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These words represent the key principles that govern
Forest Institute’s curriculum and empower our mission of
providing students with an outstanding, practitioner-based
education. We are committed to enriching the lives of our
students and the communities they serve, advancing the
practice of mental health care through hands-on clinical
training that goes beyond the academic classroom. Through
service to the underserved, faculty and students bring
renewed hope to many who might otherwise remain lost.
          AT FOREST INSTITUTE     Our Students are Different
          The Forest Institute difference is reflected in students who look to
          the higher purpose of human well-being with an understanding
          of the impact their work will have on those they serve and the
          world at large. Our students support the common good through
          dedication to the real-world application and hands-on practice of
          psychology. They believe in the power of the individual and the
          resilience of the human spirit. They are dedicated, focused and
          forward-thinking. At Forest, we believe that different is good.

          FOUNDED IN 1979, Forest Institute was created by practicing
          psychologists who understood that the best way to learn is to practice.
          Active integration with the communities of Springfield and St. Louis
          in Missouri combined with solid theory, outstanding experts and an
          elevated individual focus allows Forest to offer one of the most student-
          oriented and practice-based psychology programs in the nation.

          We are dedicated to providing our students with a full range of
          knowledge and experience that will enable them to Enrich, Advance
          and Serve.

The approximately 225 students
enrolled in Forest Institute each
year are anything but average, but              American Psychological Association (APA)
on the average 70% are female
and 30% are male. They come                     Higher Learning Commission
from 13 different states and 6                  Member: North Central Association of
foreign countries with an                       Colleges and Schools
average incoming 3.6 GPA and
average incoming GRE of 1040.
Tony                          Dr. Chris                        Dr. Christina A.
Larson                        Stout                            Pietz (ABPP)
Madison, South Dakota         Clinical Professor,              Associate Professor
Marriage and Family Therapy   College of Medicine,             by Distinction,
                              University of Illinois           Director of Forensics
Forest Student                at Chicago                       Ph.D., Counseling Psychology,
                                                               Texas A & M University
“The different opinions       Forest Alumnus                   Forest Faculty
I get here as opposed
                              “My time at Forest was           Member
to my undergraduate
experience have forced        a time of being enriched         “I’d have to say that
me to think critically        by the work, the faculty         my involvement with
about what I believe          and my peers. I gained           students’ projects is
psychologically. I have       the tools to be able to          the most enriching
yet to meet a professor       provide clinical services,       experience I have. I get
that would not stop           teach, write/publish and         very excited when they
whatever they were            provide administrative           are accepted to present
doing to talk with me         services. My time at             at major conferences.
or another student. I         Forest set the stage for a       If you want to be
also think the training I     career of which I could          successful, you have to
received has prepared         only dream.”                     be out there publishing
me for success on                                              and presenting.”
internship and beyond.”
Courtnie                    Dr. Summer                      Dr. Chris
Barton                      Ott                             Neumann
Springdale, Arkansas        Clinical Director/Clinical      Assistant Professor,
Child and Adolescent        Assistant Professor, Christus   Director of Primary Care
Psychology                  St. John Concussion Center,     Psychology
                            University of Texas             Ph.D., Clinical Psychology,
Forest Student              Medical Branch
                            christusstjohn.org              Oklahoma State University
“The faculty at Forest      Forest Alumna                   Forest Faculty
are wonderful at helping                                    Member
students develop            “I am impressed with the
                            continued efforts of Forest
                                                            “In addition to already
expertise and gain
                                                            having a solid foundation
experience. Another         to refine the curriculum,
                                                            in Motivational
student and I attended a    provide applicable training
                                                            Interviewing and other
training for a particular   experiences and facilitate
                                                            empirically supported
type of group therapy       research opportunities for
                                                            treatments, I have taken
and were later given the    students. Forest values
                                                            advantage of training
opportunity to develop      close and collegial
                                                            experiences at Forest
and facilitate this         relationships between
                                                            focused specifically on an
group at a practicum        students and faculty and
                                                            Primary Care Psychology
site. This experience       therefore, students have
                                                            Model. I can’t think of a
allowed me to develop       the opportunity to serve on
                                                            better example of how
and implement a new         a number of faculty and
                                                            members of a community
program, and the            administrative committees.
                                                            can work together to
supervisors were flexible   This involvement prepares
                                                            advance the profession
enough to allow us to       students for future roles
                                                            and ensure that the quality
try something new.”         that are not solely clinical
                                                            of the program is
                            in nature.”
                                                            top notch.”
Rhameka                    Dr. Nancy                   Dr. Jennifer
Shelley                    O’Reilly                    Baker (LMFT)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma    Clinical Psychologist       Associate Professor
Forensic Psychology        and founder of the          Psy.D., Clinical Psychology,
                           WomenSpeak Project
Forest Student             womenspeak.com              Forest Institute

                           Forest Alumna               Forest Faculty
“My professors                                         Member
are more than just         “We were told to ‘make
professors. They are       a contribution’ no matter
                                                       “Forest offers a unique
advisors, mentors and                                  opportunity for students
                           what you do. I think
are always available if                                to be prepared not
                           those words have become
you need assistance.                                   only as mental health
                           my mantra. If you see a
In addition to teaching,                               professionals, but also
                           wrong, make it right; if
many of our faculty                                    as persons actively
                           you see discrimination,
are involved in other                                  engaged in making
                           do something about it; if
organizations and                                      their communities
                           you see questions, find
research, which is great                               better places to live.
                           answers. Do not waste
because it allows us                                   This dedication to
                           your life worrying about
to gain exposure and                                   community service,
                           things you cannot change
be involved in diverse                                 coupled with the
                           but go outside yourself
experiences.”                                          opportunities to actually
                           and see how you can
                                                       serve while learning
                           make the world a better
                                                       make it a unique place
                           place. I believe some of
                                                       to be.”
                           us are born to protect
                           and serve.”
How will you
Enrich, Advance and Serve?
At Springfield and St. Louis
Master of Arts in                     Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Graduates
Clinical Psychology                   will develop competency in behavioral
(MACL)                                assessment, behavioral interventions
The Master of Arts in Clinical        and behavior change procedures. This
Psychology provides a broad base      program is offered in the evenings and
of psychological foundations,         can be completed in five semesters,
including theories, concepts and      including one summer session.
empirical knowledge regarding
human development and behavior.
                                      Practica Training Program
                                      A critical component of practicum training
The Master of Arts degree meets and
                                      at Forest Institute is the quality of the
exceeds the coursework requirements
                                      supervised training experience. Practicum
for the Missouri Committee for
                                      is a vital element of the master and doctoral
Professional Counselors, most other
                                      degrees because it provides structured,
states and the National Board of
                                      meaningful, “real life” experience in actual
Certified Counselors.
                                      clinical settings. These experiences are
Master of Science in                  sequenced and aligned with coursework
Applied Behavior Analysis             so that practicum rotations reinforce and
(MSABA)                               integrate the theoretical, practical and ethical
The Master of Science in Applied      content being learned in the classroom.
Behavior Analysis gives students
an educational foundation in the      Forest has a faculty to
assessment and treatment of Autism    student ratio of 1 to 8.
At the Springfield Campus
Doctor of Psychology in
                                                    CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS
Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)
As the cornerstone of Forest Institute, the            Post-Graduate Certificate
Psy.D. program focuses on diagnostic skills,           in Marriage and Family
therapeutic interventions and the development          Therapy
of the student as a holistic practitioner. This
                                                       Certificate Program in Pain
degree fulfills all educational requirements           Management Approved by
to become a licensed clinical psychologist.            the American Academy of
Graduates have careers in hospitals, clinics,          Pain Management
correctional facilities, universities and
as professional consultants and experts.
                                                       Certificate in Primary Care
Graduates are eligible to take the EPPP
                                                       Practice, Consultation
national psychology examination. This
                                                       and Management
examination is the final step to becoming
a licensed clinical psychologist. Students             Certificate for Board
may select from the following elective                 Certified Behavior Analyst®
concentrations below:
Forensic Psychology, Child and Adolescent         and cohesion. This degree fulfills all
Psychology, Primary Care Psychology,              educational requirements to become a
Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical             licensed marriage and family therapist.
Neuropsychology, Pain Management and
Psychology of Religion                            Master of Arts in
                                                  Counseling Psychology
Master of Arts in Marriage                        (MACP) The Master of Arts degree in
and Family Therapy                                Counseling Psychology (MACP) is offered
(MAMFT) The Master of Arts in                     in a nontraditional format with classes on
Marriage and Family Therapy offers a              evenings and weekends. Students focus
solid foundation in generalist psychology         on one class at a time for four weeks.
but adds the emphasis of relational and           The program can be completed in 18
family dynamics. Focusing not just on             months and is designed for students who
the individual but also the person’s role         wish to become Licensed Professional
in relationships assists the practitioner in      Counselors. This degree fulfills all
treating many mental health issues that           educational requirements to become a
arise and also facilitates family healing         Licensed Professional Counselor.
                                                Breaking New
Legacy of Helping                               Ground
the Helpless                                    On the Murney Clinic’s foundation of

As the nerve center of Forest’s commitment      service, Forest Institute established

to service, the Robert J. Murney Clinic is      a full-fledged 58-acre campus in

where the institute’s presence in Springfield   Springfield to train even more mental

began when it was founded in 1985.              health professionals and send them into

Forest’s mission of serving underserved         the world to enrich their communities.

populations – who often desperately need        Forest continues to advance the training of

mental health services – in southwest           students and is committed to supporting

Missouri began, and continues to this day,      students through a variety of student

at the clinic, which is one of the few stand-   and academic resources, including

alone community clinics in the country          scholarships, student organizations,

operated by a school of psychology.             advising and mentoring. Looking to the
                                                future of clinical psychology, Forest is

The second prong of the Murney Clinic’s         preparing students for the challenges and

dual mission is to provide students of          opportunities that await them through

Forest with applied service learning            innovative programs, such as Primary

experiences. During their studies, students     Care Psychology and Neuropsychology.

have the opportunity to participate in the
more than 800 therapy sessions each
month with clients. Since the Murney Clinic
                                                Forest has a 96%
is a community clinic, the great diversity      retention rate of total
of clients yields incredibly valuable           student enrollment
experiences to students as they develop
into practitioners.
Enrich, Advance and Serve

Touching More Lives
                            In 2010, Forest launched a site in St. Louis,
                            Missouri, offering its Master of Arts in Clinical
                            Psychology, Master of Science in Applied Behavior
                            Analysis and Board Certified Behavior Analyst®
                            certificate program to continue enriching the lives
                            of student and clients. Situated in the middle
                            of Creve Coeur, a vibrant and eclectic western
                            suburb, the site facilitates abundant opportunities
                            to students for practicums and hands-on learning
                            in St. Louis’ thriving and world-class health
                            care industry. Additionally St. Louis faculty work
                            collaboratively with Springfield professors to ensure
                            continuity across the curriculum and provide full-
                            service support to the St. Louis students.
As the third largest city in Missouri, Springfield is home to
16 colleges and universities which support varied shopping
experiences, sports venues and a great sense of community.
Low crime, no gridlock and a mild climate converge to create
the ideal college town. With average rents for a two-bedroom
apartment under $550.00 per month and low cost utilities,
Springfield offers a wonderful quality of life, incredible resources
and a diverse creative population. Springfield is home to a vibrant
growing artistic community and is experiencing a downtown
renaissance which includes new galleries, art studios, lofts,
a thriving theatre culture and critically-acclaimed restaurants.
Located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, southwest Missouri
is home to breath-taking natural beauty, abundant lakes, hiking
trails and beautiful streams and rivers.

Known as the “Gateway to the West,” the greater St. Louis area
is truly an urban community and Missouri’s most populous
metropolitan area, with an estimated population of almost 3
million. It is overflowing with recreational, entertainment, cultural
and educational amenities and is perhaps most famous as
the home to the iconic Gateway Arch. The Municipal Theater,
or simply the Muny, is the largest and oldest outdoor musical
theater in the U.S. “North America’s Best Sports City” plays host
to the MLB’s St. Louis Cardinals, the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, and
the NHL’s St. Louis Blues. Residents enjoy meeting neighbors and
attending outdoor concerts in St. Louis’ 105 parks.
Need more information? Please visit www.forest.com/
admissions to receive additional invitations for events and to be
included in future mailings – or call us at 1-800-424-7793.
                 St. Louis


     BY LAND:
     To Springfield                                  To St. Louis
     Little Rock, AR - 3 hours                       Chicago, IL - 5 hours
     Tulsa, OK - 3 hours                             Memphis, TN - 4 hours
     Kansas City, MO - 3 hours                       Indianapolis, IN - 4 hours
     Topeka, KS - 4 hours                            Nashville, TN - 5 hours
     Dallas, TX - 7 hours                            Des Moines, IA - 5 hours

     BY AIR:
     Forest Institute is a 15-minute drive from Springfield-Branson National Airport with four
     major carriers serving the region. Our St. Louis site is a 15-minute drive from Lambert-
     St. Louis International Airport, which is serviced by thirteen airlines.

                                                    2885 West Battlefield
                                                    Springfield, MO 65807
                                                    11477 Olde Cabin Road
Springfield Campus                                  Creve Coeur, MO 63141

                                                    (417) 823-3434 or 1-800-424-7793


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