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									Welcome                                                                                                                                Table of conTenTs
Spring forward! Don’t fall back!
It’s now time to save $100                                                                                                   Calendar                                                                           1
When you apply for admission between January 3 and February                                                                  General Information                                                                2
19, 2011, and register for your first Linfield Adult Degree Program
course in Spring or Summer 2011, we’ll waive the usual $100 ap-                                                              Textbooks                                                                          3
plication fee.

Daylight saving time is observed in over 70 nations and allows
                                                                                                                             How to Register (Payment, Fees, Refund)                                            4
people to take advantage of longer summer hours by setting clocks                                                            Advising Centers
ahead in spring and back in fall. We like to think of our offer as
allowing you to take advantage of a “money saving time.” Whether                                                             Commencement Info                                                                  5
you live in the Northern Hemisphere where DST goes from early
March to early November, or in the Southern Hemisphere where
                                                                                                                             Alphabetical Listing of Courses
DST goes from late October to late March, now is your best time to                                                           Key to Abbreviations                                                           6-7
save $100 and get going on achieving your educational goals at Lin-
field College. Your Academic Advisor will guide you with setting up                                                          Year Long Plan 2011-12                                                         8-9
an academic plan of courses, beginning with spring or summer 2011.
                                                                                                                             Bend, McMinnville                                                               10
Apply now at www.linfield.edu/dce
                                                                                                                             Portland                                                                        11
                                                                                                                             Summer 2011 Field-Based Courses Preview
                                                                                                                             RN to BSN Program                     12
                                                                                                                             Online Classes                                                            13-15
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Travel Summer 2011
Join your classmates for travel and study in our field-based courses including perennial favorites Fire History of the Cascades, Shoreline
Ecology, Human Ecosystems, Backpacking, and Archaeological Field Methods. Earn Linfield credits while enjoying the beauty of Oregon
this summer!

Post Baccalaureate Accounting Certificate
The 11-month Online Post Baccalaureate Accounting Certificate begins in Spring semester with BUSN 361 Intermediate Accounting I and
BUSN 461 Cost Accounting. Continue with BUSN 362, Intermediate Accounting II and BUSN 468 Federal Income Tax in Summer 2011,
and complete the certificate with BUSN 466 Advanced Accounting and BUSN 469 Auditing in Fall 2011. Entrance requirements for the
Post Bacc Accounting Certificate are: a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college, and prior completion of BUSN 260 & 261 (Financial
and Managerial Accounting), or equivalent courses from another college. Visit our Post Bacc Accounting Certificate webpage for more
information; http://www.linfield.edu/dce/accounting-certificate.html

Online Academic Tutoring
Online Tutoring Services through the Northwest eTutoring Consortium
You have access to online tutoring services at no additional charge. Linfield is a member of the NW eTutoring Consortium, a group of col-
leges, each providing experienced academic tutors who work with students online to help you improve your performance in your courses.

If you need tutoring help in Accounting, Math (Intermediate Algebra, Intro to Finite Math and Calculus), Statistics and/or Writing, please
go to: eTutor from the Current Students page http://www.linfield.edu/dce/current-students.html or from your Blackboard class page.

On the cover: Veronica Ross ‘10, Brian Roberts ‘09, Claudia Garcia, Steven Facker ‘10, Miguel Martinez-Sierra ‘11, Aaron De Clerck, Debra Henry, Guadalupe Gabba ‘09, and Jeffrey Maxwell ‘09 (Juan Calvillo photos)

                                                                          Spring 2011
                                                           February 19 - May 26
                                                                  Apply now at www.linfield.edu/dce
                      Spring 2011                                               Summer 2011
Registration                             Jan 17 - Feb 11    Registration                             May 9 - June 3

Orientation of RN-BSN Cohort              Tuesday, Feb 8    Late Registration                    after Friday, June 3

Late Registration                    after Friday, Feb 11   Decision Date for Class Cancellations Wednesday, June 8

Decision Date for Class Cancellations Wednesday, Feb 16     Classes Begin                           Monday, June 13

Classes Begin                           Saturday, Feb 19    Last Day to Withdraw Without 'W'         Friday, June 17

Online Class Tutorial Saturday, Feb. 19 & Monday Feb. 21    Independence Day (Linfield Closed)       Monday, July 4

Presidents’ Day (Linfield Open)         Monday, Feb 21      Last Day to Withdraw With 'W'             Friday, July 22

Last Day to Withdraw Without 'W'          Friday, Mar 11    Term Ends                          Thursday, August 18

Last Day to Withdraw With 'W'            Friday, April 22
Term Ends                             Thursday, May 26
Baccalaureate                          Saturday, May 28
Commencement                            Sunday, May 29

                              linfield college
                    division of conTinuing educaTion
                          a d u lT d e g r e e p ro g r a m
                Since 1975, Linfield College’s Division of Continuing Education (DCE) has given
                adults the opportunity to earn a college degree. Established in 1858, Linfield College
                is one of the first institutions of higher learning west of the Mississippi River.
                Linfield College is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and
                Universities to offer Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Science in
                Nursing degrees.

                       Fall 2011                                                 Winter 2012
Registration                              Aug 1 - Sept 6    Registration                                 Aug 1 - Jan 3
Late Registration                   after Tuesday, Sept 6   Registration (Mail/Fax)                   Dec 24 - Jan 3
Labor Day (Linfield Closed)              Monday, Sept 5     Christmas/New Year (Linfield Closed) Dec 24 - Jan 2
Decision Date for Class Cancellations Wednesday, Sept 7     Decision Date for Class Cancellations     Tuesday, Jan 3
Orientation of RN-BSN Cohort               Friday, Sept 9   No Registrations after                    Tuesday, Jan 3
Classes Begin                          Monday, Sept 12      Classes Begin                             Tuesday, Jan 3
Last Day to Withdraw Without 'W'          Friday, Sept 30   Last Day to Withdraw Without 'W'              Friday, Jan 6
Last Day to Withdraw With 'W'             Friday, Nov 18    Last Day to Withdraw With 'W'             Friday, Jan 27
Thanksgiving (Linfield Closed)                Nov 24-25     M.L.King, Jr. Day (Linfield Open)        Monday, Jan 16
Term Ends                              Thursday, Dec 15     Term Ends                               Thursday, Feb 9
Commencement                             Sunday, Dec 18


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