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					    BLUE HERON BAY                        GOLF
     NEWSLETTER                           CART
    DECEMBER 2009                       BALLOT
         By: Elaine Higgins                 Telephone numbers have been removed from
                                            the online newsletter for privacy and security,
                                            please contact the park should you need a                 telephone number.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! What a                     sale. I heard that we had some
wonderful time of the year! I just          great     help in  doing   this.
can’t believe that it has come so           TEAMWORK, that’s what I am
soon.                                       talking about.
    I hope everyone had a happy
and enjoyable Thanksgiving. The                        HOLIDAY HOME
weather seems to be cooling off                        DÉCOR CONTEST
some, which makes the holidays
feel more like holidays.                    Let’s light up the park.        Blue
    Thanksgiving has come and               Heron Bay Recreation will be
gone, but we are always thankful            sponsoring it’s First Annual Holiday
for our residents and volunteers            Home/Lawn Decorating Contest.
who pitch in to make Blue Heron             Get out those lights and all the
Bay a fun place to live.                    other Christmas decorations that
   Thanks to The Curtiss’ for               you have stored up. There will be
hosting the parks Thanksgiving              three judges, all of them will have
Dinner.       I    heard    it  was         no ties to the park. I will bring
MMmmm……GOOD.             The Curtiss’       them in and drive them around and
said that they could not have done          they will decide which home is the
it alone and they want to thank all         best decorated. We will give out
who helped them put on such a               Wal-mart Gift Certificates for the
wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner.              First -$50, Second - $30 and Third
                                            - $20 place homes. Judging will
    Also, thanks to everyone who            take place within a week before
helped get the clubhouse back to            Christmas and the winners will be
its original state after the garage

notified and also announced in the         lot of you first moved in you only
January Newsletter.                        had a cell phone. If you have a
        EVENTS POSTED                      local phone number please provide
                                           it to us.    I want to keep our
        There are still a few more         information on each resident
events for our 2010 season that            current.   So anytime that your
need hosted. The sign-up sheet is          northern address changes or phone
on the board. Thanks to the ones           number(s) change, (including Cell
that have stepped up to complete           phones) please let us know.
our December Events. Your service
to the BHB recreation is a blessing.               2010 DECAL INFO
   If you need to know what is
involved in hosting any of the                 The new registration decal(s)
events, please ask me or one of the        for 2010 is orange. You should
other committee members.                   have received your renewal by mail
   Please check out this sheet and         and you have until January 1, 2010
see if you can help out anywhere.          to get your new decal(s) posted.
We all know that it is because of          ALL other colored decals should be
our volunteers that we are able to         removed from the home and only
have such a variety of events here         the current 2010 orange decal
at our park. Thanks again to all of        should be visible.
our wonderful volunteers. Please
 consider being one of these                          POOL COVERING
magnificent people that give of             During the cooler months as our
their time to make recreation here         temperatures drop, there is a cover
at BHB a huge success. If you have         that is placed over the pool to keep
any questions about where to serve,        the water warm during the evening
please contact me, or any other            so that it can be enjoyed during the
member      of    the    recreation        day depending on the weather. If
committee.                                 the projected temperature for the
                                           day is 70 or below, the pool will
   RESIDENT CONTACT INFO                   stay covered. Volunteers are
                                           needed to help cover the pool in the
     Please notify our office if you       evenings starting in January. Park
have any changes to your northern          maintenance will uncover it in the
address or if any of your phone            mornings. If you are willing to help
numbers have been changed in the           with this small task on a rotation
past year. Also, I know that when a        basis, please contact: Elaine at the

Park Office. The number is 422-             copies only and $3.00 for copies
3157.                                       enclosed in a folder.
          ORDER YOUR NEW                    SL.O..O..O..W D..O..O..OWN
    The 2010 edition of the BHB             O.K. The black Friday rush is over.
Directory will be available mid-            I still see a few speeders out
January. The Directory lists all of         there. I just want everyone to be
our residents by address and by             careful and watchful when they pull
name and is available for a small fee       out onto the streets. Remember
to all our residents. It is produced        we do not have any stop signs in
and revised by our welcome                  here and most of us just seem to
committee, and we want to make              take those corners as curves. I
sure that we have your correct info         myself am guilty of this sometimes.
in it. This is also where the               So let’s all keep in mind that during
Birthdays       and      Anniversary        the winter we have a lot more
information comes from that is              traffic on our streets and we need
printed in the monthly newsletter.          to be more alert. Also, the speed
So if you have changes that need to         limit is 15 miles per hour.
be made, call Mary Ellen Diamond or
Elaine.                                     WHERE DO ALL           THE    ANTS
     If you are new to the park and         COME FROM?
have not been welcomed in by our
welcoming committee, please call            Well, first of all this is Florida.
Mary Ellen       at 863-557-xxxx            Florida has ants, as well as other
after 5:00.      Also, if your phone        little creatures, but one thing we
number that you use here in Florida         can do to try and eliminate some of
has changed, or you have gotten a           them is to put out ant bait to kill
local number, give Mary Ellen a call        them. If we don’t they just keep
so that she can up-date the                 multiplying and going from yard to
directory.                                  yard. So do more than complain
     All changes must be in by              about them…………….KILL THEM!
Wednesday, December 30th. If
you would like to purchase an up-
dated directory please place your           CHRISTMAS CARD EXCHANGE
order with Mary Ellen before the
date above. Mary Ellen does work a          I know that a lot of you like to
full-time job so be sure and call her       exchange Christmas Cards during
after 5 p.m.. The cost is $2.00 for         the season.    To make it less

expensive and a little easier, we
suggest that you place a basket or
whatever works for you, on your                   DECEMBER EVENTS:
doorstep or carport to receive
Christmas     Cards    from    your       Tues. Dec. 1 – Ladies Luncheon**
neighbors. I here this works well.              Celebration Town Tavern
So give a little Christmas Cheer to               Disney Celebration
a neighbor.                                  Meet at the Clubhouse at 11:15

   CLUBHOUSE DECORATIONS                  WEDNESDAY’S - Mitzi’s Diner-
                                          Featuring Hamburgers, Hot Dogs,
   I would like to thank the people       and Sausage Dogs complete with
that came and helped decorate the         chips and dessert. Low Prices Every
clubhouse for Christmas,       Fran       Wednesday.
Hein, Arlene and Doug Conran,               We will have Sausage Dogs the
Terry LaRock, Larry Caldwell, &           first   three    Wednesday’s     in
Connie Novack. It lessoned the            December. December 2, 9, and the
time it took to put up a lot of           16th . There will be NO Sausage
pretty things, and I very much            Dogs on the last two Wednesday’s
appreciated the help with the             due to the Holiday’s.
         Nancy Tourville, DCC             Sat. Dec. 5 - Blue Heron Bay’s
                                                    First Annual Craft Fair
                                                           9 am – 1 pm
                                          Everyone is Welcome and Admission
                                          if FREE. Come & See the talent
Wednesday, December 02, 2009.
                                          that our locals have in making
Judith & Bill Swank will return to
                                          homemade and crafty items by
host Bridge on Wednesday’s and
                                          hand. Great Place to do some
Friday’s at 1:30 p.m.
                                          Christmas Shopping.

LINE DANCING hosted by Denise
Naif will start back up also on
                                          Sat. Dec. 5 - Decorate BHB
Wednesday’s at 9:30 a.m.
                                                       Christmas Tree**
                                                 & Carry-in Supper with
                                          Yankee Gift Exchange- $10 Limit
BINGO – Every Thursday at 7
                                                              5:00 p.m.
p.m.    We will no longer have
Bingo on Sunday’s.

     Hosted by: The Conrans, The           gift exchange. Some gift ideas are
Hein’s, Terry LaRock & Mary                Lotto tickets, decorative kitchen
Umphrey..Continued on page 5..             bottles, Christmas decorations,
  Here is what you need to bring           Candy, Wine, Gift Cards and there
for the Carry-in Supper:                   are a numerous of gadgets out
Residents whose last names begin           there that anyone could use.
A-H       bring     DESERTS
I-P       bring     APPETIZERS
Q-Z       bring     SANDWICHES             Sat. Dec. 12 Coffee & Donuts**
The drinks, chips and table service               English Muffins Available
will be provided.                                           8:30 a.m.
                                                            $1.50 p.p.
Each year we gather together and
decorate the Christmas Tree in the
Clubhouse with your ornaments that         Sat. Dec. 12 -      GOLF CART
you have donated in the past. For                                  PARADE
that, we thank you. Due to the              PARADE STARTS AT 6:00 p.m.
overwhelming and abundance of               (Line-up will begin at 5:30 p.m.)
ornaments we are asking that only          Hosted by: Gloria M. & Terry L.
new residents bring an ornament to             Get your carty ready for the
put on the Tree, or if you have not        party. Everyone is welcome to join
yet donated one and would like to          in this showcase event. There is no
do so, please do. You may donate a         registration needed. So put on the
new one or one you already have.           decorations, lights and anything
We just want everyone to take part         else you have to make that cart a
in making this a community event           holiday sight. We do ask that if
and that everyone that wants to            you are going to be a part of this
have an ornament on the tree does          exciting event that you be at the
so.                                        clubhouse ready to begin lining up
It’s neat each year to see your            at 5:30 p.m. The carts will drive up
ornament again and say, “hey,              and down each street twice so that
there’s my ornament”.                      residents will be able to view the
Also, we will be doing a Yankee Gift       carts and cast their vote for the
Exchange. These are always FUN!            best decorated golf cart. You will
Bring a wrapped gift in the price          find an official ballot attached to
range of around $10 suitable for           this newsletter . Your vote must
either a man or woman. You must            be on this ballot and placed into
have a gift to participate in the          the ballot box at the Clubhouse no

later than 7:30 p.m. after the
parade. ……….. Continued on page 6.
One ballot per household please!           Sat. Dec. 19- Coffee & Donuts**
There will be gift certificate’s for              English Muffins Available
our first-$50, second - $30 and                             8:30 a.m.
third- $20 place winners, so your                           $1.50 p.p.
vote is important.
     Refreshments will be served
for EVERYONE after the parade.                MERRY CHRISTMAS
So watch the Parade and then
Come on down, bring your ballot
and enjoy the fun & fellowship.            FRIDAY, DEC. 25 –
                                                CHRISTMAS DINNER**
                                                              2:00 P.M.
Sun. Dec. 13- Ice Cream Social**                              $3.00 p.p.
         Birthday & Anniversary
                                           HOSTED BY: THE BEHL’S
                        7:00 p.m.
                                           Ham, Rolls, Drinks and table
             Celebrants are FREE           service will be provided.
                  Others - $1.50           Please Bring a Dish to Share.
If     your     Birthday    and/or         Indicate your type dish on the
Anniversary is in December, come           sign-up sheet posted.
on down and let’s celebrate – It’s
FREE for you. And for the other’s
                                           Sat. Dec. 26 -Coffee & Donuts**
who want to join in on the
                                                  English Muffins Available
celebration and sweetness, it is
                                                            8:30 a.m.
only $1.50.
                                                            $1.50 p.p.

                                           **Sign-up sheets for these events
Tues. Dec. 15–Red Hat Society**
                                           are in the clubhouse. PLEASE sign
 Disney’s Grand Floridian Café
                                           up for events as soon as you know
For       Christmas       Luncheon.
                                           that you will be attending. Knowing
Reservations for 11:45. Dress in
                                           in advance the number of attendees
your fancier Red Hats and Purple
                                           for each event helps us in our
Outfits if you have.
                                           planning and making the necessary
            Carpool from Clubhouse
                                           arrangements and/or reservations.
                       at 10:30 a.m.
                                                Also, if you see that you
                                           cannot attend an event that you

previously signed–up for, PLEASE            on that Monday morning.           The
cross out your name on the sign-            resident who wants to rent a table
up sheet. Thank you.                        must personally be there to rent
                                            the table. A friend may not do so
UNLESS OTHERWISE POSTED,                    for you!
ALL SCHEDULED EVENTS AND                        There are 21 tables in the main
OR ACTIVITIES ARE AT OR                     room and 20 of them rent for
AROUND THE CLUBHOUSE.                       $5.00 each. The table that is in
                                            front of the stage will also have
                                            some use of the stage and will rent
      UPCOMING EVENTS:                      for $7.00 because of the extra
                                            floor space it also has.
SAT. JAN 2-                                      The pool room will be divided in
 POST NEW YEAR’S EVE                        half and will rent for $8.00 per
                                            half with each person getting half
                                            the pool table and half the room.
      7 pm – 10 pm                          Each person may bring in extra
   food-fun-live music                      small tables or racks for display.
  TICKETS - $8.50                           (All your items must be kept in the
TICKETS ON SALE NOW                         pool room and cannot extend into
FOR TICKETS CONTACT:                        the main room).
Judy Churley…………..421-xxxx                      Only half of the exercise room
Doug Conran……………..421-xxxx                  will be rented out. It will rent for
Pam House…………………422-xxxx                    $8.00 also. Tables will be provided
Connie Novack………….419-xxxx                  for it and you will be allowed to
                                            bring in extra small tables or racks
Mon. Jan 4 – Garage Sale                    for display. (All your items must be
       Sign-up at the Clubhouse.             kept in the exercise room and
              8 a.m.                        cannot extend into the main room).
Our Winter Garage Sale is                        You are not allowed to bring in
scheduled for Saturday, February            large items such as bicycles, lawn
6. This is done on a first come,            mowers, lawn furniture, motors,
first serve basis. You will be given        chairs, large exercise equipment or
a number in the order in which you          other large items that relate in
arrive and that is how you will sign-       size to the above. Take a picture
up. Each resident may rent only             of these items and display them on
one table unless there are tables           a poster board. People can then
left after every one has signed up          make arrangements to see them at

your home at a later time. Items
cannot be displayed outside the             RED HOT RED HAT HAPPENINGS
clubhouse nor may any pictures be                    By: Terry LaRock
hung outside the clubhouse of
                                              We red hatters attended another
items that are for sale. You may
                                            function at Plantation Landings
display items on the floor in front
                                            joining the “Wholly Tara’s” ,who
of your table, as long as they do not
                                            also put on a great event. This time
extend out into the aisle for people
                                            it was a Chinese Auction and we all
to trip over.
                                            took chances on the items we most
Now is the time to start pulling out
                                            wanted to win. We sat for a long
and cleaning out all those items
                                            time but then our Scarlett Belles
that you have hung on to for
                                            began winning like crazy, sometimes
another year thinking that you were
                                            even more than once. Joanne
going to use them. Well, maybe I
                                            Wisniewski (forever more referred
am just speaking for myself.
                                            to as Joanne Wiz), won so often
Hopefully, this will give you enough
                                            that     it    was    down     right
time to get your sale items all
                                            embarrassing!!! When Joanne won
                                            the 1st and 2nd times, she
    The Recreation Committee is
                                            graciously commented that she
also accepting donations for the
                                            "only wanted the brownies", her
Rec. table starting on January 4.
                                            wish was granted, because she not
So if you have items that you wish
                                            only won the brownies but went on
to donate, give one of us a call. Our
                                            to win cakes, cookies & pies. In all
numbers are listed in the back of
                                            she won 7 times.
this newsletter.
    We will also be having a Bake
                                                We haven't had our annual red-
Sale on that Saturday. Someone
                                            hat tree decorating and gift
will be contacting you for that at a
                                            exchange yet but I will comment on
later date.
                                            it in next months issue.

Tues. Jan. 12 – Red Hat Society
    Red Rose Inn – Plant City                  YOUR NEWSY NEIGHBOR
      Birthday Celebration                        By: Terry LaRock

                                               It's that time of the year again,
Sun. Jan. 17– Comedy Impromptu              you know that hustle & bustle time
                “In Stitches”               of year. Of course we don't hustle
                                            as fast as we once did, and our

bustles are a bit larger then they        "Arcade Cafe" was just great and
once were, BUT we still manage to         those who hadn't had a fried
get everything done that needs to         baloney & cheese sandwich in years
be done for the holidays and even         felt like kids again. Now I had
have time to enjoy the events at          never heard of it, after all fried
BHB.                                      baloney is not the food of my
                                          people, perhaps fried sausage
The BHB Clubhouse garage sale was         peppers would have suited me
a BIG success especially since this       better. "Dining" outside on a lovely
one is usually smaller than the           day added to the pleasure, and of
winter sale. Pedie and I had a ball       course shopping afterward is
at the BHB table giving our sales         always a hit.
pitch, we had folks buying stuff
that they never knew they needed,         "Cherry Pocket" is always a well
much less wanted. For the sweeter         attended social dinner      and
side of selling we had Connie N.,         everyone as ususal had a great
Arlene C. and Fran Hein selling.          dinner and lots of laughs.
While my fellow "Mother-in-Law"
(better known as Joan), had a great           Carole   and     Sonny   Kasuba
time collecting the money. The only       started the "Weiners and S'mores"
problem they ran into was trying          event last year and put one
not to sample all the cakes and           together a second time. Well, they
cookies before the actual sale            did it again. Lots of folks helped
began. Special Thanks to Fran Hein        and I hope I don't leave anyone out.
who has managed this Bake Sale            Tending the flame were Tim Carr &
event for years and always does a         Bill Gardiner, roasting the weiners,
great job.                                Darrell Fox, collecting the money,
Connie and Bob Novack         again       John Cole. The Curtiss' were on
organized the sale, and though it's       hand to help as well as Judy Bland,
a big job they always manage to           Maxine Stern and Joyce (sorry I
have a great time doing it. They          don't know her last name). Deidre
want to thank everyone involved           handled the music and the 50/50,
with this event, the sellers, the         which was won by Bob Andrew.
buyers and everyone who helped            Hope this event becomes a regular
make it both fun for us and               at BHB.
profitable for the clubhouse.
                                             Who ever said that "you're
   The Ladies Luncheon at the             never too old" must have meant

Lenny Diamond and his daughter
Maryellen a recent new comer to             NEWS FROM YOUR TRAVEL DESK
Blue Heron Bay. They attended                        By: Walt Ellsmore
their first time ever Father and
Daughter dance held at the Lake              There is a 7 day cruise on the new
Eva Banquet Hall in Haines City. No         Carnival “Dream” on April 10, 2010.
need to state their ages everyone           The ship will leave Port Canaveral
guessed that they were the oldest           and stop in the Bahamas, St.
dance partners there but once               Thomas and St. Martin. Bus
Lenny & Maryellen danced to the             transportation from the clubhouse
Cotton-Eyed-Joe, they knew they             will be provided. Details are posted
were the King and Princess of the           on the bulletin board in the
evening and when Maryellen tossed           Clubhouse.
off her crown and shoes, they
really started to strut their stuff.        We are planning a 7 day cruise on
I thank both of them for proving            the new “Oasis of the Seas” on
that yes, "we are really never too          January 22, 2011. The ship will
old"                                        leave Fort Lauderdale and stop at
                                            Labadee, Haiti, Costa Maya, Mexico
   Although this edition was                and     Cozumel,     Mexico.     Bus
written before Thanksgiving Day I           transportation from the clubhouse
have no doubt that once again               will be provided. Details are posted
Denise and Ralph Curtiss made it a          on the Clubhouse Bulletin Board.
day that we were all thankful for.
Denise and Ralph stepped up and
volunteered to host the event when             FRIENDS WE HAVE LOST
the committee feared that we
would not be able to celebrate the            We extend our deepest sympathy
occasion at the clubhouse with our          to the friends and family of:
Blue Heron Bay family. It is a                    Robert “Bob” Brown
blessing for which we all give                   228 Kingfisher Lane
thanks and that we are a family of
friends and neighbors.                              RESIDENTS ADS:

                                                Pressure Washing Service
                                            Call Herm Roe
                                            165 Egret Drive

422-xxxx                                     family, etc. So please, if you know
For Sale – Men’s Bike (Huffy)                of any of our neighbors that are ill
26” Black & White, Large Seat.               or have passed away, please let
$35.00. Good Condition. Call Will            Gloria know.
Petuske at 421-xxxx – Crane
Lane.                                        Welcome Committee:
                                             Judy Churley & Kay Watson,
  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL                     Ralph & Denice Curtiss,
FROM MARY & ART UMPHREY                      Bob & Virginia Carmichael,
                                             Fran Hein & Terry LaRock.
                                             Chairperson:Mary Ellen Diamond.
If you would like to place a For Sale        863-557-xxxx (After 5:00 p.m.) If
ad in the newsletter, the deadline           you are new in BHB and have not
is the 20th of each month. The ads           spoken with Mary Ellen or one of
are $5.00. You need to write the ad          the other welcome committee
up the way you want it to appear in          members, or if you need to up-date
the newsletter and bring it into the         or change your info in the park
Park office before the deadline.             directory, please give her a call.
Residents are not allowed to place
any ad or other items on the                 Recreation Committee:
bulletin board in the clubhouse.             Bob Andrew. . . . . . . . . . 422-xxxx
                                             Judy Churley . . . . . . . . . . 421-xxxx
      BHB Contact Persons:                   Doug Conran . . . . . . . . . . 421–xxxx
                                             Ralph Curtiss . . . . . . . . . . 422-xxxx
Neighbor in Need Committee:                  Connie Novack . . . . . . . . . .419-xxxx
Terri LaRock . . . . . .419-xxxx             Dave Davis . . . . . . . . . , 422-xxxx
   For any general assistance, such          Elaine Higgins . . . . . . . . 422-xxxx
as a ride to an appointment, a meal
                                             Bingo Committee:
fixed when ill, etc. or if you need
                                             Walt Ellsmore . . . . . . . . . 419-xxxx
some medical equipment that we
                                             Evan Shirley . . . . . . . . . . . 421-xxxx
may have on hand, such as,
                                             Mary Umphrey . . . . . . . . . 419-xxxx
crutches,       canes,      walkers,
wheelchair, bedside potty seat, etc.
                                             BHB Group Travel Coordinator:
                                             Walt Ellsmore . . . . .. 419-xxxx
Sunshine Committee:
Gloria Marcotte . . . . 421-xxxx
  Will send cards to residents
hospitalized or ill, death in the


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