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									Week of Jan 18th

Review Semester Material
          NEW Do Now #18

T: Create questions on old topics
Q: Why do you think the plant DNA was
   larger compared to the animal DNA?
  Finalize Extraction DNA Lab – Get a
  stamp for completion
  Quality Questions (Done in groups of 3)
  Pop NB Check today and tomorrow
W: Make Corrections to the Unit 1: Matter
  of Life TEST (Due @ End of the period)
Th: Learning Style Activity
F: Work on Study Guide– DUE Monday
                  Quality Questions
                   (2 or 3 people)
  Draw a topic from the basket
(WRITE the topic on your paper)
  Create 5 multiple choice questions with 4
  answers to choose from (Level 1 or 2)
  Create 2 short answer questions (Level 3 or 4)
  Write answers on another piece of paper
  GOAL is to stump another group in the future,
  be done by the END of the PERIOD
  YOU might just see your question on the final
        Continue on Do Now #18

T: Continue to process old information
Q: Which cell structure creates energy
   for the cell and what is the process
Mitochondria – process is cellular
  Make Corrections to the Unit 1: Matter
  of Life TEST (Due @ End of the period)
  Pop NB Check – while working
  Lab NB will be checked MONDAY for a
  lab grade and table of contents
Th: Learning Style Activity or Catch-up
F: Work on Study Guide– DUE Monday
             Corrections Unit 1 TEST
           (5-10 points added to your SCORE)
                 Due by Thurs EoP                  (2011)

     Look at your questions you missed (Use Study Guide)
1.   Write the topic of the question and number of
     questions missed for that topic.
2.   Choose 1 – 5 questions missed on the test and
     follow these instructions:
     Write a sentence including the information from the
     question and the correct answer
     Explain how you could study this information better
     in the future.
3.   Did you do better or worst than the Qrt 1 test?
     ONLY done in class or before or after school
          WHEN done
Finish up Lab or Quality Questions
If both of those are done, then let me
know and you can get a head start on
the Study Guide
        Continue on Do Now #18

T:Learn how to study effectively
Q: Which cell structure makes protein
  for the cell?
  Learning Styles Activity
  Pop NB Check – continued on Friday
  Lab NB will be checked MONDAY for a
  lab grade and table of contents
F: Work on Study Guide– DUE TUESDAY
       Learning Styles Activity
1) Determine your order or RECALL, Write
   your letters DOWN
2) Listen to the specifics of each level
3) Get into groups with same levels
4) Come up together with 1-3 ideas on how to
   study ALL the topics on the Final Study
   Guide (relating to your levels)
RECORD all findings and turn in for points
        Continue on Do Now #18

T:Learn what environment is the best to
  study in
Q: How do molecules naturally move in
  and out of the cell?
Concentration Gradient – HIGH
  concentration to low concentration
   Listen to how your environment should be to
   be successful when studying
   Catch-up and Work DAY (Q? on Sguide)
Items you should be working on
2. DNA Extraction Lab DUE MONDAY
   Pop NB Check – continued
   QUIETLY working so I can enter grades –
   get them updated for YOU!! (Finals 1,3,5/ 2,4,6)

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