tech ARD/KCI may have, the Subcontractor shall
indemnify, hold harmless and defend Tetra ARD and USAID from any and all claims, damages,
demands, suits, actions, judgments, liabilities or costs or expenses of any nature including legal
expenses and consequential or special damages or costs and including property damages or injury to
the Subcontractor, its employees, agents, lower tier subcontractors or to any third party or its property,
occasioned by any negligent or otherwise wrongful act of the Subcontractor, its lower tier
subcontractors or anyone for whose actions the Subcontractor is legally responsible or arising from
Subcontractor‘s breach of this Subcontract or negligent performance hereunder and arising out of
work done under this Subcontract.


a. The contractual relationship for this Subcontract is between Tetra Tech ARD/KCI and
   Subcontractor. There is no privity of contract between Subcontractor and USAID.

b. All communications between Subcontractor and USAID must be approved in advance by Tetra
   Tech ARD's KCI Contracts Manager. In no event shall Subcontractor provide cost estimates or
   work products directly to USAID or any other third party.

c. Under no circumstances shall Subcontractor act upon directions given by a representative of
   USAID without the specific written confirmation by the Tetra Tech ARD/KCI Contract Manager.
   All such direction and technical liaison shall take place through Tetra Tech ARD/KCI. Tetra Tech
   ARD/KCI will not be liable for costs of work performed by Subcontractor outside of these terms.
   If Subcontractor receives such direction from any representative of USAID, Subcontractor shall
   notify the Tetra Tech ARD/KCI Contract Officer as soon as possible before taking any action based
   upon such direction.

d.   Publicity and News Release: In accordance with USAID regulations, no releases shall be made to the news
media or the general public relating to participation on the Program without the prior written approval of TETRA
TECH ARD/KCI, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. The parties further agree that news releases
made by either of them shall recognize the participation and contribution of the other party.

e.    Publications: Subcontractor shall not publish or publicly disseminate any information or data derived or
obtained from or in connection with any services rendered hereunder, without the prior written consent of TETRA
f.    Communications with USAID and Other Agencies: All of Subcontractor‘s contractual written or oral
communications with or to USAID, or local agencies relative to the Works under the Subcontract, must be through or
with the authorization of TETRA TECH ARD/KCI COP.


1.     Key Individual Certification Narcotics Offenses and Drug Trafficking

       I hereby certify that within the last ten years:

       1.      I have not been convicted of a violation of, or a conspiracy to violate, any law or
       regulation of the United States or any other country concerning narcotic or psychotropic drugs
       or other controlled substances.

       2.      I am not and have not been an illicit trafficker in any such drug or controlled substance.

       3.       I am not and have not been a knowing assistor, abettor, conspirator, or colluder with
       others in the illicit trafficking in any such drug or substance.

       Signature: ____________________________ Date: ____________________________

       Name: _____________________________________________

       Title/Position: _______________________________________

       Organization: _______________________________________

        Address: __________________________________________



       1. You are required to sign this Certification under the provisions of 22 CFR Part 140,
          Prohibition on Assistance to Drug Traffickers. These regulations were issued by the
          Department of State and require that certain key individuals of organizations must sign this

       2.    If you make a false Certification you are subject to U.S. criminal prosecution under 18
            U.S.C. 1001.

2.     Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directive Certification Regarding Terrorist Financing

Hereby, this is certified and provided by Subcontractor to TETRA TECH ARD/KCI Kabul-

The provided certificate is as a condition of entering into the referenced agreement, Subcontractor
hereby certifies that it has not provided and will not provide material support or resources to any
individual or entity that it knows, or has reason to know, is an individual or entity that advocates,
plans, sponsors, engages in, or has engaged in terrorist activity, including but not limited to the
individuals and entities listed in the Annex to Executive Order 13224 and other such individuals and
entities that may be later designated by the United States under any of the following authorities: § 219
of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended (8 U.S.C. § 1189), the International Emergency
Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. § 1701 et seq.), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. § 1601 et
seq.), or § 212(a)(3)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended by the USA Patriot Act of
2001, Pub. L. 107-56 (October 26, 2001)(8 U.S.C. §1182). Subcontractor further certifies that it will
not provide material support or resources to any individual or entity that it knows, or has reason to
know, is acting as an agent for any individual or entity that advocates, plans, sponsors, engages in, or
has engaged in, terrorist activity, or that has been so designated, or will immediately cease such
support if an entity is so designated after the date of the referenced agreement.

For purposes of this certification, ―material support and resources‖ includes currency or other financial
securities, financial services, lodging, training, safe houses, false documentation or identification,
communications equipment, facilities, weapons, lethal substances, explosives, personnel,
transportation, and other physical assets, except medicine or religious materials.

For purposes of this certification, ―engage in terrorist activity‖ shall have the same meaning as in
section 212(a)(3)(B)(iv) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended (8 U.S.C.§

For purposes of this certification, ―entity‖ means a partnership, association, corporation, or other
organization, group, or subgroup.

This certification is an express term and condition of the agreement and any violation of it shall be
grounds for unilateral termination of the agreement by USAID prior to the end of its term.‖

For the Subcontractor:
Authorized Signatory Name/Title



3.      Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Proposed Debarment, and Other
        Responsibility Matters (Mar 1996)

(a) (1) The Offering body certifies, to the best of its knowledge and belief, that:

        (i) The Offering body and/or any of its Principals:

            (A) Are not presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, or declared ineligible
            for the award of contracts by any Federal agency;

            (B) Have not, within a three-year period preceding this offer, been convicted of or had a
            civil judgment rendered against them for: commission of fraud or a criminal offense in
            connection with obtaining, attempting to obtain, or performing a public (Federal, state, or
            local) contract or subcontract; violation of Federal or state antitrust statutes relating to the
            submission of offers; or commission of embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, falsification
            or destruction of records, making false statements, tax evasion, or receiving stolen
            property; and

            (C) Are not presently indicted for, or otherwise criminally or civilly charged by a
            governmental entity with, commission of any of the offenses enumerated in subdivision
            (a)(1)(i)(B) of this provision.

        (ii) The Offering body has not, within a three-year period preceding this offer, had one or more
             contracts terminated for default by any Federal agency.

     (2) ―Principals, for the purposes of this certification, mean officers; directors; owners; partners;
         and, persons having primary management or supervisory responsibilities within a business
         entity (e.g., general manager; plant manager; head of a subsidiary, division, or business
         segment, and similar positions).

        This Certification Concerns a Matter Within the Jurisdiction of an Agency of the United States
        and the Making of a False, Fictitious, or Fraudulent Certification May Render the Maker
        Subject to Prosecution Under Section 1001, Title 18, and United States Code.

(b) The Offering body shall provide immediate written notice to the Contracting Officer if, at any time
    prior to contract award, the Offering body learns that its certification was erroneous when
    submitted or has become erroneous by reason of changed circumstances.

(c) A certification that any of the items in paragraph (a) of this provision exists will not necessarily
    result in withholding of an award under this solicitation. However, the certification will be
    considered in connection with determination of the Offering body's responsibility. Failure of the
    Offering body to furnish a certification or provide such additional information as requested by the
    Contracting Officer may render the Offering body non-responsible.

(d) Nothing contained in the foregoing shall be construed to require establishment of a system of
    records in order to render, in good faith, the certification required by paragraph (a) of this
    provision. The knowledge and information of an Offeror is not required to exceed that which is
    normally possessed by a prudent person in the ordinary course of business dealings.

(e) The certification in paragraph (a) of this provision is a material representation of fact upon which
    reliance was placed when making award. If it is later determined that the Offering body knowingly
    rendered an erroneous certification, in addition to other remedies available to the Government, the
    Contracting Officer may terminate the contract resulting from this solicitation for default.

By signature hereon, or on an offer incorporating these Representations, Certifications, and Other
Statements of Offering body, the Offering body certifies that they are accurate, current, and complete,
and that the Offering body is aware of the penalty prescribed in 18 U.S.C. 1001 for making false
statements in offers.

Date of Offer:

Authorized Signatory Name/Title


PART 19          WARRANTY

The Subcontractor shall warrant that the work performed under this Agreement conforms to the
contract requirements and is free from any defect in equipment, material, design, finish or
workmanship performed by or the responsibility of the Subcontractor. This warranty shall continue
for a period of 120 days from the date of acceptance that 100% of the work has been completed and
shall end at the completion of the Retention Period.

(a)In addition to any other warranties in this contract, the Subcontractor warrants that work performed
under this contract conforms to the contract requirements and is free of any defect in equipment,
material, or design furnished, or workmanship performed by the Contractor or any subcontractor or
supplier at any tier.

(b) This warranty shall continue for a period of 120 days from the date of final acceptance of the work.
If the Kabul City Municipality takes possession of any part of the work before final acceptance, this
warranty shall continue for a period of 120 days year from the date the KCM takes possession.

(c) The Subcontractor shall remedy at the Subcontractor's expense any failure to conform, or any
defect. In addition, the Subcontractor shall remedy at the Subcontractor's expense any damage to
Kabul Municipality owned or controlled real or personal property, when that damage is the result of—

(1) The Subontractor's failure to conform to contract requirements; or

(2) Any defect of equipment, material, workmanship, or design furnished.

(d) The Subcontractor shall restore any work damaged in fulfilling the terms and conditions of this
clause. The Subontractor's warranty with respect to work repaired or replaced will run for 120 days
from the date of repair or replacement.

(e) Tetra Tech ARD shall notify the Subcontractor, in writing, within a reasonable time after the
discovery of any failure, defect, or damage.

(f) If the Subcontractor fails to remedy any failure, defect, or damage within a reasonable time after
receipt of notice, Tetra Tech ARD shall have the right to replace, repair, or otherwise remedy the
failure, defect, or damage at the Subcontractor's expense.

(g) With respect to all warranties, express or implied, from subcontractors, manufacturers, or suppliers
for work performed and materials furnished under this contract, the Subcontractor shall—

(1) Obtain all warranties that would be given in normal commercial practice;

(2) Require all warranties to be executed, in writing, for the benefit of Tetra Tech and the Kabul

(3) Enforce all warranties for the benefit of the Government, if directed by the Contracting Officer.

(h) In the event the Subontractor's warranty under paragraph (b) of this clause has expired, the Tetra
Tech ARD may bring suit at its expense to enforce a subcontractor's, manufacturer's, or supplier's

(i) This warranty shall not limit the Tetra Tech ARD's rights under the Inspection and Acceptance
clause of this contract with respect to latent defects, gross mistakes, or fraud.


This document sets forth all of the terms and provisions of the Subcontract between the parties hereto.
This Subcontract may not be modified, altered, amended, or changed except in writing signed by the
party against whom such a modification, amendment, or change is asserted or claimed. This
Subcontract shall be construed under the laws of the State of Vermont and the United States of

I have read the above terms and conditions, and, as the Subcontractor's authorized representative, my
signature below legally represents the Subcontractor's concurrence with the terms and conditions and
the unconditional acceptance of this subcontract.

For Subcontractor   For Tetra Tech ARD/KCI:

                    KCI Chief of Party

Date                Date

                                             Appendix (D)
                                           Offeror’s Letter

Tetra Tech ARD-KCI
Green Village, Off Jalalabad Road, PD# 6
Kabul, Afghanistan

Attention: C. Susan Rupprecht
           Subcontracts Director

Subject: Tetra tech ARD-KCI Project entitled Future Leaders Internship Program

Dear Sir:

We, the undersigned, offer to undertake subject work in accordance with your Request for Proposal ---
--------- dated ------------------ and our Proposal (Technical and Cost volumes) are attached.

This proposal shall remain valid for a period of sixty (60) days from the date of this submission.

Commissions and gratuities, if any, paid or to be paid by us to agents relating to this Proposal and
subcontract execution, if we are awarded the subcontract, are listed below. State NONE if none are

We understand you are not bound to accept any Proposal you receive.

Our completed Check List is attached.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this important project.


Authorized Signature:
Name and Title of Signatory:
Name of Firm:

                                            Appendix (E)
                                            RFP Checklist

Offeror: ______________________________________________________

Have you?

       Submitted your technical and financial proposal to Tetra Tech ARD-KCI in a sealed envelope
containing one hard copy and one electronic copy (CD-ROM) by the required deadline?

Does your proposal include the following?

       Cover Letter (use template in RFP)

       Priced Bill of Quantities

       CVs for Overall Manager, top Technical Position, and top On-Site Position

       Certification or Licensing Requirement

       List of Relevant Contract Experience and References

       Dari Translation of Technical Proposal

                                           APPENDIX (F)

                This page must be signed by Offeror and returned with the quotation.


Offeror hereby acknowledges that Tetra Tech ARD/KCI is a USAID contractor and must fully comply
with all USAID regulations, including those relating to ethics and integrity in purchasing.

Specifically, there may be no transactions entered into by Tetra Tech ARD/KCI that involve
kickbacks and/or present a conflict of interest on the part of either Tetra Tech ARD/KCI or those
individuals or entities with which Tetra Tech does business.

Kickback, as used above, means any money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, thing of value, or
compensation of any kind which is provided, directly or indirectly, to any employee, subcontractor, or
subcontractor employee for the purpose of improperly obtaining or rewarding favorable treatment. No
person or entity is to either provide or attempt to provide any kickback, nor to solicit, attempt to
solicit, or accept a kickback during the course of any transaction. Nor will Offeror include, either
directly or indirectly, the amount of any kickback in the price charged to a USAID contractor.

Offeror will act in a manner consistent with his/her fiduciary responsibilities to Tetra
Tech ARD and will exercise particular care that no detriment to Tetra Tech ARD/KCI results from
conflicts between their interests and those of Tetra Tech ARD/KCI and/or any beneficiary to the
Kabul City Initiative. Offeror is considered to have a conflict of interest when Offeror has an existing
or potential financial or other interest that impairs or might appear to impair Offeror‘s independence
of judgment in the discharge of responsibilities to Tetra Tech ARD/KCI or that may result in undue
benefit to any party to this transaction or beneficiary therefrom.

The Offeror shall have in place and follow reasonable procedures designed to prevent and detect
possible violations as described above in its own operations. When Offeror has reasonable grounds to
believe that a violation of the above may have occurred, Offeror shall promptly report in writing the
possible violation to Tetra Tech ARD/KCI in care of the Chief of Party, Kabul City Initiative.

Therefore Offeror hereby states that, to the best of his/her knowledge, that no violation of the above
has or will take place in relation to the transaction currently under consideration.

On behalf of Offeror:

Name and Title: __________________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________ Date: ______________________

                         APPENDIX (G)

               DARI – Statement of Work (SOW)
Will be provided during the Site Visit on June 14, 2011 at 2:00 PM
                    At Karte Mamurin Park
                In Front Dorkhanay Girl School
               Opposite to Polytechnic University,
                  District 3, Kabul Afghanistan

                         APPENDIX (H)

                        Concept Drawings
Will be provided during the Site Visit on June 14, 2011 at 2:00 PM
                    At Karte Mamurin Park
                In Front Dorkhanay Girl School
               Opposite to Polytechnic University,
                  District 3, Kabul Afghanistan


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