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					 Kristen Doehle                3-3                                         Tawnee Burch           3-20
 Mike Gallagher
 Sandy Balant
                                                                           Bill Olson
                                                                           JD Dyers
                                                                                                                           NORTH MASON LIFELINE
 Bill Kefauver
 Dahlia Avery
                                                                           Joyce Miller
                                                                           Todd Reuter
                                                                                                                                MARCH 2011
 Rosie Stokes                  3-8                                         Cody Johnson           3-25
 Brad Hudson                   3-9                                         Keith Johnson          3-26       Pastor Jim’s Thoughts                        distance. I noticed up ahead, in the
 Anna Dunks                    3-11                                        Beth Chwaszczewski     3-27
                                                                                                                    I remember when my heart began        sparse shade, a different looking
 Les Bishop                    3-13                                        Fran Schmitt           3-29
 Bruce Veitch                  3-17                                        Seth Cox               3-31       to open up so that I began to see the need   person. She was a Navajo girl, a few
                                                                                                             of others to know Jesus as their Savior. I   years older than me, selling her silver
                                                                                                             was only a boy on a trip with my family      and turquoise jewelry to those passing
                                                                                                             to see the great Grand Canyon. Growing       by. She wore her native dress made of
 Jerry & Deb Murray
                                                                                                             up in Arizona I had seen the Canyon          blue crushed velvet with a silver belt. I
                                                                                  DID WE FORGET YOU?         before and yet its immensity still amazed    thought she might be very warm
 Matt & Tawnee Burch                                                                                         me.     God‟s creative power is truly        standing in the hot Arizona sun dressed
                                                                                 PLEASE FILL OUT YOUR
                      3-27                                                                                   magnificent.      And a young boy‟s          like that, but she actually looked quite
                                                                            COMMUNICATION SLIP AND TURN IT
 Ricky & Christanna Grimm                                                    INTO THE OFFERING PLATE SO WE   imagination can run wild in such big         comfortable.
                      3-28                                                      CAN FIX THAT QUICKLY!        country.
                                                                                                                                                                  Dad      seldom     missed     an
                                                                                                                     Dad and I headed down the long       opportunity to teach me something, (I
                 Did we miss your birthday or anniversary? Please provide the correct                        Bright Angel trail that led to the bottom    deeply appreciate my dad for this
           information on the back of your attendance slip and drop it in the offering basket.               of the Canyon.        Who knows what         consistent practice). I learned to listen
                                                                                                             adventure we might find! Rattlesnakes,       because he was just about the smartest
BUILDING LIVES ON GOD‟S WORD                                                                                 rainstorms, maybe we might see some          guy around. We stopped by the girl to
                    North Mason Bible Church                                                 NON-            Indians. A little boy‟s mind can sure        look at her jewelry and to talk with her
                    PO Box 805                                                               U.S.
                                                                                                             create interesting experiences out of mere   a bit, but she didn‟t understand English.
                    Belfair, WA 98528                                                        POSTAGE         dreams. But after what seemed like           I wondered how you could live in
                    (360) 275-4555                                                           PAID            miles, actually nowhere near that far, dad   America and not know any English. I
                                                            Belfair, WA     finally suggested we head back to the top.   never thought that she might be
                    RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED                                                 Permit #9
                                                                                                             I protested, but not too seriously, only     wondering how anyone could live in
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                                                                                                             enough to make my dad think I wasn‟t         America without knowing the Navajo
                                                                                                             really tired.                                language. My dad then told me of the
                                                                                                                                                          great Navajo nation who ruled the
                                                                                                                    Hiking back is when my heart          Southwest for many years. They were
                                                                                                             began to open up to the needs of others to   a proud nation and in their day no one
                                                                                                             hear the gospel. The trail is rather steep   dared to cross their path or challenge
                                                                                                             with several switchbacks so you can see      their strength. The kind of things boys
                                                                                                             the trail ahead of you for quite some        like to talk about.
        Then my dad told me that this      many others who desperately need to            BUILDING TO HONOR GOD
young girl, and her people, needed to      hear the Gospel message.
hear the message of Jesus. But how?                                                     Land purchase
She doesn‟t speak English. Then he                By the way, when you step out         Estimated cost        Several thousand
taught me something I already knew,        the door of your home and look up and        Donated so far        $32,232.84
but until now it never sunk in. God        down your street you are looking at the
calls special believers to share the       mission field God has given you.             *Mark your donation “Land Purchase”            RICH ROBINSON
Gospel with people from different          When you take the ferry to and from                                                          Sunday, April 10th
countries.     These special people,       the Seattle area you are participating in
whom we call missionaries, invest          the mission field that God wants you to               SPECIAL GIVING                        9:00 am & 11:00 am
their time to learn a particular culture   be faithful in. Where ever you go, at                  OPPORTUNITY
and language just to earn the privilege    home, work or play you are the church                                                   Jesus in the Old Testament. This
to share Christ in a country or culture    and you carry the only message that          Van purchase                                   message poses that if Jesus
that is not their own. That way a          brings life to a lost world. Jesus told
                                                                                        More flexibility is always a good thing.
                                                                                                                                         is the Messiah of the Old
young Navajo girl might hear the           his disciples in John 4:34-38 that the
message of Christ.         Fathers, be     harvest is already ripe all we need to       We can transport a few more people or a       Testament, everyone should
faithful to your children and call them    do is to be faithful in collecting the       few less.                                     believe in Him including the
to see God‟s heart for the lost. My        produce.                                                                                    Jewish people. If He is not
dad did and I appreciate him for this.                                                  No special license required to drive a
                                                                                                                                       the Messiah described, then
                                                   I count it a personal privilege to
                                                                                                                                     no one should believe in Him,
        That experience, at a young        be called to share the gospel with those
age, made a mark on my life. God           who need The Savior.                         Here is where we are so far:                    especially those today who
has called us to share the message of                                                                                               profess to be Christians. Jewish
                                                                                        Estimated cost        18,000.00
Christ in our community and beyond.        In His Service,
                                                                                        Donated so far          4808.03            people were taught that when the
Later in life I learned Romans 10:14-      Pastor Jim                                                                                Messiah comes, he will bring
                                                                                        Amount needed         13,191.97
15, “How, then, can they call on the
one they have not believed in? And
                                                                                                                                     peace on earth and restore the
                                                                                        *Mark your donation “Van Purchase”             Jewish people to their land.
how can they believe in the one of
whom they have not heard? And how                                                                                                  Where does it say He will suffer
can they hear without someone                                                                                                         and die as Jesus did on Good
preaching to them? And how can                                                                                                       Friday? Messianic prophecies
they preach unless they are sent? As
it is written, „How beautiful are the
                                                                                                                                      are unpacked and show their
feet of those who bring good news!‟”                                                                                                        fulfillment in Christ.
Every time I think of verses like these
I remember that young girl and so
                                                                                                             UPCOMING EVENTS

                                                                                                            3-1    Hispanic Ministry
                                                                                                            3-1    Elders Prayer
                                                                                                            3-5    Real Life Retreat Leavenworth
                                                                                                            3-6    PM Baptism/Communion
                                                                                                            3-6    Orientation #3 @ Porters Home
                                                                      3-6    9:00  AVAILABLE                3-8    Hispanic Ministry
     Property Report                                                               Shellie Thompson         3-8    Committee Meeting
                                                                             11:00 AVAILABLE                3-12 Men‟s Breakfast
       The NM School property is                                                   Nelda Flowers            3-13 Orientation #4 @ Porters Home
in final stages of escrow and we                                      3-13   9:00  AVAILABLE                3-15 Deacon(ess) Meeting
expect to close the deal by the end                                                Diana Ison               3-16 Senior Saints
                                                                             11:00 AVAILABLE                3-18 Elders Meeting
of the month. It is in the Mason                                                                            3/18-20 Ladies Retreat
County offices being reviewed,                                                     Sherri Boatman
                                                                                                            3/21-22 AARP Driver Training Class
and we should hear back very                                          3-20    9:00 Carrie Mead              3/24-26 Leadership Summit Retreat
soon on that status, as the last                                                   Lisa Flowers             3/25 Getting Back To Basics
stop on the way for final closure.                                           11:00 Maureen Cox              3-27 Soup & Song
We are in initial stages of                                                        Sarah Cox                4-3    Tom Hoyle
                                                                                                            4-3    AM Communion
planning for the use of this                                          3-27    9:00 Ashley Nelson            4/4-8 SPRING BREAK – No Groups
property. We should have a good                                                    AVAILABLE                4/7-9 Equipping The Next Generation
idea on the alternatives of this                                             11:00 Randy Hall               4-10 Dr. Rich Robinson
property use by the end of                                                         Kathy Hall               4-10 Talent Night
February.                                                                                                   4-24 Easter Services
                                                                           IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO             4/29-5/1 Men‟s Retreat
                                                                        VOLUNTEER PLEASE CONTACT
      Please continue to pray for
                                                                        LISA FLOWERS AT 253-884-9502
God's solution for use of this        This is not just for the kids
property.                             in AWANA – you too can          ***********************************

      Thanks for all your kind          race a car. Pick up your             JAM @ 11:00 am
support, and keep praying.             kit today and get started.                Led by:
                                          Let the race begin…                 Kirsten Doehle
                                                                                                                              Craig and Karen Hamlow have
                                                                                                                       spent several years supporting
                                                                     New Classes For: APRIL - JUNE                     missionaries in remote areas of
                                                                                                                       Alaska with encouragement and
                                                                           The Gospel of Matthew
                                                                                 9:15 am                               physical support and now it‟s time
                                                                                                                       for them to get a dose of that
                                                            TEACHER:              Randy Hall
                                                            DESCRIPTION: A book about the King of Kings                themselves. Thanks to connections
                                                            and the beginning of His Kingdom. The study of             through Arctic Barnabus Ministries,             Yes, it‟s that time again! Are you
                                                            Matthew will reveal Jesus‟ teaching of His Kingdom                                                  ready? God has blessed us in the past
Sign Up sheet will be in the foyer soon.                    in relation to the law, Life, and Victory gained through   they will be taking a sabbatical in
                                                                                                                                                                and we are excited to see just what He is
Start thinking about the talent you would                   His death and resurrection. What work does Jesus
                                                                                                                       Colorado for rest, reflection, refocus
                                                            have for us to do until He returns for His children?                                                going to do this year! Have you thought
  like to share! Come join us for some                                                                                 and realignment. This is a well-         of how you may like to participate?
  popcorn and a guaranteed fun night                              God As He Longs For You To See Him
                                                                                                                       planned, purposeful time that is also    There are many ways to help:
                                                                               9:15 am
          with your church family.                                                                                     an example to us. Hopefully we too
*********************************************************   TEACHER:             Ken Zink                                                                                  Choose, plan and man a
                                                            DESCRIPTION: How would you describe your best              can recognize our own need for rest
                                                            friend? Your spouse? Your children? When we know           and renewal ; and how to give that to               booth
                                                            people well, our description of them is richer and
                                                            fuller than those of mere acquaintances. So how            others.                                             Help another family with a
                                                            would you describe God? How does your view of God                 This will be a time of renewal               booth
                                                            impact your life? This study will change the way you
                                                            pray, live, and think about the world around you.          and spiritual reflection. The focus                 Give out tickets at the main
                                                                          God’s Faithful Promises
                                                                                                                       will be on their needs and how to                   gate
                                                                                 11:00 am                              build them. It will also help them to               Traffic control
                                                            TEACHER:            Norm Hamlow                            see better their gifts and how to use               Make and donate a cake for
                                                            DESCRIPTION: Covenants or God‟s faithful                   them in the Arctic Barnabus                         cakewalk
                                                            promises – what are they? How does scripture use
                                                            them? Are they important to us? Do they relate to          ministries. Please pray for them
                                                            salvation? We will focus on the Abrahamic covenant,        Jacquelyn Mastel                                This month you will find
                                                            the old and new covenant. We will also discuss others                                               members of the Outreach Committee in
                                                            in Scripture. Come learn of God‟s timeless promises.
                                                                                                                                                                the lobby with more information and to
                                                                                                                                                                answer any questions you may have.

                                                                                                                                                                <>< Family Outreach
                                              makes in our life. Is He there? Does He        Cycle One            Cycle Two                    middle schoolers make decisions that will
   PASTOR FRED’S FORUM:                       really care if all these things are            Age            0-4 Age             12-14          govern the rest of their lives. Because of
                                              happening?                                     Discovery            Discovery                    this opportunity, parents and the church
         There is a relatively small island           He does care. Life was crazy for                                                         must partner together to teach the gospel
just off the shore behind my house here                                                      Age            5-8 Age             15-17
                                              Jesus too. He understood the storms of                                                           to early adolescents to combat the
in the Azores. It is nothing much             life and how important it was to be            Testing Out          Testing Out
really, a mound of volcanic rock with                                                        Age           9-12 Age               18+          competing secular worldviews.
                                              rooted on a solid foundation. He says in
absolutely nothing on it. Day after day       Matthew 7:24-25, “Therefore everyone           Concluding           Concluding
I look at it and wonder what it would be      who hears these words of mine and puts         Figure 1                                                 Thank you North Mason Bible
like to stand on the top of it while the      them into practice is like a wise man          (adapted from W. Rice, Junior High Ministry       Church for allowing me to declare and to
sea does its best to destroy it. We have      who built his house on the rock. The           23)                                               demonstrate the message of Jesus Christ
40-50 mph winds here quite often and          rain came down, the streams rose, and                                                            to middle school students.
the waves begin to churn and boil as          the winds blew and beat against that                    Just as childhood comes to a close
they crash against this rock. There are       house; yet it did not fall, because it had     and conclusions have been made about              Grace and Peace
days when you can barely see the island       its foundation on the rock.” (NIV) When                                                          Pastor James Owolabi
underneath the waves that completely
                                                                                             beliefs and values, new discovery is taking
                                              our foundation is on the rock of Jesus
engulf it in thunderous surf only to          Christ and His Word we can be sure that
                                                                                             place. The middle schooler is learning that
have it surface once more, almost as if       no matter what life throws at us, it will      he or she is a unique person whose faith is
to say, “I‟m still here!”                     not overwhelm us. In God‟s sovereignty         not determined simply by his or her
         Then it hit me. It was in the        He often allows us to experience the           upbringing, but by his or her own personal
midst of one of our winter storms when        storms of life in order to encourage           assent, that is, the student’s new abstract
I realized that life can be kind of like      growth in us.                                  intellectual abilities, and autonomous
that sometimes. Things come crashing                  When I look outside after every        decision-making as well. Parents and youth
into our lives with a thunderous power        storm, that relatively small island is still   workers within the church must come
that seems to almost engulf us                there. And just like that lava rock island,    alongside early adolescents and help
completely. We are hit from all sides         our lives may seem insignificant in            normalize their experience with the stability
sometimes quite unexpectedly. Maybe           comparison to the storms howling               that comes from the never-changing love of
a loved one gets sick or someone we           around us. If our lives are founded on         Jesus Christ.
care about gets into a car accident.          the truth of God‟s Word and the
Bills appear that we never knew we had                                                                Additionally, statistics show that 86%
                                              promises of our God the churning waves
and the water heater quits in the middle      of life will never move us. We will            of Christians committed their lives to Christ
of our shower! Life can be like that          always be able to stand, no matter how         before the age of 15 (International Bulletin of
tough. There are no guarantees with           severe the storm, and say, “In God‟s           Ministry Research). Now, does this
this life that we are in. Our economy         grace, I‟m still here!”                        necessarily mean it’ll happen in middle
can go south and our life‟s savings dry                                                      school? No, of course not. Children’s
up. We watch the news and are                 His servant and yours,                         ministry is equally vital to the faith
overwhelmed with the negative reports         Pastor Fred                                    development of our students. But as new
we hear. Sometimes we may even                <><                                            discovery takes place as puberty hits,
begin to wonder what difference God
                                                     There was a point in my life that I
                                             would have laughed in your face if you
                                             told me that I would be ministering full-
                                             time with 11-14 year olds. But now I
                                             would probably laugh if you told me I
       My favorite part of being one of      should move on to a different age. Why?
the associate Pastors at North Mason         Because I have learned that the middle         Ladies,                                             Hey guys....Baseball Spring Training Is Here!

Bible Church is overseeing our middle        school age is one of the best                                                                           You All Know What That Means…
                                                                                                For the month of March, we will enjoy our            A Great Men‟s Breakfast Is Right!!
school ministry. I am currently enjoying     opportunities to reach a person for Christ.                                                             What Does Spring Training And The
                                                                                            annual retreat at Discovery Bay in Port
working along an excellent team of           Ever since that first night my freshman        Townsend. Our theme this year is “Attributes             Men‟s Breakfast Have In Common?
young and mature adults who serve as         year of college when I volunteered to help     of the King”. We will be examining some of             Nothing At All....Just Thought It Would
                                             out in the middle school ministry in                                                                Be A Great Opener To The Men‟s Breakfast
small group leaders, a game director, a                                                     the attributes of the King: focusing on His
                                                                                                                                                 Announcement! Ok...Let‟s Add Some Fun
n events co-ordinator, and a fantastic       Indiana, I have seen the power of              sovereignty, justice, mercy and grace. This        To This – Why Don‟t We All Wear Our Favorite
middle school director. I would share        investment in students. I didn’t know what     event is open to all women ages eighteen and        Baseball Jersey, Hat, Coat, Jacket or Whatever
                                                                                            older. Registration forms are available in the       You Got – Let‟s See How Many Teams Of
with you many reasons why I love             I was getting myself into that night, but
                                                                                            foyer and are due March 6. Please lift up this          America‟s Favorite Past Time Will Be
middle school ministry at North Mason        one small group session with the 8th           retreat in prayer for God‟s leading, hearts that    Represented At The March Men‟s Breakfast 
Bible Church, but David Hausknecht a         grade guys, and I was sold on this             would be changed, and clarity of thought and         YES YANKEE FANS ARE WELCOME!!!
middle school Pastor articulates clearly     ministry. I could never see myself             focus for our speakers.
                                                                                                                                                Now on to the breakfast menu and speaker for
and succinctly my heart for middle           anywhere else. Middle school ministry is          In April we welcome you to Mug, Muffin, and
                                                                                                                                                this great event! Our speaker(s) will men from
                                                                                            Moments with Marilyn Meburg. We will be
school ministry. He writes:                  my passion and calling.                        enjoying a message from Marilyn via a Women of      our church sharing verse and testimony. Don't
                                                     Let’s get into some specifics of       Faith DVD. Bring your mug and women‟s              miss this very important and wonderful meeting.

         I get this question all the time:   why I love this age group and why the          ministries will be providing the muffins and                            MENU,
                                                                                            beverages. Mark you calendar now for 10am on
“Why middle school?” Usually the             church must invest in this group as well.      April 9.
                                                                                                                                               Scrambled eggs, scrambled to perfection, yellow,
                                                                                                                                                fluffy and tasty! Country sausages, the real ole
person has some kind of smirk to             The age range of 11-14 is the second              On May 7, we will have our annual                country way! Pancakes, made by our very own
indicate that underneath they’re really      most pivotal developmental stage in a          Daughters Tea. More details will be                 master pancake maker JW Coffee, juices, milk
thinking, “Why in the world would            person’s life, second only to the age          forthcoming, but it‟s not too soon to invite a       Challenge to all, Bring a Battery Mate..if you
someone like you willingly engage the        range of 0-2. Psychologist Erik Erikson        loved one or dear friend to join you for this      know what this term means in the baseball world
craziest, most unpredictable, and often      writes that in adolescence, “The individual                                                       you will be bringing a pal or two! This breakfast,
                                                                                               In June, we will be assembling the                as always, is for the young, old and those in-
worst-smelling age group out of all the      begins to see himself as having a past         emergency relocation kits for foster children in   between! Dads, sons, uncles, buddies, neighbors,
other congenial, predictable, and un-        and a future that are exclusively his. Early   the Youth For Christ foster care program. Over     cousins, nephews, Granddads, friends, (those not

problematic age groups?” And honestly,       adolescence is thus a pivotal time of          the next couple of months we will be                      to friendly, hey this may change the
                                                                                                                                                        relationship!) and all other men!
I don’t blame them for asking, either.       review and anticipation” (qtd. in W. Rice      collecting: toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs,

That is, I don’t blame them if they’ve       20). One way to understand the life            solid or roll-on deodorants, travel sized
                                             cycles of belief and value development is
                                                                                            shampoos, soap, and travel sized tissues.             See all you men there!
never had the privilege of working with
this beautiful demographic.                  demonstrated in Figure 1:                                                                              March 12th at 7:30 am
                                                                                                                                   gives us all to serve Him and bring
                                                                                                                                   honor to His name.

                                                 The women of North Mason Bible                                                           If you feel that God may be
                                        Church are starting a new monthly                                                          calling you to volunteer or donate
                                        gathering. We want to rediscover the art of                                                items needed, Please contact us or
                                        sharing with one-another gifts and skills that
                                        the Lord has blessed each one of us with.                With        the       moderate    the VBS directors (whose names
                                                 Reminiscent of the "Golden Days          temperatures and the occasional          will be announced soon). If you
                                        of Yesteryear", like the quilting bees or                                                  are not sure whether God is calling
 With a very short break and with       corn shucking circles, this will be where
                                                                                          sunny days we have had, we are
 God's leading and direction, Lois      women can gather together to help each            reminded that spring is upon us.         you, then please consider this; the
Walker has decided to come back to      other, to teach proven techniques, to gather      Many of us are planning our outdoor      confirmation may come in the form
Hospitality as Chair Person. She is     ideas, and to learn from one another. This        activities; vacations, annual family     of the directors asking you. More
                                        was also where the women would catch up                                                    information will be given in the
  very happy with this decision.        with what was going on in the lives of their
                                                                                          traditions, reunions, and so on. This
                                        neighbors and friends, their joys as well as      weather and the eager anticipation of    upcoming         bulletins     and
   Looking to March there will be       prayer needs.                                     spring brings for Cross Trainers the     announcements, so keep an eye
refreshments served at the Baptism               We hope to cover many things that        excitement of Vacation Bible School      and ear open.
                                        relate to being more self-reliant in an ever
  and Communion Service held on         more costly environment. A few of the
                                                                                          and our annual Promotion Sunday.
     Sunday evening March 6th.          topics that have come up are soap making,                                                         Please      continue       to
                                        canning,      fermenting     of     vegetables,           As those who so eagerly serve    prayerfully consider how God may
Save the evening of March 27th!This     gardening techniques, seed starting, and          Him begin planning and coordinating      be trying to help you grow by
    is an annual event and one of       cooking secrets.
                                                                                          these events, we ask that you include    calling you to any ministry,
                                                 Our first meeting is planned for
   everyone's favorites. SOUP and       Friday, Feb. 25th at 6:00 P.M. It will be here    this ministry and the volunteers in      whether it is with Cross Trainers or
 SONG! Bring your favorite soup to      at the church in the kitchen. We are planning     your prayers. Pray that God will         any ministry opportunity at North
  share. We will start eating at 5pm.   to have these gatherings on the last Friday of    give us the wisdom and insight to        Mason Bible Church.
 We also need breads and desserts.      each month and each month we will post
                                                                                          plan and execute such events in a
                                        what the next topic will be.
 After dinner we gather around and               We hope to see you on either side of     manner that most effectively             Thankfully serving Him,
 sing old time favorite hymns. Share    the table, teaching or learning. Any time you     illustrates His love for us, for his
your testimony or give prayer request   put more than one woman in a room, you
                                                                                          children,     and    most      clearly   Rick and Christanna Grimm
   and praises. Hope to see a good      are sure to have lots of fun and great
                                                                                          communicates the Gospel message.         Cross Trainers Ministry
   number of you come out for this.                  Sign up sheet in foyer               We also ask that you pray for            Coordinators.
                                            Subject is digestive aids – specifically      volunteers to be steadfast and find
           Blessings,                                  keifer, kombucha
    Your Hospitality Committee                   tea, and homemade yogurt                 great joy in the opportunity that God

          Adult Sunday School

 Next cycle will be April – June, see the
   Tools Time schedule for a listing!

             Diggin’ Deeper
         (Praise & Prayer Time)

WHO:      Everyone is Welcome
WHEN:     Sunday Nights at 6:00 PM
WHERE:    NMBC Worship Center

       Men’s Small Groups Study

WHEN:    Saturday Morning 7:30 AM
WHERE: NMBC Worship Center
CONTACT: Pastor Jim

           Ladies Bible Study

WHEN:    Mondays 1:30 PM
WHERE:   Pavilion
CONTACT: Kirsten Doehle

WHEN:    Wednesday 6:30 PM
WHERE:   Shack
CONTACT: Marilyn Mullin

WHEN:    Thursdays 2:00 PM
WHERE:   Pavilion
CONTACT: Kathy Zink

            Orientation Class

         Orientation Classes
    February 13, 20, March 6 & 13
        At The Porter’s Home,
  If you are interested in attending
     please call the office ASAP!

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