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					A social media tale:
    Travis Gold
   Kelcie Prazan
Business Summary
 Local winery located in Bellingham
 Specialize in making wine, cider, and mead
 Tasting room with appetizers and desserts
 Live music
SM Objectives

1. Bring in more customers during Happy Hour
2. Bring in more college students
3. Sell products wholesale
 Your current Social Media
(and what we like about it)
 What we like:
   General info
   Pictures
   Review tab
   Links to other
 What we like:
   Detailed information about Honey Moon that would
    answer any basic question
   Mead- great job of making it well known that you
    produce mead
   Menus with prices
   Link to Facebook
   Website tabs look very professional
Geographically Closest
Chuckanut Ridge Wine Company
 No social media
 Their website is first to pop-up on Google search
 You are way ahead of them!
Whatcom Winemakers
 No social media
 Their website is first to pop-up on Google search
 Have an editorial calendar
   Hasn’t been updated since 2009
Vartanyan Estate Winery
 Have 61 Facebook Fans
 No landing page or Tabs
 Create Facebook Events
 Great Info section
 Only update several times a month
 Only 1 photo
 Very busy website
 Their website is first to pop-up on Google search
Samson Estates Winery
 Have 199 Facebook Fans
 No landing page or Tabs
 Info section too long
 Update once a week
 Have lots of photos and videos
 Have relevant Notes
 Have a Twitter
 Their website is first to pop-up on Google search
Our Recommendations
 Create a Landing page
 Constant updates
    Interactive and interesting status updates
 Reply to people’s posts
    Shows fans that you care about them
 Clean up detailed information
 Monthly photo albums/videos
 Delete Discussions Tab
 http://appbistro.com/#
Example of Landing Page
Fix the Name of your company on Facebook so it
                works in searches!
Less Info Needed on Your “Info” Tab
Good Facebook
  More details on your Home Page
    “Best Happy Hour in Bellingham!”
  Contact page is too busy
  Delete Facebook Link on main page
    It is confusing
    Replace with simple Facebook Logo
        Copy and Paste   on website with hyperlink
Future options:
 Powerful marketing tool
    Successfully reaches target market
    Do not have to be “followed” for that person to read your
 “Follow” as many people as you can
    More “followers” means more people will “follow” Honey
 Tweet everyday
    Use # and @
 Upload photos & videos
    Live Music, Open Mic, Tour
 Reach out to WWU Student Photographers
 Sync to Facebook
Future SM options
LiveBellingham.com                Campus Pinch
 Popular website for residents    Knockoff Groupon website
  of Bellingham                       Daily deals at a strong
    Find new restaurants/bars         discount
     with basic info                  Student focused
 Strong online presence           Soft Launch
    Higher search results            Free for business this month
 Link                                 only
                                   Link
 Update weekly
    Short stories about bands, videos, cool facts about Honey Moon and its
 Sync to Facebook
 Give special promotions (i.e. Happy Hour deal) to people who “check-in”
    Check-ins will show up on Facebook & Twitter
    Increases Word of Mouth
    People can check in from their phones—instant
Future SM options
Whatcom wine tours              Hoot suite
 Company that offers wine       Hoot suite is a social media
  tours in Whatcom area           tool
 People who take these tours    And link both Facebook and
  are looking to purchase         Twitter accounts together
  beverages in bulk                 Use hoot suite instead of
 Niche market with mead             both FB and Twitter
 Link                           Very organized
                                 Link
 It’s as easy as going to each of these sites and signing
  up for an account!

 The sites walk you through the process.

 All this might seem overwhelming, but make it fun
    It gets easy with practice