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					                                                   Policy Summary
                                         Mortgage Protection Payment Insurance

About Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

Some important facts about your insurance are summarised below. This summary does not describe all the terms and conditions of your policy, so please
take time to read the policy document to make sure you understand the cover it provides.

Name of the Insurer

This Mortgage Payment Protection is accepted by UK Underwriting Limited, on behalf of AXA Insurance UK plc.

What is Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

This Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance policy pays the monthly benefit you have chosen to protect your mortgage repayments if you are unable to
work because of sickness, an accident or being made unemployed (please check your policy schedule for the level of cover applicable).

Who is Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance for

You can be covered under this policy if at the start date you: -

       •    are aged 18 or over but under 65 at expiry
       •    are employed or self employed and have been in continuous employment for 6 months when you apply and this policy commences

       •    if you are in paid work for at least 16 hours per week
       •    live and work in the UK
       •    are taking out this policy to protect the mortgage payments on the private residential property you live in
       •    have paid the premium

Self employed means that you are helping with, managing or carrying on a business in the United Kingdom and are liable to pay tax under Schedule D
Case I, II, IV and V of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988.

  AUTOMATICALLY                                             SIGNIFICANT EXCLUSIONS OR LIMITATIONS

The maximum monthly benefit you may choose is 125% of your monthly mortgage repayment or £2,000 per month or 60% of your                        3
gross monthly income, whichever is lower

Cover for Incapacity            If you are unable to work for at least 30 continuous days (the waiting period), subject to your voluntary       2
                                excess period, the Monthly Benefit will be paid direct to you

                                You will continue to receive an amount equal to 1/30th of your monthly benefit (payable monthly in
                                arrears) for each further day that you remain off work until the end date or, you stop being incapacitated
                                or, we have paid your maximum monthly benefits as detailed in your policy schedule for each incapacity
                                claim whichever is the earlier

                                If you have made an incapacity claim which ends for whatever reason, you will not be able to make
                                another incapacity claim until you have been in continuous work for 30 days if the incapacity is different
                                or, 180 days if the incapacity is the same. If the maximum monthly benefit payments have not been paid
                                and you have returned to work for a period of less than 6 consecutive months any subsequent claim will
                                be deemed as a continuance of the previous claim

                                You will not be covered for accident or sickness: -
                                •     resulting from a pre-existing medical condition. This is any medical condition which you knew
                                      about when cover starts or you’ve seen a doctor about in the 24 months before taking out the

                                •     arising from stress, anxiety or depression or any mental or nervous disorder unless a consultant
                                      certifies that the condition solely prevents you from working

                                •     a back related condition unless there is radiological evidence of medical abnormality, visible
                                      wound, contusion, or a consultant certifies that the condition solely prevents You from Working

                                A free Legal Advice Line is offered through Lexelle Limited, for advice on employment issues or
Free Legal Helpline
                                accidents at work or whilst motoring

Cover for Unemployment          If you are working and become unemployed for at least 30 continuous days subject to your voluntary              2
                                excess period and register with the Job Centre Plus within 15 days of your unemployment, we will pay
                                your monthly benefit

                                You will continue to receive an amount equal to 1/30th of your monthly benefit (payable monthly in
                                arrears) for each further day that you remain off work until the end date or, you stop being unemployed
                                or, we pay the maximum monthly benefit as detailed in your policy schedule

                                You will not be covered for unemployment: -

                                      •     if you did not elect to have unemployment benefit on your application form

                                      •     if you have not been in continuous employment for at least 6 months before your first period
                                            of unemployment under this contract

                                      •     Unemployment caused or resulting from:

                                                  o     Misconduct which contributes or leads to your dismissal
                                                  o     any wilful act by you
                                                  o     dismissal due to the inability to pass a probationary period or perform any
                                                        elements of your job

                                      •     if you are dismissed by your employer as a result of misconduct, breaking the terms of your
                                            employment contract, criminal offence or failing to meet the standards or targets laid down
                                            by your employer

                                      •     if you do not make a genuine and continuing effort to get work and provide satisfactory proof
                                            of this

                                      •     until the end of any period for which you have received a payment in lieu of notice

                                We reserve the right to amend the terms of a monthly premium renewable insurance contract by giving
                                you notice of our intention to do so as follows; to withdraw, terminate or cancel the cover, 90 days                   6
                                notice, to vary the cover provided, 30 days notice, to alter the rates of premium (other than any statutory
                                tax changes) charged during the period of cover, 30 days notice

                                This insurance includes a confidential and independent back to work advice programme called Jobcare.
Free Return to                  This service is free and is provided by employment specialists PMA Limited                                             8
Employment Services

Duration of Policy

For policies paid by a single premium: -

Cover is for a fixed term, between 12 and 60 months, as selected by you at application but it will end when you reach 65 or retire.

If your mortgage agreement is longer than the period of cover and has not ended, you will be contacted by the administrator via mail and invited to take
out a similar policy to continue your cover. Please ensure that you advise the administrator of any change of address.

For policies paid for by monthly premiums: -

The policy is issued for an initial period from the start date to the date the first premium is due and will automatically be renewed for a further month on
payment of each premium as it falls due. Insurers do have the right to cancel cover by giving you 90 days notice.

Please be aware that this policy may need to be reviewed and the level of cover updated periodically to ensure that you have and maintain an adequate
level of cover.

Cancellation right

If you are not satisfied that this insurance is suitable for your requirements, you may write to the administrator within 30 days of the start date and we will
cancel your cover from the start date without charge.

You can cancel your policy at any time thereafter and receive a pro rata refund of premium less a £50 administration fee.

Making a claim

Claims are administered by Adminicle Ltd on behalf of the insurer. Should you need to claim call 01285 886600 (all calls will be recorded for training,
compliance and claims purposes).

How to make a complaint

We hope that you will be pleased with the service we provide. However, if for any reason you are unhappy with it, we would like to hear from you. If you
have a question or complaint regarding the sale of the policy, please contact Adminicle Ltd at Callidus House, Cirencester Business Park, Love Lane,
Cirencester, GL7 1XD or by telephone on 01285 886600.

If you are still not happy with the response you have received, you have the right to ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to review your case.

Compensation Scheme

AXA Insurance UK plc is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”). You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme, if
they cannot meet their obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. Most insurance contracts are covered for
100% of the first £2000 and 90% of the remainder of the claim. You can get more information about compensation scheme arrangements from the FSCS.