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Rockstar Juiced



      MARKETING 500
   ROCKSTAR Energy Drink is exploding onto the marketplace. The beverage industry

is experiencing a shift away from traditional carbonated soft drinks, into trendier

functional beverages. ―Energy drinks have been the fastest growing beverage category in

the U.S.for each of the last two years‖, experiencing a 69 % volume growth in all

measured channels in 2005. There is a 67 % expected growth factor- to more than $1.8

billion dollars between 2006 to 2008 in the energy drink market, and ROCKSTAR is

positioned to claim its market share.

                                Marketing Objectives
   A major initiative for the ROCKSTAR Company is to increase sales. According to

Founder and CEO, Russ Weiner, “Our goal next year will be to double again (in sales).”

ROCKSTAR recorded sales of $15.7 million in July 2004 and $37.3 million in October

2005. The projected growth for the Energy Drink Market in 2006 is $101 million and

ROCKSTAR is looking to win a big piece of that share. ROCKSTAR entered a market

dominated by Red Bull. In 2005, ROCKSTAR controlled a market share in 9.1% where

Red Bull dominated 57.7% of the Energy Drink market. ROCKSTAR has taken steps to

increase its market share by teaming up with Coca-Cola to expand distribution and

expanding it celebrity and sports sponsorships. A business goal of ROCKSTAR is to

expand into foreign markets. With restrictions on ingredients and tariffs, there are so

many barriers to entry they make it difficult for ROCKSTAR to succeed. Currently,

ROCKSTAR is working on entering Canada, Mexico and England with its product. At its

inception, ROCKSTAR was originally available in Northern California. By teaming up

with Admiral Beverage, the ROCKSTAR brand was able to expand into the Mid-Western

states. However, expanding further East was a difficult task to complete until

ROCKSTAR sing a distribution agreement with Coca-Cola enterprise. With the Coca-
Cola distribution deal, ROCKSTAR will be able to get their product anywhere they

couldn’t before.

   ROCKSTAR uses sponsorship to promote its product line. ROCKSTAR is a sponsor

of sporting events such as Boxing and Mixed Marshal Arts Events, Snowboarding,

Motorcross and Street Car racing. ROCKSTAR also prides itself in celebrity sponsorship

by sponsoring the American Music Awards, Radio Music and Soul Train Awards,

American Celebrity Golf Tournament, and TV Land Awards. Like many popular

companies, ROCKSTAR will be using product placement in TV and Movies.

ROCKSTAR is has a product line that offers many choices to it customers. Currently,

ROCKSTAR can is offered in the 8oz., 16oz., and 24oz can sizes and in ROCKSTAR

Original, Diet and Juiced flavors. Also, ROCKSTAR offers an alcoholic version of its

drink, ROCKSTAR 21, in a limited market. ROCKSTAR is currently experimenting with

different flavors to increase it product line. Currently in development are bubble gum,

lime, and citrus flavors.

                                   Company History

   Russ Weiner worked a short while for Maurice Kanbar, founder of Skyy Vodka, and

learned much about the beverage industry. During that time, Weiner got the idea to

create ROCKSTAR Energy Drink in 1998, after drinking its main competitor, Red Bull.

He participated in the party life-style and Red Bull mixed with vodka was the party

favorite. But Red Bull, like it‘s competitors, was only available in an 8 oz. can. Weiner

created the idea of a ‗double-size‘ energy drink- the 16 oz. can and decided to call it

ROCKSTAR. He felt the name was ―the best in the world, as who has more energy than

a rock star?‖

   Weiner pitched the idea to Kanbar, who was not interested, but encouraged him to

venture out on his own and use his contacts. The most contact that he used was the
relationship with Southern Wine and Spirits, who distributed Skyy Vodka. Southern

Wine and Spirits became ROCKSTAR‘s first distributor.

   With an initial investment of just $50,000, Weiner searched over a year to find the

right manufacturer to fill his 16 oz. cans. He wooed Jason May away from Skyy Vodka

to develop and design the image for his new beverage. ―ROCKSTAR went through 700

formulations before it hit the market.‖

   Weiner got his inspiration to create a health-inspired energy drink from his parents,

two of the world‘s leading herbalists. His father, Dr. Michael Weiner has authored over

20 books on health and nutrition and holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Ethnomedicine from the

University of California, Berkeley. Russ traveled the jungles of the south Pacific with his

parents, collecting and researching native remedies in search of healing qualities in plants

used by native healers. Some of their samples were even sent to the US for a government

anti-cancer screening program. This lifelong exposure to natural herbs and treatments led

Russ to the creation of ―the most complete, most unique, most powerful, and most honest

energy beverage ever created: ROCKSTAR.

   Within two months of product launch, ROCKSTAR was being sold by giants such as

Costco, Albertson‘s, and Safeway and convenience stores such as 7-11, AMPM, and

Circle K. After introduction to the northern California market, ROCKSTAR then teamed

up with a series of distributors that covered different regions of the U.S. After some

difficulty finding distributorship east of the Rockies, ROCKSTAR struck its largest

distribution deal- with Coca Cola Enterprises. ―The beauty of the Coke deal is that they

going to get us everywhere we couldn‘t be before‖.
                          Industry Analysis and Trends
   Currently the energy drink industry is under no regulatory pressures because the

drinks are classified as dietary supplements by the Food and Drug Administration. The

classification as a dietary supplement may change in the future if there are any adverse

effects from the intake of more than recommended amount of energy drink.

The energy drink industry is in the growth stage of market development and is seeing

more competitors entering the market. According to Businessweek, there will be over 2

billion dollars worth of energy drinks consumed in 2006. This number has grown by 75

percent since 2000. Consumption of energy drinks will grow another 50 percent in the

next two years. Asia and North America account for over 80 percent of the energy drinks

that are consumed. Currently, energy drinks like ROCKSTAR comprise of only 2 percent

of the larger 60 billion dollar carbonated drink market. Only 11% of adults consume
energy drinks. The 18 percent of teenagers consume some form of energy drinks.

Originally the energy drinks were marketed to 18 to 30 year old men as a late night drink

mixer. Currently, energy drinks are purchased by adults aged 18-50 which includes a 33

percent consumption by women. ROCKSTAR is currently the number three player in the

energy drink industry.

                                            RockStar Growth


                                          Jul-04    Oct-04 Jun-05   Oct-05
                                              Growth Period

                                 RockStar Market Share Growth

       140.00%                                                Dec-05
                       128.20% 128.20%

       120.00%                                                Sep-05
       100.00%                                       89.50%
                                                              Feb-05         % Change Vs. Prior

        20.00%                                                Jan-04

         0.00%                                                Oct-03
                        Jul-04   Oct-04    Jun-05    Oct-05
                             Environmental Forces

   Let‘s examine the social forces affecting the marketing of ROCKSTAR Energy

Drink. About 60 years ago, the world witnessed the birth of a new music gendre- rock

and roll. The influence these musicians would have on the world is phenomenal. Their

lifestyles are followed closely by the media, with their every move and opinion reported

to the masses via television, radio, and in print. Enter the latest rage in beverages… the

energy drink. ―As the energy drink wave sweeps across the nation, at the same time the

hearts of minds of many humans desire to be a ROCKSTAR. With this fabulous life

comes the exhausting, crazy lifestyle that depends on little sleep and a lot of work. Using

the Hollywood image as its theme, ROCKSTAR energy drink is a great choice to get a

boost while living your ROCKSTAR-based life.‖ Just look at the popularity of television

shows such as ROCKSTAR SuperNova, American Idol, INXS, MTV, VH1, The

Osbournes - which appeal to our endless fascination with rockers and celebrities. If we

can‘t be rock stars, we want to behave like them and drink like them!

   ―Teens and young adults remain the primary target of manufacturers, and marketers

have thoughtfully positioned their beverages in the marketplace, creating an energy drink

for every young lifestyle. Many, linked to extreme sports, represent adventure and

rebellion. Others seem to offer a party image‖ which is what ROCKSTAR offers.

   An important and successful market segment for ROCKSTAR Energy Drink is the

college-age student. ―The tremendous sales growth of this category has been driven by

the right product meeting the right group in the right place. Young people seek a way to

get the most out of their free time and fun time; added energy is a solution. Furthermore,

this group often visits convenience stores, which sold nearly half of all energy drinks

(off-premise) in 2004.‖ Students also drink ROCKSTAR to help them stay up late for

   Another factor driving the popularity of energy drinks is the desire to be fit and

athletic. The United States is facing an obesity epidemic, and never before have we been

so bombarded with information about eating right and exercising regularly to maintain

good health. Energy drinks can give that ―pick-up‖ for weekend warriors to go out and

exercise, and some athletes use energy drinks to help boost their performance.

   Economic forces are at work in the US and abroad. Will consumers pay $1.75 -

$2.50 for a 16 oz. can of ROCKSTAR Energy Drink? Based on the sales growth over the

past few years in the US, the answer is a resounding yes, ―Already, sales (of a competing

company‘s energy drink) in this country have more than doubled since last year,

according to the Beverage Marketing Corp. — from $130 million in wholesale sales to a

projected $275 million this year.‖

   The international market also shows outstanding growth – in certain countries. For

example, in the UK, energy drinks have taken over 20% of the soft drink market. The

UK has the longest working hours in the European Union, with a ―24/7‖ lifestyle, leading

consumers to search for drinks with an extra ―kick‖. The energy drink market is driven,

―especially by young, image-conscious adults, who see these drinks as a kind of fashion

accessory. What is more, values have been boosted by the fact that energy drinks

command a substantial premium over other soft drinks, as consumers are prepared to pay

a relatively high price for the energy boost they provide.‖ It should be noted however,

that 25% of the British population feels that energy drinks are too expensive.

      As of February 2003, the world leaders in consumption per capita of sports and

energy drinks are the Japanese, where energy drinks were first introduced in the 1960‘s.

They consume about twice as much as typical US consumer per year, and ―account for

80% of the world‘s consumption of sports and energy drinks…."These products are

thought of in the same way as regular soft drinks and juices, and many of them don't
carry a price premium either, which boosts their sales.

   The advances in technology have created a streamlined, completely mechanized

production process, which translates into pure, safe, standardized quality of product. The

use of EDI links via the internet, and extranets expedites communications in the supply

chain as well as the distribution chain. This keeps production costs down by perishable

and non-perishable supplies arriving and used when needed, without stopping production.

Order fulfillment is faster, more accurate, and customer service is available 24/7 via

online chat, telephone, and email.

   By teaming up with Coca-Cola as distributor, ROCKSTAR benefits by their product

‗piggy-backing‘ with Coca-Cola deliveries, which is more cost-effective for both


   The internet allows ROCKSTAR to use innovative ways to promote its product, using

e-marketing campaigns such as viral marketing, RSS feeds, opt-in programs, and

personalized marketing programs. For example, if a customer is willing to receive

marketing promos from ROCKSTAR, they may get a coupon for our beverage sent to

their cell phone or PDA when the customer is near a local retailer.

   The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the regulatory agency that ensures

that foods sold in the US are safe and wholesome. The agency employs around 9,000

people, including 2,100 scientists who examine, inspect, and approve all products sold in

the US. One of the biggest concerns people have is the amount of caffeine in energy

drinks. The FDA and the American Medical Association are in agreement that moderate

intake of caffeine is safe, and not injurious to health for most people (certain medical

conditions may be existing in certain individuals). Moderate consumption is considered

about 3 cups of coffee, or 300 milligrams of caffeine per day. One serving of

ROCKSTAR (8 oz.) has only 75 milligrams of caffeine, or 150 ml. total in a 16 oz. can,
clearly within what is considered moderate.

   There are many foreign governments that are taking a stand on the energy drink issue.

Australia now places warning labels on products energy drinks: "This food is not

recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women and individuals sensitive to

caffeine." The head of a food regulation advisory group for Australia‘s Public Health

Association wants to see a ban on sales of energy drinks to minors under 18 years old.

   A few European countries have restricted the sale of energy drinks pending further

investigations of their contents. Canada, France, Denmark and Norway have not

approved many energy drinks for sale in their countries, and ―Sweden's National Food

Administration began advising people not to consume Red Bull (ROCKSTAR‘s main

competitor) with alcohol, or as a thirst-quencher.

   In Japan, regulations are not as tight as in western Europe - they operate under a

voluntary regulation system, FOSHU (Foods for Specific Health Uses). ―Taurine (one of

the main ingredients in ROCKSTAR) is still classified as a drug under the Japanese

Pharmaceutical Affairs Law but many tonic-type energy drinks are considered quasi-

drugs (categorized somewhere between drugs and foods but require approval from the

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare). They can be sold in drug stores, food and C-

stores and even through vending machines, just like sodas and candy. The market for

quasi-drug tonic energy drinks in Japan is a US $2.5 billion industry.‖ However, approval

by FOSHU is not mandatory in Japan. FOSHU approved foods account for only about

US $6 billion of its US $27 billion nutrition market, as approval can cost up to about US

$1 million.

   Each country being considered as a marketing destination for ROCKSTAR will have

to be studied to determine whether regulations regarding consumption will allow our

product for sale without restrictions. Also at work will be foreign tariffs, which will
determine the profitability of selling in that prospective foreign market.

   The energy drink marketplace is filled with competition. Please turn to Exhibit A for

a comprehensive list of competitive beverages as posted in Energy Drink Review, May

2006. Competition is differentiating its offerings by flavor varieties, packaging- single

serve, 6-pack, or 12-packs, cans, bottles, or pouches. Here are several years market

shares by brand.

           Top energy drinks by brand
                   Brand                DOLLAR         % change       Market     % change
                                         SALES             vs.        Share          vs.
                                                       prior year                prior year

           RED BULL                   $120,330,056          68.4%        59.2            4.7

           ROCKSTAR                    $15,742,497         128.2%         7.7            2.5

           SOBE ADRENALINE             $14,051,204          12.2%         6.9           -2.7

           AMP                         $13,032,334          12.8%         6.4           -2.4

           MONSTER ENERGY                $9,367,802        253.2%         4.6            2.6

           SOBE NO FEAR                  $7,506,167        944.8%         3.7            3.1

           HANSEN’S ENERGY               $3,546,663          -0.9%        1.7           -1.0

           KMX                           $3,437,564         -44.6%        1.7           -3.0

           BLUE OX                       $1,473,845         -28.1%        0.7           -0.8

           EAS PIRANHA                   $1,110,173        115.0%         0.6            0.2

           BAWLS                         $1,017,352         77.8%         0.5            0.1

           HYPE                            $993,144        206.4%         0.5            0.2

           POWERADE                        $886,398           7.5%        0.4           -0.2

           RUSH ENERGY                     $842,228        508.1%         0.4            0.3

           180                             $785,026         -27.4%        0.4           -0.4

           CATEGORY TOTAL             $203,295,104          55.1%       100.0            0.0

           Source: Information Resources Inc., Total food, drug and mass merchandise for the
           52 weeks ending July 11, 2004.
Top energy drinks by brand
                                 % Change Vs.   Market   % Change Vs.
Brand             Dollar Sales
                                 Prior Year     Share    Prior Year

Red Bull          $192,954,700   67.3           57.7     -1.2

ROCKSTAR          $30,352,410    105.8          9.1      1.5

Monster Energy    $26,137,550    206.9          7.8      3.5

Sobe Adrenaline
                  $18,249,200    31.1           5.5      -1.7

AMP               $17,084,970    31.8           5.1      -1.5

Sobe No Fear      $13,352,710    91.7           4.0      0.4

Full Throttle     $8,886,300     NA             2.7      2.7

                  $2,252,797     -37.3          0.7      -1.2

Hansen’s Lost
                  $2,184,804     623.8          0.7      0.5

Rip It            $1,803,258     NA             0.5      0.5

Category Total    $334,742,800   70.3

Source: Information Resources Inc., Total food, drug and mass
merchandise (excluding Wal-Mart) for the 52 weeks ending June 12,

Top energy drinks by brand
                                 % Change Vs.   Market   % Change Vs.
Brand             Dollar Sales
                                 Prior Year     Share    Prior Year

Red Bull          $213,249,000   53.4%          54.4     -5.7%

ROCKSTAR          $37,390,520    89.5%          9.5      1.0%

Monster Energy    $36,998,680    192.6%         9.4      4.0%

Sobe Adrenaline
                  $20,298,340    40.0%          5.2      -1.1%

Amp               $18,851,420    40.4%          4.8      -1.0%

Sobe No Fear      $17,346,630    93.8%          4.4      0.6%

Full Throttle     $16,955,790    NA             4.3      4.3%

Rip It            $2,652,455     860.8%         0.7      0.6%

Hansen’s Lost
                  $2,453,903     156.9%         0.6      0.2%

Sobe Lean         $2,382,621     NA             0.6      0.6%

Source: Information Resources Inc., total food, drug and mass
merchandise for the 52 weeks ending Oct. 2, 2005
                                    Current Product

   ROCKSTAR is the brand name of a line of energy drinks. ROCKSTAR is currently

offered in three sizes and five flavors with size depending on the flavor. The variety of

flavors includes original, diet, cola, juiced, and 21. Original and diet flavored

ROCKSTAR are offered in three different sizes 8.4, 16, and 24 fl oz. ROCKSTAR Cola

and 21 are only offered in 24 fl oz. cans. ROCKSTAR Juiced comes in two sizes, 16 and

24 fl. oz. ROCKSTAR uses a combination of herbs and vitamins to make the energy

drinks with some differences between the products. The diet flavored drink substitutes

sugar and corn syrup with a Splenda mix of products. ROCKSTAR Cola is a mixture of

cola with the original energy drink flavor and ingredients. The Juiced ROCKSTAR

consists of 70% juice. ROCKSTAR 21 is the alcoholic version of the original energy

drink. Along with the energy drinks, ROCKSTAR also markets a line of clothing and

accessories that includes t-shirts, sweaters, hats, and wristbands. The shirts available are

tank tops, short and long sleeves. The sweatshirts are hooded pull-overs. The hats are

either fitted or mesh material. Wristbands contain the ROCKSTAR logo. ROCKSTAR

also produces Von Dutch brand energy drinks.

                                      Current Price

   Currently the price for a can of ROCKSTAR Energy Drink is between $1.75 and

$2.50 depending on the size of the can and location of the purchase. Prices may be

cheaper if the product is purchased by the case. The price of a case varies from $30.00 to

$48.00 and also contingent on size of the drink. Prices for the clothing line and

accessories are as follows. Shirts run between $14.99 and $19.99. The price relies on the

length of the sleeve. The sweaters cost $34.99. ROCKSTAR hats are $19.99 and

wristbands are $14.99.
                                  Current Promotion

   The ROCKSTAR brand currently can be seen almost every where. Celebrities and

athletes promote ROCKSTAR. They are major sponsors of many events and athletes

over the United States. They use product placement. They have a drift racing team and

car that is going to be featured in the upcoming movie The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo

Drift. The ROCKSTAR car in the movie will by given away to one lucky winner. Drift

racing consist of racing at an angle with the back tires casing the front of the car.

Although popular in Japan, drift racing did not make an appearance in the U.S. until

1996. It is quickly becoming a popular and ROCKSTAR has their brand name all over it.

ROCKSTAR also has a Suzuki Racing Supercross and Motocross Team. ROCKSTAR is

also the official sponsor of Gumball 3000. “The Gumball 3000 is a controversial annual

6-day, 3000-mi international car rally that takes place on public roads.” Other

ROCKSTAR sponsored events include Van’s Pool Party and the Taste of Chaos tour.

Another way of promoting their product is by holding contests. Some of their contests

included a disc jockey competition and a modeling contest. Both events offered gift and

prizes to the winners and runner-ups. Through their website, ROCKSTAR advertises its

products and also promotes its contest and competitions. Popular magazines like Maxim

and FHM another way that ROCKSTAR advertises their product. The ROCKSTAR RV

travels through the United States attending events advertising and give samples of the


                                      Current Place

   ROCKSTAR energy drinks are readily available in various locations. From small

convenience stores like 7-11 to big supermarkets like Albertson’s. Health and nutrition

stores such as GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe also carry ROCKSTAR products. The

internet is another place to sale ROCKSTAR products. The official website as well as
internet vendors carries ROCKSTAR products. Bars are the new place of sales for the

energy drink market. A surge of alcoholic beverages made with energy drinks has made

the bar scene a market that ROCKSTAR has focused on. With ROCKSTAR sponsoring

many events, a portion of their products sold are at these venues. These include concerts,

sport competitions, and celebrity parties.

                               Recommended Product

   ROCKSTAR should continue to produce energy drinks under different names such as

the Von Dutch drink. By doing so, ROCKSTAR can further continue to acquire more of

the energy drink market share. They can also continue to introduce new flavors to target

new customer that might not like the current flavors being offered. Since only certain

flavors are offered in the three different sizes, it would be in ROCKSTAR’s best interest

to offer all their flavors in all different sizes available. A sports drink could help them

tap into one of the markets with higher sales then them. Their current clothing and

accessory lines are limited so, expanding their clothing line to include a larger variety of

t-shirts and sweaters would be ideal. They could also include ROCKSTAR jeans, jackets

and even shoes.

                                 Recommended Price

   For the ROCKSTAR energy drinks the current prices are at about the average price

for all energy drinks. Since energy drinks are a convenience good, higher prices might

cause a loss of customers that will switch to a different brand. The other brands that

ROCKSTAR produces could be sold at higher than average price. The brand name Von

Dutch is synonomous with upscale clothing, so a price closer to $3.00 will work. Prices

for the expanded clothing line could be set to the existing medium market prices.
                             Recommended Promotion

   The ROCKSTAR name is imprinted in a large number of parties, events, and contest,

but they have not devoted much of their promotion to professional sporting events such

as the Super Bowl or World Series. Red Bull, ROCKSTAR’s main competitor, has gone

as far as to purchase a professional soccer team. A commercial during the Super Bowl

would target a majority of energy drink consumers from age 18-80. ROCKSTAR could

also go as far as buying the rights to name a professional sport team’s area or stadium

such as the Pepsi Center in Denver. ROCKSTAR can also begin to use point-of-

purchase displays to separate its product from its close competitors.

                                Recommended Place

   ROCKSTAR is currently available almost everywhere drinks are sold. ROCKSTAR

would benefit from selling its products in a vending machine bearing its logo as well as

Coca-Cola vending machines. These vending machines can be placed on collage

campuses, amusement parks, and sporting venues. ROCKSTAR is based out of the

United States, but it is expanding over the world. Currently only the original and diet

ROCKSTAR energy drinks are available outside the U.S. If all the flavors were sold in

other countries ROCKSTAR would grow in popularity.

                  Drink ROCKSTAR, party like a rock star!
John Sicher, Beverage Digest
CCNA Category Participation Study Partying Like a ROCKSTAR by Elizabeth Fuhrman 412/strSite/FFNSite/articleDisplay
Maximizing our value through innovation, Coca Cola Enterprises RGM Team
Exhibit A                              Red Rave                                Amp Energy Drink
                                       Jolt Red                                Bawls Energy Drink
                                       Guru Energy DrinkNOS Energy Drink       Vamp
MDX sugar free                         180 Energy X-3                          Purepower Shotz
Energy Drink Collection                Socko Energy                            XS Electric Lemon Blast
Vault Energy Drink                     Crunk Energy Drink                      XS Cranberry-Grape Blast
KaBoom Orange Buzzz time-released      Rip It Energy Fuel - Power              Boo Koo Energy
Energy                                 Speed Zone Energy Drink                 Mad Croc
Chaser 5 hour Energy Berry Flavor      Cascabel Energy Drink                   Hyper Active Orange
No Fear Gold                           Power Dream Sky High Chai               SoBe No Fear
EX Extreme Energy Adrenalin Fuel       Propel Fitness Water Lemon              Lost energy drink
Von Dutch Energy Drink                 Energy Fizz Offer                       Rox Energy Drink
Mouth of the South High Energy Drink   Hansens Energy Water Tangerine          Monster Energy Drink
Iron Energy Orange Energy Drink        Hansen's Protein Smothie Banana Blast   Sum Poosie
Iron Energy Lemon-Lime Energy          Hansen's Energy Water Berry             Religions hate Redbull?
Drink                                  Defcon3 the healthy energy drink        Starbucks Double Shot Espresso
Samurai Energy Original Green Tea      Ciclon energy drink                     Sobe Adrenaline Rush
Go Fast Light Energy Drink             Boost active                            Sobe Adrenaline Rush Sugar Free
Samurai Energy Raspberry Green Tea     Screamin Energy Max Hit                 Looking for reviewers
Rip It Atomic Lime Wrecker Fuel        Rhinos Energy Gummies                   Omega Energy
Rip It Energy Fuel Atomic Pom          Diablo Energy Drink                     Wild Bull
Xtreme Shock Grape                     FUZE Energize                           Invigor8
Jet Up Action Fuel                     H20 Blast                               PimpJuice
Xtazy Energy Sugar Free                Kombucha Wonder Drink                   Mistic Berry RE
In Responce to Users          Energy Fizz Citrus                      Hyper Active Starfruit
Tab Energy                             Source Burn Energy Drink                Mistic Citrus RE
Emergen-C Instant Energy Mix           Rhino's Energy Drink                    WOW Rockin Raspberry
Extreme Shock Fruit Punch              Mad Croc Energy Gum                     Red Rhinos
Xtreme Shock Mandarin Orange           Pollen Burst                            Pitbull
Energy Drinks bad for your heart       Google Gulp                             Bomba Energy
Go Fast Rocketman                      ROCKSTAR Energy Cola                    Reanimator naranja
XELR8 energy drink                     Monster Assault                         Mc 2
Energy Drink Comparison                Anastasia Energy Attack                 lipovitan b3
Xtazy Energy Lime Blast                Energy Drink Ingredients                Elements Sub-Zero
Xtazy Energy Cranberry Blast           Full Throttle                           Power Dream Vanilla Blast
Power Horse Energy Drink               Energy Boost Amazinger                  Elements Sub-Zero
Gleukos Performance Beverage           Killer Buzz                             Elements Fire
Xtazy Energy Orange Blast              Airforce Nutrisoda Immune               RedBull
Resurrect Anti-Hangover Mixer          Rawling R EX2 Citrus punch              Elements Rain
Enhance Energy Formula Lemon Lime      Wired X3000                             Hansen's Energy Pro
Rush Energy Drink                      Power Trip Energy Drink                 Blue Ox Oxtails Orange flavor
FRS Plus Energy                        Bliss Energy Drink                      Crazy Larry‘s Orange Blast
Korean Ginseng Drink                   Gorilla Juice energy drink              Crazy Larry‘s Deep Space Blue
Huracan                                Shakti energy drink                     Blue OX Real Power (Black Cherry)
Caffeine Content                       Zoom                                    Blue OX Orange Rush
Formula 7                              XS Citrus Blast                         El Toro Loco Insane Energy
Tilt                                   Stacker 2 Stinger Pounding Punch        Piranha Outrageous orange pineapple
Ronin                                  Stacker 2 Stinger Sinful Citrus         Hansen‘s Energy Endurance Formula
Who's Your Daddy Energy Drink          Budweiser B^E                           TwinLab Energy Fuel
Red Jak Energy Drink                   Tiger Balance                           Hansen‘s Power Formula
Monster KHAOS Energy Juice             Fair Warning Cool Sensation Drink       Magic energy kick
Twisted Chopper Energy Drink           Foosh Energy Mints                      Venon Energy Drink
Orange County Choppers High Octane     Sobe Energy                             Hansen‘s energy original
Fuel                                   SilverBack Extreme Energy
Rumba Energy Juice                     Hype
Sparks                                 Buzz Bites
Go Fast                                Independent Energy Drink
Lift Off Orange                        Umph
Soda Club Energy Drink                 Root Beer Riot
Lo-Carb Monster Energy                 Hair of the dog Energy Drink
Jones Soda Energy                      XTZ Orange Rageous
Liquid Ice Energy Drink                Energy 69
ACT Energy                             XTZ X-Drinx Grape Grenade
Lift Off Lemon-Lime                    Tiger Shot
Bossa Natural Energy Light             CL-ONE
Liquid Ice Energy Sugar Free           Tunnel Energy

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