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					                                             October 2009—Issue 22

                Special Offers

All Special Offers are valid until 15 January 2010

5 Lister Close—Plymouth—PL7 4BA—tel: 01752 345552—fax: 338569 —

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Dear Friends and Customers,

Once again it gives us great pleasure to write our Christmas Newsletter to you:

First we’d like to say a huge thank you to so many of you who participated in our recent
customer survey. From the various new possible finishes ‘Rose Gold’ came out on top
and so we are delighted to be able to offer you this new finish on all our harmoniser
pendants, earrings, fibulae and wrist torcs. All rose gold pieces are first coated in 23k
yellow gold and then finished with a layer of rose gold. Rose Gold is an alloy of mainly
gold with some copper, which gives it a very soft and attractive pink champagne colour
(we tried our best to match the rose gold colour/effect in the attached postcard). The
surcharge for the rose gold on top of the regular gold-plated price is as follows:

Rose-Gold Surcharge
•     Gold-plated price plus £5 (£5.75 incl. VAT) extra for the mini PHI Harmoniser
•     Gold-plated price plus £10 (£11.50 incl. VAT) extra for all other Harmonisers,
      earrings, fibulae and wrist torcs.

There may be a slight waiting time involved, as each piece will be plated in-house to

Continuing our long-standing tradition, we have the following great offers to help you
with your Christmas shopping:

•      Buy any 2 mini PHI pendants and get 1 silver-plated mini phi pendant free (p.14)
•      Buy any other 2 pendants and get 1 silver-plated PHI pendant free (p.14)
•      All Vortex Energisers, EMF Harmonisers and Computer Harmonisers at 20%
       discount. (p.4 & 9)
•      £500 off first Vortex Sculpture bought this season (p. 6)
•      Christmas Draw (p.16)

In this edition on page 17-18 we bring you the latest customer testimonials, which show
just how effective these devices are and how they are changing people’s lives for the
better—and all we’ve done is copied Nature.

Since one of the testimonials mentions the Crystal Vortex, we have decided to give you a
little more information on this piece on page 7. The Crystal Vortex is a powerful healing
tool, which we have been making for many years on a bespoke basis.

Wishing you the very best for the Festive Season and thank you for your support over
the year.

Dolly & Jonathan

                                                                      20% discount

                                              Vortex Energiser™
                                              18cm height, 18cm greatest diameter

                                              The Original Vortex Water Energiser, when
                                              atttached to the domestic water inlet pipe,
                                              energises all the water in the house—instantly.
                                              There are no further maintenance requirements.
                                              The copper version is perfectly sufficient for
                                              energising water, the silver and gold-plated
                                              versions being used for healing purposes.

                                  code     metal                   Regular     Special     Special
                                                                 excl. VAT   excl. VAT   incl. VAT

                                  VEC      Polished copper         £113.85      £91.08     £104.74
                                  VES      Silver plated           £172.50     £138.00     £158.70
                                  VEG      Gold plated             £230.00     £184.00     £211.60

EMF Harmoniser™
Large 18cm x 18cm. Small 13cm x 13cm                                  20% discount
The EMF Harmoniser is a version of the Vortex Energiser, designed to be freestanding
and has been developed to counteract the effects of electromagnetic radiation, emitted
by computers, TV‘s and microwave ovens, etc.

code      size    metal              Regular   Special   Special
                                   excl. VAT excl. VAT incl. VAT

EMFC      small Polished                  £80.50        £64.40      £74.06
EMFS      small Silver plated            £120.75        £96.60     £111.09
EMFG      small Gold plated              £161.00     £128.80       £148.12

code      size    metal              Regular   Special   Special
                                   excl. VAT excl. VAT incl. VAT

EMFLC     large   Polished               £113.85        £91.08     £104.74
EMFLS     large   Silver plated          £172.50     £138.00       £158.70
EMFLG     large   Gold plated            £230.00     £184.00       £211.60

                                      The Water EggTM

We have learnt from Viktor Schauberger’s writings that it is very important to store
liquids in opaque egg shaped containers. Because
there are no corners and crevices there is no
stagnation and disease causing bacteria are much
less likely to breed. Constant convection and
spiralling movement keep liquids fresh, cool and
healthy. The stored liquid should not be exposed
to sunlight. The Ancients knew of this and used
amphorae and egg-shaped urns as storage vessels
made from natural materials. In today‘s industrial
world, practicality dictates the mass production
and use of cylindrical and rectangular plastic

The Water EggTM (28 cm length x 19 cm greatest
diameter) is beautifully handcrafted from porcelain
clay and comes complete with tap, stand (made
from sustainable wood) and lid. It is glazed on the
inside (food grade glaze). It will store just under one gallon (4.5 l) of liquid. A
Harmoniser is set in beeswax within the lid and ensures whatever you store in it
becomes energised.

Use the Water Egg for storing water, wine, juice, code             Pric excl. Price
                                                                   VAT        incl. VAT
cold tea, kombucha, milk, oil or whatever you can
think of.                                         WE               £149.00    £171.35

New: We are now offering Delux Stands made from either Oak or Sapelle (a dark
Mahogany type wood), derived from sustainable forests. When you buy an Egg, you
can upgrade and pay the deluxe stand surcharge. If you just want to buy a deluxe
stand (maybe for an existing egg) you need to pay the stand alone charge (WEO or
WES, see below).
code     Delux Egg Stand                                           Price     Price
                                                                   excl. VAT incl. VAT

WEOS     Oak Surcharge (only when purchasing together with Egg)    £20.00    £23.00
WESS     Sapelle Surcharge (only when purchasing together with Egg) £20.00   £23.00
WEO      Oak Stand (on its own)                                    £35.00    £40.25
WES      Sapelle Stand (on its own)                                £35.00    £40.25

Industrial Vortex Energiser™
19cm height x 20cm greatest diameter

Increasingly the Vortex Energiser is being used for
industrial and farming applications. These applications
include wastewater, soil, compost and irrigation
treatment. In industrial trials in Holland and Spain, the
Vortex Energiser was able to turn compost from an
anaerobic state to an aerobic state. Following these successes we developed an
industrial version of the Vortex Energiser. Made from heavy gauge copper tubing, this
robust energiser is          code use                               Price    Price incl.
designed to meet the                                                exc. VAT VAT
demands of industrial
use. Please contact us if IVE         Industrial & agricultural use £500.00  £575.00
you are interested in the
                             IVE      Private use                   £250.00  £287.50
Industrial Vortex

The Vortex Sculpture™

6” height (1.8m), 5” (1.5m)
width, made from 7 copper
tubes of 18mm diameter

The Vortex Sculpture, just as
our Vortex Energisers,
contains water which has
been highly charged in our
implosion machine. At six
feet high this spiral sculpture
has more than just aesthetic
value. Resonating deeply with
the human consciousness and
awareness it truly has the
potential for transformation.

We are now also able to
offer the sculpture with a
genuine 23k gold leaf finish at
extra cost.

Please contact us if you are
interested in the Vortex

Crystal Vortex

The art of healing with crystals is as old as mankind and is experiencing a revival in our Western

Crystals are solidified earth minerals exhibiting individual structures and properties. Large well
formed crystals solidify deep down in the earth in an high energy environment of extreme
pressures and temperatures. The process of crystallisation can take many thousands of years to
complete. Within that time, the crystal takes on the energy of its environment. Once solidified, the
crystal has taken on this energetic imprint. Thus crystals are bundles of concentrated energy which
interact with the human energy field. This can have a balancing and healing effect on living

Healing with crystals is the art of using the energy emission from the terminations (points) of
crystals to correct imbalances and energy depletions within the energy field. Crystals can help clear
blockages to allow energy to flow more easily. Each crystal has its own characteristic healing
energy and colour which can be applied to improve specific illnesses and energetic dysfunctions.

There is a special structural relationship between quartz and water which was extensively
researched by Marcel Vogel (1917-1991), who after many years as an IBM research scientist
personally discovered the subtle energetic properties of quartz and their structuring effects on


The Crystal Vortex is a small tri-metal Vortex Energiser (silver and gold plated) with prongs (19 cm
length, 11 cm greatest diameter) that allows different crystal wands to be inserted. The Vortex has
an amplifying and cleansing effect on the crystal attached to it. Fixed permanently to the
Vortex is a pyramid of clear quartz. The energy comes in through the quartz pyramid,
gently spirals through the Vortex and comes out through the crystal wand (not
supplied) as a laser type beam. We have found repeatedly, that
wounds heal much faster if treated
with the Crystal Vortex.
The pain of minor cuts
and      burns    typically
disappears within minutes.
People who have visited our Centre and used the Crystal Vortex on inflamed
areas have been amazed to see the redness disappear before their very eyes.

The beam of the Crystal Vortex is extremely concentrated and has intense healing

If you are interested in purchasing the Crystal Vortex, first talk to Dolly for advice please.

                      Code      Metal                        Price excl. VAT       Price incl. VAT

Crystal Vortex        CVT       Gold-plated (tri-metal)           £280.00                £322.00

Personal Harmonisers™

Personal HarmonisersTM are portable devices providing personal protection from
electromagnetic radiation. They are especially beneficial to users of mobile phones, but
will protect from any kind of electromagnetic pollution that fills our environment. They
reduce electromagnetic as well as geopathic stress. They are supplied with cord and
make beautiful multi purpose jewellery. We have many testimonies and scientific
reports confirming that our Personal Harmonisers strengthen the body‘s own energy
field. Personal Harmonisers can also be used as little portable water energisers.
Energise your food and drink wherever you are!

All versions are made from copper tubing and are filled with our imploded water,
which is what makes them work the way they do. Therefore, any version, whether
copper, silver-plated or gold-plated will have the same basic effect. Furthermore, the
different metals have their own intrinsic frequencies, which add to the basic effect of
the products. When choosing the right metal, we generally advise to go with your
intuition. Otherwise go with the metal you like best or phone Dolly to dowse for you.

Please refer to page 14 for prices of our Personal Harmonisers. Please note
that the Triple PH is called Triskelion Pendant; the Four Spiral PH is called
the Iona Pendant.

“Just to let you know that my Harmonizer arrived today. I guess I was just a bit too impatient!
It is currently sitting on top of my jug of water. I have already compared the taste of ordinary
boiled water with 'harmonized' water and there is such a difference in the taste and texture;
much improved with the harmonizer. Thanks for your help.” Marilyn
[further testimonies on p. 17]

The Mobile Phone Harmoniser™
                                                    code       excl. VAT    incl. VAT
7.5cm x 4cm
          The Mobile Phone Harmoniser is a MPH                 £17.25       £19.84
          copper Personal Harmoniser sealed
          in an attractive sleek leather case. It is designed for those who want the
          benefit of the Personal Harmoniser but don’t want to wear it as jewellery.
          Just keep the Mobile Phone Harmoniser in one of your pockets, slide it into
          your mobile phone case or fix to the back of your phone (adhesive pad
                         Buy 2 Mobile Phone Harmonisers and get 1 free silver PHI (p.14)

On Sale at 20% off:
The Computer Harmoniser™
22cm x 7cm
The Computer Harmoniser is a protective device for the computer. It fulfils the same
function as the EMF Harmoniser at a more affordable price. It is sealed in an attractive
sleek leather case and blends in well in a
modern office environment. The             code  Regular price Special Price Special Price
Computer Harmoniser is fixed to the              excl. VAT        excl. VAT      incl. VAT
sides or the top of the computer monitor CH      £34.50           £27.60         £31.74
by means of adhesive pads.

Cir Earrings™
1.7cm x 1cm — sold as pairs.
The CIR Earrings are made from copper tubing (silver or gold
code    metal          excl. VAT  incl. VAT
                                                 plated) and, like
                                                 all our products,
EARC Copper            £20.00     £23.00         contain highly
EARS Silver plated     £23.00     £26.45         energised,
                                                 imploded water. The standard
EARG Gold plated       £26.45     £30.42
                                                 version of these earrings is made for
pierced ears.

The Cuninghame Dowsing Rods
18cm x 9cm — sold as pairs.
Our friend and mentor John Cuninghame, a gifted dowser and long-standing member of
the British Society of Dowsers, approached us a few years ago
regarding the manufacturing of his dowsing rods. What makes
these L-shaped rods special is the way they swing freely. They
are made from brass. John feels that the silver plated version
works especially well.
Dowsing has been used for centuries to find ground water
and minerals and has many applications in subtle energy work. Dowsers generally find it
easy to test the energy fields of our products.

                                   SCHAUBERGER DVD

                                   The first documentary film about
                                   Viktor Schauberger. A survey of
                                   historical facts, current research and
                                   various practical applications into
                                   both technology and the natural

                                    Today the Austrian forester Viktor
                                    Schauberger (1885-1958) is
                                    considered to be a pioneer of modern
                                    water research and the holistic
observation of Nature. As early as the first half of the 20th century he
warned of the consequences of environmental exploitation. He proposed
a radical new way of looking at Nature, Science and Engineering and
developed totally new concepts of energy production, in harmony with
Nature. Schauberger’s maxim was: Understand and Copy Nature.
His inventions include devices for refined drinking water, spiral pipes for
carrying water with reduced friction,
environmentally friendly river regulation,    code      excl. VAT incl. VAT
as well as power generation from water        DVD       £27.00    £31.05
and air using the principle of implosion.

A film by Franz Fritzke
DVD, 75 min, Deutsch/English

Audio Information CD/Tape
This is our own audio recording, which contains information on the
background of our research, explanations
of how our devices work and frequently     code     excl. VAT incl. VAT
asked questions and answers. The           CD       £3.00     £3.45
recording is 70 min. long. Most of our
                                           TAPE     £3.00     £3.45
customers find they have to listen to it
more than once to absorb all the information. You have a choice of CD
or tape (cassette).

The Isis and Serapis Pendant and Earring Set

The use of serpents as symbols dates back to before 2000 BC and has many
manifestations associated with water and healing. The ancient Egyptians believed that
the two entwined serpents Isis and Serapis represented the forces of male and female
fertility and in ancient Mesopotamia the symbol was used to depict Gods of Nature.
The symbol of serpents wrapped around a staff forming a spiral is used to represent
modern day medicine.
                                                  code   metal             Price excl.   Price incl.
                                                                                 VAT          VAT
The Isis and Serapis Set comprises a pair
of earrings and pendant. Each piece
contains CIR energised imploded                   ISPC Polished copper         £32.00        £36.80

water. The earrings are supplied                  ISPS   Silver plated         £42.00        £48.30
with hooks for pierced ears; and the              ISPG Gold plated             £51.00        £58.65
pendant is supplied with an attractive
neck chord and can be worn up or                  ISEC Polished copper         £35.00        £40.25

down. The set is beautifully                      ISES   Silver plated         £45.00        £51.75
presented in an Ancient Sources
                                                  ISEG Gold plated             £52.00        £59.80
quality jewellery box.
                                                  ISSC   Polished copper       £60.30        £69.35

                                                  ISSS   Silver plated         £78.30        £90.05
                                                  ISSG Gold plated             £92.70       £106.61

                                                  10% discount on the Set

                                                  Reference and further reading:

                                                      Neck Torc™
                                                     Isis & Serapis
                                                      Neck Torc™

                                                  Approx. 17cm height,
                                                  15cm width.

                                                  These neck torcs
Minerva Neck Torc™                                combine pendant
                                                  with neck ring and
                                                  are hand crafted
code    metal             Price excl. Price
                          VAT         incl. VAT   from a single piece of
MNTC    Polished copper   £59.00     £67.85
                                                  hollow copper.
MNTS    Silver plated     £74.00     £85.10
MNTG    Gold plated       £89.00     £102.35      All our products
ISNTC   Polished copper   £59.00     £67.85       including these neck
ISNTS   Silver plated     £74.00     £85.10       torcs contain our
ISNTG   Gold plated       £89.00     £102.35      imploded highly
                                                  energised water.
Isis & Serapis Neck Torc™
                                                  The shape of our
                                                  neck torcs may need
                                                  to be slightly
                                                  adjusted for a perfect
                                                  fit. This is easily
                                                  achieved by gently
                                                  the torc by hand
                                                  until it fits the
Description/Size                         Code     Metal     Price      Price
                                                            each       each
                                                            excl.      incl.
                                                            VAT        VAT

Minerva Pendant
                                          MPC     copper    £37.00    £42.55
Size: approx. 5.5cm x 4cm                 MPS      silver   £47.00    £54.05
                                          MPG       gold    £64.00    £73.60
To be worn on cord or chain, or in
conjunction with the Iceni Neck
Dagda Pendant
                                          DPC     copper    £32.00    £36.80
Size: approx. 5cm x 4cm                   DPS      silver   £42.00    £48.30
                                          DPG       gold    £51.00    £58.65

Minerva Armlet
                                          MAC     copper    £53.00    £60.95
Size: approx. 11cm x 10cm                 MAS      silver   £73.00    £83.95
                                          MAG       gold    £95.00    £109.25

Minerva Earrings
                                         MEARC    copper    £62.00    £71.30
Regular Size: approx. 4.8cm x            MEARS     silver   £77.00    £88.55
2.4cm                                    MEARG      gold    £89.00    £102.35
Small Size: approx. 4cm x 1.8cm

For pierced ears only. Please note
the copper version is not suitable for
people with an intolerance to copper
Isis & Serapis Set
including pendant and earrings            ISSC    copper    £60.30    £69.35
                                           ISSS    Silver   £78.30    £90.05
10% discount on set (discounted           ISSG     gold     £92.70    £106.61
price shown)

Minvera Set
including pendant, earrings               MSC     copper    £113.60   £130.64
(regular or small) and torc               MSS      Silver   £149.60   £172.04
                                          MSG      gold     £190.40   £218.96
20% discount on set (discounted
price shown)

  Buy any two Personal Harmonisers (PHI, Triskelion, Iona, mobile
phone Harmoniser) and get one silver-plated Phi Pendant free. Buy any
two Mini PHI Pendants and get one silver-plated Mini PHI Pendant free.

              Description/Size                   Code    Metal    Price    Price
                                                                  each     each
                                                                  excl.    incl.
                                                                  VAT      VAT
              Phi Pendant
                                                 PPHC    copper   £16.50   £18.98
                                                 PPHS    silver   £24.50   £28.18
              Size: approx. 5cm x 3cm            PPHG    gold     £34.00   £39.10

              Mini Phi Pendant
                                                 MPPHC   copper   £13.00   £14.95
              Size: approx. 3.5cm x 1.8cm        MPPHS   silver   £19.00   £21.85
                                                 MPPHG   gold     £26.00   £29.90

              Artemis Fibula
              (Scarf Pin and Brooch)             AFBC    copper   £52.00   £59.80
                                                 AFBS    silver   £64.00   £73.60
              Size: approx. 6.5cm x 2cm          AFBG    gold     £74.00   £85.10
              Iona Pendant
                                                 IPC     copper   £37.00   £42.55
              Size: approx. 6cm x 4cm            IPS     silver   £48.00   £55.20
                                                 IPG     gold     £61.00   £70.15

              Triskelion Pendant
                                                 TPC     copper   £32.00   £36.80
              Size: approx. 4cm x 4cm            TPS     silver   £42.00   £48.30
                                                 TPG     gold     £51.00   £58.65

              Minerva Ring
                                                 MRC     copper   £26.00   £29.90
              Size: approx. 2.7cm x 1.2cm        MRS     silver   £36.00   £41.40
                                                 MRG     gold     £41.00   £47.15

              Boudicca Fibula
              (Scarf Pin)                        BFC     copper   £42.00   £48.30
                                                 BFS     silver   £54.00   £62.10
                                                 BFG     gold     £64.00   £73.60
              Size: approx. 4.5cm diameter

                Description/Size                    Code     Metal     Price      Price
                                                                       each       each
                                                                       excl.      incl.
                                                                       VAT        VAT
                Iceni Wrist Torcs
                                                     IWTC    copper    £22.00    £25.30
                Sizes: large approx. 7cm width,       IWTS    silver   £34.00    £39.10
                small approx. 6cm width              IWTG      gold    £43.00    £49.45

                Available plain or with bead-ends
                (see surcharge page 16)
                Boudicca Wrist Torc
                                                    BWTC     copper    £42.00    £48.30
                Sizes: large approx. 7cm width,     BWTS      silver   £57.00    £65.55
                small approx. 6cm width             BWTG       gold    £67.00    £77.05

                Mini Boudicca Wrist Torc            MBWTC    copper    £25.00    £28.75
                For children                        MBWTS     silver   £35.00    £40.25
                                                    MBWTG      gold    £40.00    £46.00
                Iceni Neck Torc
                                                     INTC    copper    £43.00    £49.45
                Size: 38cm / 15” overall length       INTS    silver   £63.00    £72.45
                                                     INTG      gold    £85.00    £97.75
                Available plain or with bead-ends
                (see surcharge page 16)

                Boudicca Neck Torc
                                                     BNTC    copper    £83.00    £95.45
                Size: 38cm / 15” overall length      BNTS     silver   £113.00   £129.95
                                                     BNTG      gold    £133.00   £152.95


Following popular
requests for a child-sized
bracelet, we are able to
offer a mini Boudicca
Wrist Torc. It is made
from two strands of
copper tubing, which like
all our products contains
imploded water.

Cantiaci Wrist Torc
The Cantiaci Wrist Torc is made from three copper tubes, each filled with energised water. It is
worn not just as adornment but also to help with rheumatism, arthritis and to promote general

The Cantiaci Wrist Torc is available in natural copper as well
as silver plated and gold plated. For the first time ever, due to
popular requests, we are offering a Tri-Colour version (not to
be confused with tri-metal). In this version each of the three
tubes have a different colour (copper, silver-plated and gold-
plated). There is a surcharge for this version as production is
much more complicated and time consuming.

The Cantiaci were a Celtic British Tribe living south of the Iceni in
modern day Kent

                              Code       Size           Metal              Price excl.   Price incl.
                                                                           VAT           VAT

Cantiaci Wrist Torc           CWTC       Sm or Lg       Polished copper    £42           £48.30
Cantiaci Wrist Torc           CWTS       Sm or Lg       Silver-plated      £57           £65.55
Cantiaci Wrist Torc           CWTG       Sm or Lg       Gold-plated        £67           £77.05
Cantiaci Wrist Torc           CWTtc Sm or Lg            Tri-colour         £77           £88.55

                    C H R I S T M A S                                   D R A W

   Everyone who orders between now and Christmas will be automatically
                   entered into our Christmas Draw.

1st prize         one silver-plated Vortex Energiser or large EMF Harmoniser,
2nd prize         one rose gold plated Iona Pendant,
3rd prize         one rose gold plated PHI Pendant.
4th prize         one Schauberger DVD (p.10)

 Re-plating/Second Products
 We usually have some second half price products which are perfectly fine energetically but may
 have minor blemishes.

 Have you worn your harmoniser so much that the plating has rubbed off? No problem, we can
 re-plate our products and also take on independent plating jobs, such as re-plating silver ware,
 ornaments, jewellery, etc.

 Please contact us if you are interested in the above.

These are some recent testimonials from our customers:

“We have been using CIR products for well over 10 years since we first met Dolly Knight and
Jonathan Stromberg at one of their talks. From a starting point of scepticism, we have come to
respect and greatly value their products and their integrity. At times it seems hard to
understand quite how and why copper pipe filled with imploded water is so powerful at
improving the quality of our water, our resistance to electro-fog, and at enhancing our general
health. However, there is solid science behind it, if one bothers to do the reading and to listen
to Dolly and Jonathan. Of course, there is the energetic level as well but these products are
not whacky gimmicks. They are soundly grounded and do their work. Although some of the
response to pain and illness may be due to the placebo effect, it happens too often and with
too much reliability for it simply to be the placebo.

For example, when using the Crystal Vortex [please see page 7 for information on the
Crystal Vortex, ed.], it is possible to feel where it is directed even if someone else is pointing
it at you and you have your eyes closed! Then, it is simply amazing how much the pain level
can be reduced!”

“Dear Dolly, I look after special needs people and I always let them wear a personal
harmoniser when they stay with me. The most obvious thing that I notice is that it calms them.
There was a lady who came to stay with very low energy, no appetite or sparkle and could
hardly walk, within a week of wearing the PHI personal harmoniser she had a lot more energy,
her appetite was better and she could walk without effort.

Also, recently I had a nasty insect bite on the top of my leg which left me with a very
unpleasant burning sensation. So I placed my personal harmoniser on it and within minutes the
burning sensation went. Your products have given me a lot of energy and support. I couldn’t
have managed without them over the last few years. Thank you very much for the work you
do. Lots of love.”

“I am very sensitive to electro-magnetic pollution and have been badly affected by the Caradon
Mast in Cornwall near where I live. Since wearing the Personal Harmoniser and having an EMF
Harmoniser in my house, my quality of life has been much improved. I also use the Personal
Harmoniser to energise my water wherever I am, which definitely improves its smell and taste.
I feel strongly that CIR’s products have enhanced the state of my health and wellbeing.”

“During consultations and seminars, I have been asked by many of you for a recommendation
for a personal protective device to wear when exposed to electromagnetic pollution. Total
avoidance of EMFs is now proving to be all but impossible, and keep in mind that the most
electro-magnetically polluted environment you can be exposed to is often your car. In fact, any
‘metal box’ surrounded by electrical circuitry including a plane, a train, the underground, and

steel framed/metal floored buildings.

From both personal experience, and positive feedback from my clients, the best available
devices of which I am aware are those made by the Centre for Implosion Research.

Based in Plymouth, this company has the highest level of integrity, and is carrying out
exceptional work. Although they are unable to make claims for their products due to zealous
rules and regulations, I can confirm from my clients’ personal experience that, in some cases,
these devices are the only factor allowing them to continue to comfortably work in highly
electro- magnetically polluted environments.

Extremely effective, my testing suggests that in most cases they reduce exposure to harmful
emissions by approximately 80%.

For further help and information, speak to Dolly Knight, one of the founders of the company.
She is highly knowledgeable, extremely helpful, a delight to speak to, and holds a degree in
both medicine and homeopathy.” Elizabeth Brown, Environmental Energies Consultant


The following books are available from us. Please note that there is no VAT on books.
Also special postage and packaging charges apply to books. Please contact us if you
need any advice on which book to choose.
Code     Title                              Book       P&P       P&P
                                            price      UK &      over-
                                                       EU        seas

BSK      The Schauberger Keys, Bartholo- £2.00         £1.00     £2.00
BLW      Living Water, Alexanderson         £8.99      £3.00     £5.00
BHN      Hidden Nature, Bartholomew         £16.00     £5.00     £10.00
BLE      Living Energies, Coats             £16.99     £5.00     £10.00
BWW      The Water Wizard, Coats            £14.99     £5.00     £10.00
BFE      Fertile Earth, Coats               £14.99     £5.00     £10.00
BNT      Nature as Teacher, Coats           £14.99     £5.00     £10.00           Viktor
BEE      The Energy Evolution, Coats        £14.99     £5.00     £10.00
BBCW     Your Body’s many Cries for Wa- £10.00         £3.00     £5.00          1885-1958
         ter, B.
BHPW     The Healing Power of Water,        £9.99      £5.00     £10.00

                                                      centre for implosion research
                                       5 Lister Close - Plymouth - PL7 4BA - England
                                 Tel: +44 (0)1752 345552 - Fax: +44 (0)1752 338569
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                Special Offers valid until 15 January 2010

If dissatisfied, we will refund the full cost of the undamaged products within 60 days
from date of purchase.

Product- Guarantee:
the efficacy of our products is guaranteed for life.
NB: Although the silver and gold plating on the Personal Harmonisers is of high qual-
ity and may last for many years, we are unable to give a guarantee.

Value Added Tax (VAT)
UK: please pay the price including VAT
Europe (EEC): please pay the price incl. VAT, unless your are VAT registered
(please supply VAT Reg. No)
Rest of the world: there is no VAT charge – please pay the price excluding VAT.

Ancient Sources Options:
All items of jewellery are available in copper and high quality silver or gold-plating.
They are supplied in black cardboard boxes and can be presented in leatherette or
wooden boxes with a surcharge. Pendants are supplied with Russian braid cord.
Other cord options are available. Wrist Torcs come in two sizes: small and large –
please specify size; Iceni Wrist and Neck Torcs are available with optional bead-ends.
The bead-ends on the copper torcs are made from brass. These are plated with the
matching precious metals in the silver and gold-plated versions – all bead-ends subject
to a £4 (£4.60 incl. VAT) surcharge. Where copper jewellery may not be suitable for
people with skin sensitivity to copper, the plated versions are preferable. Please make
your selection on this form.

Special Water Egg Shipping Charges
Regrettably, because of the weight and substantial packaging involved, the following
shipping charges apply only for the Water Egg.
UK - £25 (£28.75 incl. VAT)
Europe - £45 (£51.75) incl.. VAT) - airmail
Rest of the world - £80 - airmail
Please add these prices to your sub total

                                       Order Form
           Please send, fax or email order together with payment direct to CIR
                   You may also order over the phone or use our web shop



   Code    Metal     Size                    Description                    Quan-      Price each          Total
                               see product overview sheet for codes and     tity       (+VAT?
                                                prices                                 See p. 19)
eg: VEC    copper    n/a     Copper Vortex Energiser                             2     £130.93            £261.86

    Sub Total

    Surcharge for Rose Gold finish. Mini PHI = £5 (£5.75 incl. VAT). All other Pendants,
    earrings, wrist torcs = £10 (£11.50 incl. VAT) —- please add to regular gold-plated price.
    Surcharge for optional bead-ends on Iceni Torcs = £4.00 (£4.60 incl. VAT) per torc
    Upgrade to suede cord for pendants = £1.00 (£1.15 incl. VAT) per pendant
    Upgrade to leatherette box = £1.50 (£1.73 incl. VAT) per pendant, ring, earring, fibula, wrist
    Upgrade to wooden box = £3.00 (£3.45 incl. VAT) per ring, £4.50 (£5.18 incl. VAT) per pen-
    dant, earring, fibula, wrist torc; £7.50 (£8.63 incl. VAT) per neck torc
    Postage & Packaging - please add 5% for the UK and Europe, 10% for the rest of the world.
    Total Order Value

   Payment options
   o UK cheque or postal order made payable to CIR
   o transfer into CIR´s account – Barclays Bank, Sort Code: 20-68-10,
   Acc. No: 80324752

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