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									Style Your Eyes With Coloured Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are regarded as as an indispensible item for eye care. These are widely used for cosmetic,
therapeutic and corrective purposes. The lenses are classified into numerous categories depending on different
features like functions, material utilized for manufacturing, wearing schedule, replacement period, style,
implantation and so on. Based on function, these are classified into therapeutic, cosmetic and corrective. The
supplies utilized for construction may include glass, plexiglass, polymers which are rigid gas permeable, silicones
supplying high oxygen permeability etc.

Focusing much more on the cosmetic side of coloured contacts, these are basically designed to alter the
appearance of eye and one’s face altogether. There are different sub categories like theatrical lenses utilized in the
entertainment field, scleral lenses for covering the white portions of eye, circle contact lenses for bigger
appearance of iris etc. Another common selection is the coloured contact lenses. These are obtainable in plane
forms, disposable kinds and bifocal contacts. It's obtainable in primarily 3 kinds as opaque color tints,
enhancement tints and visibility tints.

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Visibility tint coloured contacts normally have green or light blue shades over the lens. It is useful in having a
clear vision in situations of insert; removal etc. Opaque color tints are made of bright colors and can alter the color
of eyes significantly. Suitable for individuals with dark eyes, these are available in shades of violet, gray, green,
hazel, blue etc. Enhancement tints use translucent shades and are regarded as great for individuals with light eye
color. They can create the eyeball much more intense with these colour contacts. You will find also popular
varieties like Halloween lens for party times. The fun lovers can choose wild contacts like alien, hypnotic,
blackout and whiteout and crazy lenses like black or red spiral, fire, bloodshot etc.

The usage of colour contact lens requires special care from the person who is utilizing it. The foremost factor to be
considered is not to share one’s lens with some other person since this can result in serious eye allergies and
diseases. Prior to handling the lens it is essential to properly wash the hands with soap. One can use forceps for
picking up the contacts from the case and can later on put it on fingertips and rinse with lens solution. Right after
placing to eyes and through its removal time , the user should be careful in keeping hands tidy.

Most often people get confused with the need and significance of prescription for utilizing contact lens. This is
probably because individuals get easily swayed with its charm, easy availability and cheap costs through online
purchase. For guaranteeing safety in such cases, it is important to use the lens only under prescription of an

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