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									Columbus ReCreation   AND   Parks
                                  JOHN JOHNSON
                           John has been coaching amateur boxing since
                           1966. He’s coached professional boxing since
                           1976. He has coached in 6 world
                           championship fights. John most notably
                           coached James “Buster” Douglas in his upset
                           victory over Mike Tyson to gain the heavy
       weight championship of the world. In addition to coaching boxing
       John also coached The Ohio State football team under coach
       Woody Hayes including 3 Rose Bowl games.

                                  NATE TERRY
                              Nate entered the boxing world in 1975 as an
                              assistant coach. In 1976 he began training to
                              be an official. He officiated his 1st Ohio State
                              Fair boxing tournament in 1977 and is still
                              doing it today, taking vacation every year to
                              work the fair. In the late ‘80’s Nate began
       officiating professional boxing, including fights on Showtime, ESPN
       and HBO with boxers such as Simon Brown, Hector Camacho, and
       Tommy Johnson. Nate has been the Columbus Boxing Chief of
       Officials for over 15 years. Through all this, he has earned the
       respect of the boxing community.

                                  MIKE JOHNSON
                               Mike started boxing in 1971. He was the
                               National Golden Glove Semi-Finalist and AAU
                               Semi-finalist in 1971. Mike graduated from
                               Linden-McKinley in 1972 and entered the Navy.
                               He spent four years in the Navy where he
                               continued to box. He was All Navy Champion
       (73-75). He also was Inner Service Champion (73-75). In 1975 he
       was Golden Gloves Runner-up. In 1990 he was hired on by C.R.P.D.
       to be Blackburn’s boxing coach. Mike has coached over 200 kids. His
       boxers have won 2 National Golden Gloves, 5 Women's National
       Titles, 7 Silver Gloves, and 5 Ohio State Boxing Tournaments. In
       2009 Mike was asked to coach the National Jr. Olympic team. Mike’s
       vision is to share his experience in boxing as long as possible to help
       our youth grow both mentally and physically.
               HONORED GUESTS
 James “Buster” Douglas ………..Former Heavy Weight Champion
           Kevin Boyce ………..Ohio Treasurer of State
       Alan D. McKnight………..Director Columbus Recreation & Parks
              Patty Harris ………..Asst. Director Columbus Recreation & Parks

CoLUMBUs RECREATIoN AND PARKs BoXING HALL                         OF   FAME
  Wilbur LonG                               JaCkie Cummerlander
  Charlie hodGe                             Walter E. HiCkman
  Joel k. sCott                             Joe Benson
  GeorGe Harrison                           Ed Williams
  NiCk turner                               Donnie Wade
  Harvey Wilson                             Forest WinChester
  John “j.t.” neal                          Elsie Cummerlander
  Tony johnson                              Arnold Penn
  Roy loupe                                 Manny Galloway
  sammy patton                              Billy “D” DouGlas, sr.
  James hunniCutt                           Vonzell Johnson
  James tuff                                Hilmer Kenty
  MauriCe donovan                           RiChard Rozell
  Harmon l. james                           VirGil MCClendon
  Benton “Benny” dallas                     Charles “ChuCk” GreGory
  Roy eCtor                                 James “Buster” DouGlas
  Emanuel frazier                           MiChael Clark
  Tommy EnGlish                             Tiffany LoGan
  Adam ellison                              Jose spearman
  Jerry PaGe                                GiGi JaCkson
  Raymond Hart                              Lee Williams
  Brady White

                Location: Beatty Recreation Center
                       247 North Ohio Ave.
                      Columbus Ohio 43203
                          (614) 645-3218

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