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					           AamKam Hosting Services
                  15-F, DHA Phase II, Islamabad
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for choosing the affiliate program of AamKam Hosting (
AamKam Hosting is the leading web hosting company of Pakistan, committed to provide
world class hosting services to its clients.
First of all, you are requested to visit and click on web hosting link. After
that we will discuss affiliate program in detail.
Ok! As you have visited, you must know that AamKam Hosting offers
three different web hosting plans namely America Web Hosting, Africa Business Hosting and
Asia Unlimited Hosting. Now look into below placed self explanatory table
No of accounts / Month         America               Africa               Asia
                                                      % age of revenue
1-3                            20 %                  25%                  30%
4-7                            25%                   30%                  40%
8 - 12                         35%                   40%                  50%
12 +                           50%                   60%                  70%
As it is clear from the above table, we offer substantial amount as a commission to our
affiliates as much as 70 percent of total revenue if our affiliate sell more than 12 packages of
Asia Unlimited Hosting.

Let us try to understand above placed table with the help of following example:
Suppose you sell 6, 10 and 15 accounts of America, Africa and Asia plan respectively, your
earning will be calculated through the following way:

No. of            Plan           Retail    Rate               Earning        Total
Accounts                         Price
6                 America          2949.00 1-3=20%            1769.00                  3,980.00
                                           4-6=25%            2211.00
10                Africa           4950.00 1-3=25%            3712.00                14,107.00
                                           4-7=30%            4455.00
                                           8-10=40%           5940.00
15                Asia             9850.00 1-3=25%            7388.00                55,593.00
                                           4-7=30%            11820.00
                                           8-12=40%           19700.00
                                           13-15 = 70%        20685.00
Total                                                                                77680.00

If you are enthusiastic, self motivated and want to excel as an affiliate of the AamKam
Hosting, you are requested to send an email at Please mention your
name, address, cell # and email address in your email so we may contact you for further
processing of your application.


Kashif Ilyas

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