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        Getting Ready for the
              Job Market
              Employment Unit

            Packet Due Monday May 2nd
               Marketing Co-Op
                                    Career Project
                                  Marketing Co-Op Final Exam

Using the packet as a guide, complete the following tasks for finding a job.

   1. Locate a job advertisement in the newspaper listing or website (,
   2. Create a résumé for yourself including relevant and appropriate references
   3. Type a cover letter to be sent with your résumé for the job you are interested in.
   4. Fill out a job application.
   5. Create a follow-up letter (thank you letter)
   6. Complete given worksheets on interview questions and why me.
   7. Type a resignation letter to your current employer because you now have a new job.

             Task                  Points Available             Points Earned
   Résumé                                 35
   References                             15
   Cover Letter                           30
   Job Application                        30
   Follow-up                              30
   Interview worksheet                    15
   Why me worksheet                       15
   Resignation Letter                     30
   TOTAL                                 200

                                             Grade Earned _________________

You will lose 10 points if you do not have the project in the proper order
                                   GETTING STARTED
At some point in the near or not too distant future, you will be preparing for your first or
maybe a second or third part-time job. There are many things you will need to know and
much information you need to gather in preparation for this quest. This project will give
you an overview of some items that will help you in preparation for this job.

   At the end of this unit, you will be required to put all your hard work in an organized

    The activities MUST be organized, and turned in, in the following order:

            1.   The resume
            2.   Three references
            3.   The cover letter
            4.   Completed job application
            5.   The Follow-up Letter
            6.   Interview questions worksheet
            7.   Why me worksheet
            8.   The Resignation Letter

*The job Application will be hand written.

In order to successfully complete this project, you must use your current employer for all
the employment letters. Use real-life situations and don’t envision yourself in the future
when completing your resume. For example, your job objective should not be that you are
seeking a position as a Rocket Scientist. Use the examples of objectives from your handout
(provided in this packet)
                            How to Prepare an Effective Resume
Before you create your resume, take time to do a self-assessment on paper. (Use the
Resume Worksheet in this packet) Outline your skills and abilities as well as your work
experience and extracurricular activities. This will make it easier to prepare a thorough
The Content of Your Resume
A. Name, address, telephone, e-mail address, web site address
All your contact information should go at the top of your resume.
                   Avoid nicknames.
                   Use a permanent address. Use your parents' address, a friend's address,
                    or the address you plan to use after graduation.
                   Use a permanent telephone number and include the area code. If you
                    have an answering machine, record a neutral greeting.
                   Add your e-mail address. Many employers will find it useful. (Note:
                    Choose an e-mail address that sounds professional)
B. Objective or Summary
An objective tells potential employers the sort of work you're hoping to do.
                   Be specific about the job you want. For example: To obtain an entry-level
                    position within a financial institution requiring strong analytical and
                    organizational skills.
                   Tailor your objective to each employer you target/every job you seek.
C. Education
                   Your most recent educational information is listed first.
                   Add your grade point average (GPA) if it is higher than 3.0.
                   Mention academic honors.
D. Work Experience
Briefly give the employer an overview of work that has taught you skills. Use action words
to describe your job duties. Include your work experience in reverse chronological order—
that is, put your last job first and work backward to your first, relevant job. Include:
                   Title of position,
                   Name of organization
                   Location of work (town, state)
                   Dates of employment
                   Describe your work responsibilities with emphasis on specific skills and
E. Other information
You may want to add:
                   Key or special skills or competencies,
                   Leadership experience in volunteer organizations,
                   Participation in sports.
F. References
Ask people if they are willing to serve as references before you give their names to a
potential employer.
Do not include your reference information on your resume. You may note at the bottom of
your resume: "References furnished on request."
Resume Checkup
    Run a spell check on your computer before anyone sees your resume.
    Get a friend or family member to do a grammar review.
    Ask another friend to proofread. The more people who see your resume, the more
     likely that misspelled words and awkward phrases will be seen (and corrected).
These tips will make your resume easier to read and/or scan into an employer's data base.
                   Use white or off-white paper.
                   Use 8-1/2- x 11-inch paper.
                   Print on one side of the paper.
                   Use a font size of 10 to 14 points.
                   Use no decorative typefaces.
                   Choose one typeface and stick to it.
                   Avoid italics, script, and underlined words.
                   Do not use horizontal or vertical lines, graphics, or shading.
                   Do not fold or staple your resume.
                   If you must mail your resume, put it in a large envelope.
                        Your Guide to Resume Writing (Action Words)
Use action words to describe your experience and accomplishments. Here are some actions words to use:
      achieved                         drafted                           originated
      acquired                         edited                            oversaw
      adapted                          eliminated                        performed
      addressed                        enforced                          planned
      administered                     established                       prevented
      analyzed                         evaluated                         produced
      anticipated                      expanded                          programmed
      assembled                        explained                         promoted
      assisted                         forecasted                        provided
      audited                          formed                            publicized
      budgeted                         founded                           published
      calculated                       generated                         recruited
      centralized                      guided                            reorganized
      changed                          hired                             reported
      collaborated                     implemented                       researched
      composed                         improved                          resolved
      condensed                        informed                          reviewed
      conducted                        insured                           selected
      constructed                      interpreted                       separated
      contracted                       interviewed                       set up
      converted                        launched                          simplified
      coordinated                      maintained                        solved
      created                          managed                           surveyed
      cultivated                       marketed                          staffed
      demonstrated                     minimized                         supervise
      designed                         motivated                         taught
      developed                        negotiated                        tested
      devised                          obtained                          trained
      discovered                       operated                          used
      doubled                          organized
                               RESUME WORKSHEET
Use this worksheet to help you create your resume. List as much information as you can.

       You will need to include information about any volunteer, odd, or part-time jobs
        you may have had—babysitting, lawn mowing, web page designing, etc.
       Your references should include 3 people, not related to you, and not under the
        age of 21. You will need to include: their name, address, phone number, their
        occupation, and how long you have known them.
       Use the handout (Qualifications) to list some qualifications you possess
       Use the Handout (Job Descriptions) to list your responsibilities at you training

                 Name: _________________________________________
                 Address: _______________________________________
                 City, State, Zip: __________________________________
                Home Phone: ____________________________________
                 Work Phone: ____________________________________
                Cell phone/pager: _________________________________

Qualifications (what makes you a good candidate for the job you are applying for, see
attached worksheet for ideas):
      1. _____________________________________________________________

      2. _____________________________________________________________

      3. ____________________________________________________________

School ________________________________________________
     Location (city, state) _____________________________________
     Diploma or area of study ___________________________________
     Year of graduation (or anticipated graduation) _________________
     Courses ________________________________________________
     Honors/Awards __________________________________________
Experience (list the most recent first; ask for job description handout to help with this
section )
Business ______________________________________________________
      Location (city, state) _______________________________________
      Phone ___________________________________________________
      Dates of employment: From _____________ To ________________
      Title/duties (write the duties in complete sentences, list at least 4)

Business ______________________________________________________
      Location (city, state) _______________________________________
      Phone ___________________________________________________
      Dates of employment: From _____________ To ________________
      Title/duties (write the duties in complete sentences, list at least 4)

Hobbies/Extra Curricular Activities: ____________________________________

References: Available upon request.
                       (Use these descriptions to enhance your resume)

1. Proficient in Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
2. Received sales training in high school Business class.
3. Enjoy working with others, skilled at encouraging others and developing rapport.
4. Believe in teamwork; bring enthusiasm and energy into work efforts.
5. Apply consistent and reliable detail in work activities.
6. Trained in correct phone answering and routing techniques
7. Ability to work consistently and effectively with customers.
8. Flexibility in work hours
9. Commitment to assisting others in achieving objectives
10.Able to travel and/or relocate
11.Speak Spanish and French conversationally.
12.Enjoy working with other people.
13.A good team builder, bring energy and enthusiasm into group efforts.
14.Enjoy encouraging others and developing rapport.
15.Upon receiving request for assistance, able to direct people to appropriate sources of
   aid or information.
16.Problem solving—Able to isolate and clearly describe a problem in order that steps
   can be taken to rectify it.
17.Ability to work well under pressure
18.Patient and tactful in customer relations
19.Attentive to deadlines
20.Resourceful in problem-solving
21.Determined to do quality work
22.Writing—can clearly communicate an idea or mood in writing. Have strong command
   of language and grammar.
23.Well organized and efficient
24.Quickly learn procedures and methods.
25.Effective communication skills, both written and verbal
26.Cheerful personality
28.Communicate well with all levels of management and fellow employees.
                                                Jamie Susan Career

Y4192 Future Drive                                                                  Home:: 703-123-4567
Anywhere, Virginia 23456                                                            Cell: 703-890-1234

Objective:            A position as a Sales Associate in a major corporation.

                         Effective communication skills, both written and verbal
                         Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
                         Received sales training in high school Marketing class

Experience:           Barnie's Coffee and Tea Company                            Sterling, Virginia
                      Barrister/Cashier                                          August 2005 to Present
                       Provide fast and accurate cash register operations, including balancing register.
                       Organize store displays, price merchandise, and stock shelves.
                       Prepare various coffee beverages following store quality control guidelines and policies.
                       Maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary working environment.

                      Olive Garden Restaurant                                   Sterling, Virginia
                      Hostess                                                   April 2005 to August 2005
                       Escorted guests to their seats and provided menus
                       Assigned tables to customers according to their group size and smoking preference
                       Warmly welcomed and greeted customers as they entered restaurant

                      Yankee Candle Company                                    Sterling, Virginia
                      Sales Associate                                          August 2004 to July 2005
                       Performed cash register operations, including balancing the register.
                       Assisted customers with purchases.
                       Stocked shelves and replenished items throughout the day.
                       Created merchandise displays in coordination with seasons.

Education:            Dominion High School                                    Sterling, Virginia
                      Advanced Studies                                        Expect to graduate June 2006
                       Significant courses included: Marketing COOP (Cooperative Education Program), French I-II,
                        Business Law, Business Management.
                       Special recognition in Marketing.
                       Active member of DECA (Association of Marketing Students)
                       Honor Roll recipient for three consecutive years.
                       Earned above average grades while working part-time and participating in school and
                        community activities.
                       Served as Varsity Football Manager for three consecutive years.
                       Completed at the Virginia DECA District and State Conference in the Team Decision Making
                        and E-Commerce event category.
                       Initiated School-wide Recycling Club.

Awards:                  Second place recipient of DECA District Leadership Conference in the Quick-Serve Restaurant
                          Testing event.
                         Marketing Student of the Month (2007-2008)
                         Physical Fitness Award (2006-2007)

Hobbies:              Soccer, Ballet, and working with children

Volunteer:            Various Community Service activities: Clothing/Food drive, babysitting.

References:           Available upon request        Try to keep résumé to one page. Your references should not be
                                                    included on the same page. Use separate page for references.
Real high school students wrote the criteria below about their jobs. You may use these job
descriptions or create your own, as long as they follow the correct format. You should use
at least four and no more than six descriptive sentences for each job. You need to write
past job descriptions in past tense, and current jobs in present tense. Note: Not all jobs
are listed here but many of the criteria they use can be adapted to your position. Also, all
criteria are in the present tense. If you are speaking of a past job, you will need to change
the criteria to the past tense.

Animal Caretaker/Kennel Attendant
Care for animals in veterinary kennel.
Assist veterinary staff in treatment of injured and ill animals.
Measure and record temperatures, pulse rates, respiration, and diet.
Play with animals, give companionship and watch for behavioral changes that
might indicate problems.
Feed, water, bath, and exercise animals and check them for signs of injury or
Clean and sterilize surgical equipment, operating rooms, and dispose of
biohazard materials.
Provide assistance with routine laboratory tests.
Ensure temperature controls are set properly.

Provide safe, caring and nurturing environment for three children in a single-
parent family (after school and during the weekends and evenings).
Began caring for the youngest child shortly following his birth.
Drive children to their after school activities.
Provide safe, caring, and nurturing environment for young children age’s three
to nine.
Supervise children after school, during the evenings and weekends.
Responsible for transporting the children from school and to various activities.
Assist children with homework assignments.
Banquet Server
Reset tables after cleaning.
Fold and wrap napkins for table service.
Maintain a sanitary and safe working environment.
Pour and serve customer water and other beverages.
Serve appetizers and main courses.
Bus Person
Maintain stock of utensils for wait staff.
Resetting of tables after cleaning.
Fold and wrap napkins for table service.
Maintain a sanitary and safe working environment.
Pour and serve customers water and other beverages.

Provide fast, and accurate cash register operations.
Receive customer’s orders, and prepare orders quickly and efficiently.
Serve customers food and drink orders for carryout and in restaurant service
in a friendly manner.
Maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary working environment.
Cooked and prepared food items following store quality control guidelines and
Relayed food orders to cooks.
Prepare sandwiches, salads and other short-order items.
Record sales on cash register, accept cash/charge payments and provide
customers with receipts.

Cashier (Retail Stores)
Provide quick, efficient and friendly customer service.
Help customers with merchandise decisions in a courteous manner.
Return merchandise to sales floor or complete damaged good reports.
Handle customer returns/exchanges and compete return/exchange forms.
Record sales on cash register, accept cash/charge payments and provide
customers with receipts.
Organize store displays and stock merchandise.

Catering Service Houseman/woman
Set up tables for meetings and other functions such as weddings, birthdays,
and parties.
Set pads, pens, water glasses and water pitchers for meeting rooms.
Disassemble rooms after functions and get rooms prepared for the next day’s
Computer Operator
Fax documents to customers.
Photocopy documents for customers.
Enter data of customer information into database.
Answer telephones in a friendly and enthusiastic manner, using correct
telephone techniques.

Construction Laborer
Assist with routine physical labor on home construction site jobs.
Clean up construction site work areas.
Pick up materials and equipment, and deliver to contractor on site.
Work without supervision.

Bake pizzas and bread while maintaining a high level of food quality and
Maintain a sanitary and safe working environment.
Prepare and cook pizzas for delivery or carryout orders.
Keep records of food supplies and order food on an as needed basis.
Prepare appetizers following chef’s guidelines, for quick customer service.
Assist cooks and kitchen staff with various duties needed.
Maintain a sanitary and safe kitchen environment.
Monitor and maintain inventory of food items needed for evening shift.

Courtesy Clerk
Package customer’s groceries following correct bagging procedures.
Assist cashiers with cash register operations; provide override cards, price
checks and coupon retrieval.
Assist customers with questions regarding product availability and location.
Maintain a clean and safe working environment.
Place grocery bags into customer’s cars.
Coordinate a constant flow of shopping carts inside the store.
Provide fast, friendly customer service.
Unload delivery trucks and stock new merchandise on sales floor.
Coordinate customer pickup with waiting taxis.
Organize taxis in order of dispatcher call number.
Explain billing and charges based on distance and zones.
Provide fast, friendly, and professional service.

Escort guests to their seats and provide menus.
Assign tables to customers according to their group size and smoking
Answer the telephone in a professional manner, routing calls and making
Train new hosts/hostesses.
Warmly welcome and greet customers as they enter the restaurant.

Landscape Gardener or Lawn Maintenance Worker
Plan and execute small landscaping operations.
Maintain grounds and landscape for private businesses and residences.
Prepare terrain and apply fertilizers, seed, and sod to lawns.
Transplant shrubs and trees as per customer’s specifications.
Maintain equipment and materials in top condition to reduce wear and tear.
Trim and edge around walks, flower beds, and walls.
Apply sprays for insects and diseases.
Maintain and repair small equipment.

Library Page (Assistant)
Assist library patrons with various needs, including finding materials using computers,
printer, and copy machines.
Shelf and sort books based on Dewey Decimal System.
Issue library cards to customers.
Handle book and material check-ins and checkouts.

Maintenance Worker/Cleaner
Dust, sweep, mop, and vacuum building areas and equipment to exceed
expected standards.
Polish metal work; disinfect areas, empty wastebaskets and ashtrays.
Provide clean linen in rest room.
Wet or dry mop floors, clean bathrooms, vacuum carpets, and dust furniture.
Use various tools, equipment, and cleaning materials.
Move and arrange furniture as per customer requests.
Perform manicures and pedicures and advise customers on nail care.
Perform manicures and pedicures for customers, concentrating on providing a high level of
       quality customer service.
Provide full service nail care including fills, replacements, and application of
acrylic and silk nails.
Provide friendly customer service
Suggest and sell nail products based on customer’s individual needs.
Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
Clean and maintain equipment and supplies.

Pickup and deliver, in a highly efficient manner, letters, business documents,
packages, and messages to homes, businesses, and between business
Receive instructions either by reporting to offices in person, by telephone, or
by two-way radio.
Keep accurate records of all deliveries.

Motel/Hotel Clerk
Register arriving guests and assign rooms based on guest preference and
Check guests out at the end of their stay.
Provide information and answer questions about services, checkout times, and
the local community.
Keep accurate records of room assignments and other information on
Upon guest checkout, provide and explain bill charges and process payments.
Maintain an outgoing and positive attitude to provide a good impression of our

Movie Theatre Attendant
Sell admission tickets to customers providing fast and friendly customer
Provide answers to customer’s questions concerning movies being shown,
including: children’s viewing levels, subject matter, and entertainment value of
various presentations.
Assist and escort customers to seats when necessary.
Receive customer’s orders and provide food and drink items in a quick, friendly,
and efficient manner.
Entertain guests playing various musical scores on the baby grand
piano/drums/guitar, etc.
Greet and socialize with customers during and in between shows.
Perform music requested by hotel lounge customers in enthusiastic and
friendly manner.
Compose my own musical compositions for performances.
Work with management and staff to provide customers with a comfortable and
enjoyable atmosphere.

Newspaper Carrier
Organize schedule for delivery route.
Deliver newspapers by promised time.
Handle customer’s suggestions and complaints in a professional, efficient, and
timely manner.
Coordinate packaging of newspapers based on weather conditions and

Pharmacy Technician
Assist pharmacist by mixing and filling prescriptions and maintain pharmacy
stock levels.
Distribute prescriptions to customers using friendly customer service
Keep accurate records of inventory and stock.
Politely provide customers with answers to questions and directions to store
Accurately answer and direct telephone calls.
Provide friendly, kind and efficient customer service.
Assist customers with questions regarding product availability and locations.
Sterilize bottles, beakers, and other glassware according to prescribed
Package and label drugs, chemicals and other pharmaceutical items.
Prepare inventory and order supplies to maintain stock levels.
Record sales on cash register, accept cash/charge payments and provide
customers with receipts.
Maintain files and records on customers’ prescriptions and insurance company
Greet visitors, determine their needs and refer to appropriate office or person.
Answer telephones in a professional manner and route calls to appropriate
File papers, sort mail, and photocopy as needed.
Use computer to type memos and letters.
Fax documents to clients.
Assist Administrative Assistant in his/her duties.
Answer telephone in a professional manner and efficiently route calls and take

Sales Associate (Hardware)
Provide friendly, knowledgeable customer service.
Stock merchandise and maintain a clean working environment.
Handle special orders for customers using the computer ordering system.
Dry assemble merchandise to help customers understand how products will
Demonstrate installation techniques to customers.
Record sales on cash register, accept cash/charge payments and provide
customers with receipts.
Carry, load, and secure heavy merchandise into customer’s vehicles.
Maintain storefront, including handling and placement of merchandise, cleaning
general area, and monitor parking area.
Keep records of merchandise received and items entering and leaving stock

Sales Associate (Retail)
Greet customers as they entered the store.
Greet and assist customers with their clothing purchases.
Created merchandise displays in coordination with store sales and promotions.
Assist customers with clothing decisions in a courteous and respectful manner.
Suggest related items to accessorize customers merchandise decisions.
Maintain store merchandise on the sales floor in a neat manner.
Provide fast and friendly customer service.
Cash register operations, including balancing the register.
Assist customers with questions regarding product availability and location.
Arrange merchandise on sales floor according to store floor plan and manager’s
Assist customers with fashion choices and use suggestion-selling techniques to
increase sales.
Creatively arrange and organize in-store displays of merchandise.
Work with management and coworkers in a friendly and efficient manner.
Provide friendly and effective customer service.
Record sales on cash register, accept cash/charge payments and provide
customers with receipts.

Responsible for a variety of administrative and clerical duties that are needed
to run and maintain office efficiency.
Maintain employer’s daily schedule; coordinate appointments based on timeline,
importance, and employer’s availability.
Organize and maintain file system.
Operate a variety of office equipment: IBM compatible computer, fax
machine, photocopier, telephones, and voice mail.
Type various correspondence, reports, projects, proposals, and other required
Answer telephone in a professional manner and efficiently route calls and take

Service Station Attendant
Greet customers in a friendly and courteous manner.
Service customer vehicles by filling gas tanks and washing windshields.
Fill oil, brake, and wiper fluid as per customer needs and requests.
Sell automotive accessories and snack foods.
Maintain inventory of parts and accessories.
Record sales on cash register, accept cash/charge payments and provide
customers with receipts.
Provide fast and friendly customer service.
Assist automotive mechanics with oil changes and replacement of parts and
Wash, wax, and vacuum cars.

Stock Person/Grocery Department/Store
Assist customers with questions regarding product availability and location.
Refresh stock and rotate dairy department merchandise; monitor and maintain
first in/first out inventory.
Unload delivery trucks and stock new merchandise on sales floor.
Order requested items for customers.
Record sales on cash register, accept cash/charge payments and provide
customers with receipts.

Telemarketing Sales
Place calls to potential customers for sales presentations using employer
provided leads.
Use persuasive selling techniques to set appointments for home improvement
sales presentations.
Determine customer home improvement needs using listening and questioning
Handle customer objections by determining customers’ reluctances and
bringing forward additional selling points based on customer question and
answer technique.

Greet customers in a friendly manner as they are seated.
Provide menu suggestions and take customer food and drink orders.
Arrange and set tables for quick customer turnover.
Serve food and beverages in quick, efficient, and courteous manner.
Maintained a clean working environment.
Place customer’s food orders.
Pour and serve customers water and other beverages.
Serve appetizers and main courses.
Greeted guests in friendly manner, suggested courses and wines.
Explained preparation of food items on the menu.
Totaled checks and accepted payments.
Presented menus and placed customers orders.
Prepared during, salads, sandwiches, and other food items.
                                               Tips for References
             Include at least 3 people NOT related to you OR your peers (teenagers)
             Include person’s complete name, occupation, complete address (City, State, and ZIP), phone
              number (are code and number)
            1. Ms. Monika Guerrero
               Marketing Teacher/Coordinator
               Stone Bridge High School
               43100 Hay Road
               Ashburn, Virginia 20147
               (571) 252-2200

                                                    Cover Letter
        You always want to send a cover letter with your resume when applying for a job. This informs the
        business which position(s) you are interested in as well as any skills you have



      Letter Contact

                                                                                   4 spaces
           Letter Body                      2 spaces


                                           Jamie Susan Career

Y4192 Future Drive                                                      Home:: 703-123-4567
Anywhere, Virginia 23456                                                Cell: 703-890-1234

                                                2 spaces
Today’s Date
 Sample cover letter 2-

                                              4 spaces
David C. Johnson
Director of Personnel
Bank of Virginia
456 Davidsville Pike
                                                       Double space between paragraphs
McLean, VA 22101

Dear Mr. Johnson:
                         2 spaces
The accompanying resume is in response to your listing in yesterday’s Washington Post for a loan officer.

I am especially interested in this position because my experience with the Small Business Administration has
prepared me for understanding the financial needs and problems of the business community from the
perspectives of both lenders and borrowers. I wish to use this experience with a growing and community—
conscious bank such as yours.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my experience will best meet your needs.
My ideas on how to improve small business financing may be of particular interest to you. I will call your
office on the morning of April 7 to inquire if a meeting can be scheduled at a convenient time.

I look forward to meeting you.
                                          2 spaces

                                          4 spaces- to include your signature
Jamie S. Career                           (black ink)

Enclosure: Resume                         2 spaces
                                               Job Application
The next step in getting a job is completing a job application. You usually have to go to the place of
business to pick one up, unless they will mail one to you. You should write or type very neatly so the
information can be read easily. Sometimes it will say to use a black pen or type when filling out the form.
Read all the information before you start writing. A good tip might be to make a copy of the application
and practice filling it out, before you write on the original form if this is possible. Also remember that like
your resume, it is very important to provide accurate information on a job application.

Prior to an interview, most companies will require you to complete a job application. The application
makes an important impression on a prospective employer and often makes the difference in whether or
not an interview may be granted.


   1. Make it neat and accurate. The employer will probably see your application form before he/she
      sees you. If it is a mess, you might not see the interviewer (remember: your objective at this time
      is to get an interview).

   2. Before you begin to fill out an application, read through the entire application.

   3. Do not leave gaps in your employment history.

   4. Put down a phone number &/or email where you can be reached. Employers make appointments
      by phone & email. Respond quickly.

   5. Be honest in answering questions; yet be careful when wording the truth.

   6. Before you list references on your application, be sure to ask their permission.

   7. When you have completed the application form, clip a copy of your resume to it (if applicable).

   8. Check over your completed application for errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

   9. Use black pens (take two pens with you)

   10. Avoid using abbreviations

   A. Be aware that most application blanks request that you “please print”.
   B. Carry a completed application with you to which you can refer for information about your job
       history, various spellings, etc.
   C. The question “Do you plan on any future schooling?’ A good answer is “Yes, if it will help me in my
       work”. Or…you may be more specific by providing information about where you plan on going.
D. “Interest or Hobbies” should be active interests or hobbies, which might have some connection
   with a job goal. Avoid stating “television” or “movies” as these are not hobbies. Examples could
   be: computers, reading, coin/stamp collecting, travel, playing a sport, training animals, and
   working with less fortunate play in a band.
E. On question of “Desired Pay”: preferably answer with “negotiable.”
F. “What position would you like in ten years from now?” The answer should be directly related to
   the kind of job applied for. A good answer may be “supervisor management.”
G. “What led you to consider becoming an employee of this company?” Answers: “Good Company to
   work for”. “XYZ Company is considered the leader in the industry”. “Desire to work for a company
   that rewards hard work.” Your company is the best ________ in the area. “My education and
   experience would provide a good match for your company and myself.
                            APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT
PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                        DATE OF APPLICATION:______________

                          Last                           First                   Middle

                         Street                            (Apt)                    City, State               Zip

Alternate Address:
                                            Street                                 City, State             Zip

Contact Information:             (      )                          (       )
                                     Home Telephone                     Mobile                        Email

How did you learn about our company?

POSITION SOUGHT: _________________________                                 Available Start Date:______________

Desired Pay Range: ________________                       Are you currently employed? _________________
                      By Hour or Salary

                                     Name and Location                 Graduate? – Degree?       Major / Subjects of Study

     High School

 College or University

Specialized Training,
Trade School, etc…

   Other Education

Please list your areas of highest proficiency, special skills or other items that may contribute to your
abilities in performing the above mentioned position.

Please list beginning from most recent

Dates Employed                  Company Name         Location   Role/Title

Job notes, tasks performed and reason for leaving:

Dates Employed                  Company Name         Location   Role/Title

Job notes, tasks performed and reason for leaving:

Dates Employed                  Company Name         Location   Role/Title

Job notes, tasks performed and reason for leaving:

Dates Employed                  Company Name         Location   Role/Title

Job notes, tasks performed and reason for leaving:

How to ask for the job application:
 Obtain the managers name and set up an appointment
          o Call the business you are interested in. Ask for the name and spelling of the person who is
             responsible for hiring in the department you wish to work. Ask if you can be connected to
             the hiring manager at that time. Many times the person who answers the phone will tell
             you to “just come in”. Remember: you want to be noticed and not just become another
             application in the pile. If you are assertive you may be able to speak to the manager about
             obtaining the application and meeting with him/her when you come in. Make yourself
             available to fill out the application if you are asked to come in.
          o For retail or service positions you may want to ask what day and time their person is
             normally in.
 Dress as if you were going to a job interview
           o You should dress in business attire when you go to fill out a job application. Men should
             wear at least dress pants, dress shirt, and a tie. A suit is nice if the job duties would require
           o Women: should wear a skirt, dressy shirt, (not frilly) or a women’s skirted suit if the job
             would require one.

 Ask for the hiring manager by name when you enter the business (Get past the receptionist or other
  business personnel)
           o When you enter the business, ask for the manager or assistant manager who handles hiring
              by name. “Hello, my name is John Jones, is Mrs. Edith Smith in?” If you are asked “what is
              this concerning?” You may be able to reply: “I spoke to Mrs. Smith earlier today about
              coming in to pick up an application from her.”
           o If you were unable to get an appointment or talk to the manager beforehand: Ask for the
              hiring manager by name when you enter the business. Example: “Hello, my name is Janie
              Jones. I would like to speak to Mrs. Smith please.”

 Complete the Application Immediately at the place of Business---Be prepared and
           o Fill out the application at the business. It is best to complete the application and hand it in
             immediately to show organization and preparedness. You should have a file with
             information and sample completed applications so you have all the information you will
             need to fill out an application. Take two (2) black pens!
                    Possible Interview Questions/Prompts
The following are questions/prompt that may be used during a job interview:

   1. Tell me something about yourself.
   2. Why do you want to work for this company?
   3. What is your greatest strength? Weakness?
   4. What are your problem areas?
   5. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?
   6. What kind of starting salary would you be expecting?
   7. Why did you leave your last job?
   8. With all the qualified candidates we have, why should we hire you for this job?
   9. Why have you been unemployed for such a long period of time?
   10. How is your previous experience applicable to the work we do here?
   11. What would you do if………….?
   12. Give me an example of when you…………..?
   13. Can you work under pressure?
   14. Are you willing to relocate?
   15. How do you spend your spare time?
   16. Describe one or two achievements which have given you the most satisfaction?
   17. In what ways would you contribute to our organization?
   18. How would your last supervisor describe you?
   19. What are your long range goals?
   20. What do you know about our company?
   21. Are you planning to give notice that you’re leaving for another job?
   22. What will your manager say when you give notice that you’re leaving?
   23. What did you like most about your previous job?
   24. What would you change about that job?
   25. Tell me about your education, training?
   26. Did (do) you enjoy school? Why?
   27. Did you join any school activities? Why?
   28. How were your grades in Math? English?
   29. Do you plan to continue your education?
               Questions to Ask an Employer:
1. If hired, would I be filling a newly created job, or replacing someone?
2. When was my predecessor promoted?
3. Would you describe a typical workday and the things I’d be doing?
4. What duties are most important for this job? Least important?
5. How would I be trained or introduced to the job?
6. How is the job important to the company—how does it contribute?
7. What are the department’s goals for the year?
8. Who are the other people I’d be working with and what do they do?
9. Can someone in this job be promoted? If so, to what position?
10. If hired, would I report directly you you, or to someone else?
11. Has the company had a layoff in the last three years? How long was the layoff? Was everyone
12. Does another corporation own this company?
13. What major markets does this company compete in?
14. Are sales up or down over last year/
15. If you were to offer me this job, where could I expect to be five years from today?
16. Do you think I’ll find this job to be challenging and stimulating?
17. Could you give me a tour? I’d enjoy seeing where your people work.
18. What could I say or do to convince you to offer me the job?
19. I want this job. Could I have a 30-day trial period to prove myself?
20. How and when will my performance be evaluated on this job? How is success measured in this
21. What are the career paths in this department/organization?
22. What are the day-to-day responsibilities in this job? Is a written job description available?
23. What are your expectations for new hires within their first three to six months on the job?
24. What characteristics does a successful person have in your organization?
25. Describe the work environment?
26. How would you describe your organization’s personality and management style?
27. What are your organization’s strengths, and what challenges does it face?
28. What are the organization’s plans for future growth or change?
29. Tell me about your training or orientation programs.
30. What are the challenging facets of the job?
                                         Illegal Questions

Are you married?

Do you own a home?

With whom do you live?

Do you plan to marry soon?

Do you have any children?

What is your parents’ occupation?

What does your spouse do for a living?

Do you have your own transportation?

What type of military discharge did you receive?

Have your wages ever been subject to garnishment?

Have you ever been arrested?

What are your child care arrangements?

Have you ever been divorced?

How old are your children?

What religious are you?

How old are you?

Are you pregnant?

Do you plan to have kids?
Follow Up (Thank You) Letter
After you have an interview, it is a good idea to follow up by sending a thank you letter to the person that
gave you the interviewed. This leaves the interviewer with a good impression of you, as well as a
reminder of who you are before they choose who to hire.
Resignation Letter
In today’s job market, many people have the opportunity to work in several different companies or
several different career fields. If another opportunity, or a conflict occurs and you need to quit your job, a
resignation letter and two weeks notice is the proper action to take.

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